The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on Y&R

Victor and Nikki had a discreet rendezvous at the Newman penthouse. J.T. told Billy about his affair with Brittany. Diane was shocked that Ashley was also pregnant. Christian stopped in Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, October 23, 2000

Nikki dropped by to see Jack at his office and found Brad instead. She asked about he and Ashley's engagement. She tried to warn him that Ashley would never get over Victor. She reminded him that although he was a pretty incredible guy, not to forget that he was up against Victor Newman. After going on the defense, Brad lashed out at Nikki for interferring. He promised her that he would always care deeply about her but to get over what they had in the past.

Nina searched everywhere for Tomas. She finally reached him on his cell phone but was he ever cold and distant. Confused, Nina went to Chris' office to talk to her about the whole thing. After Chris listened at Nina beat herself up about being too proud of her book, She demanded that Nina stop with the guilt trip. After all, Nina had just finished a book she should be proud of and Chris felt it was Tomas' momentary weakness that was the problem. Meanwhile, Tomas talked to his editor in a drunken state, and told him the well had run dry, referring to his inability to come up with a new novel. He expressed his jealousy towards Nina's creative writing.

At school, Billy told Raul he talked with his Mom about Mac. Eventually, the two went at it again as it is still pretty clear how bothered Raul is by his best friend seeing his ex-girlfriend over the summer.

At Crimson Lights, T.J. told Brittany how he dropped the bomb on Jill Abbott by telling her all about Billy and Mackenzie's summer fling. After Brittany told him to mind his own business, He accused her of leading him on all this time and that she still had feelings for Billy. Later Billy showed up and talked with Brittany. Billy seemed so down that Brittany was compassionate towards him and laid her hand on his. T.J. watched from a distance and said enough was enough.

Victor visited Ashley at her office. He was concerned that Victoria might have said something out of line during their recent encounter. Ashley explained how she had learned to let Victoria's words roll off her back. Still she felt there was something more to Victor's visit. They both continued to try to get each other to open up. Victor questioned her decision to marry Brad, and then wished her luck with her marriage. Ashley looked confused and Victor left her office.

Sharon and Nick tried to explain to Cassie why she couldn't go to a halloween party she was invited to. Cassie understood and then wanted her Mom and Dad to tell her what symptoms of tuberculosis she should be looking for. Constantly drinking water, and trying not to worry Sharon anymore than she already is, Cassie doesn't mention that she has developed a cough.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Nikki tells Victor that she feels very alone right now and Victor admits that he does as well. Nikki asks Victor if he is upset about Ashley and he mentions that the engagement to Brad is official. He acknowledges that Brad is not the father of Ashley's baby because Brad was with Nikki when Ashley conceived the child. Nikki asks Victor if he will ever forgive her for dating Brad and goes on to say that after Victor refused to have another baby with her, she turned to Brad because she felt rejected. She knows Victor is feeling rejected now and they kiss passionately. J.T. blows the whistle on Brittany and her schemes. J.T. tells Billy that he and Brittany slept together when she had initial insecurities about Mac. J.T. also reveals that Brittany conspired to hurt Mac the night she and Billy slept together. Jill asks Brittany if she will help her get through to Billy. Jack has a visit from Phyllis, who tells him that she's not going to give up on having a relationship with him. Ashley recalls her conversation with Victor and reaffirms to herself that she is doing the right thing by marrying Brad. She tells John about her engagement and despite reservations about Brad and his past with Traci, he's happy for Ashley and thinks it's great that they will marry on November 10th. Nina and Chris tell Paul that Tomas is missing. Paul traces Tomas, finding that he's traveled to New York. Nina arrives home to find Tomas there.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Diane and Victoria clashed at the penthouse today. Diane was all too happy to see Victoria's bags packed. She Told Victoria that this all worked out well for her since she has her eye on Victoria's room as the new nursery. Later Victoria talked to Victor about her run in with Diane Jenkins. She told him about Diane's plans and Victor reassured her that they were just that, DIANE'S PLANS! Also Victoria just happened to mention that she heard voices coming from his bedroom and was relieved to see Diane wasn't the woman in there. Victoria continued to try to find out who the woman was upstairs. After getting nowhere, she left not knowing it was Nikki.

Brittany went to Billy's home to see why he was acting so upset. Billy was in no mood for her and told her to cut the act because J.T. had told him everything. As expected, Brittany denied everything including sleeping with J.T. She insisted that because Billy didn't remember making love to her didn't mean he should believe J.T. Meanwhile, J.T. talked with Mackenzie over at Crimson Lights. He told her that Brittany had staged the whole thing between she and Billy while arranging for Mac to walk in on them. He explained how he was tired of being used and told her he let Billy in on the whole scheme.

