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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 13, 2009 on GL
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Monday, April 13, 2009

While Frank was at Company planning a wedding surprise for Natalia, Olivia sat at home, deliberating over wedding cakes. Emma dragged Olivia upstairs, where Natalia cried over her newly delivered wedding gown. Natalia believed that the dress was too much for Olivia to buy for Natalia, but Olivia said that the boutique had comped the dress as a favor to Olivia. Olivia added that Natalia deserved the dress and anything else that Natalia might want. Natalia sobbed that she couldn't have the one thing that she really wanted.

Olivia couldn't say that it was wrong to want something deep within one's heart, and to be drawn to it. Natalia found her own desires wrong and selfish. Olivia thought that Natalia could afford to be selfish for once, but Natalia sobbed that Olivia was doing all the sacrificing by planning the wedding and moving from their house.

Just then, Frank arrived, excited to present Natalia with a surprise wedding gift. Frank said that the gift wasn't just for Natalia, but for their whole family. When Frank opened the back door, in strode Rafe, asking if there was something to eat. Natalia swept Rafe into her arms.

Rafe explained that he had been released from prison. He had to report to a halfway house in a week, where he would live until officials deemed him fit to return to society. Natalia was floored that Frank had done that for her. Frank said that he'd done it for their family.

Rafe and Emma asked if Natalia could marry Frank before Rafe reported to the halfway house. Natalia didn't think they could pull the wedding off so quickly, but Olivia assured them that they could. Frank excitedly said that he wanted them to be a family right away. "Let's do it!" Natalia concluded. As Natalia, Frank, and Rafe hugged, Olivia slipped out of the house.

Natalia suggested they have Rafe's blood sugar tested at Cedars, but Rafe assured her that he was fine. Natalia and her faith had kept Rafe going in prison. Natalia hugged him, feeling blessed. Rafe wondered if Natalia were happy, really. "Well, of course," she vaguely replied.

Emma entered to take Rafe upstairs to see his room. Natalia picked up a New Year's Eve photo of Emma, Olivia, and herself and stared at it. "It's not too late to back out," Frank teasingly said.

Upstairs later, Emma beamed to Rafe about being the flower girl in the wedding. Emma was sad that Rafe wouldn't be her brother anymore, but asked if she could write to him after she moved. Rafe said that they would still be friends. He felt that she needn't write to him because he would be around to see her in person.

Later, Rafe joined Natalia and Frank downstairs, where he presented Frank with Gus's police badge. Frank was honored by Rafe's gesture, but felt that he couldn't accept it. Rafe insisted, saying that all Frank had to do for Rafe was care for Natalia. Frank said that Gus and he had been more than cops; they'd been family. Frank didn't intend to replace Gus; he just wanted to be there for Rafe and Natalia. Rafe and Frank hugged. A teary Natalia rushed to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Olivia invited Doris to have a drink at Towers. Olivia guessed that Doris had orchestrated Rafe's release, but Doris feigned ignorance of the situation. Olivia stated that the gesture had gotten the wedding date moved up. Olivia thought that Natalia knew how Olivia felt, and Olivia suspected that Natalia felt the same way. Doris pressed Olivia to confess her feelings to Natalia, and warned Olivia to stop the wedding before it ruined their lives.

When Olivia returned home, Natalia was sobbing in the kitchen. Natalia took Olivia to the living room to show her the badge that Rafe had given Frank. Emma came downstairs wearing her flower girl dress. Olivia said that she looked great, but the wedding wasn't for a while.

Natalia suddenly decided that they shouldn't wait to be a family. They could marry that day, if Frank could clear his schedule. She told Olivia that she needed a maid of honor. A sobbing Olivia said, "Now you have one." They hugged.

At Farley's, Josh and Dinah wondered why Shayne and Roc Hoover were out of touch with them. Josh tried to reassure Dinah that Roc was a professional, but when Dinah incessantly worried that something was wrong, Josh agreed to track down Roc. Outside in an alley later, Josh found Roc Hoover wobbling as he steadied himself against a trash bin.

Dinah went to Company, where Billy noticed her worriedly leaving messages for Shayne. Billy suggested that she check her voicemail. When Dinah did so, she heard a message from Shayne, saying that he was meeting Edmund for the photo shoot.

At the hospital, Reva felt powerless to help Shayne and Colin. She resented that, due to the chemotherapy, Jeffrey had decided for her how she would take care of her sons. Jeffrey said that it was his turn to take care of their family, and when she was well, she could do it. Jeffrey reassured her that both of her sons had supportive people around them to help them.

While looking at photos of Colin, Reva sulked because she'd missed Colin's first play date with Henry. Lillian entered to say that Colin's jaundice was clearing up. Reva hated that she sat in the hospital while Edmund, the maniac, was after Shayne.

When Jeffrey left to check on Colin, he encountered Josh in the hallway. Josh told Jeffrey that Roc had a concussion, and no one could locate Shayne. Reva exited her room upon hearing the men outside her door. They tried to usher her back to bed, but she was frantic that Edmund had become a dangerous threat to her family.

Reva recalled that Shayne had planned to meet Edmund for a photo shoot. Josh and Jeffrey took off to find Edmund and Shayne.

