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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on GH
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Monday, March 1, 2004

Dillon is about to tell Georgie the truth about Edward and his faked insanity, when Tracy comes upon him and grabs him away before he has the chance. She begs him not to tell Georgie the truth, and reminds him that the lawsuits will destroy the Quartermaine family. Dillon says that he doesn't care, that Georgie deserves to know the truth, but Tracy reminds Dillon of how the Quartermaines took him in when she left him in Port Charles, and how they've provided for him ever since. She promises to take care of Maxie and Georgie if Mac dies, and she also mentions how Dillon would destroy his aunt, uncle, and grandmother, in addition to Edward and her, if he told the truth. Dillon decides to keep his mouth shut.

Sage gets Tom to admit that Georgie made a deal with him to pretend to be dating, but he also admits that he's since fallen for her. All too happy to keep Georgie from Dillon, Sage tries to help Tom keep Georgie's attention. She takes him to the hospital and coaches him on what to say to Georgie. Tom walks over to a distraught Georgie and tries to comfort her, but fails miserably. Georgie lashes out at him for his behavior, and Sage is crushed that her plan didn't work. Tracy comes upon Sage, and suggests that Sage seduce Dillon.

A distraught Maxie breaks down when Mac doesn't wake up. She goes to the waiting room of the hospital, and prays for help. Someone puts a hand on her shoulder, and she looks up to see Felicia. She rushes into her mother's arms.

Edward almost blows his cover when his psychiatric evaluator walks into his room and finds him playing chess with Skye. He manages to fake his way through her questions, and she leaves to decide her diagnosis. Tracy walks into the room and announces that she's gone a step further to ensure that Edward is convincing in his ruse: she's having him committed. An enraged Edward lashes out at his daughter, with Skye helping him. Tracy tells them it's the only option in order to make the entire situation believable. After she leaves, Skye promises Edward that she won't let Tracy get away with it. She begs Alan to help her, but he agrees with Tracy. As Skye leaves the hospital to try to figure out what to do, she finds Edward attempting an escape in a body bag.

Courtney, Jason, Carly, and Sonny all wait in the court hallway for Michael's meeting with the judge to end. Carly and Sonny heatedly argue, with Sonny telling Carly she has to choose between her kids and Alcazar. Carly responds that all this entire thing is about is Sonny's need to control her, and she's had enough of it. In the judge's chambers, the judge asks Michael which parent he'd like to live with, and Michael replies that he doesn't want to live with either one. He then emerges from the chambers and into the hall where his parents are expectantly waiting. They look at him, and he runs to Jason and throws his arms around him. The judge then asks Carly and Sonny to come into his office, and they are both uneasy with what might be happening. In his office, the judge informs them that Michael has asked to live with Jason and Courtney. They both are shocked, and say that is unacceptable. The judge warns them that he will then have to consider all options, including foster care, and suggests they take a few moments to consider their course of action. Sonny and Carly agree that they have to find a way to figure the situation out, but neither is willing to give in. They begin to drop their guard to each other, and want to know if the other is in love with Sam and Alcazar. Sonny explains that Sam was a distraction for him to keep from doing something he'd regret, and Carly asks if that's what he wants for his life. Does he think he could fall in love with Sam?

Faith walks into her apartment, and finds Justus waiting for her. He tries to warn her from taking over Alcazar's interests and going after Sonny. Faith again asks him to be her lawyer, but Justus reminds her they didn't work so well together the first time. He lets her know that he doesn't buy her innocent act, and knows she's using Sonny's weak time to go after him. Justus leaves to suggest to Courtney that she follow along with Faith in order to help Sonny, and he walks in on a terrified Courtney in her trashed office. Convinced by a note that Faith killed her father, Courtney has Justus open a blood-stained closet door to see if Mike's body is inside. When they find it empty, Courtney phones Mike and finds that he's ok. Justus then makes his suggestion, but Courtney refuses to compromise her new start in order to help fix the war between Faith and Sonny. Later, Faith happily meets with Courtney to discuss making a business arrangement. Faith pretends her stunt was just a little joke, but wants to know why Courtney is willing to work with her if she discloses what she will be shipping, when Courtney turned Jason and Sonny down. Courtney plays innocent, but Faith realizes that she's wearing a wire.

