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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on GL
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Monday, June 30, 2008

In the stairwell at the Beacon, minister Josh slammed Cyrus against a wall, yelling at him for sleeping with Cassie. Josh was equally incensed that Cyrus had taken his money and then lied to him about tracking down Cassie's lover. When Cyrus said to let it go, Josh dragged him into a chokehold. He punched Cyrus several times and then he asked him if he had any respect for Harley, Cassie, Josh, or Josh's marriage. After Cyrus said Cassie had probably told Josh everything he needed to know about "us," Josh beat Cyrus some more. Glancing up from the stairwell floor, Cyrus said, "Don't stop now, Reverend."

Meanwhile at the farm, Cassie told Reva that she had cheated on Josh because she felt as if she had needed an escape. Astounded, Reva asked her if Josh knew and Cassie affirmed that he did. Reva told Cassie that she couldn't escape her past. Reva said when Cassie had chosen Josh over her own sister, it had nearly destroyed Reva; however, Reva said she had picked up the pieces with Jeffrey. Reva vowed to protect her life with Jeffrey. "You cheated on your husband," Reva said, "and now you look at me like I should be able to fix it. Well, I can't and I won't. This is your problem to solve."

When Reva got home, Josh was in the yard taking a hoe to her flowerbed. She ran over to stop him. He beat the flowerbed, saying he had to eradicate the weeds before they strangled everything good. Reva said she'd been to see Cassie and she knew everything. She told Josh that he couldn't come there when he had problems anymore. Choking back tears, Josh replied that he had been compelled to come to Cross Creek. Part of the reason he had brought it there from Oklahoma was because it was the place he went when he was confused. He said he needed to be close to, "This base...this home..." Reva decided Josh could talk to her because it was obvious he wasn't going anywhere until he did so.

Still outside, Josh admitted that he didn't know where he stood anymore-with the church or with his marriage. Just then they heard the actors in the backyard rehearsing the scene where Josh learned that Reva had married HB. Josh and Reva watched the actors, and when Mark recited the line, "No one will love you the way that I do," Josh and Reva exchanged stares. The actors were anxious for feedback, but Reva asked them to leave her and Josh alone for a moment. Josh told Reva that he had forgotten how angry he had been back then. He had been angry at everyone and everything. He believed he'd had something boiling inside him that he never thought would go away, but it did the day that he'd finally let himself love Reva. Reva wondered when that had happened. Josh didn't know but said it happened in "that house," and pointed to Cross Creek.

Reva mentioned that the movie producers had wanted to borrow their Cross Creek wedding video. She wasn't going to let them until she had watched it again for herself. She and Josh reminisced about what a perfect day it had been. Josh said that had been the day that he had found himself and all the anger that he had mentioned had gone away. Reva found that hard to believe considering all the fights they'd had. Josh said the anger had been manageable because he'd had Reva. Awkwardly, Reva said, "Uh, yeah, well, a lot has happened since then." Josh agreed that a lot had indeed happened. He had lost Reva and he had lost that house. The anger was still within him and he didn't think it would ever leave.

Meanwhile Jeffrey visited Cassie to tell her that G had confessed and was ready to roll over on Alan. He wanted to her to know before she and Josh left on their trip. Cassie replied that they weren't leaving and Jeffrey assumed that she had told Josh the full truth. Cassie thought that she was a horrible person for cheating on Josh, the best man she knew. She felt she had to try harder at her marriage, but Jeffrey asked her if she were really happy with Josh. Cassie ignored the question and went to unpack. Cassie asked Jeffrey if he were really going to marry Reva. Jeffrey replied, "Maybe," and said that he and Reva were happy with the way things were. When Cassie asked him if he were happy, he said, "There's that word again." Cassie said she had thought she was finally getting her happily ever after with Josh, but he was gone.

