General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 19, 2016 on GH

General Hospital closed its doors. Julian was acquitted. Loved ones gathered for Sabrina's funeral. Joe left town with Teddy. Paul blurted out that he had killed Sabrina. Claudette told Nathan that they had a daughter.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 19, 2016 on GH
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Circumstantial at Best Circumstantial at Best

Monday, September 19, 2016

Griffin approached Claudette at Kelly's, and she was surprised that he'd shown up. He sat down and immediately asked what her agenda was. She went on a tangent about how he wanted to save everyone but wondered if he could save himself as well. He was offended by the comment and got up to leave. She begged him for a do-over. He demanded to know why she'd wanted to meet and why she was inserting herself into Maxie and Nathan's lives. She told him to sit so she could answer.

Griffin wondered what was going on with Claudette and offered his help should she need it. He only wanted the truth in return. She promised to let him in on her agenda, but first she wanted him to admit that he had a "God complex." He replied that he didn't think he was God, but he wanted to help people. She told him that the only way he could help her was to tell her that she still had a chance with him. He answered that they couldn't be together because of all the pain they caused together. He only wanted to move on.

Griffin continued that Claudette had meant something to him "once a long time ago," but if she still had feelings for him, she should honor his request to leave Maxie and Nathan alone. He advised her to "let it go, or better yet, leave town." Griffin's phone went off, and it was about an "emergency meeting" at the hospital. As he got up to leave, he urged her to prove him right about her not being a bad person. He advised her to tell him what was going on or to go home. As he left, she yelled out that she would consider it.

Maxie dug through the mess on her desk, frantically looking for her wedding binder. She was surprised when Nathan arrived. Nina burst from her office and invited them both in. She discussed with the confused couple her plans for the magazine photo shoot of their wedding. Nina explained that the magazine had to cover the wedding of one of their own. As Nina showed Maxie some of her ideas, Spinelli entered the office, asking for a moment with Maxie.

When Maxie and Spinelli were gone, Nina wondered if Nathan was okay with Spinelli just taking Maxie away like that. Nathan reasoned that Spinelli would always be a part of their lives. Changing the subject, Nina asked Nathan for his opinions about his wedding, but he had none. While going through her wedding books, Nathan stumbled upon a book of baby names. She assured him that she had given up on "actively" trying to get a baby. "If one ends up on my doorstep, I won't give it back," she added. She advised him to worry about his marriage instead of her. She looked longingly at the book of baby names.

Outside Nina's office, Spinelli wanted to discuss with Maxie the reason other than Sam and Jason's wedding that he was in town. He divulged that he'd dug into Claudette's past, but Maxie stopped him. She updated him on Claudette's past with Griffin. Spinelli insisted that she would want to hear what he'd found. He confided that he'd found absolutely nothing.

Maxie raved about the "great news" that Claudette had done "nothing heinous, nasty, or insanely wrong" after divorcing Nathan. Spinelli interjected that someone had deliberately "erased her from the Internet." Getting the picture, Maxie wondered who would want to do that and why. Spinelli was trying to find that out, and Maxie suggested that Nathan help Spinelli. However, he wanted the investigation kept between him and Maxie.

Maxie didn't want to keep a secret from Nathan, but Spinelli didn't think Nathan would be thrilled about Spinelli investigating Nathan's ex-wife. Just then, Nathan emerged from Nina's office. Maxie immediately told him the results that Spinelli's investigation has yielded, much to Spinelli's chagrin. Nathan promised to talk to Maxie about it later because he had to go to work. As he got in the elevator, his phone rang, and he answered it to Claudette. "There's something I need to tell you," she said.

A shocked Carly asked Michael how Sabrina had died. He informed her that Sabrina had been strangled, most likely by the hospital killer. She tried to embrace him, but he pushed her away. Nelle watched as Carly apologized for the things she'd said about Sabrina and expressed how terrible she felt. He shot back that Carly was probably relieved that her problem had been solved. Carly argued that she would have loved Sabrina because Michael did. "It's easy to say when you don't have to prove it," he said, and he demanded that Carly "stay the hell away from me."

After Michael stormed out, Carly informed a sympathetic Nelle that it wasn't the first time Michael had lost someone he loved. She knew that she needed to wait for Michael to return to her, since he was stubborn like her. Luckily, she thought that there was something she could do for him.

At the park near Metro Court, Michael sat with Teddy and assured the baby that Sabrina would always love her son. Nelle approached, and Michael caught sight of her. She sat, and Michael told her about how much Sabrina had loved taking Teddy to the park. Nelle informed Michael that Carly had regretted her words about Sabrina before Michael had even told Carly the news of Sabrina's death.

Michael wondered how he was supposed to make things better for Teddy. Nelle offered that, as someone who hadn't had good parents, Teddy was lucky to have had his "awesome mother" as long as he had. Michael asked for a minute alone, so Nelle left.

Michael told Teddy that, as time passed, Teddy's memories of Sabrina would fade, and he would stop looking and listening for her. However, he thought that Sabrina would return to Teddy in his dreams, and the feelings of love and safety she'd given him would always be with him. "Love doesn't die. She loved you more than anything," he concluded.

The judge asked Alexis to step down, and she unsteadily exited the witness stand. Julian was there to catch her as she passed out. Sam took over for Julian and advised him to get away from Alexis. The judge granted a five-minute recess, and Scott immediately commended Julian for his "concerned husband" act. Julian insisted that it wasn't an act.

Sam walked Alexis into the hallway for some air. Alexis wasn't sure what had happened, but her legs had gone out from under her. Sam wanted to take her mother home, but Alexis refused to "run." Julian wanted to make sure that Alexis was all right, but Scott warned him not to mess anything up.

Sonny urged Paul to put him on the stand in order to clean up the mess of a case. Paul refused, but Sonny reminded him that Sonny was the only witness to Julian's attempted murder of Alexis. Paul warned Sonny that Scott would try to do discredit Sonny. "Let him try," Sonny said smugly.

A short while later, court was back in session, and Paul called Sonny as the next witness. Sonny swaggered to the witness stand and, at Paul's prompting, told his story of the night that Julian had tried to kill Alexis. When Sonny claimed that he had been the one to stab Julian with the dagger, Scott asked Julian who had actually stabbed him. Julian thought for a moment and falsely confirmed that Sonny had stabbed him.

Scott asked Sonny about his gun and his business. Scott thought it was strange for Sonny to have a licensed gun for work as a coffee importer. Scott informed the court that Sonny had been convicted for shooting and killing A.J. Quartermaine. Sonny reminded Scott that the governor had pardoned him.

Scott then asked Sonny about injuries sustained that night. Sonny revealed that his brand new sports coat had been messed up but subsequently fixed, and Alexis had been in shock and had suffered a small cut on her neck from the dagger. Scott observed that the only serious injury sustained had been by the man on trial.

Carly entered the courtroom just as Sonny stepped off the witness stand. Paul called his next witness, Sabrina Santiago. Carly announced to the court that Sabrina had been murdered earlier in the day. Sonny asked about Michael. Carly replied that Michael wasn't doing well, especially since he'd been there when Sabrina had been found. The two left to find Michael.

A short while later, Carly returned to the Metro Court and thanked Nelle for talking to Michael. Carly knew that Michael would "come around sooner or later," especially since he'd been far angrier with her before. She knew that the person Michael needed most would be with him soon.

