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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 5, 2002 on GL
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Monday, August 5, 2002

Rick tries to overhear what Ed, Cassie, Michelle and Mel are talking about outside of his room. He strains himself, which triggers his heart alarm, and everyone stops arguing. Edmund, still out for revenge, finds Cassie and realizes that she has learned the truth about Richard's death. He suggests that they band together to sue the Bauers. Cassie refuses to hear him out and sends him away. Meanwhile, Mel reiterates to Ed and Michelle that she did not turn off Richard's life support. She is touched to learn how far Ed would have gone to protect her, but she assures him that it wasn't necessary he is covering for someone else. Danny calls Reva to the hospital for support. After daydreaming of telling Cassie the truth about Richard's job; Reva drops everything to help her sister. Cassie returns to confront Ed, but Reva intervenes, declaring that she is the one responsible for turning off Richard's life support. Marah is upset to hear Tony discussing the Santos involvement at the Beacon. In an attempt to calm her down, Tony touches her arm, which sets Marah off. Tony tries to assure her that they are trying to help Cassie, but their argument turns into a conversation about their relationship and Tony walks away. Harley decides to go after Gus' mystery woman and breaks into his room to find a picture of her. Gus arrives and assumes that Harley wants to get back together. They make love. When Gus is asleep, Harley kisses him goodbye and heads to Chicago.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Gus wakes up expecting to find Harley beside him, but she's not there. He's looking around for her when Phillip knocks on the door and says they need to talk.

Meanwhile, Harley calls Frank from the airport and asks him to watch Jude, that she's on her way to Chicago to find the girl that Gus is protecting. He tries to stop her, she's violating her bail, but she's going.

At Cedars, Reva tries to explain to Cassie the circumstances around Richard's death, but she doesn't want to hear her and Cassie runs out.

Back at Gus' Phillip tells Gus that he had time to think when he was away with Zach, and that Zach missed his mom. He says he wants Harley to start seeing more of Zach, and would even let him move back in with her, because the only lapse in judgment she's made was getting involved with Gus, otherwise, she's been a good mom. He says he's willing to drop the charges against Harley, if Gus will leave town. He even offers Gus money, so he can get set up somewhere new. Phillip says if Gus really cares about Harley, he'll leave. Gus plays along and says fine, but he'll be checking with Harley the next day to make sure she has Zach, and that Harley is never to know about their arrangement.

Reva finds Cassie outside Cedars and tells her the circumstances of Richard's last moments. She tells her how he woke up and begged her to help him die before he went unconscious again. She tells him that Lillian told her it wasn't likely that he would wake up again, but he did and again asked her to help him die. Then he had his stroke and they had to put him on life support because he didn't have a DNR. That he would spend the rest of his time on the machine. Somehow through his determination, he woke up one more time and with the use of a speech board, he again begged Reva to help him. She told Cassie she'd prayed about it and tried to call Cassie, but couldn't reach her. She told Cassie how she watched him having the spasms and knowing the pain he was in, she knew she had to help him, that he didn't want Cassie to have to make the decision. Cassie tells her she never wants to see her face again. She says that Reva is a murderer and that she had no right. She tells Reva how self-righteous she is and if she knew it was so right, why didn't she tell Cassie when she arrived at the hospital. She says that Reva and the Bauers took everything from her, Reva got Richard's last moments, and Rick got his heart, but what did she get? She says Reva still has her husband.

The police chief shows up at Company looking for Harley and Frank covers for her. He tells Frank that he's gotten Harley's court date moved up because he wants to help her out and wants her back on duty. Frank asks when the new court date is, only a couple of days.

Harley shows up at St. Anne's, the school where the girl Gus is protecting attended. The sister there tells her she remembers the girl from the picture and that she was trouble, but she can't remember the girl's name. Harley sees yearbooks on a shelf and asks if she can look at them. She finds that the girl's picture and name have been cut out of all of them, but she's sure it has to be the girl she's looking for because of other things that are written about her. The sister invites Harley to stay there at the school, since she has nowhere to stay. Harley asks the sister if the girl had a boyfriend, and she tells Harley she had many, but one was like a soul mate, then she suddenly remembers the girl's name, Eden. But she can't recall the last name. Harley stays at the school and continues looking for more info in the yearbooks. She comes across a comment from Eden that says she wants Nick back, forever. Harley realizes that Nick, is Gus.

