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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 5, 2004 on GH
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Monday, January 5, 2004

Dillon tries to get through to Georgie yet again, but fails. Justus overhears their argument and tries to lend Dillon a hand. Citing familial examples, Justus tells Dillon to stick it out and not give up on Georgie. The two bond as quasi-normal members of the Quartermaine clan.

Sam and Sonny mildly annoy one another at the cabin, until Sam decides to go to bed. She attempts to sleep, but they continue to bicker and she angrily gets up to leave. Suddenly, she shrieks in pain as a scorpion bites her. Determined to not give up more of her treasure, she tries to leave, but is overcome by the toxins. Sonny begins to try to help her survive.

Emily discovers that Nikolas' family tattoo matches an insignia in Blackthorn's diary. The two conclude that Blackthorn must have been a Cassadine, and they begin to read his story. They discover a map has been removed from the back of the book, and discuss another potential treasure as Cody eavesdrops from the door. Cody returns to the grotto, where the hitman is waiting for him. Cody attempts to save himself with Nikolas and Emily's story of the map. Back at Wyndemere, Emily and Nikolas further imagine the life of Blackthorn and Constance Quartermaine, and decide to look at the grotto again for additional clues. As they open the secret passageway, Emily screams at the dead body hanging in it.

Unable to hold back, Alcazar kisses Carly. She pulls away and tells him that she doesn't want him. He refuses to believe her and says that she needs to stop fighting her feelings. Carly pushes away from him and leaves. Witnessing the entire encounter, but unable to hear their actual conversation, Jason angrily follows Carly back to the penthouse where he confronts her on having an affair with Alcazar. She denies an affair and agonizes over her inability to control her head and desires. Believing her, Jason tells her that she must admit what is going on to Sonny so that he can help her, and especially so that he doesn't find out another way. She refuses, and makes her case to Jason, who understands. Realizing that telling Sonny would be a bad idea after all, Jason agrees to not say anything, but decides to take matters into his own hands and go after Alcazar himself.

Courtney forgives Brian for trying to control her, but she admits that she isn't sure if she can deal with being friends with him. He gets her to agree to the dance that she owes him from Jake's, and they hesitantly enjoy each other until Brian kisses her, frightening them both. They pull away, with Courtney telling him that she isn't interested in anything more than a platonic relationship, and Brian feeling like he betrayed his dead wife. He apologizes to Courtney, and the two sit at a table and talk about their situations. Later, Liz and Courtney decide to mend fences. Having earlier mistaken Courtney and Brian as being more than acquaintances, Liz encourages her to move on with him. As they are talking, Ric goes outside of Kelly's to meet up with Brian, who he is secretly working with to take down Sonny and Jason.

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Jason kidnaps Alcazar and holds him in the panic room. Jason tells him that he'll never get to Carly again, but Alcazar merely baits Jason about Courtney. Jason attacks Alcazar, but leaves him alive for Sonny. After Jason leaves, Alcazar offers to pay the guard to tell Carly where he's being held.

Sage continues to pester Dillon at Kelly's, but he tells her that they are finished. Georgie walks in and Dillon is shocked to see that someone has sent her flowers. He overhears her tell Courtney that they are from her new boyfriend who she is about to meet on the docks. Dillon gets rid of Sage, and quickly takes the card to the flowers that Georgie has left behind. He follows her to the docks where he sees her on a bench kissing Maxie, who is made up to look like a guy. Thinking it's Georgie's new beau, Dillon is crushed. Dillon catches up to her back at Kelly's, and confronts her on her new man. Georgie tells him that Tom is honest and that he treats her well. Although he's sad, Dillon tells her that she deserves to be happy. Georgie runs into Maxie outside of the restaurant, and admits that she wants Dillon, but says she has to trust him first. She decides to turn her imaginary boyfriend into a real guy.