Michael knew that Teddy missed Sabrina, and Michael agreed that he did as well. Just then, Michael felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned and saw Sonny. Sonny wondered how Michael was doing. "She's gone, dad," Michael said tearfully.

At the courthouse, Alexis begged Paul to call her back to the witness stand so she could fix things. Paul refused and again called Sabrina. He revealed that she'd been deposed prior to the trial. Scott objected on the grounds that he couldn't cross-examine her, and the judge agreed, throwing Sabrina's testimony out. Paul had no more witnesses to call, and Scott had none either. They moved to the closing arguments.

Paul recapped that Alexis had worn a wire to record Julian's confession to killing Carlos. The cops monitoring the wire had lost contact with Alexis, who had subsequently been taken to the pier, where Julian had held a dagger to her throat. Paul believed that Julian's guilt was obvious.

Scott believed that the evidence against Julian was "circumstantial at best." He reminded the jury that in America, people were innocent until proven guilty, and Paul had proven nothing. The judge instructed the jury to "render an appropriate verdict...with care" and adjourned.

Julian asked Scott how he thought the trial had gone, and Scott was optimistic. Sam approached Julian and slapped him hard across the face. "You disgust me," she said. "I hope you spend every day of the rest of your life wondering who's gonna hold a dagger to your throat," she finished and turned to leave.

"He's gonna walk, isn't he?" Alexis asked Paul, who told her that Julian's fate was in the hands of the jury. Sam had faith that, "one way or another," Julian would get what he deserved. Everyone watched as Julian was led away in handcuffs.

Julian is acquitted

Julian is acquitted

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At Metro Court, Nathan stopped by Claudette's hotel room. Claudette opened the door and thanked him for agreeing to see her. She offered to fetch him a dink and started to reminisce, but he remained standing in the hallway and informed her that he hadn't stopped by to take a stroll down memory lane. Claudette apologized and reminded Nathan that she had a tendency to get chatty when she was nervous, but he threatened to leave if she didn't get to the point. Claudette panicked and blurted out that she was in trouble.

Claudette assured Nathan that it wasn't her fault and explained that after their divorce, she'd gotten involved with a dangerous man. Claudette revealed that she'd been forced to go into hiding and live off the grid for years because things had ended badly. Nathan believed her because Maxie hadn't found any trace of Claudette on the Internet for the time after the divorce. Claudette was surprised that Maxie had hired a private investigator to look into her past, but Nathan refused to talk about Maxie. He questioned Claudette about her ex, but she would only tell him that the man was in prison.

"A cop, a priest, and a crook?" Nathan asked. Nathan admitted that Claudette had hit "quite the trifecta" with relationships, but she was not amused because her ex had been tracking her from jail. Claudette claimed that she had remained in hiding until she'd seen Nathan's engagement picture online and had realized that he might be able to help. Nathan pointed out that she had arrived in Port Charles under false pretenses, but she explained that she had thought he'd be more apt to help if they were romantically involved. Claudette rushed to add that she had genuinely been drawn to Nathan because she'd been reminded of all his wonderful qualities that she had admired.

Nathan warned Claudette to stop spinning the same lies because he hadn't forgotten about her affair with Griffin. Claudette promised that she hadn't known that Griffin lived in Port Charles, but she conceded that some of her old feelings for her ex-lover had resurfaced. Nathan reminded Claudette that she had said the same thing about him, but she admitted that it was different because she'd never processed her feelings for Griffin or the guilt she felt for what she had done. However, Claudette insisted that Griffin wasn't the issue -- she needed Nathan's help.

Nathan refused to help Claudette because all she had ever done was lie and cheat on him. He started to leave, but she pleaded with him to hear her out. Nathan made it clear that he would not let her ruin his life again. Desperate, Claudette begged him to do it "for us." Stunned, Nathan accused her of being crazy because there was no "us." Claudette clarified that she'd been referring to her and her daughter.

In the park, Griffin wrapped up a phone call as Scott walked up and sat on a bench. Scott was on the phone with a reporter, promising that Julian would be acquitted. Griffin listened in stunned disbelief until Scott ended the call. After Scott put his phone away, Griffin questioned Scott about the trial, but Scott was curious why it mattered to him. Griffin introduced himself and revealed that he was Duke Lavery's son.

Scott admitted that he hadn't realized that Duke had had a son, but Griffin wanted an answer. Scott explained that he worked for Julian and urged Griffin talk to Sonny, Alexis, or Paul. Moments later, Scott received a text message.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis tried to calm her nerves with a hot cup of coffee, but Olivia marched up and angrily demanded to know what had happened in court. Embarrassed, Alexis asked Olivia to keep her voice down and sit, but Olivia was furious because she'd seen the footage of Alexis online. Olivia was certain that Alexis had been drunk, but Alexis insisted that she'd only had one glass of wine at lunch. Olivia argued that Alexis' speech had been slurred, she hadn't been able to speak in complete sentences, and she'd failed to answer Paul's questions even when he'd practically testified for Alexis.

Alexis assured Olivia that she was perfectly aware of how it had looked, but she reminded Olivia that Julian's confession had also been tossed out on a technicality. The anger leeched out of Olivia as she sat down and asked about the unexpected development. Alexis admitted that she had no idea what had happened to her during the testimony because she had felt as if she had been watching the proceedings from above. Alexis explained that she hadn't been able to comprehend Paul's words or form her own, and everything had seemed in slow motion. Alexis added that it had been a nightmare, and she had no idea what had caused it. Olivia reminded Alexis that an acquittal meant that Julian could never be tried for the crimes again because double jeopardy would apply.

Olivia feared that Julian would fight for visitation with Leo and show up on Alexis' doorstep to try to win her back. Alexis doubted Julian would, but Olivia insisted that Julian was a man without boundaries, limits, or anything resembling character and ethics. Olivia warned Alexis that Julian didn't care about the lives he ruined because he was only interested in what he wanted. The conversation was cut short when Alexis received a text message.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Carly was relieved when she saw Sonny approach because she was eager for an update on Michael. Sonny told her that Michael would continue to stay with the Quartermaines. Carly thought it was for the best because she knew that Michael would want to be close to Teddy. Carly also conceded that she didn't blame Michael for being mad at her, but Sonny knew that she had never wished harm on Sabrina. Sonny couldn't imagine who could have been heartless enough to kill a gentle soul like Sabrina. He admitted that he'd initially suspected Julian of the deed because Julian had arranged for Hale Garrett's overdose when Hale had agreed to testify against Julian.

However, Sonny revealed that the police were certain that Sabrina had been the latest victim of the hospital killer. Sonny vowed to make Sabrina's murderer pay, but Carly begged him to let the police deal with it because she wanted the violence to stop. Sonny admitted that he didn't have any faith in the police, but Carly refused to budge on the issue and implored Sonny to promise not to take action if Julian was acquitted. Sonny carefully told her that he'd deal with Julian in an appropriate manner, but she wasn't satisfied because too much was at stake, and she didn't want to live in constant fear that Ava would retaliate. Seconds later, Sonny received a text message.

