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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 19, 2004 on GH
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Monday, January 19, 2004

At the police station, Liz tells Ric to beware of Zander's blackmail. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a fighting Zander and Nikolas, who spill out into the police station. Zander is clearly attacking a handcuffed Nikolas, but he demands that the police arrest Nikolas again for coming after him. Fed up, Ric arrests Zander instead. Ric confronts him in the interrogation room, and tells him to cut the crap before he blows everything. Ric then reinstates Nik's bail, causing Alexis to be suspicious. She tries to reason one last time with Zander, but he will not listen to her. Instead, she goes to Ric and tells him that she isn't buying his sudden turnaround regarding Nikolas. She warns him that she will ruin him if she finds him working with Zander to frame Nikolas. She tells him to stop making deals with Zander, and instead make one with her. They make a deal that Ric will throw the case against Nikolas at the last minute, and in return Alexis will not tell Liz the truth.

Sam rescues Jax from the pit in the cave. She tells him someone knocked her out and stole the treasure, and he immediately assumes it was Sonny. Sam defends Sonny, and Jax angrily asks her if she's attracted to him. She denies it, but they begin to argue. They leave the cave and return to the cabin where Sam finds a note allegedly written by Sonny claiming he took the treasure. She doesn't buy it, angering Jax, and she laughs when she realizes he's jealous. Sam again denies that anything is going on between her and Sonny, and then Jax and her express their feelings to each other. Later, Sam goes back to the cave and spies on people discussing the treasure. Suddenly, a man grabs her from behind.

Alcazar overhears the guards say that Carly is in an institution. Faking illness, he lures a guard into his room and knocks him unconscious. He then escapes the safehouse and goes after Carly.

Faith continues to try to alter the mind of a drugged Carly. Carly fights Faith's attempts to manipulate her, and begins to choke and attack her instead. As Faith runs from the room, she's spied by Cameron. Meanwhile, a drugged Jason stumbles around his loft as Courtney tries to get through to him. He kisses her and tells her he loves her, and then tries to leave, but can't walk. Courtney continues to attempt to help him and he finally begins to come out of his drugged state. Cameron calls them and tells Jason that he saw Faith in Carly's room at the institution. Jason and Courtney take off to rescue Carly.

Back at the hospital, the doctors drug Carly again to get her to stop attacking people. In her near-unconscious state, she crawls out of bed and into the hallway where she once again encounters Faith. Faith demands that Carly be transferred to Ferncliff, and the doctors return her to her room and sedate her even more. As Faith stands over Carly and continues to try to manipulate her mind, she is grabbed by Alcazar. Suddenly, Jason and Courtney show up to find Faith drugged and in a straitjacket in Carly's bed. As they try to get her to tell them what happened, an unseen Alcazar carries Carly out of the hospital.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Georgie pretends that Tom gave her a promise ring, and she tells Maxie while Dillon overhears from the background. He rushes out of the hospital, and goes to Kelly's where he encounters Sage. She tells him she got them on the high school dance committee, and he's instantly annoyed. The committee nominates Dillon and Sage as the dance king and queen, but he refuses. Instead, Sage suggests Georgie and Tom, and after much hesitation, the committee agrees.

Sonny rescues Sam and takes her back to the cabin where he angrily tells her he's not helping her again. He demands she stay with him until his pilot can pick them up. Suddenly, Jax stumbles into the cabin and collapses. He's conscious, but he's been shot. He admits that he was searching for the treasure to give to Sam. Seeing his condition worsen, and despite his protests, Sonny removes the bullet from him in order to save his life. Sam is incredibly grateful to him, and Sonny tells her that he did it for her.