As soon as the men left, Reva tried to sneak out of the hospital, but Billy intercepted her before she could leave her room. Josh and Jeffrey had sent Billy to stop Reva from leaving the hospital. Reva hated other people making decisions for her, especially when her children were in danger. Billy settled her back into her seat, and offered to share a piece of pie with her.

At the photo studio, Edmund told Shayne that he had cancelled the photo shoot. Shayne agreed that it wasn't the right time to do a photo shoot after the news they'd exchanged about Lara. "You killed her," Edmund murmured. Edmund said that Lara had been a bright spot in his otherwise inconsequential life. Lara had been pregnant with a child who wouldn't have known Edmund's past, and would have loved him for that man he had become.

Shayne thought that Edmund had accepted Shayne's apology for Lara's death. He tried to reason with Edmund that Lara wouldn't have wanted either of the men she loved to become devoured by their sadness. Edmund said that if Shayne had loved Lara, he never would have let anything happen to her.

Shayne realized his horrible mistake with the landmine, and it had cost him everything. Edmund rasped that Shayne was still alive and falling in love again, after killing Lara, a woman Shayne hadn't protected enough. Shayne hated himself for that, but Edmund said that self-hatred wasn't nearly enough.

Shayne suggested that they find help to resolve the situation. Edmund asked if Shayne wanted Dinah, or Roc Hoover, who was on Shayne's payroll. Shayne didn't know what Edmund meant, and Edmund called him a liar. Shayne decided to talk to Edmund later, after Edmund calmed down. "No, we'll talk it about it now," Edmund said, closing the door.

As they argued, George, the photographer, entered. A confused George had thought that the photo shoot had been canceled. Just then, George answered the ringing studio phone, and then handed the cordless receiver to Shayne. Shayne took the call in the hallway, but Edmund picked up another line to listen in as Shayne talked to Dinah.

Shayne told Dinah that he was at the photo studio with Edmund, who was acting kind of freaky. Dinah instructed Shayne to get away from Edmund, and meet her at the baseball field. After the call, Shayne told Edmund that he was leaving so that they both could calm down a bit. Once alone, Edmund roared, knocking over some studio equipment.

When Josh and Jeffrey arrived at the photo studio, George was cleaning up the disheveled photo equipment. George explained that Edmund and Shayne had just left. Josh offered to pay for any damaged equipment, and then he and Jeffrey traveled to the alley where Josh had found Roc. Lillian called Jeffrey on behalf of Reva, wondering if there was any news about Shayne. Jeffrey said they were headed to search for Shayne at Lewis Construction.

Shayne arrived at the baseball field to find Edmund with his arm around a struggling Dinah's neck. Edmund wielded a baseball bat in his other hand. Shayne said that Dinah had nothing to do with it, but Edmund differed, saying that Dinah was Shayne's savior. Dinah elbowed Edmund, and ran. Shayne charged Edmund, but Edmund swung the steel bat, clocking Shayne on the head. Dinah rushed to Shayne, who had collapsed on the ground.

As Shayne moaned, Dinah yelled at that Edmund could have killed Shayne. Dinah said that killing her and Shayne wouldn't bring Lara back. It would only turn Edmund into a man that Lara never could have loved. As Dinah called for paramedics, Edmund strode away.

Josh and Jeffrey found Shayne and Dinah at the baseball field awaiting the paramedics. Dinah explained what had transpired. When Jeffrey heard that Edmund had just walked away, he instantly panicked, saying, "Oh, my God-Reva!" Meanwhile, Reva slept soundly in her hospital bed as Edmund, donned in scrubs and surgical mask, approached Colin's hospital crib.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At Cross Creek, Edmund packed some things for Colin. He told Colin to be glad that he didn't have to grow up in that place. When Edmund swung open the door to leave with Colin, an exasperated Reva clung to the threshold, demanding that Edmund give her back her baby.

Reva said that she'd seen Edmund with Colin on her hospital webcam. Edmund replied that he planned to change Colin's name because Edmund had never liked it. A weakened Reva cowered on the floor, insisting that Edmund would go to jail. Edmund found it poetic that he was robbing Shayne's family the way that Shayne had robbed Edmund's.

Reva defended Shayne, saying that he was the only person who'd sought to understand Edmund's pain. Edmund said that he'd teach Reva the meaning of pain; he'd show her what it was like to lose a child the same way that Edmund had lost his daughter and grandchild to Reva's murderous son, Shayne. Edmund laughed at himself because he had once thought that Lara's pregnancy might heal the rift between their families.

Edmund kneeled beside Reva, telling her that he'd fill the void left by Lara's death by raising Colin with all the hate inside Edmund. Reva panted, begging Edmund not to do it. Edmund turned away, believing no one could stop him. Reva jabbed a syringe into his neck.

Edmund staggered between the sofa and coffee table, claiming that he had done it all for Lara. Reva held Colin, seething that Edmund had done it because he couldn't help himself. Reva told him to take a good look at Colin and her, because he'd never know a love like theirs.

At Cedars, Josh and Jeffrey left Shayne to receive an MRI. A nurse pulled them into the baby ward, where they discovered that Colin was missing. Josh assumed that Reva had taken Colin into her room against doctor's orders. They rushed to Reva's room, and discovered that she was missing, as well. "Now we panic," Jeffrey said.