Meanwhile, Ava paid her brother a visit in jail. Julian paced nervously, but she assured him that he would soon be set free because the jury had never heard his confession, and Alexis had been a disaster on the witness stand. Julian noticed that Ava didn't appear surprised, so she admitted that she'd always known that Alexis had been a mess underneath the cool exterior. Julian wondered if his sister had had a hand in Alexis' odd behavior in court, but Ava evaded the question by reminding him that he would owe her if the jury acquitted him. Julian was curious what exactly Ava had done on his behalf, but she would only tell him that she had worked a miracle.

Julian was curious if Ava had performed one too many miracles by killing Sabrina. Ava quickly denied any role in Sabrina's sad and tragic death, but she acknowledged that it had helped him. Julian disagreed because Sabrina's murder might reinforce to the jury that he was a mobster and persuade them to vote guilty to take him off the streets because they believed that he had killed a witness. Ava scolded Julian for being pessimistic and reminded him that Paul had failed to prove his case. Moments later, a guard approached Julian's jail cell.

At the courthouse, Dillon asked why Paul was seated in the empty courtroom. Paul explained that he'd had a lot to think about and admitted that he'd done a very bad thing. Dillon asked Paul to be specific, prompting Paul to admit that he'd let a murderer go free. Paul talked about the error on the arrest warrant and losing another witness. Dillon seized the opportunity to tell his father that the police suspected that the hospital killer had murdered Sabrina.

Dillon asked Paul to assure Tracy that everything possible would be done to catch the killer. Paul promised to do what he could. Satisfied, Dillon thanked Paul. Paul admitted that he was touched that Dillon had turned to him. Dillon acknowledged that things hadn't been easy between them, but he was proud of the work Paul had done as district attorney. Paul thanked his son and assured Dillon that he was equally proud of Dillon, but he'd always regret not being a part of Dillon's life during Dillon's childhood. Moments later, a clerk approached Paul to ask for a private word.

Later, Scott and Griffin entered the courtroom. Griffin sat down while Scott went to the defense table. Scott taunted Paul that a quick verdict usually meant an acquittal, but Paul reminded Scott that the jury might not have had a problem convicting Julian. Moments later, Julian arrived.

In the hallway, Alexis and Olivia saw Ava. Ava smiled at the two women, but Olivia advised Alexis to ignore Ava. Ava assured Alexis and Olivia that justice would be served, and she entered the courtroom with Alexis and Olivia trailing behind. Moments later, Sonny and Carly arrived. After Judge Lasser entered the courtroom, the jury was seated. The jury foreman announced that the jury had reached a verdict and handed a folded piece of paper to the bailiff.

Everyone braced themselves as Judge Lasser read the paper, asked Julian to stand, and announced the verdict. Julian was found not guilty on all charges. Alexis wept as Olivia stood in outrage and blasted Julian. Judge Lasser banged her gavel and threatened Olivia with contempt. Reluctantly, Olivia sat down. After Judge Lasser quickly concluded the proceedings, Ava happily congratulated Julian, while Alexis fled in tears.

Olivia followed Alexis to the hallway and tried to offer words of support. Alexis was distraught and decided to go to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. Olivia offered to go with Alexis, but Alexis asked to be alone. Nearby, Dillon assured Paul that Paul had done everything possible to secure a conviction. Paul appreciated Dillon's support, but he admitted that he needed to be alone to process everything that had happened.

After Paul left, Dillon saw Olivia and asked if she was okay. Olivia admitted that she was furious and grumbled about Paul not checking the warrant. Dillon promised that his father was equally upset. Olivia conceded that no one had been hurt more than Alexis. She frowned as she glanced around and asked if he'd seen Alexis. Dillon shook his head.

In the courtroom, Ava whispered to Julian that he owed her. Scott decided to process Julian's paperwork because Scott was eager to receive his well-deserved fee. After Scott and Ava left, Julian glanced at Sonny. Sonny glared at Julian.

A short time later, Scott returned to let Julian know that Julian was free to leave. Julian brushed past Sonny and told Sonny that justice had been served. Sonny warned Julian that justice would only be served when Sonny saw Julian in hell.

In the hospital's chapel, Griffin prayed for strength and healing. He also asked God to grant mercy to those who had harmed Duke. Griffin was confident that justice would be served because God would pass final judgment.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis had a cocktail as she muttered to herself about her inability to properly testify. She couldn't understand why she'd fallen apart on the witness stand and walked through how she should have answered Paul's questions. Frustrated, Alexis wiped away her tears and ordered another cocktail.

In the park, Ava caught up to Paul to thank him for a job well done and to warn him that an associate had a letter that would be delivered to the police if she should meet with an accident. Ava assured Paul that she would honor their agreement, but she was curious how he could kill complete strangers. Paul doubted that she would understand. "Try me," Ava replied. Paul was tempted, but he decided against it.

Paul admitted that he appreciated Ava's desire to protect her brother because family always had to take care of family. Ava was surprised that Paul had respect for the concept of family because she'd always considered him a lone wolf. Paul started to leave, but Ava urged him to stop murdering people while he was ahead and to get out of town before anyone else figured out what he'd done.

General Hospital is closed

General Hospital is closed

> General Hospital is closed

General Hospital is closed

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

At the nurses' station, a reporter filmed a segment for the local news about General Hospital's shutdown. He turned to Epiphany to ask her thoughts about the decision and Mayor Lomax's comments that lives might have been saved if it had happened sooner. Offended, Epiphany informed him that the closing would be a huge blow to the community. The reporter was curious if Epiphany had felt threatened working in a serial killer's hunting ground, but she snidely replied that she was more afraid of vultures like the reporter and wouldn't hesitate to call security to have him removed. Epiphany walked away but stopped when she passed the memoriam wall. She looked at the portrait of Dr. Steve Hardy and apologized for failing him.

Nearby, Finn bumped into Tracy and asked if she was okay. Tracy acknowledged that closing the hospital had been necessary, but she admitted that it had been a difficult decision personally because she knew her father wouldn't have approved. Tracy shifted gears and asked about the box that Finn held. She was shocked when he revealed it was the contents of his lab because the majority of his research had to remain stored in a large refrigerator. Tracy worried about his illness and insisted that he continue his research. Finn assured her that he had enough medication to get him through a few weeks, but Tracy wasn't satisfied and vowed to find a way to get him back into a lab quickly.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael sat on the staircase and looked at Sabrina's phone, which had a picture of her and Teddy on the screen. He started to type in the code to unlock the phone, but he realized that he didn't know it. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Dante and Lulu offering their condolences. Michael admitted that it felt surreal, and Teddy seemed unaware that his mother was gone. Dante and Lulu offered to help with the funeral arrangements, but Michael wasn't ready to think about it.

Lulu decided to take the casserole she had made to the kitchen. Dante followed Michael to the living room and asked how Michael was really holding up. Morgan entered and wondered how Dante expected their brother to feel when the police hadn't caught the killer. Morgan suggested that they enlist Sonny's help to find the murderer, but Dante warned Morgan it was not what Michael needed to hear. Michael admitted that Morgan was right about the killer needing to be caught but not about starting a mob war.

Moments later, Teddy's cry sounded over the baby monitor, so Michael left to check on him. Dante turned to Morgan and demanded to know what was wrong with Morgan because Michael needed someone to listen to him instead of Morgan's ranting and raving. Morgan argued that Michael needed to know that the killer would pay. Dante conceded that Morgan had a point, but he warned his brother not to turn Michael's grief into a need for revenge.