After Jeffrey left the farm, Cassie found Josh at the church and said she wanted to help him because he had been there for her so many times. Sitting behind him in the pews, she reminded him that he had once told her that his faith was enough to carry them both. She felt it was her turn to carry them with her faith. Still facing forward, Josh said they didn't believe the same things. Cassie agreed she didn't believe in a merciful God like Josh did, but she believed in their marriage and their vows. Josh wondered how she could say that after what she had done. Cassie replied that no matter how horrible life was, being with Josh had taught her that there was good. She told him that she believed in their relationship even if he couldn't. "Now I have enough faith for both of us," she said and touched his shoulder. Josh didn't turn around, but he touched her hand. They lit candles and then Cassie hugged him.

In their hotel room at the Beacon later, Reva and Jeffrey discussed Josh and Cassie's problems. Jeffrey said he had known about Cassie's indiscretion for a while, but Cassie had asked him not to tell Reva. Reva seemed miffed, but only because she didn't want to be caught up in Cassie and Josh's problems. Jeffrey said the newest argument with Josh and Cassie was about whom Cassie had slept with. Jeffrey said he had advised Cassie to tell Josh whom ever it had been. When Reva told him that he was a good friend to Cassie, Jeffrey asked if that were a problem. Reva said that if they had married, then he would have been required to tell her everything. She said he also would have to make sure she was always happy and satisfied. Jeffrey seemed ready to keep her satisfied right that moment, and they fell on the bed, kissing. When Jeffrey went to douse the lights, Reva saw a copy of the movie script on the floor. She kicked it beneath the bed.

Meanwhile Marina and Mallet talked to Frank about G's full confession, which included implications against Alan. When Marina asked him what she and Mallet could do to help, Frank requested that they stay out of it. Marina surprised Mallet when she agreed to do so. While alone later, Frank asked Mallet how Dinah was. Mallet said he and Dinah were over. Frank told him that Marina had been through hell and deserved a good man. Mallet agreed and said Dinah would get over their relationship. Frank took Mallet's word that he wouldn't hurt Marina and then they hugged before parting ways.

Meanwhile Marina stumbled upon a bruised Cyrus as he leaned by a tree. He said nothing had happened to him. Despite his protests, she took him to the hospital. There, Marina said she had heard that Harley ended their relationship. Marina wondered if he'd leave town. He said he wanted to, but he needed to stay to help G because G was his brother. If G got released, Cyrus vowed to keep him and Daisy apart. Marina told him about G's confession. Mallet walked up, saying he was responding to a disturbance in the park. Marina told him that Cyrus had been assaulted. As Cyrus walked off, he said he didn't want to file a police report. Mallet stared at Marina, but she walked away without explaining why she was with Cyrus.

Mallet found Marina again as she was swinging on a swing set outside. He asked her what was going on with her and Cyrus. Marina said that if Mallet had found Dinah hurt, then he would have taken her to the hospital. Mallet agreed and accepted Marina's actions with Cyrus. Marina said she'd decided to help Frank with G's case. She felt Frank was making bad decisions like questioning G without his attorney present. She felt that Frank's sense of duty to Marina and Daisy clouded his judgment. When Mallet said Frank could handle it, Marina said she wanted to do it for her best friend, Tammy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Down at the courthouse, Bill and Ava prepared to sign their marriage license for the wedding set to occur the following day. When Jeffrey and Olivia met them, Jeffrey immediately noted that Ava seemed worn and he was surprised to see paparazzi there, already calling Ava Mrs. Lewis. One of the reporters said the couple looked happy, and Jeffrey murmured, "Glad you think so." After taking photos, Olivia pumped up Bill to run for governor. Jeffrey took Ava aside to question her again about Bill's commitment. Ava insisted that Bill cared about her and the baby more and more every day. Once the papers were signed, Jeffrey and Bill wanted Ava to relax at home, but Ava wanted to shop with Olivia for shoes. Olivia asked Jeffrey and Bill to have the license notarized while she and Ava shopped.