Faith tells Jason and Courtney that Alcazar took Carly from the hospital. Jason orders his men to find Alcazar. When the hospital guards show up, Faith begs them to let her go, but Jason and Courtney play along as though she's really the patient ready for a transfer to Ferncliff. They go back to the penthouse to meet with Justus in order to tell him they had Faith committed and that its his job to keep her there. Justus says he'll do what he can regarding Faith, but points out to Jason that it seems that Alcazar actually rescued Carly rather than kidnapped her. Cameron comes by to sign release papers to clear Carly from Shadybrook, and they realize the effects of the drugs that Carly is on. Jason and Courtney worry that Carly might sleep with Alcazar in her state, and Jason thanks Courtney for helping him while he was drugged. He tells her that he understands why she left, but that he loves her and always will.

Alcazar takes a heavily drugged Carly to his safehouse and swears he'll keep her away from danger. Carly tells him that she loves him, and Alcazar is thrilled until he realizes that Faith has attempted to brainwash her. A confused Carly begins to cry, and begs not to be taken back to the institution. Alcazar realizes that she's completely delusional and seeing visions of him. He promises to take care of her. After giving Carly a bath and putting her in bed, the two begin to kiss. Suddenly, Carly flips out and pushes him away, realizing that she doesn't want him even if her head tells her that she does. Alcazar is troubled to see her pain, and apologizes for what he's put her through. He vows to let her go for her own sake, but can't bring himself to notify Jason of her whereabouts.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

At the Penthouse, Courtney is alarmed when Jason calls off the search for Carly, commenting that he is not sure Carly wants to be found. When Courtney defends Carly, Jason suddenly demands to know WHY Courtney let Brian into her life. Courtney hesitantly admits to Jason that she has no feelings for Brian, but was trying to have feelings because she KNEW that she was supposed to be moving on with her life. Jason admits that he would like for Courtney to come back to him. But Courtney confesses that she can NOT return and accept Jason's way of life. Just as Jason begins to kiss Courtney, his cell phone rings and Jason rushes away to take care of business. Meanwhile, Carly regains consciousness in the Safe House with Lorenzo and asks if they hit the sheets together. Lorenzo assures Carly that nothing transpired between them. Lorenzo goes on to explain that he was aware that Carly was strung out on drugs she had received at the Hospital and didn't want to take advantage of her impaired condition. Lorenzo then tells Carly that she is free to walk out the door, but asks Carly if she loves him. Carly admits that she is not sure about her feelings. Back at the Penthouse, Michael confides to Courtney that he overheard her conversation with Jason and is happy that they are getting back together again. Later, Jason meets with Nikolas and Lucky on the Docks and reports that Ben followed Sonny and Samantha to Azure Key but that Jason couldn't get a message to Sonny because communications to Azure Key have been knocked out by a hurricane. Jason leaves when he gets another call. Meanwhile, Carly tells Lorenzo that she is determined to go home and Carly gets dressed. However, as Carly is about ready to leave, she suddenly collapses and Lorenzo catches her. Just as Lorenzo catches Carly, Jason bursts into the door with his gun drawn. Carly jumps in front of Lorenzo and begs Jason NOT to shoot!

