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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 20, 2009 on GH
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Nikolas was on the docks when he observed Rebecca and Helena in what appeared to be a cozy conversation. Helena seemed surprised when Rebecca suddenly became hostile, but as she followed Rebecca's eye movement, she turned around and saw Nikolas. He wanted to know what they were talking about. Helena had a few things to say, but she left it to Rebecca to explain, and exited.

Rebecca told Nikolas that she had been walking on the docks when Helena stopped her to chat. She said that Helena had given her unsolicited advice about using her resemblance to Emily to exploit Nikolas. Nikolas wanted to know why Rebecca had even stopped for Helena, and then stormed off without waiting for an answer.

Rebecca followed him to Wyndemere and vented her anger about his treatment of her. Nikolas explained about Helena's duplicity in the past and said that he could not help but wonder about the many coincidences that had brought them together.

Rebecca accused Nikolas of paranoia. He said that Helena would do anything to gain control of his inheritance, so it was not unreasonable to think that Rebecca was an Emily look-alike planted by Helena.

Anger led to passion. Nikolas and Rebecca shared a smoldering kiss, but Alexis interrupted them, and applauded Rebecca's performance. Rebecca grew very loud and called Alexis a "bitch." Alexis called her a clone. Nikolas separated them before they came to blows. When Rebecca taunted Alexis and said that she had no proof, Alexis brushed aside Rebecca' bangs and told Nikolas that the faint scar at her hairline was from plastic surgery.

Sonny caught Claudia in the living room checking her pregnancy test, but she hid it before he noticed. She tried to get him to say that he believed her, that she had not been responsible for Michael's shooting, but Sonny said he had to have proof, one way or the other. Before Sonny left the house, she told him that she hoped that he found Jerry Jacks, because she knew that Jerry would prove her to be truthful.

After Sonny was gone, Johnny came by to see Claudia. She told him that she was pregnant. Johnny hit the ceiling. He told her that once she told Sonny, he would know that she had gotten pregnant because she was guilty. Claudia said that she had another strategy for telling Sonny, one that would allow Sonny to find out about it on his own.

Johnny continued to be negative about Claudia's pregnancy, but she felt it was the only way to ensure that she saved her life. Before Johnny left, she told him she might need some help implementing her plan.

Sonny went down to the docks to think and ran into Luke. He told Luke about his dilemma. He asked Luke to find Jerry. When Luke asked why, Sonny told him that Jerry had been involved with Ian Devlin and either his brother or his wife had been, also. Sonny told Luke that both Ric and Claudia had hated him in the past, so it was difficult to determine which one was telling the truth. Luke appreciated Sonny's position and said that he would find out what he could about Jerry.

When Sonny got home, he overheard Claudia on the phone making an appointment for an abortion. Unbeknownst to Sonny, Claudia was actually talking to Johnny.

Jax found Jerry in Michael's room and told him to leave. Jerry tried to apologize, but Jax was not in a forgiving mood. He told Jerry that he intended to tell Carly the truth. Jerry tried to convince him otherwise, but Jax said that he did not want to spend the rest of his life with Carly if they had a lie between them.

Jax told Jerry that he would never forgive his brother, and he would never forgive himself for getting Jerry out of trouble when Jerry took the Metro Court hostages. Jerry made more excuses, but Jax told him to run and hide, because if Jax saw him again, he would be tempted to kill Jerry instead of leaving it to others.

Jason read the pregnancy test results. Carly was ecstatic to find out she was pregnant. Jason wanted her to see a doctor and get tested for the potentially life-threatening blood disorder that Carly's obstetrician though she might have.

Carly did not want to think pessimistically, but chose optimism instead. Jason encouraged her to wait until she was tested and she had talked to Jax, but Carly said she was determined to have the baby and she was sure that she could beat the 50-50 odds. Jason left after Carly agreed to talk to her doctor and have the test. She told him that she would not tell Jax until she had good news for him.

Carly was upstairs when Jax arrived home earlier that expected. He found the pregnancy test that she had left on the coffee table. When Carly came downstairs, Jax was smiling broadly when he asked if the results were true.