Meanwhile Lizzie decided to move the Spauldings into Harley's old house until the house she was having built could be completed. Once Alan and Beth arrived, Lizzie announced her plan. Alan said the house needed painting, but Gus had been happy there. As Alan settled into the house, he wondered if living there would help him better understand what Gus wanted of him. Lizzie knew for certain that Gus didn't want Alan to go to jail. Beth asked them if Alan were still thinking of confessing and Lizzie answered no. Alan frankly asked Lizzie whether part of her wanted him to suffer for what he had done. Lizzie agreed that there was, but she said family learned to accept things about each other. Alan admitted that he had made mistakes and that he wanted to learn. He thought Gus was helping him do that.

Just then Mallet knocked on the door. He had arrived to arrest Alan for Tammy's murder. Alan was willing to go peacefully, saying something good would come of the situation. He asked Beth to take care of Peyton and then allowed Mallet to take him away. Lizzie hugged Beth and said she'd take care of the situation. At the police station, Alan assured Beth and Lizzie that he was in good hands. After Mallet took him to processing, Lizzie decided that Alan could trust in Gus, but she was getting him a lawyer. Beth asked her if she'd paid off G like she said she had. Lizzie affirmed that she had, but G must have been greedy or had an attack of conscience.

Before Remy could escape the mausoleum, he ran into Olivia. He said it was obvious that Bill loved his son because Bill was naming his company after him. However, Ava was just an accessory to Bill. Olivia retorted that Ava would be successful in Springfield, but Remy wondered what Ava would be at home.

Lizzie walked around the courthouse, calling lawyers for Alan but was shunned on every call. She collided with Bill and his marriage license fell on the floor. She picked it up, saying, "This must be yours." Lizzie told Bill that Alan's arrest had brought her to the courthouse. Bill asked her if he could help but Lizzie doubted Alan needed the man who had taken his company to help. Lizzie said her dysfunctional family was the only family that she had. When she said she had lost Sarah and Jonathan, Bill touched Lizzie's cheek and uttered that he had lost something, too. Undetected, Jeffrey came onto the courthouse balcony to observe the couple below. Lizzie ordered Bill to stop touching her and accused him of wanting it all: The castle, the company, and the baby. He whispered that he wanted Lizzie, too. Jeffrey grimaced and walked off the balcony. Back below, Bill started to say that perhaps there was a way for them, but Lizzie told him go. As Bill left, she scooped up his marriage license and told him not to forget it.

Lizzie sat down at a desk in an alcove. She was sobbing silently when she overheard Jeffrey on the phone around the corner from her. He asked someone to seal Ava's records. Lizzie's head perked up when she heard him talk about protecting Ava's rights to the baby from sperm donor 387-TZ-3. After Jeffrey hung up, Lizzie asked him whom he had been talking to. Jeffrey decided to tell Lizzie the truth about Ava being artificially inseminated. Because it was a secret, he told Lizzie that he had not told her this information; instead, she had overheard it. Jeffrey said he didn't want Ava to live her life as second best, always afraid the truth would be revealed. Lizzie wondered what she was supposed to do with the information. Upon leaving, Jeffrey handed Lizzie a medical file and said, "I think you know what to do, and we didn't have this conversation."

Meanwhile Mel and Remy lunched at Company. Excited to learn about Remy's EMT certification, Mel readily attributed the change in him to a woman and asked him who she was. Remy tried to discuss his career, but Mel insisted on knowing about the lady in his life. Remy revealed that he had a thing for Ava; however, he said Ava was marrying Bill and having Bill's child. Mel wondered if Remy had told Ava how he felt. Remy abruptly paid the bill and left.

As Ava and Olivia shopped, Ava said Jeffrey looked at her as if she were making a business transaction instead of getting married. She asked Olivia to tell her father that she really loved her new life and Bill. She said it wasn't a fairytale. Ava looked upset, and she asked Olivia if she could have time alone. Olivia cupped Ava's face and said, "Don't get lost, Ava." After Olivia left, Ava became dizzy and a stranger asked her if she were okay. Ava said she was lightheaded, and the lady called for an ambulance.

