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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 9, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, November 9, 2009

At Fairwinds, Emily was fussing with a tea tray as Alison and Hunter arrived. Hunter was not pleased to be there, so Emily got right to business. She said that she had decided that the four of them needed to be more of a family. She reminded them that she was there to help the young people through their tough times. Hunter was eager to leave, but Paul told him that Emily hadn't gotten to the good part yet. Emily got up and went to sit by Paul and announced that they would love it if Alison and Hunter moved in with them.

Neither Alison nor Hunter was interested at all in Emily's proposal, and they left hurriedly. Emily was disappointed and declared that had been "payback" for how she had treated each of them previously. Paul changed his clothes in preparation for interviewing a charity that had expressed interest in a large donation, and he was prepared to divest himself of the "cursed Stenbeck fortune." He left for his meeting, and Emily tried to call Hunter, but he did not answer. She grabbed her coat and took off.

Maddie entered Al's Diner and sat down with Casey, who was studying for a test. He asked her why she was still in Oakdale, and Maddie said that it was partly because of her crazy mother and Henry, and partly because of her interest in Casey. She asked if he realized that they had never really officially broken up; she had left for school, and Casey had gone to jail. She pointed out that outside influences had always interfered with their relationship. Maddie offered to take a leave of absence from Wesleyan if Casey wanted her to stay.

Casey answered that he was sure he wanted Maddie to stay, so she got up and kissed him. She left to call the registrar at school, and she kissed him again after she returned and they were walking out. Alison and Hunter were going in and watched the display of affection, and Hunter referred to Casey as "that loser." Emily walked up and asked to speak privately with her son, so they left, and Maddie also had somewhere to go. That left Alison and Casey alone.

Making small talk, Alison asked how long Maddie was staying in town, and Casey informed her that the girl had taken a leave from school and would be remaining in town for a while. He announced that the two of them were going to "give it a shot." Casey argued with Alison about whether or not she was through with him, and she asked if he was giving her the "right of first refusal." Casey said that he still loved her and wondered if she continued to care about him. Alison said she cared, but she couldn't trust him, and they parted.

Emily took Hunter to the Lakeview and sat him down. She said again that she was more than willing to help him with his problems, and she asked what was going on with him. Hunter answered that his number one problem was Casey. Alison was still hung up on him, and Maddie was throwing herself at him. Emily suggested that Hunter learn the "art of seduction," and she added that any relative of hers ought to be a natural at it.

Emily told Hunter to "go after" Maddie, so he went looking for her. He found her entering the hotel, but bumbled through his dialogue. He finally blurted out the deal breaker by asking Maddie, "Do you want to go up to your room and make out?" Maddie was speechless until she asked him if he was nuts, and walked out. Hunter told himself that he sucked at seduction.

Emily went home and found that Paul had also gotten back. He was unhappy that the charity had turned him down as soon as it found out that the money was from the estate of James Stenbeck, A dejected Emily said it didn't matter anymore anyway. Paul teased her that she might be happier with a cobbler or some such person who worked with his hands, but that made Emily laugh, and she kissed him.

In Craig's suite in the hotel, Rosanna rearranged her piles of clothes and said she didn't blame Carly for throwing her out, but she needed to find a place to live. Craig suggested that she stay right there with him, but Rosanna asked if he was out of his mind. She said if she ever wanted her sister to forgive her, that would kill the chance. Craig agreed, but he promised to keep asking her until she agreed.

Carly talked by phone to Dr. Ben Harris in Philadelphia. He was stunned to hear that Jack's brother, Brad, had died in a terrible accident. Ben acknowledged that he knew Jack was running from something, but he didn't know anyone else to call. Carly thanked Ben for letting her know where Jack was, and after she hung up, she tried to call Jack, but had to leave a message.

Parker walked in holding a pink camisole by the straps. He told his mother he had found it in a tree in the front yard, and he had figured out that Carly had found out about Rosanna and Craig's affair. Carly explained that she had thrown out her sister and her belongings. Parker worried that Jack had not returned his calls lately, and he was also unhappy that Liberty blamed her father's death on the two beers Jack had drunk before the shooting. Parker told Carly that Jack had gone to the rehab center to warn her of Craig's affair but had to return without seeing her because of Liberty's miscarriage.

Carly was stunned by that news, so Parker was quick to explain that the baby was not his. Carly was worried about Jack, so she went to the Oakdale Police Station where she learned that Jack had resigned from the force. The other officers had no idea why Jack would be in Philadelphia. Another officer was watching television, and he pointed out to Carly and the sergeant that a breaking news story in Philadelphia was taking place. He pointed to the television, and Carly shrieked when she saw Jack on the roof of the City Hall building with Ben Franklin.

