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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 5, 2003 on GH
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Monday, May 5, 2003

Carly held Ric at gunpoint, drugged and tied to a chair. She taunted him and asked him how it felt to be helpless. Ric kept telling her she wouldn't kill her, but Carly vowed to protect her family. Meanwhile Leticia told Sonny that Carly went out but that she didn't know where. Sonny discovered the empty gun case and went after Carly. He burst into Ric's apartment just as Carly was about to pull the trigger and stopped her, telling her that Ric hadn't raped her. Carly put down the gun and fell into Sonny's arms in tears. Sonny untied Ric and warned him not to say anything about what had happened. Later Ric went to police headquarters and gave Scott a folder he claimed had enough information in it to bring down Sonny's organization.

Faith came into Kelley's and taunted Liz about her dark mood. Liz informed a disbelieving Faith that Ric was Sonny's brother and had been working his own agenda all along.

Monica could not convince Emily to tell Alan that she had cancer. Emily asked to reschedule her surgery at another hospital for fear that Alan would learn her secret if she were treated at GH. Emily told Zander that she needed space to get through her ordeal. Zander refused to let her go, but Alan interrupted and asked him to respect Emily's wishes. Zander pleaded with Emily to let him help her, but Emily insisted that having Zander around only made it more difficult for her. Gia stopped by to visit Emily in the hospital, and Emily asked her to look after Zander.

Despite Lucas's and Georgie's protests, Maxie accepted Kyle's insincere apology and agreed to go to a party with him. Georgie shared a practice kiss with Dillon after expressing her fear that she would have the opportunity to kiss Lucas and wouldn't know what to do.

Scott went to the hospital to question Courtney. Courtney gave him her statement, telling him that Ric had kidnapped her and trapped her in a mine shaft. Scott implied that Jason had hurt Courtney, trying to get her angry enough to give up information on Jason and Sonny. Courtney resisted and demanded that he arrest Ric, but Scott told her that she was "well-trained" in avoiding questions just as Sonny, Jason, and Carly were.

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Sonny remained surprisingly calm while Taggert ordered his men to raid the penthouse. Taggert did not arrest Sonny but asked him to come downtown to answer a few questions. He told Sonny that everything he owned was being searched at that moment. Sonny agreed to go but made a cryptic phone call to Jason before leaving. At the station, Scott warned Sonny that he was finally taking him down. Ric arrived and offered his legal services to Sonny, pretending to be irritated when Sonny turned him down. Sonny told Scott that Ric was after him and had fabricated any evidence that they had.

Taggert and company burst into one of Sonny's offices to find Jason smashing a disk. Jason managed to destroy it before the police grabbed a hold of him. Taggert returned to the station and informed Scott that no evidence against Sonny had turned up in the raids, that all the hard drives and disks had been destroyed. Scott reluctantly released Sonny. Sonny warned Scott to have a more credible witness next time he goes after someone.

Emily ran into Zander on her way to the new hospital. Though she tried to dissuade Zander from waiting for her, he professed his faith in their love. Confused by Emily's withdrawal, Zander began to suspect that something more was going on. He confided his suspicion in Gia, who related the situation to her own experience with Nikolas, suggesting to Zander that maybe they just grew apart. Zander doubted that the same had happened to him and Emily since he never felt it change. Emily checked into the new hospital and reluctantly signed the release papers Monica presented her with. Alone in her hospital room Emily undressed, her pending surgery on her mind.

Wearing disguises, Summer, Luke, and Lucky continued the search for Matt. Luke was the high bidder on a gold coin that led him straight to Matt. Matt told him that he knew Summer but that he wasn't her brother. Suddenly Matt was stabbed in the back. He managed to get out a few mumbled words before dying, just as Summer and Lucky burst in.

Jason held Courtney in her hospital bed and promised that they were back together. Jason left suddenly after receiving a phone call from Sonny. Courtney was released from the hospital and was packing her things when Carly arrived. Carly told Courtney she wanted Courtney and Jason back together again, but Carly admitted that it would still be difficult for Sonny to accept. Coming up with what she perceives as the perfect plan, Carly insists that Courtney and Jason must get married, that Sonny was deeply religious and would have to honor their marriage if they were married in a Catholic church. Courtney told Carly the although she loved Jason, she wasn't about to ask him to marry her, and certainly not yet. Carly wouldn't back down and offered to put a bug in Jason's ear to ask Carly. She explained that although he might not think of it own his own, that he loved Courtney deeply and would definitely marry her. Courtney begged Carly not to do anything to embarrass her. Carly sent Jason an emergency page and met up with him.

