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Ryder had a solid alibi that proved he had not murdered the faux FBI agent. Daniel and Amber had a small, impromptu wedding ceremony on their rooftop. Mac broke up with Billy. Chance's surgery was a success.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 9, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, November 9, 2009

At Jimmy's Bar, Billy met with his lawyer and Chloe at what Billy described as his temporary headquarters. Chloe was busy texting, and she expressed concern that Chance hadn't responded to her messages. After Chloe left, Billy told his lawyer that Chloe had signed their divorce papers, so she was free to pursue her boyfriend. Outside the bar, Chloe, anxious to let Chance know that she was single, phoned his cell. After Jill answered, Chloe was stunned to learn that Chance was injured.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Lily and Cane told a concerned Neil that they would soon try to have a baby. Neil asked Cane to step out with him. Cane kissed Lily before he left, and Lily asked Cane to tell Chance's family that he was in her prayers. In the hallway, Neil told Cane that Lily had only two eggs harvested. Neil was worried that a failed surrogate pregnancy would devastate Lily and crush her hopes and dreams. Cane announced that Mac had already agreed to act as Lily's surrogate.

Uneasy for Lily's sake, Neil suggested that Cane and Lily wait five years, when doctors would consider Lily cancer-free, before having a baby. Cane explained that Lily needed to have a baby as soon as possible. Neil worried about the impact to Lily's emotional health if Mac did not become pregnant right away. Cane admitted that he didn't know what would happen. Cane recalled that the day before, he thought Lily was about to die. The following day, Cane added, Lily was bravely anticipating her future. Cane pleaded with Neil to stand by Lily's side and not dash her hopes for a baby.

After Cane returned to Lily's bedside, she worried that Neil had changed Cane's mind about having a baby. Cane said that Neil hadn't changed Cane's mind, but he suggested that they wait until Lily was stronger. Lily said that she wanted their baby in the world no matter what. Lily secured Colleen's angel pendant around her neck and said, "This is about our family, and if we want it enough, it will happen." Neil returned and Lily pleaded with him not to be anxious about the future. Neil said that he didn't want Lily's heart to be broken. Lily asked Neil if he wanted to be a grandfather, and he replied, "Someday." Lily's eyes lit up when she responded, "Someday might be sooner than you think."

In a waiting area near the emergency room, Mac learned from Katherine, Murphy, Jill, and Phillip that an assailant had stabbed Chance during a robbery at Crimson Lights. Nina worried after she learned that the knife had punctured Chance's spleen. Jill comforted a distressed Phillip, who, weak-kneed, crumpled, near a doorway. Phillip said that he and Chance had been close to mending their relationship. Jill supposed that Phillip feared losing his son. Phillip berated himself for running away years before , but Jill suggested that Phillip built walls in order to protect himself from emotional pain.

Cane comforted Katherine, who eagerly awaited news about Chance. Chloe arrived and learned about the extent of Chance's injuries. Chloe told Katherine that she'd signed her divorce papers and longed to share the news with Chance. Nina sipped coffee nearby and overheard Chloe's conversation with Katherine. Nina, teary-eyed, covertly observed as Katherine assured Chloe that she'd soon be able to share her good news with Chance.

Murphy consoled Mac as they waited for news about Chance. Murphy talked about life and death, and he admitted that baby Delia was a source of joy in his life. Mac explained that she had visited the hospital nursery in order to lift her spirits. Billy arrived after Mac texted him. Billy, caught up in his own problems, sobered when Mac reminded him that Chance was in surgery and that Lily had rebounded from a serious infection.

Mac sat Billy down and told him that Lily's goal was to have a child via surrogate. Mac explained that ever since she returned from Darfur, she longed to make a difference. Mac attempted to tell Billy about her plans, but Katherine abruptly called Billy away. Katherine told Billy that although he had pulled stupid stunts with his magazine, she still loved him no matter what. After Billy returned to Mac, she told him that she had agreed to carry a baby for Lily and Cane. Billy set his jaw and steadfastly announced, "Oh, no you're not! It's not going to happen."

Nina and Phillip paced the hospital hallway nervously while Chance was in surgery. Nina sobbed and recalled how she had worried about Chance every day while he served in Iraq. Nina cried and maintained that her son had to be okay. Nina railed at Phillip and blasted him for having run away when they needed him. Phillip embraced Nina and said, "I'm here now." Chance's surgeon emerged, and everyone gathered to hear the doctor report that he'd successfully controlled Chance's bleeding. As orderlies wheeled Chance to recovery, Nina bolted to her son's bedside. Phillip also stood by Chance's bedside, opposite Nina, as the whole family escorted Chance's gurney to its destination. Chloe stood nearby and breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that Chance would be all right.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis learned from Nick that he planned to reimburse funds investors lost after Victor pulled all assets from the Cayman bank. Jack arrived and told Nick that giving Newman an image makeover with class and decency would make him a better businessman than his dad had ever been. Phyllis was skeptical of Jack's sudden outpouring of support and praise. Jack presented Nick with a bottle of champagne and said, "May we toast your ascension to the throne? May it always be yours!" Nick said he'd prefer to drink scotch, as he reminded Jack that his follies had cost Newman a lot of money.

