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Steven Lars Webber
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Actor History
Martin Hewitt
December 9, 2009 to February 2010 [recurring]; February 2010 to March 5, 2013 [contract]
Other Names

Steven Lars Webber (full name)


Former doctor of emergency medicine at General Hospital

Former chief of staff of General Hospital

Former pediatrician at General Hospital

Former specialist in forensic medicine


Prison in Memphis, Tennessee

Formerly an apartment in Port Charles

Formerly Memphis

Formerly New York City

Formerly somewhere in Europe

Marital Status

Single/Broken engagement to Olivia Falconeri [engaged: Jan 4, 2013 (Jan 1, 2013 on the show); broke up: Mar 5, 2013]

Past Marriages



Jeff Webber (biological father)

Heather Grant (biological mother)

Peter Taylor (adoptive father; deceased)

Diana Maynard (adoptive mother; deceased)

Elizabeth Webber (half-sister)

Sarah Webber (half-sister)

Tracy Taylor (adoptive half-sister; deceased)

Martha Taylor (adoptive half-sister; deceased)

Unnamed child (adoptive brother)

Steve Hardy (grandfather)

Helene Webber (grandmother)

Alice Grant (grandmother)

Thomas Hardy Sr. (half-uncle)

Terri Webber (half-aunt; deceased)

Rick Webber (half-uncle)

Laura Webber (adoptive cousin)

Mike Webber (adoptive cousin)

Rick Webber Jr. (half-cousin)

Thomas Hardy Jr. (half-cousin)

Cameron Webber (half-nephew)

Susan Moore (first cousin once removed)

Jason Morgan (second cousin)

Robert "Franco" Frank (second cousin)

Jacob Martin Spencer (half-nephewd)

Aiden Nikolas Spencer (half-nephew)



Flings & Affairs

Carly Corinthos (dated)

Rachel Adair (dated)

Lisa Niles (briefly dated and one-night stand)

Maggie Wurth (lovers in Memphis)

Olivia Falconeri (engaged:Jan 4, 2013)

Crimes Committed

Helped Monica Quartermaine fake the death of A.J. Quartermaine [Apr 26, 2005, revealed Oct 29, 2012]

Killed a patient in Memphis [revealed Mar 12, 2012; arrested Apr 23, 2012; charges later dropped when the murder was pinned on Maggie Wurth via a forged suicide confession; confessed to the murder after the case was reopened and arrested Mar 4, 2013]

Health and Vitals

Held hostage by Lisa Niles in a hospital conference room [Jun 17, 2011]

Experienced a fever after being exposed to the toxin placed in the town's water supply by Jerry Jacks [Sep 2012]

Clobbered over the head by Heather Webber and rendered unconscious [Oct 2012]

Stabbed in the stomach by Heather Webber and underwent emergency surgery [Feb 26, 2013]

Brief Character History

Steven Lars Webber is the biological son of Heather Grant Webber and Jeff Webber. When Heather became pregnant, Jeff was still married to Monica and refused to leave his wife for Heather. So Heather went to New York to become a model. She gave birth and sold her baby on the black market. Little did she know, the baby was sold to a couple in Port Charles, Diana and Peter Taylor. Heather had been working for the Taylors as a nanny to their other child and had already tried to sell her baby to them. When Jeff sued Heather for custody of his son, Heather lied and told him the baby had died. They bonded over their son's "death." Jeff then left Monica and married Heather.

But Heather soon discovered that the new addition to the Taylor family, a baby boy they called P.J., was really Steven Lars. She was determined to get her son back and plotted to drive Diana insane. Diana and Peter had made Jeff and Heather the baby's guardians in the event of their deaths. Heather's mother soon grew tired of Heather's games and told Peter the true identity of P.J. Peter then had a heart attack and died. Diana learned the truth as well and feared she would lose P.J. to Jeff. So she tried to seduce him into marrying her. When Diana was found murdered with the name "Anne" scrawled in blood near her body, Jeff suspected Heather of the crime. He divorced her and took Steven out of town with him.

Steven Lars returned to Port Charles as an adult. He was working for John Durant to get to Carly Corinthos. After brief romances, Steven faded into the background after A.J.'s murder and hasn't been mentioned since, nor did he show up for half-sister Liz's wedding.

Steven moved back to Port Charles in December 2009. He had been living in Memphis, working in a hospital trauma unit. Monica wanted Steven to take over as Chief of Staff. Steven jumped at the opportunity to step into the position that had once been held by his grandfather and namesake, Steve Hardy. It was at this time that Steven began going by the shortened version of his name, Steve.

Elizabeth was delighted to have her brother living nearby. She was carrying on an affair with Nikolas Cassadine while engaged to Nikolas' brother, Lucky Spencer. The stress of leading a double-life took a toll on Elizabeth and she suffered a nervous breakdown. Steve was a tower of strength for his little sister. He helped Audrey take care of his nephews, Cam and Jake, while Elizabeth sought treatment at Shadybrook.