Carly continues to have pain and flashes of Alcazar. She goes to the Haunted Star to reflect on his kiss and try to get him out of her head. Faith begins to taunt her about her relationships with both Sonny and Alcazar, and Carly punches her. Sage comes upon Carly later, frantic about her missing uncle. Carly brushes her off, but returns to the penthouse to confront Jason on Alcazar's whereabouts. She warns him that she will never be able to resolve her issues with Alcazar if he's dead. They continue to fight, but Jason refuses to tell Carly where he's holding Alcazar.

Ric tells Brian to pump Courtney for information about Jason and Sonny. Brian points out that Courtney is very loyal, but Ric pushes him to do his job. Liz overhears them, and asks Ric if he's continuing his personal vendetta. Ric denies that he's doing anything more than his job as assistant DA, and Liz buys his lie. Later, Brian returns to Kelly's to work Courtney, and she falls for his act. She admits she might be ready to be more than mere acquaintances with him, and the two share a close moment. Jason walks in at this time, and promptly leaves upon seeing them together. Brian asks Courtney out for dinner, and she accepts.

At the casino, Liz asks Zander if he's reconsidering his approval of Ric raising his baby. He assures her that he is not ready to be a father, but later asks Alexis for legal advice on his rights should he want the child. Ric sees him with his lawyer, and doesn't think that things are settled.

Emily and Nikolas realize that the dead man hanging in the passageway is Cody. Nikolas goes to call the police, but Emily stops him when she tells him that he has a motive and will likely be seen as guilty of murder by the police. He calls the cops anyway, but they arrive after Emily has time to stash the diary. Brian questions Nikolas on his whereabouts when Cody was killed, and then implies that he is guilty. Nikolas claims it was likely Ben, the hitman, but he is unable to give any evidence. Once the police leave, Emily and Nikolas read more of Blackthorn's diary, to find potential clues for additional treasure. Just as they come across something, Lucky returns to tell them that the tests show that Cody was in fact murdered, and that Ric wants to see Nikolas for questioning.

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

As Jason brings dinner to Alcazar in the Panic Room, Jason blasts Lorenzo for his obsession with Carly, However, Lorenzo argues that, even if Jason and Sonny succeeded in killing him, Lorenzo will ALWAYS have a hold on Carly's heart! Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Carly remains haunted by memories of Lorenzo and confides to a sympathetic Courtney that Jason is holding Alcazar prisoner and Carly is afraid that Jason plans to murder Lorenzo. Courtney insists that she wants to help and Carly suggests that Courtney convince Jason that Killing Lorenzo will NOT solve the problems that have entangled their lives. Meanwhile, Jason suddenly declares that Lorenzo is free to go but must go through Jason first. Lorenzo philosophically observes that, if Carly could survive being held prisoner in the Panic Room, Alcazar will be able to survive as well. After Courtney leaves the Penthouse, an agitated Carly leaves a message on Sonny's phone but is interrupted when Sage tries to push her way past the guard and into the Penthouse with a gun. After Sage is disarmed, Sage warns Carly that Carly will be the one responsible if her Uncle Lorenzo dies on Sonny's orders. Carly sends the young woman away with the reminder that Lorenzo would NOT want his niece to be taking matters into her own hands. After Sage leaves, Carly drinks and continues to be haunted by memories of Lorenzo. Suddenly, Carly takes Sage's gun and goes out, alone, to search for Lorenzo.

At Wyndemere, Emily is thrilled when Nikolas returns from the Port Charles Police Department and declares that the police could not connect Nikolas with Cody's death in any way. Emily and Nikolas wonder WHY the police are NOT searching for Cody's larcenous fence, Ben, now that Cody is dead. Meanwhile, Ben makes plans to take a boat to Azure Key for a little treasure hunting. At the same time, Emily and Nikolas begin reading through the Pirate's Journal for clues to the treasure. Nikolas suddenly guesses that the treasure is at Blood Point, on the Azure Key.

