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Faith Rosco
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Actor History

Shot and killed by an assassin on March 9, 2005


Partner with Luke in the Haunted Star Casino

Mafia queen

Resides At

Her own apartment

Formerly 1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, NY 16543, New York (Port Charles Hotel) [burned down]

Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Mr. Rosco)

Past Marriages

Unknown first name Rosco (dissolved by his death)


Catherine (grandmother; deceased)



Flings & Affairs

Unnamed man (lovers; deceased)

Justus Ward (affair)

Edward "Ned" Ashton (lovers)

Richard 'Ric' Lansing (lovers)

Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos (kissed; while pretending to be his mistress)

Dillon Quartermaine (kissed)

Alexander 'Zander' Smith (kissed)

Jason Morgan (kissed; only because he was drugged)

Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Had one of her associates trash the plumbing in Carly's club to flood it [Jan 13, 2003]

Had a stoned Zander mess up Carly's club [Jan 14, 2003]

Hired someone to shoot blanks at Carly and Sonny [Jan 31, 2003]

Had her associate Fowler poison Carly's drink with the intent to rape her later [Feb 17, 2003]

Kidnapped Courtney to set Jason up in order to deepen the rift between him and Sonny [Feb 21, 2003]

Murder; poisoned and killed her grandmother to gain her inheritance [Feb 28, 2003]

Hired an assassin to kill Sonny and Jason [Mar 5, 2003]

Murder; poisoned the assassin when she botched the hit [Mar 10, 2003]

Caused Sonny's accountant Benny to have a heart attack and die [Mar 13, 2003]

Arrested for public indecency with Ned [Mar 24, 2003]

Had a sniper fire shots at Courtney [Apr 2003]

Ran Courtney down with her car [May 7, 2003]

Broke into Elizabeth Webber's studio and planted a snake [May 14, 2003]

Pushed Elizabeth down the stairs causing her to miscarry her baby [May 23, 2003]

Arrested for poisoning Elizabeth [Jun 25, 2003]

Bought drugs from Lorenzo Alcazar [Jul 30, 2003]

Kidnapped Dillon Quartermaine and coerced him into giving her an alibi for Elizabeth's hit-and-run [Sep 9, 2003]

Arrested for Elizabeth's hit-and-run (not guilty) [Sep 10, 2003; charges dropped]

Helped Lorenzo Alcazar with his scheme to trick Sonny into thinking that Marcella was actually Sonny's late wife, Lily Corinthos [Sep 2003]

Arranged the massacre at the warehouse to take out the five families [Oct 30, 2003]

Attempted murder; had her men throw Skye Quartermaine into the river [Dec 8, 2003]

Held Justus Ward at gunpoint [Jan 9, 2004]

Bribery; had Dr. Patricia Grimes drug Carly Corinthos during her stay at the Shadybrook Sanitarium [Jan 14, 2004]

Attempted to brainwash Carly into falling in love with Lorenzo Alcazar [Jan 15, 2004]

Attempted to rape a drugged Jason Morgan [Jan 16, 2004]

Ordered Zander to oversee the interception of one of Sonny and Jason's shipments and have them killed in the process [Jan 23, 2004]

Told A.D.A. Ric Lansing that Zander shot Brian Beck when he really didn't [Jan 26, 2004]

Vandalism; trashed Courtney Morgan's office at Pride-Phillips [Mar 1, 2004]

Held a broken bottle up to Skye's throat, threatening to kill her [Mar 18, 2004]

Held a knife up to Lorenzo Alcazar's throat, threatening to kill him if he didn't admit that he was the one who caused the explosion during Sonny and Carly's custody hearing [Mar 22, 2004]

Arrested for laundering money through the Haunted Star Casino (guilty) [Mar 29, 2004]

Kidnapped Jax and shot him in the leg; later arrested [Jul 2004]

Escaped police custody and hid out at the Quartermaines [Aug 2004]

Kidnapped Kristina Davis, Morgan Corinthos, and Michael Corinthos while working with AJ Quartermaine [Feb 2005]

Held Brook Lynn Ashton captive [Feb 23, 2005]

Health and Vitals

Shot by Ric so she wouldn't reveal to Sonny that they were in cahoots [Jan 20, 2004]

Fell and hit her head during an argument with Carly [Jun 16, 2004]

Knifed while in jail [Aug 13, 2004]

Stabbed by Mary while hiding in the Quartermaine Mansion [Aug 26, 2004]

Shot by Jason Morgan [Mar 1, 2005]

Had a pillow held over her face by Justus Ward in an attempt to suffocate her [Mar 3, 2005]

Shot and killed by a sniper hired by John Durant [Mar 7, 2005]

Brief Character History

Faith Rosco came to the forefront of the Port Charles mob scene in December 2003. She strutted into Club 101 and Sonny labeled her as trouble. He wasn't kidding either. Faith spent her time trying to take Sonny down for making her a widow, but due to lack of funds, she often required a partner in her vendetta.