Remy arrived to help Ava and he promised not to let anything happen to her or the baby. As Ava took shallow breaths, Remy put the Indian charm back around her neck. She clinched it as she breathed. At the hospital, Ava learned that she just had a case of wedding jitters. Remy mentioned that he had seen Mel earlier and they'd talked about Ava. He said he was thinking he'd never see her as Ava Peralta again, but then he got the EMT call. He was happy to have had one more chance to see her before she became Mrs. Bill Lewis.

Remy took Ava to the mansion and Ava said it was nice to know she'd be rescued. When Remy replied, "Only if you need it," Ava wondered what he meant. Thoughtfully, Remy said, "If you're trapped, can't help yourself, have smoke in your eyes." Ava asked him what to do to help someone like that and he continued, "You stay low. You crawl, beat down the door if you have to. Whatever it takes to get to her...and then you don't panic, stay calm, and tell her how to get to take her hand and you never let go no matter what. And if you jump, you jump together." Ava asked Remy how she'd know someone would be there to catch her. Remy said it was a chance she just had to take.

Suddenly Bill rushed in, wondering why the ambulance was outside. Remy said Ava had low blood sugar and it was no big deal. Bill humbly shook Remy's hand and thanked him for being there for Ava and the baby. Upon leaving, Remy told Ava that when she smelled smoke, she knew what to do. After Remy left the room, Bill massaged Ava's feet and then showed her a box with their wedding rings.

Meanwhile Alan was resting in his cell when Olivia came down to holding to ask him to keep quiet about her involvement with G. Alan said he had asked Gus for guidance and suddenly there Olivia was. Olivia denied that Gus had led her to come down there, but she volunteered to pay for Alan's silence. Alan said he'd already given her what she wanted for free. She threatened him to leave her and Ava out of the mess with G, or Alan would be sorry.

Later Alan was taken to a conference room where Beth awaited him. He said that Gus had visited him again and then Olivia came. Beth said those were not signs and that they needed to concentrate on getting him out of there because she and Peyton needed him. Alan told Beth that she might have to let him go. He thought that he might finally have to pay for what he had done. Beth told him not to be a hero. She'd had it with heroes. Alan said he wanted to be her hero and that he had to do what he thought was right. Beth said he could make up for Tammy's death by raising his own daughter. Alan said it didn't work that way.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

As Jeremy busily prepared the Spaulding lawn and terrace for the wedding, Bill watched him with a seemingly heavy heart. Bill went inside to Ava's room and presented her with a diamond necklace. He said that the whole town would be there that day because everyone was rooting for them, the hottest ticket in town. Ava said, "As long as our families are there." Bill left and Ava ate her breakfast. Remy called Ava from somewhere near the grounds and asked her to sneak him inside. After she let him into the mansion, Remy told Ava that Bill was wrong for her. Ava reminded him that she and Bill were having a baby and in a few hours, she was going to be Mrs. Bill Lewis. Ava walked away and Remy sighed.

Meanwhile at Harley's old house, Lizzie stared at Ava's insemination records and a newspaper that headlined the day's wedding. With determination, Lizzie left home and crept through the Spaulding gates. As Lizzie sneaked across the lawn, Dinah and Olivia talked on the terrace. Olivia advised Dinah that their job that day was to keep a low profile. Dinah said she didn't like limitations. After Olivia gave her a stern look, Dinah said she was joking and she welcomed Ava into the family. Olivia thought that was good because once Ava married Bill, Ava would be the lady of the house. When Olivia walked away, Dinah said, "My house. Mine and Bill's." Dinah then discovered Lizzie on the premises and threw her out.

Later Bill found Dinah outside and told her that the blogs were buzzing with chatter about the wedding. Just then Olivia strode up to tell them that Jeffrey hadn't arrived. Bill left the house to look for him. Olivia went up to Ava's room with some maternal advice that she said she'd been practicing for hours. She told Ava to do as she said but not as she did. Olivia advised her to be happy and not to sabotage herself the way Olivia had sabotaged herself. She told Ava that she was better than her mother. Ava said that she had tricked Bill. Olivia replied that Ava and Bill were both happy and, "What else is there?"

