All My Children Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on AMC

David teased Jake, starting a fight that Tad participated in. Dixie quit her job. Jake and Gillian grew closer. Leo and Bianca were named Enchantment's Young Couple. Laura returned home to comfort Brooke. Arlene's lies were revealed. Leo and Greenlee reconciled. Bianca and Rain went to a lesbian bar.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, October 23, 2000

Erica went to David's motel room and asked him to make love to her. While Erica and David are lying on the bed, Bianca is at her Uncle Jack's home and was awakened by a bad dream. Bianca called out her mom's name but Erica was not there. Her Uncle Jack came into the room and she thought he was her Daddy. Jack sat with her on the sofa and tried to console her while Bianca told him about the dream. She said that her mother was in the dream and her mom said that she could not love her anymore. Jack tried to tell her that it was only a dream and Bianca ran out of the room. After she left, Jack called Erica on her cell phone and interrupted Erica and David's lovemaking. Jack told Erica that she needed to get over to his place right away because Bianca had a bad dream and was calling out her name. Jack was telling Erica how upset Bianca was. While they were talking on the phone, Bianca came back into the room and was upset because he was talking to her mom. She grabbed the phone from her uncle and said that seeing her mom was the last thing she needed. Erica told David that she had to leave because Bianca had a bad dream. David was surprised that Erica was leaving just because of a bad dream. He tried to convince her to stay because when Erica first came to him tonight, she was upset because everyone she loved was leaving her. David told her not to leave and Erica said she was sorry but she had to go to her daughter. After she left, David just sat on the bed trying to figure out what just happened. Just then, someone was knocking on his door and thinking it might be Erica coming back, he said to come in the door was open. In came Dixie stating that she had been trying to get in touch with him and wanted to know if his phone was off the hook. She looked embarrassed because when she finally looked up, she noticed that David was sitting on the bed in his bathrobe. She left the room in a hurry and said she would meet him in the dining room.

Leo was still in jail and Woodruff was visiting with him. Woodruff made him an offer that if he would stop seeing his granddaughter, he would give Leo 1 million dollars. Woodruff told Leo that he was a bad influence on his granddaughter and he wanted to know if they had a deal. Greenlee heard the offer that her grandfather was giving him and she told Leo "the hell with him" because one minute he wanted to move in with her and the next minute he was selling her out for the million dollars. She was really giving him the third degree while Woodruff was standing behind listening to the two of them talking and arguing back and forth. When Greenlee finally walked out, Woodruff realized that Leo really loved Greenlee. Leo just laughed and said that he was crazy. Woodruff said that he would have his charges dropped. Woodruff told Leo that he reminded him of himself when he was younger. He told Leo to go out into the world and make something good of himself and he could pay him back the $175,000 that he took. He also told Leo to go and find Greenlee when he got out.

Jake and Gillian went to Tad's office to borrow the corporate jet to go out to dinner in New York. Ryan was in the office with Tad and was just leaving. While Jake and Tad were making the arrangements for the plane, Gillian went into the hallway to see Ryan. She told Ryan that she missed him and didn't like the idea of sneaking around. She told him that she loved him and it would only be for a short time before she would be back with him. Ryan told her that the only thing she could do was to leave Jake now and come back to him. He knew that she would not do that at this time. Tad got the OK for the jet and told Jake that the plane was on the runway waiting for him and Gillian to board. Jake went to tell Gillian the good news and when he opened the door, he saw that she and Ryan were talking and he closed the door. Tad told him to go out there and straighten it out. Jake said that he couldn't put armed guards around her. Jake told Tad that he knew she was still wrestling over her feeling for Ryan. Jake assured Tad that they had something going also because she was still with him and had not walked out. Tad said that he was getting scared for Jake. Gillian asked Ryan if he wanted her to walk out on Jake? Ryan said that he wasn't asking her to do anything except face the truth. He wanted her to make a choice. Ryan said that she had to make a decision, either him or Jake. She could not have both. Ryan told her that there was no "us" anymore. He was giving up and he had accepted it and she needed to accept it now. Tad was still in the office talking to Jake but he had to leave and said that he would not say anything to Ryan or Gillian on his way out. As he walked out, he did tell Gillian that her husband was waiting for her in the room. Ryan told Gillian that she needed to go to her husband. Gillian replied by saying that she loved Ryan. Ryan told her that it was over and she needed to accept it because he had. Ryan told Gillian that he had no regrets of what had happened but he had to move on and so did she. Ryan told Gillian that he could never hate her. He had a tiny part of her heart and for awhile, he was the happiest man in the world but now it was over. He told her to go to her husband. As Gillian went back into the room with Jake, Ryan said in a whisper, "goodbye princess." Gillian ran to Jake's arms and they hugged. Gillian asked Jake if he got the jet and he said yes. Gillian wanted to leave and Jake told her that they were not going anywhere. Jake said that he didn't want to go to New York because he knew she didn't want to go. He told Gillian to take her time because he felt he was rushing her. He told her to take all the time she needed because he would be there for her and wasn't going anywhere.

Jack was talking to Bianca telling her that she really needed to talk to her mother and she needed to talk to her now. While they were talking, the doorbell rang and it was Erica. Jack left them alone so they could talk. Bianca told her mother about her dream and how her mom told her, in the dream, that she could not love her anymore. Erica assured her that would not happen because she would never stop loving her. Erica apologized for talking to her guidance counselor and also reading her journal. Erica started to cry and said that she didn't know what to do. Erica told Bianca that "she was her life" and she thought Bianca had stopped loving her. They hugged each other and Bianca told her mom that she loved her, she always would. Jack came back into the room and wanted to know how his two girls were doing. Erica apologized again to Bianca and Bianca apologized to her mom. Erica said that they would both start over again. Erica wanted to know if Bianca would come back home now. She agreed as long as her mom would not invade her privacy. Erica had Bianca make a promise to her also about talking to her when anything was bothering her. Erica asked Bianca how fast she could pack and if she needed any help. Bianca said she could do it herself. While she was packing, Jack told Erica to take it slow and to listen to her when she was talking. Erica told Jack that the only thing she wanted to do was give her daughter the best life she ever could and the happiest. Erica told Jack that there was something very deep inside Bianca that was causing this pain. It was so huge that she could not manage it and if she doesn't get it out, it will eat her alive. Bianca was at the door while her mother was telling this to her Uncle Jack and she heard her mother tell him that she was not going to let this happen to her again.

