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Charlotte Cassadine
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Actor History
Scarlett Fernandez
September 21, 2016 (in a photograph); October 13, 2016 to Present [recurring]

Born off-screen on May 5, 2009, via surrogate Claudette Beaulieu [birth certificate shown on Dec 8, 2016]

Nina Reeves mentioned that Charlotte was 15 in a conversation with Sonny Corinthos [Sep 29, 2023]

Other Names

Ma Petite (nickname given by Valentin Cassadine)

Charlotte West

Genevieve LeBlanc

Charlotte Boland

Charlotte Beaulieu




Formerly L'Académie Oddette (9 rue de l'Académie, 27322 Reconvilier, Switzerland)

Formerly Wyndemere Castle (Spoon Island, Port Charles, New York)

Formerly Canada

Formerly Manhattan, New York

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Never Been Married


Valentin Cassadine (father)

Lulu Falconeri (mother)

Mikkos Cassadine (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Unnamed woman (paternal grandmother)

Luke Spencer (maternal grandfather)

Laura Webber (maternal grandmother)

Ivan Cassadine (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Tim Spencer (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Lena Spencer (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Gordon Grey (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Lesley Webber (maternal great-grandmother)

Rick Webber (maternal great-grandfather via adoption; deceased)

Stavros Cassadine (paternal uncle; deceased)

Stefan Cassadine (paternal uncle; deceased)

Rocco Falconeri (maternal brother)

Alexis Davis (paternal aunt)

Kristina Cassadine (paternal aunt)

Lucky Spencer (maternal uncle)

Ethan Lovett (maternal uncle)

Nikolas Cassadine (maternal uncle; paternal cousin; deceased)

Victor Cassadine (paternal great-uncle; deceased)

Patricia Spencer (maternal great-aunt; deceased)

Bobbie Spencer (maternal great-aunt)

Amy Vining (maternal great-aunt; deceased)

Rick Webber, Jr. (maternal great-uncle via adoption)

Mike Webber (maternal great-uncle via adoption)

Anthony "Tony" Cassadine (paternal great-uncle; deceased)

Sophia Cassadine-Davidovitch (paternal great-aunt; deceased)

Irina Cassadine (paternal great-great-aunt; deceased)

Ruby Anderson (maternal great-great-aunt; deceased)

Samantha McCall (paternal cousin)

Kristina Corinthos-Davis (paternal cousin)

Molly Lansing-Davis (paternal cousin)

Aiden Webber (maternal cousin)

Spencer Cassadine (paternal second cousin)

Lila McCall (paternal second cousin; deceased)

Daniel Edward Morgan (paternal second cousin)

Emily Scout Cain (paternal second cousin)

Valerie Spencer (maternal second cousin)

B.J. Jones (maternal second cousin; deceased)

Lucas Jones (maternal second cousin via adoption)

Anya Cassadine (19th century ancestor; deceased)

Nikolai Cassadine (19th century ancestor; deceased)

Nikolas Cassadine (I) (19th century ancestor; deceased)

Stanislaus Cassadine (19th century ancestor; deceased)

Katya Cassadine (early 20th century ancestor; deceased)



Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Bullied Aiden Webber

Health and Vitals

Delivered via a surrogate at Methodist Hospital, Manhattan, New York by Dr. Charles Bellamy [revealed Dec 8, 2016]

Brief Character History

Charlotte Cassadine was conceived in an unconventional manner. Her mother, Lulu Falconeri had been kidnapped by Charlotte's uncle, Stavros Cassadine. He drugged Lulu, held her captive, and harvested her eggs with the intention of fertilizing one to give himself a new heir. However, Stavros' mother, Helena Cassadine, discovered that her son was sterile, so she had reached out to his infamous Valentin for assistance. Valentin was the illegitimate son of Helena's dead husband, Mikkos. Valentin was one of the few people to actually inspire genuine fear in Helena. Helena was confident that she could use the IVF process with Valentin then pass the child off as Stavros' child.

According to Valentin, he had turned Helena down, so Helena sent a woman named Daphne to seduce Valentin, and to collect what was needed to complete the IVF process. The mission had been a success, but Valentin had gotten wind of Helena's plans.

In July 2016, a woman named Claudette Beaulieu arrived in Port Charles claiming that she'd given birth to Detective Nathan West's daughter shortly after Claudette and Nathan had ended their marriage. Nathan had his suspicions because he had divorced Claudette when he had caught her in bed with their parish priest, Griffin Munroe. Claudette provided Nathan with a lock of Charlotte's hair for testing. Later, a paternity test confirmed Claudette's claim, and Nathan demanded to see his daughter.

Claudette insisted that it wasn't easy because her daughter was in hiding to protect Charlotte and Claudette from a man named Valentin Cassadine. Claudette claimed that she'd had an affair with the man, and things had ended badly. According to Claudette, Valentin had threatened both Claudette and Charlotte. Nathan was a police officer, so he wasn't intimidated by any threat that Valentin might pose to him. Nathan was determined to protect his child.

Claudette brought Charlotte to Port Charles to meet Nathan, but Nathan's fiancé hadn't trusted Claudette's tale of woe, so Maxie Jones had secretly had another DNA test done. The test had excluded Nathan as Charlotte's father. Claudette tearfully admitted that she had lied because she had thought that a detective would be better able to protect her daughter from Valentin than a priest. However, that too was a lie. Griffin was not Charlotte's father.