After learning that Tomas was back in Genoa City, Chris called Nina. Strange behavior on Nina's part prompted Chris to tell Paul that she felt there was a dark side to Tomas. Paul told her it was still Nina's call where Tomas was concerned. He then reminded her that they were better able to deal with other people's problems instead of their own. Meanwhile, Nina gave Tomas a piece of her mind about leaving without saying anything. After admitting he was drinking at the time, he tried to explain that he left to help her. He told Nina he took her manuscript to his editor and that Hugh was reading it at that very moment. Not really all that happy, Nina told Tomas that the real reason he went to New York was because he was drunk. After a heated exchange and an expectation of gratitude, Tomas walked out on Nina.

Nikki and Victor seemed to be at a loss for words as they were confused by what happened between them. Victor prepared to move back to the Ranch, but Nikki warned that they should not read too much into this.

Over at Jabot, Jill told John Abbott about the incident between she and Billy. John told her she really should have stayed out of Billy's love life. She then told him about Billy and Mac. Heartbroken, Jill told John that Billy hates her. John offered to talk to Billy but Jill refused, scared that it would make things more difficult. To make matters worse, she found out about Ashley's engagement to Brad. Jill was upset that the announcement was already in the newspaper and she was just finding out. By the time the yelling stopped, Ashley told Jill she couldn't remember why she wanted to invite her to the wedding.

Victor called Diane and told her he was leaving the penthouse indefinitely. When asked where he was going, Victor basically told Diane to mind her own business and hung up on her. Even after hearing this, Diane went shopping for maternity clothes and ran into Ashley. Now she knows that Ashley is also pregnant!

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Under pressure from both Victoria and Victor, Phyllis presented her Brash & Sassy Internet makeover idea, of which Ryan and Victoria approved. When Phyllis asked for the password to access the computer system, Victor quickly denied her, telling her that she weaseled her way into this job and that he had no intention of giving her carte blanche.

Diane and Ashley "had words" in the baby store about how shocked Diane was to find out Ashley was also pregnant and who the father could be. Diane realized that Brad couldn't be the father and wondered if Ashley was jealous of her for having Victor's child.

Nikki wondered how Jack is dealing with Brad and Ashley's impending marriage. Jack wondered the same thing about her. Nikki told Jack about the problems that Cassie is having and they discussed how her family was coming together once again. When Jack asked how that will go considering past problems between her and Victor, she assured him that it will be fine.

Nick and Sharon talked to Cassie about alternatives for trick-or-treating. Cassie accepted a plan to stay at the ranch and say Hi to her friends when they came to the door. Her quietness had Sharon extra worried that Cassie was keeping something from them. Cassie called Millie from her bedroom and said that she didn't want to tell her parents that she's coughing. Later, Millie told Alice but didn't feel that there was a need for alarm.

Tricia confronted Ryan for consulting her therapist. He didn't give her his true reasons for doing it and when she suggested that she could get better if he would love her again, he didn't go for it.

At Gina's, Ashley and Brad discussed final wedding preparations. Ashley wanted Olivia to be her matron of honor and asked Brad to consider asking Jack to be best man. He refused at first, but then agreed to think about it.

Diane arrived home to find that Victor was moving out along with Victoria and that he had purchased an expensive baby gift for Ashley. That was the last straw for her she decided to go ahead with the renovation of the baby's room, whether Victor gave her his approval or not.

Friday, October 27, 2000

Brad tells Ashley that he will think about making Jack his best man, and leaves for work. When Christian shows up, Ashley takes him to breakfast. Christian tells Ashley that he read her engagement announcement, and assures her that he will keep her secret about not being the father of her baby. Brad watches Ashley and Christian, unseen. Jack taunts Brad about the wedding, but is caught off guard when Brad asks Jack to be his best man. John threatens Jack, saying that if Jack refuses, he will fill Jack's shoes. When Cassie, Nick and Sharon return from the doctor's office, Cassie wonders if she should've told her doctor about her cough. Sharon is worried that Cassie is holding something back from them. Victoria tells Nick she's worried that Nikki is falling for Victor again, because Victor is involved with another woman. Tricia asks Nina if Ryan is only staying with her out of obligation. Before Nina can respond, her beeper goes off. Once Nina leaves, Tricia books a flight to London. Meanwhile, Ryan confesses to Victoria that there is no hope for Tricia and him.

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