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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on GH
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Monday, June 30, 2008

At the nurses' station, Patrick served Robin with court papers. Robin kept insisting that Patrick did not want to be a father. Liz listened in as Robin said that she did not understand why Patrick did not take a free pass and walk away. Patrick insisted that he had changed. He vowed that his love for Robin had not diminished. He begged her to let him be a family with her and their unborn child. When Robin again demurred, he told her that he had hired Diane as his lawyer and he was determined to get visitation rights with his child. Before he could say more, Anna Devane appeared and hurled him to the floor.

Later in a hospital room, Anna wanted answers from Patrick. When he told her how he really felt-that he wanted to be part of a family with Robin and their child-Anna understood. She told Patrick that Robin got her stubbornness from her father, Robert. She also told Patrick that Robin was scared because Robin's father had not been around and perhaps Robin thought a father was someone who dropped in occasionally. Patrick said that he too had grown up with an absent father and he wanted something different for his child. Anna asked if that was because Patrick wanted to prove something to his father. Patrick said "No." He wanted to prove something to his child. It was clear that Anna approved of his answer.

Back at the nurses' station, Robin assumed that Liz agreed with her about keeping Patrick away from the baby. When she tried to commiserate and get some support, Liz shared her experiences and told Robin that she did not agree with Robin because a court battle would not be in the best interest of the child. She also told a stunned Robin that despite the divorce, Lucky spent as much time with their children as he had when Liz was married to him. She went on to tell Robin that if a man like Patrick came into her life she would be glad to have him as part of her family. Robin was still digesting Liz's words when Diane approached. When Diane suggested that Patrick had rights, Robin seemed inclined to go to court. Anna overheard as she and Patrick joined the group and quipped that if the case went to court, she would have to testify. Robin smugly said, "Thanks, Mom." Her face fell when Anna added, "For Patrick."

Jerry burst into Anthony's hotel suite and held a gun to Johnny's head. He told Anthony that he was there because Anthony had agitated Alexis by threatening her daughter, Kristina. Ric, Trevor, and Claudia were shocked to hear what Anthony had said to Alexis. Despite Anthony's claim that it was an empty threat designed to make Alexis release Johnny from police custody, Jerry viciously insisted that he would kill all of them if any harm befell Alexis or her children. He used Johnny as a hostage and left the suite with him in tow. Alexis was in her office with Nikolas. She told him that she had unleashed "Mr. Craig." Nikolas was not pleased. He told her to come to him in the future, because he would protect her. Alexis was not convinced. She felt that Jerry, a.k.a. Mr. Craig, was the perfect person to deal with a psychopath like Anthony Zacchara. Ric stopped by after Nikolas left to tell Alexis that she had overreacted to Anthony's words. Alexis scoffed at him and blamed him for getting Anthony released from prison. She made it clear to Ric that she though Jerry was better able to protect her. She added, sarcastically, that she hoped that Ric was being well paid for his efforts on Anthony's behalf.

Nikolas caught up with Claudia at the hospital. He told her that he would go to Jason and tell what he knew about her involvement with Michael's tragic shooting if anything happened to Alexis or her children. Claudia tried to squirm out of responsibility for Michael's condition, but Nikolas was not swayed.

Jerry prepared to release Johnny outside the hotel, but not before reiterating his intent to kill Johnny and Claudia if anything happened to Alexis or her children. Jerry then let Johnny go, but when he turned his back, Johnny jumped him. After a brief struggle, Johnny got control of the gun. Claudia arrived as Johnny prepared to shoot Jerry. A calm Jerry reminded Claudia that he had proof of a deep, dark Zacchara secret that would be revealed if anything happened to him.

At the Crimson offices, Sonny advised Jax to get a paternity test if Carly was pregnant. Kate walked in on them before Sonny could respond to Jax's inquiry as to why he and Carly would need one. Jax left the offices rather than continue his conversation with Sonny in front of Kate. Sonny told Kate that secrets and lies were what hurt relationships and would ultimately destroy Jax and Carly. Kate agreed that honesty was important in a relationship. She asked Sonny to swear that they would never have any secrets between them. Sonny equivocated when he said that he wanted to make her happy.