Rosanna and Craig went down to the Lakeview lounge for a drink, and Rosanna complained that Jack was not answering her phone calls. Craig suggested that she call Carly's house and just hang up if her sister answered. Rosanna did, but Parker answered. He told his aunt that Jack was in Philadelphia, and Carly had gone after him. Craig and Rosanna worried that Carly might be drinking again, and it was their fault. They decided that they needed to go after her.

On the rooftop in Philadelphia, Irv Finsterwald , dressed as Ben Franklin, stood with Jack and checked out the scene below. Irv recognized Jack's speech pattern as suggesting that he lived in northern Illinois, probably not far from Chicago. Jack told Irv that he was correct, and then he admitted that he was upset because he had accidentally killed his brother in a hostage situation. Irv replied, "Bummer," and Jack scolded "Ben" for his lack of words of wisdom, and he stepped near the edge. The cops below used a bull horn to call the men down from the roof and warned them that they would be arrested.

Jack suggested that Irv surrender to the police and return the money. In that case, Jack said, the cops would probably cut him a good deal, and he could get on with his life. Irv stepped to the edge, but Jack held him back. Then Jack told Irv the whole story about Brad, and the two men shook hands. Irv quoted Ben Franklin and said he had a job to do. Jack wandered over to the other side of the roof and declared that the west side would be "a much cleaner jump." Ben was horrified that Jack was acting as if he was going to jump, too, and then Jack said, "Let's do this together." The men held hands and jumped.

Below, Carly arrived and talked with the police commander. The rescue equipment was gathered on the east side of the building, but the people on the ground could no longer see the men on the roof. The commander sent stretchers and EMTs around to the other side of the building, but the police could find no sign of the jumpers. Carly identified herself, but no one could tell her exactly where Jack and Ben Franklin were.

On the west side of the building, Jack and Irv landed just a few feet down from the rooftop on a big ledge. Irv wanted to know if he was in heaven, but Jack said no. Irv looked around and declared that W. C. Fields had been wrong: Hell did look just like Philadelpha. Jack said they were both alive, and Irv hugged him. The police arrived, and Jack reminded Irv that he had something to return. Irv handed over the money, and Jack and other officer walked him out.

The police arrested Irv, who took the time to sincerely thank Jack for saving his life. The commander shook hands with Jack and complimented him on handling the situation. He also told Jack that his ex-wife was somewhere in the crowd. Meanwhile, Carly was on the other side of the building and had no idea where Jack was. Craig and Rosanna approached, and Craig told her that the news report had said that both men had gotten off the roof safely. Carly thanked Craig for telling her, and then told them both to "get the hell out" of her sight.

Rosanna asked Carly to listen to them, but Carly yelled and went on alone. The commander stopped her and said that Jack had walked away. He gave her his card and asked her to have Jack call him. Carly spotted Craig and Rosanna still shadowing her, so she asked the police commander for a favor. He agreed, and they walked over to Craig and Rosanna, and Carly identified them as the "perps" who had tried to kidnap her. The commander told the couple they were under arrest and cuffed both Craig and Rosanna.

Back at Memorial, Alison was back at work. She noticed that the box of latex gloves was empty, so she told a co-worker that she would go to the basement storage area for another box. As she went down the stairs, the lights went out, and as Alison turned to go back upstairs, someone grabbed her from behind.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alison's "attacker" in the stairwell turned out to be Mick Dante, who was as frightened of Alison as she was of him. Mick said he was looking for a way out of the hospital, but as Alison turned to go back upstairs, she twisted her ankle. Mick handed her a disposable ice pack, so Alison sat on the stairs and applied it to her ankle. She assured him that, as a nurse, she could handle her own emergency. Mick mentioned that he had scheduled an appointment with the chief of staff at the hospital, but Dr. Hughes had blown him off.

Alison defended Bob Hughes and said that he would not have done that unless an emergency had intervened. Mick explained that he was looking for research funding for a "thing" that did amazing feats that he had found outside a small village in South America. Alison said that she might be able to help if she had a clue what he was talking about. Mick said his discovery was a miraculous plant extract that regenerated cells, but he needed someone to give him a chance to research and test it further. Alison said that she knew Memorial had slashed its research funds, but she said she knew "some people" who had money to invest in a good cause.

At Fairwinds, Emily was not happy with her mothering skills, and she told Paul that she should face the fact that her days of being a mother were about over. Paul consoled her and said there were plenty of other places where she could put her time and energy and do good works. Emily decided that her husband was right, and she gave him a big kiss. Her phone rang, and it was Alison, who asked if her sister and Paul could meet her at the Lakeview as soon as possible. She had someone she wanted them to meet.

Alison and Mick went to the Lakeview, and Paul and Emily arrived soon. Paul was very leery about what Alison had in mind, but she explained that she had met Mr. Dante at the hospital while he was there for a meeting with Dr. Bob. She turned Mick over to the Ryans and returned to the hospital. Mick began his presentation by asking Paul and Emily what they would say if he told them that he had found the "Fountain of Youth."

