General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 15, 2014 on GH

Sabrina set a plan into motion. Liesl took drastic measures to hide Nathan's true paternity. Patrick and Sam kissed. The hostages were rescued before Crichton-Clark exploded.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 15, 2014 on GH
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sonny sang Rocco to sleep. He assured Rocco that Dante and Lulu would be home safely. Olivia entered the apartment with bags of groceries. Sonny warned her that Rocco was asleep, so she quietly asked for an update on Dante and Lulu. He informed her that Anna was following a lead, and he trusted Anna to save their missing children.

Olivia noticed that Rocco looked bathed and freshly diapered, and she expressed her surprise that Sonny knew how to do either. He admitted that Carly had been there, and they worked well as a team. Olivia knew that, no matter how much Sonny and Carly fought, their first loyalties would always be for each other. Sonny wished that Carly would see that.

Sonny continued that Jason was the only one who had ever been able to get through to Carly, and Jason would want Sonny to get Carly away from Franco. Sonny lamented the way that Jason had died after all he'd survived but realized that the odds had always been against Jason. Olivia wondered about Dante's odds. Sonny assured her that Dante and Lulu would return home safely.

Sam told Patrick that there was no news about Dante, Lulu, Maxie, and Nathan. Patrick was sure that Anna was doing all she could to find them. Sam thought that Anna's preoccupation meant that she and Patrick should pursue Luke on their own. Sam thanked Patrick for playing with Danny for a while, because she believed that Danny needed some "guy time."

Sam and Patrick's takeout from the Noodle Buddha arrived, and they immediately dug in. Sam confided in Patrick that she was sentimental about ordering from Noodle Buddha because she and Jason had been married there. She remembered how upset Maxie had been when she'd learned the wedding she'd planned wasn't going to happen. Sam related that she and Maxie had once been close, and she felt bad that Maxie was in danger. Patrick agreed and assured her that everyone would return home safely.

Sam grabbed two fortune cookies and handed one to Patrick. He read his fortune: "You have a secret." Sam badgered him to tell her his secret, but he insisted that he didn't have one. Finally, he admitted that, "I'm terrible at golf." She shot down his explanation and read her own fortune: "Something you lost will be found again." She couldn't think of anything she'd lost except for socks in the dryer.

Sam declared a do-over and grabbed two more fortune cookies. Sam's second fortune said, "Now is the time to try something new." Patrick opened his and read the exact same thing. They wondered about the meaning of their identical fortunes.

Anna entered the Crichton-Clark Clinic with her gun drawn. Suddenly, guards with guns drawn cornered her. One of the guards told her not to shoot and that they were lowering their weapons. "We're here to help," another guard added. The group of men turned out to be reinforcements Robert had sent. She advised them that if they helped her, they would be going against Victor, who was the director of the WSB. They understood and took their assignments from Anna. Right after the group split up, a Crichton-Clark guard ran in. One of the WSB guards shot the man, and Anna took his key card.

"I did what you wanted. Are you happy?" Lulu shouted at Stavros. She demanded that he and Dr. Young leave, and Dante echoed the sentiment. Stavros informed the two that Lulu would be leaving with him and the doctor so that the "procedure" could be performed. Lulu countered that she would have to be prepped for weeks, but Stavros reminded her that Crichton-Clark was "state of the art." The doctor confirmed that one shot was enough. Stavros and Dr. Young dragged a screaming Lulu out of the room.

William entered Jason's room and asked the doctor about Jason's progress. The doctor revealed that Jason was eager to leave, so he'd had to be restrained. There was a sound at the door, and both turned to look. Just as Anna was going to enter the room, she heard Dante yelling and banging against a door. She ran towards Dante's voice and let herself into the room.

Dante quickly updated Anna on Lulu's situation. He informed her that she would need to shoot his handcuffs off. She was unsure, but Dante trusted her. She took a shot, and the chain broke away. She handed him a gun, and they left the room to find a couple Crichton-Clark guards' bodies on the floor. "My guys have been busy," Anna remarked, and she and Dante split up.

Stavros suggested that Lulu might be more comfortable if she calmed down. She continued berating Stavros, but she suddenly lost strength. Stavros explained that he had taken some "precautions" and had put a "powerful tranquilizer" into Lulu's hormone treatment. Lulu passed out, and Stavros caught her.

A short while later, an unconscious Lulu was wearing a hospital gown. Stavros told her that she would soon be carrying his child. Dr. Young told Stavros that they could start the procedure as soon as she found the anesthesiologist. Stavros insisted on anesthetizing Lulu himself. He went to put the mask over Lulu's mouth and nose, but Lulu grabbed his hand and bit down. As Stavros and Dr. Young tried to corral Lulu, she screamed for Dante.

Jason's doctor told William that Jason would need to be sedated. However, William wouldn't approve it without Victor's approval. William left the room as Jason struggled in his restraints. Dante ambushed William as he left the room, and he demanded to know who was in the room. He threatened to shoot if William didn't open the door. Just then, Dante heard Lulu screaming. He knocked William out, grabbed his key card, and took off running toward Lulu.

A short while later, Dante burst into Lulu's room, pointing a gun at Stavros.

A few minutes later, William regained consciousness. He went back into Jason's room and was shocked to find the doctor unconscious on the floor and the bed empty.

Nathan slammed into Victor's office and demanded to know where Maxie was. He threatened to shoot Victor, but Victor didn't think Nathan would shoot his own father. Nathan continued asking about Maxie and threatening to shoot, but Victor called his bluff. Nathan asked Liesl if Victor was telling the truth. "You are a Cassadine," she replied. Victor talked about making up for lost time, but Nathan didn't want to be associated with the "psycho." He just wanted to find Maxie. "You care about me in some way. Prove it," Nathan challenged Victor. Victor said he had a hunch that Maxie was with Levi, and Nathan rushed out of the room.

Liesl admired her "brave son," but Victor told her that Nathan had gotten the trait from him. Victor's assistant entered his office with the DNA test results. Liesl didn't see any reason for him to open the envelope, but Victor didn't trust her. Liesl remarked that there was no time and admitted that Anna was in the building. She continued that she'd gotten to the clinic with Anna in order to save Nathan. Victor replied that he wasn't concerned. "My people can handle it," he added nonchalantly.

Victor opened the envelope. "You lying bitch," he snarled at Liesl. He took out a gun and pointed it at her, but she reminded him that he loved her, so he wouldn't kill her. He responded that he couldn't tolerate betrayal. Just then, Anna rushed into the room and demanded that Victor drop his gun. Liesl knocked something on the floor in order to distract Victor. As his attention was diverted, Anna shot the gun out of Victor's hand and charged at him. She began to handcuff him and read him his right. "I've heard this too many times," Liesl said, pointing Victor's gun at a shocked Anna.

Levi told Maxie that Maxie's parents had shot Peter in the head, but he had made a full recovery and a life for himself. He recounted a bullet fragment slowly migrating to a place in Peter's head "too delicate for removal." Peter thanked Levi for taking Maxie to him. "Now it's time for her to die," Peter said. Levi talked about doing it, but Peter wanted the "honor" after waiting for so long to get his revenge. "Felicia took something precious. I will too," he uttered.