Faith's first partner against Sonny was Ned Ashton. Ned held Sonny responsible for the death of his former girlfriend Kristina Cassadine and for using and then throwing away her sister Alexis. Ned and Faith's partnership was hot between the sheets but slow-moving against Sonny. They began pecking away at Sonny through Carly's new club, an old speakeasy that Faith's grandmother used to own. Ned wanted to move slowly so they wouldn't attract Sonny's attention, but the taste of revenge was too much for Faith to handle. She made several moves against Sonny through the people he loves, including his wife and sister, but it still didn't satisfy her need for revenge. Her need was so strong that she poisoned her grandmother in order to keep a promise she'd made to not go after Sonny while her grandmother was still alive. She then hired a hit man to kill Sonny at her grandmother's memorial service. But the hit man (actually a woman) botched the job, and Faith poisoned her to cover her tracks. The hit obviously attracted Sonny's attention, and he taunted her with the promise of death if she didn't stop. Ned decided this was too much for him and ended their partnership, which didn't make Faith's secret partner, Edward Quartermaine, too happy. Under Edward's orders, Faith tried to get Ned to play with her again, but it didn't work.

Faith's next partner was Ric Lansing. Ric's reasons for wanting Sonny destroyed were mysterious, but Faith didn't care-just as long as she got to have Sonny killed. Ric and Faith planned a staged argument in front of the five families over Sonny's territory, but the plan backfired when Sonny showed up at the meeting instead. Jason Morgan formed a fake partnership with Faith to try to find out who her real partner was, but before she could tell him Ric shot her. Scared that Ric would finish her off, Faith told Jason that she didn't have a partner. Ric then attempted to throw Sonny off his trail by framing Jax as Faith's partner. So Jason kidnapped Faith to flush out her partner.

Ric attempted to end his partnership with Faith after telling Sonny that he is his brother. But Faith didn't want to let Ric go and continually tried to convince him they were good together. When Faith realized that Courtney knew about the false evidence they planned to use against Jason, she ran Courtney down with her car and told Ric that she protected him. Ric wasn't impressed. Faith was able to get Ric to sleep with her once, which only encouraged her pursuit of him. Not happy that Ric continued to reject her and his plans for revenge against Sonny for Elizabeth, Faith continually antagonized Elizabeth and tried to run her off. When Faith discovered that Elizabeth was pregnant, she tricked Elizabeth into a supposed meeting with Sonny-then pushed Liz down the stairs. This caused Elizabeth to miscarry and Ric to blame Sonny for it.

As always, Faith wanted Sonny to know exactly who was going after him so she told Carly that Ric still wanted revenge on Sonny. Sonny then tried to get Faith to spy on Ric for him, but she refused. Instead, she tried to convince Ric that he needed her as his partner again. Ric didn't agree. When Ric kidnapped Carly, Faith tried to convince Ric to give Carly back. Ric just denied having taken Carly at all. Faith tried to throw the cops off Ric's path while she continued to try to convince him that he would never be happy with Elizabeth. Faith went as far as poisoning Elizabeth's lemonade to get her out of the picture. When Ric learned what Faith did, he set her up to admit it while the cops were listening.

Faced with jail time, Faith made a deal with the Feds to pose as Sonny's mistress in a plan aimed to take down Lorenzo Alcazar and his drug business. Sonny wasn't happy about the idea, especially when Faith moved into his penthouse and wanted to sleep with him. He continually called her a whore and rebuffed her attempts at affection. She then cozied up to Alcazar, pretending to be willing to give him the dirt on Sonny. But when Alcazar wanted sex as well, Faith wanted out of the deal. The Feds convinced her to stay by telling her that Elizabeth was sick and that Ric may want her now. When Ric disappeared, Faith feared Sonny had killed him and, in turn, threatened to kill Sonny. But Sonny told her that she'd never find Ric that way. She agreed to help Sonny take down Alcazar in exchange for seeing Ric. Faith used money provided by Scott to buy up Alcazar's drug shipment, but the deal went south and the money disappeared. Faith later met Ric at the safehouse he was stashed in and tried to convince Ric that they deserved each other, but Ric wasn't so sure. He remained devoted to Elizabeth, so Faith left, disgusted but still hoping that he would change his mind. Faith managed to get the borrowed money back, but not before trying to seduce Dillon and learning the police commissioner's daughter had gotten involved.