David got dressed and met Dixie downstairs in the restaurant. Dixie told him that the person he called about some Pharmaceutical information was flying into Pine Valley to meet with David and discuss the drug information that he wanted. Dixie wanted to know what he was working on and David told her that it was confidential. Dixie told David that if he was creating some "wonder drug" she wanted to be in on the ground floor with him and be involved. David told her OK. Dixie asked David how he and Erica were doing. David told her that Erica always has needs and hers always seem to come first. David told Dixie that she changed his attitude about "giving and taking" in a relationship. Dixie said that she wished she knew some single women to meet with David and his new attitude. David told Dixie that he wants someone just like her. Tad came into the dining room and took his wife away. They had some things to talk about. After they left, David had a visitor. It was Phil from the Pharmaceutical Company. David told him that he became interested in this drug when a colleague of his was talking about it. David told him that Dr. Jake Martin was running research on the drug and he wanted to make sure that the drug didn't get into the wrong hands. Phil told him that the drug was used for impotence but there were still problems with the drug. The drug causes uninhibited behavior with instant gratification. Tad was talking to Dixie and telling her about the situation with Gillian and Ryan and Jake. Dixie told Tad that she hoped Jake had it all worked out. Tad wanted to know what she and David were talking about when he came in and Dixie told him that she was trying to find some single females for David to go out with. Tad suggested a "blow up doll." Just then, David came to the table and said that he needed to get to the office and he wanted Dixie to come with him. Dixie told Tad that she was working on a very important research project with David. Tad told her to make sure that she wasn't the project. She assured Tad that she could handle herself. She told Tad that she would see him at home. David told Dixie that he would be working her extra hours and wanted to make sure that Tad would not object to that. She assured David that she could handle Tad.

Greenlee was sitting at the bar having a few drinks when Leo walked in. Woodruff paid his bail and got him out of jail. Greenlee came up to Leo and asked him if he was supposed to be leaving her alone. He told her that he was not looking for her, he was looking for his mother. Leo asked Greenlee to do him one favor and that was to take care of "Happy", the dog, and to not kick him when he was down. He walked away from Greenlee and she had a sad look on her face.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Cruising the halls of Pine Valley High, the trio of cheerleaders quizzed school jock, Marcus, about his plans for the school's Halloween dance. Marcus assured the girls that he wasn't going to be dateless for the event --- he just hadn't asked anyone yet. With that, Marcus strolled over to Bianca, who was fiddled about in her locker, and struck up a conversation about their studies. Marcus mused that he'd found a new way to study Shakespeare: watching an old movie version of the play. From there, he forwardly asked Bianca if she'd be Juliet to his Romeo for the Halloween party. Bianca blushed as the trio of cheerleaders gasped. Bianca nervously replied that her mother probably wouldn't let her go to the party because she was behind in her studies. One of the cheerleaders stepped forward and commented that Bianca is brilliant and doesn't need to worry about her studies. Marcus offered to have his mother call Erica to assure her that he was a good guy. Bianca's eyes suddenly widened. She chirped that she been "messing" with Marcus. She then darted down the hallway to embrace Leo. The girls were amazed that Bianca was already attached. Marcus, on the other hand, was not at all pleased that Bianca had turned him down. "What is he, like, thirty?" Marcus grumbled as he stomped off. Leo continued to play the part of Bianca's boyfriend until everyone was safely out of hearing distance before asking Bianca why she turned down a date with the most eligible guy in school. Bianca explained that Marcus didn't want to date her; he wanted to date "Erica Kane's daughter."

Mateo and Hayley arrived at The Valley Inn with two different game plans. Mateo wanted to confront Arlene about her miscarriage, while Hayley wanted to give her mom a little more time to deal with the loss before asking questions. Claiming that Arlene was "milking" the miscarriage, Mateo pleaded with Hayley for permission to talk to Arlene. Hayley reluctantly agreed. She noticed that Arlene and Vanessa were seated at a table in the bar area together. She offered to divert Vanessa's attention so that Mateo would have unimpeded access to Arlene. Hayley and Mateo strolled into the bar and Hayley feigned surprise at seeing her mother. Shortly after Hayley asked her mother how she was feeling, Hayley came down with a headache. Vanessa offered to take Hayley upstairs to get her an aspirin. While the two women were gone, Mateo sat down across the table from Arlene and immediate let loose with a barrage of questions. Mateo commented that Arlene had suffered "a tragic accident" and questioned why she would want to remain at Chandler Mansion, a place where she'd constantly be haunted by the memory of what happened. Arlene, who had been nodding along slightly as Mateo talked of the tragic nature of the accident, suddenly froze. Mateo also asked Arlene why she'd done a sudden "180" by deciding to let him and Hayley adopt her baby. Arlene shrugged and stated that her initial refusal was probably due to her raging hormones. Arlene tearfully remarked that she still occasionally forgets that the baby died. Arlene reached out for Mateo's hand, but Mateo quickly pulled away. "What are you up to?" he asked candidly. Arlene looked angrily at Mateo and demanded that he stop questioning her motives. She explained that she'd finally regained Hayley's trust and that she was not going to let him ruin things for her. Mateo laughed at his mother-in-law's remark that she and Hayley were once again close. "You are a horrible mother," he snapped. "Leave town. Lose our number!" Arlene looked just beyond Mateo, where Vanessa and Hayley stood. Mateo turned with a look of defeat on his face. Arlene, meanwhile, smiled confidently and, perhaps, arrogantly. She rose to her feet and asked Vanessa to take her back to the mansion. Vanessa nodded and told her friend that stress wasn't going to help her heal. As Vanessa and Arlene made their way towards the door, Mateo called out to ask them when they'd become so chummy. Neither woman said a word. Hayley, meanwhile, looked quite upset --- though it was not clear exactly who had made her upset. Mateo took his wife in his arms and promised that he would not let Hayley hurt her.