Meanwhile Reva ran into Billy at the nail salon as Billy was trying to leave a message for Bill. After they joked a bit, Reva reminded him that they needed to get a move on since they had a wedding to attend. Billy still believed that Bill was in love with Lizzie. He thought Bill was trying to give his child what Billy hadn't given Bill as a boy. Reva said Jeffrey was just as concerned about the wedding as Billy was. Reva urged Billy to give Bill the premarital speech, saying it was family tradition. Billy said Bill didn't care about family. Reva replied that Bill did care about his family and he'd return to it. She said if the marriage was meant to be, then it was; if not, she said, "They'll survive it. We did."

Reva went to the Beacon to get ready for the wedding. Lizzie came to her door and Reva told her that Jeffrey had already left earlier that morning. Lizzie asked her if she knew of Jonathan's whereabouts. Reva said she didn't have his address and wondered what else she could get Lizzie. Reva asked her if she wanted a few minutes alone with Bill. Lizzie said she did have something to say to Bill but she didn't know if it were her place to say it. Confused, Lizzie said she didn't know why she was at Reva's. "For this?" Reva asked and hugged her.

After Lizzie left, Bill showed up at Reva's and said he was looking for Reva's boyfriend. Reva told Bill that she thought Jeffrey would've already been at the mansion. Reva wondered if Billy had found Bill and given him the traditional family speech. Bill had no idea what she meant. Reva basically gave him the speech, saying that he could back out of the wedding at any moment right up until the vows if he needed to. If he did, the Lewis family would handle the fallout. Bill wondered who started the tradition of that speech and Reva replied HB had. Bill assured Reva that he wanted to marry Ava because she was carrying his baby. Just then, Dinah called Bill back to the mansion because guests were arriving.

Once Bill made it back to the mansion, politicians began arriving on his terrace. Bill grew less concerned about Jeffrey as he greeted them. Dinah and Olivia rushed up to Reva the moment she arrived, and Dinah asked Reva if Jeffrey were parking the car. Reva said he wasn't, and Dinah thought Reva should be a little concerned that Jeffrey was a no-show. Dinah went inside to see the nervous bride, and she confided in Dinah that she felt she was doing everything backwards. Ava told Dinah that she was supposed to fall in love, get married, and then have the baby. Dinah thought Ava was at least smart enough to go after the guy and the life she wanted.

Meanwhile, Remy regained entrance to the mansion by telling the gate guard that he was the EMT on call in case the pregnant bride needed him. Bill caught Remy walking across the lawn and asked him if something was wrong with Ava. Remy asked Bill if he loved Ava. Bill gave him a defensive look and asked him why he was there. Remy repeated the question. Bill said it was a private party and Remy needed to leave. "That's all I needed to know," Remy said and walked away.

Back at the entrance, Lizzie sneaked into the gate behind a group of guests. Lizzie went to the parlor overlook and watched Dinah and Olivia help Ava into her wedding dress. Ava wondered why Jeffrey hadn't come in to see her. Neither Olivia nor Dinah told Ava that Jeffrey wasn't there. After Ava looked at herself in the mirror, she sobbed that she was "so happy." Ava said she needed to retrieve her necklace from upstairs. She asked Olivia to find her father for her. Lizzie left the overlook as Ava ascended the stairs. When Ava went back into her room, Remy was inside holding her necklace.

Remy said he thought that Ava's forgetting her necklace was a sign that she was making a mistake. Ava asked him what he was doing there. After tripping over his words, Remy blurted out that he was in love with her. Remy wanted to be with her and asked her to leave with him instead of marrying Bill. Ava gasped.

