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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, August 12, 2002

by Andy

Abigail and Chris check on Margo at the hospital and find a livid Dr. John barking at a nurse demanding that she find Margo. John tells Chris to go to Hal's wedding and tell Tom to call him as soon as he can.

Katie fusses over Margo at her home, when Adam walks in on the way to his father's wedding. He is surprised to see his mother out of the hospital. He's worried that she won't get proper care at home. Margo assures him she just needs rest and that she hasn't felt this good in days. Katie covers and says she spoke with her kidney specialist, and he OK'd her coming home. Adam buys the story, grabs his gift, and runs to meet Tom in the car. Margo breaks down because she fears the end of her life is near. She wants her old life back where she can appreciate the little things without worry. Katie cries and gives her sister a hug.

Alison continues to club-dance in front of Kim like a $2 stripper wearing an '80s Madonna outfit. Dr. Bob shrugs and says, "she certainly is limber, isn't she." Kim is furious at Barbara and power-walks over to find out what she's up to. Susan grabs her daughter and tries to drag her away, but Alison slithers out of her mother's grasp. T. Marshall demands custody of Will for Barbara. Emily holds onto Will's shoulders and this triggers Babs, "Take your hands off my son!" Kim chides Barbara, "Don't you DARE take that child out of here today!" Barbara grins, eyes fixed on Hal and Will. Emily snaps at Alison, and then Alison runs off into the house closely followed by her mother. Hal and Jack quickly review the court papers and concede that Barbara has all her Ts crossed and Is dotted. Will whines, "I'll miss the wedding." Emily soothes, "No you will not!" Barbara spits, "Is she allowed to speak?" Hal pulls Babs off to the side, tries to reason with her, and says, "We will talk after the ceremony." This is OK with Barbara, "Fine-I'll let you know where we'll be staying." Hal and Babs get to the root of her anger. She says, "It's ALL about Emily! She couldn't punish me in court, so now she's using Will to do it." Emily chimes in suggesting that the minister will arrive shortly and pleads for her not to break her son's heart. Barbara sardonically soothes her, "Cheer up Emily. You'll have another chance at Hal's next wedding. He married me three times. I'm sure you're good for one more trip down the isle." Emily deadpans, "How much lower can you go lady?!" Carly pipes in, "I'd like to answer that! Can I answer that?" She looks at Barbara's lawyer and says, "How does it feel to have Satan for a client?!" Marshall calmly says, "We'll take the boy now." Carly turns to Hal and says, "It's what she does. She hurts children. She ruins lives."

Around the corner, Aaron musters the courage to kiss Lucy once more, directly in front of her father. He leans in, but Craig throws him away, and pulls Lucy to safety. Craig says, "You want some of me?" Aaron says, "I'm not afraid of you." "You should be." Holden rushes to Aaron's defense and tells Craig he's overreacting. Craig looks at Aaron and calmly threatens him, "If you push me-I'll push back." Lucy pulls away from her father and says, "Does that go for me too? I hate you! I hate you so much!" Craig and Lucy try to talk things out. He knows that rebelling is a family tradition. She asks her daddy if he's interested to know why she's smitten with Aaron. He says, "How about I meet your next boyfriend. The one who doesn't consider the G.E.D. an advanced degree." Aaron returns and says he's leaving. Lucy says she's going with him, with or without her daddy's blessing. Craig says, no, and he wins because Lucy is underage. Aaron doesn't care. "You can't keep Lucy and me away from each other anymore. We care about each other." Craig laughs. Holden brings him off to the side for a man-to-man chat. When they look back, Aaron and Lucy are gone.

Inside the house, Alison is rummaging around for different music to play when Susan grabs the CDs out of her hand. Susan tells her to go to her room, but Alison scoffs. Susan can't understand why Alison is acting this way on "Emily's big day." Alison is jealous of all the attention Emily got all her life. She's also angry about the lie Susan kept secret about Emily being her biological mother. Susan gives up. "When would have been a good time to tell you? Really. I'd like to know." Alison says, " 'When' would have been a good time for you to figure out, if you can't have kids, don't!" Susan wants to send her to therapy. Alison scoffs again, "I'm the only sane one in this bunch-mom! It's the rest of you who should be locked up in the nut house!"