At the nurses' station, everything seemed to be going smoothly between Robin and Patrick. He offered to support her in every way, including going to therapy with her. She declined but thanked him for offering. Down the hall, a janitor emptied a waste bin and Robin's prescription bottle lay on top of the emptied trash.

Matt and Liz had a chat and both wondered if Robin and Patrick could handle working on a patient in the operating room together. They did not have to wait long to find out. Epiphany announced an urgent case, and Robin announced that she was assembling a surgical team.

As Patrick and Matt scrubbed, Matt pointed out the danger to a patient that any kind of outburst between Patrick and Robin could cause. Patrick told Matt that he was far too professional to let anything personal interfere with surgery. Matt was skeptical, but as the surgery began, both Patrick and Robin seemed to be concentrating on medicine and not each other.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jax held the pregnancy test in his hand and asked if it was true. Carly admitted that she had just found out she was pregnant. Jax was ecstatic, so Carly didn't warn him of the possible complications. He asked if she had seen a doctor yet, but Carly said she had an appointment for the following week. When Carly mentioned she thought she was having a girl, Jax said he would love a girl or a boy. He just wanted the baby to be healthy. He excitedly left to pick up a surprise.

At Sonny's house, Claudia spoke with Johnny on the phone and pretended she was speaking with an abortion clinic. Sonny overheard the conversation and grabbed the phone from Claudia. He spoke on the phone and said he and his wife would make any necessary decisions together. Once he had hung up the phone, Sonny said he needed time to think about what they would do. Either way, they would make decisions about the baby together.

Once Sonny was gone, Johnny came to speak with Claudia. He wanted to know what Sonny's reaction had been after hanging up the phone. Claudia quickly recapped him on the conversation with Sonny. Sonny didn't seem to question how Claudia had gotten pregnant while they were using protection. Claudia worried that Sonny would actually agree to the abortion, causing Claudia to have no protection when Sonny found out about her role in Michael's injuries.

While on the dock, Sonny ran into Olivia, who could tell there was something wrong. It didn't take much prodding for Sonny to explain that Claudia was pregnant. Sonny couldn't imagine how it had happened, because he always wore protection. Olivia was horrified at the thought of Claudia having a child, but she became even more outraged when Sonny said Claudia wanted an abortion.

Olivia left Sonny and went to Carly's house to drop off documents for Jax. Carly said Jax was home, but Olivia had just missed him. Carly admitted to telling Jax about the baby, but she had not told him about the blood disorder issue. Olivia warned Carly that she needed to be tested right away, and Jax needed to know what was going on.

At Wyndemere, Rebecca got into a huge fight with Nikolas after Alexis accused her of having plastic surgery. Rebecca tried to explain that the scars in her hairline were from when she fell off her bike as a child. Alexis didn't buy that story, which enraged Rebecca even further. Rebecca thanked Nikolas for his support during her cancer scare, but she decided she no longer wanted to see him and stormed out.

When Alexis returned to Port Charles, she found Jax on the docks. Jax was ecstatic and told Alexis about Carly being pregnant. Alexis was genuinely thrilled for her friend. Jax told her the bad news next. He was prepared to tell Carly about his presumed dead brother being responsible for Michael's shooting. Alexis couldn't believe Jerry was alive, so Jax filled her in on the DVD he received and meeting his brother face-to-face at the aftercare facility.

Jax soon arrived home with gifts for the baby. He had brought home a pink blanket and pink sleeper, and the rest would be delivered the next day. He had bought the entire girl's section of the baby store.

Sonny finally decided to go home and face Claudia. When he walked in, Claudia was still trying to convince him that she would be fine with getting an abortion. After all, she knew Sonny didn't want any more children.

Sonny said that his beliefs wouldn't allow him to seriously consider aborting his child, and adoption was out of the question. If he conceived that child, he would care for it. He would make sure the child had everything it needed, and Sonny said he would make sure they had a nanny so Claudia could continue with her other activities. Claudia admitted she wasn't maternal, but she intended to try her best at motherhood.

Rebecca returned from Spoon Island and searched for her sunglasses on the docks. Lucky found her there and asked what she was looking for. Rebecca explained that she had lost her sunglasses after becoming so furious with the crazy Cassadine family. Lucky could relate to Rebecca's frustration about the Cassadines. When he asked Rebecca if she would hold that against him, Rebecca asked if there was anyone in Lucky's family who had committed murder or been institutionalized. Lucky just laughed and asked her how much time she had to hear the stories.