Michael returned to the living room with Teddy and worried that Teddy missed his mother. Dante assured Michael that Teddy seemed happy and went to answer the doorbell. It was Joe. Joe announced that he was there for his nephew. Morgan was confused when he saw Joe, prompting Michael to explain that Joe was Carlos' brother. Joe quickly pointed out that it made him Teddy's closest relative, so he intended to take his nephew home. Morgan was outraged by Joe's lack of respect, but Joe was unapologetic. Furious, Morgan punched Joe as Tracy arrived home.

Dante quickly stepped forward to physically restrain Morgan as Tracy demanded to know what was going on. Morgan told her about Joe's plans, but she warned Joe that it would not happen because she would take him to family court. Joe insisted that the Quartermaines were not Teddy's family and vowed to fight her. Tracy promised to drag out the custody battle indefinitely -- or until Joe accepted whatever visitation she granted him.

Michael informed both Tracy and Joe that there wouldn't be a fight. Joe warned Michael that he wouldn't allow Michael to pay him off, but Michael explained that he knew what it was like to grow up in the middle of a custody battle and refused to put Teddy through one. Michael insisted that Teddy deserved more than to be a prize in a war that no one would win, and he was certain that Sabrina wouldn't want it. Tracy reluctantly agreed. Dante and Morgan left to give Michael time to say goodbye to Teddy.

Michael promised to always look out for Teddy and be there if Teddy ever needed him. After Joe finished packing the car, Michael tearfully kissed Teddy and handed him to Joe. Joe assured Michael that it had been the right decision.

At Metro Court, Finn entered his suite and told Roxy that he was once again unemployed. He set his box down on the table as he warned his bearded dragon that he wouldn't be around much longer. Finn assured Roxy that he would make arrangements for her care and wondered if Josslyn would be interested. Finn decided to make a list of the things he needed to do to prepare for his demise, but when he reached into the box for a piece of paper, he found the letter from his wife, Reiko, instead. Finn sat down and read the letter asking him to find a cure for the disease that had claimed her life. Finn began to cry because he had failed her.

In a burst of anger, Finn upended the coffee table and a chair then fell to the floor in a heap and sobbed. He glanced at his phone when it rang, but he let Hayden's call go to voicemail.

In jail, Hayden rested on a cot as she muttered to herself about being locked up. Moments later, Naomi arrived and admitted that she had feared Hayden would end up in jail if she remained in Port Charles rather than returning home with Naomi. However, Naomi promised that she had lawyers working on Hayden's case. Hayden glared at her mother and informed her that she didn't want anything from a liar who had continued to ruin Hayden's life. Naomi was stunned when she realized that Franco had told Hayden about her affair with Jeff Webber.

Hayden was furious that Naomi had deceived her because Elizabeth might not have turned Hayden in to the Feds if she'd known the truth. Hayden was livid that she'd endured public humiliation and had been forced to change her name because of her association with Raymond Berlin, but Naomi insisted that Raymond had loved Hayden. Hayden scoffed because she knew that Naomi had kept quiet about the truth for her own selfish reasons. Naomi denied it, but Hayden argued that Naomi had been afraid of losing everything because Raymond would have cut her off if he'd known the truth.

Hayden suddenly realized that Raymond denied Hayden's visits because he knew the truth. Rattled, Naomi wiped away a tear and went to check on the lawyers. A short time later, a federal agent unlocked Hayden's jail cell and told her that she was free to leave. Hayden was impressed with Naomi's lawyers, but the agent explained that Naomi had made a full confession. Hayden was shocked when she saw Naomi step forward wearing handcuffs. Naomi pointedly told Hayden that she had told the truth about stealing Raymond's diamonds and hiding them among Hayden's things.

Naomi promised that she would be fine as long as she knew that Hayden was living her life free of all the lies that had plagued their family for years. Naomi asked Hayden to avoid making the same mistakes that Naomi had by allowing her heart to be held prisoner by lies. Naomi encouraged Hayden to remain in Port Charles and follow her heart, but Hayden claimed that she had no idea what her mother was talking about. Naomi smiled knowingly and promised that Hayden was not as alone as she thought. After Naomi was taken away, Hayden called Finn to let him know that she was a free woman. She admitted that she could use a friend and asked him to return her call.

At Metro Court, Claudette stood in her doorway as she told Nathan that she needed him to protect her daughter. Nathan stopped in his tracks and returned to her hotel room as he recalled that she had never wanted children. Claudette conceded that he was right and admitted that it had been an unplanned pregnancy. She added that she had sent her daughter to live with someone she trusted because she knew that she hadn't been cut out to be a mother. Nathan questioned her claim because she had a tendency to lie.

Claudette claimed that she'd been forced to keep her child's existence a secret because Claudette had been involved with a powerful man. Nathan wanted to know the man's name, but she insisted that it didn't matter because he was in prison. Nathan thought that Claudette had hit quite the trifecta by being involved with "a cop, a priest, and a crook." Claudette was not amused, but she forged ahead as she explained that her ex-lover had taken care of things for important people and had roped her into some of his shadier operations. Claudette admitted that she'd been drawn to the money, which she had used to support her daughter.

Claudette revealed that she'd grown to regret her decision and had tried to walk away, but her ex had found out about her daughter. Claudette tearfully told Nathan that her ex had threatened her child, so she had taken steps to vanish. Claudette claimed that she had remained in hiding until she'd seen Nathan and Maxie's engagement picture and realized that he might be able to help protect her because he had integrity and would die to protect his family. Nathan tensed and asked if her little girl was his daughter. Claudette confirmed that she was and added that she'd found out that she was pregnant after he'd filed for divorce.

Nathan demanded to know why Claudette hadn't told him about his daughter sooner, but she reminded him that she'd witnessed him shoot her lover. Nathan pointed out that Griffin might be the child's father, but Claudette insisted that Nathan was the father because she and Griffin had always been careful -- unlike her and Nathan. Claudette fetched a wallet-sized picture of her daughter and gave it to Nathan. Nathan looked at the smiling blonde girl and asked what her name was. "Charlotte," Claudette answered.

Nathan told Claudette that he needed time to think and to talk to Maxie. Claudette begged him not to tell Maxie about Charlotte, but Nathan explained that it wasn't a secret that he could keep from his fiancée. Resigned, Claudette told Nathan to keep the picture to remind him who he was fighting for. After Nathan left, Claudette looked at a picture of her daughter and promised Charlotte that Nathan would protect them.

At the hospital, Maxie caught up to Griffin. She was shocked that the board had voted to close the hospital, but she was curious if Griffin could spare a moment because she was eager to find out about his talk with Claudette. Frustrated, Griffin told her that Claudette had remained tightlipped and added that he had more important things on his mind because Julian had been acquitted. Griffin explained that the case had fallen apart because of technicalities. Maxie was confused when he mentioned that Sabrina hadn't testified. Griffin realized that Maxie hadn't heard about Sabrina's murder and broke the news to her.

A short time later, Maxie joined Nathan at Metro Court. He revealed that he had something to tell her.