Paul and Emily sat with Mick, and he showed them photos of villagers from South America who looked years younger than their actual age. One woman, Mick claimed, had just delivered her second child at age 55. That got Emily's interest, but Paul was still skeptical and wanted to leave. Dante asked for one more minute, and he presented Emily with a small pot that contained a withered plant with a few feeble blooms. He poured some of his plant extract on the plant and promised that in less than an hour, the plant would revive and have hardy blooms. Paul got up and walked out, but Emily grabbed the plant before she ran after him.

Back home, Paul could not believe that Alison had set them up with such a nut case. He called Dante a "snake oil salesman," but Emily said her little sister was trying to help. Paul was sure the guy was a con artist, but then Emily looked at the plant which was now robust with healthy blooms. Paul checked out the pot, but he could find no gimmicks. Emily was convinced, and she talked to Paul about getting rid of the cursed Stenbeck fortune and, at the same time, perhaps doing something for humanity.

Hunter apologized to Maddie for his comments earlier and the fact that he had acted as if he had been "raised by wolves." Maddie told him to forget it, and she confessed that when she got nervous around people, she used the old "imagine them in their underwear" trick. Casey showed up, and Hunter took off. He did take the time, however, to call his mother and chew her out for giving him lousy romantic advice.

Maddie shared Hunter's "make out" remarks with Casey, who had a good laugh. Maddie, however, felt sorry for Hunter. The two of them went to Java and talked about video games. They didn't like the same ones, so Casey asked if Maddie still liked football. Maddie said she did, and she rooted for the New York Giants. Casey said that he could deal with the fact that Maddie was brilliant, fun, and sexy, but the Giants thing was a deal breaker. Maddie stopped listening after Casey said she was sexy.

Margo found Katie and baby Jacob having a checkup at Memorial. Katie told her sister that Henry kept trying to convince her that he could see Brad's ghost. Margo was furious, and she said she might be able to help by getting Henry out of Katie's life very soon.

Henry was also in the hospital, and Brad's ghost frightened him by appearing suddenly. "Brad" wanted Henry to go into the baby's exam room and ask certain questions of the doctor. He was worried that the baby had the beginning of a rash, and the little guy also had some congestion in his chest. Henry protested that Katie would kill him if he walked into the room, but Brad said that Henry had to convince Katie that Brad was really there.

Brad asked Henry to write down a message for Katie. He had Henry write Brad's dying statement to her, which was "I'm not checking out until the Cubs win the Series." Henry did that, and then joined Katie in the exam room. Margo was still there, so Henry told both of the women that Brad had sent him there with a special message for Katie. He tried to hand Katie the piece of paper, but Margo began hustling Henry out of the room. Henry did manage to stick the paper into Jacob's diaper bag on the way out the door, and Brad stayed behind.

Katie began talking to her baby, telling him how hard it was for her to raise him alone. Dr. Bob entered and cautioned Katie about feeling overwhelmed. He examined the baby and said he was very healthy, other than a bit of chest congestion and the beginning of a little rash. Bob asked who was helping Katie, because he was aware how exhausting it was for a single parent. Katie assured Bob that she was okay. Brad stayed in the room as Katie walked out without the baby's stuffed bear, "Mr. Cub." Brad could not get Katie's attention, so he yelled at God that he hated "being dead."

Out in the hall, Henry told Margo that Brad had told him that the baby had a rash and some congestion, but Margo accused him of laying down the foundation for an insanity plea to counter the charges she was filing in the Manzo crimes. Henry said that all he had done was try to hide money from Vienna. Margo dragged him down to the station and asked him to explain about the money laundering scheme. She sat across the desk from him and asked him to testify against Ralph Manzo. She said she needed a witness, and no one else had stepped up. Margo told Henry the charges against him included conspiracy, fraud, racketeering, money laundering, kidnapping, and attempted murder.

The choice was to prosecute Manzo, or they could settle for Henry. Henry reluctantly agreed to testify, and Margo prepared to take his statement. Suddenly, Brad raced in, screaming that the baby had lost his "Mr. Cub" bear. Henry asked him if he was out of his mind, but Margo thought he was addressing her. Each response to Brad irritated Margo more, until finally Brad got disgusted and disappeared. Henry tried to go after him, but Margo restrained him. She was fed up with Henry's non-statement, so she arrested him and lectured him to stop appearing insane.

Margo took the current deal off the table and read Henry his Miranda rights. She left him to make his one phone call, which Henry chose to use to contact Maddie. He got her voicemail, but decided at the last minute not to burden her with his troubles, so he left an innocuous message. Instead, Henry called out to Brad for a personal appearance.

Back at the hospital, Alison saw Dr. Hughes and asked about the aborted meeting with Mick Dante. Bob explained that there had been a multi-car crash on the freeway, and that had required all personnel to be in the emergency room. He told Alison that if she thought he should meet with Dante, then to have the man call and make another appointment.