Liz meets with Nikolas outside Kelly's and confides that she believes that Ric is helping Zander frame Nikolas for Cody McCall's murder. Nikolas ducks Liz's questions. Meanwhile, Ric meets on the docks with Brian and warns Brian that, once Brian helps put Sonny and Jason behind bars, Courtney will be aware of Brian's real agenda and probably will end her relationship with Brian. Brian expresses his confidence that, once Courtney has come to accept Jason's incarceration, she will turn again to Brian. Brian is shocked when he learns that Lucky has been taken off the Cody McCall case. Brian later asks Ric if Ric ordered Brian to bury the All Points Bulletin for Ben because Ric is trying to frame Nikolas. Ric dodges Brian's questions, and Brian reminds Ric that he did NOT sign on to Ric's team to put any innocent men behind bars. Ric continues to duck Brian's questions. Later, Liz is surprised when Nikolas tells Liz that Nikolas believes that Zander is potentially so destructive that Nikolas believes that the best thing Liz can do for her baby is to prevent Zander from staking a claim on the baby ~ by whatever means necessary! Ric arrives and overhears part of Nikolas's defense. After Nikolas leaves, Liz admits that she suspects that Ric is trying to frame Nikolas to make sure that Zander signs over his parental rights to Liz's baby. Liz is shocked when Ric admits that she is right. When Liz blasts Ric for once again acting as if the ends justify the means, Ric argues that he was just stringing Zander along and that he has found a way to cover for Nikolas. But Liz refuses to listen and storms away. Later, at the Hospital, Liz has a heart to heart talk with Audrey and confides that she is having trouble trusting Ric, following Ric's past bad decisions. Liz is surprised when Audrey admits that she now believes that Ric is sincere in his attempts to turn his life around and urges Liz to give her husband the benefit of the doubt if she truly loves him. Meanwhile, Lucky and Nikolas compare notes about Jason's information that Ben followed Samantha and Sonny down to Azure Key. Lucky implores Nikolas to let Lucky expose Ric's attempts to bury the information about Ben. But Nikolas urges his brother to wait. Nikolas explains that he mostly wants to nail Zander and wants to do that FIRST, before they try to expose Ric's complicity. Lucky reluctantly agrees to wait. After Lucky leaves, Nikolas receives a call from his grounds~keeper, informing Nikolas that a strange man has broken in to Wyndemere. Nikolas tells the grounds~keeper that he will take care of the intruder himself. Later, Liz meets with Ric at Kelly's and offers to give Ric a chance to explain his decisions about Nikolas. Ric declares that he had no intention of allowing Nikolas to go to jail and already has a deal in place with Alexis to string Zander along and then spring Nikolas as soon as Zander signs over his parental rights to Liz's baby. Ric is stunned when Liz suddenly declares that she believes that Ric honestly DID do what he believed was right for everyone concerned. Ric kisses Liz and promises that he will make sure that Nikolas does NOT go to jail! Later, Courtney and Michael run in to Brian outside of Kelly's, and Michael announces to Brian that Jason and Courtney are getting back together.

