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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, June 30, 2008

After she and Holden finally gave in to their desires and slept with one another, Carly had returned home and tried to keep herself busy, but she could not stop thinking about the tryst that she knew would end her friendship with Lily and destroy Holden's marriage. The teapot whistle brought Carly back to reality and when she saw her cell phone, she found a message from Holden. She could not help listening to Holden's message a few times and think about what had happened between them.

In the meantime, Holden returned to Lily's house and found Lily there worrying about him. She was happy he had spent the night at the camp, safe and out of the storm, and she welcomed him home. Holden gave Lily the bracelet Faith had made for her mother at camp and Lily happily placed it on her wrist. Lily sensed something was wrong with Holden, but she thought he was just tired from his long trip. She sent him upstairs to shower and take a nap and promised to join him later. Once Holden had gone upstairs, Lily called Carly and asked her to pick up Ethan and babysit so she and Holden could have some time alone.

Carly arrived at Lily's house to pick up Ethan and when Holden answered the door he was shocked to find Carly there. The two went out on the porch, where Holden remarked that he was worried when she drove off through the storm. Carly said she was fine and explained why she was there. Just then, Lily came out and invited Carly in. Carly commented on the bracelet Faith had made for Lily and a stunned Lily wanted to know how Carly knew about the bracelet and why Holden had not mentioned she was at the camp. Holden quickly explained that Carly was there to drop off JJ at the boy's camp, but they only bumped into one another by accident. Holden insisted he was getting ready to tell Lily, but had not had the opportunity. Lily did not seem suspicious of the two running into one another and appeared grateful her husband and best friend had made it home safe. When Holden went to fetch Ethan, Lily commented to Carly that she was planning on seducing Holden.

Holden and Lily enjoyed a quiet lunch, but as soon as lunch was over, Holden jumped up and insisted he had to go out to the farm. Lily wanted Holden to stay longer and persuaded him to join her upstairs. Lily changed into the negligee she had bought with Carly and modeled it for Holden's approval. Holden told his wife she looked beautiful, but he suddenly imagined Carly was the one standing in front of him in the sexy lingerie. Lily noticed Holden seemed to lose his focus on her and she asked him what was wrong. Holden explained that he was just overwhelmed by seeing Lily dressed so seductively and the two began kissing.

After Lily and Holden made love, Lily commented on how happy she was they were together and invited Holden to move back into her home. Holden was not sure it was a good idea, but Lily convinced him that it would be best for the children if they were all back under the same roof. Lily went on to say that she had learned to be honest by watching Holden and would try to be as good of a person as he was. Holden felt guilty listening to Lily's praise and asked her to stop. Holden finally agreed to move back in with Lily and she was overjoyed to have her family back together.

A short time later, Carly returned with Ethan and asked Lily how things went with Holden. Lily said everything went great and Holden was moving back in. Lily thanked Carly for helping her get Holden back, but a stunned Carly could not accept her friend's appreciation. Lily went upstairs to put Ethan down for a nap and asked Holden to keep Carly company. Holden told Carly they needed to talk and she agreed to meet him at the barn. Carly congratulated Holden on his reconciliation with Lily, but Holden said he would not go back to Lily until he told her the truth about him and Carly sleeping together. Holden went on to say he could not lie to Lily, but Carly said it would destroy Lily if she knew-and end their friendship and maybe his marriage. Carly begged Holden not to tell and he relented.

At the Lakeview, Paul was enjoying his morning coffee in the dining room until Sofie appeared and asked Paul if he had told Meg about her pregnancy. Paul said he had not told Meg yet and Sofie thought he was avoiding the truth because Meg would leave him again. Paul dismissed Sofie's remark and tried to convince her that Meg would stand by him no matter what. Their conversation came to a screeching halt when Barbara arrived and asked Paul why Sofie had not been kicked out of the hotel. Sofie immediately wanted to tell Barbara her "good news," but Paul asked her not to. Barbara knew something was wrong and asked Paul to tell her what was going on. He admitted that Sofie claimed she was pregnant with his child. Barbara immediately went into her protective mom mode and insisted that Sofie was lying. Barbara demanded that Paul have a sonogram done on Sofie to prove that the baby was not his. Barbara was sure the test would prove that Sofie had a different due date and had slept with someone else besides her son. Paul considered his mom's idea and went to talk to Sofie.