Levi handed Peter the dagger that Peter had made from the Aztec jewels. Peter revealed that his only regret was that Frisco and Felicia couldn't "be here to see me murder their little girl." As Peter was about to stab Maxie in the chest, a gunshot rang out from the doorway. Peter fell to the floor and dropped the dagger. A horrified Levi kneeled down next to his father. "Avenge me," Peter commanded and fell unconscious.

Levi lunged at the shooter, Nathan. The two fought until Levi got the drop on Nathan and pointed his gun at Nathan. "This is for my father," Levi said, about to shoot Nathan. "This is for me," Maxie said, and she buried the dagger in Levi's back. She removed the dagger, and Levi fell to the floor. Maxie was distraught over killing someone without even thinking about it, but Nathan recognized that it had been to save him. "You saved me first," Maxie told him, and the two shared a kiss.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

At Michael's apartment, Michael was working out with a punching bag when someone knocked on the door. It was Tracy. Tracy explained that she would have called, but he hadn't been answering any of her calls, and she had been barred from ELQ. Tracy looked around at the apartment with distaste as she suggested that the CEO of ELQ find a more suitable apartment, even though Ned was the real power "behind the throne." Michael ignored the advice to ask why Tracy was there.

Tracy confessed that she was desperate for news about Lulu. Tracy was certain that Sonny had several police officers on his payroll who had given Sonny regular updates since the abduction, which Tracy was certain Sonny had passed along to Michael. Michael confessed that he didn't have any news to share, but Tracy didn't believe him. Michael could tell that Tracy was frantic with concern about Lulu, so he suggested that she call Anna or Luke. He was confident that Luke might have news about Lulu's abduction, but Tracy confessed that she hadn't heard from Luke.

Tracy revealed that it was doubtful that Luke even knew about Lulu's abduction, so it was even more unlikely that Luke had any news to share. However, Tracy feared that Luke would never forgive himself if anything were to happen to Lulu -- not that Michael cared, since he had believed Kiki's "disgusting lies" about Luke to justify stealing ELQ from Tracy. Michael refused to get into an argument with his aunt, but he appreciated that she was genuinely concerned about Lulu so he promised to call if he heard anything.

Tracy walked to the door, so Michael told her that he hoped that Luke called. "So do I," Tracy quietly answered and then left.

At Sam's penthouse, Sam cracked open her fortune cookie then pulled out the paper to read her fortune. It advised her to try something new, so she invited Patrick to read his. Patrick chuckled when he read his message, which had also advised him to try something new. Surprised, Sam demanded to see the slip of paper from his fortune to confirm that it was the same message. It was. Sam noticed that Patrick appeared to give the fortune some merit, so she asked him about the sudden lack of skepticism.

Patrick confessed that in that moment, in that time, with Sam, he was willing to have an open mind. Moments later, Patrick kissed Sam. Things quickly heated up as they stretched out on the sofa while the kiss became increasingly passionate. Patrick started to unbutton Sam's top, but she suddenly stopped him to ask what they were doing. Patrick didn't have an answer, so he leaned down to kiss her again, but Sam asked him to wait.

Patrick quickly apologized as he pulled away from Sam because he assumed that he had misread things. However, Sam confessed that the attraction he felt for her was reciprocated. She admitted that she had thought a lot about the possibilities of a romantic relationship between them, so the kiss had been nice. Relieved, Patrick revealed that he had hoped that Sam would have asked for a kiss when she had beaten him at a game of pool, so Sam smiled as she admitted that the thought had crossed her mind, which was why she had asked him to shave the beard.

Sam admitted that she was attracted to Patrick, but she wasn't sure if she was ready to get involved with him. Embarrassed, Patrick feared that he had pushed Sam into something she hadn't wanted by kissing her, but Sam assured Patrick that she had wanted to kiss him. However, she pointed out that she had just ended things with Silas, and Patrick had only recently taken off his wedding ring and wasn't even officially divorced yet.

Patrick sensed that there was more to Sam's reason for being reluctant to get involved, so Sam confessed that Jason's birthday was the following day and that her third wedding anniversary with Jason was the following week. Sam had made a conscious decision to put Jason in the past and move forward, but Jason would always be a part of her. She insisted that she and Patrick had enough on their plate without complicating things, so she suggested that they focus on the accident investigation.

Patrick thanked Sam for being the voice of reason. Sam relaxed because she admitted that she didn't want things to be weird between them. Patrick promised her that they wouldn't be then he left.

In Victor's office at Crichton-Clark, Anna shoved Victor against the wall then began to read him the Miranda Rights until Liesl suddenly picked up Victor's discarded gun then aimed it at Anna. According to Liesl, the two women had unfinished business. Stunned, Anna couldn't believe that Liesl would want to discuss Cesar's fate while Nathan was in danger. Anna questioned if Liesl truly cared about Nathan as Liesl claimed, but Liesl insisted that she would lay down her life for her son. Seconds later, Liesl shot Victor in the chest.

Victor's eyes rounded with disbelief as he slowly collapsed to the floor. Shocked, Anna demanded to know why Liesl had shot Victor, so Liesl claimed that she had saved Anna's life, but Anna knew it was a lie. Anna pointed out that she could have sent Victor to jail, but Liesl scoffed at the idea of Victor spending any significant time in jail. Anna wanted an answer about what had prompted the shooting, so Liesl cryptically explained that she couldn't risk Victor seeking out Nathan, knowing that Victor knew the truth.

Anna assumed that Liesl had been referring to Victor being Nathan's father but didn't have time to pursue the question because the team leader of the World Security Bureau agents Robert had sent to help Anna entered the office to announce that Dante had been located. Anna instructed Liesl to stay put then followed the agent to where Dante was.

After Anna left, Liesl tearfully knelt down next to Victor and tearfully apologized for shooting him. She explained that she hadn't had any choice; it had been a kill or be killed situation. However, Liesl regretted that Victor had to die because she'd had fond memories of him over the years. Liesl's grief turned to shock when she suddenly felt a faint pulse as she held Victor's wrist. Victor's eyes fluttered open. "I never cease to disappoint you, do I, Liesl?" Victor asked in a weak breathy voice.

Victor confessed that he had hoped that he and Liesl would have ended with a kiss, so Liesl explained that she had shot him out of an act of necessity because only she and Victor knew that Nathan wasn't Victor's son. Liesl reminded Victor of the adage that two people could keep a secret only if one of them was dead. Victor felt that he had a right to know who Nathan's father was, but Liesl refused to name the man. She insisted that it was best for everyone to believe that Victor was Nathan's father because the truth was far worse. Victor argued that he was entitled to know the truth, since he was dying because of the secret, so Liesl decided to be merciful by picking up a pillow to stop Victor's suffering.

Liesl admitted that she was sorry that it had to end "this way." Victor agreed then pressed a button on a small device hidden in the breast pocket of his jacket. Instantly, the lights turned red as an alarm began to sound. Liesl demanded to know what Victor had done, so he revealed that it had been a contingency plan in case the operation had been compromised. Liesl didn't believe him because she was certain that Victor had acted out of spite because she had gotten the best of him. Victor weakly explained that he couldn't risk having the medical advancements hidden in the clinic fall into the wrong hands because it would provide whoever possessed them with an unfair advantage.