Jason takes Michael back to the penthouse, and Michael tells him that he chose to live with him. Jason lets him know that he can't live with him because he's not Michael's parent, but Michael remembers the time that he was Jason's son, and tells him that he wants to be with him again. Jason clearly loves Michael as his own, but feels the need to be loyal to Sonny and Carly. He tells Michael that raising him was the happiest time of his life, but that he's only his uncle. He then shows Michael the first book he ever read to him, and is able to calm him down by reading from it again. Jason remembers his time with Michael as a baby, and promises he will never make Michael choose between his parents.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Sage wants to know why Tracy is so keen on getting her and Dillon together. Tracy explains that she likes Sage, but also that Georgie will cause problems between Dillon and his family, so she wants Sage to do what she does best: seduce Dillon. When Sage points out that she's already done that and it didn't do much, Tracy remarks that this time she should seduce him and get pregnant. Sage is stunned, but Alan runs up to them and drags Tracy away. He tells her that Edward is missing, and they call for a hospital search of him.

Maxie is overwhelmed to see her mother, and she cries in her arms. Felicia tells her how happy she is to see her, and how she's missed hugging her. Maxie is about to believe her, but stops herself first, and asks how long before Felicia leaves town again. Maxie takes her mom to where Georgie and Dillon are talking, and a shocked Georgie happily embraces her mother. She introduces her to Dillon, but calms down when Sage runs up to interrupt. Sage drags Dillon away, while Felicia and the girls sit down and discuss her absence. She admits she's been gone to long, but promises to be here for them now, and while Georgie is happy, Maxie has her doubts.

Meanwhile, Edward begs Skye to help get him out of the hospital and away from his family. Realizing the situation, Skye calls Luke in for backup, and he arrives at the hospital with a nun's habit for Edward to wear as a disguise. As a costumed Edward attempts to evade Alan, Tracy corners Skye and Luke in the hallway, and drills them on her father's whereabouts. They deny knowing anything, going so far as to pretend they are at the hospital to see if Skye is pregnant, but Tracy doesn't buy it. As Sage and Dillon are leaving the hospital, Tracy grabs him away to spy on Skye and Luke, but knowing his mother's intentions are less than honorable, Dillon takes Luke's advice and decides to ignore their activities, garnering Tracy's wrath. Luke and Skye take Edward to Skye's cottage, and find him a change of clothes. Although Edward is annoying them both, with his ungrateful attitude, Skye and Luke manage to try to find a plan to keep him out of the nut house and away from the Quartermaines.

Faith refuses to believe that Courtney is genuinely wanting to strike a deal, and begins to hunt for a wire. As Lucky listens from the bug planted on a flower pot, Faith refuses to incriminate herself. Courtney is able to get to the bug before Faith finds it, and finally gets rid of her. Lucky returns to the office and wants to know why Courtney isn't seeking help from Sonny and Jason, and she admits that she's trying to save Sonny's chances of getting joint custody.

Sonny and Carly admit than neither of them is in love with another person. Just as they are about to say that they in fact love each other, Alcazar walks into the room and interrupts him. Sonny explodes when Carly admits she earlier asked Alcazar to meet her at the courthouse, and as the judge listens from outside the door, Sonny threatens Alcazar that if he ever finds his children with him, he'll kill him. The judge walks into the office, and angrily declares his disappointment in Sonny and Carly, and decides to go ahead with the trial. After they leave the chambers, Sonny walks into the court lobby and runs into Kristina. Alexis chases after her daughter and finds her with Sonny. Visibly uncomfortable at seeing him with Kristina, Alexis snatches her away and suggests that Sonny work on compromising with Carly. He tells Alexis that a man's family is his legacy, and she again advises him to compromise.

Carly goes back to her house with Alcazar, and discovers that he isn't helping her, but rather trying to destroy Sonny. She slaps him and tells him he's making the situation worse, and he replies that she's obviously still in love with Sonny. Carly calms down and tells Alcazar that she's very angry at Sonny, but does not want to hurt him. She tells him that Sonny is the father of her children, and she can't just shut her feelings off for him in an instant. Alcazar pretends to be understanding, and apologizes for making matters worse. But when Carly leaves the room, he heads for the phone to set more plans into action.