Jack discussed Nick's sudden rise to power and asked if Katherine had been in touch, as she was the only other business professional in Nick's league. Nick pressed Jack to disclose the reason for his impromptu visit. Before Jack could elaborate, Billy burst in with an injunction that he claimed nullified Nick's decree that barred Billy from his office at Restless Style. After Nick perused the document, he asked if Jack had preceded Billy's arrival in order to gloat. Jack insisted that Billy worked on his own, and he described Billy as a thorn in his side just as Adam was a thorn in Nick's side.

After Nick left his office to consult with his legal department, Jack mockingly toasted his brother and said, "To Billy, my ex-brother." Billy asked why Jack had thrown him under the bus in front of a Newman. Jack explained that Nick was like a son to him. Billy countered, "And I'm not family?" Jack told Billy that his misdeeds were cumulative and had far-reaching damage. Jack blamed Billy for spoiling his attempts to regain control of Jabot in order to fulfill their late dad's dream of having Billy, Ashley, and Jack work together. After Nick returned, he announced that his legal department would honor the injunction, but Nick added that if his attorney discovered a loophole, Billy would be out on the street again. After Billy received a text message, he left hurriedly.

Phyllis discovered a handwritten letter in a stack of mail delivered to Newman Enterprises. After she opened the letter and read it, she rushed to the psychiatric facility to see Patty. A guard allowed Phyllis, who posed as a concerned visitor, into Patty's cell. Phyllis' demeanor changed abruptly when she showed Patty the letter. Phyllis grilled a bewildered Patty and asked if she'd laced the letter with peanut dust. Patty seemed confused when Phyllis shared the letter, addressed to Summer, which read, "I am sorry you are sick. It makes me sad." Patty asked Phyllis if she was Summer, and claimed that she didn't remember writing the letter, scrawled in a child-like script.

As a reminder for Patty, Phyllis explained that Summer was her young daughter. Patty giddily announced that she and Jack planned to have children. Infuriated, Phyllis thrust her face a mere inch from Patty's and warned, "You should feel so lucky that you are locked up in here because if you are ever out on the street, you should be very, very afraid." Patty crouched against the padded wall of her cell as Phyllis continued issuing threats. When Emily arrived, Patty scurried to the safety of her doctor's embrace. Phyllis was shocked to see an identical copy of the woman who had almost murdered Summer.

Emily met with Phyllis in the hallway outside Patty's cell. Phyllis was livid and asked the doctor why she'd placate the crazy woman who'd stolen her face. Emily explained that Patty was paying for her crimes and seeking treatment. Phyllis produced the letter and challenged Emily to dig into Patty's psycho-brain in order to explain what the letter meant. Emily glanced at the letter and said that she was to blame, not Patty. Emily said that she couldn't discuss the specifics of Patty's treatment, but she suggested that the letter was Patty's effort to acknowledge her wrongdoings and apologize. Phyllis promptly dismissed Emily's claims as psychobabble. Emily reminded Phyllis that others had taken advantage of and manipulated Patty. Phyllis, with restrained composure, sternly warned Emily to stay away from her family.

Phyllis later returned to Nick's office and told him about confronting Patty about the letter she'd sent to Summer. Nick declared that had he known, he wouldn't have allowed Phyllis to go anywhere near Patty. Phyllis described her horror when she saw Emily, who appeared to be Patty's identical twin. Phyllis said, "One is blonde, and one is brunette, but neither of them think that it's a big deal that a child almost lost her life. I couldn't decide which one I wanted to strangle first." Nick shook his head in anguish.

Later, at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, Jack joined Emily, who warned him not to attempt to kiss her again or discuss his guilt about Patty. As Emily munched an olive hoisted from her martini, she described her encounter with an irate Phyllis. Emily told Jack about the letter Patty had sent to Summer. Jack was taken aback, but Emily claimed that Patty wasn't responsible for her actions because she didn't even know what year it was, much less victim etiquette. Jack asked Emily if she'd ever met Summer, who he added, had a smile that could light up a room. Emily indicated that she had not.

Jack told Emily how Phyllis had found Summer unconscious on the floor after Patty knowingly exposed the child to peanuts. After Patty implicated Phyllis as the perpetrator, Jack added, Phyllis wasn't allowed to be with Summer at the hospital. Emily insisted that she wasn't excusing Patty's actions. Jack explained how Patty was determined to destroy any woman that came close to him. Complacently, Jack added that he was relieved to know that Patty couldn't attack anyone again. Back at the psychiatric facility, Patty lay curled in a fetal position atop a padded mattress on the cell floor. Twirling a strand of her long, blond hair, Patty pitifully cried, "Jack, come back. Come back, Jack."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chloe sat by Chance's bedside and started to get emotional when he didn't seem to be waking up. It wasn't until she finally admitted her feelings for him that he opened his eyes. Meanwhile, Billy went to the dive bar intent on convincing Mac how insane her idea of carrying Lily's baby was. Mac realized that Billy's real reason behind not wanting her to be carrying Lily and Cane's child was because the first time she gave birth she wouldn't be giving birth to their child.