Tom and Adam arrive at the wedding, and Kim quickly gets them up to date. She begs Tom to do something. Across the room, Adam spies Chris escorting his ex, Abigail to the party.

Tom reads the court order and doesn't think it will stand up in family court. Travers says, "It'll stand today though." Tom says he'll file a motion first thing in the morning. Barbara begins to take Will away and Emily tells him to stand still. Marshall threatens to call the sheriffs department to help escort them off the property. Emily gets a zinger in, "Just because you gave birth to this kid, it makes you his mother? He'd be better off being raised by a pack of wolves." Barbara threatens Emily to get Hal to back off, or he'll "spend his wedding night in jail!" Just then Babs is pelted by a piece of wedding cake. Carly coyly licks frosting off her fingers. Barbar screams across the room, "That slut just assaulted me!" Jack asks if anyone saw the attack, and no one remembers seeing anything. Emily makes one last minute plea to have Will for one hour. Barbara won't have it and begins to walk away with Will in tow. Hal grabs Will's other arm, and finally the child speaks. "Just stop it! I don't care! I'll go, OK?" Then he breaks down and sobs, as he just looks for love from his fighting parents. Hal apologizes to his son. Kim grabs Barbara by her horns and pulls her off to the side for a cat-to-cat chat.

Abigail catches up with Adam. They chat for a little bit, then Adam asks about Chris. Abigail says that they're just friends.

Dr. John arrives at Margo's place, but Katie intercepts him outside. He is furious that his daughter left the hospital, but more so that she might not live. Katie tries to calm him down. Margo struggles to get closer to the door so she can hear the conversation. Katie says, "What good is a new liver, if she has a broken heart?" Margo smiles. Katie invites him over for dinner later and he accepts. Katie goes back in the house and asks what Margo is doing on her feet. Later, Katie speaks with a doctor on the phone and the doctor gives her permission to take Margo to the wedding.

Abigail runs into Carly and gushes over her new engagement ring. Abigail says she's going to go check on her mother since she didn't make it to the wedding.

Molly and Mike make out on the couch, and start to make love but Mike has second thoughts. Molly coos at him to take her to the bedroom, but when he mentions Jake, her eyes glaze over, and sorrow creeps into her face. Mike realizes that Molly wants to just close her eyes and imagine she's making love to Jake. He wants no part of that and gets up to leave. Molly denies his accusation. They realize they have three hours before Mike's plane leaves for his job South America. Molly smoothes things over, and they begin to make out again. Just then, Abigail and Chris come home and catch them in the act.

Susan brings Alison two dresses and tells her to pick one and go outside and "apologize to your sister!" Alison thinks they're both "gross" and won't pick either dress. Just then, Aaron and Lucy walk through the living room en route to Aaron's rented limo. They graciously thank Susan for a beautiful afternoon, and quickly leave. Alison gets up and tries to run after them, but Susan stands in the doorway. Alison says she can't stop her from leaving. Susan spits, "Just watch me!"

Tom finds out that Margo left the hospital, and he flips his lid. Dr. Bob tells his son that maybe it's the best thing for Margo to be home.

Aaron and Lucy jump into the Limo, but it's blocked in by the florist's truck. Craig opens Lucy's door and demands that his daughter get out.

Around the corner, Barbara has had enough of what Kim has to say and walks past her. Kim grabs her arm and snaps her back to attention. Kim starts to defend Emily, and Barbara shoots back, "SHE won't let me near him!" Kim thinks that's trash, "Because YOU ran out on him! Are these the kinds of memories you want him to have? You ripping him away from his father?" "He'll understand." "No. He's going blame you for it. Is that what you want?" Babs screams at Kim, "What I want is for you to shut the hell up and stay out of my life!" Then she walks away.

Off to the side, Hal and Emily are stunned at Barbara's gall. Hal doesn't know Barbara anymore. Emily thinks that she's just blind with rage. Hal thinks there's only one solution. He's going to let Will go, for his own sake. Emily hugs him.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

At Java, Bonnie tells Lisa why she wants to quit while Ben and Isaac have the same discussion. Lisa goes on to tell Bonnie she can no longer handle everything she is doing especially since she is going into business with Carly and offers to sell her shares of Java to Bonnie in order for her to be a partner.