At Enchantment, a giddy Erica greeted Jack with news that Bianca seemed to be "behaving as she should." Jack caught Erica off guard with an assertion that Bianca would remain happy if only she would "get a life" of her own. Erica's neck snapped back. She held her arms extended as if to show Jack that she already had a life. "A social life," Jack retorted. Erica tilted her head to one side and asked Jack if this was his way of asking her out on a date. Jack quickly clarified that he had no interest in dating Erica again. He also fought off Erica's claim that he get a life of his own by saying that he doesn't need a life because he is not raising a teenage daughter. Erica tried her best to assert that she was doing quite fine. She asked Jack if he'd like to know where she was and what she was "in the middle of doing" when he called her the night before. Jack's face crinkled up and he pleaded with Erica not to tell him the details of her time with David. Jack also warned Erica that her off and on relationship with David wasn't a healthy relationship. As they talked, Erica received a phone call from someone within the company. Erica took the call, but she wasn't happy with what she heard. She hung up the phone and broke the bad news to Jack. A model that had been hired as the next Miss Young Enchantment, turned out to be 26 instead of 17 as everyone had thought. On top of that, the woman already had media exposure --- actually lots pf exposure; she'd appeared in a pornographic movie. With less than 24 hours before the publicity shoot, Jack and Erica took to the phones to find a new model for the campaign. Erica phoned her pal Olga, but the woman seemed unable to help. Jack, meanwhile, phoned the model's agent and warned him that he could be sued for not revealing his client's past jobs. Erica and Jack left the room to talk to the advertising department. Soon after they left, Leo and Bianca straggled into the office. They briefly talked about Greenlee. Bianca scratched her head and said that she doesn't understand why Leo didn't come clean with Greenlee after his release from jail. Leo looked over Bianca's shoulder as she read about "that squiggly thing" in her math book. Bianca explained that she was learning about "cosine." Leo's face lit up and he chattered that he knew all about that because he's had someone "co-sign" for him on a loan. Bianca puckered her lips and shot Leo a goofy glance. As they both shared a laugh, Erica returned to the office, her hair out of place from her obvious frantic state. She smiled broadly and announced that her search was over. Bianca twisted her neck to find out what her mother was talking about. Erica then proudly announced that Bianca was her "new Miss Young Enchantment."

Asleep on the sofa in his office at the hospital, David dreamt that he and Dixie shared a romantic encounter. When he awoke from his dream, he found Dixie on her needs beside him. David smiled warmly and tried to wake himself fully. Dixie, meanwhile, gushed endless praise for a surgical procedure she's witnessed David performer the night before. In turn, she thanked David for all that's done for her. Her job at the Andrassy Foundation, said Dixie, had given her "new direction." David was glad that Dixie was happy with her life. He used that gratitude to ask for a favor. David asked Dixie if she'd mind trying to smooth things between himself and Dixie's brother-in-law, Jake. Dixie got a chuckle from David's continued problems with Jake and teased him about his "people skills." David left his office to change into his regular clothes. He listened outside the door while Dixie left a message on Jake's voicemail asking to speak to him.

Dr. Fleischman delivered Jake's latest test results, results that showed only minor improvement. While the doctor was optimistic about the changes, Jake was less than satisfied. He told Dr. Fleischman that he wanted to be a test subject for Libidozone, the experimental anti-impotence drug. Fleischman wasn't as enthusiastic about the drug; he warned Jake again of the medicine's side effects. He also warned Jake that he'd have to stop practicing medicine while he was taking the medicine. Jake shrugged his shoulders indifferently and announced that he'd take a leave of absence. Fleischman implored Jake to take more time to think about his decision before filing out and heading back to work. After the doctor left, Gillian entered the doctors' lounge area wanting to discuss Ryan. Jake rolled his eyes and quipped that he'd "rather stick needles into [his] eyes." Nevertheless, Gillian continued on. She told Jake that she was sorry that he had to watch her carry on with Ryan. Jake said that he understood that she and Ryan would always be close because they had once been married. He also assured her that he would never "set limitations" on who she could talk to.

Later, Jake went to David's office to talk to Dixie. Dixie made a pitch for Jake to give David another chance. She claimed that she's gotten to know the real David through working with him. Jake warned Dixie that David was "snowing" her and asked that she watch out for David.