Meanwhile, Helena walked into the Haunted Star and was thrilled to see young Ethan at the bar. Ethan tried his best to charm her, but Luke walked in just as Helena drew a knife to Ethan's throat for trying to steal her wallet. Luke asked Helena to keep his bartender alive, and Helena finally put the knife away after a tense moment.

As they talked, Helena noticed how Luke and Ethan seemed to finish each other's sentences. They both had the same mannerisms, also. It clicked with Helena that Luke and Ethan could be father and son. Once Ethan had left the room, Helena told Luke about her suspicions. Luke wasn't thrilled and put his hands around Helena's throat. Ethan walked in and asked if Luke needed anything, such as a body bag for Helena. Luke let Helena go, and she warned Ethan that she would see him again.

Helena arrived at Wyndemere and found Nikolas with the painting she wanted. Nikolas thought it was ironic that the painting was of a saint who could supposedly see if someone was going to heaven or hell, and the person who was requesting it was most likely to go to hell. Helena didn't spend much time with her grandson, although she asked him to give her best to Spencer.

Once Helena was alone, she used her knife to tear into the back of the painting. She pulled an old document out that had been hiding within the painting. It was a birth certificate.

Robin and Patrick worked very well together during surgery. Once it was over, Patrick thanked Robin for her good work and for recommending the surgery. They decided to stop and get Chinese food to take home. They seemed to laugh and tease like the old times.

Once they arrived home, Patrick took Emma from the nanny, Mercedes, while Robin began to unpack the food. Mercedes offered to stay for the night, but Robin insisted they didn't need her. Once Mercedes had left, Robin told Patrick to put Emma down so he could eat. Patrick handed their little girl to Robin, but he noticed the way she held Emma as she took her to the playpen. Robin did not cradle her daughter, but held Emma away from her body.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spinelli arrived at Lulu's apartment and tried to explain why he had been gone so long. He was trying to go door-to-door, talking to people about the new private investigation business he was in with Sam. Spinelli seemed to be having a hard time staying away from Maxie, but Lulu told him he had to be strong. Spinelli agreed that he needed to get his emotions in check.

Luke walked into the Haunted Star and noticed Ethan counting money. Luke grabbed the money away from him, knowing it belonged to the house. He offered to pay Ethan for answers to his questions. Ethan went along with the game until Luke asked about Ethan's biological parents. Ethan didn't know who they were, and the records were sealed. Ethan only knew of his adopted parents who had passed away.

Tracy walked in just as Ethan was accusing Luke of actually listening to his paranoid and rich wife. Ethan didn't appear to be shocked to see her, and he continued to tell him his side of the story. His adopted father was a good man, but Ethan wanted more than what they had. He wanted to be full of adventure, so when he found Luke, he tried to stick with him.

Lulu walked in and interrupted them as she asked for a chair. Luke offered any of the chairs in the Haunted Star, and Lulu started carrying one up the steps with her to go home. Luke told Ethan to help Lulu and make sure she got home okay.

Ethan helped Lulu arrange the furniture on her side of the apartment so she could watch TV and still have her back to her roommate. When Maxie walked through the door, though, she was pleased to see Ethan in the apartment. She tried to goad Lulu by saying that it hadn't taken Lulu long to get over Johnny. Lulu told her that Ethan was just her favorite furniture mover. Maxie asked if she could go on a date with Ethan, and Lulu agreed while staring at Maxie with furious eyes. Ethan decided to escape the war zone and said whoever won could start looking for him.

Meanwhile, back at the Haunted Star, Tracy and Luke argued. Tracy asked if Luke thought Ethan could be his son, especially since Ethan would have been conceived when Luke was married to Laura. Luke agreed he had never been much on staying monogamous. Tracy revealed the old picture of Robert Scorpio and Luke that she had found in Ethan's wallet. Both Tracy and Luke agreed that Ethan's reaction to Tracy finding the picture meant the photo was special to him.

Robin woke up just as Patrick rolled Emma in from their walk. Patrick wanted Robin to go with them on their next walk and Robin agreed. When Patrick left to change Emma's diaper, Robin collapsed on the couch, appearing lethargic and depressed.

