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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 13, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Craig accompanied Carly to her hotel room in New York, and she planted a big kiss on him to say thank you for the trip and Liberty's internship. Craig suggested a nightcap, and he opened a bottle of champagne. He toasted to a long, slow, romantic New York evening. They drank their bubbly and relaxed, and Craig gave Carly a neck rub. He easily talked her into a romantic romp, which they began until a knock on the door interrupted them.

Carly opened the door and was stunned to find Parker there. Parker spied Craig on the bed and then told Carly that Jack had bought him a plane ticket so that Parker could figure out what was going on with Liberty. He needed to straighten out the living arrangements for her next year's internship.

Craig explained that Liberty was at a party for the interns, sponsored by the magazine. Soon they heard Liberty laughing out in the hall, so Parker went out and Liberty introduced him to Colin, her summer boss. Colin was shocked that Liberty was married, a fact that Parker immediately established, but Colin did not think there was any rule against having married interns. Colin left, and Parker lit into Liberty for not telling her work associate that she was married. He had no interest in Liberty's excitement, and accused his mother and Craig of setting up the whole housing problem.

That same night, Lily worked at Worldwide and spoke by phone to Holden, in Louisville. After she hung up, Lily heard someone enter the outer office, and it frightened her. She picked up a sharp letter opener and threw open the door to find Damian on the other side. He wanted to speak with her about the foundation, so he could figure out who was behind the attacks on Luke.

Lily refused to give him any information, so Damian had to be content just to check out the file drawer where the missing discs had been stored. He made Lily uneasy, so she threw him out, and when she went to close the file drawer, she discovered a ring with the initial "G" on it, similar to a Grimaldi family one that Damian had.

Luke and Noah were at Lily's, and they hugged and kissed and were looking forward to watching a movie when someone rang the doorbell. In walked Zac and Zoe, who wanted to party. The weird twins begged for forgiveness and brought out a bottle of Green Fairy absinthe. Both Luke and Noah declined the liqueur, and Noah suggested that the "Z's" take the party anywhere else but there.

Zac declared it was time for "Plan Z," and Zoe got out a Ouija board. She suggested that they ask the board who was messing with the foundation. She and Luke sat at a low table and set up the board.

Zoe called on the spirits and told them she was with Luke. The pointer immediately spelled out, "HE IS GAY," and they both had a good laugh. Next Zoe asked who was sabotaging the foundation, but the pointer did not respond. Zoe asked if the spirits would prefer to speak with someone else, and it spelled out, "L G." Everyone appeared confused until Luke announced that his birth name was Luciano Grimaldi.

Suddenly, Zac got sick and made a dash for the bathroom. Zoe asked to see the kitchen, so she could find some fresh fruit and blend some up to quiet Zac's stomach. She headed to the kitchen, and Noah asked Luke if they could please send the Zs on their way. Suddenly all the lights in the house went out, and Zoe screamed.

Damian met with Lisa at the Lakeview, and they caught up. Lisa was the widow of Eduardo Grimaldi, Damian's cousin, and she was fond of Damian, but she chewed him out for his behavior with Luke the last time he had come to Oakdale. Damian said he was there to make amends, and Lisa said she had some of Eduardo's belongings, photos and letters, that might be of interest to Damian. Some of the things she could not even identify, and she offered them to him. Damian invited her for dinner, but Lisa had a previous engagement.

In the dark, Zoe returned to Luke and Noah and said she had plugged in a blender and thought she had blown the circuit breaker. Zac had not returned from the bathroom, so Zoe began calling for him. Meanwhile, Zac was in Luke's bedroom, going through papers in his desk with a flashlight. Zoe and Luke lit candles, and Zoe suggested that the candles might bring dead Grimaldis circling.

Noah took a candle and located Zac, minus his shirt, in Luke's room. Noah asked Zac what he was doing, and Zac replied that he was visualizing Noah without his preppy clothes. Noah scolded him and told him to put on his shirt. He warned Zac never to pull a stunt like that again, and he walked out.

In the hotel, Damian opened his door to find Lily holding the Grimaldi ring. He appeared surprised and showed her how the ring was much too small to fit on his finger. He also said his ring was back home in Malta, so someone else had left one in Lily's files. He suggested they pool their resources to discover if there was another Grimaldi in town.

In New York, Craig pulled Parker and Liberty into Carly's room and told Parker he was way out of line for accusing Craig of trying to break up the teens' marriage. He also explained how interns functioned as a team, which was why they all roomed together. Parker said he didn't care and was especially rude to Carly, who tried to calm her son. Finally Craig advised the boy to be more respectful to his mother.

Parker called Carly a "gross, disgusting drunk," and it obviously hurt her deeply. Craig told the boy to apologize, but Parker was furious. Liberty dashed out, yelling at Parker that it was not just his marriage at stake. Parker ran after her, and Carly tried to follow, but Craig advised her not to.

Outside Liberty's room, Parker tired to persuade her to let him in, but she told him to go away. Liberty finally let him in and defended her attending the interns' party. She told him how difficult it was for her to be brave and go forth in the Big Apple. She badly wanted to be more than she was, but Parker was hung up on parties.

They argued until Parker asked if the internship meant more to Liberty than their marriage. Liberty did not want to have to choose, and she reminded Parker that he could come to New York whenever he wanted. Parker said she did not love him and did not want to be married to him anymore.

Liberty insisted that she had never said she did not want to be married, and she advised Parker to chill out. He apologized to her and said she was the only part of his life that was not totally in shambles. He was afraid he would lose her, but Liberty promised that would not happen. She reconsidered the internship in New York and offered to get one closer to home. The newlyweds hugged.