Josh called Mallet to report that Edmund had taken Reva and Colin. Jeffrey swore that he would kill Edmund, as he should have done the last time Edmund had been in town. Josh calmed a raging Jeffrey, and assured him that they'd find Reva and Colin.

Later, Jeffrey and Josh found Edmund's Beacon hotel room empty. Jeffrey called Mallet again, but Mallet had no news. Fed up with the cops, Jeffrey charged out of the room, determined to find someone who could help him. Jeffrey dropped his cell phone, and Josh picked it up. Josh read an incoming text on the phone, and gasped, "Oh, my God."

Josh rushed to Cross Creek, where he found Reva sitting on the floor with Colin. Josh said that he'd gotten the message she had left for Jeffrey, who had dropped his phone. Josh asked if Edmund had hurt her. Reva said that she wouldn't let Edmund hurt her or Colin. With one look at an unconscious Edmund, Josh asked Reva what she had done.

Sometime later, Jeffrey arrived. Reva explained that she had rescued Colin after seeing Edmund with him on the webcam. Jeffrey was upset that Reva had pursued Edmund alone. Reva said that Edmund had left after she'd talked him out of taking Colin. Josh conjectured that Edmund had thought that Colin would make up for Edmund's loss, but Jeffrey found it odd that Edmund had walked away empty-handed.

Jeffrey said that he'd have Mallet put out an APB on Edmund. Since Reva wasn't supposed to be near Colin, Josh offered to drive Reva back to the hospital. Jeffrey left to buckle Colin into Jeffrey's car, and Reva sobbed to Josh that she couldn't lie to Jeffrey. Josh reminded her that if Jeffrey knew where Edmund was, Jeffrey would kill Edmund, leaving Colin with an inmate for a father. Josh implored Reva to let him handle it. Reva nervously nodded.

Reva showed Josh the syringe she'd stolen from the hospital. She thanked Josh for his help. Josh asked her what she wanted to do with Edmund, who lay unconscious in the laundry room. Reva didn't know. Josh said that he would handle it. Josh called Roc Hoover for one more assignment that he thought Roc would enjoy.

Natalia seemed saddened by all the boxes cluttering the farmhouse. Olivia figured she'd move out so that Frank could move in. Natalia said that she'd miss all the great times they'd had together, and Olivia joked that they could do lunch. After Natalia left to take care of wedding details, a mover commented to Olivia that it must have been hard to leave such a wonderful house. Olivia sullenly agreed.

Buzz feigned a heart attack when Frank announced that his wedding to Natalia would take place that day. Frank showed Buzz the wedding rings, and asked Buzz to be his best man. Buzz asked if Frank were happy, and Frank said that he grinned even while chasing criminals.

When Natalia arrived, Buzz suggested a honeymoon in Greece for the couple. Frank preferred a resort, but Natalia opted to stay at home while Rafe and Olivia adjusted to their new homes. Frank left, saying that he'd meet Natalia at the church. Buzz told Natalia that he'd seen bigger smiles than hers at a funeral. Natalia claimed that the wedding dazed her. Buzz offered to show her the wedding rings, but Natalia hurriedly left, saying she'd see him at the wedding.

Natalia arrived at the church, lit a candle, and said a prayer. She and Frank met Father Ray in his office, where they asked him to marry them that day. Though it was sudden, Father Ray agreed to do it. Father Ray decided to perform premarital counseling, and Frank said it would be easy because Natalia and he wanted the same things in life.

Father Ray asked what marriage meant to Frank. Frank replied it meant a commitment to Natalia, forsaking all others. Father Ray wondered if Natalia was ready for that, and she sullenly nodded. Natalia asked what would happen if she experienced feelings that she didn't understand. Father Ray said that her strong set of values would never steer her wrong.

Natalia said that Frank understood her. Frank accredited Olivia with coaching him on how to woo Natalia. Natalia was astounded that Olivia had been behind Frank's romantic efforts. Frank said that Olivia was a good friend to them both. Natalia felt that she'd found a good man. She affirmed that husbands, wives, and families were things she believed in.

At the Cooper house, Olivia asked Buzz to make a wedding cake. Buzz was already working on it. He seemed concerned that the wedding moved kind of fast. Olivia saw no reason to wait when something was right. Buzz thought that Natalia seemed distracted. Olivia insisted that Natalia would be good for Frank, adding that she wanted the marriage for Natalia.

Olivia recalled that Natalia had saved Olivia, and given Olivia new life with Gus's heart. Buzz noted that Olivia had become sentimental. Olivia said that Natalia brought out the best in Olivia, and Natalia would do the same for Frank. While Buzz understood that Olivia and Natalia's friendship was close, he felt that being in love and marrying were different. Olivia agreed, saying that it had been a privilege getting to know Natalia.

When Frank returned home, he tried to get Buzz's opinion on wearing a suit versus a tuxedo, but Buzz seemed troubled. Buzz hesitated to tell Frank what was on his mind. Frank pressed, and Buzz asked if Frank loved Natalia enough to let her go.

