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Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer
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Actor History
Amanda and Kerrianne Harrington
1994 to 1995 [recurring]
Clare and Maribel Moses
March 1995 to September 1995 [recurring]
Alisyn and Kelli Griffith
1995 to 1997; 1998 to 2001 [recurring]
Stephanie Allen
September 2001 to December 23, 2003 [recurring]
Tessa Allen
October 28, 2005 to December 2005 [recurring]; December 2005 to March 22, 2013 [contract]
April 11, 2013 to Present


Born on-screen August 8, 1994

Birthday changed to August 8, 1988 [Nov 2005]


Co-owner of the Haunted Star nightclub with Starr Manning

Evidence room file clerk for the Port Charles Police Department

Former waitress at a brothel in Florida

Former assistant to Connie Falconeri [as alter Kate Howard]

Former waitress at Kelly's


682 Paulson Street, Apartment 4B, Port Charles, New York

Formerly 114 Clover Avenue #68, Port Charles, New York

Formerly 24 Royal Street, Port Charles, New York

Formerly 66 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York (Quartermaine Mansion)

Marital Status

Married to Dante Falconeri [Proposed: Sep 21, 2011; engaged: Oct 5, 2011; broken engagement: Dec 5, 2011; reconciled: Dec 16, 2011; married: Dec 23, 2011 (Dec 25 on the show)]

Past Marriages

Forced into marriage to Stavros Cassadine while held captive (not legally valid; revealed May 29, 2013)


Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, Sr. (father)

Laura Webber (mother)

Tracy Quartermaine (stepmother)

Lesley Williams Webber (maternal grandmother)

Gordon Grey (maternal grandfather)

Tim Spencer (paternal grandfather)

Lena Eckert (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Rick Webber (adoptive maternal grandfather)

Lars Webber (adoptive great-grandfather)

Helene Webber (adoptive great-grandmother)

Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer, Jr. (brother)

Nikolas Cassadine (maternal half-brother)

Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer (paternal aunt)

Patricia Spencer (paternal aunt; deceased)

Fred Eckert (paternal uncle; deceased)

Mike Webber (adoptive uncle)

Rick Webber Jr. (adoptive uncle)

Ruby Anderson (grand-aunt)

Terri Webber (adoptive grand-aunt)

Jeff Webber (adoptive grand-uncle)

Caroline Benson (cousin)

Michael Corinthos III (cousin)

Morgan Corinthos (cousin)

Valerie Spencer (cousin)

Josslyn Jacks (cousin)

Barbara Jean Jones (adoptive cousin; deceased)

Lucas Jones (adoptive cousin)

Bill Eckert (cousin; deceased)

Jenny Eckert (cousin)

Steven Lars Webber (adoptive cousin)

Elizabeth Webber (adoptive cousin)

Sarah Webber (adoptive cousin)

Jacob "Jake" Martin Spencer (adoptive cousin, once removed; deceased)

Aiden Alexi Nikolosovich Cassadine (nephew; cousin)

Spencer Cassadine (nephew)

Cameron Webber (adoptive cousin, once removed)

Sly Eckert (cousin, once removed)


Unnamed child (2006; abortion; with Dillon Quartermaine)

Unnamed child (2012; miscarriage; with Dante Falconeri)

Unnamed child (miscarriage with Lulu, via surrogate Maxie Jones; deceased)

Connie Falconeri (raised as her daughter with Dante until Damien Spinelli and Maxie Jones were revealed to be the parents; Connie's name was later changed to Georgie) [Born Aug 21, 2013]

Rocco Falconeri (son, with Dante, via surrogate Britt Westbourne; previously named Ben) [Born Sep 9, 2013]

Unnamed child (embryo, with Dante Falconeri)

Unnamed child (embryo, with Stavros Cassadine)

Flings & Affairs

Colin (dated)

Dillon Quartermaine (lovers)

Logan Hayes (lovers; deceased)

Damian Spinelli (dated)

Milo Giambetti (dated)

Cooper Barrett (kissed; deceased)

Johnny Zacchara (lovers)

Ethan Lovett (kissed -- before they knew they were half-siblings)

Dante Falconeri (lovers)

Patrick Drake (kissed; Patrick hallucinated that Lulu was his presumed-deceased wife Robin)

Milo Giambetti (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Stole money from Skye Chandler's wallet [Nov 28, 2005]