Back in her room, Carly staggered to the champagne bottle, but Craig stopped her. He hustled her into the bathroom to sober her up.

At Lily and Holden's, the lights came back as soon as Luke fixed the circuit breaker. Zoe flirted with Luke, but he pushed her away. Noah and Zac returned and the Zs took the hint that the boys wanted them to leave.

Lily shared with Damian that Noah remembered part of the computer hacker's name: more numbers. Damian informed her that "pesc" was part of "fish" in Italian, and he suggested that "something fishy" was going on. Lily cracked up laughing, but then she moved away from Damian and declared that she had to leave. Damian insisted that he see her home, even if it angered Holden. Lily explained that Holden was out of town, but Luke was there.

Carly, wearing a hotel robe, came back into her room and told Craig she would never forget what Parker had said to her about her drinking. She said she wanted to stop drinking, so Craig agreed. He said they were "in this together," so he would quit, as well. Craig went to check on Parker, who told Craig that Carly's plan had not worked because Liberty was turning down the New York internship.

Luke and Noah discussed the Z twins. Noah no longer felt they were harmless, but Luke called them "just weird kids." Lily brought Damian home then and told Luke about the Grimaldi ring she had found. Lily asked if Luke thought there might be another Grimaldi in Oakdale who was behind the attacks. Luke thought that made no sense, so Damian took the hint and said goodbye to Lily. Luke said he needed proof, and Noah accused him of being too closed-minded. Noah left to study, saying, "Ciao, Luciano."

Noah found Damian in the Lakeview and said he believed him. He offered to help Damian catch whoever was behind the foundation's problems. Noah though the numeral 1 in the hacker's name could possibly have been an "I" instead, which led them to Pisces, the zodiac sign of the fish. Damian said he was grateful that Luke and Noah had found each other.

Noah left the hotel and spotted Zac and Zoe finishing the bottle of green liqueur on a bench in Old Town. Noah looked closely at the pendants around the twins' necks, and he commented on the embossed fish he saw. Zoe said it represented Pisces, and Zac asked Noah what his sign was. Noah revealed that the hacker's name could have been something similar, and both twins burst out laughing that Noah had caught them. Yes, they admitted, they were totally trying to wreck Luke's foundation. Noah knew they were joking when Zac told him to get over himself.

Craig told Carly that Parker was all right, and he suggested that they get some sleep. Craig had his own room, but he asked to hold Carly for a while in her bed. They lay down together on the bed, and Craig assured her everything would be all right.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meg played with Eliza at Fairwinds until Paul suggested that his ex-wife leave. He reminded Meg that she had moved in only temporarily while the baby was recuperating. Since Eliza was well again, it was time for Meg to go. Paul said the sooner she left, the sooner everyone could adjust to the new custody arrangement.

Paul was curt and short with Meg, but he did agree to a family lunch out after she suggested that they should be celebrating their daughter's recovery. Paul named the Lakeview, but Meg nixed that as their lunch venue. Paul badgered Meg about avoiding the hotel where Dusty was staying, but Meg assured him that she and Dusty were finished. After a short discussion, however, Meg changed her mind.

Alison greeted Dr. Bob and his mother, Nancy Hughes, at Memorial Hospital. Nancy told the girl that Bob had taken her in for a routine checkup because the driver who usually drove the senior van had just quit. Bob reminded them both that Memorial was facing budget cuts, so there was a hiring freeze in effect at the hospital. Bob suggested that he find volunteers to drive the van, but his mother said that what they really needed was someone to run the entire senior program.

Alison said she might know just the person for the job and promised to speak to him. Bob figured out her plan and mentioned Casey by name, as Alison left to give her friend a call.

In Old Town, Casey ran into Jade on the street, and she began to gripe at him about his dumping her. Casey said she looked on edge, so Jade asked him if he knew where she could score some pot. Casey could not believe that Jade was being so open about attempting to buy drugs, and he called her stupid. They argued more, and Casey walked away, disgusted, and went into Java. Alison called him there and told him to stay put because she was on her way to ask him an important question.

At the Lakeview, Dusty, Lucy, and Johnny finished lunch. Lucy was glad that the boy had cheered up Dusty, who had been very low after Meg broke up with him. Dusty was grateful to Lucy for giving him time with his son. Lucy said she was dropping Johnny off at afternoon kindergarten, and then she would have some time to herself. Dusty said goodbye to his son, and then Lucy asked if he would like to go to a movie with her. Dusty agreed, if he could choose the movie. Lucy left to take Johnny to school, while Dusty waited in the hotel.

Jade continued to scout Old Town, still looking for a drug supplier. She began a conversation with a young man who sat down on a bench to read, and mentioned she could use a bit of "chemical relaxation." She got excited when she thought the man could supply her, but as she reached for her money to pay him, all he produced was an Oakdale Police Department badge and the news that she was under arrest.

Dusty continued to wait for Lucy's return as Meg, Paul, and the baby came in for lunch. Dusty walked out, and Paul made hurtful remarks to bait Meg, but she did not rise to it. Meg noticed that the baby needed a diaper change and gathered up Eliza to take her to the ladies' room, but Paul stopped her. He said he would not allow her to take the baby and walk out alone. Meg left her purse as collateral, and took Eliza towards the ladies' room.