On the Island, as Sonny tends to a feverish Samantha, Sam mistakes Sonny for Jax and proclaims her love for Jax. When Samantha begs "Jax" to keep her map safe, Sonny spots the map inside Samantha's trousers. But, when Sonny lifts the map, Sam suddenly regains consciousness and angrily grabs the map out of Sonny's hand. Sam accuses Sonny of trying to steal her map, but Sonny reminds Samantha that he actually BELIEVES that he owes Sam a favor because her testimony cleared him of a kidnapping charge ~ and Sonny would NOT have a reason to be stealing from Samantha. Nevertheless, Sam angrily orders Sonny to leave her alone! When Sonny returns, Sam declares that she burned the treasure map. Sonny warns Sam that anyone who wants the treasure will not have to grab Samantha instead of the map. As the two talk, Ben the Fence overhears Sonny's warning.

Aboard the Haunted Star, Liz hauls Zander away from Faith long enough to hand the legal documents to Zander to relinquish all paternity claims he might make on Liz's child. Liz is disappointed when Zander cooly announces that he wants to think about the matter before signing any documents. Meanwhile, Sage waylays Ric on his way to the Haunted Star and reports that her Uncle Lorenzo is missing and Sage believes that Sonny has Lorenzo stashed somewhere. Ric advises Sage that he will have to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person's report and Sage storms away. Sage then goes to Dillon and appeals to her bodyguard for his help in rescuing her uncle from Sonny. Dillon goes to Jason and tries to convince his cousin to release Sage's Uncle, but Jason coldly warns Dillon to stay out of it. Afterward, as Brian prepares to meet Courtney at Kelly's, Ric reminds Brian that Courtney is a means to an end ~ which is jailing Sonny and Jason! Ric alerts Brian to Sage's report that Lorenzo is missing and strongly suggests that Brian use his date with Courtney to pump Jason's estranged wife to find out what Courtney knows. Brian argues that he does NOT want Courtney to get suspicious, but Ric reminds Brian that, as soon as Jason is behind bars, Brian will have a clear field for a romance with the mobster's wife. Courtney is pleased when Brian arrives for their date and happily announces that she expects to enjoy a fun-filled evening with Brian. When Ric arrives aboard the haunted Star, Liz immediately reports to her husband that Zandere is now dragging his feet about signing the papers to relinquish paternity of Liz's child. When Ric finally gets a chance to take Zander aside, Zander coldly informs Ric that Zander would now be wiling to sign the papers ONLY in exchange for Ric pulling the right strings to make sure that Nikolas gets sent up the river for Cody's murder. Meanwhile, Courtney explains to Brian that she has had a hart time dealing with Jason's "business." Brian gently reminds Courtney that Carly would have been an accessory to Lorenzo's murder if Carly had NOT alerted the police about Sonny's murderous intent. However, Brian is disappointed when Courtney remains mum about Jason's current "job." After strolling on the deck, Brian suggests that Courtney accompany him for dinner. Courtney agrees, but, as Courtney leaves the deck, she drops her gloves. Later, as Faith and Zander stroll on the deck, Jason suddenly arrives aboard the haunted Star, accosts Faith and accuses Faith of beefing up her armed guards because she is planning a new ambush. Faith denies Jason's accusations and storms away. Before Jason can leave, Courtney returns for her glove and spots Jason. Courtney suddenly quizzes Jason about his prisoner. Later, as Emily and Nikolas make plans to leave Wyndemere to search for the treasure on Azure Key, they are shocked when Ric arrives with police officers and orders that Nikolas be arrested for Cody's murder. After Nikolas and Ric leave, Emily places a desperate call to Alexis. As she hangs up the phone, Emily is surprised when Zander suddenly arrives and announces that he can get Nikolas off the hook.