Paul arrived at Sofie's room and told Sofie to get ready to go to the hospital for a prenatal exam. He explained to her that he wanted to support her through her pregnancy, but he really wanted to know for sure if the baby was his. Sofie took Paul's interest in her pregnancy as a good sign, but Paul told her that regardless of the baby they would never be a couple. Sofie went with Paul to the doctor, still delusional that her baby could bring her and Paul together.

After shopping for a wedding dress, Meg went to talk to Barbara in her suite. Meg told Barbara that she found a few dresses that she liked, but Barbara said she wanted to design Meg's gown for her. Meg thought Barbara was still too weak from her chemotherapy to work on the dress, but Barbara insisted it would be good for her to focus on something besides her cancer. After much consideration, Meg finally accepted Barbara's offer. Meg asked where Paul had gone and Barbara said he went to run some errands. Meg said she was going to pick up a friend at the hospital for lunch. Barbara knew Paul was at Memorial with Sofie, so she immediately phoned Paul to warn him that Meg was on her way there.

At Memorial, the doctor told Sofie she looked healthy for a woman in her first trimester. Paul questioned how many weeks along Sofie was and the doctor explained they could not know for sure without a sonogram. Paul wanted the procedure done immediately and Sofie finally realized that Paul was using the test to check his paternity. Just as the procedure was set to begin, Paul received a call and went to the hall to answer his phone. Alone with the technician, Sofie asked how accurate the test was in determining the date of conception. He explained the test was very precise and Sofie became concerned, but since she was still convinced she was having Paul's baby, she went ahead with the test. The measurements of the baby showed Sofie was only 4 weeks or less along in her pregnancy. Sofie realized the baby was too small to be Paul's and that she was actually caring Cole's child. Once the technician had gone, Sofie called Cole and asked him to meet her at the hospital right away.

Out in the hall, Paul spoke with Barbara on the phone and Barbara warned her son that Meg was on her way to the hospital and he needed to get out of there. Just as Paul turned to go into Sofie's room, Meg stopped him and asked why he was there. Paul said Barbara had told him Meg was on her way to Memorial and he thought it would be fun to take her and her friends to lunch. Paul walked out with Meg and her friends, leaving Sofie behind.

Sofie came out into the hall and looked around for Paul, but found Cole instead. She took Cole into the stairwell and told him to go to the medical records room and find a sonogram of a two-month-old fetus and switch it with her sonogram. Cole wanted to know if she was pregnant again, but Sofie said he did not have to worry about her pregnancy and she would pay him another $10,000 to get the job done. Cole agreed and went to complete the task.

Sofie returned to the exam room and waited for her doctor. As Paul enjoyed lunch with Meg, Sofie phoned Paul and told him she had the sonogram results to show him. When Paul arrived at the hospital, the doctor showed Paul the stolen sonogram that bolstered Sofie's claim that she was two months pregnant and that meant the timing was right and the baby was Paul's.

Shocked by the news, Paul went to Barbara and told him that Sofie's test proved she was pregnant with his child. Paul was convinced Meg would be devastated by the news of Sofie's pregnancy and asked his mom to help him get out of the terrible situation. Barbara told Paul she would take care of Sofie and all he needed to do was marry Meg as soon as he could.

After the visit to the hospital, Sofie met up with Cole in her room and she paid him off. Sofie said she had no more money for him and needed him to leave town right away. Cole said he had figured out the baby she was carrying was his and he was not going anywhere.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tom and Margo prepared for their 25th wedding anniversary party. Casey didn't want to attend because of how badly his parents had been treating people lately, particularly Emily and Alison. Emily arrived with Daniel while Casey was explaining his reasoning to his parents, and Margo jumped on her, saying Emily was always to blame. Emily explained she was only there to drop off Daniel, and she took Daniel inside to help him pick out clothes to wear to the anniversary party. Casey jumped on Margo for being so quick to blame Emily, but when Emily came back outside, she told Casey to stop defending her. Emily left, and Casey left shortly thereafter.