After Michael attempted to call her, Courtney rushes to the penthouse to make sure everything is ok. Jason tells her that Michael told the judge he wants to live with him and Courtney. Sonny bursts into the room and begins to yell at Courtney for tipping Carly off to Michael's talk with the judge, and Courtney tells him that it's only fair that Carly knows what is going on. Sonny doesn't want to hear it, and tells her she betrayed him, so Courtney lets him have his tantrum and walks out the door. Jason chastises Sonny for attacking Courtney, and Sonny tells him that he needs to let Courtney and Carly know which side he is on. Jason tells him it isn't about sides, it's about the kids, and how they need both parents, but Sonny refuses to allow joint custody because of Alcazar. As Sonny continues to rant about keeping Michael and Morgan away from Carly, Jason warns him he needs to get control of himself, or Jason will take his kids away from him.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Jax stops by Carly's new place and offers to testify in her behalf that Sonny is abusive toward women. But Carly refuses Jax's offer, telling him that she is NOT going to allow Jax to use Carly's custody hearing to grind Jax's axe about Sonny and Brenda. Meanwhile, Jason meets with Justus at Kelly's and is stunned when Justus warns Jason that it is NOT likely the Judge would award joint custody to Sonny and Carly. Justus furthermore informs Jason that the Judge would either agree to let Jason and Courtney have custody of Michael and Morgan or send the boys to foster care. At the same time, Alexis arrives to see Carly and is stunned when she learns that Carly refuses to use Jax's testimony in her custody hearing. After Jax storms away, Alexis warns Carly that she will NEED to expose Sonny's mental instability in court if Carly is to win custody. Carly blasts Alexis for her tactics and threatens to tell Sonny about Kristina unless Alexis comes up with some more creative ideas for winning custody. When Monica and Alan spot Justus and Jason at Kelly's, and stop to ask about Edward, Monica is surprised when Jason asks to speak to Monica alone. When Jason asks Monica for her opinion about the effect that Sonny and Carly's custody battle might have on Michael and Morgan, Monica reminds Jason that she and Alan have NEVER forgotten that THEY are Michael's grandparents and Monica encourages Jason to feel confident that he will be able to do a good job caring for Michael and Morgan, should the Judge assign the boys to Jason's care. At the same time, Alexis accuses Carly of staging her custody battle for NO reason OTHER than to attempt to get Sonny's attention and win her husband back. Carly retaliates by again threatening to reveal the secret of Katrina's paternity to Sonny and suggests that Alexis use Sonny's clandestine relationship with sneak-thief Samantha McCall to discredit Sonny's custody claims. As they argue, Jason arrives. Alexis advises Jason to talk Carly out of a custody battle if Carly is only trying to use family court to get her husband back ~ then Alexis storms out. When Carly appeals to Jason for his help, Jason demands to know if Alexis is right. Carly admits that she still DOES care about Sonny, but has had no luck telling Sonny because they are always interrupted. Jason tries to convince Carly to give up the custody battle to protect Michael and Morgan, but Carly refuses to listen. Later, Jax tracks Alexis down and demands to know WHY Alexis took Carly's case. Alexis claims it was because Carly saved her life during the fire, but Jax refuses to believe Alexis' explanation. Later, Jax asks Alexis point-blank if Carly is blackmailing her. Although Alexis denies Jax's supposition, Jax warns Alexis that Sonny IS ruthless and WILL uncover whatever secret Alexis is trying to hide. Jax then assures Alexis of his support for her, regardless of the secret he believes she is keeping. Meanwhile, Carly confides to Jason that Alexis wants to tell the court that, statistically, men who were abused as children grow up to abuse their own children. Carly insists that she wants to protect Sonny and urges Jason to tell the court that Jason believes the children belong with Carly. However, Jason again urges Carly to arrive at a compromise with Sonny to keep from hurting Michael and Morgan any more.