Georgie is appalled when she learns that she and "Tom" have been named king and queen of the Winter Festival, courtesy of Sage. Later, Maxie suggests to Georgie that they should hire a model to play Tom. Meanwhile, Sage tells Dillon that they need a picture of "Tom" for the Winter Festival posters. Dillon admits that he saw Georgie have a picture of "Tom," but insists that IF Sage really wants a photograph of "Tom," she should ask Georgie. Sage finds Georgie outside her locker, talking to Maxie. When Sage asks Georgie for a picture of "Tom," Georgie insists that she does NOT have one, although Sage insists that Dillon said he had seen a photo of "Tom." After Georgie and Maxie rush off to class, Sage snoops in Georgie's locker and finds the composite photo of "Tom." Later, Georgie is appalled when she finds that Sage has used the fake photos of "Tom"' on posters for the Festival.

At Ferncliff, Faith accosts one of the orderlies and demands his help in getting her out of the nut house. Later, Justus visits Faith and Faith tries to get Justus to help her get out of Ferncliff. Faith is appalled when Justus admits that Justus was the one who is helping Jason keep Faith in Ferncliff. Justus reminds Faith that there is NO "up"~side to getting on Jason's bad side. Faith suddenly throws herself into Justus' arms, kisses him and implores Justus to double cross Jason.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Dillon shows up at Kelly's with Sage. He spots Georgie and Maxie sitting at another table. Sage notices how he can't keep his eyes off Georgie. Dillon shares his suspicions with Sage about how it seems that Georgie is never seen with this "Tom" guy and that every time he is mentioned he happens to be right there when she is on the phone with "Tom" or talking about him. Dillon goes over to talk to Georgie. He tells her he needs to know what she and Tom's favorite song is so they can play it at the dance when they are crowned king and queen at the dance. Georgie doesn't have a favorite song to give him and tries not to be taken off guard by his questions. Maxie makes an excuse about how they are going to be late if they don't leave. Dillon gets more suspicious about how Georgie didn't seem to have a song to give him. Sage tries to shoot down all his theories about "Tom." Sage suggests that Georgie could have made "Tom" up to make him jealous. Georgie and Maxie show up at the police station to talk to Mac. Georgie asks Mac to use his influence as police commissioner to find some data on some male model that looks like her fake "Tom" boyfriend. Mac tells her that it is against the law to get information on someone without sufficient cause and refuses to help them. He suggests to Georgie that she come clean with Dillon and admit why she did it and that if he loves her he will forgive her and take her to the dance himself. Georgie is reluctant to tell him the truth despite Mac and Maxie's advice to come clean. Georgie worries that she will never survive the humiliation at school if anyone found out "Tom" was not her real boyfriend. Mac gets preoccupied with work and advises Maxie to talk some sense into her sister. They head back to Kelly's. Dillon is still there with Sage. Georgie asks if she can speak to him alone. Dillon is eager to talk to her. Georgie starts to tell him about how she made up the whole "Tom" scenario but doesn't get a chance quite yet when Sage comes over and interrupts them. Dillon tells Sage to butt out of their conversation and go sit back down. Georgie happens to look out the window and sees a guy that looks just like the "Tom" picture she had made up on the computer with Maxie. She smiles to herself.