Nina assured Phillip that Chance was fine, but Phillip started to fall apart at the seams and began to admit that he was wrong for running away then returning and expecting so much from them. Inside Chance's room, Chloe gave Chance her divorce papers and assured him that he was it for her. Billy arrived at the hospital to check on Chance and found Chloe and Delia curled up on Chance's bed with him. Meanwhile, Mac met with Michael to go over the legalities of surrogacy and made it clear that she was doing it on her own.

Ashley and Abby continued to have issues as Abby continued to defy Ashley at every turn. Meanwhile, Abby and Daisy met Eden and Noah at the coffeehouse and instead of studying like they had planned, Abby zeroed in on Ryder.

As Daniel and Amber worked on planning their wedding at the coffeehouse, Daniel warned Kevin that if he kept giving Ryder the benefit of the doubt it would only be a matter of time before Ryder betrayed Kevin. Later, Michael arrived to talk about Ryder's trial and asked about Ryder's alibi, but Ryder asked him to forget about it, which set off alarms for Michael. Later, Kevin explained to Daniel that Ryder's trial date had been set and if his alibi came through, Daniel could end up in the defendant's seat next.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Adam, his arm in a sling, returned home. He called Nick to tell him that, other than tripping over a curb and breaking his collarbone, the trip had been a success. Adam remarked about the menial nature of the trip -- counting perfume bottles. Nick told Adam to check in with Nick at the Newman office.

Ashley entered the Newman living room and Adam told her about his fall and fracturing his collarbone. Ashley gently suggested to Adam that he begin using a cane, but Adam said that he wouldn't do that until he absolutely had to. Ashley told Adam that she had some non-Newman business to discuss with him.

Ashley said that she knew that Adam wasn't working to his full potential at Newman Enterprises, and that was too bad, because, according to Ashley, Adam was incredibly smart. Adam was touched when Ashley said that she believed in him. She told Adam that she was working on a business deal, but that she wasn't able to share any details with Adam yet, adding that she soon might have a project that she and Adam could work on together.

Jack ran into Nick at Crimson Lights. Jack told Nick that Jack was shocked when he had read the press release about Victoria's resignation from Newman. Jack and Nick discussed Ashley's return to "her old self," but they both wondered why she allowed Adam to live at the ranch. They decided they would watch Adam, and keep each other apprised if Adam did anything that seemed shady.

In the Jabot boardroom, Katherine and Neil discussed the initial public offering of Chancellor Industries stock. Neil informed Katherine that he had talked with Mitchell Sherman, and that the appropriate paperwork was being filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which would probably leak the information that Chancellor was planning to go public. Katherine said that Jack already knew about the IPO. Neil wondered what Jack's next move would be. Katherine told Neil that Jack would probably try to pull something sneaky.

Later, Ashley showed up at Jabot. Jack called her and left a message wanting to discuss his business proposal -- buying up as many shares of Chancellor as possible. Ashley ignored Jack's message. Neil joined Ashley in the boardroom. Ashley congratulated Neil on escaping from Victor's shadow. She told Neil that she always knew that he was "head honcho" material. Neil mentioned that Chancellor Industries faced many challenges. Fishing for information, Ashley said that she had heard some rumblings of "big doings" at Chancellor.

Neil changed the subject to the reason for Ashley's visit. Ashley lied and said that she was there to see a report on Jabot's marketing strategy. When Neil said that he could have e-mailed the report to her, Ashley coyly said that then she would have missed out on seeing Neil's handsome face.

Katherine joined Neil and Ashley. Ashley asked Katherine if she had heard anything from Nikki or Victor. Katherine said that Nikki had called and told Katherine that Victor was doing well in his rehabilitation program. Ashley feared that things could get awkward between her and Katherine because of Katherine's friendship with Victor and Nikki, but Katherine reminded Ashley that she was Ashley's friend, too.

Jack showed up for a meeting with Katherine and Neil and wondered what Ashley was doing at Jabot. Ashley again lied and said that she wanted to see the report on Jabot's marketing strategy. As Ashley smiled and left, Katherine told her not to be a stranger.

Later, after Jack left the boardroom, Neil told Katherine that Ashley had been fishing for information about the Chancellor IPO. Katherine said that the Abbotts were "circling the wagons." Neil realized that Ashley and Jack thought that if the Abbotts could buy enough shares of Chancellor stock, they might regain control of Jabot. Katherine assured Neil that would never happen.

Ashley and Jack lunched at the Athletic Club. Jack hoped that seeing Ashley at Jabot meant that she was going to change her mind about trying to regain control of their family's company. Ashley lied and said that she was at Jabot just to see what was going on, and that if Jack wanted to regain control of Jabot, he would have to do it on his own.

At Crimson Lights, Michael called Daniel and told him that if Ryder had a viable alibi for the night of Elkins' murder, then Daniel would once again become a suspect in the murder. Michael assured Daniel that if Ryder had an alibi, Michael would find it.

