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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on GH
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Monday, August 12, 2002

At Skye's place, Skye told Jax that Roy was asking questions about him and Sonny. Later Roy showed up and asked Jax if he wanted to pair up with Roy to take Sonny down. Jax refused, and after Roy left, Jax mentioned he was finished with revenge. Skye asked if he and Sonny both cared about Brenda that much. Jax only commented about how Sonny's love had almost destroyed Brenda. They left, and Roy broke into their safe to get something to help take Jax down.

A.J. went to the police station to file a missing persons report on Courtney. Courtney saw him and hoped nobody gave her away. She was safe. He left without knowing she had been there. They were all released later.

Everybody showed up at Laura's house for the wedding except the bride, groom, and Rick, who was supposed to give the bride away. Elton was a wreck and was afraid the wedding was going to be a disaster. Lesley suspected that Luke and Laura had eloped; she told everybody that and said the reception would still go on. She tried Laura's cell phone but got no answer. Lucky was suspicious and took off. Elton was complaining that nobody would see Laura's dress.

Lucky went to the old Webber attic to see if his mom and dad were there. Nikolas showed up, too, and when they got to the room, they found Rick lying there, dead. They heard footsteps and quickly hid the body under blankets and carpet. It was Scott, and he asked what they were doing there. Lucky said he was wondering if his mom and dad had gone there, but nobody was there. Nikolas' phone rang, and it was Gia, but he pretended it was Laura calling from Vegas to say they had eloped.

After Scott left, Lucky said they had to hide Rick. Lucky said maybe his dad had killed Rick, but he would have had a good reason.

A.J. and Mike went to Sonny's penthouse to ask Sonny to help find Courtney because she was missing. Michael saw A.J. and told him to leave. Michael mentioned how A.J. had said he was Michael's father, and Michael said he knew that wasn't true. Sonny wasn't happy to hear that and wasn't very receptive to A.J. and Mike. He still thought Courtney should dump A.J. A.J. said Sonny should know that if A.J. approached him, A.J. had to be serious.

A.J. received a call from Courtney saying she was okay. After A.J. left, Mike told Sonny that A.J. and Courtney were in a good place. Sonny was unforgiving, and Mike pointed out that if Sonny weren't so unforgiving, he wouldn't miss out on a lot of family. He parted with the words that the day before had been Sonny's sister's birthday.

After Mike left, Sonny asked Carly why she hadn't told him about A.J. and the park. She hadn't thought it would do any good. Jason stopped by, and Carly left the room, saying that he could keep his secrets even though she couldn't have any. Jason had gone to Roy's again and had found some stuff about Luis Alcazar. Sonny didn't know who he was and didn't know why he would be after Sonny.

A.J. got home and hugged Courtney. He was very glad to see her. He told her she had been found out. He knew it had been her birthday, and he had a present for her. He also had a cake.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

In Jax's cottage, Skye tried to discourage Jax from attending the fundraiser. Jax gave Skye the combination to the wall safe so she could retrieve her necklace, not knowing she intended to steal the oil map. Skye feigned a migraine to avoid the fundraiser. After Jax left, Skye called Edward to pick up the map. When Edward arrived, Skye told him the map wasn't in the safe, unaware that Roy had stolen it the day before.

Edward gave Skye until her engagement party Friday to produce the map, or he would show Jax the contract she had signed promising to betray Jax for sole inheritance of the Quartermaine fortune. When Jax returned from the fundraiser, Jax checked the safe and found the oil map missing. He then questioned Skye, asking if she had been in the safe while he had been gone. Skye said the only reason she had to go into the safe was to get her necklace. Jax told her the oil map was missing, but that he trusted and didn't suspect her.

At the docks, Zander told Roy he was ready to go back to work for Roy. Roy tried to discourage Zander from the mob life, but Zander was adamant. Zander claimed Sonny had betrayed his loyalty, and Zander wanted to work for Roy to exact revenge. Roy gave Zander a large check as severance pay and told Zander to leave town and take Liz with him. Zander accepted the check.