Alarmed, Liesl asked what kind of medical advancements Victor had been referring to. "Biological warfare," Victor answered then added that Liesl only had minutes to escape because the clinic was set to blow. Victor warned her that nothing would be left except a large crater, so Liesl could stay to finish him off or make a run for it. He suggested that she might have enough time to save both herself and her "bastard" son. Liesl wondered how much time she had left, but Victor didn't want to "spoil the surprise."

In Peter Harrell Sr.'s room at the clinic, Maxie watched in stunned disbelief as Levi/Peter Jr. crumbled to the floor. She immediately dropped the Aztec knife she had stabbed Peter Jr. with as Nathan reminded Maxie that she had killed Peter Jr. to save Nathan. Maxie insisted that Nathan had saved her first, but he pulled her into his arms then kissed her. After the kiss ended, Nathan realized that the timing was wrong for romance. Maxie agreed as she looked at Peter Jr. and his father's dead bodies littering the ground.

Nathan quickly distracted Maxie from the death around them by assuring Maxie that he respected her choice not to make any decisions about exploring a relationship with him. However, Nathan confessed that he hoped the kiss would give Maxie something to consider while she figured things out. Before Maxie could reply, Nathan shifted gears by giving her a quick lesson on how to hold and shoot a gun. Afterwards, Maxie grabbed her mother's Aztec knife then followed Nathan into the hallway to look for Dante and Lulu.

Elsewhere in the clinic, Victor's henchman, William, returned to Jason's room, but he found Jason's bed empty and the nurse unconscious on the floor. William checked on the nurse, unaware that Jason had been hiding in the room. Jason stealthily crept up on William then knocked William out with a single powerful punch. Afterwards, Jason stripped the nurse of the man's shoes then scooped up the file that William had been carrying. Jason saw that the file had his name on it, but he didn't have time to read it so he swiped the key card from the nurse then slipped out of the room.

Jason slowly made his way through the clinic, careful to avoid the teams of armed men gunning for each other. Eventually, Jason entered a room where Robin had been handcuffed to the wall. Robin was relieved when she saw Jason, so she asked if he was okay. Jason let her know that he was unable to speak, so Robin suspected that he had bruised his vocal cords when he'd yanked out the breathing tube. Jason shrugged because he had no idea if she was right or not.

Robin became concerned when she noticed that Jason felt warm because she feared that he had a fever. She insisted that they needed to get away from the clinic, so Jason studied the handcuff that secured Robin to the wall. He decided to shoot the handcuff free, but Robin shrieked with fright because she hadn't expected him to fire the gun. However, once Robin was free, she hugged her old friend. Moments later, the alarm sounded. "This can't be good," Robin realized as she took the key card from Jason then went to the door.

Meanwhile, Lulu fought valiantly as she tried to keep Stavros from securing her to the medical table. She realized that she was weaker than she should be, so Stavros bragged that the hormone injection had contained a sedative because he had expected Lulu to fight back. Lulu redoubled her efforts to keep Stavros from pushing her to the table because she refused to be implanted with the frozen embryo Stavros had created with his sperm and Lulu's stolen egg.

Moments later, Dante burst into the room with a gun raised and aimed at Stavros. Stavros immediately grabbed a medical instrument from the tray then held it against Lulu's neck as Dr. Young scurried to a corner. Stavros warned Dante that what happened next was up to Dante, so he advised Dante to lower the gun. Dante refused, but Stavros explained that it would be foolish to release Lulu as a hostage because Dante would shoot Stavros. Dante vowed not to let anything happen to Lulu, so he slowly entered the room until the door automatically closed then locked.

Stavros watched with satisfaction as Dante set the gun on the floor then straightened. Lulu used the brief distraction to jab Stavros in the stomach then break free. Dr. Young lunged to restrain Lulu, while Dante seized the opportunity to attack Stavros. The doors briefly opened as Anna's team of WSB agents saw Dante and Lulu fight off their captors but the doors closed before the agents could enter the room.

Eventually, Stavros gained the upper hand by securing the gun. Furious, Stavros admitted that Dante had been a thorn in Stavros' side for too long. Stavros aimed the gun at Dante, but Lulu desperately tried to buy her husband time by reminding Stavros that she had been married to Dante long before Stavros had become obsessed with her. Stavros refused to be deterred from his mission, so Lulu jumped in front of Dante, certain that Stavros wouldn't shoot her.

Stavros conceded that he didn't want to shoot Lulu but he reminded her that he didn't need her to ensure that their frozen embryo would be born. Dante managed to catch Stavros off guard, which resulted in another struggle.

In the hallway, Anna ordered some of the WSB agents to check for another way into the room where Dante and Lulu were battling Stavros. However, the men quickly reported back that there was only one way in. Anna heard a shot ring out, so she decided to kick the door in. Moments later, Anna saw Dante standing over Stavros' body. Nearby, Lulu stood next to Dr. Young's body. Dante was curious where Victor was, so Anna revealed that Victor was as dead as Stavros. The alarms suddenly sounded, so Anna ordered Dante and Lulu to remain in the room while Anna located the other hostages and secured the building.

A short time later, Anna approached a door that appeared to be the same room where Robin had been held prisoner.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At the penthouse, Alexis entered the living room as Sam cleaned up the empty boxes of takeout food from Noodle Buddha. Alexis asked if Sam needed help, but Sam was surprised that her mother was awake after an exhausting evening with Danny. Alexis explained that she had spent the night tossing and turning, so Sam assumed that Alexis was troubled about Julian's recent visit. Sam apologized, explaining that she had assumed that Alexis and Molly wouldn't be at the penthouse, but Alexis waved away Sam's apology because Julian had a right to visit with his grandson.

Alexis confessed that she was actually grateful that Julian had stopped by because it had given Alexis a much needed push to move forward. Sam was stunned when Alexis told Sam about Alexis' date with Ned. Alexis conceded that she and Ned had history, but they'd also had some wonderful times together. Alexis suggested that Sam follow Alexis' lead by going out with Patrick, so Sam revealed that Patrick had kissed Sam.

Delighted, Alexis was eager to hear every detail, so Sam told Alexis about the fortune cookies and the messages that had encouraged each of them to try something new. Alexis was happy for Sam until Sam explained that she had stopped things because she hadn't been certain if she had been ready to move forward especially on the heels of ending a relationship with Silas. Alexis sensed that there had been more to it, so Sam confessed that Jason's birthday was the following day and that Jason and Sam's third wedding anniversary would have been the following week.

Alexis was confused because she had thought that Sam had moved on by embarking on a relationship with Silas. Alexis also recalled that Sam had recently taken off her wedding ring, so Alexis was concerned that Sam had taken a few steps back because things hadn't worked out with Silas. Sam explained that things hadn't been that simple; Jason and Silas hadn't known each other, but Jason and Patrick had. Sam reminded Alexis that most of the friction between Jason and Patrick had stemmed from Robin being in the middle of both men.

Sam was certain that Jason had always put Sam first, but Sam wasn't certain that Robin had done the same for Patrick, which might cause problems. Sam didn't want to risk losing her close friendship with Patrick because of the past, so Alexis suggested that instead of viewing Jason's relationship with Robin as an obstacle, Sam should view it as something that Patrick and Sam had had in common.