Michael approached Ryder, who was working behind the counter. Ryder cavalierly brushed Michael off about the alibi. Michael told Ryder that Ryder might be rotting in jail soon. Ryder insisted that he didn't kill Elkins. Michael said that he needed concrete proof of that from Ryder -- or Ryder would spend the next 20 years to life in prison.

Ryder joined Michael at a table. Michael said that either Ryder was guilty and lying about having an alibi, or that Ryder was covering for someone. Ryder was reluctant to speak, but Michael reassured him that their conversation would be confidential. Ryder admitted to Michael that he had no proof that he didn't commit the murder. Michael asked Ryder where he had been the night of the murder. Ryder said that he had driven to Chicago, then returned to Genoa City. Michael asked Ryder to write down the make, model, and license plate number of the car that Ryder had made his trip in. After Ryder walked away, Michael made a call and asked someone to run the license plate number.

Phyllis stopped by Daniel and Amber's apartment and was shocked when she learned that Daniel and Amber had set a wedding date. Phyllis looked nearly catatonic as Amber prattled on about the wedding. Amber said that she and Daniel were planning to marry in June. Amber received a phone call from Katherine and had to leave. As soon as Amber was gone, Phyllis asked Daniel if he were out of his mind. Daniel assuaged Phyllis' concern by telling her that there might not be a wedding -- but Phyllis became frantic when she learned that it was because Daniel might be reinvestigated as a suspect in the Elkins murder.

Daniel told his mother that Deacon had information that exonerated Ryder. Daniel said that Deacon hadn't been interfering in Daniel and Amber's life -- but that could be a part of Deacon's "master plan." Daniel feared that he might find out that he had been "totally played."

Phyllis told Daniel that if Ryder were convicted, then the police wouldn't bother Daniel again. Daniel said that if Ryder weren't convicted, then Daniel would go to prison. Phyllis tried to calm her son down by telling him that even if Ryder wasn't the killer, neither was Daniel. Phyllis told Daniel that he should apprise Amber of the situation. Daniel said that Amber had tried to keep him out of prison by marrying Deacon, and that he couldn't understand why Phyllis hated Amber. Phyllis said that she didn't hate Amber -- she just felt that Amber wasn't a good match for Daniel. Phyllis again insisted that Daniel tell Amber the truth about the possibility of his going to prison.

Amber went to the Athletic Club to meet Katherine for lunch. As Amber entered the dining room, she ran into Deacon. Deacon said that he was happy that Amber had found happiness with Daniel. Rubbing it in Deacon's face, Amber said that she was "over the moon."

Amber joined Katherine and told Katherine that she was marrying the man of her dreams. Amber said that Phyllis had been informed about the wedding, and that Phyllis hadn't run out of the room screaming. Katherine laughed, and told Amber that Phyllis was probably starting to see the woman who Daniel and Katherine had grown to love. Amber talked about her miserable childhood, and how she wished she could right some of the wrongs that she had committed during her life. Katherine assured Amber that everyone had done things that they weren't proud of.

Ryder visited Deacon in Deacon's suite. He told Deacon that he was freaking out because Ryder hadn't heard from Ryder's mother. Ryder chided Deacon for allowing the plan to steal the Terroni to fail. Deacon was supposed to have used some of the proceeds from the painting's sale to send Ryder to a country that didn't have an extradition treaty with the United States.

Ryder wondered what Deacon's "Plan B" was. Deacon reminded Ryder that Deacon wasn't calling the shots. Ryder asked Deacon if Ryder's mother had told Deacon about the alibi that Ryder supposedly had. When Deacon said that she hadn't, Ryder worried that he might be sent to prison for a crime that he hadn't committed.

Ryder begged Deacon to tell Ryder's mother that Ryder needed help. Deacon said that he was through dealing with Ryder's mother and her crazy plans. Ryder asked if Deacon was going to follow through on her plan to go after the Baldwins. When Deacon said that he wasn't, Ryder asked Deacon about Deacon's child. Deacon freaked out and said that his son was safe -- and in a place where that "bitch" couldn't get to him. Deacon told Ryder to enjoy his freedom while it lasted -- and then threw him out.

Later, a livid Phyllis surprised Deacon with a visit. Phyllis told Deacon to stay away from Daniel. Deacon said that he hadn't done anything to Daniel. Phyllis said that she knew that Deacon pulled Ryder's strings, and that she would do anything to protect her son. Deacon shouted, "What about my son?" Deacon explained that he wasn't calling the shots, and that "they" had threatened his child, but his son was in a safe place.

Phyllis, not believing that Deacon had a son, asked Deacon what was going on. All Deacon would say was that it was complicated, and that he was sorry that he had gotten involved in the first place. Phyllis said that she knew that Deacon had information that could clear Daniel. She threatened Deacon, telling him that if he didn't turn the information over to the authorities, Deacon would be going to jail for a long time.

Ryder met with Michael on the Crimson Lights patio. Michael had found the evidence that would exonerate Ryder. Ryder had run a red light in Chicago 30 minutes before the murder was committed, and a police camera had taken a photo of Ryder in his car. Since Ryder couldn't have made it back to Genoa City from Chicago in 30 minutes, he couldn't have murdered Elkins.