Lorenzo is thrilled when Carly suddenly walks in to the Panic Room.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Dillon tries to stop Sage from going to find Alcazar. She gets upset with him for not seeming to care whether her uncle could be dead or not. She calls him a loser and takes off. Ned overhears her yelling at Dillon and comes over to find out what is going on with him. Dillon tells him that his life is screwed up right now and doesn't know what to do about it. He tells Ned that he got involved with Alcazar's business when he should have listened to him. Ned tells Dillon to stay out of it and just be a teenager. He tells Dillon that Alcazar is a criminal and should let him shoot his way out of his own problems. Dillon agrees with him to let it go. Ned tells him to think about the one thing in life he wants most. Meanwhile, Georgie finds Maxie at G.H. and asks for her help. Maxie tells her she is not going to dress like a guy and let Georgie kiss her again. Georgie asks Maxie to help her find a cool guy to date. Maxie suggests she make one up using some program on the computer to come up with the dream boyfriend image. They pick out features on the computer. Dillon shows up at G.H. to talk to Georgie. Maxie makes an excuse to leave. Dillon admits to Georgie that he made a lot of mistakes in how he handled their relationship. He admitted that he should have listened to Georgie and stayed away from Alcazar and maybe he would have made better choices that way. Georgie understands what he means and starts to warm up to him again. Maxie shows up again and tells Georgie she got an email from her "new boyfriend" Tom and how great looking he is. Georgie tries to signal to Maxie to be quiet but Maxie doesn't see her signal and goes on about Tom thinking Georgie wants to make Dillon jealous. Dillon gets a little sad and tells Georgie that he has to go and walks away. Georgie tells Maxie that she and Dillon were starting to come closer together again until she interrupted. Maxie points out that Georgie got her wish and that Dillon looked jealous like she wanted him to and she should go after Dillon. Georgie tells her it is too late and that now she needs to find a real boyfriend now.

Nikolas is interrogated by Ric at police headquarters. Ric tries to get Nikolas to confess to killing Cody but he refuses to admit to anything. Nikolas tries to explain to Ric that he thinks Ben, the bookie killed Cody not him. Ric tells him there is no proof that Ben exists since Cody was a con-man and probably lied about owing money to this Ben guy. Ric gives Nikolas a glass of water. Nikolas' fingerprints get on the glass and Ric sneaks the glass into a plastic bag after finishing his questioning. Lucky comes over to Ric with a plastic bag containing a candlestick found near the scene of Cody's murder. Ric takes it and tells Lucky he will take care of it for him. He takes the glass and brings it with him to the lab. Lucky goes in to see Nikolas to warn him that the murder weapon was found and to watch out. Nikolas tells Lucky that he didn't kill Cody and that he feels like he is being set up since the police had no evidence before against him. Alexis walks in and tells Nikolas to stop talking to Lucky. She tells Nikolas that since Lucky is a cop whatever he says to him can be used against him. Lucky excuses himself after telling Alexis that he wouldn't do anything to hurt his brother's case. Alexis talks to Nikolas alone. She tells him that the evidence so far is just circumstantial but that Nikolas had a motive for killing Cody and that he had the opportunity and that could be incriminating for him. She tells him to not say anything more to Lucky or Ric. She also tells him that he can't prove this Ben guy exists since he never met him and only knows of his existence from Cody, who is dead. Meanwhile, Zander pays a visit to Emily and tells her that he can make the charges against Nikolas go away if she agrees to do owe Faith. Emily asks him how he has that much power to help Nikolas. Zander tells her that he has connections with Faith that can help make evidence disappear. Emily realizes that Zander is trying to get Nikolas thrown in jail for murder to get some revenge on her and Nikolas. She takes off for the police station. She asks Ric if she can see Nikolas. He tells her that Nikolas is talking to Alexis and that Alexis asked for no interruptions right now. Emily decides to wait and see him. Tracy shows up and acts all worried about something going on. Emily thinks she is worried about Nikolas being arrested. Tracy taunts her about having to have a jailhouse wedding if Nikolas gets convicted of murder. Emily defends Nikolas and tells Tracy he is innocent and will not go to prison for murder. Ric sees that Tracy is upsetting Emily and comes over to ask Tracy to leave Emily alone. Tracy agrees to leave the station. Emily asks Ric what evidence he has against Nikolas to keep him detained. Ric tells her that he has enough circumstantial evidence to hold him on murder charges. Emily gets upset with Ric and tells him he has no right to arrest anyone after what he did to Carly and Liz and lashes out at him. Liz walks into the police station and overhears Emily shouting at Ric and telling him she can't forgive him yet for what he put Liz through even if Liz has forgiven him. Liz comes over and asks Emily what she thinks she is doing yelling at Ric that way. Emily tells Liz that Ric had Nikolas arrested for murder and can't talk to her right now. Liz tells Ric that she is sorry about Emily and that she had no right to say those things to him. Ric defends Emily and tells her he understands how Emily feels right now and not to be angry with her. He tells Liz to go home and that he will be there awhile. The forensics on the candlestick arrive and Ric looks at the results. Emily goes in to see Nikolas. Nikolas tries to reassure her that there is no evidence the police will find to convict him with since he didn't do it. Lucky comes into the room and tells Nikolas that his fingerprints were found all over the murder weapon. Nikolas denies that he killed Cody and can't understand why his fingerprints could have been found. Lucky apologizes but tells him he has to bring him to lockup now. Ric goes outside and meets with Zander. He informs Zander that Nikolas' fingerprints were found all over the murder weapon and that now that he did his part he expects Zander to sign over paternal rights to Liz's baby in return. Zander tells Ric he will sign over his rights as soon as Nikolas is convicted of murder.