Dusty approached and told her that she was playing a dangerous game. He assured her that whatever she was planning would not work. He warned her that Paul was devious, but Meg was not interested in his assessments. They had harsh words, as Paul entered the fray. He began to bait Dusty, as well, but Lucy approached and pulled Dusty away. Paul accused Meg of playing a scene with her former lover, but Meg took the baby and went to change her.

Alison met Casey and asked him if he had chosen a community project yet to fulfill the dean's requirement for being readmitted to Oakdale University. Casey said he was still considering his options. Alison said she knew the perfect opportunity for him, and it was connected to Memorial Hospital. Casey could not believe that Alison wanted him to drive a mini-van full of senior citizens around like a soccer mom. Alison then explained how Casey would get to organize the volunteers and set up the schedules. Casey was hesitant, but the incentive of being around Memorial and seeing Alison often finally sealed the deal.

Margo questioned Jade at the police station, and the girl said there had been a huge misunderstanding about her arrest. She claimed the undercover cop had approached her and offered to sell her pot, until Margo informed her that there had been a surveillance camera mounted above the bench. Jade then changed her story and admitted that she had begun a conversation with the cop and had asked him for some weed. She claimed pot was not dangerous and besides, her life sucked.

Jade was embarrassed and asked Margo not to tell Derek, her unwilling father, about her arrest. Margo agreed not to bring charges if Jade would agree to do something for her in return. She suggested the girl do some community service in lieu of serving time. Jade agreed; so Margo called Bob at the hospital and told him she had Jade Taylor in her office, and the girl wanted to do some volunteer work. Bob knew Jade's reputation as a troublemaker, but he accepted the girl as a favor to his daughter-in-law.

Casey and Alison went to the hospital, and Casey greeted his great-grandmother. He told Nancy that he was organizing the senior transportation project, as Dr. Bob interrupted to introduce them to Jade Taylor, a new volunteer for the same project. The young people were speechless until Casey finally stepped up and said he was running the program and did not need anyone else. Jade protested to Bob that she had volunteered first, but Bob told them to work it out themselves. Jade dominated the conversation until Casey quit and walked out, with Alison on his heels. Jade told Nancy that she really was not a good fit working with nice old people, but Nancy ordered her to sit down and get busy.

Dusty and Lucy walked through Old Town, and Dusty lamented that Meg was in dangerous waters attempting to get her daughter back. He apologized for dumping his woes on Lucy, as Lucy took a call on her cell phone. The caller was Caesar, her contact at the docks, and he reported a problem with Lucy's shipment. Lucy agreed to get there ASAP, and Dusty commented that she seemed "freaked out."

Lucy explained that the supplier of her humanitarian drugs was refusing to deliver them unless she could come up with an additional $50,000 payment. Lucy said she was used to dealing with crises, so she would figure out some solution. Dusty offered to help and would not take no for an answer, so they both left for the docks.

Casey and Alison went to Java where they argued about Casey's walking out on the volunteer program. Alison thought he should try to work with Jade, but Casey referred to Jade as the new "Queen of Memorial." Casey decided he would rather work with Luke's foundation instead, but Alison argued that the hospital needed him more. She was also upset that Casey was so bothered by the thought of working with Jade. She wondered if he really did have some feelings for the girl. Finally, Alison told Casey to suck it up and go after what he really wanted. Casey marched out to go reclaim his volunteer position.

Back at Fairwinds, Meg put Eliza to bed and prepared to leave. She reiterated that she still wanted the three of them to be a family, but Paul did not believe her. Meg walked to the door, as Paul felt the baby's forehead and declared that she was too warm. Meg came back, and they agreed that they had been too active for the baby's first day of feeling better. Meg suggested that they bathe the baby, and they agreed to do it together.

At the docks, Lucy and Dusty met with the blackmailing supplier. Dusty challenged him to stick to his original deal and warned him that he might disappear for good if he did not. The man did not want that kind of trouble and agreed to honor his commitment. Lucy told Dusty he was officially up to his neck in her business. They discussed the targets on their backs as they left the docks.

Back at the Lakeview, Dusty recommended that Lucy not use him as an enforcer again, but she reminded him that he had interjected himself into the equation. Dusty declared that the afternoon had been better than any movie.

Casey returned to Memorial and found his great-grandmother and Jade still together. He apologized to Jade and offered to begin arranging transport schedules and drivers, but Jade and Nancy said they had already done that and had recruited five new drivers. Casey joined in good-naturedly, and afterwards he confided to Alison that he was glad he had gone back, but working with Jade was "going to be hell." Alison said he could handle it, and she presented him with a cupcake they both shared. Then they shared a kiss.

Margo had coffee with Dr. Bob at the diner and despaired that Casey and Jade would be working together as volunteers. Bob could not believe it when Margo next said some positive and good things about Alison Stewart's influence on her son.

Paul and Meg finished bathing Eliza and shared a few pleasant moments. Paul offered Meg a larger bedroom if she wished to spend the night, but Meg said the one she had been using was more convenient to the baby's room at night. Paul carried Meg's bag upstairs, while Meg gave herself a pep talk that she could do what she had to.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Henry was working at the diner when Katie arrived for a takeout order. They reminisced about the old days when they had both worked at WOAK. Katie said that Henry had helped her with her career then, legally and illegally, and here he was helping her become a mom.

Henry said Vienna was home with a little cold, and Katie immediately assumed that the baby was in jeopardy. Henry tried to assure her that a runny nose was not a big deal. Katie said they were all on an incredible journey, and they needed to learn how to take care of each other. Katie asked for a bowl of chicken noodle soup and told Henry it was time for them to make a house call.