Scott told Lucky he wanted to find out what Luke knew about Rick's sudden disappearance from town, because Rick hadn't checked out of his hotel room and hadn't slept there the night before. Lucky claimed he didn't know how to get in touch with Luke, but would pass on the word that Scott wanted to talk to him when Luke called. Scott questioned why Lucky was on the docks.

Roy gave Alcazar half of the oil map Roy had stolen from Jax's safe. He told Alcazar he was holding the other half for half a million dollars ransom. Alcazar agreed to pay - "this time."

Liz used Jason' s credit card to gain entry into Kelly's but inadvertently destroyed the card. Jason brpke a pane of glass to gain entry instead. Jason cut his hand while breaking in, and Liz played nurse. Jason confronted her about her previous decision to leave town with Zander. She said it had only been to save Zander's life, and not for romantic reasons.

Liz alludes to how she and Jason felt about each other, but nothing was resolved. As Jason and Liz left, Zander showed up. Liz tried to convince Zander to leave town without her for his own protection. He questioned her motives on the night they had made love, and Liz claimed it had been mutual need. Zander told Liz that as much as she hated being Lucky's pity project, that was how much he hated being hers.

At the hospital, Scott told his people to track down Luke and Laura, who had been no-shows for their wedding the day before. He then lied to Bobbie about the phone call, saying it had only been work-related. Bobbie invited Scott and his daughter to go on a vacation with her and Lucas, but he declined, citing his new D.A. job.

Lucky and Nikolas, with Rick's body in their car, planned to hide the body at Wydemere. Nikolas missed a stop sign, and the police pulled him over. The officer noticed Rick in the back seat, and Nikolas and Lucky claimed Rick was their father in an alcoholic blackout. They proceeded to the docks, where they transported the body by boat to Wydemere. They hid the body in a deep freezer until they could figure out how Rick had died.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Alexis summoned Carly to visit her and requested that Carly get a copy of Sonny's medical files so that Alexis could know her baby's medical history. Although reluctant to be of assistance to Alexis, Carly later returned with the files after removing any detail that would provide information about who the real father was. When Carly left, Ned took the file and filled in his information so that if they ever needed the medical data, it would appear that the files were really Ned's instead of Sonny's.

Alcazar talked to a woman about Diana taking her medication and requested that the dosage be increased because she was beginning to behave oddly.

Sonny made another attempt to provide financial support for his sister, Courtney, but out of pride and concern that there would be strings attached, she refused the money. Later, Courtney and Liz talked about Sonny and whether or not there were always strings attached when he offered help.

Jason and Liz talked briefly in Kelly's about how Liz had nearly been killed twice because of him. Jason wanted to avoid her because he didn't want her to be hurt again.

Sonny and Jason discussed who Roy's backer could possibly be and how big of a threat he was to Sonny.

Gia joined Lucky and Nikolas in their plans to dispose of Rick's body. After narrowly avoiding a housekeeper, they retrieved Rick's car keys, and set him and his car up near a cliff. They poured vodka on him to make it appear that he had been drinking. After a long disagreement with Gia and Nikolas about how dangerous the situation could be, Lucky finally got his way and got in the passenger seat of Rick's car. He drove it from that side so that there would be tire tracks for the police to find; he planned to jump out right before going over the edge. Unfortunately, Lucky was unable to get his door open and didn't make it out in time.

Jax and Skye were at his cottage, and Jax talked on the phone to his parents about the missing oil map. After that, he shared his suspicions with Skye about who had stolen the map, stating that he felt that Roy was the one who had taken it. Later, Jax met Roy outside Kelly's and told him to return the map or else Jax would tear him and his life apart. When Jax arrived back at the cottage, he found an envelope with half of the map inside.

While Jax and Roy were discussing the missing map, Sonny approached them and made the situation even worse. He again tried to encourage Roy to reveal who his backer was. After Roy left, Carly stopped by, and Sonny could tell that something had upset her, but she didn't tell him what. Instead, they planned to meet at home and eat dinner as a family with Michael.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Liz grew worried when Jason continued to give her the cold shoulder concerning their friendship. He told her he didn't want her to get close to him because it was too dangerous. Liz talked to Courtney about it while they worked at Kelly's. Courtney understood when Liz said that she was tired of always doing the perfect, safe thing and wanted to take risks more. Courtney said that she had felt that way when she could be herself around A.J.