Steve continued to watch over his sister after she returned to work and he assigned her to the oncology unit. Elizabeth bonded with a patient named Shirley and came to terms with the end of her marriage to Lucky and learned she was pregnant with either Nikolas or Lucky's child. Steve provided Elizabeth with emotional support when she learned Nikolas was the father of her unborn child.

When Steve was not at the hospital or with Elizabeth, he started spending more time at Jake's bar with Patrick Drake and his wife Robin as well as Patrick's ex-girlfriend from college, Lisa Niles. Lisa was an orthopedic surgeon and Steve hired her to work at the hospital. He and Lisa briefly dated, although he was aware Lisa was using him to make Patrick jealous. They slept together one night but their relationship remained strictly professional afterward.

Lisa set her sights on ending Patrick's marriage to Robin and both Patrick and Robin turned to Steve for help. They asked him to transfer Lisa to another hospital but Lisa threatened to bring forth a sexual harassment suit against Steve. Since he had slept with Lisa, he was unable to grant Patrick and Robin's request. Soon after, Patrick and Robin's marriage hit a rocky point after Patrick confessed that he and Lisa had a one-night stand while Robin was out of town. As the Chief of Staff, Steve struggled to keep the personal drama out of the hospital and set his personal feelings aside as the tensions rose between Lisa and Robin.

Robin and Lisa argued publically several times at the hospital and each made various accusations against the other. Steve had to intervene often and he frequently had to side with Lisa because Robin appeared less stable. Privately, Steve reassured Robin that he believed in her but his position required him to look at the facts. However, as the accusations between the women continued, Steve started to question if Robin was the one that was unstable instead of Lisa.

Steve took a brief break from his duties overseeing the hospital to chaperone a youth ski trip. His nephew Cameron and several other children and teens attended. Olivia Falconeri was also a chaperone and Steve looked forward to spending some time with her. Instead Steve ended up caring for Olivia and several others who were injured when the bus crashed. In the days that followed, Steve kept a close watch over Olivia as she recovered in the hospital. After she was released, they started dating.

A few months into Steve's relationship with Olivia, he leaned on her for emotional support after his nephew Jake was killed in a nit-and-run accident. Steve remained strong for his sister and helped her out with her other two sons as much as possible. Steve used work as a distraction until Olivia reminded him there was more to life than his grief over Jake. They took their relationship to the next level and became lovers.

Things at the hospital started to settle down when Lisa was taken into police custody after she made an attempt on Robin's life. Lisa escaped and sneaked back into the hospital long enough to take Steve, Patrick, Robin, and Robin's cousin Maxie Jones hostage. Lisa held her own version of a trial in which she played judge and jury as she listed the crimes each of them had committed against her. She accused Steve of questioning her medical capabilities and said he only kept her on staff out of fear she would sue if he fired her. Eventually the group was rescued and Lisa fell into a coma after she injected herself with a syringe of drain cleaner.

Against Steve's advice, Elizabeth came back to work after the death of her son. Steve believed it was too soon but he agreed after she claimed it would help her with her grief. Elizabeth made a potentially fatal error in the operating room and she was temporarily placed on suspension. Steve had to meet with the hospital board regarding the incident and he voluntarily gave up his position as Chief of Staff and recommended Robin as his replacement.

While Robin adjusted to her new position at the hospital, Steve had more time to spend with Olivia. He invited her to be his guest on a private boat cruise Patrick had chartered to celebrate Robin's birthday and the cancer research Patrick's brother Matt had done. Olivia and Steve found some time for romance before they learned that Lisa had emerged from her coma and made her way onto the boat. She went after Patrick and Robin but had disappeared by the time the police arrived. Her dead body washed ashore a few days later an a autopsy revealed she had been murdered. All of the guests on the boat were considered suspects.

The police investigated Lisa's death and Steve was questioned several times about what had occurred on the boat. In the midst of the investigation, Steve's ex-girlfriend from Memphis, Maggie Wurth, arrived in town. Maggie and Steve had worked together at a hospital in Memphis and Steve had recruited her to work as a pediatrician at General Hospital while he was still Chief of Staff. Olivia was not pleased by Maggie's arrival, especially after Maggie repeatedly flirted with Steve in front of her. Steve assured Olivia he was committed to her although Maggie pressured him to remember their time in Memphis and what they had done.

Olivia's ex-boyfriend Johnny Zacchara discovered that Maggie and Steve had a past connection in Memphis that went beyond a personal or professional relationship. Johnny held the knowledge over Steve and threatened to reveal the secret unless he did a few medical favors for Johnny. Steve complied but he felt the pressure increasing.