Ric got shot while helping to rescue Carly and was under arrest while recovering in the hospital. Faith helped him sneak out after Lorenzo nearly killed him. Still hung up on him, she jumped at the chance to leave town with him. But before they could, Elizabeth was run down by a car. At first, Ric was the prime suspect but soon suspicion fell on Faith after an eyewitness claimed to have seen a blonde walk up to the fallen Elizabeth and then leave her there. Panicked, Faith took Dillon as her hostage and threatened to hurt Georgie if Dillon didn't provide her with an alibi for the time Elizabeth was hit. But the cops found them and arrested her. Mac informed her that her alibi didn't pan out. But the evidence eventually led away from Faith and she was released.

Faith took on yet another partner against Sonny when she agreed to help Alcazar with his plan to bring Lily "back from the dead" to haunt Sonny. She taunted Sonny to throw Sonny's attention away from Alcazar and to encourage Sonny's paranoia. But when Alcazar blamed her for not watching Marcella and allowing her to escape, Faith began enacting her own plan. She warned Sonny that Alcazar would do anything to get Carly back and claimed to want peace between the five families. But Sonny suspected she was secretly working with Alcazar. At the next meeting of the five families, she had them all killed. Faith was quite proud of her accomplishment until Sonny pulled a gun on her and informed her that Jason had survived. Her confidence crumbled and she offered to work for him as his partner. Sonny refused, but couldn't seem to pull the trigger to kill her.

Finally possessing some power, Faith hired Zander to work for her. Zander, eager to get back at Nikolas for stealing Emily away from him, agreed to do Faith's bidding against Nikolas. Faith had bought Nikolas's debt from Alcazar and wanted to utilize his new freighter to ship drugs with. When Nikolas refused, Zander interpreted Faith's order to "make an example of Nikolas" into planting a bomb on the freighter, which went off and sank it. Nikolas then enlisted Jason's help in taking care of Faith and Zander. Jason blew up one of Faith's large shipments. Faith later cautioned Zander against making business personal when he wanted more power over going after Nikolas.

Faith claimed to be the owner of a stash of money Luke found on board the Haunted Star. After tossing a tied up Skye into the water and then winning a poker game against Luke, Faith became a partner in the casino. However, Skye wasn't too happy with the arrangement, especially since Faith planned to launder money through the casino. When Luke took off just prior to the casino opening, Skye was forced to work directly with Faith. She hired Justus to protect Luke's ownership rights in the casino against Faith. But it turned out Faith and Justus knew each other prior to her marriage to Rosco. He had represented her boyfriend at the time and they had begun an affair. Her boyfriend was convicted and sent to prison where he was killed. Faith believed that he had wanted her more than he had wanted to win her boyfriend's case. But Justus denied this.

Faith took advantage of Carly's stay at Shadybrook to try to brainwash her into loving Alcazar. She hoped that it would entice Sonny and Alcazar to go at each other, hopefully killing one or both of them. Jason tried to rescue Carly but was unsuccessful. However he returned later and had Faith committed after he discovered Alcazar had taken Carly and left Faith in a straight jacket. Justus came to see her later and she tried to seduce him into helping her get out but he refused. So she used her stay as an airtight alibi and ordered Zander to kill Jason. Zander agreed, but someone tipped off the cops and a shootout ensued. Faith was upset, especially when Justus arrived to finally spring her. Fearing for her life, Faith quickly gave up Zander to Ric as the one who shot a cop in exchange for his protection from Jason and Sonny.

Faith secretly partnered with Alcazar against Sonny once again when she pretended to buy him out of his local holdings. Then she taunted Sonny with her new status, hoping to provoke a violent reaction that would lead to him losing his custody battle. When Sonny blew her off, she approached Courtney who had just bought property on the pier. Courtney also refused to play ball with Faith, so Faith trashed Courtney's office and pretended to threaten Courtney's father. Courtney later pretended to comply to try to get Faith to leave Sonny alone for the time being. When a bomb blew up Sonny's limo outside the courtroom just prior to the judge announcing his decision, Sonny immediately thought Faith was responsible. Jason nearly threw her off the balcony, but Luke bargained for her life and later made it clear that her fate was in his hands. Faith then visited Alcazar and held a knife to his throat, demanding that he admit to having the bomb planted in Sonny's limo. But he denied any involvement.