Frank wondered why he'd ever have to do that, and Buzz said that Natalia seemed to be a person who liked to make others happy. Buzz suggested that after all Frank had done for Natalia, she might feel indebted to him. Frank grew defensive, saying that Buzz felt everyone else but Frank could find real love. Buzz said that he wanted Frank to have the love that he deserved, noting that Natalia hadn't even been interested in seeing the wedding rings. Frank insisted that he'd found love with Natalia, and he was going after his shot at happiness. Frank was disappointed that Buzz couldn't be happy for him.

Olivia took roses to Gus's grave. She said that Gus's loving heart had caused her to feel everything that Gus had felt for Natalia. She explained that Natalia and she had formed a genuine family, and Olivia didn't know what to do with all the love she felt for Natalia. Olivia had been through many heartbreaks, but she felt that for once, she was doing the right thing by letting Natalia have the life that Natalia deserved. Olivia feared that she'd broken Gus's heart in the process. Natalia had taught Olivia to put someone else's needs before her own, which enabled Olivia to let go of Natalia, the person Olivia wanted to hold onto more than anything.

As Olivia sobbed, Natalia approached. Olivia said that she was there to say goodbye to all she and Natalia had shared since Gus's death. Natalia had come for the same reason. Olivia thought it was best that they go their separate ways before they wound up finishing each other's sentences like an old married couple. The ladies agreed that they were doing the best thing for Rafe, Emma, Frank, and themselves. Olivia sobbed, and Natalia wondered why Olivia cried, if Olivia believed that separating was the right thing.

Olivia sobbed again, telling Natalia to go be with her groom. Natalia persisted to know why Olivia cried. "You don't want to know why," Olivia replied, shaking her head. Natalia pressed Olivia, who finally yelled, "I'm in love with you!" Olivia's voice turned into a whimper as she repeated, "I'm in love with you..."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Josh shoved a bound Edmund into the back of an SUV. Josh told Roc that no one could know about Edmund's whereabouts, especially Jeffrey, who had a sick wife and newborn to care for. Roc planned to enjoy disposing of Edmund. Roc said that Edmund would live, but he'd wish he hadn't. Roc intended to take Edmund to Saint Helena, the island where Napoleon had been imprisoned.

"A day of reckoning is coming Josh. I know where I stand. Do you?" Edmund asked. Josh slammed the trunk shut. Roc drove off with Edmund in the back.

At Cedars, a sickly Reva shifted in her hospital bed, pressing Jeffrey to tell her that Shayne and Colin were safe. Jeffrey said that both her sons had survived Edmund, but she wouldn't unless she saw a doctor. He couldn't believe Josh had just dumped her off at the hospital. Jeffrey rushed out to find Reva's doctor.

Jeffrey returned in full hospital garb with a doctor, who said that Reva was lucky to be alive. After the doctor left, Reva forbade Jeffrey from going after Edmund. Jeffrey wondered if he could at least run Edmund over with the car, if he promised to wash it afterward. Reva wanted Jeffrey to concentrate on being a husband and father while someone else handled Edmund. When Jeffrey wondered who else would, Josh entered, also dressed in hospital garb.

Jeffrey quickly surmised that Josh and Reva had kept something from him. As they explained, Jeffrey gathered that Edmund had been knocked out at the house the whole time. Jeffrey couldn't believe that they hadn't let him assist them. Josh replied that Jeffrey wanted to kill Edmund. Jeffrey stated that it was a figure of speech, but Reva believed that Jeffrey meant it. Reva needed Jeffrey there as a husband and father, not on trial or dead because of Edmund.

Josh said that Roc had taken care of Edmund, and Jeffrey was upset that Josh had enlisted Roc. Josh said that Jeffrey had given him Roc's contact information. Jeffrey replied that Josh could take Jeffrey's agent, job, or coat, but Reva was off-limits. "Okay," Josh said.

Just then, Dinah and Shayne arrived for a visit, also clad in hospital garb. After Shayne and Dinah left, Jeffrey asked Reva to rest while he took care of everything else. Reva said that Jeffrey wasn't alone, and he could lean on others. Jeffrey thought it was odd that he and Josh had somehow switched places. Josh had become the gunslinger, and Jeffrey the happy homemaker. Josh listened outside the door for a moment, and then he walked away.

Colin's jaundice had cleared up, and Jeffrey checked Colin out of the hospital. Jeffrey let Reva see Colin through her room's window. Talking into an intercom, Jeffrey promised Reva that he'd restart the webcam. Outside, Josh watched Jeffrey drive off with the baby.

Shayne checked himself out of the hospital against Dinah's better judgment. As they sat on the swings at the playground, Shayne said that things could have ended badly had Dinah not saved him. Dinah said that he'd saved her once, too. He wondered what to call it when people risked their lives for each other. "Insanity?" Dinah asked. Shayne said that there was another word for it, and he kissed her.

Dinah realized that Shayne had formed a bond with Edmund. Dinah thought it was a good thing that Shayne had begun to believe in something, even it if had been Edmund. Shayne admitted that he'd been wrong about Edmund. Shayne didn't know who was more na´ve-him for believing in Edmund, or Dinah for believing in Shayne.