At the nurses' station, Franco called out to Epiphany. She assured him that she would take care of Elizabeth's transfer to Mercy Hospital after she finished with the critical care patients, but Franco explained that he wanted to offer his condolences because he knew that Epiphany and Sabrina had been close. Epiphany became emotional as she told him that she didn't have time for grief, but he argued that grief could be all-consuming. He admitted that he was concerned that it might also hinder Elizabeth's recovery, which was why he wanted to keep Elizabeth from finding out about Sabrina's passing until she was stronger. Epiphany warned him that it was a mistake.

In Elizabeth's hospital room, Elizabeth debated calling her father to ask how long he'd been cheating on her mother and if there were any other siblings running around. She decided that she was not ready to hear his answers, so she called Sabrina and left a voicemail message asking her friend to call her back because she wanted tot know what Sabrina had said to Nathan. After she ended the call, Franco entered and asked if she had talked to Jeff. Elizabeth admitted that she was afraid of losing the fairytale image of her parents' perfect marriage because she couldn't handle losing anything else. Epiphany walked in to check on Elizabeth and assure her that she'd be transferred to Mercy soon. Franco quickly explained that the board had voted to close the hospital because of the recent string of murders.

Elizabeth was upset at the prospect of going to another hospital, so Franco asked if Elizabeth was well enough to finish recuperating at home under the care of a health aide. Epiphany conceded that she was but asked to speak to him privately. Franco followed Epiphany to the nurses' station where she advised him to tell Elizabeth the truth about Sabrina before Elizabeth heard the news from someone else. Franco insisted that he would tell Elizabeth when she was strong enough to handle the news.

Later, Epiphany appeared shaken as she dropped a box. Griffin rushed over to pick up the scattered content and asked if she was okay. Tears swam in her eyes as she told him about the first time she'd met Sabrina and had yelled at the young student nurse for knocking over files. Epiphany began to cry as she told him that Sabrina had been a great nurse, but she couldn't recall if she had ever told Sabrina. Elizabeth slowly made her way to the nurses' station and overheard Epiphany tearfully talk about how a maniac had taken Sabrina from them. "What did you say?" Elizabeth asked.

Startled, Epiphany apologized to Elizabeth and admitted that Sabrina was gone. Elizabeth refused to believe it, but Griffin gently told Elizabeth that it was true. Franco walked up as Elizabeth absorbed the news and began to cry. He pulled her into his arms and held her as she wept. Later, Elizabeth rested in bed as she recalled how happy Sabrina had been earlier that day. Elizabeth tearfully told Franco that she was eager to see her boys. He assured her that he'd made arrangements for her to go home.

Later, Griffin entered the chapel and saw Epiphany. She explained that she had wanted to say a prayer for Sabrina and asked Griffin to join her. He took her hand and began, "Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name."

Meanwhile, Franco pushed Elizabeth's wheelchair through the deserted floor to the elevator. Elizabeth was sad as she looked around and asked to be taken to the memoriam wall. After Franco stepped away, Elizabeth stood up and touched her grandfather's portrait. Moments later, Franco returned to fetch her. After the elevator doors closed behind Franco and Elizabeth, the lights on the floor went out.

Claudette gives Liesl a DNA sample for testing

Claudette gives Liesl a DNA sample for testing

Thursday, September 22, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly told Kiki to take the rest of the evening off with pay and find Morgan. Kiki was surprised by the offer because she knew that Carly had reservations about Kiki and Morgan's relationship, but Carly admitted that Kiki had won her over. Kiki conceded that if Ava could "chill out" about Kiki's relationship with Morgan then it was certainly possible that Carly had as well. Carly was surprised that Ava had given Kiki and Morgan her blessing, but Kiki quickly clarified that Ava had merely agreed to stop adding her two cents because Kiki would always choose Morgan over her mother. Carly was pleased that Kiki had stood up to Ava and stuck by Morgan.

In the park, Morgan met with Sonny. Sonny explained that they needed to talk because Dante had told Sonny about the fight with Joe. Morgan defended his actions by placing the blame on Joe's rotten attitude. Sonny insisted that Morgan didn't have the right to punch anyone and added that it could be a warning sign for people with bipolar disorder. Morgan assured his father that he'd been taking his medications, but Sonny argued that medications were only half the answer. Sonny explained that the medications kept Morgan steady, but it was up to Morgan to exercise self-control.

Morgan was curious if Sonny intended to exercise self-control when he encountered Julian. Sonny conceded that it was a fair question because he'd been tempted to rip into Julian after the verdict. Morgan wondered what had stopped Sonny. Sonny pointed out that the question illustrated how much work Morgan still had to do. Sonny explained that he and Morgan were different than other people because their instinct to restrain themselves didn't kick in right away, which required them to be vigilant and anticipate their impulses to avoid giving in to the harmful ones.

Morgan realized that Sonny couldn't go after Julian because Sonny would be the prime suspect. Sonny was encouraged that Morgan had recognized the possible consequences, but he warned his son that there would be other ramifications. Sonny and Morgan talked about the Jerome organization retaliating, which would put all of Sonny's loved ones at risk. Sonny also seized the opportunity to point out that Morgan had opened himself up to possible criminal charges by assaulting Joe. Morgan apologized to his father and promised to discuss it with Andre during their next session.

However, Morgan insisted that something needed to be done about Julian. Sonny advised Morgan to concentrate on school and Kiki. As if on cue, Kiki walked up. Sonny exchanged pleasantries with Kiki then excused himself.

Outside Kelly's, Ava asked Julian to take a moment to enjoy the smell of freedom because his future was once again his own. Julian acknowledged that he had his sister to thank for everything. He hoped that one day she would share the details of how she had made it happen, but she warned him that it might break the spell. Ava reached for the door but stopped when she saw Paul seated at a table. She tried to steer Julian away, but he decided to enter the diner.

Inside the diner, Paul asked the waitress for the check. She dropped it off and expressed her sympathy because she knew that he'd had rough day. She told him to take comfort in knowing that men like Julian couldn't help themselves -- once they started killing, they couldn't stop. Moments later, Paul stood up as Julian and Ava walked in. Julian extended his hand as he told Paul that he hoped there weren't any hard feelings. Paul ignored Julian's hand, so Julian suggested that Paul focus on finding the hospital killer.

Ava tensed when Paul alluded to the suspect being a woman. Julian was surprised, but Paul claimed that he had misspoken because the killer could be a man or a woman. Paul advised Julian to keep his nose clean because Paul would not lose again in court. After Paul walked out, Ava quickly excused herself and ran after him. In the courtyard, Paul growled at Ava to keep a tight leash on her brother, but she refused to be intimidated and reminded him that she would push back if he made a move against her. "Mutual destruction," Ava added.

Paul argued that the difference between their destructions was that his would land him in jail while hers would land her in hell. Paul grabbed her chin with one hand, squeezed tightly, and then walked away. Ava pulled herself together and returned to the diner. Julian immediately questioned her about Paul because he was certain that she had worked out a deal with him in exchange for Julian's freedom. Ava implored Julian to drop it, but he worried that she might not have as much power over Paul as she believed. Ava insisted that the best thing Julian could do was let it go and rebuild his life.

Julian admitted that it wouldn't be easy to win Alexis back, but Ava thought he was out of his mind if he expected Alexis to forgive him after he'd taken her to the docks and threatened to slit his wife's throat. Julian claimed that he hadn't been himself, but Ava disagreed -- he'd been more himself in that moment than he'd ever been. She warned him that people wanted him dead and advised him to neutralize Sonny. Julian was curious if she had any ideas. Ava confided that she'd undertaken a little project that might fit the bill.