Tom told Margo he knew she had a hard time dealing with Emily because of Tom and Emily's past affair, but Tom said Emily couldn't do anything to destroy their relationship. Margo said she was worried about Emily's influence on Casey and on Daniel, but Tom assured Margo that Emily was a good mother and would never do anything to hurt Daniel.

Casey went to Emily's office and asked her to stop treating him badly in front of his parents when he was trying to defend her. Emily told Casey that if they made eye contact or spoke to each other directly in front of people who knew them, people would figure out what their relationship really was. Casey thought it might be time to let everyone know about their relationship, but Emily told him she couldn't do that because Margo would disapprove strongly and retaliate.

Casey asked what Margo could possibly do about it, and Emily said she could try to keep Daniel from her by telling Tom about Emily's past. Emily then told Casey that she had been a prostitute for a period of time and that Margo knew about it and had threatened to use it against her by telling Tom, who would probably not let Emily near Daniel if he knew about the prostitution. Casey was stunned to hear about Emily's time as a prostitute, but he told Emily he admired her for turning her life around and that he loved her. Emily was touched by Casey's attitude and feelings for her.

Emily urged Casey to go to his parents' party. Shortly after Casey left Emily's office, Margo arrived, looking for Casey. Emily said she didn't know where Casey was. Margo told Emily she knew there was something going on between Emily and Casey, and she warned Emily to back off, or she'd make Emily sorry by telling Tom about Emily's past.

Margo returned home, where Casey said he'd just gotten back from buying soda for the party. Tom tried to ease the tension between Casey and Margo, reminding them that they had a family celebration to enjoy.

Paul and Barbara talked about Sofie's pregnancy. Barbara told Paul not to tell Meg about it, even though Paul believed he should. Paul said Sofie would tell Meg if he didn't, but Barbara said she would take care of Sofie. Paul still felt that he should tell Meg, because he had promised Meg that he had changed, and keeping secrets didn't seem like a good way to begin his marriage to Meg.

Meg arrived, and Barbara lied and told Meg that her prognosis had worsened, and she might not live to see the wedding if Meg and Paul didn't get married soon. Meg was surprised to hear that, because she had thought Barbara was improving. Paul said Barbara wasn't dying, but Meg took it as a denial, not a statement that Barbara was lying. When Meg told Paul they should get married right away, Paul tried to talk her out of it, saying his mother had her own agenda. Meg said she didn't mind getting married right away and she hoped Paul didn't, either. She convinced Paul they should fly to Las Vegas and get married, and they left to go to the farm so Meg could pack a bag.

In Sofie's room at the Lakeview, Cole told Sofie that as the actual father of her baby, he thought he was owed 50% of whatever money she might get from Paul by convincing Paul that he was the father. Sofie said she didn't have any money, but Cole was certain she could get some. Because Cole continued to threaten to tell Paul the truth, Sofie eventually gave him $5,000 and promised him more money later. Cole told Sofie, "A promise from a liar doesn't really mean much," but he left.

Barbara went to Sofie's room, where she threatened to either prosecute Sofie for attempted murder or make her "disappear" unless she stayed far away from Paul and the rest of Barbara's family. Sofie told Barbara she wouldn't harm someone who was carrying her grandchild, but Barbara told Sofie she'd been married to a bad man named James Stenbeck and that Sofie didn't know what sacrifices she was capable of making to get what she really wanted.

Sofie tried to throw Barbara out, and Barbara shouted at Sofie that no one would miss her if she vanished. Lisa walked by and told them both to be quiet. Sofie made sure Lisa knew how scared she was of Barbara, but Lisa told Sofie that Barbara was her dearest friend, so in any disagreement between Barbara and Sofie, Lisa was going to side with Barbara. Lisa warned Sofie to be careful and not try her patience, and she left. Barbara told Sofie, "The same goes for me," and she left, too.