Dr. Hunter interrupted Maxie and Spinelli, who were on the bed in Spinelli's hospital room, and leaped to an incorrect conclusion. Spinelli tried to explain, but Maxie pretended that the doctor had indeed interrupted them having sex and belabored the point. He left the room in disgust. He returned later to find Lulu there as well. Despite her avowals that she was only interested in Spinelli as a friend, Dr. Hunter seemed to believe that something more than friendship was going on. Later, when Spinelli was alone, Dr. Hunter returned and told Spinelli that he wanted him to take the MBTI, a personality test. He told Spinelli that his behavior, including awkwardness, inability to make small talk, and talking in the third person might be indicative of a certain, unnamed condition. He wanted to run tests to make a proper diagnosis. Spinelli refused the evaluation and told "Dr. Doom" that he was happy with himself the way he was. Dr. Hunter left Spinelli alone when Spinelli insisted that the doctor forget their conversation and not mention it again.

Lucky ate lunch in Kelly's. Sam overheard him as he extolled her virtues to Mike. She was flattered and told him so. They sat at a table and talked about their relationship.

Carly was with Jason at the penthouse. She was afraid to take a home pregnancy test and came to Jason for support. She begged Jason to say that her unborn baby belonged to him. When he wondered why, she admitted that she had had grief sex with Sonny in the limo, on the ride home after placing Michael in a long-term care facility for coma patients. She was afraid that a paternity test would prove that Sonny was the father. When Jason said no, that he would not tell a lie for her, Carly said that she had already told Sonny that Jason was the father. Jason was very upset. He insisted that Carly take the pregnancy test before he explained why he would not pretend to be the father of her child to help her keep the child away from Sonny.

Carly took the test but forced Jason to read the results. They were both relieved when Jason told her that the test was negative. Jason was adamant when he told Carly to keep him out of her tangled web of deception. He advised her to be truthful with Jax, but she feared that she would lose Jax if he found out she had slept with Sonny. Carly hugged Jason and told him that despite what he said, she knew in her heart that he loved her and would have lied for her if she had been pregnant. Jason looked disgusted as she cheerfully left the penthouse in search of Jax. After Carly left, Jason answered a knock on the door. It was Sonny, who wanted to know if Jason was sleeping with Carly.

Jax was waiting for Carly at home. He asked Carly if the reason that she did not want to take a pregnancy test was because there was a chance that Sonny could be the father.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Carly told Jax she had taken a pregnancy test and was not pregnant. Jax admitted he had been excited, but most of all, he was hoping Carly would have something to focus on instead of Michael. A baby might have changed things around for them, and Carly might have been able to get on with her life.

Sonny asked Jason if he was the father of Carly's baby. Jason said there was no baby, because he had seen the test. Jason also confirmed he was not sleeping with Carly. Sonny asked if Jason would have agreed to Carly's lie if she had been pregnant, but Jason didn't want to answer a hypothetical question. Carly was not pregnant, so it didn't matter. Carly had just been trying to fix a potential problem by lying. It was what she always did. Jason reminded Sonny they were all still trying to cope with Michael's injury. Everyone had to deal with it in their own way, in their own time. Getting out of the business and marrying Kate was Sonny's way of dealing with it. Jason wanted Sonny to be honest, though. It was all about Michael, and it always would be.

Kate talked to Maxie and Lulu about preparations for the upcoming wedding. Lulu asked how comfortable Sonny was with being thrust into the spotlight. Kate admitted she needed a backup in case Sonny got cold feet. Maxie and Lulu both stopped dead in their tracks and asked what she meant. Kate told the girls Sonny had proposed previously, but Kate had turned him down due to Sonny's racketeering business. Now that Sonny was out of the business, Kate was free to marry him. She still wanted a back-up plan, though. Sonny was still coping with Michael's injury, and anything could change at any time.

Ric stopped by Crimson and asked Kate for help. There was a great deal of tension between Jason and the Zacchara family. Ric wanted Kate to make sure Sonny stayed out of the business. Kate told Ric she had interfered with Sonny's business once and would not make that same mistake again. Ric decided to go talk to Sonny since Kate would not do so. Sonny wasn't thrilled to hear the same old story, "Don't go back into the business." Ric told Sonny that Anthony had threatened Alexis with harm to Kristina if Johnny was not released. Sonny was furious his daughter had been threatened and no one had told him about it. He picked up the phone to call Jason and tell him to take care of Anthony.