In the courtyard, Morgan admitted that he was surprised Carly had changed her mind about his relationship with Kiki. Kiki was certain that Carly, like Ava, had realized that fighting their relationship would be a losing battle. Morgan and Kiki entered the diner and passed Julian and Ava's table without acknowledging them. Ava called out to Kiki to ask if she intended to congratulate her uncle. Kiki approached the table and snidely congratulated Julian on successfully getting away with two murders and the attempted murder of his wife. Morgan added that the acquittal had been a travesty, but Julian laughed at Morgan using a word of more than one syllable.

Ava carefully pushed Morgan's buttons by reminding him that Julian had been acquitted by a jury of his peers, but Morgan argued that not guilty wasn't the same as innocent. Julian pointed out that Sonny wasn't any better, which further fueled Morgan's anger. Julian warned Morgan that Sonny might find himself in someone's crosshairs. Morgan's temper exploded. He grabbed Julian by the lapels and pulled him out of his chair. Ava and Kiki desperately tried to pull Morgan away, but Morgan was too enraged. Horrified, the waitress picked up the phone to call the police.

Kiki managed to get Morgan to back off. Morgan warned Julian that Julian would get his and left the diner with Kiki.

In the park, Morgan remained agitated, but Kiki threatened to leave if he didn't calm down. She reminded him that Julian had been saying the same slimy things for years. Morgan argued that something had to be done about Julian. Kiki asked if Morgan intended to take matters into his own hands. "Something's got to be done," Morgan reiterated.

Meanwhile, Sonny arrived at the restaurant to talk to Carly. She revealed that she'd had an interesting conversation with Dante about Morgan and asked when Sonny had planned to tell her about the altercation. Sonny assured Carly that he'd had a good talk with Morgan and that everything was fine. Carly hoped Sonny was right because nothing had gone right lately. Sonny promised that Julian would not hurt anyone that Carly loved, but she worried that Sonny would take matters into his own hands. Sonny assured Carly that he'd take her concerns into account.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Tracy sat in the living room as they sifted through pictures of Sabrina and tried to decide which one to use for her funeral. Griffin looked at his phone when it rang and excused himself. "Really?" Tracy asked in disbelief. "There goes our shepherd," she added as Griffin disappeared into the foyer. After Griffin returned, Michael handed him a picture of Sabrina that Michael and Tracy had chosen for the funeral. Griffin promised to take care of everything.

Michael appreciated Griffin's help and revealed that Teddy would not be at the funeral because Joe had decided to fly to Puerto Rico with Sabrina's son and leave the funeral arrangement to Michael. Michael told Griffin that Sabrina would be buried with Gabriel. Michael and Tracy agreed that Sabrina would want her final resting place to be with her firstborn. Michael was grateful when Tracy assured him that she'd taken care of the reception, the flowers, and the obituary.

After Tracy left to check on Monica, Michael realized there was nothing left for him to do. "Except grieve," Griffin gently suggested as he patted Michael on the back. Griffin admitted that he thought Joe's trip to Puerto Rico had been sudden, but Michael didn't blame Joe for wanting to put some distance between Teddy and the Quartermaines, since Tracy had threatened to fight Joe for custody of Sabrina's son. Michael admitted that he knew what it was like to be in the middle of a bitter custody battle, so he refused to put Teddy through one.

Meanwhile, Paul silently entered the foyer, pulled out a syringe, and slowly made his way up the stairs. Tracy appeared at the top of the stairs and informed him that she knew what he was up to. "It stops now," she added. Paul managed to slide the syringe up his sleeve without Tracy noticing as he claimed that he had hoped to question Monica about the attack. Tracy was curious why he hadn't sent a detective, so Paul explained that he'd thought it would be easier if Monica talked to a family member.

Tracy pointed out that Paul wasn't family and added that an armed guard watched over Monica. Paul reminded Tracy that he was the district attorney, but she informed him that he wasn't on the list of approved visitors. Tracy made it clear that she would not take any chances with Monica's life, especially after losing a friend. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Paul quickly transferred the syringe into his jacket pocket as Tracy went to the door.

In the living room, Griffin offered to call Michael's parents, but Michael assured Griffin that it wasn't necessary because Michael had already spoken to Sonny. Michael explained that Carly hadn't approved of Sabrina and had accused Sabrina of using him. Michael began to rant about his mother, but Tracy appeared in the doorway to let him know that he had visitors. It was Sonny and Carly. Sonny revealed that they had heard about Teddy. Michael assured his father that he was fine.

Sonny decided not to push it and handed Michael an envelope. Sonny explained that it was a donation for the clinic. Michael looked at the check and was surprised by the generous amount. Sonny hoped it was enough for Michael to build a prenatal wing in Sabrina's name. Touched, Michael thanked his father, but Sonny told him that it was from Carly too. Michael frowned and accused Carly of trying to make herself feel better, but Carly insisted that it shouldn't matter as long as the money was used for good.

After Sonny and Carly left, Michael walked Griffin to the door. Griffin urged Michael to let go of the anger because it would eventually turn against him. Griffin pointed out that Sabrina was gone but Michael's mother was still alive.

In the living room, Tracy offered Paul a drink. Paul welcomed one after the day he'd had. Tracy suggested that Paul put the acquittal behind him and turn his attention to catching the hospital killer because the hospital couldn't afford to remain closed. Paul glanced down at the table and noticed the pictures of Sabrina as Tracy implored him to make certain that the hospital killer didn't escape justice like Julian had. Tracy noticed that Paul was distracted and asked him what was wrong. Paul explained that twelve people had decided that he hadn't done his job, but Tracy was confident that Paul could make things right. Paul disagreed and left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian and Ava sat at the bar as they talked about Morgan. Julian praised Ava for pushing Morgan's buttons. Ava believed that riling up Morgan would keep Sonny off their backs and distracted, which would give them an edge when they made their move against Sonny. Julian sensed that his sister had another agenda, so she admitted that Morgan was not right for Kiki.

Across the restaurant, Sonny and Carly returned from visiting Michael. Carly knew that Michael had lashed out at her because he was in pain. "Son of a bitch," Sonny said when he spotted Julian at the bar. Julian approached Sonny and warned him to rein in Morgan before Morgan got into more trouble than Morgan could handle. Furious, Sonny demanded to know if Julian had threatened Sonny's son. Julian explained that Morgan had attacked Julian earlier in the evening, but Sonny suggested that Julian leave town to avoid further conflict.

Julian vowed to go after Sonny because Julian was tired of Sonny constantly issuing threats. Julian claimed that he'd learned a lot from his brush with the law and promised that nothing would tie him to Sonny when Sonny was cold in the ground. Carly was livid and ordered Ava to get Julian out of the restaurant. Julian suggested that both Sonny and Carly be nice to him because Julian could press assault charges against Morgan. Sonny sputtered with outrage as Ava wisely dragged her brother away. Sonny decided that Carly had been right about his war with Julian -- it had to stop.