At the farm, Paul tried to tell Meg about Sofie and the pregnancy, but Meg insisted she didn't want to hear anything more about Sofie. Meg assured Paul that there was nothing they couldn't face together, because they loved each other. Mike came in, and Meg told him she and Paul were going to get married that evening. Mike was surprised but said if that was what Meg wanted, he wished them both every happiness. Mike left, and Paul returned to the Lakeview to pack for his trip to Las Vegas. Paul told Barbara he and Meg were flying to Vegas to get married. Barbara was thrilled, but Paul said he still thought he needed to tell Meg the truth about the situation with Sofie.

Mike went to the Lakeview and ran into Sofie. He stopped her to ask how she was doing, and she told him she and Paul had worked things out and made a commitment to each other. Mike told Sofie he knew that wasn't true because he'd just left Meg and Paul, and he told Sofie about their plans to elope to Las Vegas. Sofie told Mike that obviously meant that Meg didn't know Sofie was pregnant with Paul's child. Mike didn't believe her, but Sofie took out the altered sonogram Cole had gotten for her and showed it to Mike as proof. Mike said Meg deserved to know about the pregnancy, and he returned to the farm. There, he found Meg and gave her the news.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At Tom and Margo's home, the entire Hughes family got together to celebrate the couple's 25th anniversary. Everyone shared stories about the wonderful day that Tom and Margo exchanged their vows. Lisa looked around and noticed Chris had not arrived, but Bob told her Chris knew when the party was starting and should be there anytime. A few moments later, an obviously drunk Chris arrived and Kim immediately took him outside to speak with him. Kim put her hands on her hips and admonished her son for showing up at his brother's party drunk. Chris was glib about his drunkenness, which made Kim even more outraged. She reminded Chris that Tom had just defended him against Alison's sexual harassment charges and gotten him cleared of all of Alison's allegations against him. Chris then shocked his mother when he said that he might not have deserved to win the case. He went on to say that he was the liar and that Alison was the one who told the truth. Chris told his mom exactly what he had done to ruin Alison's career and Kim was disgusted by her son's actions. Chris explained his motive by saying he did it all to get his father's respect. Kim had heard enough and reprimanded her son for not doing the right thing. She reminded Chris that if he would just be a good man, he would get his father's respect.

Kim went back into the party and explained that Chris was not feeling well and had gone home. The party continued and Lisa honored Tom and Margo with a sentimental toast to celebrate their happy union. The family surprised Tom and Margo with a photo album of their life together. The two looked through the photos and reminisced about the life they had shared. They ended the evening with a family photo to add to the album.

Still reeling from her loss in court against Chris, Alison went to Yo's and ordered a drink. The former addict looked at the vodka tonic and considered taking a drink, but just as she started, Aaron arrived and took the glass out of Alison's hand. Aaron wanted to know why Alison was drinking again and she explained that she felt horrible after her loss and did not know what she was going to do with her life after being kicked out of nursing school. Aaron told Alison he was not going to let her drink and that what she really needed was him to help her get her life back on track.

After leaving Tom and Margo's house, Chris went to Yo's for another drink. He ran into Alison and Aaron and told them he had decided to resign from his position at Memorial. Chris said he was leaving and Alison could return to work, happy in the knowledge that he was gone. Alison said she never wanted to end Chris's career and that all she ever wanted to do was be a nurse. Chris told Alison he still believed in her and she should take care of herself. Then he walked out of the bar, leaving Alison to consider her future.

Out at the farm, Mike told Meg that Sofie was pregnant with Paul's child, but Meg refused to believe Mike's story and was convinced that Sofie was just lying again. Meg tried to persuade Mike that Sofie would have told Paul if she was having his baby and he would have immediately told Meg. Mike did not believe that Paul would risk losing Meg by telling her about Sofie's baby. Frustrated, Meg decided it was time to confront Sofie and find out the truth about her baby.

In her suite, Barbara tried to stop Paul from confessing to Meg about Sofie's pregnancy, but Paul had decided he had no choice and was determined that Meg find out from him and not someone else. Barbara explained that if Paul revealed Sofie's pregnancy to Meg, she would refuse to marry him. Paul said he wanted Meg to marry the type of man she deserved and he had to tell her. Barbara insisted that Paul let his mother handle Sofie, but Paul did not want Barbara's help. He went to find Meg and deal with the situation honestly.