While Jake was talking with Dixie, David went into the doctors' lounge and kicked out a female colleague who was reclined on the sofa listening to some music. Once he was alone in the room, David picked the lock to Jake's locker and began rummaging around for information about the medicine he believed Jake was developing. Instead, Jake found the medical files Dr. Fleischman had given Jake. "This is totally out of control," David laughed as he realized that Jake wasn't working on a project for the hospital --- he was working on a cure for his own malady. David left the lounge, but upon doing so he was immediately confronted by a young, pregnant woman in the corridor. The woman asked David about the hospital's policy of giving out free medical insurance to patients enrolled in its experimental and research programs. David said that the hospital does offer insurance in some cases, but explained that she would not be allowed to participate in any of the programs because she was pregnant. David started to walk away, but the woman, who identified herself at Leila, grabbed his arm and wouldn't let go. She pleaded with David to do something to help her. She said that a friend had recommended him as the only person who could help him. David urged the woman to go to a free clinic or County General Hospital. Leila told David that she sat for over eight hours at the county hospital after she started cramping. Jake and Gillian joined the crowd of staffers that had gathered around to listen in on the conversation. David angrily told the woman to leave him alone and to seek help elsewhere. Leila dashed off and Jake immediately stepped forward and blasted David for not helping the woman. David was furious with Jake for belittling him in front of the staff. He stormed into the lounge and waited for Jake to join him there. Jake continued his tirade, telling David that he didn't think that he should be allowed to practice medicine. For his part, David threatened to report Jake for violating the hospital's policy of not questioning another doctor's actions in front of colleagues. Jake continued venting on David. David demanded an apology for Jake, but Jake wasn't about to oblige him. "You can dream on, you sorry jackass," Jake snapped. Finally, David asked Jake if belittling him made him "feel like a man," especially since he "can't make love to [his] wife."

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

In her office, Erica proposed an astonishing idea -- Bianca as the new Ms. Young Enchantment. "You're joking, right?" Bianca responded. She didn't even like to have her picture taken. She had a counterproposal -- someone tall, blond, with looks to die for -- Leo.

Leo cracked up at the idea, but Bianca was serious. "Reinvent the Man of Enchantment," she said. "Leo's witty and charming, he looks good in a tux, he's funny with a killer smile." She ticked off her friend's good points to Erica. Leo warmed to the idea and even volunteered to do partial nudity. Erica looked him over, and admitted that Leo had possibilities. Erica left to talk it over with the Marketing Department. "What just happened here?" Leo wanted to know. Bianca said, "You saved my life and I saved yours."

Leo found it hard to believe that being a spokesperson could save a life. Bianca reminded Leo that he owed Greenlee's grandfather $175,000, and that models made big bucks; it would be a way to pay the money back. At the same time, Bianca would have freedom from press conferences and photo shoots. Leo paced the office and thought. He said, "You my friend, are a star. I could make a wish on you and I know it would come true." Bianca beamed at Leo's words. He grabbed Bianca's hand and thanked her. Bianca started taking pictures of Leo. As they clowned around the office, Erica walked back in. "So Mom, what did you decide?"

The Marketing Department was split on the idea -- half supported the Man of Enchantment, and half wanted to pursue the search for Ms. Young Enchantment. Erica -- the deciding vote -- had made up her mind. A Young Couple of Enchantment -- Leo du Pres and Bianca Montgomery. Leo shouted "Yes," while Bianca flopped down in a chair and moaned, "Gag me." Erica dashed off to start the campaign. Bianca looked stunned and yearned aloud for Seattle, her dad, and her old life back.

Leo tried to tell Bianca that she didn't have to do the campaign if she didn't want to. "You don't say no to Erica Kane," she cried. No matter how much resistance she put up, she knew Erica would have her way. Bianca reminded Leo of the party fiasco as an example. Erica returned with an entourage and started barking instructions.

The crew finished up and left Leo and Bianca alone. "Hang in there, Banks," Leo said. Leo playfully teased that in a year or two Bianca could retire at the top of her game. He comforted her by saying he would be there with her the whole time. Erica came back in. "We're going to the Valley Inn and celebrate Enchantment's new super couple."

Adam sat reading Colby a story. Liza walked in off the patio. Adam told his daughter that he and her mother would be married by Thanksgiving. "Don't fill her head with fairy tales," Liza warned. The three sat together and chatted. Arlene and Vanessa walked in. As Arlene took in the scene, a sad look came over her face.

"I didn't expect to come home to a full house," Arlene said, and asked for a word in private. Liza started to leave, but Adam stopped her. Adam said no one believed Arlene's story that Liza was responsible for the accident that caused Arlene to miscarry. Adam knew how to get the truth and pointed to the surveillance camera above their heads. Vanessa began to stammer. Adam said he and Liza had reviewed the tape and knew Arlene had lied. The tape showed Liza trying to pull the vodka bottle out of Arlene's hand and the tape proved that Liza never tried to drag her down the stairs. Vanessa suggested that camera angles could be misleading. Adam said any expert would conclude the fall and subsequent miscarriage were both accidents. Adam proposed that they sign the divorce papers the next day at which time he would give Arlene the promised $700,000. Liza and Adam then left to take Colby for a nap.

Vanessa pulled Arlene outside away from the camera to talk. "Everything is falling apart," Arlene moaned. Vanessa pointed out that the camera was rolling the entire time they were hatching the plot to implicate Liza in the miscarriage. Vanessa realized that Adam would discover Arlene miscarried before Liza even arrived at Chandler Mansion. Vanessa's blackmail of Arlene would also be on the tape. The two knew for certain that they had to find and destroy the tape. The duo headed for Adam's office.

Hayley and Mateo entered to check up on Arlene. Mateo didn't believe the miscarriage story and speculated that Arlene was using the incident to get back into Hayley's life. The couple headed up the stairs in search of Hayley's mother. They couldn't find Arlene upstairs, and hid when they heard voices. Vanessa and Arlene walked into the living room holding the video. Hayley and Mateo overheard the two women talking about destroying the tape. The two came out of hiding and slyly asked what the two women were up to. Arlene said Vanessa was going to take her to the hospital. Hayley volunteered to take her, but Arlene said no. Mateo grabbed the tape. "Adam Chandler Security Camera No. 3 -- Parlor, October 9, 2000," he recited. Arlene claimed she had taped over that and instead it was a recording of a speech by Bill W, the founder of AA. Hayley said she always wanted to see that speech and shoved the tape into the VCR. "Hayley, don't," Arlene protested. Hayley pressed Play.