Meanwhile Courtney left to buy groceries. On her way back she overheard Faith and Ric on the docks, discussing framing Jason for Fowling's murder, which Ric was guilty of. After Ric left, Faith found Courtney's hospital ID bracelet on the ground nearby. Courtney ran off to tell Jason, and she was hit by a car while crossing the street right in front of Jason and Carly.

Ric encountered Liz on the docks and begged her to give him another chance. She told him she couldn't be with someone who would hurt women the way he had with Courtney and Carly. Ric admitted that he had done some terrible things but pleaded with Liz to forgive him.

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

In Havana, Summer pleads with Matt not to die before he tells Summer where to find the money, but Lucky confirms that Matt is already dead and Luke announces that Matt told Luke that Matt was NOT related to Summer. Summer finally admits that Matt was her ex-boyfriend. As the trio tries to slip out of the restaurant, they are stopped by the Police, who arrest them for Matt's murder. In jail, Luke demands that Summer give him something that Luke can use against Nikolas. Summer tells Luke that she and Matt ran some scams and then Nikolas got in touch with Matt and told Matt something about a hidden fortune in Russia. Matt suddenly disappeared, leaving Summer high and dry. Although Summer looked for Matt, she ran out of money and was forced to turn to Nikolas. When Nikolas saw how much Summer resembled his mother, Nikolas offered Summer a deal ~ in exchange for keeping Luke distracted from his mother, Nikolas would help Summer locate Matt. Luke theorizes that the coins are part of the missing fortune, that Matt found what he was looking for but double-crossed Nikolas and that Nikolas had hopes that Summer would eventually lead Nikolas to Matt ~ AND the treasure! When Lucky cautions Luke about starting a new vendetta against Nikolas, Luke angrily swears that he will NEVER let go keeping a record of all of Nik's failings. However, when Luke, Lucky and Summer learn they have a visitor, they are shocked to learn that it is Nikolas who has come to their rescue!

At Mercy Hospital, Monica is with Emily as Emily goes into surgery. While she is under anesthesia, Emily dreams of a happy summer picnic with Zander. But, when Zander leaves to go for a swim, Emily notices something cold under the blanket and, when Emily pulls the blanket aside, she sees a grave marker with her name on it! Meanwhile, the pathology report comes back and the surgeon lets Monica read it. When Emily recovers, Monica reports that only the lump was removed from Emily's and that she still has her breast.

On the Docks, Zander confides to Gia that he believes Emily is under some kind of pressures that Zander doesn't know about. When Gia goes to get some coffee, the local drug dealer and his friends jump Zander and begin to beat Zander up as a warning to stay out of their business. When Gia returns with the coffee, she finds Zander, crumpled up in a heap on the Docks. As Gia revives Zander, he refuses to go to the Hospital. Zander admits that his assailants were a dealer and some of his friends. As Gia and Zander begin to leave the Docks, Taggert arrives and demands to know what is going on. Although Gia tries to explain that Zander was assaulted, Taggert still blasts Zander for dragging Taggert's sister into Zander's very violent problems! Gia blasts her brother for his cold-hearted attitude. However, when Gia picks up Zander's jacket, a package of drugs falls out!