Moments after Meg left, Paul arrived at the farm looking for Meg and found Mike in the kitchen. Mike congratulated Paul on the news of his impending fatherhood and a stunned Paul asked Mike if he had told Meg. Mike admitted he had shared the news with Meg and Paul flew into a rage and told Mike he had no right to tell Meg about the baby. Paul's reaction proved to Mike that Sofie's claim was true, so he asked Paul why he had not told Meg earlier. Paul angrily yelled that he had planned to tell Meg and that Mike had no idea the trouble he had caused for everyone involved.

Meg pushed her way into Sofie's room and asked her why she was lying about being pregnant with Paul's child. Sofie told her to get out, but Meg refused to leave without telling Sofie that she and Paul were leaving for Las Vegas right away to get married. Meg told Sofie to stop all of her deceitfulness and deal with the fact that she was the one Paul wanted to spend his life with. Sofie grabbed the fake sonogram and showed Meg that the baby in the picture was big enough to be Paul's. Meg said she did not believe Sofie because Paul would have already told her. Sofie decided to put Meg in her place and told Meg that Paul had taken her to the doctor and if she needed proof she could call the hospital. A bewildered Meg realized that Paul had been at Memorial and that Sofie was telling the truth.

After learning that Mike had told Meg about Sofie, Paul went to Barbara's suite to talk to his mother. Paul banged on Barbara's door and was surprised she was not there. Moments later, Barbara appeared in the hallway to her room, out of breath and a bit anxious. The two went into her room and Paul told her that Mike had revealed Sofie's pregnancy to Meg, and Barbara sent Paul to find Meg and tell her that everything with Sofie was over. Paul wanted to know how Barbara could be so sure that everything with Sofie was resolved, but Barbara would not answer. Paul decided that Meg might have gone to confront Sofie and went to Sofie's room to see if Meg was there.

As Paul arrived in Sofie's room, he pushed open her door and was shocked to find Sofie passed out on the floor. He rushed to her side and asked her who had done it to her. Sofie, barely conscious, muttered, "Meg." He tried to question Sofie, but she passed out again mumbling Meg's name as her assailant. Paul believed Sofie was dead and that she had used her dying breath to accuse Meg of her murder. Paul frantically began to wipe the room of all fingerprints. He covered Sofie with a sheet from the bed and in doing so found a syringe under the bed and placed it in Sofie's pocket. After rewrapping her in the sheet, he found a laundry cart in the hall and placed Sofie inside. As he pushed the cart into the hall, a maid saw him standing next to it and asked if he needed help. Paul explained he had heard a noise and came to see what was going on. Paul rushed back into Sofie's room, leaving the cart with Sofie's body in it out in the hall with the housekeeper.

When Paul went back out, the cart was gone, but he found it in the maid's closet. He pushed the cart out of the hotel and drove straight to Fairwinds, where he buried Sofie's body. Paul went back into the house and poured himself a drink and called Meg, but she saw it was him and did not pick up. Paul left her a message promising they would be all right and then burned the sonogram of Sofie's baby.

Barbara went to look for Paul in the Lakeview bar, but instead found Mike having a beer. Barbara sauntered over to Mike and immediately criticized him for meddling in Meg and Paul's lives. Mike explained that Meg deserved to know about Sofie's baby and he did not want to see Meg unhappy. Barbara said she could guarantee that Meg would be happy with Paul and that Sofie was out of the picture.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

At the coffee shop, Noah served one of his friends from the gay crowd the previous summer. The friend invited Noah to go with him to Yo's where singing star Cyndi Lauper was appearing in support of gay rights, and Noah agreed.

At Yo's, Luke approached Cyndi Lauper to interview her for the Oakdale University newspaper. On her "True Colors 2008 Tour," Cyndi was promoting her new studio album, "Bring Ya to the Brink," for gay rights. She asked Luke if he had a boyfriend, and Luke hedged. The two of them discussed Cyndi's support and interest in the cause. When Noah arrived, Luke explained that Noah was his ex-boyfriend. The interview concluded, and Cyndi offered to dedicate her show to Luke and Noah.