On the terrace, Nathan told Maxie about Claudette's claim that Charlotte was his daughter. He showed Maxie the picture, but Maxie refused to believe that the child in the picture was Nathan's daughter. Nathan admitted that he'd had his doubts until Claudette had reminded him that they'd never used protection during their marriage. Maxie argued that Griffin could be the father, but Nathan explained that Claudette had told him that she and Griffin had been careful. Maxie was skeptical and suggested that Nathan talk to Griffin, but Nathan pointed out that it would be an awkward conversation. Maxie agreed and decided a DNA test would clear things up and expose Claudette's lie.

In Claudette's hotel room, Claudette called Griffin to ask him to meet her right away because she had something important to tell him. Griffin refused and disconnected the call. "Damn," Claudette muttered. She quickly made a phone call, asking to meet with someone. A short time later, Liesl knocked on Claudette's door. Claudette warmly greeted Liesl, but Liesl was annoyed that Claudette had summoned her at a late hour.

Claudette invited Liesl inside and offered her a drink, but Liesl declined. Claudette advised Liesl to adjust her attitude if she wanted a relationship with her granddaughter. Stunned, Liesl asked what Claudette was talking about. Claudette showed Liesl a picture of Charlotte as she explained that Charlotte was Nathan's daughter. Liesl was didn't believe Claudette, but she assured Liesl it was true. Liesl decided to give Claudette the benefit of the doubt and asked if Charlotte had an aptitude for science.

A short time later, Nathan and Maxie knocked on the door. Claudette flashed a saccharine smile as she invited them inside. Maxie informed Claudette that she didn't believe Claudette's claim that Nathan was Charlotte's daughter. Claudette feigned disappointment and told Nathan that not everyone in his family had doubts. Liesl emerged from the bathroom, wiping tears as she admitted that the videos Claudette had shared of Charlotte had made Liesl sentimental. Liesl saw Nathan and happily hugged him as she thanked him for making her a grandmother. Claudette smiled with satisfaction.

Nathan was annoyed that Claudette had told his mother about Charlotte, but Claudette insisted that Liesl had deserved to know, since Nathan had shared the news with Maxie. Maxie accused Claudette of using Liesl to manipulate Nathan, but Liesl was certain that Charlotte was her granddaughter because the intelligence shining from the child's eyes had spoken to Liesl. Liesl added that Claudette wouldn't have been foolish enough to pass a fraudulent grandchild off as Liesl's granddaughter. Maxie refused to believe Claudette and demanded a paternity test, but Claudette refused to endanger her daughter for a cheek swab. However, Claudette showed everyone the locket around her neck, which contained a lock of Charlotte's hair. Claudette handed the lock of hair to Liesl, but Maxie noticed that it was dark brown instead of blonde like the girl in the picture.

Claudette claimed that Charlotte's hair tended to lighten in the summer, but Maxie suspected that Claudette had managed to get her hands on a lock of Nathan's hair. Claudette pointed out that a DNA test on Nathan's hair would show that that it was from Nathan's clone rather than his daughter. Claudette invited Liesl to run the test because Charlotte needed protection.

Sabrina's loved ones say goodbye

Sabrina's loved ones say goodbye

Friday, September 23, 2016

At Metro Court, Hayden knocked on Finn's door. He was surprised to see her, but she smiled and told him that she had picked up coffee. She handed him a cup as she explained that she was eager to celebrate her freedom. Finn thanked Hayden for the coffee but muttered that he was busy. Hayden pushed past him as she admitted that she was disappointed because she'd expected him to be happy for her. Hayden stopped short when she noticed the upended furniture and papers strewn about the room. Finn closed the door as Hayden asked about the mess.

Finn avoided the question by inquiring about Hayden's release from jail, but she saw through the ploy and waited for an answer. Finn remained stubbornly evasive, so Hayden told him about Naomi's confession. Finn thought it was quite a sacrifice. Hayden agreed and suggested that perhaps her mother had figured that she had owed Hayden for lying. Hayden revealed that she was a product of an affair between her mother and Jeff Webber. Finn realized that it meant that Hayden and Elizabeth were related.

Hayden confirmed that Elizabeth was her half-sister, but she made it clear that she wasn't happy about it because she considered Elizabeth an "insufferable twit." Hayden admitted that she'd longed for a sister growing up because she'd wanted someone to play with, confide in, and to trust. However, Hayden reminded Finn that she and Elizabeth hated each other. Finn thought there was still time for Hayden and Elizabeth to build a relationship, but Hayden insisted that it was impossible because Elizabeth had orchestrated Hayden's arrest by turning over the diamonds to the Feds. Finn conceded that Hayden and Elizabeth had issues to work on, but Hayden returned to her earlier question about the mess in the room. She suspected that Finn had suffered another episode because of his illness.

Finn tried to rush Hayden out the door on the pretext of cleaning up, but she refused to budge. She informed him that it was time for them to change their dance because she was tired of him pushing her away whenever the subject of his illness was raised. Hayden promised Finn that she could handle whatever he told her because she knew that he was terminally ill and had bad days. Finn smiled when she assured him that she wouldn't break because she'd been to jail and was tough. He admitted that the mess hadn't been about his illness; it was his wedding anniversary.

Finn looked at the necktie he'd been holding, which sported a picture of Albert Einstein. He opened up about his wife by telling Hayden that Reiko had been the best doctor he'd known, in part because she'd had an incredible bedside manner that had endeared her to everyone. Finn explained that Reiko had noticed his tendency to get a little obsessive and serious about his work, so she had bought silly novelty neckties for him as anniversary gifts. Finn confessed that he had hated wearing the ties because they'd made him stand out.

Finn told Hayden about traveling to another country to develop a cure for a disease. Reiko had wanted to return home, but a maniacal part of him had believed that it had been imperative to study the disease where it had originated. According to Finn, he and Reiko had been working with a new batch of samples, but they hadn't been careful. His wife had quickly fallen ill with the disease that had killed her. Finn blamed himself for Reiko's illness, even though his wife never had. He looked down at the tie and revealed that it had been the last anniversary gift from Reiko, so he'd made a point to wear it every year on their anniversary.

Finn put on the tie, but Hayden stepped forward to straighten it. She admitted that his wife had had great taste because the tie looked fantastic on him. Hayden decided they should celebrate and handed him a cup of coffee. Finn smiled when she toasted to Reiko.

In Valerie's apartment, Curtis woke up next to Valerie. He noticed the time and gently roused her to let her know that she was late for work. Valerie rolled over and sleepily told him that she hadn't pulled an early shift for once. Seconds later, her alarm went off. Valerie turned it off as Curtis questioned why she had set it. She smiled and kissed him. After they made love, Valerie announced that she had to get ready for work. Curtis wanted her to play hooky, but she refused because she was desperate to solve Sabrina's murder.

Valerie admitted that she felt responsible for Sabrina's death because Valerie had let the killer slip through her fingers when he'd knocked her out to retrieve the cufflink she had found. Curtis reminded her that she'd been lucky to escape with her life. Valerie was grateful that she was alive, but she regretted not being more vigilant and catching the killer. Curtis argued that she couldn't solve every murder. "Not every murder -- just this last one," Valerie replied.

At the police station, Jordan was working on her laptop as she took a bite of cold pizza. Andre appeared in the doorway and questioned her choice of breakfast. Jordan wondered if it was considered breakfast if she'd been up all night. Andre realized that she'd been working on the serial killer case, so she told him that she would do whatever it took to find him. Andre believed her and admitted that no one was happy about the hospital closing except Mayor Lomax. Jordan was determined to prove that the hospital was safe, which meant apprehending the killer.