Meanwhile Bill retrieved the wedding rings from the wall safe. Lizzie came up behind him. Bill turned around, saw Lizzie, and told her that she needed to leave. As he begged her to go peacefully, Lizzie said, "The baby's not yours, Bill." Bill asked her to repeat herself and Lizzie said, "Ava's're not the father."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

After Lizzie revealed to Bill that the baby Ava carried wasn't his, Bill said he never thought Lizzie would sink so low. Lizzie claimed to have learned from a reliable source that Ava had been artificially inseminated. He found it too convenient that Lizzie said she only just found out about it. Bill continued to discredit Lizzie until finally she yelled that Ava's father, DA Jeffrey O'Neill, had been the one to rat out his own daughter. Bill finally listened to Lizzie after she showed him a piece of paper from the medical file. Distraught, he wondered how Ava could do that to him and what he'd do since the wedding was only moments away. Lizzie said she didn't want to ruin things for him but she thought he should know. She left him to think.

Bill left the parlor and encountered Dinah outside. Dinah cooed that the governor was in the front row and Fortune 500 players who'd snubbed Spaulding a year earlier were among the guests. Bill said he had to get out of there and walked off. Dinah yelled after him, asking what she should tell the minister.

Meanwhile Ava was amazed that Remy chose the moment before her wedding to reveal his feelings. Remy pressured her to tell him why she wanted to marry Bill. Remy said he wasn't rich but he could take care of her. Ava admitted to having feelings for Remy and said with him, she didn't have to pretend to be something she wasn't. However, it was too late for them because she was already committed to Bill. Just then Olivia barged into the room and ordered Remy out. Remy said he'd leave if Ava wanted him to. Pained, Ava yelled, "Just go!" As Remy left, Olivia asked Ava if she were okay. She said she had done as Olivia had requested by shunning Remy. Ava asked for ten minutes to gather her thoughts.

Later, Ava prepared to ascend the parlor stairs when she saw Lizzie coming down them. As Ava griped about having to see Lizzie on her wedding day, Lizzie pushed her way passed pregnant Ava on the winding steps. Before leaving, Lizzie said she had just spoken to Bill and Bill couldn't wait to talk to Ava.

Meanwhile Olivia met Jeffrey in the hallway outside Ava's room. When she asked him if he were ready, Jeffrey thought perhaps they shouldn't push the marriage. He didn't think that they should set their daughter up for a life based on false pretenses. Jeffrey said Lizzie was talking to Bill and indicated there wouldn't be a wedding. Olivia was shocked that Jeffrey would stand by and let that happen. As much as Jeffrey loved Ava, he said, he felt sometimes things happened.

Jeffrey went outside and saw Lizzie leaving. He asked her whether or not she had told Bill the truth. Lizzie affirmed that she had. When Jeffrey asked her why she hadn't told Bill sooner, Lizzie replied that she almost didn't tell him at all. She never wanted to hurt Bill that way. Jeffrey wondered what Bill would do and Lizzie said some people lived with lies their whole lives. She cited Alan who had raised Phillip, lying to him about his paternity for half of his life. Jeffrey felt Ava would be humiliated. Lizzie reminded Jeffrey that Bill, too, would be humiliated, and said Bill didn't deserve it after caring for Ava and the baby.

Meanwhile Reva greeted late arrivals, Billy and Vanessa. Reva said Jeffrey had just arrived. Matt had gotten there earlier. Wanda called saying she couldn't make it because she and Lowell had been fighting. When Billy and Vanessa said that Dylan and Josh were at the bar, Reva decided to join them. Billy found Bill on the grounds staring at the sonogram and had a heart-to-heart talk with him. Billy had watched Bill go after the things he wanted and he said Bill had proved himself without using the Lewis name. Billy still wasn't happy about how Bill had done things, but he was proud of him. Billy also thought HB would have been proud of him. Billy spoke about the amazing love a parent had for his own flesh and blood and said Bill would know it when his own son was born. Bill said he was glad that his father was there.

After leaving Bill alone with his thoughts, Billy saw Lizzie on the grounds. Lizzie told Billy she didn't think there would be a wedding and Billy urged Lizzie to stay in case what she said was true. Meanwhile, Jeffrey assured Reva there'd be no wedding and decided everyone should just get drunk. When he and Reva got married, Jeffrey said they wouldn't have all the hoopla; they'd just elope. Reva wrapped her arms around his neck, repeating, "When we get married..." She asked Jeffrey if she could help with the wedding predicament and he grimaced.