A.J. overheard Liz and Courtney's conversation and asked Courtney if she felt she had to pretend to be happy because she had to work two jobs to help support them. Courtney denied that she was unhappy with him and insisted that what he had overheard her say to Liz hadn't been what she'd meant to say. Coleman walked into Kelly's and demanded service from Courtney. A.J. recognized him and warned Coleman to leave his wife alone. The two men got into a fight. A.J. warned Coleman to stay away from Courtney. Coleman didn't give away that she was one of his strippers.

Coleman left Kelly's, and Courtney managed to stop A.J. from going after Coleman. Meanwhile, Liz made plans of her own concerning Jason. While Jason was outside Kelly's, he received a strange phone call and thought it was one of Alcazar's men calling to set up a meeting. When Jason arrived at a remote area near the docks, he was surprised and dismayed that it was Liz. Liz admitted that she'd had the busboy at Kelly's call Jason for her. Jason wasn't happy that she was taking her safety so lightly.

Jason told Liz to go home and not to follow him. Liz was fed up and confronted him about his true feelings. She accused him of trying to run away from her and not really just wanting to keep her safe. Jason admitted that was part of it. Liz apologized to him for hurting him when she had gotten together with Zander and wished he wouldn't shut her out anymore. Jason kissed her passionately and left.

Skye continued to worry about Jax's finances and proposed that they cancel their engagement party plans. Jax refused to let his financial situation mar their happy time. After Jax left for a meeting, Skye called Edward and insisted he meet with her at the cottage. Edward showed up thinking she was going to give him the map he wanted. She told him she didn't have the map and pleaded with him to leave her alone; she accepted that she wouldn't inherit the Quartermaine assets because of it.

Edward listened to her pleading and told her he would take the contract with him to the engagement party to give to her. Skye was relieved but packed her things and told Jax that they should go ahead and elope instead of having a big wedding. Jax didn't agree and told her he wanted a big wedding to tell the world what she meant to him. They made love.

Meanwhile, Alcazar met with Roy on the pier. He handed Roy an attaché case full of unmarked money at Roy's request. Alcazar mentioned a woman in his conversation with Roy, alluding to her as the reason for his plans to destroy Jax and Sonny. Roy realized that Alcazar wanted some sort of personal revenge against them both.

Alcazar later reclined on the couch with his mysterious woman and assured her that soon they would be able to leave Port Charles -- after he took care of Sonny and Jax for her. She didn't speak, but earlier she had pretended to take her "medicine" from the private nurse but had actually put the pills behind a planter. Alcazar left the room, and Zander popped up to look around the place after following Alcazar and his men. He saw the mysterious woman and followed her to her room. He listened outside the door but was knocked out from behind before he could look inside the room.

Lucky scared both Nikolas and Gia when they saw him drive Rick in his car off the cliff and didn't see Lucky jump out. Lucky surprised them when he appeared with only a minor scratch on his upper cheek. They were relieved to see he was okay. Gia started to freak out about what they were supposed to do next. Nikolas and Lucky realized that Gia would have to give an anonymous tip to the police about the crash.

Gia was against Lucky and Nikolas' plan, since she worried about getting caught by her brother and sent to jail. They told her she was their only choice because they were too close to what was going on, and it would tip the police off if they called. Gia reluctantly went to call 9-1-1. The police showed up just then, ruining their plans a little. Gia told one of the detectives that she had been driving when a car swerved around her and almost hit her. She said that she had seen the car go over the guardrail, drive over the cliff, and explode. She acted shaken up and almost slipped up when she referred to the driver as a "he" but covered it up.

Meanwhile, the staff at General Hospital waited anxiously, since the consortium of doctors that was supposed to meet with the board hadn't been seen near the boardroom. Alan commented that he hadn't seen Rick Webber around for a couple of days. He snidely asked Monica if she had seen him recently. She told him she hadn't. Amy and Bobbie hadn't seen him since the rehearsal party.