Ric tries to reassure Liz that he will make sure that Nikolas doesn't get convicted of murder. He tells her he has an alternate plan but is afraid she won't like it. Liz tells him that she will do anything to protect her child and that she doesn't want Zander to be anywhere near her child considering how dangerous he is right now. Ric goes to the police station. He meets with Zander in the conference room in private. He shows Zander a file of the Cody McCall case. Zander notices that the evidence inside it implicates him as the murderer. He denies having anything to do with Cody McCall's murder since he never knew the man. Ric tells him that he could convince a jury that he murdered the man to frame Nikolas to get revenge and they would buy it. He blackmails Zander by telling him that if he doesn't sign the papers giving him and Liz full parental rights of the baby, he will use the fabricated evidence to have him convicted of the murder instead of Nikolas. Mac motions to Ric to come outside the room to talk. He tells him that the body of Ben Rogers was found in Azure Key and that two eyewitnesses claim that Ben admitted to killing Cody McCall before his death. He tells Ric that the case against Nikolas is closed now. Ric lies to Zander when Zander asks him what Mac told him. Ric tells Zander that Mac told him that he was going to keep the case open and investigate more into Cody's murder. Zander is still reluctant to sign the papers but Ric convinces him that he can build a strong case against him instead of Nikolas if he wanted to. Zander angrily signs away his parental rights. Liz comes over to the police station and thanks Zander for signing the papers. Zander starts to get suspicious after she leaves. He asks Ric what Mac really said to him. Ric admits that the Cody McCall murder case has been closed and that someone verified that Cody was murdered by a man named Ben Rogers. Zander realizes he was tricked into signing the papers and vows to get revenge on Ric. Meanwhile, Nikolas returns home to Wyndemere to find Emily is there waiting for him. He hugs her but is concerned about her coming home so soon and worries about her safety. Emily reminds him about their ancestors Constance and Blackguard and their love and devotion to each other. She refuses to let him face things on his own. They make love. Later, Alexis comes in to inform them that Nikolas'trial has been set within the week. At Azure Key, Sonny offers to let Jax and Sam fly back home with him in his jet since Jax's plane is still not fixable. Jax takes him up on his offer. Sam refuses to leave with them and thinks that she should look for the treasure since there is no proof that the people who stole her treasure left the island yet. Jax surprises Sonny when Jax doesn't argue too much to make her go with them. Jax tells him that he can't force her to go with them since she is stubborn and has to learn for herself that the treasure is gone. Sonny just wants to get home and doesn't care if Sam leaves or not. Sam asks Jax to take care of himself and get checked out by a doctor when he gets home. Later, Sam overhears the pirate guy who stole her treasure and hurt Jax talking to Helena Cassadine. He tries to leave Helena while stealing part of the treasure in his bag. Helena doesn't trust him and notices coins falling from his bag as he tries to leave. Helena takes out a sword that is part of the treasure and rips open his bag to reveal part of the treasure he stole from her. She tells him no one steals from her and gets away with it and stabs him in the chest with the sword and walks away. Sam runs over to him after Helena leaves and tries to help him so she can get information from him. She asks him who he was working for and he tells her "Cassadine" before he dies. Sam finds a gold ring with a unique insignia on it and takes it with her. She shows up on Sonny's jet right before they are about to take off. Sonny calls the pilot and tells him no more delays and to take off now. Sam lies to Jax and tells him she gave up on finding the treasure and decided to go home with them. Jax notices something shiny near her neck and asks her what is dangling from her neck. He notices it is a ring and asks her where she got it. Sam lies to him and tells him that she found the ring earlier when she was looking for the treasure that was buried under the rubble. Jax wants to believe her story and leaves it alone. Jax goes to the hospital when they return to Port Charles and calls Alexis. Alexis, Nikolas and Emily show up to talk to him. Jax has good news for them about the murder case. He tells them that Sonny and Sam heard Ben tell them that he killed Cody McCall when he followed Sam there to steal the treasure from her. He tells Nikolas that the case against him should be dropped soon. Alexis asks Jax to take better care of himself and not die on her. She leaves after talking to Mac on the phone about the case and is on her way to the police station to make sure that nothing ends up on Nikolas' record. Jax tells Nikolas that Sam no longer has the treasure and that someone on the island stole the treasure from Sam and that the only thing Sam found was some ring with an insignia on it. Nikolas and Emily realize the ring must be the one that belonged to Blackguard the pirate. Nikolas shows Jax his tattoo with the same insignia that is on the ring Sam has on her. They tell Jax that the ring was left on the island by Nikolas' ancestor. Jax realizes that Sam lied to him again about the ring. He tells them that Sam insists on having the treasure herself. Sam goes to Wyndemere to snoop around to find the book that Nikolas and Emily have been reading from. Helena comes in the room from one of the secret passageways and asks Sam what she is doing there. Sam tells her she came to talk to Nikolas. Helena tells her he isn't home and pulls out a dagger and threatens Sam with it.