In the parlor, Vanessa expressed sympathies to Dinah about her breakup with Mallet and said she wanted Dinah to learn that she was responsible for her own happiness. Once Dinah understood that, Vanessa felt that Dinah would find true love. Dinah stared at her mother incredulously and then said she was going to see what was holding up the wedding.

Later Olivia and Dinah prepared Ava to walk down the aisle. A troubled Bill entered the hallway and Ava requested to be alone with him. Bill asked Ava how she could have done that to him. Thinking he was talking about Remy, Ava assured him that she loved him and he was the only one. Bill said he knew the baby wasn't his. Ava tried to pretend she didn't know what Bill was talking about. With a little pressure from Bill, she quivered with excuses, saying she did it for Bill so that Bill could have a family. Disgusted, Bill said she went to a fertility clinic. Shocked that he had learned that fact, Ava said she had chosen a donor that looked just like Bill. "But it's not me!" Bill said. "You let me believe that this was my son! And I couldn't wait to meet him and watch him grow."

Ava whimpered that she really wanted the baby to be Bill's. Ava said her actions had come from a good place because she loved Bill. Bill told Ava that he wouldn't let her take the house, the family, or the company from him. Ava could have her life, and he would have his. They'd do it under the same roof, but he would never love her like he'd thought he could. Ava seemed confused and asked him if he were still marrying her. "I'm still going to marry you! And I'm going to be the father to this baby because I love this baby more than I am mad at you right now. You made your bed, okay? And you will lie in it. And we will be Mr. and Mrs. Lewis-'til death do us part," Bill said with cold, murderous eyes.

Ava went back into her room and beheld the Indian charm necklace she'd given Remy. She strode to the parlor's overlook and saw Remy below. She smiled sadly and Remy looked hopeful. Ava turned from him when Dinah came up behind her with her diamond necklace. When Ava looked back down, Remy was walking away. Ava returned to her room and Jeffrey came in to ask her if he could do anything for her. Ava accused him of telling Bill the truth. Jeffrey replied that he had told Lizzie the truth. He said Ava could hate him forever, but he felt that she deserved someone who actually loved her. Ava mumbled that she understood why he'd done it but said Jeffrey could walk her down the aisle because Bill still wanted to marry her. Though it wasn't the life she had wanted or the life Jeffrey wanted for her, Ava obstinately said that didn't mean it wouldn't work. She didn't want to discuss it because she and Bill had already made the decision.

Meanwhile, Lizzie reentered the grounds in time to hear the wedding march play. On the mansion's back terrace, Jeffrey escorted his daughter down the stone steps. When Ava met Bill at the altar, she said, "It's a deal." Lizzie and Remy watched from the sidelines as the couple took their vows. In front of the governor and God, Bill said, "Ava, when I look in your eyes, I see my future. You, me, our-the baby. This is for him, for Max. Giving him a home, with two parents who love him and understand each other. Ava, as long as you and I are together, anything is possible. The future is ours." Ava said she had waited for that day and she couldn't have imagined it any other way. She looked forward to their life together and raising their son together. "I know our life will be filled with love and possibilities..." When they were pronounced husband and wife, Olivia and Jeffrey exchanged ambiguous looks.

Friday, July 4, 2008

On the phone with his father, Rick told Ed that he planned on canceling the Bauer Barbecue because his heart was not in it. Ed tried to guilt Rick by saying that it was a tradition, but Rick felt that there was no point since he was the only Bauer in town. Rick ended the call and met with Beth. Rick realized that Beth made her choice to go back to Alan and told Beth that he knew it was over long ago. Beth told Rick that they tried to go back in time and it did not work. Later, Rick happened by Josh and Cassie's place and informed them that he decided to cancel the barbecue since he was not up to "wearing the hat." After Rick left, Cassie had an idea. Instead of canceling, they should host the barbecue.