At the Drake residence, Patrick saw Elizabeth asleep on his sofa when he arrived home. He gently woke her up, so she groggily asked what he was doing there. Patrick smiled as he reminded Elizabeth that he lived there, so she quickly apologized as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She explained that Emma had changed her mind about spending the night, so Elizabeth had decided to take the girl home because Audrey had already been at Elizabeth's house to watch the boys. Patrick assumed that Emma had missed sleeping in her own bed, but Elizabeth admitted that Emma had curled up in Patrick's bed because Emma had missed Robin.

After Patrick checked on Emma, he returned to the living room. Patrick admitted that Emma had been having a difficult time accepting Robin's prolonged absence and Patrick's decision to file for divorce. Elizabeth was disappointed that Patrick and Robin had decided to end their marriage, but Patrick insisted that it had been for the best because Robin had been unable to put Patrick and their family first. Patrick suddenly realized that he had put Elizabeth in an awkward situation because she was both Patrick and Robin's friend, so he apologized.

Elizabeth conceded that she loved Robin like a sister, but Elizabeth also cared about Patrick. She explained that it was best for Patrick and Robin to end their marriage sooner rather than later if they couldn't make it work. Patrick revealed that he had already taken the first step of moving on by kissing Sam. Elizabeth was surprised when he added that he would be lying if he claimed that the kiss had "come out of nowhere" because it hadn't.

Patrick explained that he and Sam had been spending a lot of time together in recent months, investigating the crash, and that Sam had managed to challenge Patrick in ways that he hadn't expected. However, Patrick conceded that Sam had put a stop to things when he'd kissed her because Sam hadn't been ready to move on. Elizabeth thought it sounded as if Patrick was ready, but he admitted that he wanted to be ready more than he actually was.

Patrick reminded Elizabeth that it had been a crazy year because of everything that had happened with Robin and Sabrina. Patrick conceded that he would always love Robin, but their marriage was over. Elizabeth wondered how Patrick felt about Sabrina, so he explained that he would always share a connection with Sabrina because of Gabriel, but they were just friends. Patrick revealed that what he felt for Sam was unexpected, especially since they had met under less than ideal circumstances and hadn't always been on good terms.

However, Patrick admitted that his relationship with Sam had begun to deepen when Danny had gotten sick with cancer. According to Patrick, his feelings for Sam had grown stronger as he and Sam had worked together investigating the crash. Elizabeth could tell that Patrick cared about Sam, but Patrick argued that it didn't matter because Sam wasn't ready for a relationship. He suggested that perhaps it was for the best that he and Sam focus on investigating the crash because it was imperative to find out who had arranged for Rafe to force Patrick's car off the road, but Elizabeth quietly reminded Patrick that sometimes it was best to simply "go for it" rather than wait for the perfect time.

Moments later, Nikolas called to talk to Patrick about Spencer's claim that Luke had been responsible for Patrick's crash. Nikolas admitted that he might have dismissed Spencer's story, but Spencer's terror had been genuine. Patrick assured Nikolas that Patrick and Sam were investigating Spencer's story then promised to get back to Nikolas with answers. After the call, Patrick told Elizabeth about Spencer's accusation that Luke had coerced Rafe into causing the crash. Elizabeth was skeptical that Luke would intentionally target a child after what had happened to Jake, but she wanted Patrick and Sam to get to the bottom of things. Patrick assured her that they would.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the phone with a member of his security team reporting to Nikolas that Anna hadn't been seen since she had entered the Crichton-Clark Clinic. Nikolas instructed his men to hold their position to avoid jeopardizing Anna's rescue operation, but Nikolas wanted to be notified as soon as anything changed.

After the call, Britt entered the parlor, so Nikolas told her what his security team had reported. Britt was certain that Anna would locate the hostages, but Nikolas reminded Britt that they only had Liesl's word that Lulu, Dante, Nathan, and Maxie were at the clinic. Britt insisted that they could trust her mother because Liesl was concerned about Nathan. She shifted gears by confessing that she had felt a sudden and unexpected bond with her newfound brother, Nathan, but Nikolas wasn't surprised because something similar had happened to him when he had first met Lulu.

Nikolas revealed that his uncle, Stefan, had raised him as an only child until Lulu had needed a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Nikolas admitted that he had felt an instant connection with Lulu the moment he had looked into her eyes. He became choked up with emotion as he recalled how it felt to realize that he couldn't imagine a life without his sister in it. Britt quickly reached out to hug Nikolas as she assured him that both Lulu and Nathan would return home safe to them.

Nikolas thanked Britt for her support especially over the past few crazy days. Britt confessed that she was still reeling from the realization that her brother's father was Nikolas' uncle. Nikolas conceded that the Cassadines had never been short of family members crawling out of the woodwork, but Nathan seemed like a good guy, unlike Victor, who appeared to be the apparent corrupt head of the World Security Bureau. Nikolas realized that he couldn't dismiss the possibility that Victor had not been as reformed as Victor had seemed.

Nikolas and Britt were startled when Spencer suddenly appeared in the doorway to ask them what they were talking about. Nikolas was curious what Spencer was doing awake, so Spencer confessed that he hadn't been able to sleep. However, Spencer kept pressing for an answer about Nikolas' remark concerning Victor. Eventually, Nikolas admitted that he didn't have all the facts, but it appeared that Victor was not who he had seemed.

Spencer admitted that Victor wasn't the only person like that; Luke Spencer was not who he had seemed either. Nikolas had no idea what Spencer was talking about, so Spencer realized that Patrick hadn't talked to Nikolas. Spencer quickly told his father about Luke's encounter with a mystery man in the stables and Luke's threat to hurt Emma if Spencer told anyone that Luke intended to go after Sonny.

Later, Nikolas wrapped up a phone call with Patrick as Britt returned to the parlor to report that Spencer was tucked into bed and asleep. Nikolas thanked Britt then told her about his phone call with Patrick. Nikolas confessed that he didn't care for Luke, but the Luke he knew had been a "scoundrel" not a murderer. However, Nikolas' greatest concern was for Lulu because it would crush his sister's heart if the story about Luke were true.

At the Crichton-Clark Clinic, Dante reached for a piece of gauze to attend to Lulu's minor neck wound, while Stavros' body appeared dead on the floor at Lulu's feet. Lulu assured Dante that she wasn't injured -- just sleepy from the sedative, but Dante remained concerned. Moments later, Nathan and Maxie entered the examination room. The friends enjoyed a brief reunion until Nathan explained that a self-destruct sequence had been triggered, so they needed to get out of the clinic quickly. Dante, Lulu, Nathan, and Maxie set off as a group to track down Anna then escape before the explosion.

A short time later, someone entered the examination room. The person saw Stavros' body on the floor then looked around the room until the person's eyes landed on the cylinder containing Stavros and Lulu's frozen embryo.