Patrick prepared to leave for work, but he wanted to talk to Robin about a patient. He asked what time her appointment with her therapist, Dr. Brown, was. Robin seemed irritated and snapped at Patrick, but he assured her he wasn't the therapy police. He was very proud of her. Robin seemed to back off a little and promised to find the article before she left for her therapy session.

Robin arrived at Dr. Brown's office, but left before she could knock on the door. Alexis found her sitting by the docks, and Alexis told Robin it was a beautiful spring day. Alexis wanted to enjoy the weather, so she had decided to procrastinate a bit. Alexis and Robin talked about motherhood, and Alexis said that all mothers experienced doubts about parenting. Everyone had bad days, but that didn't mean they didn't love their children. Alexis finished her speech and decided she could go on with her day. She gave her bag of brownies to Robin and left.

Maxie arrived at Jason's penthouse, much to Jason's despair. Maxie wanted Jason's help in winning Spinelli back. Jason wasn't very interested in helping Maxie, but he did tell her that she just needed to be honest. Maxie didn't get the message and continued talking about lying to Spinelli and how that might be the best option.

Spinelli walked in, and when he saw her, he almost called her Maximista. Maxie rushed over when his tone changed and he greeted her as Maxie. She didn't want to be Maxie, the girl who wasn't Spinelli's best friend.

Jason quickly took his cue and rushed out of the penthouse. After he was gone, Spinelli and Maxie talked about their relationship. Maxie was determined to make more of it, but Spinelli knew she would never look at him the way she looked at Johnny. Spinelli agreed to be Maxie's tech guy again, but only after Maxie had called Crimson's technical support staff. Maxie told Spinelli that he had never known the true Maxie if he thought she only wanted him as a tech guy.

Jax walked back in the house after a nice jog and caught Carly crying. She had just hung up from speaking with Dr. Lee, and she wasn't encouraged to hear about the condition she might have, ZBT. Jax asked if anything was wrong, but Carly assured him everything was fine. She was just hormonal, but she would allow him to pamper her throughout the entire pregnancy if that was what he wanted. Jax seemed pleased to hear that and asked what time her doctor's appointment was. Carly assured him it was just a blood test and Jax didn't need to be there.

When Carly arrived at the hospital, she finally met up with Dr. Lee, who had been busy with a high-risk labor. Dr. Lee asked if Carly wanted to stay for the appointment instead of rescheduling, and Carly said that she did want to have the appointment. Carly wanted to get the results back as soon as possible. Dr. Lee asked why there was such a rush, and Carly said she was pregnant. Dr. Lee agreed it was best to know the results so Carly could make her decision. Carly said there was no decision to be made. She would do whatever necessary to save her baby.

While Carly was at the hospital, Jason showed up at her house. Jax wasn't pleased to see him and warned that Carly didn't need any stress. Jax told Jason that Carly was pregnant, and Jason tried to appear like he didn't already know that information. Jason asked if Jax was going to tell Carly that Jerry was alive and responsible for Michael's shooting.

Jax was shocked that Jason knew the connection, but Jax said he had only recently found out when Jerry sent a DVD to him. Jax thought Jerry was feeling remorseful for his role in the brain damage to Carly's son. When Jason asked if Jax knew where Jerry was, Jax denied knowing anything. He said Jerry had to be far away from Port Charles, because Jerry knew he would be dead if he were caught back home.

When Jason walked back into his penthouse, he was relieved to see Maxie had left. Spinelli, however, had found a renewed sense of commitment to finding Jerry. He had located Jerry, and, much to their surprise, Jerry was in Port Charles.

At the hospital, Dr. Brown asked Patrick for some assistance with one of her patients who was suffering from headaches. Patrick agreed to help, and Dr. Brown changed subjects by asking Patrick to give her apologies to Robin. Dr. Brown had phone issues that morning, so she hadn't gotten any messages from Robin when she missed her appointment. Patrick seemed shocked to realize his wife wasn't going to therapy.

Robin arrived home to see the unorganized mess that had frustrated her that morning. She decided to start cleaning, and everything appeared neat and in order when Patrick walked through the door. As she explained where everything belonged, Patrick asked where she had gotten her drive to clean. Robin told him that her session with Dr. Brown earlier had really uplifted her.

