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Monday, November 9, 2009

In Bill's office, Steffy tried to kiss Bill again, but when he stopped her, she became horrified at what she'd done. His phone beeped, and he said he had to go. Before leaving, he assured her that it was no big deal. Steffy grimaced in disbelief.

On the Forrester rooftop later, Steffy still reeled from the kiss, and couldn't focus on work. Brooke approached to congratulate Steffy on the photo shoot. Steffy offered to show the proofs to Katie, but Brooke said that Katie was off planning her wedding. After Brooke strode away, Steffy left Bill a message, asking to see him as soon as possible.

Later, Bill parked in a suburban neighborhood, and saw Katie on the curb. He got out of his electric convertible, wondering why she'd wanted to meet there. Katie said that he should see the Valley at some point in his life. Bill attempted to take a business call, but Katie confiscated his phone, saying that he had a wedding to plan.

As they strolled on the sidewalk, Katie said she wanted Bill to know the real her. She showed him the house that she'd grown up in, and regaled him with memories of her childhood. She said she'd been a lonely kid, shy and uncomfortable in her own skin. As she'd watched her sisters blossom, she'd wished she could be them, or anyone other than herself.

When Bill and Katie reached a tiny park adjacent the house, Katie said she wasn't that lonely little girl anymore, and she wanted to complete her transformative circle by marrying in the park. Bill remarked that it was far from what anyone would expect from him, but he didn't care where they got married, as long as he could stare into her beautiful blue eyes.

On the set of The Catwalk, Donna told Justin that she was committed to her job-and to her husband. She asked that they concentrate on garnering higher ratings for the show. "Two words: Pam Douglas," Justin replied. He showed Donna footage of Pam doing "The Catwalk Dance" after the set had closed, and said that the footage was an Internet sensation. Justin proposed that they get Pam on the show permanently.

Unenthused about sharing the show with Pam, Donna reminded Justin that Pam worked for Forrester's competition. Justin said that he'd have an alien on the show if it increased the ratings. Donna agreed to call Pam, saying that Pam lived for that kind of thing.

At Jackie M, Serge said that the Catwalk Dance was the rage. Pam figured it was just a fluke, like her crocheted bikinis, but Serge praised her as a "trend-setting hipster." As Pam taught Serge the dance, Donna called to invite Pam to the studio. Serge answered the phone, calling himself Pam's agent. Donna quickly deduced that he was Serge, the wedding planner. "Slash agent extraordinaire!" Serge haughtily corrected. He said he'd confer with his client, and get back to Donna about the meeting. Serge hung up the phone on Donna, and Pam and he laughed.

Later, Pam and Serge arrived on the set. They could hardly contain themselves when Justin asked Pam to co-host The Catwalk with Donna. Serge immediately started talking salary and perks. Pam demanded her own dressing room with a bearskin rug and a kitchen. Donna and Justin exchanged looks as Pam and Serge made more requests, like giving Pam her own baking segment. "And Donna, no honey on the set. That'd be a real deal breaker for me," Pam added.

Donna said the show was about fashion, not lemon bars. Justin regrettably said that they couldn't meet all of Pam and Serge's demands. Pam and Serge shrugged, and turned to leave; however, Donna conceded to giving Pam the best dressing room, but refused to throw in a kitchen or rug. Pam negotiated a baking segment twice a month. Justin guessed that they had a deal. Pam and Serge celebrated by doing the Catwalk Dance, and a horrified Donna glared at them.

In Nick's office, Bridget and Nick presented Sandy with a contract outlining the terms of their surrogate agreement. After the three signed the document, they went to the hospital for tests. Dr. Caspary examined Bridget and Sandy, and concluded that they could move ahead with the process that day. Sandy awkwardly eyed the Morones as they kissed.

After Sandy changed, she found Nick in Dr. Caspary's office alone. She remarked that it was nice to see a man in love with his wife. Nick replied that family meant everything. He confided that Bridget and he had once miscarried a child. Sandy assured him that the next baby was meant to be. Nick realized that Sandy knew a lot about his family, and he wanted to know more about her. Sandy claimed there wasn't much to tell, but Nick said, "I kinda doubt that."

Nick asked how Sandy's life was, and she vaguely stated that it was "some bad, some good. Mostly good." Sandy said it only mattered that she'd help them get the baby that they'd always wanted. Bridget entered, glad to see that Sandy and Nick were getting to know one another. Bridget hugged Sandy, and said that Nick and she could never repay Sandy's selflessness. As Bridget hugged Nick, Sandy stared off, looking uncomfortable .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

by Pam

In Bill's office, he and Katie cuddled and he told her that he had a jet and a judge standing by. He wanted to whisk her and their wedding guests off to a private secluded beach. All she had to do was say the word. Katie smiled, but insisted that she wanted to get married in the park. He teased that she might have second thoughts about marrying him, but she said that she had never been so sure of anything or anyone.

At Forrester, Steffy couldn't get her kiss with Bill off her mind. Thomas quizzed her about how Bill had summoned her to his office previously. Thomas teased that if he had been summoned to see Bill, he would have popped him one "right in the kisser." Thomas announced that Bill and Katie were getting married the next day.