After Ric left, Jax walked into Kate's office while the girls sat outside and bickered. Kate showed Jax the budget figures, but Jax was focused on Carly's news that she was not pregnant. After it became apparent once again that Jax wanted nothing to do with Sonny, Kate walked out to talk to the girls. She told Maxie and Lulu that no one was to ever walk into her office unannounced again. If Jax and Sonny crossed paths, it could be dangerous for Kate. Just as Kate walked back in her office, Carly stormed past the girls. She told Kate not to plan a big wedding, because Kate would just be disappointed when Sonny stood her up. Carly said Kate should make sure Sonny was at the end of the aisle before she walked down it, because Sonny would leave her standing at the altar, just like he did to Brenda.

Johnny held a gun to Jerry until Claudia revealed the full story about her involvement with Jerry and Ian Devlin. Jerry had a signed affidavit that Claudia had hired Ian to shoot Sonny. After what happened to Michael, Jason would kill both Johnny and Claudia if he found out that information. Johnny shot behind Jerry to just barely miss him. Johnny was trying to call Jerry's bluff, but Claudia managed to get Johnny to go home.

Once Claudia and Johnny arrived home, Johnny exploded in a rage after it became crystal clear what Claudia's total involvement had been. Jerry had not been interested in buying property; he had been spying on Claudia. She knew he was dangerous and told Johnny that Jerry had been the one who had stabbed her. Johnny was furious Claudia had kept so much from him. He asked if anyone else knew about their involvement with Michael's shooting. Later, Alexis met Jerry in the alley and asked if he had killed Johnny. He told her he had not but wondered if he should be jealous. He explained that things had gotten tense when he met with Johnny, and he wanted Alexis to hang on to an "insurance policy" for him.

Robin could not believe her mother was siding with Patrick and had agreed to testify on his behalf. Diane reminded Patrick he could drop the charges, but he did not seem inclined to do so. Later, Robin met with Alexis and asked her to take the case. Alexis agreed to be Robin's lawyer but said it was always easier when parents got along. Anna showed up, and Robin explained to Alexis that Anna would be testifying on Patrick's behalf. After Alexis left, Anna stuck around while Robin went to bed. Patrick showed up and Anna let him in. He wanted advice on how to get Robin to understand he wanted to be with her and the baby. Anna admitted Robin's emotional problems were her and Robert's fault. If Anna was able to convince Robin to move in with Patrick and he ended up hurting her, Anna would show Patrick the type of special agent she was at work.

Spinelli had been left sitting in his wheelchair by the nurse's station when a nurse had to attend to other business. Liz offered to take him back to his room, but Spinelli couldn't resist trying to explain his conversation with Jason about Claudia. Liz threatened him with "involuntary sedation" if he continued to talk about Jason. Later, Liz found Spinelli once again by the nurse's station. Spinelli was about to be released, and he was just waiting for his ride back home. He tried to explain about Jason and Claudia again, but Jason soon arrived. Jason was upset to see Spinelli still trying to dig his way out of the hole with Liz. She saved them all from continuing the conversation and said she understood. Spinelli tried to get Liz to wheel him to the car, because he felt some animosity between the parents of little Jacob Martin. Liz said she and Jason had their own lives, and she walked away.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In their apartment, Claudia and Johnny discussed their trust issues. Claudia insisted that Johnny could trust her. Johnny said that he knew he could trust her love, but he was not sure about her judgment. She admitted that she had made a mistake by trusting Jerry Jax and hiring Ian Devlin to shoot Sonny. She said that she was trying to keep Johnny out of it, believing that what he did not know would not hurt him. Johnny told her that she could not protect him because he did know what she had done, and Jerry was aware that he knew. When Johnny asked her if anyone other than Jerry knew, she admitted that Nikolas was also aware that she had hired Devlin. Johnny was stunned and feared the consequences if Lulu should find out.