Craig is not happy to find Lucy at the wedding with Aaron and when he expresses is disapproval, Lucy and Aaron view Holden's arrival as an exit. They run to the limousine hoping it would leave quickly however they had to wait. Craig caught up to them and opened the door ordering them to get out, however Lucy doesn't and Aaron closes the door and the limousine leaves. Later the limousine stops for a biker flagging them down only to find out it is Alison. When she gets in she tells her tale of woe and convinces Lucy and Aaron to let her stay with them. Aaron not happy about this tells the limousine driver to go to the old mill.

Emily and Hal discuss what a disaster their wedding day has been since Will was taken, they decide to still goon. Adam later fills Hal in on Margo's condition to which Hal storms off the ask Tom why he wasn't informed. Bob and Tom both explained to him it wasn't there idea or place to tell him and Hal asked who else knew, only to find out Emily also knew. Jack and Adam both offer to be the best man however much to everyone's surprise Margo shows up and asks if the best man has to be a man and Hal replies "No...only as strong as one." Margo then accepts the best person position.

Abigail and Chris go to Molly's to check on her only to find her and Mike making out. Seeing as everyone is embarrassed by the situation, Abigail expresses her feelings on getting her own apartment so they can each have more privacy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Molly and Abigail discuss Mike and Abigail says she is fine with the situation as long as Molly is happy. Abigail tells her mother that she wants to get her own apartment. Molly is hesitant at first but then decides it is okay. Then, Molly goes to the airport to tell Mike she wants him to come back to Oakdale. She arrives too late; the plane has left already.

Aaron, Lucy and Alison arrive at the Old Mill right after Alison gets sick. Aaron and Lucy tell Alison to decide where she wants to go and they'll take her there. While they are in the middle of their discussion, Craig walks in. He tells Aaron that he will put him in jail, if necessary. Aaron says he loves Lucy but Lucy says she'll go with Craig just to avoid a scene. She says Craig can never change her mind about Aaron. Craig goes to the car and lets them say good-bye. Aaron wants them to run away but Lucy says no. She promises that no matter what Craig says about Aaron, she won't believe him. She leaves and Alison tries to talk to Aaron but he makes her wait in the limo. In the limo, he tells Alison to leave him alone. He is angry with her for everything she has done. He tells her that he never wants to see her again. When Craig and Lucy arrive home, Lucy tells him that she lost respect for him.

Margo shows up at Emily and Hal's wedding and Hal asks her to be the best man/person. Margo talks to Emily and asks her how she truly feels about Hal. Emily says she's waited her whole life for a man like Hal. Finally, Emily walks down the aisle, they say their vows and get married. Jack says that the wedding "got to him." Carly asks if he cried. He replies that he only had a little moisture in his eyes. Molly shows up and Jack and Carly tell her they are engaged. Molly tells Carly that she needs to jump on a plane and go after Mike. She says that things have gotten a little more serious. It is then time for the throwing of the bouquet - Carly catches it. After the bride and groom leave and all the other guests have left, Alison comes back to the wedding. She takes the bride and groom on the top of the cake and smashes them upside down into the cake.

Barbara takes Will to Fairwinds so she can get some of her belongings. Will refuses to go inside and says he'll wait outside for her. Barbara tells Will they will be staying at a hotel - not the Lakeview. Will is angry that Barbara took him away from the wedding. He says after what she did, he wants to make sure that he will be allowed to visit Hal and Emily. Barbara tries to get Will to see "her side" of the situation. While Barbara is inside, Will hears a noise and gets scared. He runs to Barbara and they leave Fairwinds.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Rosanna arrives back in Oakdale and makes a visit to Molly. Carly and Molly discover that Rosanna is behind Mike's sudden job in Venezuela. Carly and Molly decide to fax a paper to Mike telling him that Rosanna is funding his project. Carly accuses Rosanna of sending Mike away to keep him from Molly. Although Rosanna's underlying plan was to get Mike out of her way so that she would clear her way to Craig without any distractions.

In Avanya a hurricane threatens Paul, Rose Lucinda, Henry and Simons life as well as their attempts to rescue Joe. Lucinda and the group inform Simon that Katie left for Oakdale due to a telegram of Margo's illness.