Alison finished her shift and went to Java, just as Maddie walked out. Alison limped in and spoke with Casey, and Mick Dante arrived, as well. Alison asked how the meeting had gone with Emily and Paul, and Mick reported that Emily was interested, but Paul was mostly suspicious. Alison introduced Mick to Casey, and Mick explained that Alison had been kind enough to set up a meeting for him with her family. He left after thanking Alison again. Casey made some nasty cracks about the young man, and he criticized Alison for giving the guy a chance.

Outside Java, Maddie talked on her phone to her friends back east. They discussed the online game "Pantheon," as Hunter walked up and overheard. He told Maddie that he played that game all the time, and he was delighted that she played, too. They traded screen names, and each recognized the other's avatar. Maddie went back to the hotel and later got online to play. She found an invitation there from "Leonidas," Hunter's avatar, to "Ladyhawke," her character. Maddie accepted the invitation that put them both in the same room.

Paul called Mick back to Fairwinds and explained that Emily was the one who had faith in Mick and the extract. They would fund Dante's project, but Paul explained that he was the practical one, and he cautioned that his accountants would be going over everything carefully. Paul did want to know, however, how Mick got the "plant trick" to work.

Katie was back home, and the baby was squalling. She frantically looked for "Mr. Cub," but she could not find him. She tore through the diaper bag, but when she couldn't find the bear, she apologized to the baby for being "such a failure." Brad appeared, but he was helpless. Katie shocked him by screaming that she hated her husband for getting himself killed, and she completely lost it. She picked up the diaper bag and hurled it at the door. She went to pick it up and found the note in Henry's writing. She knew that there was no way Henry could have known Brad's last words, and she was stymied.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Katie reread the message she had found in the diaper bag that repeated the last words that Brad had spoken to her. The handwriting was Henry's, so Katie began to have doubts and wonder if perhaps Brad really was trying to communicate with her.

At the police station, Henry muttered to himself that he saw "dead people," and he worried that he'd have to go to jail where everyone would remember him as Geneva Swift. Barbara Ryan showed up unexpectedly and said she had a proposition that involved her checkbook. Henry was willing to listen, so Barbara offered to bail him out in exchange for his promise to share a celebratory meal with her. Henry was about to accept when an officer burst in and told Henry that someone had paid his bail and he was free to go.

Katie walked in with the baby and glared at Henry, as Barbara thanked her for handling the bail. Henry blew off dinner with Barbara and said that he and Katie needed to talk. Barbara left, and Katie asked Henry what would happen if she believed that he was not making up the stories about seeing Brad. Katie let Henry take her home, and she asked him why he had put the note in Jacob's diaper bag. Henry said that "Brad" had told him to. Katie wanted to see Brad herself, and she asked Henry to call him.

Henry attempted to explain that he never knew just when Brad would appear, but Katie could not accept that. She got angry and asked Henry to leave, so in desperation, Henry pretended that Brad was there, standing next to Katie. Katie asked some loaded questions that proved that Brad was not answering, and Katie threw her old friend Henry out in the cold.

Meanwhile, Brad materialized in a church, much to his consternation. He spoke to the "Big Guy," and asked for an explanation. He further begged that Katie and the baby be able to see him for themselves.

In Philadelphia, a jail guard delivered a tray of food to Craig and Rosanna, who shared a cell. Craig began the convoluted story about how he had slept with the sister of his fiancée, who was in rehab, and the guard squashed the tray against Craig's stomach in disgust. Rosanna called Craig "smooth," and said she was humiliated. They sat and waited until eventually Margo showed up and bailed them out.

Janet called at Carly's house, and Parker answered the door. Janet wanted to know if Parker had heard from Jack yet, and Carly walked into the room and told Janet that she had found Jack in Philadelphia, but she had no idea where he had gone from there. Janet was stunned that Jack was so far away, and furious that Carly had known where to find him. Before a major battle ensued, Parker made a getaway, saying that he was going to visit Liberty at the farm.

Janet lit into Carly, who then accused her of not doing a very good job of watching out for her husband. Janet returned fire, and then both women took deep breaths and calmed down. Carly explained that she had followed Jack to Philadelphia, but she never saw him after the Ben Franklin incident. Janet was depressed that Jack wouldn't answer her messages, so Carly picked up her phone and dialed Jack. When he answered, Carly handed the phone to Janet.

In Greenville, South Carolina, Jack prowled around a construction site and stumbled upon Mike Kasnoff. The men hugged, and Jack said that he was there to talk with Mike about Katie. He also accidentally broke the news about Brad's death and Jacob's birth. Jack said he was trying to find the one person who could help Katie through the tough times, and Jack hoped that was Mike. Mike said he felt awful, but he had suffered a disabling injury on a job and had lost his construction company. He was on the clock, working for someone else.