Hayley fast forwarded the tape and stopped when she got to Vanessa and Arlene talking. Just then, Liza and Adam walked into the parlor. "What kind of accident?" Arlene was asking Vanessa on the tape. Vanessa said, "Something that would incriminate Liza and make her feel horribly guilty." "Think fast," Vanessa urged on the tape. As everyone watched the video, Arlene and Vanessa laid out their plan to stage a fall and make it look like Liza pushed Arlene and made her miscarry. "Perfect," said Vanessa. Mateo turned off the tape. "What do you have to say Arlene?" he asked as he turned around. Vanessa and Arlene had disappeared into thin air. Liza, Adam, Hayley and Mateo walked to the open front door and watched as a car squealed away.

David and Jake were having words in the hospital lounge. "I'm sure Gillian knows you can't rise to certain occasions," David said. Jake shoved him. "You're just half the man you used to be," David continued. Gillian told him to stop, but David pressed on. "If you ever want a taste of what you've been missing," David said to Gillian, "you know where to find me." David walked away. Jake grabbed him and threw him against the lockers. Tad walked in and took in the scene. He pulled Jake off David, then turned around and punched David himself. They went at it. Dixie walked in. "Tad!" she screamed. The two guys stopped.

Breathing heavily, David held his hand and told Jake that this was the kind of cheap shot he expected. "You'd better pray I can still operate," he said. David threatened to bring charges to the Review Board against Jake. He asked Dixie to come back to the office to help him file a full report. Tad said he couldn't order his wife around. Dixie told Tad to stop it, then told David to go ahead, she would follow. Once David left, she berated the two brothers.

But Tad would not back off. "Probably one of my finer moments," he said. An argument followed. Dixie reminded Tad that David was her boss. She demanded to know what started the fight. She asked if it was about her. No one would answer. Then Gillian said it started when David wouldn't treat a pregnant woman who couldn't pay the hospital's fees. Jake told Dixie that Tad was protecting him. He admitted that David was riding him about his impotence and that he, not Tad, threw the first punch. Jake asked for some time alone. Dixie left, followed by Gillian. Tad said that Jake shouldn't worry about David. "He's an idiot," Tad said. Jake repeated his request and Tad left. Jake punched the locker.

Back in his office, David flexed his injured hand. Dixie walked in and David apologized. "That was an ugly scene. I'm sorry you caught the tail end of it." He was sure that once he left, Jake, Tad and Gillian had painted an ugly picture of David. Dixie agreed. saying the others didn't understand David. He looked puzzled.

She said that Tad, Jake and others didn't see the gifted doctor and kind sensitive man who had dedicated his life to healing others that Dixie saw when she looked at David. She recited a case where David had waived his fee and gotten the hospital to donate their services to a sick little girl. He had spent the night by the patient's side. She reminded him that he had talked to Junior when Adam was near death. As she continued, a look of bewilderment came over David's face. "You understand me like no one else," he said. He said he didn't know how much potential he had until he met her. "But what a waste you are," Dixie admonished.

"You set me up," Dixie accused. "You got me to find out about Jake's injury." David protested that the research project was real, and that Jake had insulted David too. Dixie said, "I quit. I don't want to see you again." She stormed out of the office. David grabbed his hair.

Back in the lounge, Jake threw papers and slammed locker doors as Gillian looked on. "Jake are you all right?" she asked. He said he felt like he'd been hit with a semi. He was not the man Gillian needed him to be. He turned on the VCR and there was Ryan's commercial. It seemed to be taunting Jake. He threw the remote, picked up the TV and slammed it into the floor. He kicked broken TV parts and raged around the lounge, while Gillian looked on helplessly.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Seated in the bar at The Valley Inn having a bite to eat with Leo and Bianca, Erica was unable to understand why Bianca was so opposed to appearing in Enchantment advertisements. When Bianca stepped away for a few moments, Erica immediately attempted to enlist Leo's help in "spying" on her daughter. Leo flatly refused, saying that Bianca was the only true friend he's ever had --- and that he's not going to do anything to jeopardize that friendship. Bianca returned to the table and hoped that Leo had convinced her mother not to force her into doing the Enchantment campaign. Leo smiled broadly at the young woman and told her to be prepared to smile a lot. Bianca frowned over Leo's failure, but she uttered no complaints. Oscar, a staff photographer, arrived tableside a few minutes later hoping to snap a few candid shots of the new Young Couple of Enchantment. Greenlee entered the bar and spotted Leo with his arms around Bianca. She stomped over to the table and told Erica that she needed to speak to her. Leo jumped out of his chair and ushered Greenlee into the lobby. There, Greenlee told Leo that Erica has a right to know that he had stolen money from her grandfather. Leo rolled his eyes. Greenlee continued her rant, blasting Leo for "playing footsy" with Bianca. Leo blasted Greenlee for being "out of line." Greenlee asked Leo if Erica and Bianca were giving him a sendoff before he took Woodruff's money and left the country. Unable to listen to Greenlee badmouth him any more, Leo finally revealed that he'd turned down Woodruff's offer. Greenlee stood silent and motionless. Leo plucked a towel from a passing waiter and tossed it at Greenlee, telling her that she could use the towel to wipe the egg off of her face. Greenlee's tone softened and she asked Leo why he hadn't told her about rejection her grandfather's deal. Leo replied that Greenlee had been too busy throwing a temper tantrum to get a word in edgewise. Greenlee tried to get Leo to stick around, but Leo was too ticked off and told her that he had to get back to his table. Erica quickly admonished Leo for Greenlee's "drama" and told him that those types of problems would not be tolerated once the campaign started. Leo apologized for Greenlee's actions and pledged that she would not foul things up in the future. The familiar trio of cheerleaders wandered into the room and took up residence next to Bianca and Leo. They explained that they were set to play a game of tennis, but that one of their doubles partners canceled at the last minute. They looked to Bianca to join them, but Bianca explained that she was rusty and didn't really feel up to playing. Erica cleared her throat and asked to be introduced to Bianca's friends. Bianca sighed and introduced the three girls to her mother. One of the girls mentioned that it was a shame that Bianca was not able to attend the school's Halloween party. Another complained that she was going to be going with Marcus, but that Marcus had only invited her after Bianca turned him down. The trio headed on their way and Erica immediately asked her daughter why she'd chosen to skip the party. Bianca reminded her mother that she was grounded. Erica nodded, but said that she could be un-grounded for the party. Bianca tried her best to convince her mother to keep her punishment in place, but Erica was determined to send her daughter to the party. When Bianca muttered that she didn't have a date, Erica smiled broadly and said that Leo would take her to the party. Across the room at the bar, Greenlee scolded her grandfather for not having told her that Leo turned down his bribe. Woodruff, in turn, blamed Greenlee for her current predicament, saying that if she'd had faith in Leo she wouldn't be in the spot she's in. Woodruff surprised his granddaughter by admitting that he likes Leo. "He doesn't put up with your nonsense," he smirked. Greenlee noticed that Leo was on his way out of the room and quickly scurried after him. She tried to make nice to Leo by asking him to spend some time with her. Leo, however, flatly turned her down. He informed Greenlee that he had plans to take Bianca to her high school Halloween party. After Leo walked away, Greenlee stormed back to her grandfather's side. Woodruff tried to put a positive spin on Leo's rejection; he said that perhaps the time apart would make Greenlee and Leo realize their true feelings for one another. Greenlee flashed a devilish smile at her grandfather and told him that she had a plan. "I'm going back to high school."