At Brad and Katie's, Vienna coughed and sneezed, so Brad tried to comfort her. He answered the door to find Joe, a cameraman from WOAK, who said Kim wanted to begin shooting their documentary on the baby that morning. Brad discussed it with Vienna, who opted to send Joe away until she felt better. Brad told Joe to come back later, and then he asked Vienna what he could do for her. She cooked up a green gooey poultice that Brad said smelled awful, and she opened her robe and instructed Brad to rub the goo on her chest.

An embarrassed Brad suggested that they wait until either Katie or Henry returned home, but Vienna was insistent. Brad agreed to continue, but he looked the other way as he spread the goo on Vienna's neck. She told him he had to watch where he was putting it, and she redirected his hand to her chest. An uncomfortable Brad did as he was told, just as Henry and Katie walked in on them.

At Lily's, she counseled Luke not to let Damian get to him. Luke said Damian was everywhere around town, and worse than that, he was working Lily. Lily said they all wanted the same thing, and that was to find out who was sabotaging the foundation. Lily said vehemently that there was no way Damian would run down, or pay someone to run down, his son.

Luke was upset that his mother was defending Damian, and he was also concerned about his relationship with Noah. Luke had not heard from his boyfriend since he had left the house a couple of nights before. The doorbell rang, and Luke opened the door to Damian. As his father came in, Luke bolted out, declaring that he was "so out of" there.

Damian told Lily that he had just spoken with his family jeweler in Malta, who had confirmed that the ring from Lily's files that Damian had sent him was part of a setting he had made for the Grimaldi family years before. Lily asked who else in the family had such a ring, and Damian answered that Luke had one. Lily blew up and told Damian to get the hell out if he was suggesting that their son had put their nightmare in motion and was looting his own foundation.

Luke went to Old Town, where he ran into Zoe. She called him "Luciano," and he corrected her that his name was "Luke." Zoe apologized for the twins' behavior at Luke's house; she knew that they had crossed the line. She told Luke that Zac was meeting with someone who could possibly figure out who was messing with the foundation's accounts.

Luke said he was concerned that Noah was acting out of character by not talking about whatever was bothering him. Zoe suggested they look for Noah, so they went to Java. The manager said that Noah was two hours late for his shift, and he had not called. Luke was worried, because Noah was the poster child for responsible work ethics. He called his boyfriend again, but the call went directly to voicemail.

Back at Brad and Katie's, Katie came unglued at what it appeared Brad was doing to Vienna's chest. Brad said it was so that Vienna could breathe and keep the baby healthy. Katie was angry and marched out. Brad stood there with green goo dripping from his hands, so he wiped most of it off and went after his wife. He found her at the television station and asked for an explanation. Katie said it hurt to see Brad taking care of Vienna, instead of her. She was the one who should be carrying their baby, and Brad understood. He said he had no idea the surrogacy would be so hard on her, and he reassured her how much he loved her.

Luke and Zoe left Java, and were heading for Noah's dorm room when Luke's phone rang. He was relieved to see that the call was from Noah, who told him he was sorry that he had not answered his phone. Noah explained that he had been on a plane. He went on to say that the previous few days had been filled with disagreements, and he figured that both of them could use some time apart.

Luke asked where he was, and Noah answered, "Lisbon." He said he was attending a film festival with some classmates, and Luke was stunned. Noah begged him not to be mad, and Luke was almost in tears when Noah said he was just in the way of Luke's family business. Noah hung up, and Luke was heartbroken. Zoe consoled him by saying that he and Noah would work things out, but Luke blamed Damian for everything.

Vienna explained to Henry that Brad was helping her breathe, and scolded him for being rude and disrespectful for his remarks about how much Brad had enjoyed the experience. They argued until Vienna told him to put a sock in it. They revisited the conflict about the true paternity of the baby Vienna was carrying, and Henry claimed that since he was the true father, Brad had no right to even touch Vienna. Vienna said that Henry could not have it both ways and he needed to make up his mind. She turned towards the door and slipped in a puddle of green goo that Brad had dropped, and she took a nasty fall.

With Lily, Damian said they needed to examine Luke's motives and actions, but Lily told him that their son was nothing like Damian. Damian asserted that Luke was very much his son and cited the boy's desire to win at all costs. His examples were Luke's fixing of the school election and how Luke had lied to the immigration officials to protect Ameera. Lily was furious at Damian's comparisons with the Grimaldis, and she said that pointing out their son's criminal tendencies was not a way to win her cooperation.

Damian urged her to stop making excuses for Luke's destructive behavior. Lily was afraid if Damian pursued his interests, it would only push Luke further away. Luke barged into the living room and congratulated Damian for ruining his life.

Henry helped Vienna up and got her back on the couch. She did not appear hurt, but Henry insisted that he take her to Memorial to make sure she and baby were all right. Outside the door, they discovered that Joe, toting his camera, was back, so Henry let him in and took off.

Katie and Brad returned home to find only Joe there. He told them that Henry had taken Vienna to the hospital, so the two of them rushed off to Memorial. They found Vienna in a bed, and she assured them that she and the baby were not hurt. Henry lost his cool and shouted at Brad to back off from Vienna. Brad reminded him that Vienna was carrying his baby and therefore, he and Katie had a right to know what was going on. Henry almost spilled the beans about the paternity of the baby, but he stormed out just in time. Brad went after him.