A car pulled up, and an attractive woman honked and waved. Mike smiled and told Jack that it was his wife, Anna, with their daughter, Caroline. At that point, Jack's phone rang, and he saw that it was Carly, so he took the call. When Carly passed the phone to Janet, Jack said he was okay, but he was in Greenville visiting Mike. Janet was shocked and asked how the two of them could work things out if Jack was not at home. Jack begged Janet not to look for him, and he hung up.

Mike insisted that Jack go to his house for dinner, meet his family, and get some rest. At Mike's house, Anna greeted Jack and said that she had heard many stories about him. The phone rang, and Anna was clearly uncomfortable until she knew it was work-related for Mike. Jack got her to admit that she dreaded calls from the collection agencies. Jack accompanied her to a crisis center to pick up groceries, and Anna said that Mike would be humiliated if he knew that was where she got their food. Jack tried to assure her that their low spot was only temporary.

Jack found Mike in his garage working on a race car. He said he was racing again for the money, but that Anna did not know. Jack noticed how Mike's hands trembled as he tried to use a wrench, most likely a result of his accident.

Barbara went to have a drink at the Lakeview bar, and Margo joined her. She told Barbara that she had just bailed Craig and Rosanna out of jail in Philadelphia, and Barbara said that she had tried to do that for Henry, but Katie had beaten her to it. Margo was furious and questioned why Katie had lifted a finger to help Henry Coleman. When Barbara made no response, Margo realized that she and Henry had some sort of relationship. Margo asked if Barbara was out of her mind.

Barbara claimed that Henry had been a mere pawn in Audrey Coleman's grand scheme, and since he had saved Barbara's life, she felt that she owed Henry something. Margo teased Barbara about having a "motherly, caretaking impulse" towards Henry, and Barbara went silent except to order a drink.

At the farm, Parker found Liberty, not writing her college application essays, but eating ice cream and listening to music in the kitchen. Parker reminded her of what she was supposed to be doing, but Liberty asked what the point was. She was in a funk, and Parker tried to reason with her that Brad would have hated to see her so gloomy. They took a walk, and when they returned, they found Janet on her laptop searching for flights to Greenville, South Carolina.

The teens had obviously been arguing, and Parker finally blurted out that Liberty needed to get working on her college applications. Liberty called herself "a big disappointment," and she went up to her room. Janet thanked Parker for trying, and she went upstairs to join her daughter. She told Liberty that she was low herself and asked her daughter for a hug.

Carly was surprised to have Craig barge into her house and announce that she' d had her fun, but it was his turn. Craig said that it was his fault that he and Rosanna hadn't told Carly about their affair any sooner. Carly couldn't believe that Craig had turned his victim into his biggest fan. She said that he must feel truly unburdened of all that guilt. She cautioned Craig that she could take him away from her sister whenever she felt like it. Craig said that Carly overestimated her charms, and he backed away from her seductive moves. Carly pushed Craig against the door and whispered to him all the things she used to do for him when they were a couple.

Margo visited Katie, and Katie asked for a restraining order against Henry. She said that Henry had almost convinced her that he could see and talk to Brad, and Margo said that he had done the same thing to her. That shook Katie, and she began to have second thoughts.

Henry went back to his hotel room, and Brad was waiting for him. He told Henry that he had asked "the Boss" in church for help. He said the next thing he knew, he was in Henry's hotel room, but he just had to wait because he couldn't even turn on the television. Brad thanked Henry for at least trying with Katie.

Rosanna arranged for a candlelight dinner in Craig's suite, and he was appreciative of her efforts. He told her that he had tried to make peace with Carly, and he thought he had made some progress. Rosanna embraced him, but Craig looked distant and perplexed.

Parker went home to find Carly making dinner. Carly asked about Janet, and Parker said that she had decided to stay home and be close to Liberty. She had abandoned the idea of looking for Jack.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Damian dropped in on Lily unannounced because he wanted to see her. Lily invited him in for a cup of coffee, and while she was in the kitchen preparing it, Damian took a phone call from Meg. She told him that she had received a call from Officer Grady in Kentucky, and he had wanted to know if the Snyder family wanted to press charges against Damian for withholding information. Lily returned, so Damian had to cut the call short.

Meg, however, had placed the call from her cell phone as she was standing outside Lily's door. She watched Lily and Damian enjoying their coffee, and when Lily left the room again, Damian called Meg back. He said that he was concerned that Grady was harassing her, and he suggested that she tell him that the family had decided not to press charges. Damian lied and told Meg that he was "at a meeting," and he promised to call her as soon as he returned to the hotel.

Damian hung up and lied to Lily that he had to get back to his office. He asked her out to dinner, and Lily agreed. Damian walked out, and Meg emerged from the bushes near Lily's door. She watched Damian leave, but Lily opened her door and asked Meg what she was doing. Meg lied and said that she was about to knock on the door, but she had panicked when she saw Damian. She asked to speak with Lily, so the women went inside. They talked about both of their involvements with Damian, and then Meg left.