Dillon is disappointed when he learns that Georgie is NOT working at the Hospital. Tracy tracks Dillon down at the Hospital and reminds her son that they all need to keep quiet about the fact that Edward was rational when he ignored warnings about the Hospital's defective electrical system. While Tracy admits to Dillon that she wants to have Edward committed but can't find him, Skye and Luke try to keep Edward entertained at Skye's Lake House. As Luke and Edward argue, Luke offers to throw Edward out, but Luke is shocked when Tracy suddenly shows up at the door, demanding to see Edward. At the same time, Dillon meets with Sage at Kelly's and calls off their date to go to Manhattan for a special film festival. Then Dillon admits that he believes he needs to help his mother search for his missing grandfather. At the Lake House, Tracy spots Edward's breakfast try, but Luke claims that Skye made breakfast for him. When Tracy's snooping turns up the nun's habit that Edward used to escape from the hospital, Luke claims that the habit belongs to him ~ and Luke irritates Tracy by launching into a ribald description of Luke's preference for risque romance. Tracy again threatens to make sure that Edward ends up being committed. After Tracy storms away, Edward actually thanks Luke and Skye for getting him out of Tracy's clutches. Dillon and Georgie meet later in the park and Georgie confides her concern for Mac's condition. Dillon confesses that his concern for Edward is partially self-interest because he is afraid Tracy will again threaten to send Dillon to a military academy if Tracy doesn't succeed in finding Edward. Later, Dillon arrives at the lake House and overhears Edward, Skye and Luke arguing about their next step in eluding Tracy. At the same time, Tracy meets with Justus and demands that Justus insist that the police search for poor Edward, who is obviously an elderly patient who has wandered away and might be in trouble.

Lucky meets with Ric and informs the ADA that security cameras show that Scott was at the Court House at the time that Zander apparently died in the Hotel fire. When Ric doesn't seem all that surprised that they have cleared Scott of any involvement in Zander's death, Lucky accuses Ric of having inside information about Zander's death, but Ric denies Lucky's supposition. Meanwhile, Liz continues to re-read the letter she received from Zander, which accuses Ric of being responsible for Zander's death. At the same time, Emily informs Nikolas that she believes a new suspect will crop up soon in Zander's death. In the meantime, Liz compares Zander's handwriting in the note she received to Zander's handwriting when Zander signed the agreement to relinquish custody. Liz is stunned when she discovers that the note and custody agreement match. Liz hides the note when she hears Ric returning home. When Ric asks Liz why she she wanted him to come right home, Liz warns Ric that he will NOT like her reason for calling. At the same time, at Wyndemere, Lucky reports to Emily and Nikolas that Ric didn't seem surprised that Lucky found proof that Scott was at the court house when Zander was killed in the Hotel blaze. Emily suggests that Ric killed Zander. Later, Ric and Liz arrive at Wyndemere to meet with Lucky, Nikolas and Emily. Ric suggests that Nikolas returned to the basement and fought with Zander after calling the police. When Ric tells Nikolas he can allow Nikolas to plead guilty to manslaughter but not to self-defense, Nikolas again denies that he killed Zander and suggests that Ric killed Zander to make sure that Zander could NEVER change his mind about custody of Liz's baby. Liz insists that Lucky, Nikolas and Emily are wrong about Ric. Ric suddenly suggests that, since Emily was at the Hotel, perhaps it was Emily who killed Zander after Zander made some obsessive demands of Emily. Liz appeals to them all to quit accusing each other of Zander's death and search, instead, for the REAL culprit. Ric finally convinces Liz to return home with him and get some rest. After Ric and Liz leave, Lucky, Nikolas and Emily make plans to look for someone who might have seen Ric going to meet Zander in the basement or someone who let Ric know about Nikolas' call about finding Zander in the Hotel basement. Later, as Liz and Ric arrive home, Liz apologizes to Ric for leading him into an ambush set up by Emily and Nikolas. But Ric assures Liz that it could NOT have been her fault. Ric goes on to confide that he understands that Emily is desperate to save Nikolas and willing to take ANY risk. Then Ric admits that he would ALSO be desperate to save someone he loves and willing to take any risk to protect a loved one. When Ric asks Liz is she believes Nikolas might be right in guessing that Ric killed Zander, Liz rushes to assure her husband that she believes in him implicitly. When Liz asks if Ric DID kill Zander, Ric denies that he did, but admits that he DID consider the possibility. At the same time, Emily confides to Nikolas that she DOES feel responsible for Zander's death, because she killed all of his hopes and dreams a little bit at a time. In the meantime, Ric assures Liz that he plans to find who DID kill Zander, so they can put it all behind them. After Liz goes to lie down, Ric receives a letter from Zander, accusing Liz of being the one responsible for his death!