When Alexis left Robin on the docks, Alexis went to Sonny's house as she had originally planned. No one was in the living room when she first walked in, so she was surprised to hear Jerry's voice welcome her from behind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

At the Drake residence, Robin chatted about her day. Patrick called Robin out on her lies; he revealed that Dr. Brown had told him that Robin had missed her scheduled appointment. Robin's temper flared. She accused Patrick of following her around. Robin sarcastically asked when Patrick had become her parole officer. Robin found Patrick's behavior "creepy."

Patrick explained that Dr. Brown had sought him out; he had not followed Robin. Patrick accused Robin of not seeking treatment for her postpartum depression. Robin admitted that she hated therapy; she felt judged. Patrick asked if it would help Robin if he accompanied her to therapy. Robin misunderstood Patrick. She told him that she didn't need him driving her to therapy to make certain that she went to her sessions.

Patrick explained that he had been referring to couple therapy. Robin agreed to Patrick's offer on the condition that they would discuss Patrick's behavior as well as Robin's.

Later that day, Patrick and Robin arrived at Dr. Brown's office for their first couple therapy session. Patrick confessed to Robin that he would rather have been anywhere but there. He finally understood Robin's reluctance to go to therapy. However, Patrick was determined to do what was necessary to save their marriage.

Dr. Brown greeted Patrick and Robin. The doctor considered it a good sign that Robin was willing to reschedule her appointment. Robin confessed that she didn't want therapy. Dr. Brown asked Patrick how it made him feel to know that Robin didn't want treatment. Patrick expressed frustration; he couldn't understand why Robin resisted help when it could be beneficial.

Patrick talked about his bachelor days. Patrick never considered himself husband or father material until he had met Robin. He felt hurt that Robin did not share his deep commitment to their family. Robin broke down crying. She assured Patrick that he was mistaken. However, Robin felt like an alien had taken over her mind and body. Patrick wondered if that was true; Patrick worried that their marital troubles went beyond PPD.

After the session, Patrick and Robin went to work. Robin started to ask Patrick a question, but changed her mind. Patrick urged Robin to ask her question. Robin revealed that it had helped her to have Patrick attend therapy with her. Robin wanted Patrick to go to the next appointment. Patrick readily agreed.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy and Luke argued about Holly. Tracy was convinced that Holly and Ethan were in cahoots. She suspected that their plan was to use Luke, so that they could get their hands on Tracy's money. Luke asked Tracy why she had to complicate things. He wondered why she couldn't accept that Ethan had come to town simply because Luke was his father.

Tracy realized that Luke wanted Ethan to be his son. Luke didn't deny it. Ethan walked in during the tail end of their conversation. Ethan realized that Luke and Tracy were talking about him.

Shortly afterwards, Ethan carried in a case of scotch from the back. Luke asked Ethan if he had heard from Holly. Ethan thought that it was an odd question. Ethan reminded Luke and Tracy that his acquaintance with Holly had been brief. Luke revealed that he had been thinking about inviting Holly to Port Charles. Ethan didn't have a problem with that; he told Luke that he would enjoy seeing Luke's "English Rose" again.

Tracy's eyes rounded. She suddenly accused Luke of stealing one of Edward's cases of fine scotch. She demanded that Ethan promptly return the case of scotch. As soon as Ethan left, Luke pointed out that Tracy's outburst had not been subtle. Tracy was unrepentant; she feared that Luke was about to "open a vein" for Ethan. Luke shrugged his shoulders as he once again admitted that he liked the idea of Ethan being his son.

At Greystone Manor, Claudia lurked out of sight while Alexis confronted Jerry. Alexis revealed that Jax had told her about Jerry's involvement in Michael's shooting. Jerry tried to defend himself. He insisted that, despite what Alexis thought, he had scruples. Jerry claimed that he would never intentionally harm a child, especially one that Jax loved. Jerry reminded Alexis of their car collision the night of Michael's shooting. He explained that he had been on his way to the warehouse because he had learned that Kate had intended to take Michael to see Sonny.

Alexis asked who had planned the hit: Jerry or Ian. Claudia breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that Alexis didn't know of her involvement in the shooting.