Michael pointed out that there was a female passenger in the car with Ryder. Michael wondered if she was the person who Ryder was protecting. Ryder said that it didn't matter who she was. He thanked Michael for saving his butt, then returned to work behind the counter.

Michael called Daniel with the bad news -- Ryder had an airtight alibi, and Daniel needed to prepare himself, since the DA would probably start investigating Daniel again. Amber returned from her lunch with Katherine. A serious-looking Daniel told her that he was sorry, but that he couldn't marry her.

In Nick's office at Newman Enterprises, Adam said that since Victoria had resigned, Adam would be happy to help Nick out with Nick's overwhelming workload. Nick told Adam that would never happen -- but that there was something that Adam could help Nick with. Michael entered Nick's office. Nick told Adam that the person who had allegedly called the SEC to turn in Victoria was back from vacation, and that he wanted Adam to be there when Nick and Michael got her side of the story, since Adam had been the person who traced the call. Adam looked concerned, because he had been the person who had called the SEC, using someone else's phone.

Cynthia Nash, the woman whose cell phone Adam had used to call the SEC, was ushered into Nick's office. Cynthia reminded Nick, Michael, and Adam that she had been a faithful Newman employee for over ten years. Adam said that they had learned that Cynthia hadn't been happy with the way the accounting department was being run. Michael added that they had e-mails to back up their anecdotal evidence.

When questioned, Cynthia said that she didn't know of anyone who held a grudge against her, and that she hadn't lost her cell phone. Nick said that he had no recourse to take action, and informed Cynthia that she was being transferred to Newman's satellite office in Milwaukee. Insisting that she hadn't made the call, Cynthia left the office.

Nick and Michael weren't sure that Cynthia was the person who had called the SEC. Adam told Nick that Nick had done the right thing. Nick grew suspicious of Adam, wondering why Adam was suddenly supportive of a decision that Nick had made. Nick said that he suspected that Adam might have had something to do with the phone call. Adam lied and insisted that he didn't.

After Michael left, Adam wondered what his next assignment would be. Nick handed him a stack of reports that needed to be proofread. Nick informed Adam that the analysis of Newman Cosmetics' sales that Adam had prepared was in the wrong format, and that Adam would have to redo it. Adam sarcastically asked if Nick wanted Adam to clean the executive restroom. Nick told Adam that Adam would never be anything more than a glorified errand boy.

When Adam protested, Nick said that he would be happy to recommend Adam to a company that was looking for a senior vice-president. Adam refused Nick's offer, and told Nick that he would complete every task that Nick assigned to him, no matter how menial. Adam told Nick, "I hate to disappoint you, brother, but you're stuck with me."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Billy stopped by the Chancellor mansion to visit Delia, but Katherine told him that the baby was at the hospital, where Chloe was visiting Chance. After getting an update on Chance's recovery, Billy complained to Katherine about her and Jill welcoming Cane back into the family. He wondered what it would take to get that "jerk" out of their lives.

Katherine asked Billy what gave him the idea that she and Jill wanted Cane out of the family. Katherine reminded Billy that Billy was no more related to Katherine than Cane was, but that she would always consider Billy her grandson. Billy said that Cane had lied -- and that Billy would never accept Cane as part of his family.

At Crimson Lights, Cane stared at a couple fussing over their baby. Mac approached Cane and said that, one day, Cane, Lily, and their baby would be visiting the coffeehouse. Mac informed Cane that she had passed her physical, and there was no reason that she couldn't be a surrogate mother to Cane and Lily's child.

Cane said that Lily was nearly fully recovered from her infection, but that she was still in the hospital. He told Mac that he didn't like the idea of going home to an empty house. Mac told him to enjoy the peace and quiet, because once he and Lily had a baby, there would be very little time to relax. Cane reminded Mac that only two of Lily's eggs had been harvested, and he was scared of how Lily would handle it if the fertilization were unsuccessful. Mac said that she was sure that the procedure would go fine, and that she would schedule her psychological evaluation as soon as possible in order to expedite things.

Mac said that she hated to mention it, but she wanted to know if Cane was prepared to raise the baby as a single parent if the worst happened. Cane said that if Lily passed away, he would love and care for the baby. Mac told Cane that he would make a great father. Cane wondered if Mac had discussed her decision to be a surrogate mother with Billy. Mac said that Billy was struggling with the idea, but she was sure that he would eventually accept it.

Later, at Jimmy's, Cane showed up and presented Mac with a gift -- a kangaroo pendant. Mac hugged Cane just as Billy walked in the bar. Billy became livid and wondered how Mac could be a surrogate for "this guy" after everything that Cane had done to Billy's family. Mac reminded Billy that Cane hadn't asked her to be a surrogate -- rather, Mac had volunteered. When Cane told Billy that Jill and Katherine had forgiven Cane, Billy said that Cane was not part of Billy's family -- and that Mac wasn't going to have Cane's child.