Courtney and Michael play outside Kelly's. Courtney is in a very good mood. Brian comes over and says hello to them. He asks Michael why everyone is so happy. Michael tells Brian that Courtney is happy because she is getting back together with Jason. Brian can't hide his dismay but puts on a smile for Michael's benefit. Courtney asks Michael to go inside Kelly's and get them each a cupcake and she will be right in. Brian asks her why she would even consider getting back with Jason knowing he is a hired killer. Courtney doesn't have an answer for him. Jason comes into Alcazar's other house and finds Alcazar grabbing Carly. He pulls a gun on him and gets the wrong idea. Carly tells Jason to put the gun away and defends Alcazar and tells Jason that Alcazar didn't hurt her and helped get her out of the hospital. Jason puts the gun away and asks her why she didn't call him when she got to Alcazar's. Carly tries to explain that she couldn't but Jason cuts her off and tells her that he can't do this anymore with her and tells her she is on her own from now on. Carly worries about Jason telling Sonny about her. She tries to explain to him why she has to leave and go back to her family. He tells her to go home before Sonny gets there and hears from Jason first. Jason returns to the penthouse and tells Courtney that he went there and found Carly with Alcazar and how she wanted to be there and that he will have to tell Sonny the truth when he sees him. Courtney starts to make excuses for Carly's actions thinking she is still confused and maybe Alcazar gave her more drugs. Jason tells her that she was fine and not under any influence of drugs when he saw her and how she made excuses for Alcazar and didn't want to leave with him. Sonny calls the penthouse from the plane. Michael answers the phone. He asks him how everyone is. Michael blurts out that Carly isn't home and that she went away for awhile and he doesn't know where she went. Carly walks into the penthouse and sees Michael and realizes who he is talking to. She grabs the phone from him and asks Sonny to come right home. Sonny asks her where she went off to and is concerned about her. Carly asks him to come home so she can talk to him about it. Carly calls Alcazar to tell him she needs to meet with him at the lake house and talk. Courtney overhears Carly on the phone with Alcazar and corners her about it. Carly tells her that she isn't going to leave Sonny for Alcazar and that she is just going go see Alcazar to tell him goodbye. She asks Courtney to let her do this and promises her that she will come right back. Jason returns and Courtney tells him she saw Carly and that she went off to talk to Alcazar again and tried to stop her but couldn't do it. Jason starts to worry about Carly and the mistakes she is making with her marriage. She tells Jason that she believes Carly loves Sonny and will choose her family over Alcazar. Jason tells her that sometime love's not enough to mend things. He tells her that Sonny won't understand the situation with Carly. Sonny walks in and sees the sad looks on Jason and Courtney's faces. Sonny asks where Carly is. Jason tells him she went with Alcazar. Sonny thinks that Alcazar kidnapped her again. Courtney tries to explain Carly's actions but Sonny cuts her off and asks Jason where Carly is. Jason tells him that she went to meet Alcazar at his lake house and gives him the address. Courtney tells Jason she knows that he didn't want to tell Sonny but he felt he had to and feels Sonny has the right to know about Carly. Carly goes to the lake house and tells Alcazar that she came to say goodbye and to assure him she doesn't hate him but that she loves Sonny and her family and needs to be with them and that may mean she can never see him again. Alcazar kisses her and she lets him but Sonny walks in the door and sees the kiss. Carly turns around to leave and sees Sonny and realizes what he saw the kiss.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Dillon talks to Georgie about her boyfriend "Tom." Georgie sees a guy outside Kelly's that looks just like the picture she had made up on the computer. She runs out to try to get a better look at him but he is gone. She asks Nikolas and Emily if they saw a really good looking guy with brown hair just now. They are amused by Georgie's excitement but don't know what guy she is referring to. Georgie goes back inside. Dillon goes outside to find out what Georgie is doing. He gives her scarf to her so she can wrap herself in it since it is so cold outside. He tells her he has a feeling that this "Tom" thing isn't what it appears to be and asks her about it. They go back inside. She tells Dillon that "Tom" must have got back from his ski trip in Nova Scotia earlier. Maxie tells Dillon to butt out of Georgie's life after he starts to question her more about "Tom's" existence. Maxie and Georgie go back to sit down. Dillon tells Sage that he hasn't ever gotten a good look at Tom with Georgie. Sage tells him that Georgie isn't clever enough to come up with a fake "Tom" and points out that Georgie seems pretty calm and happy and that she would be panicking if "Tom" was fake. Maxie tells Georgie that she is running out of time and must find the guy she saw and wonders if Georgie really saw the "Tom" lookalike or was it a figment of her imagination. Georgie gets tired of talking to Maxie and decides to go out looking for her lookalike. She runs into Lucky who is heading inside Kelly's. She tells him he is a good sign and he asks her what she means by that. She tells him she needs a huge favor from him. Later, she comes back inside Kelly's to go back and sit with Maxie. She tells Maxie she asked Lucky to help her by gettting into the DMV records to find her "Tom" lookalike but he refused. Maxie can't believe she got the cops involved in this since Mac already refused to help them since it is illegal to break into DMV records without probable cause. Georgie tells her that she is running out of time but thinks that seeing the "Tom" lookalike is a sign that her plan is going to work.