Jerry warned Alexis that she wouldn't like the answers if she pursued her line of questioning. However, Jerry offered to reveal all if Alexis met him at the 10th Street Garage in Port Charles. Alexis left moments after Jerry did.

Claudia made an urgent call to someone named Fredo. She offered to pay him whatever he asked if he carried out a hit for her. Claudia told Fredo where he could find a dark sedan. She instructed him to rig the car to explode, killing the driver. As Claudia disconnected the call, Ric announced his presence. He confessed that her orders had sounded ominous.

Claudia refused to acknowledge Ric's comment. She asked Ric what he was doing at the house. Ric talked about their predicament with Sonny. He offered Claudia a drink. Claudia asked Ric what they were celebrating. Ric suggested that they toast to Michael. Claudia's response was to toss her drink in Ric's face. Claudia declined the offer of another drink. Ric quickly surmised that she was pregnant.

Carly was alarmed when she arrived home to discover that Jax was on the phone with Kelly. Carly realized that they were talking about the baby. Luckily for Carly, Kelly didn't reveal anything to Jax. Carly snatched the phone away from Jax and quickly ended the call.

Later, Jax admitted that he had been concerned when he had realized that Kelly had called with test results. Jax believed that they had been standard tests for a pregnant woman of Carly's age. He was relieved that Kelly had assured him that the baby was fine.

After Jax left, Sonny stopped by to talk to Carly. He told Carly about Claudia's pregnancy. Sonny admitted that it was an unplanned pregnancy; he insisted that he and Claudia had always used protection. Carly asked Sonny if he wanted the baby. Sonny admitted that he hadn't been able to think of the pregnancy in terms of there actually being a baby. However, Sonny was determined to take full responsibility for his child. He intended to do right by the baby.

Sonny promised Carly that the baby would not impact his relationship with Morgan or his desire to find a way to help Michael. Carly assured Sonny that he would be a wonderful father. Sonny appreciated Carly's faith in him. Carly asked Sonny to return the favor; she told him about her own pregnancy.

Sonny was happy for Carly and Jax. Carly was certain that she was expecting a little girl. Sonny believed Carly; she had known that Morgan was a boy.

Sonny went to Jason's penthouse to check on Jason's progress locating Jerry. Jason assured Sonny that Spinelli was working on it. Spinelli admitted that he was having difficulty. Sonny reminded Spinelli of the importance of them finding Jerry; Jerry was responsible for Michael's shooting. Spinelli decided that his computer at his new office would speed the process of sifting through surveillance footage around Port Charles.

After Spinelli left, Sonny told Jason about Claudia's pregnancy. Sonny was determined to find out if Claudia had been responsible for Michael's shooting. Jason found the timing of Claudia's pregnancy suspicious. He asked Sonny if it was possible that Claudia was faking her pregnancy. Sonny admitted that he had overheard Claudia scheduling an appointment for an abortion. Sonny didn't think Claudia would have done that if she weren't pregnant.

Shortly after Sonny left, Sam stopped by to offer to help Jason find Jerry. Jason declined Sam's services. Jason insisted that he needed to deal with Jerry on his own. Jason intended to get answers from Jerry before he made Jerry pay for his role in Michael's shooting.

Sam didn't understand the importance of questioning Jerry. Sam was certain that Ric had made up the story about Claudia's involvement in the shooting simply to torture Sonny. Jason told Sam about Claudia's pregnancy to explain why they needed to know the truth.

Jason sensed that the news of Claudia's pregnancy had hit Sam hard. She admitted that her first thought, upon hearing the news, had been of her own daughter. Sam realized that, had she lived, her daughter would be expecting a new sibling. Sam couldn't believe how easily Sonny impregnated women.

Spinelli interrupted when he called Jason with news that Jerry had been located at the 10th Street Garage.

Alexis met Jax on the docks. She told him that she had encountered Jerry at Sonny's house. Alexis also revealed that Jerry offered to answer her questions if she met him at the 10th Street Garage. Jax urged Alexis not to go. Jax hoped that if Alexis didn't show up, then Jerry would leave town and stay out of their lives.