Luke accused Damian of threatening Noah into leaving the country. Damian denied it, as Lily asked why Luke was so angry. Luke said that thanks to Damian, Noah had gone to Lisbon. Lily could not believe that Noah had not contacted Luke before he left, and Luke declared he was going to find his love. Lily suggested that Luke give Noah the space he had requested, and said Luke was worth coming back to. Luke screamed at Damian to get out and stop causing him so much pain. Lily defended Damian, so Luke said that until Damian was gone, so was he.

After Luke ran out, Lily and Damian continued their discussion. Lily accused her ex-husband of crossing the line with Noah in order to get closer to Luke. Damian apologized for that and said he was going back to Malta to ask his jeweler some more questions. He had one more stop to make, however, in Lisbon. He wanted to convince Noah to go home to Luke.

Luke talked again with Zoe, and he questioned whether he should follow Noah to Lisbon. Zoe agreed that Noah probably needed some space. Lily called Luke and asked him to return home. She said Damian had left for Malta, so Luke agreed. He told Zoe the latest development, and she observed that things were beginning to turn around for Luke.

Katie said she was sorry that she had overreacted to seeing Brad massage Vienna's chest. Vienna also apologized for Henry's bizarre behavior, and Katie said she understood how Henry felt left out of the baby process, just as she did. Vienna agreed to include Katie in more of the decisions, and the two women hugged.

Brad located Henry in the hospital and asked him what was going on. Henry told him to go away, but Brad refused. He said he knew it was hard on Henry to realize that Brad had gotten Vienna pregnant, instead of Henry. Henry lashed out and called Brad a "walking monkey wrench," and blurted out, "That is my --woman!" He covered his near mistake, and the two finally shook hands and agreed they were good.

Zoe went to Zac, who appeared to be in a basement. She told him that Luke blamed Damian for Noah's absence, and that pleased Zac. Zoe went on to tell her twin the best part of all was that Damian had gone back to Malta. Zac declared that even better than what they had hoped for. Zac called out to "Monster," who had overheard their conversation, and it was Noah, shackled and tied to a post. He yelled at them to leave Luke alone.

Brad and Katie relaxed at home, and Brad explained how Henry wanted to take care of his "woman" himself. Katie was anxious for the waiting part of the pregnancy to be over.

At Memorial, Henry checked Vienna out and waited for her to get dressed. Vienna asked him pointedly if anything had changed after his talk with Brad, but Henry said nothing had. They went back to Brad and Katie's house.

Lily asked Luke if he had heard any more from Noah, but he had not. Luke felt his boyfriend was not just taking a break, but had run away. Lily urged her son to stay strong and to remember how much Noah loved him.

Noah demanded to know why Zac had imprisoned him. Zac gave him no answers, but he did say that as long as Luciano played along, no one would get hurt. The twins turned out the lights and left Noah alone in the dark.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alison joined Casey, who was loading up on a huge breakfast at the diner. It was the first day of his community service work at the hospital, and Casey told Alison that their first transport was a Mrs. Weinstein. Alison said that Mrs. W. had a reputation as a true man-hater. Casey just hoped he would not kill Jade on their first run, so Alison cheered him up with the promise of a private lunch with her at home. She knew her mother would be at the hospital all day, so she and Casey could be alone.

At Memorial, Jade complained to Susan Stewart that Casey was not there yet, so that meant she got to be in charge. Susan was floored that Jade had volunteered for the senior transport team, so Jade explained that she had not exactly volunteered; she was fulfilling some mandatory community service hours for the court. Casey and Alison arrived together, and Jade scolded Casey for being late and said that their first patient had already called twice.

Liberty surprised Janet at the farm, and her mother was delighted to see her. She had not talked with Liberty since her return from New York, so she asked all about it. Liberty assured Janet that she would not be missing her daughter all summer because Liberty would not be in New York then. Janet assumed her daughter had been turned down, but Liberty explained that she had refused the internship. Janet asked why, but Liberty hedged and just told her mother to be happy that she would be home all summer.

Janet was worried that her daughter would repeat the mistakes that she, herself, had made as a young woman, and she saw Liberty's giving in to Parker's wishes as the beginning of a destructive pattern. Liberty did not appear to feel she had given up anything, however; she said she had simply chosen to be with her husband. She asked her mother to stop talking about something that she couldn't change, and she gathered her coat and left.

Carly polished her furniture and asked Parker if he had slept well. She told him she had turned over a new leaf and was determined to get her house in order, both literally and figuratively. Parker apologized for his rude and insensitive comments about Carly's drinking, but she admitted she had been using alcohol as a crutch to relieve stress. Carly promised she was not an alcoholic, and she had stopped drinking entirely.

She also wanted to call a truce in regards to Parker and Liberty's marriage, since they would all be living under the same roof. Parker then complained that Craig was manipulating their entire family, so Carly promised that the teens could make their own decisions. Carly hugged her son.

Jack found Craig sitting as his desk at the police station, writing him a note. The note said, "Call me," so Craig told Jack that Parker was still married thanks to Jack's interference by sending the boy to New York. He mentioned that they had another shot at getting the kids back on track, but Jack had to not blow it. Jack was angry and told Craig to stay the hell away from him and his kids, but Craig went right ahead and said that he had set up Liberty to accept the New York internship until Parker showed up.

Craig could not get why Jack did not understand that Craig had given Liberty exactly what she wanted. He also brought up the fact that he was Parker's trustee and that the foundation of the kids' marriage was already cracked. He suggested that Jack stay out of his way, so Craig could finish the job and destroy the marriage completely. Jack asked for details, but all Craig would tell him was that he had found another internship for Liberty much closer to home.