As Courtney crosses the street to join Carly and Jason, a car comes out of the darkness and runs Courtney down. As Faith drives away, Jason notes the license plate number. Carly and Jason call 9 - 1 - 1 and accompany Courtney to the Hospital. When Mac arrives on the scene, Jason describes the car and gives Mac the license plate number. As the Emergency Team arrives at the Hospital, Carly explains the accident to Bobbie. When Alan orders Bobbie to page Monica, Alan is surprised when Bobbie reports that Monica signed out to deal with a surgery at Mercy Hospital! Meanwhile, Sonny arrives at Ric's apartment and gleefully informs his brother that Ric's plan to get Sonny busted for racketeering didn't work because the Police had NO evidence! Sonny suggests that it makes no sense for Ric to continue his vendetta against Sonny and that, if Ric managed to wrangle some immunity out of D.A. Scott Baldwin in exchange for the information Ric turned over about Sonny, then Ric should just figure that he is breaking even ~ and leave town. Ric reminds Sonny that Sonny is just a fraud ~ a street thug, attempting to appear to be a respectable businessman ~ who will never be more than a street thug and who will never know peace. Sonny warns Ric that a lot of people have tried to take Sonny down and have failed and that Ric will be no different. Sonny informs Ric that the report that their mother was lovely, wonderful and strong was correct, but that someone lied to Ric about Sonny's complicity in Adela's accident at the Summer House. Ric retorts that Ric will NEVER be able to know the true facts, thanks to Sonny! Sonny warns Ric that, IF Ric keeps coming after Sonny, Sonny will have no choice but to hit Ric so hard that Ric will never get back up again! Before Ric can respond, Sonny receives a call from Jason, informing Sonny about Courtney's accident ~ and Sonny rushes away. Shortly after Sonny arrives at the Hospital and learns about Courtney's injuries, Mike also arrives and immediately guesses that Courtney was deliberately hit by someone trying to send a message to either Sonny or Jason. Mike angrily reminds Sonny that, a year ago, Courtney would NOT have anything to do with Sonny, and if BOTH Sonny and Jason had stayed out of Courtney's life, NONE of the recent threats to Courtney's life would have EVER happened! Later, Sonny confides to Jason that he believes that Mike is right about Courtney becoming a target because of her relationship to Sonny, but Jason insists that NONE of it is Sonny's fault. Jason reports to Sonny that, before Courtney lost consciousness, she said she had something to tell Jason and Carly. Sonny wonders if someone NEEDED to shut Courtney up! However, when Jason suggests that Ric is the only one who would come to mind, Sonny reports that Sonny was WITH Ric when Sonny received the report about Courtney's accident, so Ric could NOT have been driving the car! Meanwhile, Carly attempts to reassure Mike that Courney will be OK. At the same time, in his apartment, Ric listens to the TV report about Courtney's accident ~ just as Faith barges in! Faith arrogantly informs Ric that Faith believed that Courtney overheard part of their plan to frame Jason, and saved Ric's life by silencing the girl. Ric calls the Hospital and instructs Faith to impersonate Courtney's distraught mother. Faith learns that Courtney is alive but unconscious. Faith warns Ric that IF Courtney wakes up and talks, it is Ric who will suffer the most from the fall out!

As Emily recovers from her surgery at Mercy Hospital, Monica admits that the Doctor took a few more nodes from Emily's breast because the lump the doctor ran a biopsy on came back positive, so the doctor is running more tests and it will be a few days before they know whether or not the cancer has spread. Monica tries to remain positive, but Emily fears the worst. Emily insists that she wants to be alone. But, when Monica goes out into the hall, she finds Alan, who demands to know WHEN Monica was planning to tell Alan that their daughter has cancer!

Meanwhile, back at General Hospital, Jason is annoyed when he learns that Tony is the neurosurgeon who has been assigned to Courtney's case. Tony informs Jason that Jason has no choice in the matter if Jason wants Courtney to receive the best care possible. Tony reports that Courtney will probably be OK but will need to stay in the Hospital under observation for a few days. Mike leaves to call Courtney's mother to inform her about the most recent accident which has befallen their daughter. At the same time, Mac arrives to report that the Police found the car being driven by Courtney's assailant, but discovered the car has no registration and there were no witnesses who saw someone push the car into the lake, where it was found. Meanwhile, in her Hospital room, Courtney regains consciousness and mistakes Ric for Jason. As Courtney begins to warn Jason that Faith and Ric have something on him, she realizes that she is speaking To Ric. Ric tells Courtney that he is sorry she heard that!