Claudia told Johnny that she had spilled the beans when she was at Wyndemere, delirious and recovering from a stab wound. Johnny worried about how long a secret could remain a secret if so many people already knew. Claudia assured Johnny that Nikolas, who felt guilty about buying an illegal drug from Devlin, would not tell. Johnny was not so sure and wondered what they should do. Claudia suggested that she could go to Jason and tell the truth. She told Johnny that Jason had a soul and that he would understand and would not kill them in retaliation. She pointed out that Jason had been provoked numerous times but had not started a war. Johnny did not accept her analysis of Jason's character and was adamant that no one should be told about his or her part in the shooting that ultimately led to Michael's coma.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason showed concern for Spinelli's health. Spinelli feared that Jason was still mad at him because of what Spinelli had said to Liz. Jason said that he was not mad, but he did not want Spinelli to upset Liz. Spinelli told Jason that he did not think that his words upset Liz. He thought that she was upset because Claudia was free to talk and have interaction with Jason on a casual basis and Liz was not. Jason looked thoughtful. But before he could respond, Maxie arrived to visit Spinelli. Jason was quickly sent on his way. Spinelli was delighted to have Maxie fussing over him. As Maxie was declaring her undying friendship to a disappointed Spinelli, Leyla dropped by. Maxie cheerfully left Spinelli in Leyla's care and went to work after promising him that she would stop by later. After Maxie was gone, Spinelli bubbled over to Leyla about all Maxie's wonderful qualities.

Carly went to Sonny's place and told him that she was not pregnant. He told her that he already knew because Jason had told him. He also knew that she had never slept with Jason. He accused her of being a liar. She told him that she would destroy his relationship to Kate if he told Jax that they had slept together. Sonny accused her of being selfish and vindictive. She said that she had already told Kate about Brenda and how Sonny had left her at the altar. Sonny wanted to know why Carly was going out of her way to hurt Kate. Carly said it was because she did not want Sonny messing up her relationship to Jax. Sonny's anger erupted and he vented his pain and agony at having to give up his children. He told Carly that he had left the mob, that he was legitimate and wanted his kids back. She said he was still a danger to her children. Carly said that Sonny would not be able to stay away from the power and would take the business back. Max entered Sonny's house without knocking and overheard Carly and Sonny bitterly blame each other for having sex on the limo ride home after placing a comatose Michael in long-term care. Once Carly left, Max wanted to know if Sonny and Carly were getting back together. Sonny said, "No," then made Max uncomfortable when he started asking questions about mob business. Max told Sonny to ask Jason and Sonny decided that he would go to the mob office.

Lulu ran into Logan on the docks. She had been shopping for Kate. She tried to get away, but Logan made conversation, and then invited her to a concert. She told him that she was with Johnny. Logan pleaded for another chance with Lulu, but she told him she was not interested and scurried away to the Crimson offices.

Elsewhere on the docks, Jason bumped into Claudia who wanted to talk. They made an appointment for the next morning in Jason's office. Claudia reproached Jason for treating her so coldly and reminded him that she had nursed him, when she could have killed him, as well as Spinelli when they were in quarantine with a virus. She thought the least he could do was thank her. Politely, Jason thanked her for taking care of Spinelli before walking away.

Leyla, Nadine, and Nikolas proudly showed off the clinic to Dr. Hunter, who did not seem very enthusiastic. After the tour, he told Nikolas that he thought someone else would be better suited to work there. Nikolas made it clear that Dr. Hunter's internship was funded by him and went hand-in-hand with the clinic, which was named for Emily, who would help anybody, anytime, anywhere, so the doctor went to work. The mayor stopped by and told Nikolas not to get overconfident. Even though Nikolas had been able to set up the clinic despite the mayor's machinations, the mayor still intended to do everything in his power to see that the clinic was shut down. Nikolas insisted that it would stay open.

Back in the waiting room, a patient collapsed. Nadine and Dr. Hunter recognized her as a patient who had been given medication earlier and sent home. After examining her, Dr. Hunter concluded that the medication was bogus. Nikolas and Nadine remembered similar incidents at General Hospital. Dr. Hunter mentioned that counterfeiting drugs was big business for organized crime. Nadine noted that Claudia Zacchara had been visiting the clinic and wondered if there was any connection. After the collapsed patient was sent to GH at Nikolas' expense, the clinic was empty of patients who feared shoddy treatment, so all the staff except Nikolas left for the day. Lulu dropped by for a visit. Nikolas tried to convince Lulu to leave Johnny, but Lulu defended him. It appeared that Nikolas might tell Lulu about Johnny's involvement in Michael's shooting and subsequent coma, but Johnny interrupted and angrily demanded that Nikolas talk to him instead of Lulu, if Nikolas had a problem concerning Johnny.