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Dillon brings Georgie one of her favorite muffins while she is working at G.H. She tells him that she is sorry that his grandfather is missing and that he must be worried about him. Tracy overhears their conversation and thanks Georgie for her concern. Georgie tells her that she and Maxie don't buy her sympathy for Mac. Georgie heads off. Tracy tells Dillon that she is going to pay Skye a visit and find out where she is hiding Edward. Dillon tells Tracy that he will go and visit Skye and find out where Edward is for her. She is skeptical at first but allows him to. Meanwhile, at Skye's cottage, Luke tries to get Skye to admit that she likes him romantically when she tells him she is not going to let anyone near her heart again. Edward wakes up and demands breakfast. Luke hands Edward a plane ticket to go to Brazil to hide out. He tries to persuade Edward that he would enjoy himself there and can hide out for awhile. Luke wonders if the arson report is finished and is ready to be released concerning the hotel fire. Dillon surprises them all by showing up at the cottage. He tells Edward that he can't hide out at the cottage anymore. Luke asks him how he knew where Edward was hiding. Dillon tells him that he knew since yesterday when he was spying on them for his mother. Skye and Luke tell Dillon he can't tell Tracy where Edward is or she will have him committed and take over ELQ for good and leave Edward at Shadybrook for good. Dillon is torn. At Kelly's, Tracy meets with Ned but isn't happy they are meeting at Kelly's. Ned tells her that the arson report is complete and that according to the fire inspector, the electrical wiring at the hotel was old but up to code which means that the family can't be held liable for the fire anymore. Tracy surprises Ned by telling him that is bad news right now and asks him to bury that information until after she had Edward committed and she can get ELQ back in order for the family. Ned agrees to bury the information if she agrees to share the profits she makes at ELQ 50/50 with him. She agrees.

Justus tries to persuade Alexis to agree to not reveal any of Sonny's dirty laundry if he does the same with Carly's past and try to get Sonny and Carly to agree to joint custody in court. Alexis refuses to make any deal with him behind Carly's back and informs him that Carly has told her that she wants sole custody of the children and she is to do everything she can to make sure Sonny doesn't get custody. She asks him why he is defending Sonny, who is a known criminal with dangerous ties to the mob. He asks her why she is defending Carly and making it personal against Sonny. Meanwhile, Carly asks Alcazar for advice on what to wear at the custody hearing. He doesn't know but offers to be there for her when Sonny and his lawyers try to provoke her in court. Carly tells him he can't be in the courtroom with her since it wouldn't be good for her case. He is hurt by this but tries to hide it by acting like it is ok with him. Carly gets suspicious when he claims everything is going to work out in her favor and she will get her kids back. She asks him to promise not to do anything without telling her first. He promises not to do anything to hurt her case. However, he does go behind her back to meet with Faith on the docks. He tells Faith that she owes him for everything he just gave her. She agrees to come to the courthouse and provoke Sonny to show his dangerous side and informs a pleased Alcazar that she will use someone that is very important to Sonny to do that. Meanwhile, Sonny talks to Michael before he leaves for the courthouse. Michael asks Sonny if he is going to say something mean about Carly in court. Sonny tries to reassure him that he and Carly will handle things without him having to worry about anything and that they both will love him no matter what happens. Jason shows up dressed up. Michael asks him if he is going to court also. Jason tells Michael that he is going to testify in court and asks Sonny if he can hang out with Michael for awhile before meeting him at the courthouse. Sonny OKs it and leaves. Jason tells Michael that he will tell the judge what he thinks is best for him and Morgan. Sonny runs into Sam at the courthouse. She tells him she came by to offer her support and feels that the children will be left with him in the end. Sonny politely suggests that she doesn't come into the courtroom since it won't look good to the judge. She tells him she should have thought of that and agrees to go and wait for him later at her yacht. Sonny and Justus see Ric at the courthouse and wonder what he is doing there. Justus informs him that Alexis got him to testify on Carly's behalf and wonders why she is so personally against him suddenly. Alexis walks by them. Sonny stops Alexis and asks her what she is up to and suggests she shouldn't worry about making Carly angry but should worry about him instead. Alexis tells Justus that he should advise his client to stop harassing her. Jason shows up and suggests that Sonny stop this custody hearing before any real damage is done. Carly walks into the courthouse and struggles with her bracelet. She drops it on the floor and Sonny goes over and picks it up for her and puts it on her wrist. They start talking. Carly asks Sonny if he is as nervous as she is right now. He admits he is nervous also. Carly starts to tell him she hates what this is doing to the kids and to them and Sonny seems as if he is about to come to a compromise with her when the bailiff comes out and announces that the custody hearing is about to start.