Brooke looked through a box of Halloween costumes sent to the community center. Becca approached her and asked if she had any idea where the fuse box was located. Overnight, Becca explained, a fuse had blown and now all of the food in the refrigerator was starting to spoil. Brooke became extremely uneasy when Becca mentioned that she'd tried locating Eliot to no avail. Almost of cue, Eliot strolled into the room and announced that he'd help Becca replace the blown fuse. At about the same time, Ryan, Adrian and Tina rolled a brand new ping-pong table into the room. Ryan proudly proclaimed that the table was a gift from Apparently, one of the youngsters at the center had said that his "incredible dream" would be to get a new ping-pong table. Ryan kindly obliged --- with, perhaps, a little hope that Tempo might provide some favorable coverage of his company in an upcoming issue. Brooke remained skeptical throughout the entire presentation process, but did agree to look into covering Ryan's company for a future issue of her magazine. Adrian scrapped plans for a romantic night with Tina. He sadly informed her that he'd be unavailable until after Incredible Dream's stock market debut. Later, after Adrian left, two young girls raced into the center breathing heavily. The stumbled for their words, telling Tina that they'd heard screams coming from an old house in the woods that "everybody knows is haunted." At first Tina thought that girls might be playing a prank, but she agreed to check it out anyway. Becca and Brooke returned to the room with a bowl of candy and proceeded to make little baggies of candy for trick-or-treaters. Brooke asked Becca if one of the center's younger residents still collected stamps; she'd received a letter from Laura with Chinese postage affixed to the envelope. Becca commented that it was sort of odd that Brooke's adopted daughter and biological daughter had the same first name. She sent Brooke into a rage by commenting that Laura Kirk had "replaced" her deceased daughter. Brooke blasted Becca, saying that she had no idea what it was like to lose a child. Becca's voice cracked while she tried to explain that she knew the pain of losing a brother. Brooke apologized for snapping. Becca made things worse by stating that the kids at the shelter really miss Eliot. Brooke snarled that Eliot has no place at the shelter, especially since he killed her daughter while driving drunk. Becca decided that it would be best if she left the room, though she did so promising never to mention Eliot again. Eliot entered the room unobserved. He stood silent for a few moments observing what was going on. Then, he turned and left the room. A short time later, Becca wheeled Phoebe into the room. Brooke hadn't expected her aunt to drop by, causing Phoebe to chirp merrily that she was in for another surprise. Under her breath, Brooke asked if Phoebe was going to give her more dating advice. The doors to the room swung open and Brooke gasped. A tall, young woman with short blonde hair stood there with a smile. "Laura!" Brooke shouted as she raced to embrace her daughter.

"I'm watching it, I'm hearing it and I still don't believe it," Hayley said as she watched the videotape of her mother plotting with Vanessa. A frantic Winfred raced into the parlor and screeched that, "Mrs. Chandler just drove through the rose bushes." Liza assured the housekeeper that everything would be okay. Adam, meanwhile, was busy on the phone asking Barry to draw up new divorce papers in which Arlene wouldn't get a penny of his money. Hayley continued to beat herself up over the fact that she believed that her mother had really been hurt. Liza tried to comfort Hayley, telling her that it was not her fault for wanting to believe the best about her mother. Adam and Mateo both agreed that Hayley shouldn't stick around the mansion. After Mateo and Hayley left, Adam told Liza that they were now able to move ahead with moving in together. "Are you insane?" Liza squawked. Adam summoned Winifred to the room and told her to get Liza and Colby's old rooms ready --- they were moving back in. Winifred was overjoyed by the news, but Liza dowsed her enthusiasm by announcing that she wasn't moving back into the house. Winifred hovered in the background as Adam and Liza bickered back and forth over whether or not Liza would be moving into Chandler Mansion. "I won't be bullied into doing what you want me to do," Liza grumbled. Adam noticed that Winfred was still there and quickly dismissed her. Liza told Adam that they needed to take things slowly and hinted that she would not return to the mansion until after his divorce was finalized. On her way out, Liza bumped into Ryan. Ryan asked Liza if she was coming or going. Liza lamely shrugged and replied that she doesn't really know any more. When a knock sounded on his door, Adam hoped that Liza had reconsidered and returned to say that she was moving in. Needless to say, Adam wasn't exactly thrilled when he saw Ryan standing on his doorstep. Ryan surprised Adam by announcing that he was there to make him a deal. Adam invited Ryan into his house, though he didn't seem interested in anything Ryan had to say. Adam noted that Ryan's company had been built thanks to a sizeable investment from Chandler Enterprises. He followed that up by asking Ryan about the embezzlement charges against him. Ryan stated calmly that the charges against him had been dropped. He smiled slightly as he asked Adam if he'd be brought up on charges for destroying the ColMar Tower. Adam smiled broadly, but he remained uninterested in what Ryan had to say. Ryan pitched an idea in which Adam would endorse his company to all of his bigwig friends. Adam refused to be a part of it. "I don't need the money and I don't have the time," he replied curtly. Ryan decided that the only way to win over Adam was to offer Adam something that his money couldn't buy him --- his own incredible dream. Adam told Adam that his dream would be to go back to a time when he and Liza were happy --- a time before their lives turned upside-down. Ryan asked Adam if he would jump on board if he could grant him his dream. Adam didn't offer a definitive answer, instead telling Ryan that it was up to him to make his dream come true first.