Carly shows up in the panic room to see Alcazar. He sees that she is holding his gun and asks if she is returning it to him so he can escape the room. She tells him she didn't come there to rescue him this time and points his gun at him. She tells him that he has ruined her life and that she can't get images of him out of her head and blames him. She tells him that Sage came to see her and pointed his gun at her and was going to shoot her to blame her for what happened to him. She tells him that she can't have him invading her thoughts anymore and that she needs to live her life with Sonny and her children. She tells Alcazar that he can either leave town permanently or she will have to kill him herself. He tells her that he loves her and that he gave her the space she needed to decide what she wanted. She tells him she doesn't want his kind of love and keeps the gun on him. Meanwhile, Jason and Courtney talk on the deck of the "Haunted Star" after running into each other. Courtney confronts him about holding Alcazar somewhere and planning to kill him for Sonny. She asks him if he will kill some guy she decides to date because he doesn't like him. He tells her that he wants her to be happy even if it isn't with him and that he would only hurt the guy she was seeing if he used or took bad advantage of her to hurt her. He told her he couldn't promise then not to hurt or kill the guy. She starts to cry because she doesn't know if she can move on right now with someone else since she still loves him. Brian comes out and sees her crying and jumps to the wrong conclusion. He asks Jason why he always makes Courtney cry anytime he sees them together. Jason doesn't respond to Brian and says goodbye to Courtney after checking to see if she is going to be alright. After Jason leaves Courtney defends him to Brian and says that Jason didn't make her cry because of what he said and that moving on with her life isn't as easy as she thought it would be. Brian takes her out to dinner and then home. Courtney tells Brian later that Jason doesn't lie to anyone and that he either says the truth or doesn't say anything at all. Later Sage runs into Jason on the pier and demands to know if he or Sonny killed her uncle. Jason guesses who she is and sees that Courtney is around the corner watching them. He assures Sage that to his knowledge Alcazar is still alive and offers to walk her home so she gets there safely. Jason finds Carly holding the gun on Alcazar in Ric's old panic room. He tells Carly not to shoot Alcazar and gets her to give him the gun slowly. He shuts Alcazar in the panic room while he escorts Carly out of the room. He reminds Carly that coming there and almost shooting Alcazar would not help her children or Sonny's lives if she was arrested or convicted of murder. He asks her if she came to kill Alcazar or to rescue him after she tells him that she gave Alcazar a choice to either leave town or be shot. Carly agrees to stay away from Alcazar and go home. While she is home she talks to Michael after he has a nightmare and calms him down. She tells him to think about happy thoughts not scary, creepy things to upset him. Later she has a drink and thinks about Alcazar again and dreams of a scenario where she kisses Alcazar passionately instead of shooting him.