Thursday, May 8, 2003

Nikolas finds Lucky, Summer, and Luke behind bars. He asks them if they planned to go after his fortune for themselves. Lucky asks him how he knew they were there unless he was following them the whole time. Lucky tells him that he had nothing to do with Matt's murder and that he arrived after it happened. Nikolas doesn't see Luke at first until afterwards. Nikolas tells them that the coin is part of a fortune the Cassadine family lost during the revolution years ago and that he wants to retrieve the coins. He agrees to bail them out, including Luke. Luke refuses to leave the cell and tells Lucky to watch his back when dealing with Nikolas. Lucky just smiles and winks at him as they leave. Later the guards bring in a dinner tray for Luke, who appears to be sleeping on the cot with the covers over his head. They poke his bed and then realize he has escaped. Luke is seen with some military looking man and the man asks Luke if he wants to go back to the states. Luke tells him he doesn't want to do that and orders him to take him to a plane somewhere where there is Russian Vodka and caviar and lots of Russian coins. Meanwhile, Nikolas brings Lucky and Summer to his fancy hotel room. Nikolas warns Lucky not to trust Summer. Lucky doesn't know who to trust but brings up to Summer that Nikolas is his brother and that he believes him to some extent. Summer decides to flirt with them both. Nikolas ignores her but Lucky can't help but be attracted to her still and they share a kiss. Summer gets some time alone with Lucky and tells him to leave with her and go back and get Luke out of jail. Lucky is for that but doesn't know whether to trust her.

Taggert questions Zander about the drugs that fell out of his jacket pocket. Zander doesn't know anything about them but guesses that the guy who he confronted outside of Kelly's had something to do with it when he and his friends beat him up. Taggert gets upset when Gia defends Zander and tells Taggert the drugs are hers not Zander's. Taggert doesn't believe it and realizes she is willing to take the fall to protect Zander. Taggert decides not to arrest either of them but warns them he will be watching both of them more closely. Zander asks her why she did that. She tells him she did it because she knew her brother wouldn't arrest her. She takes him back to his room and tapes up his bruised ribs and cleans up his cuts. Meanwhile, Alan confronts Monica about keeping Emily's cancer a secret from him. Monica tells him she had no choice but to lie to him since Emily wanted it that way. Alan goes in to see Emily in her room at Mercy Hospital. She tells him that she didn't tell him because she didn't want him to be scared for her. He tells her he isn't scared but concerned. Emily refuses to tell Zander the truth about her condition when Alan and Monica suggest she tell him now so he can be a support to her as well. Emily tells them that she is going to die like her mother since the doctors told her mother Paige the same thing about the cancer only being in her lymph nodes. Emily calls Zander later and Gia picks up and answers his phone. Emily had already told Monica and Alan that she doesn't want Zander to go through this with her only to have to watch her die. She tells them that Zander is starting to turn his life around for the better and wants him to fall in love with another woman. Alan voices his fears to Monica in private about Emily's condition. Monica comforts him.

Ric surprises Courtney when he sits near her in the emergency room bed. He tells her that she will not be telling Jason and Sonny anything because he has physical evidence he can use against Jason if he has to pin him for the murder of Fowler. He blackmails her with the information. Meanwhile, Jason, Sonny, and Mike ask Mac if he found out anything on the car that was fished out of the lake that matched with the car that ran over Courtney. Mac tells them that the car had no fingerprints, no registration, or anything. He tells Sonny that he will do what he can in the investigation and asks Mike to fill out some forms for him. Jason knows Ric had something to do with Courtney's hit and run. He sits with Carly while Sonny goes in to see Courtney. Carly suggests that Jason marry Courtney as quick as possible. Jason tells her he needs her to stop discussing marriage to him and just to sit and be quiet for him. Sonny notices that Courtney is crying and asks her what is wrong. He asks her if she remembers anything about the accident and if she remembers seeing who hit her with the car. She lies and tells him she didn't see anything because it happened too fast. Jason comes in to see her and Sonny leaves them alone. Jason talks to her about their relationship and tells her that he can't lose her. She tells him she loves him too. Sonny and Carly go to PCPD to find out if Mac found out anything. Mac informs them that there is no new evidence with the car and that the police have been pulled from the case. Sonny tries to get an explanation from Mac but Mac walks away and Sonny finds out Scott was behind the police dropping the investigation. Sonny asks him why he stopped the investigation when Courtney could have been killed. Scott tells him that it was lack of evidence to prove it was a hit and run. Scott vows to put Sonny away behind bars and that Sonny can't expect the cops to do him a favor considering he is responsible for so much crime in this town.

Liz stops by Ric's apartment and Faith answers the door. She acts like a jealous girlfriend to Liz and Liz asks her if she is sleeping with Rick. Rick shows up and tries to get rid of Faith so he can talk to Liz alone. Liz doesn't want to hear his excuses about Faith. When she asks him to choose her or his revenge against Sonny, Ric can't give her a decision so she leaves him. Faith taunts him and gets him angry but that anger turns to passion and the two have sex. Later, Ric tells her that Courtney won't be saying anything to Jason or Sonny and that he will need to use her in his plan to destroy Sonny.