Sonny confronted Bernie at Jason's office. He demanded to know about the incoming shipment. Bernie remained polite, but did not divulge any information. When Jason came in, Sonny tried to give him advice, but Jason merely asked Sonny if he wanted the business back. When Sonny said he did not, Jason asked Sonny what he did want. Sonny said he was offering his expertise on shipping routes. Jason thanked Sonny for his offer, and then said that the shipment had already landed. He told Sonny that he had taken over the business so that Sonny could be legit. He pointed out that Sonny could not be legitimate if he was still helping out with the business. Sonny left the office rankled after Jason made it clear that there was no longer a place in the organization for Sonny.

Claudia went to Carly's home and respectfully asked to speak with her. She wanted to enlist Carly's help in separating Johnny and Lulu. Carly also wanted to separate the pair, but felt Lulu had to make her own choices. Claudia explained what it was like to grow up in a violent household, and how hard it was for Johnny when his father shot his mother. Claudia told Carly that Johnny was only eight years old at the time and that Anthony had intended to shoot Johnny, but had missed and hit Johnny's mother instead. Carly sympathized, but was unsure what Claudia wanted. Claudia said that she would do anything to protect Johnny and needed help from Carly.

On the docks, Logan approached Dr. Hunter about selling prescription drugs to him for the clinic. Dr. Hunter realized that the drugs were probably counterfeit and confronted Logan. Logan did not admit that they were, but Dr. Hunter did not seem to care. He indicated to Logan that he was willing to do the deal if he got a big enough cut. Before the negotiations were finished, Maxie interrupted the two and told Dr. Hunter that Logan was bad news and the doctor should avoid him because Logan was a "loser."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leyla visited Spinelli at the penthouse. She wanted to check on his recovery. Spinelli was grateful for the company and took the opportunity to ask Leyla for romantic advice. He wanted to know what kind of man Leyla would be attracted to, in the hopes of gaining some insight into what kind of man Maxie would be drawn to. Leyla listed the qualities of what she considered to be the ideal man. Spinelli listened carefully and tried to picture the man in his mind. As if on cue, Jax stopped by for a visit. Leyla quickly made her excuses and left. When Spinelli asked Jax the reason for his visit, he was surprised to learn that Jax had a job offer for him. Jax tried to tempt Spinelli to take the job. He said that the offices where he wanted Spinelli to work were located at the Metro Court Hotel. They were just a few floors above Crimson.

Diane dropped by Jason's penthouse to leave some paperwork for Jason. Spinelli was eager for her thoughts about Jax's job offer. Diane was reluctant to share. She reminded Spinelli of the last time she gave him advice and he "carpe diemed Maxie all over Kate's desk." At Spinelli's insistence, Diane gave in. She admitted that she questioned Jax's reason for offering Spinelli the job. Diane explained that Carly's fixation on Jason might have been what had motivated Jax to try to take something important away from Jason: Spinelli. Diane's advice to Spinelli was not to get caught up in the middle of Carly and Jax's marital issues. Spinelli reluctantly agreed and decided to turn down the job offer.

On the docks, Matt was a witness to an ugly scene between Maxie and Logan. He tried to walk away but Logan's hostility toward Maxie stopped him. Matt warned Logan to back off. Logan's hatred for Maxie was palpable as he stalked off. Maxie thanked Matt for rescuing her. As a gesture of gratitude, Maxie offered Matt unsolicited advice. She warned him to stay away from Logan; Logan was not as he seemed.

Nikolas, Lulu, and Johnny were at the clinic, arguing. Nik didn't trust Johnny because he was a Zacchara. Lulu pointed out that Johnny's situation with his family was no different from Nik's with the Cassadines. Lulu dashed off to work before Nik could argue further.

Lulu and Johnny were on the docks when Lulu began listing Claudia's faults. Johnny's temper flared. He asked Lulu where she got off constantly talking trash about his sister. Lulu was speechless as Johnny continued yelling at her. Johnny's tirade was cut short when Anthony called him and demanded to see his son immediately.

When Johnny went to see his father, he let Anthony know that he did not appreciate Anthony threatening a little girl's life in order to get Johnny released from jail. Anthony tried to say that it had been an empty threat, but Johnny didn't seem to care. He reminded Anthony that he didn't want the incident repeated, and left. Johnny then returned to the clinic to talk to Nik. He told Nik about his role in Michael's shooting and then asked Nik if he planned to tell Lulu. Nik's main concern was Lulu. He felt that she had seen more than her fair share of death in her short life. Nik told Johnny that he would keep quiet.