Elsewhere in the clinic, Anna became frustrated when her key card failed to open one of the locked doors. Anna feared that Dante and Lulu were locked in the room, but Liesl ran up to warn Anna that they needed to find Nathan. Anna refused to leave without checking the room, but she had to find a working key card first. Liesl explained that it was impossible because Victor had triggered a self-destruct sequence that had locked down the facility. Liesl reiterated that it was urgent that they find Nathan because the clinic was set to blow up within minutes.

Moments later, Dante, Lulu, Nathan, and Maxie ran up. Liesl tearfully threw her arms around her son then hugged him tightly as Anna reached for Maxie to hug Maxie. After the brief reunion, they discussed their options. Liesl pointed out the front door worked off a different security pad than the rest of the doors in the facility, so they decided to head to the main entrance. Nathan suddenly noticed Victor's absence, so Anna revealed that Victor was dead. Nathan wanted to know what had happened, but Liesl argued that they didn't have time to discuss it.

Meanwhile, someone watched as everyone ran to the front of the building.

In another part of the clinic, Jason handed Robin a key card to unlock the door but the door failed to open. Robin feared that they were stuck because there had been a security override, but Jason took matters into his own hands by grabbing a tool then using it to rip off the cover to the electric panel next to the door. Within minutes, Jason had the door hotwired to open. However, Robin and Jason froze in their tracks as the door opened to reveal someone standing in the hallway.

"My dear Robin, we meet again," Helena purred. Helena turned to Jason to greet him as well, while Helena's two henchmen entered the room. Robin was outraged when one of the men suddenly knocked Jason out. Unconcerned, Helena assured Robin that Jason was merely resting.

Helena confessed that it was wonderful to be back, but Robin sputtered with anger as she demanded that Helena stay away from Jason. Helena wanted to be civil with Robin because Helena was grateful for all that Robin had done for Helena. Robin sneered as she admitted that she would have let Helena and Stavros stay dead if it had been up to Robin. Helena's temper flared as she warned Robin not to mention Stavros' name. Helena admitted that -- regrettably -- Stavros had met with an unfortunate demise.

However, Helena announced that Stavros would live on as she held up the cylinder with the frozen embryo. Helena admitted that she had plans for Robin and Jason, but Lulu and Lulu's friends would pay, so Robin demanded to know what Helena was up to. Helena chuckled as she revealed that Robin's mother, Anna, and Dante had arrived at the clinic to rescue Lulu and Maxie. Robin was stunned that her mother was on the premises, but Robin was more concerned about Maxie and Lulu. Helena assured Robin that everyone was alive -- but not for long thanks to "lovesick" Victor.

Helena explained that all the exits had been sealed and that the clinic was set to explode. Robin insisted that Helena was insane because Helena wouldn't survive the explosion. Helena held up an override key card as she informed Robin that Robin and Jason could escape with Helena. No one noticed that Jason had regained consciousness. He waited for an opportunity then sprang into action when no one was paying attention. Jason quickly grabbed the gun from the tray he had placed it on earlier then killed both of Helena's henchmen.

Robin snatched the key card out of Helena's grasp, grabbed Jason's hand, and then fled with Jason. Helena smiled as she held the cylinder with the frozen embryo then casually strolled out of the room.

Meanwhile, Anna, Dante, and Nathan reached the door. They quickly realized that they couldn't open the door, so they decided to shoot their way out. Liesl doubted that it would work, but Anna, Dante, Lulu, Nathan, and Maxie each stood shoulder-to-shoulder, aimed their guns at the lock, and fired.

The doors opened, so everyone ran out then took cover. Moments later, the clinic exploded. "That's the end of Crichton-Clark as we know it. Anyone inside who wasn't already dead is now," Liesl said as they watched the building burn.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny spoke to Olivia on the phone. He admitted that he didn't have news about Dante, so all they could do was pray. Sonny promised to call Olivia if he heard anything then ended the call when he saw Shawn enter the office.

Shawn asked for news about Dante, but Sonny had nothing new to report, so Shawn changed the subject by filling Sonny in about Ava's medical scare the previous evening. Sonny was upset but not out of concern for Ava's well-being; Sonny worried about the baby because the baby was family, whether Sonny or Morgan was the father. Sonny couldn't trust Ava to safeguard the pregnancy, so he decided that it was time to abduct Ava then stash her in a safe location where Sonny could keep a close eye on her until the baby was born.

"Today is the day," Shawn announced. Shawn explained that they had people in place, waiting for the opportunity to make a move. According to Shawn, Ava was at her most vulnerable because Julian was out of town. Sonny gave the go-ahead to take Ava but made it clear that nothing better happen to the baby.

Moments later, Olivia burst through the door then threw herself into Sonny's arms as she revealed that Dante had called. Olivia was overjoyed as she told Sonny that everyone was safe, but she admitted that their son's call had been brief so she didn't have any details. Sonny grinned as he quickly called Michael and Morgan to share the good news.

After the phone call, Sonny was choked up because Morgan had been civil toward him throughout the conversation. Olivia and Shawn smiled because they were happy for Sonny. Olivia suggested that perhaps recent events had made Morgan realize that he shouldn't take anything for granted. Sonny admitted that he wanted to patch things up with Morgan because Morgan would need help raising the baby -- if Morgan was the father.

Confused, Olivia reminded Sonny that Ava would be around to help Morgan. Sonny exchanged a guarded look with Shawn then carefully explained that he had simply meant that Morgan would need his father's support. Satisfied, Olivia promised to call when she heard from Dante then left to fetch Rocco from Bobbie's place. Afterwards, Sonny smiled with satisfaction because everything appeared to be falling into place.

At Carly's residence, Carly woke Franco up with balloons and a bright happy birthday wish. Franco was touched by the gesture, but he reminded her that they weren't really certain that it was his birthday because he hadn't really been Jason's twin. Carly argued that it didn't matter because Franco was clearly a Virgo. She also admitted that Jason had never enjoyed celebrating his birthday, so she decided that Franco should take the day.

Carly held up a muffin with a candle in it as she instructed Franco to blow out the candle. Franco smiled then dutifully blew out the candle. Carly was curious what he had wished for, so Franco confessed that he had wished that he had never accused her of sleeping with Sonny. Carly tensed, prompting Franco to ask why.

Carly claimed that she hated that Franco had wasted a wish on something that they couldn't change, but Franco regretted that he had doubted Carly because she was "amazing, sweet, and truthful." Carly tried to downplay the incident, but Franco argued that he had behaved like a lunatic. He was ashamed that he had accused her of being unfaithful because he knew that she would never cheat on him.

Carly thought about how she and Sonny had made love in her bedroom but quickly pushed the unsettling thought away as she changed the subject by slowly untying her robe to show Franco her sexy nightgown. After Franco and Carly made love, Carly surprised Franco by revealing that she had made plans for a special birthday dinner celebration. Franco insisted that it wasn't necessary, but Carly disagreed. She was curious who he wanted to invite, so Franco reminded her that he didn't have a lot of friends.

Carly was certain that his father, Scott, would attend the dinner, so Franco suggested that they invite Kiki too. Carly immediately recalled Kiki refusing to promise not to tell Franco about Carly's affair with Sonny, so Carly suggested that it might not be a good idea to include Kiki because Kiki was dating Michael. Franco regretted that he had threatened to tell Michael that Sonny had killed A.J., but Carly insisted that it was in the past.