Friday, May 9, 2003

Dillon runs into Maxie outside of Kelly's. Maxie makes a snide remark to him about how he can find Georgie inside Kelly's reading a book for a change. Dillon tells her that she can be really mean sometimes. Maxie doesn't seem to care what he thinks of her. Dillon goes inside Kelly's. He approaches Georgie's table and realizes she is in a bad mood. He tells her he ran into Maxie outside of Kelly's. Georgie tells him that she covered for Maxie by telling Mac that she was with her at Kelly's and that even though she is grounded, he will allow her out as long as she is with her. Dillon doesn't understand why she thinks she's not as good as Maxie when she mentions how Lucas is still hung up on her. Kyle walks by the door of Kelly's and gives Georgie a dirty look through the window on his way over to talk to Maxie outside. Georgie tells Dillon that Kyle is a two-faced jerk and how she can't understand why Maxie can't see that after everything he did to her. Dillon tells Georgie that she is a better person than Maxie and that he likes her more because she can talk about more things than lip-gloss and guys. She tells him that she wished that Lucas would like her more than he does Maxie. Dillon tells her that Lucas is lame and that she shouldn't be obsessed with getting together with him. Later, Lucas shows up and trades insults with Dillon and Lucas learns that Maxie is going to the party with Kyle at his house. Meanwhile, Maxie is flattered by Kyle's compliments on her clothes and how great they'll look together when they walk into his house together at the party. Maxie lets Kyle kiss her. At the party Kyle invites Maxie upstairs to his room. He tells her she doesn't have to go all the way with him and she can change her mind this time and he won't get angry with her. Maxie tells him she won't change her mind about sleeping with him. Meanwhile, Kyle's buddies set up a web cam in his room to videotape Maxie and Kyle having sex to broadcast all over the internet. Maxie makes out with Kyle and goes upstairs with him. Lucas watches them go upstairs together as he enters the party. He almost stops them but decides not to interfere and leaves the party. He goes back to Kelly's to tell Georgie what he saw. Georgie was afraid Maxie would fall for Kyle's lies and sleep with him just so she can be considered cool at school. Lucas gets upset telling her and runs out of Kelly's. Georgie runs out to stop Lucas from leaving. Dillon tries to stop her from running after Lucas. Georgie comes up to Lucas and gets close enough to him. Lucas looks at her differently when they are standing so close together and kisses her. Dillon looks at them kissing from inside Kelly's and is disappointed. Maxie sleeps with Kyle, unaware that there is a web cam that videotaped them having sex. Kyle's buddies watch from a laptop computer in the living room downstairs and joke about how Kyle won his bet and will be getting several hundred dollars for betting he could get Maxie in bed to videotape her.

Alexis requests a meeting with Judge Farmer to discuss the possibility to cut back on her therapy sessions and to reinvestigate the idea of her getting more visitation with her daughter. Cameron shows up to lend his support and is not happy that she scheduled a meeting with the judge without telling him. He decides to sit in on the meeting and help her with the judge. Alexis resents his intrusion but allows him to stick around. Scott shows up uninvited to listen in on the meeting and give her his opinion on Alexis as well. The judge listens to Alexis and when Cameron interferes to give his opinion the judge takes Alexis side about allowing to speak for herself without interference from him. Cameron sits back and listens. Scott gives his opinion about Alexis' instability as a mother and as a lawyer and reminds the judge that Alexis had held him at knife point not too long ago and that Alexis wants to pretend none of it ever happened. The judge is disturbed by Alexis' obvious state of denial about her illness and tells her that her meeting with her is premature and that she will continue her therapy sessions with Cameron. The judge also warns Cameron that if she finds he can't treat Alexis with objectivity as her psychiatrist she will appoint Alexis a new doctor. She tells Alexis that she will decide when to review her case again and consider custody at a later date. Alexis storms out of the judge's office and heads to the elevator. Cameron compliments her sarcastically for making harder for herself by becoming her own worst enemy again. He drops her briefcase on the floor and gets into the elevator without her, very upset that she refuses to let him help her. Cameron heads to the file room at the hospital. The guard warns Cameron not to let the door shut while he is still inside the office still or it will lock him inside. Cameron takes out Alexis' medical file and reads it. Cameron has a fantasy about Alexis being from the time of witch hunts and imagines her being tied up by the town citizens, made up of a costumed Quartermaine family and Cameron is in the fantasy where he is about to try to save her but she insults him and so he decides to light the torch himself. He wakes from the fantasy when Alexis shows up and lets the door close. Cameron warns her not to shut the door but she does. He doesn't tell her why she shouldn't have closed the door and asks her what she wants from him now. Alexis tells him she came to talk to him and to apologize to him. Cameron isn't in a very forgiving mood and tells her off for trying to do everything on her own. Cameron tells her he will continue to write up reports for the judge that are fabricated to protect her and that she will continue to try to do things her own way even if they are wrong. He tells her that she refuses to accept that there may be something wrong with her and she will need his help. Alexis goes to leave but the door is locked and she realizes they are locked in together. Cameron makes a snide remark about her arrogance and confirms that they are locked up and stuck together the whole evening.