David chased after Dixie and convinced her to at least return to his office and hear him out. David insisted that Jake had thrown the first blow and that Tad had jumped in later. In his account of what happened, David claimed that he had only acted in self-defense. He did, however, admit that he was wrong to throw Jake's impotence in his face. "You manipulated me," Dixie growled. "Tad warned me about you [but] I defended you." David tried to take advantage of Dixie's soft spot for him, but it didn't work. Dixie was about to make her way towards the door when Gillian walked into the office. Gillian's icy glare was only a prelude to the rage she was about to unleash. Gillian rattled some sort of insult in Hungarian, but it meant nothing to David who demanded an English translation. She yelled and screamed and even hit David. David reacted by threatening to call hospital security. Dixie escorted Gillian out of the room before she could do any more damage. The two women headed to the lounge. Once there, Dixie told Gillian that she regrets having "gotten involved with [David] in any way." Gillian thought Dixie's choice of words were a little curious, but she said nothing. Dixie wrapped her arms around the princess and assured her that Jake would get better soon. Dixie returned to David's office to clear out her things. David wasn't there, which allowed Dixie a chance to grab a file folder from David's desk. As she was about to leave, David returned to the office and pleaded with Dixie to stay. Dixie refused and when David tried to grab on to her arm to prevent her from leaving, Dixie angrily ordered David never to touch her again. Meanwhile, back in the lounge, Jake arrived and asked Gillian why she was still at the hospital after her shift had ended. Gillian told Jake that she was hoping that could have a chance to talk. Before they could say anything, Tina burst into the room and told Jake that "something terrible has happened."

Friday, October 27, 2000

Laura circled back and forth at the center while her mother tended to a few other matters. Brooke returned from her duties and finally got a chance to sit down with the young woman she hadn't seen in quite some time. Brooke referred to Laura's return as a "wonderful, unexpected surprise." Laura explained that she'd returned home earlier than expected because of the woman she was staying with had taken on a new job; Laura was originally slated to return at the end of the year. During her time abroad, Laura developed an s affinity for photography. She hinted that after she receives her high school diploma, she might want to explore photography as a career. Brooke smiled proudly and offered to get her some pointers from Tempo's staff photographers. Laura also claimed that she was suffering from a bit of homesickness. Brooke looked her daughter in the eyes and called her a "liar." Brooke pursed her lips together and mumbled that Phoebe had probably played a role in Laura's sudden return. Laura made no further attempts to mislead her mom. She admitted that Phoebe had told her all about Reverend Freeman. Why, she asked, had Eliot decided to stick around Pine Valley? Brooke bowed her head and almost shamefully admitted that it was her challenge to Eliot that had made him reconsider leaving Pine Valley. The conversation took a decidedly happier turn when Jamie and Junior showed up in costume at the center. Jamie and Laura embraced. Ricky, who had accompanied the boys, offered to take Jamie to Tad's house for a Halloween party so that Brooke and Laura could have more time together. Junior, dressed as a mummy, appeared down because he was supposed to go to his school's Halloween dance --- but he had no date. Laura stepped in and agreed to go with Junior even though she didn't have a costume. Brooke was left alone at the center and decided to close up for the night. Eliot wandered into the room, unaware that Brooke was there. He apologized for disturbing Brooke and turned to walk away. Brooke mentioned that Eliot had just missed meeting Laura. Eliot stated that he would have liked to meet Brooke's daughter. Brooke, though, sharply replied that she wasn't so sure that Laura would want to meet him. "What the hell are you trying to prove" by staying in town, Brooke snapped. Eliot claimed that sticking around wasn't an attempt to be "noble." He encouraged Brooke to vent her anger at him; Eliot said that he wanted to do whatever he could to help her heal. Brooke labeled Eliot an "arrogant hypocrite." She vowed that she would not forgive Eliot for what'd he done just because he's become a good person. She also said that seeing Eliot every day would not cause her pain or anger towards him to lessen. As Eliot was leaving, he asked Brooke if there was anything that he could do for her. Perhaps he offered his remark to be polite, but Brooke surprised him by taking him up on his offer. Brooke told Eliot that she'd been told that her daughter had been killed at impact; she wanted to know if that was true. Eliot recounted the events leading up to Laura's death. He said that he hadn't thought that he was speeding, but that the police report stated that he was driving 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. When he saw a blue streak in front of his car, Eliot said that he'd told himself that it was "just a bag." He tried to apply his brakes, but the alcohol had impaired his reflexes. He hadn't hit the brakes in time. Brooke fondly remembered the blue wool coat that Laura had been wearing. Laura, she said, had never liked the coat. Eliot said that when he'd gotten out of his car, he found Laura lying "peacefully" on the ground --- almost as if she were sleeping. Brooke softly asked if Laura had still been alive. "I prayed that she was," Eliot replied, his voice cracking. And she was. When Eliot touched the young girl to check for her pulse, Laura's eyes opened. "Did she say anything?" Brooke asked, tears now flowing freely from her eyes. "She said, 'Mommy,'" Eliot sobbed.