Frank goes to Gus' hotel room and finds him packing. He tells Gus what the chief told him about moving up the court date, but he can't get in touch with Harley. Gus hasn't figured out why Harley was in his room the night before, so Frank tells him that she came to find the picture of the girl and is now in Chicago looking for her. Gus becomes very upset and says she can't find the girl before he does. That if Harley finds her first, she'll find out what the definition of trouble really is. Frank says Harley better not lose his job or Zach over him and he tells Frank that she won't lose Zach and tells Frank about Phillip's visit and that someone needs to pick up Zach the next day, but with a very good explanation of why Harley isn't there. Frank says he'll pick up Zach. Gus is off to find Harley.

Ed finds Reva and sympathizes with her. She tells him what Cassie said and that she's right, Reva didn't have the right to make the decision she did.

Cassie goes to the cemetery and asks Richard why he left her. She tells him she wants him back.

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Danny and Michelle wonder how Rick will react to being told about the circumstances surrounding Richard's death. Later, Danny admits to Ray that he has considered going to extremes to protect his and Michelle's family, but he has no regrets. Meanwhile, Carmen wants Edmund to send the videotape of his attempted murder to Danny and Michelle. Edmund refuses and destroys the tape. Carmen suggests that he send Danny a fruit basket as a peace offering. Edmund agrees and Carmen has one of her men place a copy of the real tape in the gift box from Edmund. Later, Danny and Michelle receive Edmund's basket and Michelle finds the tape. Ross and Blake get rid of everything in their house that reminds them of the bad times they have endured. In Chicago, Gus and Harley just miss each other at the convent school. The nun remembers Gus and advises him to fix things with Harley. Gus hands the nun the money that Phillip gave him to get out of town and charges off to find Harley. Meanwhile, Harley encounters a cop, who recently arrested Eden. She stealthily steals his notebook, which contains Eden's information, and breaks into Eden's apartment. Eden arrives shortly after her and discovers Harley snooping around. Later, Gus finds the cop that Harley talked to and gets hauled into the station, being held responsible for Harley's theft.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

At the Country Club, Phillip and Beth are in a heated discussion about Harley. Beth sides with Harley, which upsets Phillip, but Phillip redeems himself when he tells Beth he is letting Zach go back to Harley. Phillip tries to reach Harley but can't. Phillip discusses Beth's wedding ring in a loving way, which triggers Beth to have a Lorelei flashback. In the flashback, an unknown man places a cigar ring on Lorelei's finger. Frank shows up before Beth can tell Phillip her memory. Frank wants to pick up Zach, but Phillip is angered Harley won't come herself to pick up Zach. Frank tells Beth that Phillip bribed Gus to leave town. Frank leaves without Zach and Beth is again angry with Phillip.

Also at the Country Club, Carmen acts flirtatious toward Edmund, but Edmund is still angry with her so he leaves her to eat alone.

At Cedars, Danny and Michelle decide Carmen must be responsible for the videotape in the fruit basket sent by Edmund. Even though Danny doesn't want Michelle to watch the video, she continues to watch it to see Danny in an incriminating scene with Edmund. Michelle questions Danny, but before Danny can explain she quickly accuses Carmen of producing a fake videotape of Danny in an attempt to break up their marriage. Danny does not correct Michelle's assumptions. As Michelle leaves the hospital room, she decides to keep the videotape after she told Danny she would get rid of it. Edmund shows up and jokes with Danny about the fruit basket he sent the Bauers, not knowing that Carmen placed the incriminating video in the basket. A calm Danny asked Edmund to take a walk with him.

Carmen stops by the Bauer house and finds Michelle holding the video. Michelle assures Carmen that her attempt to break up her marriage with Danny failed because she trusts him.

At Company, Marina tries to keep Ben away from Marah but fails. Ben and Bill join Marah for breakfast. Marina upsets Marah by talking about Tony. Ben gives Marah a ride home.

