The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on B&B

C.J. gained temporary custody of Little Eric, and Amber was permitted to move off the estate. Kimberly perpetuated the lie that she and Thorne had been intimate, and Thorne implored Brooke to believe it had been meaningless. Rick decided to locate Little Eric's real father and ask him for custody of the child.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, October 23, 2000

The Spectra's and the Forrester's are together along with their lawyers discussing the document that C.J. brought over giving him custody of Little Eric. Jonathan tells Stephanie and Rick that it is legally binding and that there was nothing that he could do about it. Stephanie is against it because she said that the apartment was a death trap for the baby. Conner informs them that they would be living with Sally. Amber tells Stephanie that she has to be with the baby and asks for her permission to leave. Stephanie says that it is okay. Rick leaves. Amber takes the baby from C.J. and says good-bye to Stephanie. She asks C.J. to wait in the car for her while she packs. She turns around and wonders where Rick has gone. Stephanie asks C.J. and Sally to wait. She asks them not to take the baby away from them, but Sally says that they brought it all on themselves. Rick enters the guesthouse to speak with Amber. He tells her that he couldn't say good-bye in front of everyone. He tries to get her to admit that there is something between them, but she says that their time has come and gone. She tells him that she loves C.J.. Meanwhile, C.J. comes in and tells Amber that it's time to go. He tells Rick that he would see him around.

Thorne is in his office when Kimberly comes in. She tells him that they need to talk, but he tells her that it is not a good time. He asks her how she is feeling. She tells him that she feels fine, but he said that he knew that it was her first time and it should have been special. She tells him that it was special and that there was something that she needed to tell him. Before she can tell him anything, someone comes in and he tells her that they would have to finish the conversation later. Kimberly arrives at Brooke's office at her request. Brooke tells her that she heard some disturbing things from Taylor about her. She tells Kimberly that she needs to let go of her fantasy about Thorne because he only sees her as a child. Kimberly picks up a copy of some paper and says that no one else sees it as a fantasy. She tells Kimberly that two lives had already been ruined and that Thorne was going through hell. Kimberly said that it was hard, but she wouldn't say that he was goin! g through hell. She said that she was there to help him. Brooke can't believe that anything happened so Kimberly tells her to ask Thorne. Brooke starts remembering the phone call from Thorne that he had gotten drunk and done something stupid. Tears roll down her face as she recalls the conversation.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Kimberly went to Brooke's office as Brooke requested. Kimberly gloated that she had been with Thorne but didn't specify if she had slept with him. Brooke told Kimberly she didn't believe that Thorne would sleep with her. Kimberly told Brook to ask Thorne about it.

At Sally's home, the Spectra's celebrated their victory over the Forrester family for custody of Little Eric. Amber yelled out 'enough". She told them that "this is not a reason to celebrate, a family just lost a baby. The Forrester's are hurting over their loss of Little Eric."

When they were alone, Amber again lectured C.J. about the Forrester's compassion. She told C.J. that "there's nothing wrong with compassion. Good people don't take pleasure in other people's pain." C.J. told Amber that he loves her and he promised to back off on his comments about the Forresters.

Rick was devastated when C.J. left with Amber and Little Eric. Eric went over to comfort Rick as soon as he found out and offered Rick his support.

Brooke went to Thorne's office and confronted him about her conversation with Kimberly. Brooke wanted to know if Thorne had slept with Kimberly. Thorne said he had gotten drunk and couldn't remember what happened. Brooke asked "Are you saying you slept with Kimberly?" Thorne said he told Kimberly it was one time and meant nothing and that Brooke and her children are all he thinks about. Thorne asked Brooke to just forget about Kimberly, but Brooke was too hurt at that moment.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

The show began with Thorne and Brooke as he tried in vain to convince Brooke that his drunken night with Kimberly meant nothing. Thorne pleaded with Brooke to understand that he was drunk and depressed the night that she rejected him and that he didn't even remember sleeping with Kimberly. Brooke was appalled that Thorne could do such a thing. She commented on how smug Kimberly was about that night with Thorne and how Brooke dismissed it as desperate lies. Thorne begged Brooke not to let this stupid mistake with Kimberly come between them. Brooke told Thorne that what they had was special to her and how he had ruined it by taking another woman to bed. She then told Thorne that she could never get passed this and that their relationship was over for good. Thorne was crushed.

Meanwhile, Kimberly and Bridget were chatting in Brooke's office about how Kimberly led Thorne to believe that they had sex together when in fact she only slept next to him while he was passed out drunk. Kimberly explained to Bridget that she had to tell Thorne the truth, as he would never forgive her if he found out she had lied to him. Bridget begged Kimberly not to tell Thorne, for fear that he and her mother would get back together. Kimberly told Bridget that she could not build a relationship with Thorne on a lie. She then told Bridget that she had to go see Thorne.