At the Lakeview, Craig called down to the lounge to see if Rosanna was there having breakfast. He learned that Rosanna had already left, but he quickly figured out where she had gone.

Carly got Mike Kasnoff's address in Greenville from Ben Harris, and she hung up with him when Rosanna knocked on her door. Rosanna had a basket of muffins as a peace offering, which Carly announced was not an adequate exchange for a romp in the hay with Carly's fiancée. Rosanna wanted to talk, and said that Craig had revealed that he and Carly had "made some progress" in their discussion the day before. Carly remembered that she had whispered sexual innuendoes to Craig and suggested that he thought of Carly when he was making love to Rosanna.

Carly let her sister in, and Rosanna begged for forgiveness again. Craig appeared at the door, as Carly said, "Speak of the devil." Craig said that he needed to talk to Rosanna, but Carly taunted him about which of them should tell Rosanna what they had really discussed in their previous conversation. Then Carly got angry and lit into both of them about lying and covering up their affair. She made further references to "the progress" she and Craig had made, until Rosanna became suspicious. Craig announced that they were all adults, but Carly wisecracked that some of them were "adulterers."

Carly ordered Craig to stay out of her life, and he said that caveat went both ways. He said there would be no more apologies, begging for forgiveness, and "no more sexual torture." Craig took Rosanna's arm and led her out the door. They went back to the hotel, where Rosanna scolded Craig for impeding the progress she had been making with Carly. Craig said he was sick of apologies, and Carly was not the "wounded bird" that Rosanna assumed she was.

Rosanna questioned Craig's comment about "sexual torture" and asked it that was making the situation intolerable. Craig pointed out that Carly was simply playing on Rosanna's insecurities, and he refused to let anyone ruin their relationship. He took Rosanna to the couch, and they began to kiss. Craig pulled back to look into Rosanna's eyes, but his lover's face had changed into Carly's. Rosanna pulled him down and asked him to make love to her.

Carly phoned Parker and said that she might know where his father was. She asked if she could get someone to stay at the house if Parker could keep an eye on Sage while she was away for a couple of days. Carly was determined to bring Jack home, "where he belonged." Carly went to a box and removed the old compass that had always been the symbol of her love with Jack.

Luke met with Noah at Java, and Noah remembered that he needed some books for the morning's shoot. He asked Luke to watch his belongings while he ran to the bookstore, and Luke agreed. Noah gave Luke a kiss and took off. Luke put the DVD of the first day of filming into Noah's laptop and watched a replay of Mason's planting a kiss on Noah's forehead at the conclusion of the shoot. Then Luke put the disc into its case, as Mason walked in and said he wanted to talk. Luke told Noah's mentor that he wasn't "in the mood."

Mason kept talking anyway, and he maintained that he had not "put the moves" on Noah. Luke asked what else he would call kissing a student, but Mason kept on. He explained how important Noah's film was for his career, but all Noah could think about on set was Luke. Luke said he wasn't stupid, and he knew what Mason was trying to do. Both men stood up and began shouting, until finally they grabbed each other and began struggling. Noah walked in, horrified.

Noah separated Luke and his professor, and Mason ran out. Noah asked what had happened, but they began to argue after Luke called Mason "some creep" who had "the hots" for Noah. Noah said he needed Mason for his project, but Luke told his boyfriend that Mason had said that Luke should stay off the sets because he was a "total distraction" to Noah. Noah thought a minute and then admitted that Mason was right. He picked up his belongings and headed for his shoot, unaware that Luke had pocketed the DVD.

An upset Luke went to Damian's room at the Lakeview to fill him in on the Grimaldi meeting the previous day. Damian noticed Luke's mood and questioned him about it. Luke said that he and Noah had fought about Mason, and he took out the DVD with the kiss and showed it to his father.

On the set of Noah's shoot, the Dean of Oakdale University appeared and asked to speak with both Noah and Mason. They went back to the dean's office, and the dean spoke to them individually. He asked Noah if Professor Jarvis had ever "acted inappropriately" towards him.

Luke went home, and Lily found him lying on the couch. She was trying to decide how to convince the younger children that they were still a family, even thought Holden was not living with them. Luke asked if Lily was going to be with Damian, and he said good things about his birth father.

Meg went to Damian's room in a state of panic. She said that she hated lying to Officer Grady, and also to her family. Damian stalled by saying that he was afraid the "tests could be wrong," but Meg said she knew that Damian knew the truth and he shouldn't have hidden it from her family. Damian begged her not to let him down, and Meg's phone rang. Meg said it was Grady again, so Damian took the phone from her and put it on the table. Then he kissed her.