Friday, January 9, 2004

Skye is working at the casino at one of the tables. Jax plays at her table. As they are talking Alan, Monica, and Edward show up. They approach Jax's table and accuse him of letting someone get away with something. Jax tells them he doesn't know what they are talking about. Edward accuses Jax of letting Sam steal the treasure that belongs to the Quartermaines and take off. Jax informs them that he had nothing to do with the treasure being stolen and that whatever Sam does isn't his problem anymore. Tracy sits by Jax. She makes a remark to Skye about her involvement in what is going on. Skye defends herself. After the Quartermaines leave Jax alone, Skye tells Jax that he is a liar by pretending he doesn't care what Sam has done. Meanwhile, Emily tells Nikolas about Zander's visit at Wyndemere and how he told her he could make the charges against Nikolas go away. Nikolas realizes that Zander is trying to keep manipulating her and making her feel guilty for dumping him. Emily tells him that she thinks he is being deliberately set up and that she doesn't trust Ric will give Nikolas a fair trial. Alexis comes to tell Nikolas that his bail hearing is going to happen later that day. Zander goes to see Cameron but sees Maxie in the hallway. They have a friendly conversation. Zander asks her a question about which kind of father would she prefer, someone who is a good person but is hiding something or someone is who does some bad things but is honest to them. Maxie isn't sure how to answer that question but tells him that from her own experience, her biological father is a good person but never had room for children in his life and chose his career and that Mac, who had no legal responsibility to take care of her and Georgie, changed his life to fit their needs. She tells him that she would prefer a father who wanted to be in their lives over someone who didn't. Alexis runs into Ric at the courthouse. She asks him why he is so determined to charge Nikolas with Cody's murder. He tells her that he has enough evidence to try Nikolas and that he is planning to ask the judge to deny bail to Nikolas. Alexis tells him that his behavior is suspicious to her and asks him if he has a hidden agenda concerning Nikolas. Ric tells her he doesn't. Alexis doesn't believe him. Later, Nikolas and Alexis come out of the courtroom. Nikolas thanks her for getting him bail despite how Ric strongly argued against it. Alexis tells him that she doesn't trust Ric's motives for pushing so hard for bail to be denied. Ric leaves the courtroom with an unhappy look on his face. He glares at Nikolas and Alexis as they are leaving. Ric comes around the corner as he is leaving the courthouse and runs into Zander. Zander tells him that he is disappointed in Ric for not getting Nikolas held without bail and threatens to end the deal they had. Ric tells him that he needs to be more patient and not to act without thinking first, which he points out Zander does all the time. Zander calms down and agrees to wait for Ric to get Nikolas convicted at trial. Nikolas runs into Zander at the courthouse. He grabs Zander and puts him in a head lock and threatens to kill him if he doesn't stay away from Emily. Ric witnesses the fight between them that makes Nikolas look violent. Emily goes to the casino to find Jax. She tells him about Cody's murder and how someone is setting up Nikolas for murder and how this Ben guy probably did it and took off to find Sam. Jax tells her that some guy pulled a gun on him on the docks before and that he could be that Ben guy who killed Cody. He agrees to help Emily by going to look for Ben. Emily thanks him and tells him about the book she found and that there is a mention of a map and a place where there is more treasure in Azure Keys. Tracy overhears the whole conversation about the treasure but hides in the corner of the deck. Emily takes off and Jax returns to the casino but stops first and tells Tracy that she is getting worse at eavesdropping. She tells him she was looking for her earring and didn't hear a thing. Jax pretends to escort her back into the casino but tells her they are going into this other room and talk privately first and maybe do something else in private. Tracy falls for it and goes into the room first, which turns out to be a storage closet. Jax shuts the door on her and padlocks the door. He takes off and leaves her there