Kimberly found Thorne in his office noticeably upset about the loss of his relationship with Brooke. She asked him if he blamed her. Thorne told her that he didn't blame Kimberly. In fact, Thorne apologized for taking advantage of poor Kimberly, the virgin, and he further apologized for not even remembering her "first time," which should have been special. Kimberly told Thorne that she must tell him what really happened that night.

Bridget found her mother crying in her office and she told Brooke that she knew about Thorne and Kimberly. Brooke was disgusted that Kimberly was using her daughter as a confidant and she demanded that Bridget stay away from the manipulative Kimberly.

Over at the Spectra's, Rick came to visit Amber and Little Eric while C.J. was out. Rick told Amber how much he already missed her and the baby and begged her to admit that she had feelings for him. Amber said that her place was here with C.J. and the baby and that Rick had to accept that. Rick almost got Amber to admit that she loved him as he loved her, but C.J. came home. When C.J. saw Rick, he ordered him to leave and not to come over without calling first. He told Rick that Little Eric had only one dad now, him, and that Rick would have to get used to it. After Rick left, C.J. took out the engagement ring he bought for Amber and once again asked her to marry him so that they could become a real family.

Back at the Forrester Estate, Rick summoned Jonathan to discuss how to legally get Amber and the baby back with him. Rick told Jonathan that he had an idea; he would track down Little Eric's biological father, the one who abandoned him, and he would persuade him to sign over custody of the boy to him.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Amber and C.J. are in the living room talking about marriage. C.J. is trying to convince Amber that it is not just about the baby but it is about loving her. Amber admits that they have been through a lot lately. She asks C.J. if he really wants to do this. He says that he really loves her and wants to give Little Eric the real family that he deserves.

She is touched and admits to him that she thought that she had lost her dream of having a family and a husband. She also admits that she is scared. C.J. asks her to allow him to be in her dream. She falls for that sweet line (it really was) and says, Yes!

Rick is talking to Jonathan about getting Little Eric back. He asks Jonathan where should they start. He suggests that they find Little Eric's biological dad and ask him for custody so that he can adopt Little Eric. Jonathan tells Rick that he should consult his father before doing anything. He tries to tell him how risky his plan could be. Rick doesn't want to hear any of it. He is convinced that when he gets custody of Little Eric that he and Amber will raise the baby together. He contacts Becky's dad and lets them know that he will be visiting Furnace Creek in a day or two. Rick tells Jonathan that he's leaving in the morning.

Brooke is telling Bridget that she doesn't want her to hang out with Kim. She says that Kim is a bad influence. Bridget is telling her it is because of Thorne. Bridget tells her that they are getting closer together and that they are attracted to each other. Brooke says that is not what Thorne tells her. Brooke states that Kim took advantage of Thorne while he was drunk. That is manipulative. Bridget wants to know what Thorne is telling her. Brook tells her that she doesn't want to discuss this with her. She tells Bridget that she was all set to be with him again when she heard this. She can't believe that he would do this to her. Bridget tells Brooke that she must get over him. Brooke says she has let him go.

Kim is at Thorne's office ready to tell him something that will change things. Thorne guesses that she is pregnant and tells her that he will stand by her. He will do the right thing by her. Kimberly is touched by this endearment and decides against telling him. He assures her that he will help her get over that night. He wants her to forget all about it. Later on Bridget comes down to Thorne's office where she finds Kim sitting in deep thought on Thorne's desk. She tells Bridget that she couldn't tell him. Then she turns into this dark side and says that he will never know and that is the way it will stay. This is the way it should be. He cares for her. Bridget tells her that one day he will come to love her.

Friday, October 27, 2000

C.J. happily breaks it to his parents and Darla that he and Amber are engaged. Clarke asks if C.J.'s sure that he's ready for the commitment. C.J. assures him that he is. Rick is crushed when Amber breaks the news that C.J. proposed - and she accepted. He can't believe she'd marry C.J. knowing that Rick still loves her. Rick tries to convince Amber there's still a chance for them and kisses her passionately. Amber asks him to leave, but Rick shows her the ring he planned to give her today. Amber recognizes it as her first engagement ring. Rick asks Amber to take off C.J.'s ring and put on his. Amber tries to explain that she's accepted C.J.'s proposal and that C.J. and Little Eric are depending on her. Rick wants to know if Amber would leave C.J. and marry him if he could get custody of Little Eric. While Amber goes to the chapel to seek guidance, Rick heads off to Furnace Creek, determined to win back Amber and the baby. C.J. leads Amber into a surprise engagement party given by his family. Sally thanks Amber for making her son so happy and proposes a toast to them. Rick fills Tilly and Joe in about Amber's engagement and C.J.'s custody of Little Eric. When Rick asks who the baby's real father is, Joe responds that he's a low-life drifter. Rick wants any information they have about him, explaining that it could be important to Little Eric's future.

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