Ric congratulated Claudia on devising a brilliant insurance policy: Sonny's child. He pointed out that even if Sonny learned the truth about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, he would not harm the mother of his child. Ric toasted Claudia. Neither was aware that Sonny stood nearby, listening to their conversation.

Kelly called Carly to urge Carly to schedule an appointment. Kelly also advised Carly to tell Jax the truth. The tests had confirmed that Carly had a life-threatening blood disorder.

Jason cornered Jerry in the 10th Street Garage. Jason held Jerry at gunpoint while he ordered Jerry to hand over the car keys. Jason pressed the remote button to unlock the doors of Jerry's car. As the car exploded, a powerful blast threw both men backwards.

Friday, April 24, 2009

At General Hospital, Liz apologized to everyone when an empty wheelchair got away from her and crashed down a flight of stairs. After everything was set to rights, Liz gave Robin and Patrick a gift. It was in appreciation for the toy car that Patrick had given Cameron. Robin was delighted when she discovered a guardian angel bear inside the gift bag.

After Liz walked way, Patrick reminded Robin that Emma was scheduled for a checkup with the pediatrician. He asked Robin if she wanted to meet them for the appointment. Robin agreed. Robin volunteered to pick Emma up when Patrick was called away for an emergency.

At home, Robin strapped Emma into her stroller. Robin tucked the guardian angel bear next to Emma. As they prepared to leave, Robin talked to her daughter. She told Emma that she had been feeling better since she had stopped taking the antidepressants.

Carly was reeling from the news that the blood test had confirmed that she had ZBT, a life-threatening condition. As Carly ended the call with Kelly, Jax noticed her tears. Carly attributed her emotional state to pregnancy hormones.

Carly and Jax sat down on the sofa to talk about the baby. Jax admitted that he considered the pregnancy a miracle, and being a father the most important thing he would ever do. Carly said that she was happy that she could give Jax that.

Later, Carly met with Kelly. Kelly explained that Carly's only real option was to terminate the pregnancy. Kelly revealed that there was a one in two chance that Carly could have a fatal stroke or develop an embolism if she continued the pregnancy. Carly preferred to view it as a one in two chance that her baby could be born without complications. Kelly warned Carly that she couldn't will her health risk away.

Carly refused to consider an abortion. She insisted that there had to be a way for her to carry her baby to term. Kelly advised Carly to talk to Jax, so that the two of them could make an informed decision. Carly was adamant that Jax not know about her diagnosis.

Kelly offered Carly a ray of hope. There was an experimental treatment that might offer some help. Kelly promised that she would look into it, but she cautioned Carly to avoid stress.

In the hallway, Carly ran into Epiphany. Epiphany told Carly that Jason had been brought into the emergency room.

At the garage on10th Street, Jason and Jerry were unconscious following a violent explosion. Alexis arrived on the scene moments after Jerry's car went up in flames. She immediately called for an ambulance. A short time later, as Jason and Jerry were rushed to the hospital, Alexis called Jax to tell him that Jerry had been injured.

Jax met Alexis at the hospital. Alexis updated Jax on Jerry and Jason's conditions. Jax worried that the news of Jason's injury could be too upsetting for Carly. Jax worried that the shock could cause Carly to miscarry the baby.

Matt talked to Jax about Jerry's injuries. He told Jax that Jerry remained unconscious, but he was stable. Jax stepped into the cubicle to see his brother. Despite Jerry's unconscious state, Jax told Jerry that Carly was pregnant. He warned Jerry that the last thing she needed was to be upset. Jax admitted that he would choose his child's life over Jerry's. After Jax left the room, Jerry slowly opened his eyes.

Jax asked Alexis if he should tell Carly about Jason. Alexis advised Jax to wait a few hours to see if Jason regained consciousness. Jax agreed to follow Alexis' suggestion. A few minutes later, he returned to check on Jerry. Jax was shocked to discover that Jerry's bed was empty.

Alexis was certain that they could keep Jerry's involvement in the explosion quiet. She promised to handle the police, so that Jax could concentrate on Carly.

In another cubicle, Patrick worked on Jason. Monica was on hand to assist. When Matt joined the team, Patrick confided to his brother that Jason might be in a coma.