Cane apologized for causing problems between Mac and Billy. Billy demanded that Mac make a decision -- she could either be with Billy, or she could serve as a surrogate mother for Cane and Lily's child. Growing angry, Mac told Billy that he didn't want to ask her to make that choice.

Paul returned to his apartment, and, after greeting Kitty Kitty, listened to a message from Jill, who was wondering if he had made any progress in his search for Katherine's daughter. Phillip stopped by and told a stunned Paul about Chance's having been stabbed. Paul asked how Nina was, and Phillip told him that she was a wreck. Phillip wondered if Paul would go to the hospital and spend time with Nina, since Phillip wasn't too good at "holding hands."

Paul wondered why Phillip wasn't at the hospital with Chance. Phillip said that he didn't feel that he had the right to be there. Paul told Phillip about the progress that Paul had made in his relationship with Heather -- that mending fences took love and support. Paul told Phillip that Phillip had to show up -- even when he didn't feel welcome. Paul said that he would go to the hospital to visit Nina and Chance, but that he could never take Phillip's place.

In Chance's room at Genoa City Memorial, Chloe gave Chance a deck of cards to help pass the time. Chloe also had a health drink, called an "Awesome Aussie," for Chance to drink. When Chance learned that it contained kiwi, he told Chloe that he couldn't drink it, as he was allergic to that fruit. Chloe said that she had gotten the drink to remind Chance of Phillip, who had been living in Australia for the previous two decades. Becoming somber, Chance said that Phillip had left the hospital and that neither he nor Nina had heard from his father.

After discussing some of their likes and dislikes, Chloe told Chance that she wasn't sure if she could ever be a good girlfriend. Chance reminded Chloe that he had been to war -- but that he had never been in a relationship. Chloe said that guys looked at her for a good time, but not for a long time. She told Chance that she knew of the perfect thing that would help Chance understand Chloe. She left to get it, despite Chance's protestations.

In the hallway outside Chance's room, Nina complained to Jill that Phillip had left the hospital without even saying goodbye, and that Chance's feelings had been hurt. Jill reminded Nina that Phillip had spent the night at the hospital. She asked Nina to give Phillip some time. Nina became upset and said that Phillip had plenty of time to think after he abandoned his family. Jill felt that Nina was making a big deal out of nothing, and said that it was Nina, and not Chance, with abandonment issues.

Nina and Jill agreed that they were glad that Phillip was alive, but Nina felt that neither she nor Jill knew the "real" Phillip. Nina wondered whether Phillip, who had lived another life for 20 years, was, in reality, a "crappy" guy. Jill insisted that Phillip had a good heart. Nina said that she wouldn't let Phillip mess with Chance's feelings.

Paul showed up at the hospital, much to Nina's delight. Paul told Nina that Phillip had asked Paul to spend time with her and Chance. Nina became upset and wondered if she was going to have to tell Chance that Phillip had abandoned his son for the second time. Nina chided herself for encouraging Chance to let his guard down where Phillip was concerned. Paul, trying to defend Phillip, said that Paul knew from experience how difficult parenting could be. Nina said that Phillip was just passing the buck.

Paul sat with Nina and Chance and showed off some of the scars that Paul had received over the years. Paul entertained Nina and Chance with stories about Mary and Carl, Paul's parents. Chance laughed so hard that it caused him pain. Nina told Chance that Phillip had asked Paul to visit with them. A worried Chance asked Nina if Phillip was going to return to the hospital.

At the bookstore, Phillip took a copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn off the shelf, sat at a table, and read through a few passages. Phillip decided to purchase the book, but before he had the opportunity to do so, he ran into Chloe. When Phillip asked Chloe how Chance was doing, Chloe said that Phillip should go to the hospital and find out for himself.

Chloe told Phillip that she was at the bookstore to purchase a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany's for Chance. She said that while growing up, she had fantasies of being Holly Golightly. Both Phillip and Chloe chuckled when Phillip said that he had the same fantasies.

Phillip told Chloe that he used to read Huckleberry Finn to Chance when Chance was a child. Phillip hoped that his presenting the book to his son would give them a chance to reconnect. Phillip told Chloe that he wanted to inscribe the book, but that he didn't know what to write. Chloe said that Chance didn't need the book -- he needed his father. She told Phillip to return to the hospital and spend time with Chance.

Chloe returned to Chance's room. Phillip entered shortly afterward, and apologized for having left so abruptly. Chance told Phillip that he had feared that Phillip had left for good. Phillip presented Chance with the book. A touched Chance said that he had read the book as a child, but that he wanted to read it again.

Chance read the beautiful inscription that Phillip had written. Phillip said that the inscription wasn't signed because he didn't want to sign, "Phillip," and that he didn't really have the right to sign it, "Dad." As a teary-eyed Nina watched, Chance said that "Dad" was fine with him.

Later, when he was alone with Chloe, Chance asked her what it was that she was going to show him. Chloe lied and said that she couldn't find it. Chloe said that she had learned something about herself -- that when she got close to someone, she ran away. Chance suggested that he and Chloe get to know each other better.