Stole $15,000 from Tracy Quartermaine [Dec 2, 2005]

Killed Logan Hayes in self-defense [Jul 8, 2008]

Committed perjury during a custody battle with Maxie Jones [Nov 15, 2013]

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized with aplastic anemia as a child

Fell ill during the encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles [Jan/Feb 2006]

Kidnapped and drugged by Lorenzo Alcazar's men [Nov 2006]

Sustained injuries during Metro Court Hotel explosion [Feb 2007]

Accidentally drugged during a Crimson photo shoot [Oct 2009]

Unconscious after being trapped in freezing water [Nov 2009]

Kidnapped by Franco and strapped to a bomb [Jan 2010]

Kidnapped by Ronnie Dimestico [Apr 2012]

Grazed by a bullet fired by Ronnie Dimestico [May 2012]

Sickened with a fever after ingesting the toxin Jerry Jacks had placed in the Port Charles water supply [Sep 2012]

Rendered unconscious and kidnapped by Stavros Cassadine [Mar 2013]

Experienced amnesia after being placed in a cryogenic chamber [April-May 2013]

Underwent a procedure to repair a septate uterus [Jul 1, 2014]

Rendered temporarily unconscious by Victor Cassadine while being held hostage by Levi Dunkleman [Sep 3, 2014]

Injected with a tranquilizer and fertility hormones by Stavros Cassadine [Sep 15, 2014]

Brief Character History

Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer was welcomed into the world by her parents Laura and Luke and older brother Lucky. However, shortly after Lulu's birth, she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and required a bone marrow transplant. This forced her mother to reveal that she had given birth to another son while she had been held captive by Stavros Cassadine. Laura's firstborn son Nikolas saved Lulu's life but Luke was unable to accept Laura's decision to make Nikolas a part of their lives. The couple divorced and Lulu was primarily raised by her mother while her father made brief appearances in her life. Lulu's parents did reconcile but their reunion was short-lived, as a repressed memory of Laura's was triggered and she lapsed into a catatonic state. Lulu's grandmother Lesley stepped in to raise her.

As Lulu became a teenager, Lesley demanded that Luke and his new wife Tracy Quartermaine take a more active role in Lulu's life. Lulu moved into the Quartermaine mansion and she developed romantic feelings for her stepbrother Dillon Quartermaine. Dillon was married to Georgie Jones and loved his wife deeply but Lulu thought that she was a better match for Dillon. She teamed up with Diego Alcazar and together they led Dillon to believe that Georgie had slept with Diego. Lulu was available to comfort Dillon and they slept together.

In time, Dillon learned that Lulu had constructed the demise of his marriage. Meanwhile, Lulu realized that the defective condoms she and Dillon had used resulted in a pregnancy. She agonized over what to do and against Dillon's wishes she chose to terminate the pregnancy. Afterwards, she struggled with the choice she had made but felt in her heart that she had made the correct decision. Eventually, Dillon and Lulu were able to make peace with their past and move forward as friends.

In addition to her restored friendship with Dillon, Lulu made a new friend when her professor, Pete, gave her the opportunity to help a student named Damian Spinelli. He was a computer genius that had fallen into trouble while working for mobster Lorenzo Alcazar. Lulu planned to rescue Spinelli from Lorenzo's clutches but instead they were both captured. Lulu and Spinelli were rescued by Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos but the experience bonded them and became the start of their friendship.

Lulu received a wonderful surprise when her mother temporarily emerged from her catatonic state after being given an experimental drug. Lulu used the short time that she had to bond with her mother. Just before Laura slipped back into her catatonic state, she shared a secret with Lulu. Laura was certain that she had not killed her stepfather, Rick Webber. Lulu enlisted the aid of her friend Spinelli to help her track down evidence clearing her mother of Rick's murder.

Lulu's plans to prove her mother's innocence were sidelined after she, along with several other Port Charles residents, were taken hostage in the Metro Court Hotel. When the ordeal reached it climactic end in a fiery explosion, Lulu was one of the many injured. Luke desperately searched for his daughter in the rubble and found her. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and underwent life-saving surgery.