In Greenville, South Carolina, Jack, Mike, Anna, and the baby had breakfast at a restaurant. Jack picked up the tab over Mike's protests, but Anna gave Jack her sincere thanks. Mike lied to his wife by telling her that he had a job out of town that day, so Anna said goodbye to Jack and took the baby home. Jack asked why Mike had not told Anna that he was going racing, and Mike said that his wife worried too much about his racing, so he had kept the truth from her. Jack said he thought that was a poor idea, and Mike suggested that Jack mind his own business.

Mike apologized, and Jack did, too. Mike explained that he had gotten his arm caught between a wall and a fork lift and had torn his rotator cuff badly enough to require surgery. The tremors he had were a result of the injury, and he had to learn to live with them. Mike said he had to get going, and he wished Jack well. He asked Jack to tell Katie that he was thinking of her, and he stated that even if he did not have a wonderful family, he was not the guy Jack needed to be looking for. It pained Mike to say it, but he said that Jack should be hunting for Simon Frasier. Katie had given Simon a piece of her heart that Simon had never given back.

Carly few to Greenville and found the Kasnoff house. Anna answered the door and that confused Carly, who did not know that Mike had married. Anna guessed who Carly was and mentioned that she thought Jack needed her. She introduced Carly to baby Caroline, and they took a walk in a nearby park. Carly explained that she was no longer married to Jack, and their situation was complicated. Anna thought Jack was no longer in town, but she dialed Mike's phone to check.

Jack followed Mike to the Greenville Pickens Speedway, and when he caught up with his friend, Mike was arguing with a man who was threatening him. Mike tried to tighten some nuts on the car, but his hands were too shaky. Jack was worried that Mike would be driving a high-speed car like that, but Mike did not appreciate Jack's interference. Mike said the man he'd argued with would probably own the deed to Mike's house very soon, and he and his family would be out on the street unless he won the prize money for the race.

In the track's Hospitality Suite, Mike put on his racing suit, and Jack pestered him not to take a chance on getting hurt. Mike said he was tired of needing help, and then walked to the car. Mike yelled at Jack to go home and put his own life back together, so Jack punched Mike, knocking him out. Jack heard Mike's phone ring, so he answered it. The caller was Anna, so Jack told her that Mike was "unavailable," but he urged her to get to the racetrack as soon as possible. The women found Mike still out cold in the Hospitality Suite, as Jack, dressed in Mike's racing colors, stepped up to the car on the track.

Friday, November 13, 2009

At the Greenville Pickens Speedway, Jack told Mike's pit captain that Jack was sitting in for Mike. Malcolm asked if Jack knew anything about driving. Jack said he knew enough to win.

"Have I died and gone to Oakdale?" A groggy Mike asked after Carly and Anna revived him. Anna was irate that Mike had intended to race. Mike insisted that he had to do it, or they'd lose their house. Malcolm entered, wondering when Mike planned to tell him about the "Yankee" replacement. "He's talking about Jack," Carly said, rushing out.

Carly hurried down to the racetrack, but a man stopped her at the gate, asking for her pass. She insisted that she wasn't a groupie, and Jack wasn't a racecar driver. "Sounds like a personal problem to me. You need to move it along," he replied.

Mike radioed Jack's car, insisting that the race belonged to him, not Jack. Jack refused to let Mike drive with shaky hands. Jack said he'd already widowed one woman, and he wouldn't let it happen to another. Carly got on the line, insisting that no actions could resurrect Brad, and no man could make it right for Katie. Carly asked Jack to think about his family.

Jack insisted that he needed to make it right, even if he seemed selfish. He said he'd see her at the finish line, and he steered the car to the starting queue. Mike, Carly, and Anna tensely watched the race. During the final lap, Jack sped up, and took command of the outside lane. He pulled ahead of the other cars, and crossed the finish line first by a half of a car length.

Carly and Anna headed to the winner's circle, and Mike met Jack at the car with congratulations. Jack instructed Mike to keep all the proceeds from the win. Mike went to accept the prize in the winner's circle. Carly glanced around, and then took off to find Jack.

In his car, Jack called Margo to ask her to dig up leads on Simon Frasier. Jack pulled out of the parking lot, and saw Carly flagging down his car. He ignored her, and zoomed away.

When the school dean said he had evidence that Mason had been inappropriate with Noah, Noah stammered, saying that he considered his relationship with Mason to be strictly professional. The dean excused Noah, and asked him to send Mason into the office.

Luke offered to stay with Lily, who was nervous about meeting with Holden to discuss telling the kids about the divorce; however, Luke left when an irritated Noah called to meet at Java. At the coffee shop, Noah told Luke that his film project was in jeopardy because someone had informed the dean that Mason had displayed inappropriate behavior toward Noah. Luke wondered how he could help, and Noah replied that he needed to know who'd gone to the dean. "Luke, was it you?" Noah pointedly asked.