In Chicago, at Eden's apartment, Harley tells Eden that Gus is living in Springfield. Harley explains her custody battle to Eden, and urges Eden to come to Springfield to explain to Phillip that Gus is innocent. Eden doesn't want to help and warns Harley about the threat she would be to Harley and Gus' relationship if she came to Springfield.

Meanwhile in a Chicago diner, Gus is almost arrested for impersonating an officer. He luckily sees a picture of his father on the wall. Gus uses his father's name to convince the police officers that he is legit. Happy to see Gus again after so many years, the police officers help him find Harley, by giving him Eden's address. Gus shows up at Eden's apartment. Eden is very happy to see him.

Friday, August 9, 2002

Michelle confronts Carmen about the videotape showing Danny threatening Edmund's life. While across town at the beach, Danny is confronting Edmund about the same videotape. Danny thinks Edmund sent it to Michelle to harm him. Michelle thinks Carmen sent the videotape. Another difference, Michelle thinks the tape was altered somehow to make Danny "look like" he was threatening Edmund. Carmen, Edmund and Danny, all know that Danny truly did threaten Edmund's life. Carmen tells Michelle all about the forced "vacations" that she and Edmund endured as punitive measures from Danny. Michelle does not believe her, and Carmen walks out swearing that sooner or later Danny's true colors are going to shine clearly for everyone, even dubious Michelle, to see.

Edmund explains his previous encounter with Carmen and proposed the idea that she is the one setting them both up from behind the scenes. Danny is somewhat doubtful of Edmund's story, but there is a familiar ring to it that he cannot shake. When Edmund catches up with Carmen, she doesn't even bother to deny sending the videotape to Danny. Edmund teases Carmen that he has perhaps poisoned her as retribution for setting him up with Danny. Carmen starts to choke and gasp on her champagne. When Edmund looks worried, she begins to laugh. He tells her she might not think it is so funny when the slow-acting toxins begin to take effect, which should be in about 24 hours, give or take.

Reva arrives home and Cassie lets everyone know that she does not require Reva and Josh's assistance with her kids, or their hospitality any longer. Cassie takes her children and leaves. Marah and Shane are completely bewildered. Reva explains to them why Cassie is acting the way she is. Marah and Shane are astounded with the news that their mother helped Richard die. They understand that Reva did what she though was right, what she had to do. But they are finding it difficult to believe she actually flipped the switch that turned off Richard's life support. Cassie runs into Dr. Grant at lunch with her children. She tells him that she's read the confession from Ed, but she knows otherwise that her own sister, Reva Shayne, was responsible for Richard's death. She tells Dr. Grant that she expects him to do something about it. Cassie calls Marah and asks for some help with the kids. Marah comes, and she tells Cassie that she's sorry about the whole thing regarding the life support being turned off. Marah lets Cassie know that she wants to be there to help her through this. Back at Reva's, Dr. Grant shows up and let's Reva know there will be a formal investigation for which she should probably bring an attorney.

Gus walks in on Eden and Harley having a discussion. Eden is surprised and thrilled to see Gus. The feelings seem to be mutual on his part. Harley is not so heart-warmed over their reunion Gus lets Harley know the hearing has been moved up and she needs to get back to Springfield ASAP. Harley is full of sarcasm and anger. She has enough for Eden and Gus both. She embarked on this trip to find Eden and get her to clear Gus. But now, with Eden and Gus standing in front of her - a clear connection between them - Harley seems to have done a complete turn around. When it comes out that Gus and Eden are brother and sister - Harley is floored -- relieved, too. And she lets Eden know that it is about time that she grow up and quit letting her brother take the fall for her past actions. Eden's not taking the "time to grow up" proclamation from a total stranger too well. Gus is not sure what to say or do. He's looking about as uncomfortable as a guy can get. Then Harley handcuffs herself (with her non-broken arm) to Eden, telling her that they are all going back to Springfield where the truth is finally going to come out and Harley will then be able to be with Gus and have her son back at home where he belongs. Eden is furious, whereas Gus is half-amused and half-annoyed.

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