Shayne and Dinah went to her room at the Beacon. They reminisced about how far they'd progressed since they first met. After they made love, Shayne dreamed that he spotted Lara on a bench. Lara said that she'd come back one last time to tell him something. Before she could tell him, she disappeared.

Shayne jerked himself awake. He told Dinah that Lara tried to tell him something in a dream, but he woke up before Lara could tell him.

At the church, Frank was still miffed at Buzz for doubting Natalia's reasons for getting married. Frank stormed off, refusing to hear Buzz's explanations. Lillian asked Buzz what was wrong. Buzz said that Lillian had been right to leave Buzz, because Cooper men weren't wired for love. Lillian replied that one needed to know how to connect the wires.

Lillian apologized to Buzz for being hard on him at the christening. She was proud of him for overcoming his anger. Buzz promised not to monopolize her time, but Lillian wished that he would. Buzz asked if he could kiss Lillian. He dreamily sighed when she kissed him.

Marina and Mallet encouraged Rafe to talk to Daisy, because Grady had left town. Once alone, Marina admitted to Mallet that she'd been text messaging the sitter.

Marina wondered why Mallet hadn't told her about the phone call that she'd overheard him on with the child services. Mallet brushed if off, saying that the agency just wanted a "sit down to resolve some questions." Marina refused to sit down with anyone without a lawyer. She asked Mallet to stop treating her as if she were too delicate to handle the situation.

When Frank called Father Ray, Father Ray said that he couldn't perform the wedding, after all. Frank told Buzz that they had to find another minister, or there wouldn't be a wedding. Frank called other ministers with no luck.

Buzz rushed to the courthouse to find a judge to marry Frank and Natalia. He ran into Doris, who hadn't realized that Frank and Natalia were going through with the wedding. A defensive Buzz said that weddings usually followed engagements. Doris replied that she hadn't known that Natalia had made up her mind.

Doris said that she still believed in true love. She grabbed her coat, instructing Buzz to retrieve the Bible on the table. They left together.

In the graveyard, Natalia warned Olivia that once something was said, it could not be unsaid. Olivia persisted that Natalia had become the woman that Olivia loved. Choked with tears, Natalia looked imploring at Olivia.

Olivia understood that it was a sin for Natalia. Olivia sobbed that she couldn't provide Natalia with a safe home, as Frank could. Natalia cried that safety wasn't everything. Olivia believed that she had nothing to offer Natalia except snickering, rumors, and trouble for Rafe. Natalia reasoned that they'd already survived rumors, and Rafe had survived prison. "This would just be much worse, and I don't want that for you!" Olivia sobbed.

"I've handled trouble before," Natalia meekly replied. Olivia said that her love would change who Natalia was, and it would threaten everything that Natalia believed in. Natalia rushed toward Olivia, saying, "Don't you know how much-" Olivia shushed her. Stroking tears from Natalia's face, Olivia said that Natalia knew where she needed to be and with whom. Natalia nodded. Olivia took Natalia's hand and said they had a wedding to get to.

When Natalia arrived at the church, Frank told her that Father Ray couldn't make it. Mallet suggested that they postpone the ceremony, but Natalia said that they were getting married-even if they had to marry themselves. Natalia went to dress, and Marina followed her. Olivia filed in behind them, but Frank stopped her, requesting a word with the maid of honor.

Frank asked Olivia if there was anything that he should know. Olivia said that Frank should save the interrogations until he was back on duty. Frank relayed Buzz's suspicion that Natalia might not be marrying Frank for the right reasons. Olivia said that Natalia loved Frank, but Natalia worried about being a good wife. Olivia tearfully said that she wanted the marriage for both of them. Olivia asked him to stop making trouble where there wasn't any.

Buzz interrupted them to say that he had found someone to officiate. Doris stepped up, and Olivia scowled. Doris said that she wouldn't miss the wedding for anything.

Olivia pulled Doris aside, telling her to go authorize a sewer. Doris said that they'd have no officiator if she left. Olivia warned Doris not to make any smart remarks. Doris wondered what had happened to Olivia confessing her feelings to Natalia. Olivia claimed that she had done so, but Natalia had shot her down. Olivia insisted Natalia wanted to be with Frank.

As Marina helped Natalia dress, she offered Natalia words of encouragement. Marina also gave her a handkerchief that had belonged to Marina's great grandmother. Marina left, and Natalia prayed. She asked for the strength to do the right thing, and to make the right choices. Natalia begged God not to abandon her.

Rafe met Natalia in the vestibule, and she said that it had always just been the two of them. Rafe said that things couldn't always be the same. Rafe just wanted her to be happy. He encouraged her to hold onto love. Rafe had even prayed to God to let Natalia have everything her heart desired. The music cued them to head down the aisle.

Emma spread the rose petals down the aisle, and Olivia trailed behind her in a formal red dress. The crowd rose, and Frank smiled as Natalia and Rafe descended the aisle. Natalia faced Frank at the altar with Olivia standing behind her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

When Beth encountered Phillip jogging, she commented that it must have been nice for him to be able to enjoy time instead of serving it. She said that her expertise certainly hadn't gotten Phillip out of prison, but James was an amazing kid. Phillip didn't understand why James had finagled the pardon. Phillip said that he'd fully expected to go to prison, and Beth wondered why he had returned to town just to serve jail time.