At Java, Alison and Susan took a coffee break. Susan wanted to know what was up with her daughter and Casey, and where Jade fit in. Alison said it did not bother her that Casey and Jade had once been lovers, because she knew that Casey could not stand Jade, and even dreaded working with her. She told her mother that she was going to fix lunch for Casey that day, and that sounded like a sexual episode to Susan. She reminded Alison that Casey had been married to Emily, but Alison was more worried about the fact that because of her background, she seemed to implode whenever sexual situations came up.

In the senior transport van, Mrs. Weinstein had already popped Casey with her cane and slapped his hand. Jade wanted to drive, so Casey had to sit in the back with their passenger. The van soon died, so Jade and Casey got out and looked under the hood. Jade congratulated Casey on taming the beast, because Mrs. W. was suddenly full of smiles. Jade thought she could fix the van, but she only produced a shower of sparks.

They called for a tow truck and waited for over an hour, but none arrived. Casey called, and the garage said it would be another hour, at least, and perhaps longer. Mrs. W. fell asleep, so Casey offered to hitch a ride into town to make other arrangements. His phone rang, and it was Alison, who had just been shopping for the special lunch she was making for Casey. Casey had to tell Alison that he was sorry, but he had to cancel their lunch date because the van was dead. Alison was hurt, and she dumped her grocery bag in a trash can.

Liberty went to Parker's, and he let her in. He told her that Carly had agreed to stop drinking and also to take it easy on the newlyweds. Parker suggested they both get summer jobs, perhaps together, as Craig rang the doorbell. Parker had no desire to talk with Craig, so he yelled for Carly. Craig asked for a chance to make up the misunderstanding about New York to the kids, and at least Liberty was interested in what he had to say.

Craig said he had an alternative plan for Liberty to work as an intern in a Chicago public relations firm that dealt with many top fashion designers. Chicago was close enough for Liberty to live at home and commute. Craig told the kids to talk about it while he went to the kitchen with Carly for a cup of coffee.

In the kitchen, Craig explained that he was employing brilliant strategy to sway the kids. He proclaimed that anything that got Liberty out of Parker's bedroom and into the real world was a plus. He saw it as the final wedge that would crumble their shaky marriage.

Jack went home and told Janet that Craig had gotten Liberty an internship closer to Oakdale. Janet thought it was a great idea, but she was still uneasy that Parker had so easily gotten her daughter to change direction and limit her options.

Parker and Liberty discussed the new internship. Parker still thought Craig was a snake, but Liberty was interested in the Chicago opportunity. Parker reluctantly agreed that Liberty could at least interview for the position, so they went into the kitchen to tell the adults. Liberty asked Craig if he could arrange an interview that very day, and she was sure she could borrow her mother's car for the drive to the city. Parker was upset that he could not go with her because of baseball practice, so Liberty promised to be back in time to pick him up after practice.

The teens went to the diner to tell Janet about the interview. Liberty asked to borrow the car, but Janet refused. She told Liberty she would happily take the rest of the day off from the diner and drive her daughter to Chicago. Parker reminded Liberty not to forget to pick him up after practice.

Casey and Jade waited another hour for the tow truck, but Mrs. Weinstein slept through it. Casey covered her with more blankets and wished he were stuck alone with Alison instead of Jade and an octogenarian. Meanwhile, at Memorial, Susan was surprised to see Alison still on duty. Alison told her mother that Casey's van supposedly had broken down, and she was almost sure that was the truth. Susan grabbed Alison by the hand and dragged her into an empty room for an overdue talk about sex.

Parker finished baseball practice but could find no sign of Liberty. He called her, and she told him the interview had been delayed and she was still waiting to go in. Parker was angry and said some harsh words. After Liberty hung up, Janet mentioned that Parker sounded too possessive, and that was not healthy. Liberty urged her mother to let it go.

At Metro, Craig and Carly entertained a prospective vodka buyer. Craig poured him shots of Midnight Sun until the client was convinced and said he wanted to send a shipment to Europe that day. He proposed a toast, so Carly excused herself to make a call. Craig followed and scolded her for not partaking in the toast. Carly really wanted to call Parker, but Craig reminded her that her son was responsible for his own decisions. The client handed Carly a full shot glass, which Carly surreptitiously emptied into a tumbler on the bar.

At the police station, Parker asked to borrow Jack's car so that he could drive to Chicago to check on Liberty. Jack refused, but Parker continued to whine that he wanted to see his wife right away. He was rude to Jack and finally walked out, disgusted.

Jade took Mrs. W. for a ride in her wheelchair, and Casey thoughtfully rescheduled the woman's appointment at the hospital. Their patient was much more pleasant after her nap, and she called them "a nice couple." The tow truck finally arrived during Casey's protestations that he and Jade were not a couple of any kind.

Susan and Alison had a lively discussion, and the girl confessed that she was no longer comfortable with her sexuality. Susan said she only wanted to tell her daughter that it sounded as if Alison had finally gotten it right. She had good things to say about taking it slowly with Casey, and she encouraged Alison to act with Casey when the time felt right. She told her daughter that she would be spending the night at the hospital, and Alison grinned and hugged her mother.

Janet walked into the police station and reported to Jack that Liberty had been offered the Chicago internship. Janet had a concern, however. She told Jack that Parker had called Liberty and was unhappy that she was running late.

Jack shared that Parker had wanted to borrow his car and drive to Chicago, and they both had worries about the boy's extreme possessiveness. Jack feared that Parker was turning into his own worst enemy, so Janet suggested that they let the kids work it out themselves. She was sure Liberty would stand up for what she really wanted. She suggested that Jack call Carly to see if she could handle the home situation.