At the diner, Henry asked Mike to intervene again with Carly to see if he could persuade her to sell part of Metro to Henry. As Mike left, Vienna returned with outrageous 4th of July costumes. Henry dressed as George Washington and Vienna was an underdressed Miss Martha. Henry kept mumbling that his "doodle was a dandy," and the two of them faded to black beneath the lunch counter.

Holden moved back to his and Lily's house, although they were alone because the children were all away. Lily proposed they have a holiday cookout and called to invite Carly first. Carly declined, and lied, saying that Jack and Parker were home and they were also cooking. When Carly hung up, Mike arrived. He made his pitch for Henry, but Carly wanted all the work Metro produced so that she could keep busy. She invited Mike to stay a while and hang out, and then decided that it would be a less depressing day if she accepted Lily's earlier invitation. She called Lily, apologized for fibbing about Jack and Parker, and asked if she could still come and bring a friend. Holden was surprised that Carly was coming after all, and...bringing a "date."

Luke watched Noah and his friend as Cyndi Lauper performed "Into the Night Life." Noah dashed out as soon as the number finished, but reappeared during the second song, "True Colors." Noah sought out Luke and asked him to come outside for a talk. He told Luke that the two of them belonged together, and they kissed.

Carly and Mike arrived at Lily and Holden's and stirred up feelings of jealousy in Holden. After dinner, they left rather abruptly, and Lily told her husband that she thought Carly did not seem herself. Holden stalled on initiating a romantic encounter with Lily and insisted that he needed to go to the store to get milk for breakfast the next morning.

Luke and Noah approached Cyndi Lauper and she wished them well. Like said he could not believe that he and Noah were back together and invited Noah to spend the night with him at the deserted Snyder farm. Noah declined, and then reluctantly told Luke that he had enlisted in the Army and was leaving the next day. Luke was hurt, but Noah told his friend that he thought clear rules were what he needed. Luke tried to convince Noah not to go, but was unable to change Noah's mind.

Carly was locking up when Holden appeared on her front porch. He told Carly that he wanted to see if Mike's car was still at her house. He confessed to being jealous, and Carly admitted having feelings for Holden, too. They almost kissed but were interrupted by Holden's cell phone. It was Lily, adding a few items to Holden's shopping list. Holden apologized to Carly and left.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Janet took a picnic basket to the police station and enticed Jack to join her for a Fourth of July celebration, but their plans were put on hold when Jack received a call from Katie. Katie told Jack that WOAK had been robbed, and several video cameras had been stolen. Janet went with Jack to WOAK, where Brad took Janet aside and asked what she was doing with Jack. Janet apologized to Brad for having made a fool of herself the last time she saw him, but Brad assured her she hadn't. Janet said Jack had helped her get a different perspective on Brad, and she was grateful for that. Katie got Janet alone and told her she knew about Janet and Brad's kiss, because Brad had told her. Janet said that Katie probably also knew that Brad had made it perfectly clear that Janet had no chance with him. Katie agreed and said Janet needed to leave high school behind, once and for all.

Brad asked Jack what he was doing with Janet, and Jack said he was just trying to help her get past her embarrassment so that things could get back to normal between Janet, Brad, and Katie. Brad agreed that needed to happen, for Liberty's sake. Jack told Brad he thought Brad was more worried that Jack and Janet were friends than anything else. Brad asked if that was all they were; Jack said goodbye without answering Brad's question.

Liberty and Parker went to Brad and Katie's house, where Liberty expected Parker to once again do her math homework for her. She told Parker they could spend the rest of the day together if he finished the homework quickly. Parker asked Liberty if she'd gotten into any trouble with her mother after their kiss, but Liberty said Janet had never even mentioned it, which meant it was not a big deal. Dylan came to the door and invited Liberty to join him in watching the town parade. He showed her a fancy video camera, and Parker asked where Dylan had gotten it, saying it looked professional. Dylan told Parker it was none of his business, and then he told Liberty to ditch Parker so they could leave. Liberty invited Parker to join her and Dylan, but Parker said he had things to do. As Parker left, he heard Dylan telling Liberty that she shouldn't hang around with Parker because Parker was "just a kid."