Carly agreed to extend the invitation to Kiki, even though it might be awkward for Michel if Michael decided to attend. Carly suggested inviting Nina to the party, since Franco and Nina were good friends. Touched by the offer, Franco confessed that he wished he could be more like Carly, who didn't feel threatened by his friendship with Nina.

Meanwhile, Michael called out for Kiki as he entered the brownstone. Morgan was relaxed on the sofa, listening to music, until Michael tapped on his brother's shoulder. Startled, Morgan jumped up then immediately asked if there had been news about their older brother, Dante. Michael shook his head, but he was confident that Dante would return home safe. Michael was curious if Kiki was home, so Morgan revealed that Kiki had left earlier to meet Silas for breakfast.

Michael explained that he had stopped by to meet with the roofer. Morgan smiled as he asked if Michael was ready for Morgan and Kiki to proceed with repairing the roof, but Michael made it clear that he wanted a professional to tackle the problem because Morgan and Kiki weren't qualified. Morgan argued that he and Kiki worked well together, so Michael asked if Morgan and Kiki had worked things out the previous evening after their squabble. Morgan nodded but confessed that he hadn't been ready to hear Kiki's advice about Ava even though Kiki had been right.

The conversation then drifted to Rosalie as Michael confided that Rosalie had questioned the nature of Morgan and Kiki's relationship. Surprised, Morgan was curious if Michael agreed with Rosalie, but Michael assured his brother that he knew Morgan and Kiki were just friends. However, Michael warned Morgan that Rosalie appeared skeptical because Morgan had spent the entire evening with Kiki instead of his date. Morgan didn't appear worried, but he wanted to be certain that Michael didn't have any questions about Morgan's friendship with Kiki.

Michael promised Morgan that he trusted both Morgan and Kiki then confessed that he didn't have any regrets about Morgan and Kiki working together to restore the brownstone because it had been an excellent investment. Morgan relaxed because Michael's trust was all that mattered. Moments later, Sonny called.

Michael put the call on speaker so Morgan could hear what Sonny had to say. Sonny revealed that Dante had surfaced, and everyone was safe. Sonny didn't have any details to share, but he had wanted Michael and Morgan to know. The brothers were relieved, so Sonny suggested that the family gather to celebrate when Dante and Lulu returned home. Michael smiled when Morgan quickly agreed.

After the phone call, Morgan prepared to leave. He asked if he and Michael were good about Kiki, so Michael assured him that everything was fine. Shortly after Morgan left, Michael heard a knock at the door. He assumed that it was the roofer, so he invited the man inside. Michael was surprised when Rosalie entered instead.

At the hospital, Nina was working out in Franco's art studio when Rosalie knocked on the door. Nina quickly unlocked the door to invite Rosalie in, so Rosalie was curious why Nina had been hiding out in the art room. Nina explained that she had been working out then shifted gears to ask if Rosalie knew that Richard Simmons had once worked in Port Charles. To Nina's annoyance, Rosalie had no idea who the iconic 1980s exercise guru was, but Nina was willing to forgive Rosalie provided Rosalie had good news about the plan to break up Michael and Kiki.

Rosalie reminded Nina the date hadn't been an ideal situation to seduce Michael away from Kiki because the dinner had been in public and a double date. Nina shrugged because she recalled often having sex in public places with Silas, but Rosalie refused to hear the details. "TMI," Rosalie insisted, but Nina was unapologetic because Nina wanted Rosalie to understand that one didn't need privacy to get the job done. Rosalie ignored the advice then confided that she had seized the opportunity to plant seeds of doubt in Michael's mind about Morgan and Kiki's relationship. Nina was pleased, but Rosalie felt bad because Michael was a decent guy.

Nina ranted that Kiki needed to pay for Silas' affair with Ava. Rosalie patiently listened until Nina demanded to know if anything else noteworthy had happened. Rosalie smiled as she confessed that she had overheard Kiki and Morgan talking about a secret that they were desperate to keep from Michael. Intrigued, Nina wanted to know what the secret was about. Rosalie appeared slightly reluctant as she admitted that Carly had slept with Sonny, which Kiki feared Michael would use to break up Franco and Carly.

Nina was furious that Carly had played Franco for a fool, but Rosalie was curious why Nina cared. Nina insisted that Franco was a friend, but, more importantly, Nina knew what it was like to be betrayed and deceived. Rosalie was curious if Nina intended to tell Franco about the affair, but Nina refused to answer. Nina suggested that Rosalie focus on Michael, while Nina worried about Franco.

Later, Franco was in a good mood as he strolled into the art room. Nina was curious why Franco was so happy, so Franco confessed that he'd had the best morning of his life because Carly had made him feel both loved and appreciated. Nina tensed when Franco added that he had been an idiot not to trust Carly. He was determined to never doubt Carly again, so Nina quietly confessed that she had something to tell him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki greeted her father then joined Silas at a table for breakfast. She was curious why Nina hadn't joined them, so Silas explained that Nina was at the hospital, supposedly at a physical therapy appointment. Kiki picked up on the skepticism in Silas' tone, so he admitted that Nina had skipped appointments to spend time with Franco. Kiki was curious if Silas and Franco had had another run-in, but Silas shook his head. However, Silas couldn't understand what all the women saw in Franco.

Kiki reminded Silas that Franco's life had forever been altered when the tumor had been removed, but Silas argued that Franco had been a murderer. Kiki countered that Franco had also been an artist, but the talent had disappeared along with the tumor, forcing Franco to carve out a new life by taking a job at the hospital. Silas didn't have any sympathy for Franco, but Silas agreed to stop speaking ill of Franco because Silas appreciated that Kiki and Franco were friends. Kiki confessed that she hadn't been a very good friend to Franco lately because she had been keeping a secret from her friend.

Kiki conceded that the secret had the power to deeply hurt Franco but she felt like a liar for not telling him. She admitted that on top of everything else, she had told Morgan, not Michael, about the secret. Silas was surprised that Kiki would open up to her ex-husband rather than her boyfriend, but Kiki explained that Michael wouldn't hesitate to tell Franco about the secret if Michael knew.

Silas was curious why Kiki had talked to Morgan about the secret, so Kiki revealed that Morgan had easily picked up that something had been troubling her. Kiki admitted that it had always been easy to talk to Morgan even though things had become strained the previous day when she had tried to offer Morgan advice about Ava and the baby. Kiki was grateful that Morgan had forgiven her because she had no idea what she would have done if she had lost Morgan as a friend. Silas questioned if that was all Morgan was to Kiki -- a friend.

Kiki seemed surprised by the question but assured Silas that she was with Michael. She added that Morgan was interested in someone else. Silas was stunned when Kiki admitted that it was Rosalie. He explained that he didn't trust Rosalie because something seemed off with Nina's nurse, so he warned Kiki to be careful around Rosalie.

A short time later, Silas announced that he had to leave. Kiki gave her father a hug then watched him walk away. Moments later, Carly arrived and spotted Kiki. Carly approached Kiki's table to invite Kiki to Franco's birthday party, but she warned Kiki not to ruin Franco's night or his life by revealing that Carly and Sonny had slept together. Kiki assured Carly that it wouldn't be a problem as long as Carly and Sonny stayed away from each other. As if on cue, Sonny entered the restaurant.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava reclined on the sofa as she gently stroked her belly while assuring her unborn child that she would keep the baby safe and healthy. However, Ava sensed that "now is the calm before the storm."