Scott showed up saying that Rick was a missing person. Scott got a call about Rick. He was surprised by the news. He headed to Kelly's, where he found Nikolas and Lucky at one of the tables. He told them about how the police had found Rick's body with a bottle of whiskey next to the seat.

Scott acted like he suspected Lucky and Nikolas of knowing something. Scott told them that it was quite a coincidence that Nikolas' girlfriend happened to be the only witness who had seen Rick go over the cliff. He added that Rick wasn't much of a drinker either. Lucky and Nikolas looked at him coyly.

Friday, August 16, 2002

Lucky was asleep when suddenly he woke up and saw a "dead" Rick Weber standing over him, bleeding. Rick said to him, "It doesn't matter what you do to cover it up. Your father killed me, and soon everyone will know." Lucky snapped out of it and realized it was a dream when the phone rang. He was shaken but answered. It was Scott Baldwin. He wanted to talk about Rick's accident.

A.J. showed up at Kelly's to pick up Courtney for Skye and Jax's engagement party. Courtney couldn't go because she had to work. A.J. wanted to support Skye for all she had done for him, and he needed Courtney there for his own support. A.J. accepted that Courtney couldn't go and took her home. Nikolas and Gia passed them.

Lucky joined Nikolas and Gia, and they wondered what Scott wanted. They said they had to keep their cool and not let Scott trip them up. They went inside Kelly's and joined Scott at a table. Nikolas wanted to know if Scott was accusing them of something. Scott said that depended on how they answered a few questions. Scott went over the whole story then said they didn't know how a guy who didn't drink much went over a cliff with a bottle of vodka.

Scott also mentioned Gia finding the car and Lucky having a cut on his face. He took each of their drink glasses and put them in a bag, explaining he was doing a fingerprint test. Gia said she was going to tell her brother everything before Scott nailed them, but Nikolas stopped her. Meanwhile, Scott received a phone call with the test results. He met back with the boys. He said they got lucky but wanted to know why Lucky had killed Rick Webber.

Jason met Roy outside Kelly's. Roy complained about being summoned. Jason told him Sonny wanted to meet at the penthouse. Roy refused but agreed to meet at the Oasis then left. Liz stepped outside and gave Jason his check. He paid then started to leave. Liz stopped him and said hello. Jason told her she was getting too close and to back off.

Zander woke up in an unfamiliar room, trapped. The mystery woman's nurse entered and admitted to hitting him over the head. She told him he needed to stay there quietly and remain hidden. Zander said he had information, and the nurse called it good, saying the woman she worked for would love to hear it. The woman's hand covered Carly's face in a newspaper picture of Carly and Sonny.

Zander said he could only be useful to the man in charge, not some girlfriend. The nurse told him to pay attention. The man in charge would take Zander's offer and kill him anyway. Zander said he would answer questions anyone asked -- for a price. The nurse thanked him and left.

The nurse met with the mystery woman and said that her instincts had been right; she believed the man could help her. She said she would find out everything she could, and she left. The woman picked up the newspaper again, but it showed Skye and Jax's engagement picture. The nurse returned to Zander and said that her employer was willing to listen to the information. She sat down, pulled out a piece of paper, and said she needed him to tell her everything he knew about Sonny Corinthos.

Zander told the nurse everything and said that he had a score to settle. She asked about Sonny's wife, and Zander said that they constantly fought and broke up then got back together. He called her a whack job and selfish but said she was a good person underneath and was devoted to Sonny. The nurse asked why Sonny always took her back. Zander said he loved her. The nurse said she was not the love of his life, then asked about Jasper Jacks. Zander wanted to know why Jax mattered. Zander said he didn't care about Skye and Jax and wanted to know why the nurse's employer wanted to know so much about Sonny and Jax's personal lives.

Carly read the newspaper about Skye and Jax. She started drawing pictures on their faces when Sonny walked in. He saw the paper and asked what she was planning. She admitted that scribbling on the paper was childish, but she was ticked that Jax had taken her club and given it to Skye. Sonny said he'd buy her a new club. Jason arrived for a meeting, and Carly left. Jason told Sonny about the meeting at the Oasis. He said after that night, Roy was going to be a lot more cooperative.