Led by Tina, Jake and Gillian arrived at the so-called "haunted cabin" in the woods. The source of the eerie screams turned out to be very much of this world. Leila sat on a cot and screamed in pain as she was hit by yet another contraction. Jake started to help the woman towards the door so that they could take her to the hospital, but the contractions were too close together. Jake decided that they would have to deliver the baby first and then seek out medical attention at the hospital. Jake sent Gillian to his car to retrieve his medical bag and the day's newspaper. Tina was asked to gather any towels that might be scattered about the cabin. Tina tried to use Jake's cellular phone to call the paramedics, but she was unable to get a signal. She asked Jake for his car keys and headed out to find a pay phone. Gillian tried to help Leila remain calm by asking her to focus her attention to the flickering flame of a nearby candle. Jake moved into position to help deliver the baby. A short time later, the baby's head was in view. Eventually, Leila gave birth to a baby boy. The new mother was overcome with joy and asked Jake if she could name her baby after him. Jake proudly nodded his head. The medics finally arrived on the scene and mother and son were taken to Pine Valley Hospital. Gillian was excited about what had just taken place, but more importantly she was proud of her husband. Soon, the two engaged in a passionate kiss.

Bianca and Leo dressed as aliens for the Halloween dance. Both grumbled about their masks because they prevented them from breathing normally. The trio of girls flocked around them and praised their costumes. They also gushed endless admiration at Leo and Bianca for being chosen the new Young Couple of Enchantment. The girls were noticeably more interested in Leo than they were in Bianca. Marcus hovered in the background, grumbling about all the attention the girls were giving Leo. Greenlee sneaked into the party dressed as a genie. Upon seeing Leo, she quickly pulled a scarf over all but a small portion of her face. Greenlee waited until Leo was alone at the punchbowl before moving in. Remaining in disguise to keep her anonymity, Greenlee asked Leo to pour her a glass of punch. Leo appeared uninterested, looking around the room at everything but Greenlee. Finally, he walked away and rejoined Bianca on the other side of the room. Bianca looked at the genie and commented that she looked awfully familiar. Leo nodded and told Bianca that it was Greenlee. Coming to the party, said Leo, was Greenlee's way of apologizing to him. Greenlee remained at the punchbowl until another eligible young man happened upon her. When Marcus showed, Greenlee asked him for a glass of punch. He was more than willing to oblige. When he whispered something naughty in her ear, Greenlee stormed off. Leo quickly hurried over to Marcus and told him that Greenlee was playing hard to get. He then urged Marcus to call upon his soccer skills to figure out how to "score" with Greenlee. Marcus walked over to Greenlee and pulled her close. The pair started dancing, but things turned sour when Marcus pinched Greenlee's derriere. Marcus' date for the evening returned and angrily told Greenlee to back off. She also flailed a few other insults at Greenlee. Laura and Junior arrived at the party. Bianca and Laura shared a happy reunion, but poor Junior was brushed off yet again when he asked Bianca for a dance. Bianca wandered off for a few moments and Laura and Junior hit the dance floor. Greenlee, meanwhile, stomped over to Leo and lashed out at him for taking joy in the way Marcus' date had badmouthed her. As Bianca wandered around the dance, she happened upon the three cheerleaders having a private discussion. All three girls took turns raking Bianca over the coals; they had no idea that Bianca was just a few steps behind them. They muttered that the only reason anyone liked her was because she was Erica's daughter. Another of the girls claimed that Bianca's costume was perfect because she was "downright alien." Said another, "I can't believe she thinks we like her." Bianca was crushed. She started to race towards the exit when she came upon a friendly face --- Rain. Bianca was surprised to see Rain at the dance. Rain explained that she had a feeling that the dance wasn't going to be Bianca's cup of tea and decided to stop by and help her ditch the event. By the time Leo noticed that Bianca was leaving the party, it was too late to stop her. He panicked that Erica would eat him alive for letting Bianca out of his sight. Greenlee, on the other hand, complained that she'd be left alone if Leo went after Bianca.

Rain took Bianca to a club. When they approached the door, a woman approached them and asked for their IDs. Bianca knew that she wasn't old enough to enter and told Rain that they should leave. Rain, however, produced two picture identification cards and both she and Bianca were granted access to the bar. Inside, Bianca chirped giddily about the fake ID and said that her mother would probably strangle her if she found out what she was doing. Rain replied that Erica would probably never hear about their night on the town. As Bianca and Rain sat down to drink some cola at the bar, Bianca noticed that there were no men in the bar. Some women in the background called out to Rain and she politely excused herself. Before leaving, however, Rain offered a pseudo-explanation to the one-sidedness of the gender in the bar. "You're sharp," she smiled. "Figure it out." Shortly after Rain left, a woman approached Bianca and asked her if the seat next to her was taken. Outside, Greenlee and Leo questioned why Bianca would have ditched the party for a bar. Leo knew that Bianca couldn't be inside because she wasn't yet of age. Greenlee rolled her eyes and muttered that she could have used a fake ID. As they passed through the door, Leo claimed that "Bianca is different" and that forged ID wasn't Bianca's style. Maybe, offered Greenlee, Bianca is more different than he knew. "This is a gay bar," Greenlee informed Leo. Greenlee looked around and noticed that Bianca was clinking glasses with the woman who'd sat beside her. Bianca looked on at the woman with puppy dog eyes, obviously infatuated with the woman. "Well, well, well," said Greenlee as Leo's jaw hit the floor. "Erica Kane's daughter is gay."



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