Ric pays a visit to Courtney in her hospital room as she is about to be released from the hospital. Rick shows her a document that shows where the evidence is hiding in the Rick Fowler murder and how it all ties to Jason as the killer. He tells her that if he suddenly disappears or is killed by Jason, the information will reach Scott Baldwin and Jason will go to prison for murder. He tells her that in exchange for keeping her mouth shut with what she knows, he has provided her the location of the evidence he planted to frame Jason. Sonny shows up at her room and tells Ric to stay away from his sister. Ric points out that Courtney is sort of his sister and wants to get to know her better and came to see how she was doing. Sonny doesn't buy it and points out that Courtney is not his sister and that she is only his sister by blood. Ric leaves after Sonny warns him to stay away from his sister. Sonny asks her what he wanted with her. Courtney lies and tells him that Ric is just being his twisted self by pretending he cares what happens to her. Sonny leaves it alone. Courtney is anxious to leave GH and go home. She tells him that she and Jason love each other and want to stay together. Meanwhile, Carly gets Jason to come to Courtney's apartment. Carly tells him she called so she could talk to him alone before Courtney comes home and reassures him that Sonny is bringing Courtney home and the four of them are having dinner at the apartment. Carly also uses their time alone to convince him to stage some marriage proposal to Courtney. Jason refuses to agree to one of her crazy plans and tells her he isn't against marriage. Carly brings up his hasty marriage to Brenda. He reminds her he married Brenda to keep her away from her marriage to Sonny. Carly still pushes and tries to get Jason to propose marriage to Courtney. Jason tells her he will propose to her when he feels like it and not right now. Courtney comes in the door without Sonny. Jason panics that something happened. Courtney tells them that Sonny is in the car talking on the phone and will be right in after. Courtney realizes that Carly is up to something and asks Jason if Carly is trying to marry them off still. Jason tells her that Carly is trying to get him to propose and that he will do that when he wants to. Sonny comes in and finds them talking. Sonny seems relaxed enough and asks what is for dinner. Courtney tells Carly when they are alone, that she wants her to stop trying to get Jason or her to propose to each other and that she will marry Jason someday probably but not now. Sonny talks to Jason about Ric's visit to Courtney's room and how he doesn't think Ric can really do anything to them and succeed. Jason wants to find out what he is up to and stop him from hurting Courtney. Later, Carly and Sonny are in bed talking. Sonny doesn't feel threatened by Ric anymore and tells Carly that he can't do anything to them. Carly isn't so reassured by that.
Jason asks Courtney what Ric said to her at her hospital room. She is evasive and tells him that Ric is just a twisted man and that he is just trying to get to Sonny by upsetting her. She doesn't tell him anything about what she knows.

Ric goes to see Liz at Kelly's. He tries to get her to listen to him and give him another chance. Liz confronts him about sleeping with Faith. Ric doesn't deny that he slept with Faith and tries to explain that he does things like that when he is hurt about losing someone he cares about like her. Liz tells him that he is just as arrogant as Sonny and that if he loves her like he says he does, he will stay away from her for good. Ric goes on the docks. Faith finds him there and guesses by his sour mood that he just had a run in with Liz that didn't go well. She tells him to stop trying to get back with Liz and recognize that she has nothing to offer him in a way of a life. She suggests that he move to Miami with her to start over now that he has lost to Sonny and so has she. He tells her Sonny hasn't won anything yet and that he will have to use Courtney to get what he wants against Sonny.

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