Carly heard a racket outside the penthouse door and found the guards holding Liz. They said she had been loitering around where Jason parked his bike. Carly grinned but vouched for Liz. When the two were alone, Carly called Liz a stalker. She said that for some unknown reason, Jason liked Liz, and Carly wanted him to be happy so she'd give Liz some advice. Liz said to go ahead, but she didn't have to listen. Carly said that if Liz wanted to be the "little gangster girl" then she needed to know some rules. Rule number one was if the man told her to stay away or butt out, she needed to do it because if she didn't, it would only complicate things.

Carly said that if Liz pushed Jason too far, he'd cut her off "just like that." Carly said she gave them a month before she got either herself or Jason killed. Liz reached the hallway, but Carly followed her out, stating that she'd already been kidnapped and shot, so she was not totally unprepared, but if she wanted Jason, she'd have to take the whole package because there was no separating the two. Jason was standing at his doorway, listening, and Liz got in the elevator and told Carly she'd heard enough. Carly said not to say she hadn't warned Liz. Jason appeared walking toward Carly. She froze. He asked her "what the hell" she was doing messing with his life.

Skye and Jax started receiving guests for their party. Ned and Alexis arrived with a gift and said the best way to honor Kristina was to go on with their lives. She knew Kristina had liked him a lot. Monica and Alan showed up next. Skye went to greet her father. He told her how beautiful she looked, and they gave her a gift. Monica told Skye to be afraid of getting married. She and Alan went at each other while Skye greeted Edward.

Edward showed Skye the contract wrapped as a gift and Skye panicked that he had taken it with him. She was worried that he would go back on his word. He teased her that he was going to show it to Jax, and Skye grew worried. Jax pulled her over for a toast. He told her that their journey had been a ride, but he loved where it had taken them. Everyone watched as he poured out his heart to Skye. He said he was humbled by the gift of her trust then they all toasted.

Skye was in tears, and Edward stopped her and Jax and asked Skye if there was something she needed to say to her love. Skye told Jax that in their journey, she'd had the furthest to go. Her heart had been buried under all the mistrust and hurt of the past. Jax had gotten to her and cleared all of that out. He accepted her as she was in all her self-destruction. She told him she loved him then looked at Edward and said that she was done with the games and fear.

Skye and Jax toasted to love then A.J. arrived. He and Skye hugged, and she said she knew how hard it was to walk into that room with all of his family. She ran to the powder room. Edward asked where Courtney was. A.J. said she had stayed away. Jax approached and said he had no intention of going after Edward's family's empire by using Skye.

Meanwhile, Skye ran to the gift table and picked up Edward's gift. Jax walked up and asked why Edward's gift was so important. Skye said she didn't want to make a scene. Monica spoke to A.J. and asked how he was doing. She said she was very proud of him, his job, and his sobriety. He said he owed it all to his wife. Alan gave his approval as well.

Skye ran outside with Edwards's gift, opened it, and found a piece of lace. Edward followed her outside and showed her the contract. He said he was going to give it to Jax. She figured out that he had never intended to make her sole heir or give her the contract. He told her that she could never win against him. They started wrestling with the contract, and Edward grabbed his chest and collapsed. Jax found them on the ground and wanted to know what was going on.

Courtney showed up for work. Sonny arrived to for his meeting with Roy. He watched the girl dancing and looked around the club. He didn't spot the picture of "Daisy" right behind him. Roy showed up, and they sat down.

Sonny subtly threatened Roy then showed him a few pictures of "accidents," revealing what had happened to each. Sonny said they were pictures of previous business associates of Roy's new boss, "Alcazar." Sonny said he had names and dates if Roy wanted to check them out. Roy asked what Sonny wanted. Suddenly, the lights went down, and the announcer introduced the girls.

Courtney showed up on stage and began her dance, but Sonny had his back to her. Roy said it was personal with Alcazar. Roy told Sonny it would cost him for information on Alcazar. Sonny said he was not asking for a favor -- he was giving Roy a chance to survive. Roy said he'd be in touch and instructed Sonny to enjoy the show then Roy left. Sonny turned around and saw his little sister dancing on stage. He was not pleased.

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