Holden and Paul were both at Fairwinds, making phone calls to try to locate Meg, who had not been heard from in more than 24 hours. Meg walked in just as Holden was demanding that Paul tell him what had been going on. Paul told Meg and Holden that he wanted Meg to know that he had tried to find her to talk to her, in order to tell her some "disturbing" news, but Meg had found out about it before Paul could talk to her. Holden was confused, so Meg told him that she had learned that Sofie was pregnant with Paul's child. Meg said she had also learned that Paul had known about it for a while but hadn't told her, despite his claim to love her. Paul said that because Sofie was a liar, he had wanted to make sure she was really pregnant and that the baby was really his. Holden told Meg he would take her back to the farm, and he told Paul if he loved Meg, he would leave her alone.

At the farm, Holden told Meg she had really worried him when she disappeared. Meg apologized. Holden told Meg she needed to be through with Paul for good, because Paul caused her too much pain and because there was no way of knowing what Sofie's baby would mean to Paul or to his relationship with Meg. Meg told Holden she didn't want to talk because she was tired, and she went upstairs to take a bath.

Paul surprised Meg by showing up in the bathroom while she was in the tub. He told her he had taken care of Sofie and that Sofie wouldn't bother them any more. Meg said Sofie was having Paul's baby, so she wasn't going to just go away. Paul told Meg she didn't have to keep pretending, because Sofie hadn't been dead yet when he found her in the hotel, and she had told him Meg had been there. Meg asked what Paul was talking about, and Paul said Sofie told him Meg had injected her and left her for dead. Meg said she'd done no such thing, and she couldn't believe Paul would think she could kill a pregnant woman.

Paul said he hadn't known what else to think, so he had destroyed the sonogram and buried Sofie in the garden. Meg was horrified and said she would call Jack. Paul said the police would think he had killed Sofie if Meg told them what had happened. He explained that he had just been trying to protect Meg because he loved her. Meg wished Paul hadn't done anything, but Paul said that even though he wasn't happy Sofie was dead, he was relieved in a way because it meant he and Meg could get on with their lives.

Downstairs, Luke walked into the kitchen, and Holden told him Meg was upstairs and that she was upset about Paul. Holden said he didn't know why Meg kept going back to Paul. Luke said sometimes people went back to the ones who hurt them because they loved them. Holden asked what was going on with Noah, and Luke told him about Noah's plan to enlist in the Army. He asked how he could let Noah do something like that to himself, and Holden said he couldn't. Holden told Luke he should talk to Noah again if he really felt Noah was enlisting for all the wrong reasons, because it wasn't right to let someone you loved walk to the end of a cliff and throw themselves off of it. Luke thanked his dad and left to try to find Noah.

Meg got dressed and went downstairs with Paul. Holden was furious that Paul had gotten into the house uninvited and that Meg was leaving with him. Holden wondered what Sofie was supposed to do, but Meg said she didn't want to talk about it and that she and Paul would take care of Sofie.

At the Lakeview Hotel, Lisa ran into Barbara and told her she had apparently gotten her wish: Sofie had disappeared. Barbara was surprised but told Lisa that it probably wasn't the first time Sofie had to disappear, because Sofie was a manipulative young woman. Lisa followed Barbara to her suite and asked her exactly what she had said to scare Sofie so badly and whether she had carried out any threats she might have made. Lisa said she knew better than most people that Barbara loved her children and would do anything to protect them. Barbara told Lisa she wanted her to leave. Lisa later returned with a peace offering and told Barbara she hadn't meant to imply that she thought Barbara was a cold-blooded killer. Lisa said they should both be happy that Sofie had apparently left town on her own.

In front of Al's Diner, Dylan filmed Liberty talking about the Fourth of July. Liberty asked if Dylan had any money so they could get something to eat, and Dylan said he did and that he could get plenty more. Meanwhile, Jack ran into Parker sitting on a bench in Old Town, and Parker asked what Jack was doing. Jack told Parker about the stolen video cameras and noticed Parker's reaction to the news. He asked if Parker knew anything about the theft; Parker said no, and he got up and walked away. Jack followed him into Java and asked if there was anything Parker wanted to tell him. Parker said no again, and when Jack said it had seemed as though Parker might know something about the stolen video cameras, Parker said he didn't.