Moments later, a guard announced that Ava had a visitor. Without waiting to be invited, Sabrina pushed past the guard to enter the apartment. Ava glared at Sabrina then ordered the guard to escort Sabrina to the lobby and toss her out. Sabrina demanded a few minutes of Ava's time because Sabrina had something important to say. Ava reluctantly sent the guard away, so Sabrina surprised Ava by apologizing for the way she had treated Ava the previous evening when Ava had gone to the hospital with alarming cramps.

Sabrina agreed that it had been both unprofessional and insensitive to suggest that Ava might be miscarrying. Sabrina blamed it on grief over losing her own son, Gabriel. She knew that it wasn't an excuse, so she assured Ava that she would understand if Ava decided to file an official complaint. However, Sabrina promised that she was in therapy, learning to deal with the anger over losing her son. Sabrina assured Ava that she knew that Ava had not been responsible for driving Patrick's car off the road, so she asked for Ava's forgiveness.

Ava softened because she appreciated that Sabrina had suffered a terrible loss. She thanked Sabrina for the apology, so Sabrina smiled then turned to leave, claiming that she had to get to a therapy appointment. Sabrina suddenly stopped as she realized that she had forgotten to give Ava something. Sabrina reached into her purse and pulled out a bottle of pills that Sabrina claimed the doctor had prescribed for Ava's cramps. According to Sabrina, Ava had left before the prescription had been filled.

Ava took the pills from Sabrina then watched Sabrina leave. In the hallway, the guard asked Sabrina if everything was okay. "Everything went exactly as I'd hoped," Sabrina cryptically replied with a secret smile.

Later, Sabrina looked at an empty prescription bottle with a warning label that read, "Causes premature labor in pregnant woman."

Meanwhile, Ava poured a glass of water then took one of the pills Sabrina had given her. Ava admitted that she didn't want any more scares like the one she'd had the previous evening.

Friday, September 19, 2014

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly appreciated that Kiki hadn't told Franco that Sonny and Carly had slept together but Carly wanted to make certain that Kiki would continue to keep the secret for Franco's sake. Kiki explained that there wouldn't be a problem provided Carly maintained her distance from Sonny. Carly looked up just as Sonny entered he restaurant. "And that answers that," Kiki said as she turned to see what Carly had been looking at.

Carly immediately assured Kiki that things were not as they seemed, but Sonny didn't help matters by approaching Carly and Kiki. Carly desperately tried to get Sonny to leave by explaining that she and Kiki had been having a private conversation, but Sonny revealed that he had news about Dante. Carly and Kiki were delighted when Sonny told them that Dante had called to report that the hostages were all safe and sound. However, Sonny admitted that he didn't have any additional details because the phone call had been short.

Carly thanked Sonny for the update then asked him to leave, but Sonny stubbornly refused to go. Sonny admitted that he had picked up on the tension between Carly and Kiki, so he wanted to assure Kiki that Carly was determined to stay with Franco despite Sonny's reservations. Kiki insisted that there was nothing to discuss, since it had been Kiki's understanding that Sonny and Carly were over. Kiki promised to attend Franco's party later that evening then she left.

Carly admitted to Sonny that it had been an awkward situation with Kiki, but Sonny was confident that Kiki wouldn't say anything to Franco. Carly warned Sonny that Kiki might change her mind if they gave Kiki any reason to doubt that Sonny and Carly weren't over. Sonny pointed out that he and Carly couldn't be expected to avoid each other completely because they had children together, but Carly argued that they could limit their interactions with each other.

Sonny shifted gears to reveal that he thought Carly should know that he intended to kidnap Ava later that day. Carly wondered if Sonny was concerned that he might be risking putting Ava and the baby in the middle of a gun battle, but Sonny was confident that he had everything under control. Carly was curious how Sonny intended to explain Ava suddenly moving back in with Sonny to Morgan, but Sonny revealed that it wouldn't be necessary because he intended to stash Ava in a secret location.

"Never to be seen again," Carly realized. Carly wondered if Sonny had thought about how he would explain how he had ended up with the baby but not Ava once the baby was born, but Sonny insisted that he would cross that bridge when he got to it. Carly suggested that perhaps they could tell Morgan that Sonny and Carly had persuaded Ava that it would be best for the baby to let Morgan raise the baby. Sonny smiled because he loved that he and Carly were scheming together like old times.

At the brownstone, Michael was surprised when Rosalie arrived wearing a sexy form-fitting red dress. She greeted Michael then asked if Morgan was around. Michael explained that Morgan had left, but he had no idea where Morgan had gone. Rosalie immediately seized the opportunity to plant a seed of doubt by suggesting that perhaps Morgan and Kiki were together. Surprised, Michael was curious why Rosalie would think that, so Rosalie innocently reminded Michael that he had mentioned that Morgan and Kiki were good friends.

Michael admitted that it was true, so it wouldn't bother him if Morgan and Kiki were actually together. Rosalie was impressed by Michael's trust, but she wondered if Michael would feel different if he knew that Morgan and Kiki had been keeping a secret from him. Michael's brow furrowed with concern as he asked what Rosalie was talking about, so Rosalie claimed that she had overheard Kiki thank Morgan for keeping a secret from Michael. According to Rosalie, she had no idea what the secret was about but she was careful to make it appear that Kiki trusted Morgan over Michael.

Moments later, Kiki arrived home. She was surprised when she saw Rosalie, but warmly greeted both Michael and Rosalie before asking why they were there. Michael cut to the chase by confronting Kiki about the secret that Rosalie had overheard Kiki talking to Morgan about. Kiki glared at Rosalie as she asked if Rosalie made a habit of eavesdropping. Rosalie smirked as she suggested that Kiki not discuss private business in public places where anyone could accidentally overhear. Frustrated, Kiki admitted that she had been keeping something important from Michael.

Rosalie was stunned when Kiki claimed that Kiki had been trying to arrange a surprise party to celebrate Michael and Kiki's one-year anniversary. Rosalie knew that Kiki was lying, but she couldn't confront Kiki without exposing her own duplicity. Rosalie decided to retreat, so she apologized for the misunderstanding then quickly left. Afterwards, Kiki admitted that she hadn't believed Rosalie's "fake" apology nor did Rosalie's "bitch face" escape Kiki's notice.

Kiki was certain that Rosalie had been trying to start trouble, but Michael pointed out that it didn't matter because there was nothing wrong going on. Kiki smiled awkwardly then changed the subject by revealing that Carly had invited them to Franco's birthday party. Michael didn't want to attend but agreed to go because he knew that Kiki cared about Franco.

In Franco's art room at the hospital, Franco was all smiles as he confessed to Nina that he'd had a great morning thanks to Carly. Franco sang Carly's praises then expressed regret for doubting Carly's fidelity. Nina became fed up when Franco called himself an idiot for not trusting Carly, so she told him that she had something to tell him that he likely wouldn't want to hear. Franco suggested that Nina keep it to herself if she was concerned about his reaction because he didn't want a repeat of what happened when she told him about Sonny and Carly's kiss.