Liberty went to Carly's and explained to Parker that she had gotten the job and she would be working for a whole department. Parker blew up and wanted to know why she had not kept in touch with him better, especially to tell him she had started home. He snidely asked if she had attended another party with another new boss, and he continued his tirade until Liberty yelled that he was suffocating her, and she could not live that way.

At Metro, the client left, and Craig congratulated Carly on her good move in pouring out the vodka and not drinking it. He went to his office to email the shipping order, as Carly cleaned up at the bar. She saw the tumbler with her unused shots in it and was tempted, but her phone rang and distracted her. It was Jack, who warned her that Parker was upset and on something of a rampage. Carly dashed out, leaving Craig befuddled.

Alison saw Casey at the hospital, but before she could speak with him, Jade intercepted him and complimented him on his handling of their difficult patient. Casey saw Alison lurking in the shadows and spoke to her. She asked about the road trip, and Jade spoke up and said the job might actually turn out to be fun. Casey asked Alison to dinner, but, as usual, she wriggled out of it and walked off.

Liberty cried that Parker would not let her live her life, and Parker backed down and promised to do better. He called her his wife, but Liberty asked him to stop. She reminded him that the only reason they had gotten married was so that they could do what they wanted, but they were no more free as married people than they had been before. She felt like a prisoner, and she wanted to call the whole thing off. Liberty was leaving as Carly and Craig walked in, and Craig had to physically restrain Parker from hounding Liberty.

Jack and Janet went home to the farm to discuss their kids. Liberty ran in, straight into her mother's arms. She said that she had left Parker.

Friday, April 17, 2009

After Liberty left Carly's, Parker tried to follow her, but Craig stopped him. Parker accused Craig and Carly of having engineered things so that Liberty would break up with him. Parker rushed off to find Liberty. Craig told Carly to let Parker go.

Liberty went to the farm and told Janet and Jack that Parker had freaked out when she had returned home late from Chicago. Liberty said she couldn't live like that, and Janet told her she didn't have to. Liberty said that Janet had been right when she'd said Liberty and Parker were too young to get married. Janet told Liberty she was proud of her for making the decision to leave Parker.

Parker arrived at the farm, but Jack stopped him from going inside. Jack told Parker that Liberty didn't want to see him and that she wanted to end the marriage. Parker said Liberty was just confused because of Craig, but Jack said it had nothing to do with Craig.

Jack tried to make Parker realize that Parker and Liberty were too young to be married, but that one day, they might be ready to make an ironclad commitment to one another. Parker said he and Liberty had already done that, but Jack said the kids weren't old enough to honor that commitment yet. Jack suggested that Parker go home, cool off, and try to call Liberty later, but Parker left, angrily telling Jack that he didn't have to do what Jack told him to do anymore.

At Carly's, Craig thought things were finally going in the right direction, even though the situation was unpleasant. Carly was very worried about how upset Parker had been, but Craig said that although it might be painful, eventually Parker would get over it.

At the farm, Janet told Jack that she thought they should hire an attorney to arrange for a divorce or an annulment, but Jack felt there would be plenty of time for that later. Janet thought they should arrange it right away, but Jack was worried about Parker and said Parker would need help to deal with the situation. Janet said Parker would get help, but not from Liberty.

Carly called the farm, and Jack explained that Parker had been there but that he had sent Parker back home. Carly was concerned that Parker wasn't back yet, but Jack said Parker probably just wanted to be alone. Carly didn't think that was a good idea, and she said she would go look for him. Jack pointed out that Parker was particularly upset with Carly and Craig, so Jack told Carly that he would go look for Parker instead.

Craig tried to get Carly to relax a little and offered her a drink, but Carly reminded him that she had decided not to drink anymore. Craig apologized and said he had forgotten, and Carly said the last thing she needed was for Parker to return home and smell alcohol on her breath. Craig told Carly to take a few deep breaths, and Carly did, but she said it wasn't helping.

Craig called Lucy and told her he was involved in a situation with Carly and couldn't pick up Johnny from Johnny's play date. Craig asked if Lucy could get Johnny instead, and she told him she'd be happy to do it. Craig hung up and told Carly he was all hers "for the duration." Carly said she didn't know why that made her feel better, but it did.

Janet arrived at Carly's with Liberty and told Carly that Liberty needed to get her things. Carly told Liberty to go on up and get them. When Liberty had gone upstairs, Carly told Janet that it would have been nice if she had waited, so that Parker wouldn't come home and find all of Liberty's things gone. Janet told Carly she thought it was best if it was all over quickly, because Liberty didn't need a confrontation. Carly wondered why Janet didn't care about Parker's feelings, and Janet replied that Parker was out of control.

The two women became emotional and angry with one another, with Janet blaming Carly for having been too drunk to notice that Parker had needed help. Janet said if Parker didn't come home, it would be because he couldn't stand to be in the same house with Carly. Carly told Janet that she had stopped drinking, and Janet said, "So you're admitting that you have a problem." Carly said, "I may have for a short time."

Janet said Carly's drinking had messed up Parker, but Carly said Janet's daughter had messed him up and that Parker was better off without Liberty. Janet said Liberty was clearly better off without Parker, and then Janet went upstairs to help Liberty finish packing.

Carly told Craig she couldn't stand to have Janet in her house. Craig said that Janet would be gone soon, but Carly said she was going to leave to find Parker. Craig said Carly was much too upset to drive, and he offered to go with Carly to look for Parker.