Shortly thereafter, Lulu met a young man by the name of Logan Hayes. He was an ex-soldier who had served in Iraq with Cooper Barrett. Although Logan planned to work in organized crime for Sonny Corinthos, Lulu found herself irresistibly drawn to him. Maxie Jones resented the attention that Lulu got and decided to teach her a lesson. Maxie struck a bargain with Logan. If he seduced Lulu and then dumped her, Maxie would sleep with him. Logan agreed but, before long, he began having feelings for Lulu. Further complicating things, Logan had arrived in Port Charles to track down his father.

Lulu continued to investigate Rick Webber's murder during this time and eventually discovered that the real killer had been Spencer nemesis Scott Baldwin. Scott had decided to sue for custody of Laura from Nikolas, her guardian at the time. During the trial, it was revealed that Luke had raped Laura at the campus disco, years before they were married. Lulu, unaware of her parents' past, was devastated. To the Spencer's dismay, Scott was granted guardianship of Laura.

As Lulu struggled to process the secrets in her family's past, a DNA test proved that Logan was Scott's son. While she processed the news, Maxie slept with Logan and then she gloated to Lulu and shared the details of her deal with Logan. Lulu was crushed by the news and wound up hitchhiking. She accepted a ride from a stranger named Johnny Zacchara, the son of ruthless mobster Anthony Zacchara. Although Johnny was wild and reckless, Lulu was attracted to him. Meanwhile, a killer targeting women referred to as the Text Message Killer was on the loose in Port Charles. Johnny was briefly considered a suspect and Logan planned to incriminate him using false evidence in order to win Lulu back.

However, Lulu discovered the evidence and jumped to the conclusion that Logan was a killer. When Logan confronted Lulu, the conflict became physical, and Lulu hit Logan over the head with a pipe wrench to get away from him. Logan was taken to General Hospital and lapsed into a coma. Lulu's remorse over hurting Logan increased when it was revealed that Logan was not the Text Message Killer. The real killer was Diego Alcazar.

While Logan recovered, Lulu remained at his bedside and she separated herself from Johnny. When Lulu refused to offer Logan more than friendship, he began to work for Johnny's father Anthony in hopes of finding information which could send Johnny to prison. Meanwhile, Anthony decided that Lulu was good for his son and threatened her father if she did not date Johnny. Together Lulu and Johnny devised a plan to pretend to date for Anthony's sake. However, their relationship soon became real.

While Lulu and Johnny explored their feelings for one another, Logan continued to pine for Lulu and began to stalk her. Logan blamed Maxie for destroying what he had with Lulu and he threatened her. Lulu saw the incident and Logan went to her. When Lulu refused to let Logan in, he forced his entry using an axe. Lulu felt threatened by Logan and fatally stabbed him with a knife. Johnny took the blame for Logan's death which prompted Lulu and Johnny to go on the run together.

While Johnny and Lulu were on the run, Lulu's mental health began to decline. She had visions of Logan and confused reality with her visions. Lulu checked in to Shadybrook for treatment. While Lulu was in Shadybrook, she visited her mother often, although Laura remained in a catatonic state. Lulu told her mother what had happened with Logan, which prompted Laura to emerge briefly. She helped Lulu remember that she, not Johnny, had murdered Logan. Lulu showed up at Johnny's trial and confessed to the murder, but no one believed her confession. The next time Lulu went to see her mother; Laura was back in her catatonic state, which caused Lulu to question if her time with Laura had been real.

Johnny was acquitted and visited Lulu at Shadybrook but her doctor advised her to keep her distance from Johnny while she worked to recover. While there, Lulu received an anonymous note, which stated that she needed to pay for Logan's murder. Lulu questioned if she had imagined the note, but Maxie and Spinelli confirmed the note was real. Logan's father, Scott, was behind the threats to Lulu. When Lulu shared Scott's threats with her mother, Laura woke up and defended Lulu against Scott. Lulu was free of Scott and his threats after her mother brokered a deal with Scott. Laura agreed to leave town with Scott if he left Lulu alone.

After Lulu was released from Shadybrook, she and Johnny moved in with Maxie. Lulu returned to work at Crimson while Johnny looked for employment outside of the Zacchara organization. His last name and lack of experience in anything other than organized crime made his search for a job difficult. Lulu was jealous when Kate hired Johnny to escort Maxie to Crimson events. Johnny opened a car repair shop, and he resented Lulu's attempts to stir up business for him. Johnny pushed Lulu away and confided in Maxie. Lulu ended the relationship after Johnny confessed that he was attracted to Maxie.