In the hallway, Jill asked Paul if he had learned anything new about Katherine's long-lost daughter. Paul told Jill that the search might take longer than he had originally anticipated. He said that Charlotte Ramsey had disappeared, and that it appeared that she had purposely covered her tracks because she didn't want to be found. Katherine approached Jill and Paul, and asked them what they were discussing. Jill lied and said that they were discussing Chance's condition. Katherine demanded to know what was really going on.

Jill, having to make up a quick cover story, grabbed Paul and kissed him passionately, much to Paul's surprise. Katherine stared at the couple as Jill lied and said that she and Paul were seeing each other.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel told Amber that he couldn't marry her. He explained that Ryder had an airtight alibi for his location on the night of Elkins' murder, and that the police would be reinvestigating Daniel as the prime suspect in the murder. Amber wanted to find Deacon, but Daniel stopped her. He told Amber that he didn't want to marry her if he was going to spend the next 20 years in prison.

Amber became upset and told Daniel that he didn't trust her love for him. She said that even if the worst happened, and Daniel was in prison, she would visit him every day. After some bickering, Amber said that she didn't want anyone except Daniel, but if Daniel wanted to be alone, that was fine. She pulled her engagement ring off, placed it on the table, and said, "There. You're alone." She stormed out of the apartment.

Daniel tried to call Amber, but her cell phone rang in the apartment, and he realized that she had left it behind. Daniel searched Genoa City for Amber -- he went to Katherine's, to Crimson Lights, to the bookstore, and to Jimmy's, but had no luck finding Amber. While Daniel was out searching for her, Amber had returned to the apartment and was standing on the balcony, shivering in the cold. Amber reminisced about the happy times she and Daniel had shared.

Daniel returned to the apartment and found Amber on the balcony. He wrapped his coat around her and then hugged her. Daniel said that he had wanted everything to be perfect for her. Amber said that she no longer cared about a big wedding -- that she just wanted to be with Daniel. Daniel placed the engagement ring back on Amber's finger and asked her to marry him that night. An excited Amber said, "Yes! Tonight." The couple embraced and kissed.

Friday, November 13, 2009

At Jimmy's, Cane asked Billy to consider what having a baby would mean to Lily. Billy retorted that Lily could have a baby without using his girlfriend as an incubator, and Cane could go straight to hell. Mac showed Cane out, and told Billy that he'd crossed the line.

Mac said it was her decision, and Billy asked if his feelings mattered. Mac replied that Billy was unforgiving toward Cane. Billy stated that Mac would form a bond with the child, and he didn't want his significant other tied to Cane for the rest of their lives. Mac said she'd been supportive of Billy and Restless Style, and asked him to support what she believed in.

"Baby, that's just a magazine," Billy replied, saying that he could walk away from it. Billy doubted that Mac could walk away if Lily died. Billy said he couldn't sign up for that, and Mac questioned whether two people with such different outlooks could make a life together.

Billy reasoned that Mac and he weren't the same person. Mac said she'd tried being like Billy, but it had made her do things that she'd never do. She'd slept with a married man and hurt Raul. Billy said that they belonged together, but Mac questioned it, because he'd hesitated to sign his divorce papers. Billy thought she was too good-hearted to understand about Cane.

Mac felt that Billy always dubbed her as "too good-hearted," and cited other times they'd been on different pages. They didn't agree about the magazine articles or Colleen's heart. Mac said they were constantly causing each other to compromise their beliefs. Billy said that their love was all that mattered, but Mac wasn't so sure.

Billy admitted that he wasn't perfect, and perhaps a little sleazy, but he refused to give up on them. Billy kissed Mac, and she started crying. She said they'd held onto to the idea of what they could have been for six years, but they weren't the same people anymore. Billy realized that even if he supported Mac in the surrogacy, she'd still walk away.

Later, a lonely Billy poured himself a drink. A Smile Like This played on the jukebox. When Billy failed to change the tune, he started attacking the jukebox.

Cane visited Lily at the hospital, and she said the doctor would release her the next day. Cane told her that things might not work out with Mac because Billy was protesting the surrogacy. Lily was willing to search for another surrogate, but she'd felt that Mac's willingness had been a sign that it'd work out. Cane assured Lily that things would still work out.

Mac entered Lily's hospital room. Mac said not to worry because "Operation Ashby" was still a go. The couple hugged each other, and Mac smiled sullenly.

At the mental hospital, Emily encountered Paul after her visit with Patty. Emily reported that Patty still lived in the past, but she'd need them once she returned to reality.

During Paul's visit with Patty, they flipped through a childhood photo album. Patty wanted to show it to Jack when he "got home." Patty saw a picture, and commented that they'd taken it before Paul had saved her from drowning in the pool. She recalled that he'd saved her at Saint Jude's, too. Patty said that she'd never forget that Paul was always there to save her.

As they shared memories, Patty hugged Paul's neck, hailing him as her hero. He felt as if he'd let her down, and wished he'd handled things differently at Saint Jude's. Patty began singing I Saw a Ship go Sailing. Paul joined in. He smiled sadly as she kissed his cheek.