Phillip said that he'd missed his family, and he'd been well enough to return. He'd been ready to face the consequences of his actions. He hadn't believed he'd spend his whole life in jail, just long enough to figure out what to do with his life upon release. Beth said that he could start over, and she asked what his first step would be.

Phillip considered that it would be a movie. He asked Beth to accompany him, but she had class. Beth suggested he ask the kids or Lillian. Phillip chuckled that at least Lillian still loved him. "So do I," Beth said, giggling as she left.

In the mansion parlor, Lizzie offered to spend time with James to get reacquainted. James rolled his eyes, and left, saying, "I have to pee." When James returned to the parlor, he text messaged Daisy to hang out, but Daisy replied back that she was at her uncle's wedding.

Alex found Alan in bed, wearing sunglasses. Alan believed that he'd become a misfit in business, and that his family hated him. Alan brooded because he was certain that Phillip intended to usurp Alan's place in the family. Alex kindly instructed Alan to sit up, and then she slapped him. "You're acting like a spoiled brat," she said.

"You hit me," Alan sulked. Alex threatened to do it again if he didn't snap out of it. Alan reasserted that Phillip was out to destroy him. It terrified Alan that a mentally unstable Phillip had enchanted everyone that Alan fought to protect. Alan said the family fawned over Phillip, but ostracized Alan. Alan felt that Lizzie couldn't be both Phillip and Alan's princess.

Alex replied that everyone loved both Alan and Phillip. She said that Lizzie was a grown woman, who didn't need to be anyone's princess. Alan persisted that Phillip wanted to get even with Alan. "Well, of course. You did shoot him," Alex replied.

Later, Alex discovered Phillip in the parlor, playing video games. Phillip asked her to go to the movies with him. When Alan entered, Phillip invited him as well. Phillip joked that he'd take all the seniors to the matinee. Alan preferred to watch movies in his own home theater. Alan wondered if all Phillip planned to do was lounge around, eating Alan's food and drinking Alan's booze. Phillip replied that it just might be.

Alex offered to let Phillip return to the company, but Phillip didn't want to interfere with Lizzie and Bill's jobs. Alan suggested that Phillip rejoin the Spaulding board. Alan implied that it could help Phillip grow closer to Lizzie. Phillip agreed to think about it after the movie.

Sometime later, Phillip and Alex went to Spaulding-Lewis instead of the movies. There, they encountered Alan. Phillip accepted Alan's proposal to rejoin the Spaulding board, saying that it was a great way to get closer to Lizzie while keeping an eye on the business. Alan decided to call Lizzie and the press with the good news.

When Lizzie arrived at the company, Alan showed Alex, Phillip, and Lizzie the press release he'd drafted for Phillip to recite to the awaiting press. Phillip reviewed the statement. It said that Phillip would voluntarily submit to psychiatric testing to prove his sanity before assuming the board seat. "What the hell is this?" Phillip raged.

"There have been some questions," Alan said with a shrug. Phillip assumed that he was supposed to check himself into Ravenwood if he failed the tests. Alan said that Phillip should do everything necessary to get well. Alan claimed that the proof wasn't for the board or the press; it was for Lizzie.

At the church, Doris commenced the wedding ceremony by saying that marriage was not to be entered into lightly-or without considering the consequences. Doris charged anyone to speak if there was any reason that Natalia and Frank shouldn't be joined in matrimony-forever. The wedding guests looked on in silence. "Well?" Doris looked at Olivia.

"No!" Olivia shouted. All eyes flashed to Olivia, who awkwardly continued, "-body seems to be objecting." Mallet said that no one would object to Frank finally getting the girl.

As Doris filibustered at the altar, Marina tersely whispered to Daisy to put her phone away. Doris continued that marriage shouldn't be entered into recklessly, or as a matter of convenience. Just then, Doris' cell phone vibrated. As Doris sheepishly checked it, Olivia insisted that the call could wait. Doris replied that it was crucial that she contact city council.

After Doris left, Frank asked Buzz to entertain the guests with a joke. Buzz started to tell an obscene joke, but then decided that everyone should dance instead. Christina and Ashlee offered to dance with him. Rafe approached the bride and groom, saying that no one would forget their wedding. Frank agreed, saying that it was the best day of his life.

In the interim, Mallet checked his messages. He told Marina that child services wanted to meet with them later that day. Marina panicked because she knew that they would have a lot to prove to the agency. She refused to let anyone take her baby away.

Rafe hugged Daisy. He told her that he'd been released to a halfway house. Daisy said that she was happy for him. They seemed polite but distant as they briefly discussed how great it was that Natalia and Frank chose to marry. Daisy decided to return to her seat.

James entered the church, looking for Daisy and his sister, Emma. Marina directed him to the sanctuary. James sat behind Daisy, and text messaged her to look behind her. When she saw him in the adjacent pew, she texted back that he was a stalker.

Frank found Natalia lighting a candle. Natalia quoted verses from Ruth regarding the sanctity of marriage. Natalia said that it was wonderful of Frank to respect her beliefs and her desire to do things the right way. Frank said that her religion defined her, and made her who she was. Frank offered to find Doris, but Natalia suggested that they give Doris some time, because Doris had graciously agreed to marry them at the last minute.