As Lulu dealt with her breakup with Johnny, she turned her focus to her father. Luke had recently hired a con artist named Ethan Lovett to work at the Haunted Star. Luke's wife Tracy did not care for Ethan and Lulu worked with her father to figure out why. She flirted with Ethan to get a reaction out of Tracy, unaware of Tracy's suspicions that Ethan and Luke were father and son. When a DNA test confirmed Ethan's paternity, Lulu embraced her new sibling and encouraged Lucky to accept Ethan as well.

Soon afterwards, Dominic Pirelli, one of Sonny's foot soldiers, became interested in Lulu and openly pursued her. Lulu claimed she did not want anything to do with him, yet she talked about Dominic with Maxie very often. Lulu flirted with Dominic but refused to agree to a date. However, they spent the day together at the hospital carnival where Dominic was severely injured after Edward Quartermaine drove his car into the carnival. Lulu remained by Dominic's side while he recovered.

Lulu and Dominic began to date. Lulu made a startling discovery about Dominic when she was drugged during a Crimson photo shoot. She learned Dominic was actually an undercover cop, but she did not remember what she had seen or heard. When Lulu fell into freezing water while searching for a kidnapped Carly, Dominic distracted Lulu by telling her the truth about his identity. He admitted that he was Olivia Falconeri's son, Dante, and he was working undercover to take down Sonny. After Lulu recovered, she was torn over whether or not to warn Sonny about Dante. She decided to keep Dante's secret.

Dante saved Lulu when a dangerous artist named Franco kidnapped her from the Crimson office. Franco wanted to take Maxie, but he grabbed Lulu instead. Franco strapped Lulu to a bomb and did the same to Sam McCall on the opposite side of town. Franco made it impossible for Jason to save both women, which would force Jason to choose to save only one. Dante and Jason worked together. Jason rescued Sam, while Dante rescued Lulu just before time ran out.

Although Lulu was grateful to Dante for rescuing her, she felt the burden of keeping Dante's identity a secret when Carly asked Lulu to be the godmother to Carly's daughter, Josslyn. Lulu knew Carly would be devastated if Dante succeeded in placing Sonny behind bars. Lulu channeled her feelings into anger at Elizabeth instead when she learned Elizabeth had broken Lucky's heart by engaging in an affair with Nikolas.

On the day of Josslyn's christening, Lulu sensed something was wrong when Dante never arrived at the church. Dante had shown up at Sonny's house to arrest him, and Sonny shot Dante. As Dante recovered in the hospital, he learned Sonny was his father. Olivia had hidden Dante's paternity from both Dante and Sonny in order to protect Dante from Sonny's world. Lulu supported Dante while he adjusted to the news, and she refused to help Sonny form a bond with Dante.

After Dante learned Sonny was his father, he told Lulu how much he respected his mother for keeping Sonny out of his life and raising him alone instead of having an abortion. Lulu worried about how Dante would react when he learned she'd had an abortion as a teenager.

Lulu continued to remain on Dante's side, even when Carly pressured her otherwise. Sonny was on trial for the murder of Claudia Zacchara, but Dante suspected Michael was withholding key information regarding Claudia's death. Carly and Sonny placed Michael in hiding, but Dante found him. Lulu knew where Michael was, but she refused to tell Carly. When Dante spoke to Michael and realized Michael had killed Claudia, he convinced Michael to tell the truth. Dante believed Michael would receive a sentence that did not involve prison. Dante was wrong. Michael confessed and was sentenced to five years in Pentonville.

Everyone close to Michael was shocked and outraged when Michael was sentenced. Carly blamed Lulu for choosing Dante over family and vowed to make her pay. Lulu assured Dante that he had done the right thing, and they made love for the first time. Although Lulu and Dante were closer than ever, she became insecure about her relationship when Brook Lynn Ashton arrived in town and moved in across the hall from Dante. Brook and Dante had grown up together, and she intimidated Lulu when she showcased her domestic abilities for Dante, all abilities Lulu did not possess.