Sam is cornered by Helena at Wyndemere who has a knife pointed at her and plans to kill her. Sam reaches behind her and grabs a knife herself and points it up against Helena's knife and tells her that she won't go down without taking a piece of Helena herself on the way. Helena puts down the knife and listens to Sam go on about how the treasure is important to her and that she went through a lot to get it. Helena offers her a job as her secret assistant and offers to give her a sizable amount of the treasure if she helps her. Sam accepts her offer and agrees to keep it a secret after Helena gives her a diamond necklace as a retainer for her help. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Emily discuss the treasure. Nikolas tells her they have no sizable amount of cash right now and need that treasure. Jax shows up to find Sam and Helena talking. Helena acts like she doesn't want Sam around Wyndemere snooping around. She leaves Jax alone to talk to Sam. Jax confronts Sam about lying to him about the treasure again and asks her what she was doing talking to Helena. He accuses her of making a deal with Helena for some of the treasure. Sam denies making a deal with Helena and claims she just met her five minutes ago before he showed up. He takes the bracelet off of her and asks her where it came from. Sam lies and tells him she found it there on the estate and that it proves the treasure is there somewhere. Jax warns her that Helena is a cold-blooded killer and not to make any deals with her. Sam tells him she has every right to the treasure. Jax tells her he must be arrogant to think he could come over and tell her what to do and how to keep her safe and warns her to kick him when he tries to come to her rescue again when she obviously doesn't need him. He tells her he doesn't think he can love someone like her because of how she lives. Sam tries to hide how upset she is by his rejection and leaves after telling him she hopes he finds some woman who can live up to his lofty expectations. Emily and Nikolas return to Wyndemere to find Jax waiting for them. He tells them he waited so he could warn them in person that Sam wants the treasure and that Helena is in town and has the treasure herself. Helena returns to Wyndemere and greets Nikolas cheerfully. Nikolas tells her that he is engaged to Emily Quartermaine. Helena tells him his taste has improved in women since his last one but doesn't think Emily has enough breeding to be a Cassadine. Nikolas tells her that he loves Emily and that she will respect her while she is there. Helena pushes him aside and tells him she has something to tell him. He guesses she is going to tell him she found the treasure. She tells him she does have the treasure and that it is all for him.