Olivia pursued Doris, and jerked the phone from Doris' ear. "No one's on the line. What are you trying to pull?" Olivia rasped. Doris said that she had run out of ways to give Olivia a chance to speak up. Doris pressured Olivia to reveal her feelings before she lost Natalia.

Olivia refused to disrupt the wedding, and ordered Doris to finish the ceremony. Olivia felt that for the first time in her life, she was letting go of someone for the right reasons. Olivia begged Doris to help give Natalia the normal life that Olivia could not provide.

Doris resumed the ceremony by asking Marina to sing. Afterward, Emma read 1 Corinthians 13, the Bible verses about love. Doris cued Frank to recite his vows.

Frank called Natalia a beautiful gift from God that had made Frank believe in love again. Frank had fallen in love with her from the moment he'd seen her, and he vowed to care for her and Rafe for the rest of his life. Frank said that there was nothing she couldn't ask of him, or that he wouldn't do for her. He intended to love, honor, and protect her until the day he died. Frank wanted to kiss her, but Doris asked him to refrain.

Natalia took Frank's ring from Olivia. Olivia said that exchanging the rings would strengthen Natalia. To Frank, Natalia said that she felt blessed to fulfill her childhood dream of standing in a church, marrying the man that she loved. She said that experiencing love was like experiencing God.

"I want to devote my life to you. I want to pledge my heart to you. And so I stand here in front of all our friends and family-and before God..." Natalia seemed distraught as she continued, "...I stand here...before God..." Natalia broke into tears. She sobbed an apology to Frank, and fled the church.

Olivia stared after Natalia, tears streaming down Olivia's face. Buzz and Marina assured Frank that Natalia would return. Frank looked at Olivia, who decided to go after Natalia. Olivia grabbed a coat and followed Natalia out into the snow.

James approached Daisy, Ashlee, Christina, and Remy to ask when the Greek dancing would begin. Ashlee wondered if James were the "hot guy" that Daisy had spoken of. Daisy rolled her eyes, saying that James thought he was hot, not Daisy.

Frank wanted to pursue Natalia, but Buzz suggested that Frank give her time. Marina stated that it'd taken three tries for Mallet and her to successfully marry. Frank instructed Marina to clear the church, if she thought it necessary, and he took off to find his bride.

A distraught Natalia fled to the park gazebo, where she begged God not to forsake her. Olivia approached Natalia. They stared at each other in heartfelt silence.

Friday, April 17, 2009

At Company, Bill told his father about his plan to take Lizzie to New York City. Billy asked if it would be date number four. Bill said yes, and stated that he was desperate to get to date number ten because that was "when the magic begins." Bill explained that he was going to cram dates 4 through 10 into 48 hours.

Phillip refused to go along with Alan's request for a psychological evaluation, calling it sabotage. While they were arguing, Lizzie walked in and asked why reporters were outside. Phillip replied that it was a set-up by Alan, but Alan denied it. Alan told Lizzie about Phillip rejoining the company and about the agreement he wanted Phillip to sign.

Alan asked Phillip what he was afraid of. A frustrated Alexandra told Phillip to just sign the agreement, while Lizzie suggested that Phillip have Beth look at it. Alan nixed that idea and suggested that Lizzie make the final decision about whether or not Phillip should be evaluated.

Alan tried to sell Lizzie on his theory that Phillip might not be well, and warned that history might repeat itself. Lizzie refused to get in the middle of it and said that it was not her idea for Phillip to come back to the company. Lizzie suggested that the men settle the issue amongst themselves. Alan gave Phillip the name of a psychiatrist. As Alan said that he was just trying to see whether or not Phillip was stable, Bill walked in. Bill asked Lizzie if he could take her away from the "daily power struggle" and Lizzie agreed.

An upset Alan ranted about Lizzie shirking her responsibilities every time Bill came by. Phillip argued that Lizzie should be hanging out with Bill and doing fun things. Phillip told Alan that it seemed as if Lizzie and Bill had done a great job with the company. Alex agreed. Suddenly, Phillip agreed to be evaluated and stated that he had nothing to lose.

Alan asked to speak to Alex outside, and then confessed that there was no doctor. Alan was simply calling Phillip's bluff, hoping that he'd decide not to come back to the company. Alan realized that he would need another approach to keep Phillip in his place. Alex told Alan to let it go, but Alan refused to let Phillip run the family.

Lizzie agreed to Bill's plan to have seven dates in New York City in two days. After Lizzie packed for their trip, she teased that she could change her mind and decide not to go to the next level until date sixteen. Bill said that was unlikely and implied that she would be unable to resist him. Later, as they were about to leave for the airport, Lizzie mentioned that they might not even make it to date ten. She hinted that they could become members of the "Mile High Club." Bill replied that if they had lasted that long; they could last two more days.

Frank asked if Buzz said something to Natalia to make her run out of the wedding. Frank brought up the fact that Buzz had told him that no woman could love Frank. Buzz stated that was not what he'd said and assured Frank that he did not say anything to Natalia. As a sad Frank bemoaned Natalia unexpectedly running out on him, Emma asked where her mother was. Buzz noticed that Olivia's car was gone, but assured Emma that she would be back.