Jack left Emily a message, saying that he'd overstepped in his defense of Phyllis. He said he'd be open to visiting Patty with Emily's supervision. When Jack ended the call, a frantic Phyllis rushed up, pleading for his help with Daniel. "He's engaged to Amber!" Phyllis shrieked.

Phyllis ticked off a list of Amber's misdeeds, and Jack raised an eyebrow at Phyllis. "We're nothing alike," Phyllis insisted. Jack respected Daniel, and refused to get involved. Jack advised Phyllis to be supportive so that Daniel would turn to her when the marriage failed. Phyllis figured that she had plenty of time before the June wedding to change Daniel's mind.

Later, Emily joined Jack for drinks, reiterating her stance that Jack should stay away from Patty. Emily asked him to shed light on his past with Patty. Jack recalled that he'd been selfish and power hungry then. He'd been an "equal opportunity jerk," treating everyone as pawns to get his way. Emily was surprised he'd be open about it, and wondered what had changed him.

Jack considered that his father's death had affected him greatly, and he'd learned a lot from his last marriage. Jack realized how clueless he'd been back then, and worried that Billy was behaving exactly as Jack had behaved in the past.

Emily commended Jack on recognizing his shortfalls. Jack figured that it was hard to be egotistical when someone like Patty suffered because of him. Emily said that most people wouldn't care. Jack figured that for better or worse, he wasn't most people. Emily toasted to being better. As time wore on, Jack decided they should get together again, next time for a date.

Back at the mental hospital, Paul thumbed through the photo album. Patty zoned out, humming to herself. "If Jack ever tried to leave me for someone else, I'd hurt him again," Patty uttered.

On the rooftop, Amber agreed to marry Daniel that night. They hugged, excitedly thinking of the things they'd need for an impromptu wedding. Katherine arrived, looking to knock some sense into the couple, but wound up agreeing to officiate their wedding ceremony. Daniel said he'd get Katherine certified online, and then he left in search of Kevin and Jana.

At Katherine's suggestion, Amber called Lauren for a dress. Lauren, who'd just dropped Daisy off at Trumbles, said she had the perfect gown. As Lauren left to meet Amber, Daisy asked Lauren to wish Amber the best.

At Crimson Lights, Jana told Daniel that he couldn't marry on Friday the 13th. Kevin checked his watch, saying that it was Saturday the 14th somewhere in the world. Jana had a bad feeling about it. Kevin left Ryder in charge of the café, and the Fishers went home to change.

Gloria entered looking for Kevin. Ryder said Kevin wasn't there, but she could talk to Ryder. "About what?" Gloria suspiciously asked. Ryder shrugged, saying that it was just weird that they hadn't talked, seeing as he was Tom's son. Ryder said that Gloria had been there for Kevin, unlike Ryder's mother. Gloria wondered what kind of man Ryder was if he'd only had Tom Fisher for a parent. Ryder didn't fault her for her skepticism.

Ryder spotted Deacon at a table, and said he had to do a refill. He wiped a table near Deacon, and murmured that Amber and Daniel were marrying that night on the rooftop. Just then, Phyllis entered, and Deacon congratulated her on her son's wedding, happening as they spoke. Phyllis scurried out of the café, and Deacon chuckled to himself.

Gloria sauntered to the counter, interested in talking to Ryder more. He checked his watch, and realized that he had an errand to run. He asked Gloria to watch the café, and bolted out despite her protests. Deacon approached, and Gloria expressed her surprise that he was still hanging around after his scheme had fallen through. Deacon said she'd be surprised at how much the town had to offer him. He left, and Gloria pocketed his generous tip.

Back on the rooftop, Jana helped Amber decorate with old Christmas garland, but wearily reminded everyone that it was Friday the 13th. Daniel arrived with the marriage license and Katherine's certificate. Shortly after, Lauren entered with the dress.

Once the wedding was set, Murphy walked Amber down the carpeted aisle. Katherine began by saying that they were there to honor a couple who'd finally found their senses. Just then, Phyllis barreled onto the rooftop, breathlessly asking if she were too late.

Daniel wondered what had happened to Phyllis giving her blessing. Still huffing, Phyllis said she'd given "June" her blessing. Phyllis stated that she couldn't let them do it. Daniel grimaced, but Amber tried to persuade Phyllis to their side. Amber said that Daniel and she had fallen in love because they'd been best friends first. Amber vowed to always respect Daniel and put him first. Lauren encouraged Phyllis to stay, and Phyllis reluctantly agreed.

Katherine resumed the ceremony to discover that the couple had forgotten the rings. They improvised, and Katherine said that it was a unique wedding for a unique couple. Through the couple's ups and downs, Katherine had always believed they belonged together. Amber wondered what Dr. Drew and Stryker would think of Marina and Herve marrying.

Jana and Phyllis looked worried as the couple exchanged their vows. Amber said that she wanted to share herself with Daniel as he'd shared himself, but all her craziness would go along with it. Daniel said he didn't know how to express love, but he could visualize it. When he saw it, it looked like Amber and him. Katherine pronounced them married, and as the couple kissed, someone spied on them through binoculars. Suddenly, the binoculars smashed to the ground.

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