Jason meets with Morales assistant and hands him a payment. Morales' assistant informs Jason that Morales wants Sonny to accept the shipment in person as a sign of good faith. Jason tells him that probably won't happen. Meanwhile, Zander shows up to visit Faith at Ferncliff. She tells him that she is going to use her unfortunate stay at Ferncliff to her advantage by setting up an airtight alibi for herself and tells him she wants him to see to it that Jason is dead. Zander tells her that he doesn't care about anyone anymore and agrees to make sure Jason dies when he goes to accept a shipment for Sonny that they know is arriving later tonight. Meanwhile, Carly lets Alcazar kiss her goodbye but Sonny witnesses it and gets the wrong idea. She turns around and sees him. She tells him it isn't what it looks like and to let her explain. Sonny doesn't want to hear it and tells her that they are through and she can stay with Alcazar if she wants to. Sonny walks out. Alcazar tells her that he is sorry that Sonny found them like this but that maybe it forces her to make a decision and stay with him after all. Carly tells him that she came over to say goodbye and that she plans to go home and talk to Sonny and believes Sonny will come to understand what she did and take her back. Alcazar tells her that if he was in Sonny's shoes and saw her kiss another man he would probably close his heart to her forever. Carly tells him he isn't Sonny and that she and Sonny have managed to stay together through many rough spots. Courtney comes in to find Carly still there with Alcazar. She tells her she had hoped she had gone home with Sonny. Alcazar leaves them to talk in private. Courtney asks her what she is doing with Alcazar after everything he did to her. Carly tells her that she only came over to say goodbye to him and Sonny showed up and got the wrong idea. She tells Courtney that she shouldn't judge her since she wasn't shot in the head and end up in a coma having dreams about another man she is suppose to hate. She tells Courtney she plans to go home and talk to Sonny and that she will make him understand what she did and he will eventually take her back. Courtney tells her that it may not be that easy this time and that Sonny has a harder time with forgiveness than her. Carly reminds Courtney that Sonny isn't perfect and that not too long ago he was found kissing Brenda goodbye and that she forgave him. Sonny returns to the penthouse just as Jason is talking to Morales' assistant. Sonny tells the man that he is running his business the way he wants to and that Morales won't be dictating the terms of the shipment. The man leaves. Sonny goes over to get a drink and rants to Jason about how he will be making his business a priority from now on. Morgan starts to cry from upstairs. Sonny yells upstairs for someone to shut the baby up. Jason goes upstairs to see to the baby and Michael. Sonny feels guilty for yelling at a helpless baby. He admits to Jason that he saw Carly with Alcazar when he got there and that he doesn't want her to live with him anymore and that it is over and she made her choice to be with Alcazar. Jason asks him what he is going to do since he knows that Carly will be coming home to see her children soon and asks him if he is planning to throw his whole family out. Sonny doesn't know what he is going to do right now and tells him he has to get out of the penthouse because he is starting to feel suffocated. He asks Jason to handle the shipment when it comes in. Carly returns to the penthouse later. Jason is there loading his gun. Carly asks if Sonny is there. Jason tells her he left a little while ago. She tells him she needs his help to get her out of the hole she is in. Jason tells her he can't do that when he doesn't understand her himself. He asks her why she went to see Alcazar when he told her to stay put in the penthouse since Sonny was coming home soon. Carly tells him she went there to say goodbye to Alcazar. Jason tells her to stay home and that he will help her tomorrow to fix things with Sonny. Brian and Capelli discuss the tip they got that Sonny was accepting a shipment near his warehouse that night and the plan is to ambush him and Jason along with Faith in the process who is going to be there to ambush Sonny and Jason herself. Capelli warns Brian to watch his back since things like that don't always turn out the way you plan them and that Jason will be ready for anything with his gun blazing. Brian gives Ric a call on his cell-phone on his way downstairs into Kelly's. He sees Courtney sitting at the counter and tells her to have a good night. Courtney gets suspicious of Brian's phone conversation and quietly follows him out at a distance. She overhears him telling Ric that they are planning to ambush Sonny and Jason and bring them both down this time. Meanwhile, Sonny goes onto the pier to get some fresh air and hits his hands into the metal area of the dock and makes them bleed. He takes off his wedding band and tosses it into the river. Sam finds him there. She tells him she thought about calling him to ask him to join her for a few drinks but remembered he was happily married. Sonny tells her he isn't happily married anymore and confides in her that he found Carly with Alcazar, the man he shot the night he took her hostage with her truck. She tells him she is sorry and that she had no right to give him the advice to take Carly back and forgive her. He tells her that she didn't say anything he didn't really want to hear or believe himself that night. Sam notices his hands are bleeding and tells him he should let her give him some first aid but he refuses. She takes his hands and tries to comfort him. They lock eyes and embrace. Sonny tells her he doesn't want anything romantic with her just sex. She tells him he doesn't need to explain and grabs him and kisses him passionately. They end up sleeping together in some hotel room. Carly holds baby Morgan and sings him a lullaby. She tells him that Sonny will come home and they will all be a family again soon. Courtney ends up showing up at the meeting place where the shipment arrives. She sees Jason and his men opening the shipment when Faith's men show up including Zander. The cops also show up to arrest Jason and Faith's men. Zander gives the o.k. for Faith's men to shoot at Jason and his men with the goal to kill Jason. The cops get caught up in the shootout. Courtney sees Brian going toward Jason. She leaves for a second and returns. Brian comes up behind Jason and points his gun at Jason. Jason turns around in surprise. Brian goes still and falls down and it is revealed that he has been shot in the back by none other than Courtney. Jason looks up at her in surprise. Alcazar visits Faith at Ferncliff. She tells him he should be thanking her for giving Carly those suggestions to go to him and leave Sonny. Alcazar tells her he isn't going to show his gratitude when she had Carly drugged and tortured like that and that he will retaliate against her in his own way. She tells him that she would never try to have him killed since she is fond of him. He tells her that her plan didn't work since Sonny won't be killing him and vice-versa. Faith tells him that right now hopefully Jason will be dead -- which will leave Sonny very vulnerable. She says that Carly will come to him for comfort.

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