Lulu was more insecure after Carly reminded Lulu that Dante was Sonny's son, and Sonny was never faithful. She warned Lulu that cheating could be genetic. Lulu believed her fears were proven correct when she walked in on Dante and Brook in a compromising position. After Lulu threw Brook out of Dante's apartment, she realized Dante had been drugged. When Lulu accused Brook of drugging Dante to seduce him, Brook confessed that Carly had paid her to seduce Dante. Lulu confronted Carly, but Carly spun the story to pin the blame on Brook.

After Dante and Lulu survived Brook's interference, Dante was assigned to guard supermodel Brenda Barrett. Lulu was concerned with his new assignment and her concerns increased after Dante was attacked and Brenda used his gun to shoot the attacker. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against both Brenda and Dante after the shooting. The attorney representing them revealed to Lulu that Brenda and Dante had covered up a murder in New York a few years earlier when Dante had first guarded Brenda. Lulu was shocked to learn Dante and Brenda shared a past. She responded by breaking up with Dante.

Dante apologized several times and worked desperately to win Lulu back. She eventually conceded and agreed to give him another chance. They attended Sonny's wedding to Brenda, where Lulu learned Dante had not fully disclosed his relationship with Brenda. Carly interrupted the wedding ceremony with paperwork that showed Dante had signed away all parental rights to Brenda's unborn child. Carly claimed Dante and Brenda shared a child. Dante explained to Lulu that Brenda had already been pregnant when he guarded her. He had agreed to be the father on record to protect Brenda and her child from the real father.

Tragedy struck when Lucky and Elizabeth's son Jake was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Lulu apologized to Elizabeth for how she had treated her since the affair with Nikolas. Lulu was devastated when Luke was revealed to be the driver that had killed Jake. Luke claimed he had been unaware he had hit Jake. Lucky accused Luke of being intoxicated behind the wheel, although Luke denied his drinking had been a factor. Lulu did not agree with Lucky that Luke was an alcoholic, but she participated in an intervention that Lucky arranged. Luke eventually agreed to attend rehab, and Lulu quit her job at Crimson to renovate the Haunted Star in Luke's absence.

Luke disappeared from rehab immediately after he checked in, and Lulu was deeply concerned about her father. Lucky located Luke at the brothel in Florida where Luke had grown up. He refused to return home and said that he was done with his family. Lulu refused to accept Luke's decision and went to the brothel. By the time she arrived, Luke was gone but she took a position as a hostess in hopes of learning her father's current whereabouts. Dante followed Lulu to Florida and sensed that she was in danger. He saved Lulu from being raped by the brothel's owner Javier.

Lulu apologized to Dante for the mess she had dragged him into but he shared that her headstrong ways were part of what he loved about her. She moved in with Dante but moved back out almost immediately after. Lulu discovered that Lucky was using drugs again and that Dante had known. After a heartfelt conversation with Maxie, she decided to reconcile with Dante. She was caught off-guard when Dante proposed and asked him for time to consider the proposal. Lulu decided to accept Dante's proposal and she planned a special evening for him to share the news. Lulu waited, but Dante never showed. Instead, Lulu received a call with the news that she needed to head the hospital immediately because Dante had been shot.

After Dante survived his surgery, Lulu accepted the proposal but was not as sure about her decision as she had been prior to the shooting. Dante was eager to share the news of their engagement but Lulu asked him to keep the engagement private until he had recovered. While Dante remained hospitalized, Lulu turned to alcohol for comfort. She did not believe she could live her life knowing that he faced danger each day and asked him to request a desk job at the police station. Dante refused and he returned to work before he had fully healed. Lulu ended their engagement after Dante collapsed on his first day back at work.

After a few weeks apart, Lulu changed her mind and told Dante their engagement was on if he would have her. Dante confirmed that he did still want to marry her and they made plans to spend the Christmas holiday in New York City. While in New York on Christmas Eve, Dante shared his memories of September 11, 2001 and explained why his work as a police officer meant so much to him. Lulu accepted his reasons and they married on Christmas Day in a private ceremony officiated by Dante's cousin. After the nuptials were exchanged, Olivia allowed the rest of the Falconeri family to congratulate the newlyweds.

When Lulu and Dante returned after their brief honeymoon, Lulu tried to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She contemplated many options over open bottles of wine but was not successful in finding a career. As she continued to think about what to do, Olivia, Tracy, and Maxie pointed out concern over the amount of alcohol she consumed in recent weeks. Lulu was hurt by their accusations but confronted her father and demanded that he be there for her since she was experiencing life the way he lived, full of judgments from others and expectations she could not meet. Luke vowed to be there for Lulu and he reminded her to live her life on her own terms. Lulu decided to put the search for the perfect job on hold and she took a position filing evidence at the police department.