Katie takes Adam to the airport, so Adam can return to his studies in California. While Katie is at the airport she learns of the weather in Avanya and worries for Simon. When Katie checks with the airport officials if flights can leave Avanya, she is told that all flights have been grounded due to a class 3 hurricane nearing the island.

Craig hires Marshal Travers to help him deal with Aaron Snyder. In doing so, Craig agrees to back Travers for the election of DA. Marshall Travers suggests that Craig let him serve Aaron with a restraining order to keep him away from Lucy. Craig agrees.

Lily and Holden attempt to convince Aaron to stay away from Lucy for a couple of weeks, Aaron insists that he will continue to see Lucy even though he is told not to. While the adults try to instruct Aaron, Marshal T. Travers delivers the restraining order from Craig. Lily and Holden warn Aaron that if he sees Lucy now it could result in jail time. Aaron isn't really concerned until he learns that Holden and Lily think Craig might have hired a detective to gain any evidence that Lucy and Aaron get together. While speaking of the repercussions of breaking the restraining order Lucy comes to visit Aaron.

At Craig's suite, Rosanna visits to attempt reconciliation with Craig. Rosanna tells Craig that she backed the project in Venezuela to send Mike out of the country.

Friday, August 16, 2002

When Lucy stops by Lily and Holden's house to see Aaron, Lily informs her that her father has put a restraining order on Aaron. Lucy gets upset with her father and with Aaron, because she feels Aaron is caving in to her father. Lucy leaves and squeals the tires as she goes. Alison shows up and wants to comfort Aaron and Aaron sends her away. He tells her to just go home. Alison leaves feeling rejected again. After Aaron has it out with Lily and Holden, he leaves also.

At Craig's suite, he and Rosanna are making up. Craig tells her to step away from BRO and she says she will if he will stay out of Carly's life. Craig agrees. Rosanna has one more thing-he has to do something about his daughter. Craig tells her about the restraining order against Aaron. Just as they are sealing their deal with a kiss, Lucy walks in and throws a fit. She demands to speak to her father in private. Rosanna makes a fast getaway and tells Craig she will see him later. After Rosanna is gone, Lucy tells her father just how she feels and that she wishes she had never come to Oakdale. She runs to her room and packs her bags. When she returns to her father, she tells him that she is going to Lucinda's house. As Craig is telling her that she can't go there, there is a knock at the door. Sierra has returned. She tells Craig that it is time for her to get involved.

Margo is resting on the couch and Katie comes in and catches her sister out of bed. She starts to scold her and then says that she needs to watch the weather channel. Realizing that watching the weather channel is out of character for her sister, Margo asks what is going on. Katie tries to hide her problem, but Margo makes her talk. As they are discussing the problem in Avanya, there is a knock at the door. Chris and Abigail have come by for a visit. Abigail has homemade bread for Margo. When Margo starts to get up from the couch, she almost faints. Chris checks her vitals and finds that her blood pressure is seriously low. He tells Margo that she needs to go to the hospital. She fights him at first, but he promises that she will just go for some test and then she can come back home. She finally gives in. After they are gone, Aaron shows up and since the door is open, walks into the house. He yells for Margo and says that he needs her help. There is no one home. He is in the dark and knocks over a box of stuff on the counter. As he is picking it all up, he hears a car door close. Aaron has a trophy in his hand and doesn't know what to so with it. He sticks it in his jacket. Tom walks in and turns on the light. He asks Aaron what is he doing in his house. Aaron says that he needs Margo's help.

In Avanya, Simon opens the trunk that is holding Donovan and finds there is no body inside. Donovan walks up and Simon is shocked to see him alive. As Donovan starts to attack Simon, Paul walks up and he and Simon restrain Donovan. Simon leaves to meet Slade. On the boat, Joe is still holding on. He asks Slade to let him go. Slade tells him that he is even more valuable. Simon shows up pretending to be Donovan. Slade sees through his act and realizes that he is Simon. As Slade is holding the two by gunpoint, he searches Simon and finds the diamond. When Slade tries to flee the boat, Paul jumps him and Slade goes overboard. Lucinda, Rose and Henry show up and Lucinda sees the diamond lying on the floor of the boat and retrieves it. Simon goes into the water to find Slade. When he returns, they decide that their only choice is to take the boat out to sea and leave the island.


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