Andre pulled off his jacket and offered to help Jordan. She assured him that it wasn't necessary because she knew he had patients to attend to despite the hospital closing. Andre reminded her that he'd helped in the past and added that the sooner the killer was caught, the sooner the hospital would reopen. Jordan agreed and showed him the files. They discussed how the victims had been killed and the attacks on Elizabeth and Sabrina. Jordan suspected that Sabrina had seen something when she'd found Monica that could identify the killer.

Andre was confident that the killer was someone who had free access to the hospital and could move around without arousing suspicion. He also speculated that the killer liked to dress to impress because of the trousers and shoes seen in the picture that Elizabeth's phone had taken and the expensive cufflink that Valerie had found. Jordan was encouraged by the progress they had made and admitted that she enjoyed working with a partner whom she could bounce ideas off of. Moments later, Curtis and Valerie walked in. Curtis glanced around and realized what Jordan and Andre had been working on.

Curtis hoped that Jordan didn't think a doctor was the killer because there were a lot of powerful people who went through the hospital on a daily basis. Curtis was confident that the killer was someone in authority -- perhaps in an official capacity -- who could roam the hospital without being questioned. "Someone like a cop?" Jordan asked. Jordan was shocked that Curtis would suspect a police officer, but he reminded her that he hadn't said that. Curtis suggested that the killer could be an administrator. Valerie added that the hospital's board members also had access to the hospital, so Jordan instructed Valerie to compile a list of high-ranking nonmedical personnel at the hospital and anyone who had been issued an identification badge.

Later, Valerie announced that she had downloaded all the pertinent employee files. Jordan asked Andre to help Valerie narrow down the list of possible suspects. In the corner, Curtis reminded Jordan of a drug case they had worked on together, but Jordan told him that she didn't have time to stroll down memory lane. Curtis assured Jordan that he hadn't been reminiscing -- the point of the story was to remind her that the suspect had been right under their noses the whole time.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco fussed over Elizabeth as she rested on the sofa. She gently told him to relax. Franco apologized and went to answer the doorbell. It was Jason. Franco informed Jason that it wasn't a good time and offered to pencil him in two weeks from Tuesday. Jason was not amused as he brushed past Franco and approached Elizabeth. Jason asked how she was feeling and handed her a card that Jake had made. Elizabeth was touched by the gift and assured Jason that she was well.

Elizabeth was curious why Jason was wearing a suit, so he revealed that he was attending Sabrina's funeral. Elizabeth's expression clouded with sadness as she told Franco and Jason that she wanted to go to the funeral. Both Franco and Jason objected because Elizabeth was still recovering. Jason was certain that Sabrina would have agreed. After Jason left, Franco offered to reheat Elizabeth's tea and fluff her pillow, but Elizabeth declined. She sadly explained that she needed her friends to stop dying.

Elizabeth told Franco about her best friend Emily Quartermaine who had died a decade earlier. She tearfully admitted that she still missed Emily. Elizabeth also regretted that she hadn't been able to say goodbye to Nikolas or Sabrina. She realized that she had her grandmother, her sons, and Franco, but she still felt very alone. Franco assured her that he could fix things.

Meanwhile, Sabrina's friends and loved ones gathered at church to say goodbye. Griffin began the service by reciting John 14:27 from the Bible. Griffin conceded that he hadn't known Sabrina, but he'd heard about her resilience in the face of adversity and her ability to always find the best in people. He encouraged everyone to celebrate her life then invited the mourners to share their memories of Sabrina. Lucy stood up and walked to the podium to pay tribute to Sabrina. She told everyone that she had first met Sabrina -- and Felix -- when Sabrina had decided to revive the Nurses Ball. Lucy assured everyone that Sabrina had been the embodiment of everything the Nurses Ball had stood for and the reason that Lucy had returned to Port Charles.

After Lucy stepped down, Felix walked to the front of the church to tearfully talk about his best friend. Paul sat in the front pew next to Tracy as Felix became choked up with emotion at the thought of saying goodbye to Sabrina. Nearby, Jason entered the church and sat down next to Michael. Jason offered his condolences and reminded Michael that he was there for him. Michael nodded and looked at Sabrina's portrait with tears shimmering in his eyes.

At the podium, Felix decided to focus on the amazing person that Sabrina had been rather than on his anger and bitterness over the tragic loss. He talked about the deep bond he had shared with Sabrina and how she had always made time for him. Felix acknowledged that nurses saw a lot of grief and sadness, but Sabrina had had an ability to brighten even the darkest day. In the second pew, Dante leaned forward to whisper to Tracy that Sabrina's death might help the police catch the killer. He knew it was a small consolation, but Tracy wanted to know if the police had any leads. Paul overheard the conversation and turned to hear Dante's answer.

Dante explained that the killer hadn't planned out the murder, which meant that forensics might yield DNA evidence. Tracy desperately wanted the killer to be caught, but she agreed that it was a small consolation. Tracy turned back to the front of the church as Felix returned to his seat. Griffin asked if anyone else wanted to speak. "I do," Elizabeth said from the doorway. Franco stood at her side with his hand protectively at her back. Jason was not pleased and joined Franco at the back of the church as Griffin helped Elizabeth to the podium. Franco told Jason that it had been important to Elizabeth to attend the funeral and grieve with her friends.

At the podium, Elizabeth shared her memories of Sabrina. She recalled that Sabrina had clicked right away with everyone at the hospital and had been one of the kindest people Elizabeth had known. Elizabeth conceded that Sabrina had made mistakes, but she assured everyone that Sabrina had never been malicious. Elizabeth concluded by revealing that Sabrina had taught Elizabeth to trust her own feelings, so Elizabeth vowed to honor her friend's memory by trying to be more like her. After Griffin helped Elizabeth to a seat, Michael stood up to give a eulogy.

Michael shared that Sabrina had been kind and big hearted. His voice filled with emotion as he recalled how tender and patient she had been with Avery. Michael admitted that he'd fallen in love with Sabrina because of the gentle way she had cared for his sister. Carly rushed up to help Michael as he began to cry. She softly asked if she could say a few words about Sabrina. Michael nodded. Carly acknowledged that Michael had been estranged from her and Sonny for a time, but she credited Sabrina with helping Michael to forgive.

Michael added that Sabrina had left the world a better place and that he'd been blessed to know and love her. After Michael and Carly returned to their seats, Epiphany ended the service with a touching rendition of "You're Not Alone." Paul appeared shaken as Tracy reached for his hand.

A short time later, everyone filed out of the church. Carly told Sonny that she was glad that Michael had let her speak during the service because it gave her hope. Nearby, Tracy thanked Griffin for his help. Griffin hoped that everyone who had loved Sabrina could find some peace.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth thanked Franco for taking her to the service. Franco advised Elizabeth to get some rest because he didn't want the nurses lecturing him the following day. Elizabeth wondered if he'd be there when she woke up. Franco carefully asked if she wanted him to be. Franco smiled when she nodded.

In the church, Paul stared at the picture of Sabrina as he recalled the last moments of her life when she had begged him not to kill her. "I'm so sorry," Paul said in a pained voice as he jumped up to leave. Tracy stood in the aisle and asked what he was sorry for. "I killed her," Paul blurted out.

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