When Faith was arrested for money laundering, she was furious to discover that Skye had given up Faith in exchange for immunity for herself and Luke. But Luke didn't want Skye's help and Faith gloated. She got back at Skye by hiring a dirty cop to seduce Skye and make a fool out of her. However, the cop wound up dead on Skye's living room floor. Alexis agreed to defend Faith solely for the opportunity to go against Ric in court. Faith quickly realized she wasn't Alexis's first priority in the case and questioned her ability to win. But Alexis assured her she'd beat the pants off of Ric. After witnessing Ric and Alexis go at each other in court, Faith surmised that they had the hots for each other. She accused Ric of pursuing Alexis only because she had once been involved with Sonny. But Ric cautioned Faith to drop it or he'd fight the continuance Alexis had filed and send her prison.

Basically free, Faith went back to trying to eliminate Sonny, Alcazar, or both. She met with her hired assassin, Sam's ex-boyfriend, to discuss their next move since he had failed to kill Sonny and Jason. She told Nico to pretend to take her out and then kill Alcazar in the hopes that the cops would blame Sonny. But her plan failed yet again. When Faith realized that Sonny was onto her, she went to beg for her life. However, she overheard him state that he was actually the father of Sam's baby. Faith then used the information to blackmail Sonny into sparing her life. But Carly was suspicious that Sonny had let Faith live. Sonny finally told her the truth and Faith lost her leverage over Sonny. After Alcazar refused to help her get out of town, Faith threatened Jax to help her. She held him hostage in a basement and when he struggled with her over a gun, she shot him in the leg. Courtney showed up to rescue him and jumped Faith. She managed to disarm Faith, but Faith ran away before Courtney could catch her.

Faith went to Alcazar once again for help and this time he agreed to hide her on his yacht and smuggle her out of town. Secretly, Alcazar plotted to set up Jason and Sonny for Faith's murder. When the yacht arrived back in the harbor, it blew up. The cops arrested Jason for murder. But when Lucky brought a sopping wet Faith into the police station, Ric released Jason and arrested Faith for shooting at Jax. In custody, she begged Justus to take her case. Feeling like he needed to make up past mistakes to her, he agreed. In jail, she was knifed by her cellmate and taken to General Hospital. She escaped and ran into Justus, who helped her hide out in the basement freezer at the Quartermaines. Faith brought up the past and confessed that she had been in love with him all those years ago. Touched, Justus finally gave into Faith's advances and they made love. Afterward, they made plans to leave the country and start a new life together. But a storm had moved in and the power had gone out. Justus left to find out what was going on and Faith wandered around the darkened house. Sage Alcazar was discovered stabbed to death in the freezer, and Emily informed the family that she had seen Faith in the house with a gun. Justus denied knowing about Faith's presence on the property. However, when he heard her scream, he went running for her, calling her name. She had been stabbed by the killer with a gardening tool. When everyone split up to look for the killer, Faith suggested to Justus that they take the opportunity to escape.

Although Justus was tempted to run away with Faith, he turned her down and she fled town briefly as she worked on a new plan to get her hold in organized crime. While she was away, she secretly plotted with AJ Quartermaine to take down Sonny. Together they devised a plan in which Faith would kidnap all three of Sonny's children. The two youngest, Kristina and Morgan, would be given away whereas a separate fate awaited Michael since AJ was his biological father. AJ blamed Sonny for taking Michael away from him and he resented that Sonny raised Michael as his own child. AJ faked his death and Faith led everyone to believe that Michael been killed while he was actually with AJ.

Jason and Sonny connected Faith to the kidnappings and they overheard part of a phone conversation in which it appeared that Michael had given Faith trouble trying to save himself and his siblings so he was shot. When Sonny and Jason tracked Faith down, she refused to tell them the location of the children so Jason shot her. Faith was wounded and taken by police escort to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, Kristina and Morgan were found but Michael remained missing.

When Faith was taken to the hospital, she was shot again by a sniper and severely wounded. Sonny and Jason tried to get information out of Faith regarding Michael's whereabouts but she only revealed that Michael was dead and had been buried in a swamp. Later, Justus visited Faith and demanded that she tell him the truth about Michael. As Justus held a pillow over her face and she started to suffocate she admitted that she had not killed Michael. Justus taped the conversation but Faith recanted her statement when she spoke to the police and admitted that Michael was dead because she had killed him. Sonny tried to question Faith again regarding Michael but she succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

After Faith's death, it was later revealed that Carly's father John Durant had hired the sniper that shot Faith. Michael and AJ were also revealed to be alive and Michael was returned to his family.

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