During this time, Lulu Falconeri and her husband, Dante, had decided to expand their family. However, Lulu was no longer fertile, so she had decided to track down the frozen embryo that Stavros had created with her harvest eggs during her captivity. It had been a difficult decision to make because Stavros had terrorized both Lulu and her mother, Laura Webber. Laura had been forced into marriage with Stavros, and she'd given birth to his son, Nikolas.

Unfortunately, Lulu hit several roadblocks that had made her lose hope of finding the child that she longed for. That changed on December 6, 2016 when she heard Charlotte's voice.

Charlotte had taken the news in stride that Nathan then Griffin was her father, and she had enjoyed spending time with Griffin until Valentin had arrived in town. Claudette had vanished on the same day, so Valentin had stepped up to assert his parental rights over Charlotte. To everyone's surprise, Charlotte knew Valentin as the only "Papa" she had ever known. Additionally, he had a birth certificate to prove that he was Charlotte's father.

Valentin had raised Charlotte with Claudette until Claudette had taken off with the young girl. In November, Valentin petitioned for sole physical custody of Charlotte, and he won because a DNA test had confirmed that he was Charlotte's father. However, at the hospital's annual children's Christmas party, Lulu had an encounter with Charlotte that had left her curious about Charlotte's origins. Lulu had felt an instant connection with Charlotte, and it had made her wonder if perhaps Helena had picked Claudette rather than Daphne to carry the embryo that Stavros had created.

Lulu shared her suspicions with her husband, but Dante pointed out that a DNA test had confirmed that Valentin was Charlotte's father. Lulu pointed out that perhaps there had been a DNA match because Stavros and Valentin were brothers. Certain that Valentin had kidnapped her daughter, Lulu enlisted the help of her best friend, Maxie, to break into the office of the doctor who had delivered Charlotte. Lulu wanted to see Claudette's medical records.

As Lulu had suspected, records showed that Claudette was not Charlotte's birth mother; she had been Charlotte's gestational host. However, Lulu and Maxie had been caught by Dr. Bellamy, and ee detained them until Valentin arrived.

Valentin confirmed that he and Lulu were Charlotte's parents, but he had delayed telling Lulu until he had secured custody of Charlotte. Lulu was livid, especially since Valentin had been playing house with his girlfriend, Nina Clay, and Charlotte. Additionally, Charlotte had been raised to believe that Claudette had been her mother.

Dante and Lulu sued for custody, but things did not go a smoothly as they had hoped. Valentin and Nina had gotten married, and they used every opportunity to undermine Lulu's relationship with Charlotte. Charlotte was upset when she had learned the truth, and she did not like Lulu. Charlotte preferred to spend her time with Nina and Valentin, so the judge settled on a strict scheduled visitation schedule. In time, that was relaxed as Lulu proved herself to be a good parent to her daughter.

In time, Charlotte grew to love her mother. She was also happy to learn that she had a brother, Rocco. Charlotte and Rocco grew close, and Charlotte enjoyed spending time with her stepfather, Dante. Lulu and Valentin were careful not to let their animosity toward each other affect their daughter, but things remained tense between Nina and Lulu. Nina and Lulu had different ideas about how to raise children.

Nina enjoyed taking Charlotte to New York City for shows and ballets, talking about fashion, and going horseback riding. Lulu preferred family game nights, baking and cooking with the kids, and spending time in the park. By early 2019, Lulu and Nina had reached an agreement to respect each other's role in Charlotte's life because they each recognized that the other loved Charlotte and only had the best of intentions. They were always careful to keep any disagreements away from Charlotte. Lulu and Valentin had also reached an uneasy truce, but neither trusted the other.

Charlotte was an intelligent child who spoke French and English, loved riding horses, and spending time with both sides of her family. Therefore, it was a bit of a shock in October 2018 when Charlotte's teacher expressed concern about Charlotte's treatment of another student. Willow Tait had seen signs of bullying. Nina refused to believe that Charlotte had done anything wrong, so she blamed the teacher for misreading things. Lulu didn't discount what the teacher had told them, but she didn't know the details and therefore could do little more than have a heart-to-heart with Charlotte about how to treat others.

On January 17, 2019, Willow alerted Lulu, Valentin, and Nina that Charlotte had been caught cheating on a test. Nina refused to believe it, but Willow explained that "Kenda" had consistently gotten A's, while Charlotte had not. Additionally, both girls gotten the same questions wrong on the test. Willow was certain that there hadn't been any malicious intent on Charlotte's part, and she offered to tutor Charlotte, but Nina insisted that the other girl had cheated off of Charlotte.

Valentin rarely stepped between Nina and Lulu, except to occasionally back up Nina. When Nina wanted to brush the incident under the carpet, while Lulu opted to hold her daughter accountable, Valentin sided with Lulu.

Around this time, Laura Webber had figured out who Charlotte had been bullying -- Aiden Webber. When the adults confronted Charlotte about her treatment of her cousin, Charlotte turned it around on Aiden by claiming that she'd just been trying to help him be less strange. Valentin was disappointed by his daughter's view of someone who was different, since he'd been born with severe deformities that had held him back until he'd undergone corrective surgery. Lulu warned both Valentin and Nina that they were both contributing to Charlotte's entitled ways.

Nina viewed it as empowering Charlotte, while Valentin appeared to concede that Lulu had a point.

Aiden wasn't the only cousin that Charlotte had a rocky relationship with. She and Spencer despised each other. He resented her for being the daughter of the man that had murdered his father then stole Spencer's rightful place as the Cassadine heir, and Charlotte refused to let Spencer push her around. The cousins often traded words and issued threats, making it clear that there was no love lost between them.

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