In her new position at the police department, Lulu spent time working with evidence regarding a case of a string of attacks on female dancers. She and Dante discussed the case and suspected that the husband of Dante's partner Delores could be guilty. However, Lulu abandoned that theory and pieced together that another officer, Ronnie Dimestico, could be the attacker. Ronnie realized that Lulu was on to him and he kidnapped her and took her to the Rendezvous motel. Lulu created enough noise to draw the attention of Sam McCall but Ronnie took her hostage as well. Together the women convinced Ronnie to take them to the deserted Haunted Star casino, unaware that they had left a clue regarding their whereabouts. Both women were successfully rescued by Dante and Llanview police officer John McBain after Ronnie confessed that he had attacked the dancers. During the rescue, Lulu was grazed by a bullet and Dante hovered over her although she insisted that she was fine.

The next day, Lulu checked herself out of the hospital and visited the crime scene. She shared with her father that she had remained calm through the entire event and experienced an adrenaline rush from being close to death. Lulu admitted that for the first time she felt truly alive and understood why both Lucky and Luke liked to live on the edge. She channeled this desire into opening a nightclub with Johnny Zacchara at the Haunted Star. She made the decision without conferring with Dante and he was not pleased.

While Dante struggled to accept Lulu's decision to work with Johnny, Lulu doubted her ability to remain in a committed relationship. Her fears were expounded after she believed her father had left town yet again to avoid entering into a relationship. She received a letter that was supposedly from Luke in which he reminded her that they were alike she was not cut out for marriage either. Lulu hid the letter from Dante and questioned their marriage until she learned that the letter had not been from her father, but rather from Heather Webber. Heather had hoped that the letter would prevent Lulu from searching for her father so that no one would realize that Heather held Luke as her captive.

Once Luke was free from Heather's clutches, Lulu learned that Olivia had also been Heather's victim. Heather had injected Olivia with a dangerous dose of LSD. Dante and Lulu bonded over the crises their parents faced and vowed to work on their marriage. As Olivia recovered, she suffered from hallucinations and believed that Lulu was pregnant. The episode triggered Lulu to realize that she was actually pregnant and she and Dante were thrilled by the news. However, she miscarried early in the pregnancy which prompted Dante and Lulu to purposely try to conceive a child.

In the midst of Lulu and Dante's decision to start a family, Jerry Jacks poisoned the town's water supply with a deadly toxin. Almost everyone in town was infected with the toxin, including Dante and Lulu. Dante went after Jerry and Lulu followed Dante. He was upset that she had placed herself in danger but she explained that if she was truly down to her final moments, she wanted to spend them with her husband. Lulu and Dante assisted the effort to secure the counteragent and they both made a full recovery. Afterwards they continued with their plan to become parents and pursued surrogacy when they learned that Lulu was unable to carry her own child.

Maxie agreed to be the surrogate and Lulu and Dante were overjoyed when Maxie became pregnant with their child. Lulu's mother returned to town to celebrate the pregnancy and they held a family gathering to show the first sonogram pictures. During the celebration, a mysterious package arrived containing a stuffed bear. Later, an alarm inside the bear went off and Lulu was rendered unconscious. Dante found Lulu unconscious on the floor but he was knocked out immediately. When he awoke, Lulu had disappeared.

Dante, Laura, and Luke found Lulu on Cassadine Island unconscious inside of a cryogenic chamber. She had been kidnapped by Stavros Cassadine after he saw her in Turkey and she became his obsession. Stavros believed her to be the youthful Laura of his past and named her his "Ice Princess." Stavros placed her in a cryogenic chamber so she would remain young forever.

When Lulu regained consciousness, she did not recognize her parents or Dante and wanted to know where her husband Stavros was. She agreed to return to Port Charles although she did not remember her life there. Lulu was overwhelmed by Dante's feelings for her that she was unable to return. She took off and ran into Milo Giambetti. He allowed her to spend the night at his apartment and they shared a kiss.