Nina was shocked when Franco confided that, in hindsight, he wished that Nina hadn't told him about the kiss because Nina had completely misread the situation, which had clouded Franco's judgment and had made him wrongly distrust Carly. Nina carefully reminded Franco that even Scott had seemed confused by Bobbie's story about the night Franco had suspected Carly had spent the evening with Sonny. Franco dismissed it as unimportant, but Nina continued to point out the warning signs.

Franco sensed that Nina wanted to tell him something, so he asked her what she was trying to get at. Nina reluctantly revealed that Rosalie had overheard Kiki tell Morgan that Carly had slept with Sonny. Franco tensed but then quickly dismissed the possibility that Carly had been unfaithful with Sonny. Franco insisted that it wasn't possible and flatly refused to believe Nina, but Nina assured him that it was true. Nina explained that she had told him because he was her friend, and she had been in his shoes once.

Franco remained in denial, so Nina urged him to talk to Kiki. Franco refused to question Kiki because he didn't want to be a victim of his own paranoia. He demanded that Nina drop it because everything was great between Franco and Carly -- so much so that Carly had decided to throw him a birthday party. Surprised, Nina happily wished her friend a happy birthday. Franco smiled, but it was brittle as he invited her to his party. Nina regretfully declined because she had plans to make a baby with Silas.

Nina sensed Franco's underlying anger, so she let him know that he could talk to her if he needed to. Franco snapped that everything was fine then left.

A short time later, Rosalie stormed into the art room then threw a tantrum as she knocked a painting off an easel. Nina wondered what had happened, so Rosalie explained that she had caught Kiki in a lie. Rosalie quickly filled Nina in about Rosalie's attempt to drive a wedge between Michael and Kiki then Kiki's lie to cover up the secret about Sonny and Carly's liaison. Nina confessed that she had told Franco about the affair, but Franco had refused to believe Nina. However, Nina was certain that deep down inside, Franco knew that it was true.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny invited Carly to leave with him, so they could plan a homecoming party for Dante and Lulu. Carly refused because she intended to host a birthday dinner for Franco later that evening. Sonny didn't care until Carly gently reminded Sonny that it was Jason's birthday too. Sonny grew somber as he and Carly reminisced about their dear friend who had been gone from their lives for two years. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she talked about how much she missed Jason, so Sonny hugged her.

After Carly pulled out of the embrace, Sonny quietly reminded her that they belonged together. Carly refused to argue with Sonny, but she insisted that their relationships always ended in disaster and pain. Carly loved Sonny too much to hurt him like that again, so she begged him to let it go. Carly claimed that she didn't want to jeopardize what she had with Franco because things were good between them. Sonny reached up to gently caress the side of Carly's face, unaware that Franco had entered the restaurant and saw them.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava was about to take one of the pills that Sabrina had dropped off until a commotion at the door snagged Ava's attention. Moments later, Fritz entered to announce that someone had asked to see Ava. Fritz suspected that Sonny had sent the man, so Ava ordered Fritz to send the visitor in.

After Fritz left, Ava confessed that she was curious to see who Sonny had sent. She was stunned when Fritz returned with Morgan. After Ava dismissed Fritz, Morgan remarked about Ava's tight security. Ava confessed that a girl couldn't be too careful, but Morgan suspected that Ava's "League of Goombahs" was on the lookout for Sonny. Ava reminded Morgan that she and her guards had good reason to worry about Sonny.

Morgan tried to find out what Ava was holding over his father's head, but Ava insisted that she didn't want to burden Morgan with the knowledge. Morgan realized that it had to be bad, but Ava clarified that it was "complicated." As Morgan and Ava talked about Sonny, Morgan realized that there had never been anything romantic between his father and Ava. Ava regretted that her "single unguarded moment" with Sonny had led Morgan to believe otherwise. However, she was curious if knowing the truth had made Morgan open to considering reconciliation with her.

Morgan confessed that he and Ava couldn't go back, but he hoped to amicably move forward for the sake of the baby, provided that the baby was his. Morgan implored Ava to consider having a paternity test, but Ava gently explained that she refused to risk endangering the baby, especially after the scare she'd had the previous evening. Concerned, Morgan asked Ava what she was talking about, so she told him about her trip to the hospital. Ava assured Morgan that the baby was fine and that she had been given medication, but she was reluctant to take any chances by having a paternity test.

Morgan agreed with Ava's decision not to take the test, so she reminded Morgan that the baby would be a part of his family regardless if Morgan was the father. She hoped that her mistake wouldn't make Morgan stop loving the baby the way that Morgan had stopped loving her. Morgan surprised Ava by reaching out to gently stroke her belly.

Later, Ava admitted that it had been good to see Morgan. Morgan told Ava to take care of herself and the baby then left.

In an alley near the Jerome apartment building, Shawn, Max, and another man prepared to kidnap Ava, so they checked their guns to make certain that they were loaded and ready. "One way or another, Ava's gonna get what's coming to her," Shawn said. Max warned Shawn and the other man that they needed to be prepared because even though Ava was pregnant, she wasn't a slouch, especially when cornered.

Shawn assured Max and the other man that there wouldn't be any surprises because they had someone working on the inside. Moments later, Shawn received a text message alerting him that Morgan was with Ava. Shawn decided to wait until Morgan left before they made their move. Later, Shawn received a text message from Fritz that Morgan had left Ava's apartment, so Shawn announced that it was time to make their move.

Meanwhile, Ava prepared to take the prescription pill because she was determined to protect her baby from harm. Ava smiled as she confided that she was hopeful because Morgan appeared to be softening.

In the chapel at the hospital, Sabrina lit a candle for her son then spoke to Gabriel. She hoped that he didn't think that she had forgotten him, but she confessed that she had been busy working hard to make certain that the person who had taken him from Sabrina got what "she" deserved. Sabrina looked at the prescription bottle in her hand as she explained that she had put a plan into motion then vowed that Ava would soon feel the same pain that Sabrina had felt.

Sabrina recalled that the attending physician had looked for Ava the previous evening to give Ava a prescription to help with the cramps. Sabrina had offered to pass the medication along to Ava because Ava had already left, so the doctor had handed Sabrina the prescription. Later, Sabrina had persuaded a pharmacist to fill the prescription as well as another prescription for Misoprostol, a medication used to start labor. After the pharmacist had handed the medications to Sabrina, she had tossed out the pills the doctor had prescribed and replaced them with Misoprostol, which she had given to Ava.

Sabrina insisted that Ava deserved what would happen for taking away Sabrina's baby. "Now, I'll take away hers," Sabrina said with malice. Sabrina took pleasure in knowing that it would take only a single dose before Ava suffered the same loss that Sabrina had. Sabrina lit a candle for Ava's baby.

"I'm sorry it's come to this," Sabrina said as she watched the flame flutter. She insisted that she didn't want to sacrifice Ava's baby, make it feel pain, or deny it a mother's love because it was as innocent as Gabriel had been, but Sabrina felt that it was necessary because Gabriel deserved retribution. Sabrina blew out the candle she had lit for Ava's baby then marched out of the church.

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