Meg went to see Paul at Fairwinds and told him she wanted to move back in with him so that Eliza could be raised by both of her parents. As Meg explained her proposed marriage of convenience, Paul said that if he agreed, it would be on one condition: Meg would have to swear never to be with another man. Meg said she would do anything to be with Eliza again. Paul wondered what Dusty would think of Meg's proposal. Meg told Paul that if it would make him feel better, she would go tell Dusty that she had reconciled with Paul and that she would never see Dusty again. Paul suggested that Meg call Dusty immediately.

Dusty went to the Lakeview to visit Lucy to make sure she wasn't having any more trouble from the men on the docks. He warned Lucy to avoid doing business with men with guns, for Johnny's sake. Lucy told Dusty this would be her last smuggled shipment, and that from that point on, she would manage to get the needed medical supplies shipped out legally. As Dusty left, he got a call from Meg, who asked to meet him in the lounge at the Lakeview in five minutes. Dusty agreed and went downstairs to wait for Meg.

Parker wound up at the docks and saw the crates of Midnight Sun vodka ready to be shipped. He broke into one of the crates and took two bottles of vodka. Cesar, Lucy's contact, saw Parker and yelled at him, but Parker jumped on his bike and rode off before Cesar could stop him.

Jack arrived a few minutes later and asked Cesar if he'd seen a 16-year-old boy, describing Parker. Cesar said no, and Jack gave him a card and asked Cesar to call him if he did see Parker. Cesar then called Lucy and told her a boy had broken into one of the crates, and that afterward, "that cop was here asking questions again." Lucy asked if anyone had seen the medical supplies, and Cesar said he wasn't sure.

When Meg arrived at the Lakeview, she told Dusty about her plans to move back in with Paul and try to put her family back together for Eliza's sake. Meg explained that she and Paul had grown closer during Eliza's recent illness, and they had decided to make a new commitment to their daughter and to one another. Dusty said he wasn't buying Meg's story for one minute. Meg said she didn't care what Dusty chose to think, but she had wanted to let him know her plans.

Dusty asked how long Meg thought her arrangement would last, and Meg replied, "Until I find a way to get rid of Paul for good." Dusty said Meg was in way over her head, but Meg told Dusty that he needed to stay out of it. Dusty said he couldn't let Meg go through with her plan, but Meg said she wasn't asking for Dusty's permission. Lucy walked up at that moment and told Dusty she had to ask him for a favor. Meg said she was leaving anyway, and then Meg told Dusty not to ever contact her again.

Lucy apologized to Dusty for having obviously arrived at a very bad time, but Dusty said he was okay and asked her what she wanted. Lucy told him there was a possible problem at the docks with the shipment, and she needed to go check it out, but she was also supposed to be picking Johnny up from his play date. Lucy asked if Dusty could pick Johnny up instead, but Dusty told Lucy he would go to the docks for her and let her pick up Johnny, because the dock situation might be dangerous. Dusty went to the docks and ran into Fredo, the man who had tried to extort more money from Lucy. Fredo and a partner began hitting Dusty and left him lying bleeding on the dock.

Meg returned to Fairwinds, where she told Paul that she had made it clear to Dusty that she wanted nothing more to do with him. Paul said he didn't believe her, but Meg said she was sure Dusty had gotten the message. Paul said, "Good. If I ever see you with Dusty again, I'll kill you."

Jack kept trying to reach Parker by phone, and Parker finally answered. Parker told Jack he just wanted to be alone. Jack said he could respect that and that he would call off the search for Parker if Parker would just assure him that he would be home by dark. Parker said fine and then hung up.

Jack called Janet to let her know that he'd gotten in touch with Parker and that Parker was okay. Janet told Jack that she thought Carly and Craig had gone to look for Parker. Jack told Janet to go ahead and take Liberty home, and he would deal with Parker, Carly, and Craig.

Carly and Craig went to Old Town but didn't see any sign of Parker. Jack called Carly and told her about his phone call with Parker. Carly wanted to know what Parker had said, but Jack thought it would be better if they discussed it in person at the police station. Carly wondered if Jack just wanted to lecture her again on how she had ruined their son's life, but Jack said he didn't want to fight with Carly. Craig told Carly to go see Jack, saying he would continue to look for Parker, so Carly told Jack she was on her way.

At the police station, Jack again told Carly that Parker wanted to be alone. Carly said, "He doesn't know what he wants! But I know him. He's at the lowest point in his life." Jack responded that the lowest point in Parker's life was when Carly had abandoned her kids to be with Simon Frasier. When Carly told Jack that was a cheap shot, Jack said it was also true, and he asked, "Why else would a 16-year-old boy feel so insecure that he's got to get married to guarantee that he'll never be alone again?"

Carly went to Yo's and asked the bartender for a club soda. While the bartender was getting the club soda for her, Carly replayed in her head Janet and Jack's accusations that Parker's problems were Carly's own doing. When her club soda arrived, Carly asked for a glass of wine to help take the edge off. The bartender poured her a glass, and Carly drank it.

Parker threw away the first bottle of vodka after he'd drunk it all, and he began drinking from the second bottle. He stopped in the woods to throw rocks, shouting his anger at Craig, but as he bent to throw a second rock, he stumbled and fell, hitting the back of his head in the process.

Craig found Parker's bike and began walking through the woods searching for Parker. He found the first empty vodka bottle, and then he saw Parker lying unconscious on the ground. Craig bent down next to Parker to try to awaken him, then realized that Parker's head was bleeding.

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