Things eased up a bit for Steve when the First Mate from the boat cruise confessed to killing Lisa. Maggie had several questions for Steve regarding Lisa and she continued to bring up their time in Memphis and pushed for them to go back to what they used to have. Steve made it clear he was with Olivia and warned Maggie that if she was not careful, she could be headed down the same obsessive path Lisa had taken. Maggie scoffed at the comment and told Steve that he needed her because she was the only person that could provide him with redemption for what had happened in Memphis.

Steve decided to come clean with Olivia regarding the secret he and Maggie shared after Maggie told Olivia that she and Steve were lovers again. Steve shocked Olivia by confessing that he had intentionally killed one of his patients in Memphis. He explained that the patient was a prison inmate that had committed several murders. Meanwhile, Maggie had a young patient that was in need of a heart transplant and Steve's patient was a match. Olivia was shocked to learn that Steve had overstepped his role as a physician to determine which life was more valuable. Steve told Olivia the authorities in Memphis had reopened the case and that Johnny also knew the truth. Olivia told Steve she loved him and promised to intervene with Johnny on his behalf.

While Steve and Olivia tried to contain the secret about the patient's death, Heather was released from Ferncliff into Steve's care. Shortly after she moved in with Steve, he was arrested by the Memphis police for the murder of his patient. Olivia supported Steve by watching over Heather while he was in police custody. Olivia tried to keep Steve's guilt a secret from Heather and she placated Heather while she insisted that her son was innocent. Heather's faith in her son's innocence appeared to be correct after Maggie Wurth confessed to the murder via a suicide note. Steve was shocked and confused by Maggie's confession and subsequent suicide.

After Steve's legal troubles were behind him, his relationship with Olivia was strained by his mother's presence. Both women vied for his attention but he sided with Heather after he learned that Olivia had hired a private investigator to look into Heather's activities. Steve and Olivia continued to disagree about Heather after the police and accused her of burying Anthony Zacchara's body. Olivia immediately assumed that Heather was guilty while Steve believed that his mother had been falsely accused. Despite Olivia's reservations about Heather's innocence, she agreed to help Steve find legal representation for his mother.

Steve eventually grew tired of Olivia's accusations against Heather and he ended their relationship. He regretted his decision almost immediately after when Heather's recent crimes were revealed. She held Luke Spencer hostage and shot him in an attempt to shoot Luke's romantic interest Anna Devane. Heather also injected Olivia with a potentially lethal dose of LSD and was linked to Maggie's death. Steve felt that he was to blame for all the damage that Heather had caused because he had agreed to take her in to his care after her release from Ferncliff.

Once Heather was taken in to police custody she reached out to Steve and begged him for his help. He turned his back on his mother and insisted that he would never forgive her for what she had done to everyone, especially Olivia. Steve apologized for doubting Olivia and the couple reconciled. Meanwhile, Olivia continued to experience hallucinations from the LSD and Steve feared that she would never make a full recovery.

Heather reached out to Steve again after she was taken to Ferncliff. She had learned that the Port Charles water supply had been poisoned with a deadly toxin and she called Steve. He refused to forgive his mother and was shocked to learn that she escaped from Ferncliff shortly after their conversation. While Heather was on the run, she kidnapped a baby and planned to raise the child as her own. She reached out to Steve one last time and asked him to run away with her and his new brother. Once Heather realized that Steve planned to turn her in to the authorities, she attacked him and rendered him unconscious.

Eventually Heather was apprehended and Steve learned that the child his mother had kidnapped was actually Sam Morgan's child. Heather had switched Sam's healthy child with a deceased child and allowed Sam to believe that her child was dead. He also realized that Heather had changed the paternity test results for Sam's child and delivered the correct test results to Sam and apologized for all that his mother had put her through.

Both Steve and Olivia were relieved to have Heather at Ferncliff and their relationship became more serious after Steve proposed to Olivia and she accepted. Olivia continued to have visions from the LSD and they often came true in some form. She worried about Steve after she had a vision that he had been stabbed. Her vision came to fruition when Heather escaped from Ferncliff and attacked Olivia with a knife. Steve tried to protect Olivia and was stabbed in the stomach by his mother. He was severely injured and required surgery.

Steve survived the stabbing and Olivia arranged for them to be married immediately in his hospital room. She explained that she did not want to wait any longer to marry the man that she loved. Steve asked Elizabeth to be present at the wedding because he considered her to be his best friend and she agreed. The ceremony started but it was interrupted midway by the Memphis police. They announced that Steve was under arrest for the murder of a patient in Memphis. Although Maggie Wurth had initially been charged, her family opened an investigation which revealed that Steve had committed the crime.

To Olivia's dismay, Steve announced that he could not go through with the wedding and that he intended to plead guilty to the charges. He explained that he was tired of living with the guilt over what he had done and wanted to pay his debt to society. He was taken to Memphis to serve his sentence.

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