Alexis calls Ric to the stand. She asks him if he is close to Sonny as his brother. Ric tells her he isn't close to Sonny. Alexis asks him what he thinks of Carly as a parent. He tells the judge that he believes Carly loves her children very much but doesn't think she is a more suitable parent than Sonny. Alexis is surprised since he is supposed to be a witness for Carly, not Sonny. Ric tells the judge that Sonny may be a little overprotective of his children but that he believes he loves his children deeply and could provide a better home for them than Carly. Carly stands up out of her seat and accuses Ric of being a lying piece of scum. Ric gets off the stand and the judge calls for a recess. Sonny asks Ric what he wants from him in return for testifying for him. He tells Sonny he does want a favor. Alexis scolds Carly for losing it in court by calling out like that. Carly worries what Ric's testimony will do to damage her case. Meanwhile, at the docks, Jax finds Sam sitting there. He tells her that he is going to testify against Sonny in court. Sam pleads with him not to do that and tells him that Sonny is a good father and doesn't deserve having them taken away. Jax warns her that Sonny will eventually take Carly back and leave her in the cold. When the custody hearing reconvenes, Alcazar shows up which displeases Carly, who asks him why he came. He surprises her by informing her he had no choice since Sonny's lawyer subpoenaed him to testify. Faith walks in also and Carly worries when Courtney doesn't show up to testify. The judge asks where Courtney is since she is Alexis' next witness. Alexis tells him she should be here any minute now.

Friday, March 5, 2004

Emily gets a letter from Zander saying he will always love her and that Nikolas killed him. Emily fears the worst and talks to Lucky about the letter, along with Nikolas' motive to kill Zander. Emily tells Nikolas they'll make it through this and she'll support him no matter what he does in life. Nikolas tells Emily that her love and support have helped him through this ordeal. Lucky and Emily meet and talk about having the letter/Zander's handwriting analyzed to see if he was under duress.

Ric sees Liz burning her letter from Zander and stops her. He admits to her that he received his own letter stating Liz wanted Zander dead. She admits she killed Zander, but didn't realize he was dead when she left the hotel. She just grabbed the documents and ran out. Ric tries to get Liz to believe that someone else might have killed Zander after she left, and she can't confess right now because of the stress to the baby.

Courtney lies to Jason about why she is late to court, covering Faith's action. Jason sees through the lie and tells Sonny that Faith is involved, but Sonny reminds him they can't have any violence right now. Justus tells Courtney that Sonny is aware that Faith is leaning on Courtney. Courtney testifies that the kids should be with Sonny and Carly, leading Carly to make an outburst in court. Alexis warns her that this is the second outburst and it could cause her to lose her kids. Courtney testifies that Sonny never endangers his kids and she took the kids out of town because Sonny was occupied in the hospital with Carly.

Carly yells at Courtney for her decision, but Courtney reminds her that she has always wanted them to share custody. If Carly didn't hear that, then she only heard what she wanted to hear. Carly attacks Jason saying he put Courtney up to this. Jason reminds her that shared custody is the best thing for the kids. Carly warns Jason that if he doesn't say she should have sole custody, then she'll have to testify about Sonny's unstable behavior.

Michael follows Sam from Kelly's to her boat, but hides when he sees Lorenzo arrive. Lorenzo tells Sam to spend more time with Sonny to benefit the trial. Sam tells Lorenzo that Sonny is a good father and she will support any decision he makes, even if it means Sonny goes back to Carly. Sam pulls a shotgun on Lorenzo and tells him to leave her boat. Michael follows Lorenzo to the docks and tells him to let his parents be together.

Courtney finds Faith in her office, who pushes the partnership issue while the custody hearing is going on. Faith calls the boys "brats" causing Courtney to push her down and tell Faith to leave. Faith pulls a gun on Courtney and shoots.

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