While Lulu continued to reside at Milo's, she experienced flashbacks of her time with Stavros but she forced herself to forget. Eventually, Dante helped Lulu remember that Stavros had threatened the lives of her family if she did not agree to become his wife. When Lulu realized she had no other options, she agreed to marry Stavros but refused to consummate the marriage. Stavros punished Lulu's refusal by placing her in the cryogenic chamber Dante had discovered her in. After Lulu told Dante about her time with Stavros, her memory returned.

Lulu was overjoyed to have her memories back and she looked forward to the arrival of her daughter. As Maxie's due date neared, Lulu sensed that Maxie was becoming too attached to the baby. Lulu's fears were confirmed after Maxie gave birth and believed that the baby was hers. Later, Maxie apologized for causing Lulu to worry and Lulu forgave her.

As Lulu and Dante started to bond with their new daughter, they received word that Dante's cousin and Lulu's former employer Connie Falconeri had been murdered. They were devastated by the news but decided to pay tribute to Connie by naming their new daughter after her. Dante and Lulu made plans to christen Connie and they asked Maxie and Spinelli to be godparents. However, the christening did not go as planned. Lab technician Brad Cooper showed up and announced that Maxie and Spinelli were not the godparents but the biological parents of the child.

Maxie confirmed the truth and tried to apologize as she explained how she had miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby but became pregnant immediately after with Spinelli's child. Lulu was hurt and enraged by Maxie's actions and feared that Maxie and Spinelli would want to raise Connie. Her fears were confirmed after Maxie and Spinelli asked for Connie back. Lulu convinced Dante to fight for custody and she planned to make Maxie out to be unfit as a mother.

A custody battle over Connie ensued and Lulu was called to the stand after Maxie accused her of making plans to flee the country with the baby. Lulu lied under oath but believed that she had gotten away with the lie until Dante was called to the stand. He admitted that Maxie's statement regarding Lulu's intentions had been the truthful testimony, not the one his wife had provided. The judge granted custody of Connie to Spinelli and Lulu was forced to say goodbye to the daughter she believed to be hers. Spinelli changed his daughter's name to Georgie and moved away from Port Charles.

In the aftermath of losing custody, Lulu blamed Dante for the court's ruling and moved out. She later moved back home but her marriage remained under strain after she and Dante learned that it would not be possible for them to have any more children. Their embryos were gone and Lulu was not capable of producing more eggs. As Lulu struggled to accept a life without children, she visited Nikolas often and bonded with his girlfriend Britt's son. Lulu developed an attachment to Britt's son Ben and rationalized that she had sensed Dante's connection to the child after he was revealed to be Ben's father. Elizabeth had secretly run a DNA test on the infant. Britt explained that her mother had impregnated her with an anonymous donor back when she had planned to pass the child off as Patrick Drake's.

Lulu was thrilled for Dante and encouraged him to develop a relationship with his son while she was heartbroken that Ben did not belong to her. Lulu believed that Ben looked like her and fantasied that he was her son. Her secret desire came true after Elizabeth discovered a letter that Britt had written to Lulu but never intended to send. In the letter, Britt confessed that she had stolen Dante and Lulu's embryo and given birth to their child but claimed him as her own. When Lulu and Dante went to take their son, Britt's mother Liesl Obrecht took off with Ben. The kidnapping reinforced Lulu's belief that she was not meant to be a mother as a penance for the choice she made to have an abortion during her teenage years.

Lulu and Dante were reunited with their son and the renamed him Rocco. They remained furious with Liesl for kidnapping Rocco but they chose to drop the charges against her in exchange for their remaining embryo. Once they had secured the embryo, Lulu and Dante both expressed their concern with surrogacy and Lulu underwent another medical examination. She had been misdiagnosed previously and was able to undergo a procedure which would allow her to carry a child to term.

While Lulu and Dante planned their future family, Victor Cassadine arranged for both Lulu and Maxie to be kidnapped by Maxie's fiancÚ Levi. When Dante and his partner Nathan arrived to rescue the women, Victor captured them all and took them to the Creighton-Clark Clinic. There, Lulu was presented to Stavros and he informed her that she would give birth to his child using an embryo he had created while Lulu was on Cassadine Island. Stavros injected Lulu with hormones to prepare her body for pregnancy but Dante shot and killed Stavros before the implantation occurred. They escaped the clinic, unaware that Helena was alive and in possession of the embryo.

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