trapped. At Azure Keys, Sam has recovered from her fever and packs her stuff up to leave. Sonny informs her that it isn't safe for her to go out on her own. She reminds him that she has been on her own for many years and can take care of herself. Sonny offers to go with her to find the treasure and then she can go back on the plane with him. She thanks him and looks as if she is going to take him up on his offer. Ben overhears their conversation. Sonny makes a phone call to his pilot and when he gets off the phone he sees that Sam disappeared. He curses and goes off after her when he sees the rain storm is getting worse. Sam returns to the cabin to find Sonny gone. Ben comes up behind her and points a gun to her head. He orders her to give him the map. She tells him she doesn't know what he is talking about. He sees her duffle bag and guesses it is the treasure from Port Charles. He tells her to give him the map or he will kill her. Sam refuses to tell him where the map is. He grabs her roughly and throws her on the bed. He lays on top of her and tells her he will strip her clothes off to find the map if he has to. Sam tries to fight him but he overpowers her on the bed. Ben is about to kill Sam but Sonny comes up behind Ben after he hears her screams. He points a gun to Ben's head. Ben refuses to put his gun down and get off of Sam. Sonny refuses to put down his gun and they end up in a stand-off. Ben grabs Sam and pulls her off the bed with him. He keeps the gun near her head and tells Sonny to put down his gun or he will shoot her. Sonny refuses to put down his gun. Ben decides to take Sam and the treasure with him and keeps her close to him. Sam distracts Ben and makes a move to get away from him. Sam fall to the floor. Ben goes to shoot Sonny but Sonny shoots him first and ends up killing him. Sonny picks Sam off the floor and hugs her to make sure she is alright. Jax walks into the little cabin and sees them in their embrace. Back in Port Charles, Carly can't take seeing anymore erotic visions of her and Alcazar and goes to see Cameron for help. She confides in him about the erotic images she has of Alcazar and how she could never tell Sonny about them since Alcazar is his worse enemy. She asks Cameron if there are any drugs out there that could help her stop having these erotic fantasies. Cameron tells her that there isn't some magic pill to stop them and that what she is suffering from is her brain's way of reconnecting her thoughts with her feelings and suggests she go into therapy. She reluctantly agrees to go to therapy. Carly goes home but still can't get Alcazar out of her head. She goes to Ric's old house and picks up the remote that opens the panic room. She feels horrible for considering what she plans to do. She opens up the panic room. She finds Alcazar laying on a cot and sleeping. She watches him and is about to leave when he asks her to stay. She comes over and tells him that she went to see her doctor for help and that he told her that the images she is having of him will go away eventually and that the images she is having of him don't mean she is in love with him. Alcazar tells her that he loves her. Carly tells him about her erotic dreams of him and how she doesn't want to have them and that she is suppose to love her husband not him. He tells her that if she wants to leave and hate him for the rest of her life he will accept that. She tells him the problem is that she can't hate him even though it would be easier if she did. She approaches him and kisses him.

Later, Skye calls Justus to come over right away to the casino and that it is urgent. He runs right over. She tells him that she wants to hire him to look into getting a contract made up to protect Luke's owning rights to the casino and mentions that Luke has a silent partner she doesn't trust and that because Luke isn't in town, the silent partner may try to take over ownership of the casino without him. Justus agrees to help her and asks who the silent partner is. Faith comes over and tells him she is. Justus turns around and goes still. Faith isn't too happy to see Justus either. Skye gets the impression that they know each other already. Justus confirms they know each other. Faith makes a remark about their past being anything but pleasant. Later on the pier, Justus is approached by Faith, who pulls a gun on him.

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