Nikolas went to Kelly's to talk to Rebecca. Mike admitted that Rebecca was far different from Emily, despite appearances. Mike advised Nikolas to be careful. After Mike walked away, Nikolas approached Rebecca. Rebecca was short with Nikolas. She didn't appreciate being suspected of collaborating with Helena.

Nikolas apologized for having doubts about Rebecca. He offered to make it up to her by taking her to dinner. Rebecca declined the dinner invitation. She had no desire to be a pawn in Nikolas' games with Helena. Rebecca told Nikolas that even if she didn't have plans for the evening, she wouldn't go out with him.

Later, Liz walked into Kelly's. The two friends sat down. Nikolas told Liz about his troubles with Rebecca. Liz speculated that Helena had probably never set eyes on Rebecca before. Nikolas asked if Liz thought that Rebecca was innocent. Liz admitted that she didn't know Rebecca well enough to make that determination.

Lucky walked into the diner a few minutes later. When he saw Nikolas and Liz seated together, Lucky warned them that they couldn't talk him out of his date with Rebecca. Nikolas and Lucky began arguing. Liz tried to intercede. Rebecca saw them as she came downstairs. She asked if Liz was trying to persuade Lucky not to go out with her.

Liz was rattled when Rebecca sat down in a seat that would have normally been reserved for Emily. Lucky told Liz and Nikolas that he was ready to let go of the past. Lucky then asked Rebecca if she was ready to leave. As Rebecca and Lucky walked out of the door, Liz resumed her seat. She regretted mentioning Emily's name.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny confronted Claudia and Ric. Sonny wondered how Claudia could be so calm around Ric when he had accused her of harming Michael. Claudia claimed that she had hoped Ric would leave her alone if he knew that she was pregnant. Ric accused Claudia of being behind the sudden disappearance of the DVD from Ric's attorney's office. Claudia insisted that the DVD had never existed.

Sonny came to Claudia's defense. Ric couldn't believe that Sonny would be foolish enough to believe Claudia. Sonny pointed out that he had no reason to believe Ric.

After Ric left, Claudia did her best to discredit Ric. She accused Ric of trying to ruin what Sonny and Claudia had. Sonny asked Claudia what she thought they had. Claudia replied that they had the baby. She admitted that even though it had not been a planned pregnancy, she was determined to be a good parent. She asked Sonny for parenting advice. Sonny laughed at the idea of him giving advice. He suggested that Claudia go on the Internet and simply buy whatever she thought the child would need.

Sonny announced that he had to go to the hospital to see Michael. Claudia asked Sonny when he planned to tell Carly about the pregnancy. Sonny revealed that had told Carly about the baby. Claudia was surprised when Sonny added that Carly was also expecting a child.

At the hospital, Sonny talked to the doctor in charge of Michael's experimental treatment. The doctor explained, in detail, what they intended to do. Sonny asked what the odds were for Michael to make a full recovery. Sonny was disappointed to realize that the odds of success were very low for a procedure that might kill his son.

Later, Sonny sat at Michael's bedside. As tears filled his eyes, Sonny asked Michael to give him a sign that they had made the right decision.

Ric returned to Greystone Manor to talk to Claudia. Claudia tried to walk away, but Ric wouldn't let her. Claudia resorted to threats, which prompted Ric to ask Claudia if that was any way to talk to the father of her child. Claudia denied that Ric was the father of her child. She reminded Ric that they had always used protection. Ric pointed out that Claudia and Sonny had used protection, too.

Ric made it clear that he would not let Claudia pass his child off as Sonny's.

Carly raced to Jason's side. She was horrified when she saw Jason, unconscious, in a hospital bed. Jax walked in just as Carly collapsed.

After Emma's checkup, Robin bumped into Kelly. Kelly was pleased to see Robin and Emma together. Robin admitted that she felt better. Robin felt vindicated that she had been right about her treatment. Kelly asked Robin to clarify what she meant by that. Robin admitted that she had stopped taking her medication.

Kelly was stunned; she said that is was completely irresponsible for Robin to discontinue her antidepressants. Robin became defensive. When Kelly offered to help Robin, Robin pulled away. In the process, Robin bumped into Emma's stroller. The stroller had been perched at the top of stairs and the stroller's brake had not been engaged.

Robin screamed as Emma's stroller, with Emma inside, went flying down the stairs.

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