At Carly's house, Claudia tried to convince Carly to talk to Jerry on her behalf. Claudia wanted Jerry's assurance that he would not kill Johnny. Carly listened carefully and picked up on something that Claudia had said. Carly asked her what horrible thing had Claudia had done that endangered Johnny's life. Claudia realized that she had revealed too much but quickly recovered. She told Carly about Anthony's threat on Kristina's life. Carly didn't see the connection. Claudia lied and said that she had given Anthony the idea to threaten Alexis. Carly's expression was skeptical, but she didn't pursue it further. Carly confessed that she knew what it was like to hurt someone dear to her. Claudia took that as a sign that Carly would talk to Jerry and made a hasty exit. Outside of Carly's house, Claudia stopped to compose herself before she stepped off of the porch.

Carly was eager to spend the evening with Jax when he arrived home. Her joy turned to annoyance when she learned that Jax had plans to fly to Manhattan on Crimson business. Carly accused Kate of trying to get back at her but Jax didn't know why Kate would do that. He left a few minutes later, despite Carly's obvious irritation. A short time later, Jax's pilot dropped by the house with flight plans. Carly questioned the pilot and realized almost immediately that he was hiding something. Eventually she managed to get him to reveal that he had seen Jax and Kate kissing. Carly was furious and stormed over to see Spinelli. She ordered the cyber-sleuth to dig up every piece of dirt on Kate that he could find. Carly announced that she intended to destroy Kate, once and for all.

At the docks, Jerry informed Claudia that he needed insurance that Anthony would not kill him. Jerry demanded that Anthony be told about Claudia and Johnny's involvement with Ian Devlin and Michael's shooting. Jerry realized that until Anthony realized that his son could be charged as an accessory to the shooting, Jerry's life would be in danger. Claudia reluctantly went to see her father. When she told Anthony that they couldn't kill Jerry because he made arrangements to expose Johnny and Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting, Anthony hit the roof. He shouted obscenities at his daughter, calling her a slut and a whore. Then he brought up her past. Claudia had enough. She stood up and yelled, "How dare you?" She reminded him that she was only 16 and he was the adult. Exactly what happened remained a mystery.

At Crimson, Diane and Kate were discussing the prenuptial agreement that Kate wanted Diane to draw up, when Alexis walked in and heard the tail end of their conversation. She looked stricken when she realized the significance of a prenup. Alexis couldn't believe that Kate would be foolish enough to marry Sonny. She turned to Diane for help convincing Kate to reconsider the marriage. Diane agreed that Kate shouldn't marry Sonny but she reminded Alexis that Kate was an intelligent woman and more than capable of taking care of herself. Diane pointed to the prenuptial agreement as proof. Diane assured both ladies that she would make certain that Kate walked away with everything when Sonny went back to Carly.

Lulu walked into Crimson and apologized to Kate for being late. Kate told her to get to work. As soon as Kate walked into her office, Logan appeared. He wanted to talk to Lulu in order to convince her that he deserved another chance. Maxie went to Lulu's aid when Logan became increasingly irrational. Logan's anger mounted quickly as he turned his hostility on Maxie. Lulu was forced to scream at Logan, making it abundantly clear that they were over, in order to get him to leave.

Maxie was alone at Crimson after Kate left the office with Lulu in tow. Maxie carried a fax into Kate's office when she heard the elevator doors swish open. Thinking Kate and Lulu had returned, Maxie called out only to see Logan darken the doorway to Kate's office. Maxie's concern soon turned to terror as Logan slowly approached with menace. He told her that he knew they were alone because he had heard Kate and Lulu as they left. Fearing for her safety, Maxie tried to escape Logan's clutches but he managed to block every effort. He began hitting Maxie and throwing her around while she struggled to get free.

Lulu walked into Johnny's apartment and found it empty. She walked out onto the balcony and happened to look into Kate's office. Lulu watched in horror as Maxie tried to fight off Logan. As the attack continued, Maxie was knocked to the ground and lost consciousness. Logan loomed over Maxie's prone body then suddenly looked up and spotted Lulu staring down at him from Johnny's balcony.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, General Hospital did not air an original episode today. This programming change will not result in any missed episodes and the action will pick back up on Monday, July 7th.

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