At Harley's, Alan asked Lizzie if she was going to the barbecue and she suggested a new tradition-the Spaulding Picnic. Talk turned to Beth when Lizzie wondered what would happen if Rick fought for Beth. Alan shrugged it off and stated that what was meant to be, was meant to be. Beth returned home, angry at herself for toying with people's feelings and waffling over a decision when she already knew what she was going to do. Alan was sympathetic and told Beth of Lizzie's idea that they have a family picnic at the lighthouse.

At the mansion, Ava saw Bill and stated that he did not come to bed after the wedding. Bill informed Ava that he would be keeping his own room. Ava asked Bill where they stood and he replied that they both wanted to get certain things out of their marriage, so they should keep it at that. Bill told Ava that he made an appointment for a prenatal exam and, afterwards, they were going to the Bauer Barbecue. At Cedars, while Bill was placing a call, Ava saw Remy who made it clear that, despite her rejection, they were still friends.

As the Coopers prepared for the barbecue, Buzz got a call stating that it was being held at Josh and Cassie's. Buzz invited Natalia to come with them and eased her worries about Rafe. Lizzie walked in to pick up her order and saw Remy. Remy objected when Lizzie began badmouthing Ava, and Lizzie told Remy that Ava lied about Bill being the father of her baby.

Straight from his talk with Lizzie, Remy visited Ava and reamed her out for her deception. Ava tried to explain that she felt that she only had one shot at a family and took it. Remy was visibly disgusted and wrote Ava off.

When Lizzie arrived at the lighthouse, she told Beth about the barbecue being held at Josh and Cassie's. Beth was upset about this and told Lizzie that it was not the Bauer Barbecue without Rick. Beth stated that she had to convince Rick to attend the barbecue since she did not want his life to come to a halt because of her. Beth went to Rick's to convince him that he had to go to the barbecue. Rick argued that it did not matter where the barbecue was. Beth agreed but argued that it did matter what it was and it was the Bauers'. Beth argued that the Bauer Barbecue was an intangible part of his entire family. Beth told Rick that the tradition was important and meant a lot to people. After Beth's talk, Rick arrived at Josh and Cassie's and agreed to take over the grill and wear the grilling hat.

While Bill was outside contemplating, Lizzie saw him and wished him a Happy Fourth. Lizzie pointed out that Bill married Ava anyway, and Bill replied that he could not give that up. He also said that he loved the baby that Ava was carrying. Lizzie agreed that once you started loving a child, you could not stop. Suddenly, Bill proclaimed his love for Lizzie and told her that he could not live without her. When Lizzie mentioned his wife, Bill replied that she did not have to know. Bill continued to tell Lizzie that she was the only one for him. An incredulous Lizzie realized that Bill was talking about an affair and walked away.

Bill returned to the mansion but was not sure about attending the barbecue. Ava stated that if they were going to be a power couple then they had to do that in public. Otherwise, what was the point of the large, splashy wedding?

Since Beth was gone, Alan and Lizzie returned home where Alan tripped down the stairs to the basement. He landed on some small American flags. Alan saw that as a sign from Gus and told Lizzie that they should go to the Bauer barbecue. When they arrived, Alan spotted Natalia, who confessed that she did not really belong there. Alan confessed that he had never been invited but always showed up because one never knew what might happen. Alan told Natalia that Gus would have wanted them there. Later, Alan wished Rick a Happy Fourth and sincerely commiserated with Rick about losing Beth.

Beth asked Rick to take a walk with her and spoke about her best friend in high school. He was someone that she loved and counted on. Beth suggested that perhaps they aimed too high and asked Rick if he was still her best friend. Rick had no answer.

At the barbecue, Lizzie peeked into the kitchen window to see Ava kissing Bill. Lizzie ran off while Bill seemed uncomfortable about the kiss.

The show closed with Mallet giving a patriotic Fourth of July speech and a montage of all the guests enjoying themselves.

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