General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 24, 2003 on GH

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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 24, 2003 on GH
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Monday, March 24, 2003

Courtney tried to encourage her tearful sister-in-law to believe that things would work out, but Carly sadly insisted that Sonny would never forgive her for getting impregnated by another man. Entrenched in the role of doting dad, Ned gave his impressed nanny detailed instructions for Kristina's care. Edward issued a stern warning to Faith.

Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Sonny ordered Ric to prove his loyalty by rubbing Faith out. After Ric turned him down, Sonny surprised the attorney by suddenly offering to put him on retainer at long last. Monica smelled a rat when she found Alan and A.J. being unnaturally civil to one another. Courtney advised Carly to be honest with Sonny before any more time passed.

As Faith lured Ned out to the Elm Street pier, Edward and his minions made their move. Lucky sheepishly admitted to Luke why he had given sole guardianship of Laura to Nikolas. Outraged, Luke accused Lucky of selling his mother out to a Cassadine. A.J. slipped into the gatehouse and started a fire in the nursery then made a highly public rescue of little Kristina.

Steeling herself to face Sonny, Carly returned home to make a confession but couldn't get herself to do it when her husband began talking of his hopes and dreams for his long-awaited child. Edward's scheme backfired when a panicked Ned raced into the burning gatehouse to search for Kristina and got pinned down by falling debris.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Pressuring his sister to give Jason up, Sonny told Courtney that her stubborn behavior was putting his unborn child at risk. Carly warned Ric she'd see to it that he was destroyed if he lifted a finger to hurt the people she loved. Horrified to see a TV news report about the fire at the Quartermaine estate, Alexis raced to the scene.

Meanwhile, Zander dashed into the burning gatehouse and pulled an unconscious Ned to safety. Inside the mansion, Monica smelled another rat when Alan refused to let anyone examine baby Kristina for signs of smoke inhalation. When Jason returned home, Sonny accused his former right hand man of trashing his life for a girl who didn't know any better.

News coverage of the fire stirred up some bad memories for Lucky and Liz. As Alexis defied the restraining order to see her daughter, Scott arrived on Edward's cue. Later, a camera crew broadcasted live the gory details of Alexis' confrontation with Ned in the ER. Sonny had a nightmare about Carly losing the baby. Faith demonstrated her power to Jason and had her sniper fire a shot at an unsuspecting Courtney.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Sonny suffered a nightmare in which a mystery person pushed Carly down a flight of stairs. Meanwhile, threatened over the phone, Jason was quick to push Courtney to safety after Faith leaked that a sniper was about to take out his girlfriend. Determined to keep Courtney safe, Jason insisted that she go with him to the penthouse.

Sonny was upset when he found Courtney moving in with his ex-henchman until Jason revealed that he'd had to act fast to save Courtney's life. The two compared notes to try to solve the problem but ended up fighting again when Sonny insisted the best solution was for Jason to stop dating Courtney.

Ric was pleased to find Sonny and Jason still upset with each other. Sonny continued to have a sense of dread that he'd lose someone he loved.

Skye unearthed Edward's secret plan to win custody of Kristina after she overheard him on the phone with a friendly judge. She approached Edward for a deal, but he rebuffed her. She ran to A.J. and demanded a share of the "spoils," but he wanted nothing to do with her.

Alexis demanded that Scott arrest Ned for neglect. Later, Alexis apologized to Ned. Both were stunned when the judge arrived and granted custody of the baby to the Quartermaines. Later, Monica confronted A.J., Edward, and Alan about their scheme.

Suspecting the fire had been started deliberately, Gia and Zander took their theory to Cameron, who asked Gia to go undercover to try to find some of Scott's misdeeds. Ned began to suspect Edward was up to something.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Ric suggested to a bristling Courtney that she take a leave of absence from her hostess job at the Cellar. Maxie turned a deaf ear to her kid sister's words of warning when Georgie reminded her that having casual sex with Kyle was absolutely the wrong way to get in with the cool crowd.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Skye taunted Edward, Alan, and A.J. about their latest boneheaded scheme. Jason assured a worried Carly that he had been secretly protecting Sonny's business from all the wrong decisions handed down from the top in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, Courtney was forced to resort to threats when an out-of-control Sonny caused a scene inside Kelly's. Jax warned Edward and his clan that he'd soon have proof of the way they'd stolen little Kristina from Alexis and Ned. Later, Monica decided to give Judge Farmer an earful about her family.

Lucas realized too late how Maxie had used him to get closer to Kyle. Georgie crashed the party and again tried to talk some sense into her sister, but Maxie icily ordered her to leave. Sonny clashed with Jax at the Cellar. After Jason intervened, Sonny furiously challenged his former friend to a fight.

Friday, March 28, 2003

At the Cellar, Sonny continued to taunt Jason, who again refused to fight him. As Carly finally pulled her husband away, Sonny warned Jason he was nothing to Sonny. Lucas returned to the party to look for Maxie. Meanwhile, up in the bedroom, Kyle reached for a condom, but Maxie tearfully insisted she was not ready.

Cuddling little Kristina, Monica had a change of heart and told the judge she applauded her decision to install the baby at the Quartermaine mansion. Out on the patio, an enraged Ned berated Edward, Alan, and A.J. for stealing his daughter and torching his home. Fleeing back down to the party, Maxie's evening got even worse when a disgusted Lucas called her a lying slut. Later, Maxie was humiliated to overhear Kyle bragging to his buddies about how she had put out for him.

Liz cautioned Ric that he could soon find himself in the same situation as Jason if Sonny continued to spin out of control. Alexis went to the penthouse to ask Sonny for help retrieving her daughter, but he refused to forgive her earlier betrayal. Though Georgie tried to console her sobbing sister, Maxie bitterly accused Georgie of ruining her life. Ned filled Alexis in on how his manipulative family had set them up. Sonny sadly admitted to Carly how he feared hurting her during one of his blind rages.

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