Luke claimed that he'd never do such a thing. Noah relaxed, stating that he knew Luke hadn't done it, but he'd needed to ask. Noah hated that they'd fought over Mason, who Noah considered a "non-issue." Luke stated that Mason would be the "ultimate non-issue" once the project was completed. Noah left, and Luke looked troubled.

At the Lakeview, Luke confronted Damian about turning Mason in to the dean. Damian made no secret of doing it. Luke claimed that he'd been venting to Damian, but Luke hadn't wanted Mason to lose his job. Damian reasoned that he'd eliminated the threat without getting Luke's hands dirty. Damian asserted that Mason needed to be dealt with, and it was better that Damian had done it instead of Luke. "That's what a father does for his son," Damian concluded.

Noah went to the set to work on a fireworks display for a party scene. A drunken Mason showed up, and Noah warned that he'd get fired for intoxication. Mason responded that he'd already been fired for sexual misconduct. "My career is down the tubes, but so is your film," Mason said. Mason accused Luke of giving the dean a copy of the dailies, which showed Mason kissing Noah. Noah asked Mason to leave, and Mason hoped that Noah succeeded despite Luke.

When Luke arrived on set, Noah accused him of giving the dean ammunition to shut down the film. Luke revealed that Damian had done it. Though Luke denied it, Noah figured that Luke had gotten his father to do his dirty work. Noah said that it was all for nothing, because Mason could never compare to Luke.

Noah rushed to set up his scene, fearing that the dean would shut him down at any moment. With a tube of fireworks in hand, he climbed a ladder. Below, Luke urged Noah to talk. Noah stood on the ladder, set the fireworks on a ledge, and hastily connected some wires. Noah ordered Luke to go. Noah glanced at the wires, saying, "Something is not right here." Suddenly, the explosives ignited, and the explosion blew Noah off the ladder.

In Damian's hotel room, Meg relished Damian's unexpected kiss. Damian uttered that she was precious to him. He regretted the situation in which Officer Grady had put her, but appreciated her loyalty. When Damian said he'd readily return the favor, Meg asked him to dinner. Damian claimed that he had to work. "With Lily," Meg assumed. She said that she'd hate to have to call Lily's house in the event that Officer Grady called again. Damian offered to rearrange his schedule, and Meg grinned, saying that they'd finally have time alone.

When Holden arrived at Lily's house, Lily seemed hopeful that Holden and she wanted the same things. "Maybe not," Holden replied, stating that he planned to seek joint custody of their children. He said he'd be living at the farm, and wanted the kids to spend at least half their time in a "wholesome environment." Lily took exception to the statement, and Holden stated that he worried about Damian's influence on the kids. Just as Lily replied that Damian was hardly ever there, Damian entered the house without knocking.

Holden thanked Damian for proving Holden's point that Damian would be in and out of the house, whisking Lily all over the world. Damian wondered what was wrong with that, and reminded Holden that Damian hadn't been a bad influence the night he'd saved Faith. Lily asked Damian to go, so that Holden and she could sort things out.

Holden insisted that he wanted to protect his kids from Damian's influence. Holden and Lily argued about Holden's insistence upon the divorce and Lily's infallible need to cling to Damian. Lily claimed that since Holden had left her, he couldn't dictate her life. The two agreed to amicably work out custody, and Lily permitted Holden to take Ethan to a puppet show later. Lily asked why Holden hated Damian, and Holden said that Damian loved people selfishly.

At the farm, Meg threw on a sexy dress for her date. She tossed a robe over it as Holden entered the house. He told Meg how things had gone at Lily's, and Meg accused him of scaring Lily right into Damian's arms. Holden replied that it wasn't his problem, and it shouldn't be Meg's, either. Meg reasoned that Holden needed to ease tensions for the children's sakes. Holden conceded, saying he'd smooth things out when he picked up Ethan.

After Holden exited, Meg removed her robe and left for the Lakeview. She let herself into Damian's room. Sitting on the sofa, she hoped they'd have some romance before dinner.

Downstairs, Damian arranged his dinner plans at the bar. He spotted a tearful Lily entering, and took her to his room for some privacy. Meg heard them at the door, and hid in the bathroom. Meg listened in as Lily asked if Damian had time to talk. Damian replied that nothing was more important than she was.

Lily relayed Holden's complaints about the kind of life she'd lead with Damian around. Damian said they'd have whatever kind of life she wanted. Lily realized that she needed to prove that Damian and she could lead a normal life. "We're still married. Move in with me, and let's start living like a real family," Lily proposed.

When Holden arrived to pick up Ethan, the babysitter said that he was asleep. Holden decided to take the child to the show another time. Outside, Holden saw Mason, who yelled that Holden had ruined his life. Holden didn't know what Mason was talking about. Mason insisted that Luke's father had given the dean the film dailies. Holden replied that Mason was looking for Luke's "other father."

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