Janet walked through Old Town and came across Dylan, who was trying to sell the video camera to a man who left after telling Dylan he thought Dylan was dealing in stolen goods. Liberty came back from getting some food and asked Dylan what the man had wanted. Dylan told her the man had been asking about Dylan's camera. Dylan and Liberty walked away to watch the parade. Worried, Janet found Jack outside Java and told him what she had seen and heard. Janet was concerned because Liberty and Dylan had been hanging around together most of the day, but she was positive Liberty didn't know anything about the theft. Jack assured Janet that Liberty would be okay, and he went to find Dylan to question him about the camera.

Jack found Liberty and Dylan sitting together. He went back into Java and told Parker he needed his help in getting Liberty away from Dylan. Jack said he thought Parker already knew why and that he was trying to keep Liberty out of trouble. Parker thanked Jack and went and told Liberty he needed to speak to her privately right away. Liberty went with him and then turned to see Jack confronting Dylan about the video camera. Jack had an officer take Dylan in for questioning. Liberty accused Parker of being a rat and turning Dylan in to his dad. Parker said he hadn't done that but that he knew Liberty wouldn't believe him because he was "just a kid."

Parker walked away, and Jack took Liberty by the arm and escorted her into Al's, where Janet was waiting. Liberty told Janet and Jack that she'd known nothing about the stolen camera, and Jack said that was good, because the camera was expensive enough that it was grand larceny to steal one. Brad and Katie came in, and Brad jumped on Liberty for being out with her "thief friend" instead of home studying. Brad told Liberty that for disobeying him, she was grounded. Jack asked Brad to ease up, but Brad angrily told Jack not to tell him how to raise his kid.

Katie asked Jack if Liberty had known anything about the stolen camera, and Jack said she hadn't, which was what he'd been trying to tell Brad. Jack said Janet had been the one who had figured out Dylan had stolen the camera. Janet explained what had happened, and Liberty asked Jack if that meant Parker hadn't said anything to him. Jack said Parker had refused to talk to him about it. Jack and Janet left. Brad apologized to Liberty for overreacting and asked if Liberty wanted to join them to watch the fireworks; Liberty said she was going to go back home and finish her homework.

Parker went to Brad's house and gave Liberty the address of a math Web site, saying he figured she wouldn't want a rat to be her tutor. Liberty stopped Parker from leaving, telling him she knew he hadn't done anything wrong. Parker told Liberty he wasn't going to do her homework for her anymore and that he'd never liked doing it in the first place. Liberty asked why he had done it, and Parker replied that he had wanted to be around her. Liberty said that was "a really good answer," and she kissed him.

Janet talked Jack into taking the picnic back to her hotel room, where she said they could watch the fireworks from her windows. They ate and talked, and then Janet noticed Jack's neck seemed to be hurting him. She massaged it for him and then asked him when was the last time he'd had outstanding, mind-blowing sex. Jack was astonished by the question. Janet said she was just asking. Jack asked if she was asking or proposing. Janet replied that of course, she was also proposing, because Jack was very attractive, and it would be fun. Jack said Janet was very sexy and attractive. Janet said Jack always had to say "no" because he couldn't let himself have fun. She pointed out that he had finally said "yes" to the picnic, and he could imagine what would happen if he agreed to her proposal. Janet said she was done talking, and she kissed Jack. She asked him afterward, "So, what do you say?" Jack looked at her and replied, "Hell, yeah!" and kissed her.

At WOAK, Katie massaged Brad's neck and asked why he let Jack get to him so much. Brad said Jack was trying to take his family away from him, but Katie pointed out that Janet wasn't Brad's family, Jack couldn't take Liberty away from him, and Katie was his family, too. Katie said if Brad insisted on having a competition with Jack, he should realize that he was the one who'd ended up with Katie. Brad sat Katie down on his lap and told her she was right and that she was quite a prize.

As the fireworks went off over Oakdale, Jack and Janet kissed, Parker and Liberty kissed, Katie and Brad kissed, and Paul hugged Meg while she asked him where he had buried Sofie.


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