When Emma asked why Natalia ran out, Frank explained that she was just nervous. Frank maintained that if anyone could make Natalia feel better, it was Olivia. Later, Frank told Buzz that he hoped Olivia could talk to Natalia, since they were best friends. Suddenly, Emma gave him a hug because she thought he looked sad. Frank thanked Emma and promised her that things would work out.

Buzz complimented Frank on how he handled Emma, and assured him that he and Natalia would be able to work things out and have kids together. Buzz suggested that maybe Natalia rushed out because things were going too fast. Frank admitted that he pushed things along quickly and said that was because he thought marriage was the only way to be with Natalia because of her values.

At the church, James made a joke to Daisy about the "runaway bride," which she did not find particularly funny. James asked Daisy if she could give him a ride home, since Lizzie had left him. Daisy said that she needed to stay with her family and suggested that James call his driver. James made it clear that he was not into getting chauffeured. Daisy accused James of coming on to her and she refused his advances. Later, Daisy went out to get coffee from Company and picked up James, who was hitching a ride.

Phillip saw Billy at Company and joined him. Phillip told Billy that he thought Lizzie and Bill were doing a great job at Spaulding-Lewis. Phillip said that he was happy for them. Billy said that Lizzie was great for Bill and warned Phillip not to let Alan mess with them.

The pair saw Daisy and James walk into Company. After an introduction, Billy commented to Phillip that James reminded him of Phillip when he was that age. Phillip said that was what worried him. At that point, Alan called Phillip to tell him to go to the mansion, because he'd found a doctor for the evaluation.

James got a call from Lizzie, who told him about the crisis regarding Phillip rejoining the company. When James informed her that Phillip was at Company, she figured that he refused to be evaluated and commended him for it. Lizzie informed James that she would be leaving town and wanted to tell him goodbye before he went back to school. James said that things had just gotten interesting at home and that he couldn't leave, because he was needed.

When James and Daisy returned to the church, it was empty. James suggested they do something that he had always wanted to do-they went up to the bell tower and rang the church bells.

Phillip arrived at the mansion. Alan suggested that Phillip pour himself a drink while they waited for the doctor. As Phillip poured his drink, two men in white coats came and dragged Phillip out. Phillip tried to fight it, and Alan commented that it had to be that way.

At the gazebo, Olivia suggested that Natalia go back to Frank. Natalia said that she couldn't, because it would not be right. Natalia said that Frank was a good man and she loved the Coopers, but said again that it was not right even though she wished it were. Olivia tried to convince Natalia to go back to the wedding and argued that it was the future that Natalia always wanted. An upset Natalia blurted out that she did not love Frank-she loved Olivia.

Olivia asked Natalia if she knew what she was saying. Natalia told Olivia that she was not surprised by Olivia's proclamation of love earlier. Olivia suggested that they talk about something else, but Natalia pressed on. Natalia said that she was scared because those feelings did not happen in her world. Natalia admitted that, at some point, she realized that Olivia meant everything to her. Natalia said that she did not know if she felt good or bad about that.

Natalia called Olivia brave for being able to say those words to her. Natalia asked Olivia if Olivia was as confused as she was and Olivia admitted that she was. An upset Natalia lamented that the situation was not fair to them or to Frank. Olivia believed that Frank would understand, but Natalia doubted it since she had been lying to him and to herself.

Natalia complained that she had shattered Frank's life and the Coopers, who had been nothing but good to her. Olivia commented that she should have never have said anything to Natalia before the wedding. Natalia said that all Olivia did was tell the truth.

Frank found the pair at the gazebo and asked Natalia why she rushed out. Natalia said that she was overwhelmed and that everything felt wrong. Natalia said that she was not the person for Frank, because she had feelings that she could not explain. Olivia blurted out that it was about Gus. Olivia said that Natalia was upset because she was still not over Gus.

Frank blamed himself for pushing too quickly. Natalia told Frank that it felt wrong pledging herself to Frank when she was not really free. Natalia asked Frank not to hate her. Frank told her that he never thought he had gotten over Eleni until he had fallen for Natalia.

Natalia asked how they would be able to face his family. Frank said that they would tell everyone that they mutually decided to postpone the wedding. Natalia told Frank that he rescued her. Frank told Natalia his belief that one day, she would be over Gus. Natalia asked what if she was never ready. Frank said that he would take that chance, because she was worth it.

After Frank walked off, Natalia called Olivia out on her lie. Olivia stated that she did not lie; she just did not tell the whole truth. Olivia said that she knew Natalia would rather die than admit her true feelings to everyone. Olivia knew that Natalia was ashamed of the feelings she had. Olivia said that Natalia loved her and would end up hating Olivia because of it. Olivia said that she could not live with that.

Frank and Olivia returned to the church. Frank told Buzz that Gus was the reason Natalia left. Buzz asked how one could compete with a dead man. Frank said that one helped them get over it quickly. Buzz warned Frank that there was no timetable when it came to grief. A determined Frank said that Natalia was the best thing that had ever happened to him and he would not give up without a fight.

As Emma and Olivia left the church, Emma said that they should tell Natalia that they loved her. Olivia said that Natalia already knew.

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