In Bill's office, Justin briefed Bill on the idea of Pam working as co-host forThe Catwalk, and he added that it was cool with Donna. Bill laughed as Justin told him about Pam's catwalk dance becoming an Internet sensation. Bill agreed that he had decided to let Justin handle everything with the show, so he said that he was glad to hear everyone was working so well together. Bill reminded Justin that Bill was getting married the next day. Bill told Justin that Justin was the best man he knew, and he wanted him to be his best man. Justin said that he never thought Bill would give up his freedom. Bill said that it was amazing what happened when he fell in love. Justin agreed to serve as best man.

Later, Bill was tying up loose ends because he planned to be gone for a while on his honeymoon with Katie. He took a call from Steffy, who was whining that she needed to see him at Big Bear. Later, Bill met Steffy at Big Bear because he said that she sounded so upset. He asked her what was so important that he had to drive all the way up there the night before his wedding. Steffy said that she had been freaking out about making a mistake when she had kissed him, and she was concerned that the Logans and others would find out.

Bill told her to settle down. He said that he understood that she was overreacting because of her age. He said that she had kissed him and it was over. It was nothing, and she needed to forget about it. He said that he was never going to tell anyone about it. It was not a big deal to him and it shouldn't be to her. Steffy looked upset and hurt.

In Doctor Caspary's office, Bridget and Nick shared the joy of knowing that they would have a baby, thanks to Sandy. Bridget went through the process of having her eggs harvested. She and Nick wanted to check in with Sandy, so they called her. In her apartment, Sandy read a pregnancy brochure. She read about the healthy foods she had to eat, and she took a bite out of a protein bar and gagged it back up. She decided that she wasn't pregnant yet, so she started munching on a hot dog, chips, and candy bars.

Bridget called to tell Sandy that she was having her eggs harvested and was looking forward to working with Sandy. Bridget wanted to make sure that Sandy was taking care of herself, getting her rest, and drinking smoothies. Sandy said that she was drinking the smoothies as she took another bite of candy. Bridget hung up, and Bridget and Nick worried that everything was going too smoothly, but they cuddled and kissed and promised each other that it would all be fine.

At Brooke's house, Katie requested a Logan sleepover bachelorette party, and they all laughed at the idea. They talked about good times in their old neighborhood, and Katie told her sisters that she and Bill were getting married in the park across the street from their old house. Katie said that she was happier than she had ever thought she could be. She said that she felt loved and confident, and it was all because of Bill. She teased that her sisters had long been confident but she had been shy and reticent. Brooke pointed out that Katie was a different person after meeting Bill. She was beautiful and smart and she glowed. Katie joked that she no longer had acne.

The girls bonded over Chinese food, and they all hoped that Beth would feel comfortable back in their old neighborhood. They hoped that Stephen and Beth would remarry, and they tearfully admitted that they were losing a bit of their mother every day to Alzheimer's. Katie believed that if she and Bill were married across the street from their family home, it would be a tribute to Beth.

The girls shared memories of playing that they were brides as kids and making daisy chain headpieces. They all cried as they remembered good times and promised to be true to each other because family was so important. They shared that they loved one another and were proud to be Logans.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Donna, Brooke and Katie were enjoying the bachelorette/pajama/slumber party in Katie's honor. When a favorite song played on the radio, Katie got excited and told her sisters about it. Katie opened a bottle of champagne and poured three glasses. The Logan sisters drank up and danced on the bed. Katie was laughing and said that she hoped that her wedding would be as much fun as the party. Katie said she hoped to have a simple, happy life with Bill.

Katie grew nostalgic, recalling her childhood as Donna and Brooke's little sister. Katie reminded Donna and Brooke of their simple dreams as girls, to find the right man and get married. Donna had found Eric, Brooke had Ridge, and Katie was secure with Bill. Katie said she wanted happiness, security and love in her marriage.

Katie remembered that she had a wedding fantasy as a girl, but her fantasy never revealed who the groom would be. Bill fulfilled Katie's fantasy. Brooke and Donna were certain that Bill loved Katie completely and would never look at another woman.

Katie said that Bill made her feel like she was loved. Katie was confident in Bill's love. Donna and Brooke believed that Katie understood Bill better than they did. Katie hoped her sisters would trust in her choice of Bill.

Donna and Brooke promised that they would enjoy Katie and Bill's wedding. Katie said that because of losing Storm and Beth's illness, it was important to Katie that her sisters truly stay close to her. Katie was grateful that her relationship with Bill had not cost her the Logan family connection. Katie would never want to lose her sisters' love and support. Katie declared that no matter what the future held, Katie would treasure forever that she was a Logan sister.

Donna and Brooke asked Katie about the wedding plans. Katie had been thrilled that Bill had let her make all the decisions and create her dream wedding. Donna and Brooke had gifts for Katie's honeymoon. When Katie opened the boxes, she discovered beautiful, sexy lingerie. Katie was very happy.

At the Big Bear cabin, Bill met with Steffy and assured her that the kiss in his office was innocent and meant nothing. Steffy told Bill she had made a terrible mistake by kissing Bill because Steffy knows he's going to marry Katie. Bill understood and told Steffy to stop becoming stressed out about the incident. Bill explained that when they kissed, he wasn't married.

Steffy said that she should have known better because Bill was unavailable. Bill told Steffy that he had every intention of marrying Katie. Steffy continued to try to explain her actions. Bill said no explanation was necessary. Steffy wanted to know why she had kissed him when she knew that Bill was marrying Katie.

Bill wondered if Steffy feared that he would fire her. Bill said her job was not in jeopardy. Bill was adamant that the kiss had not change anything.

Steffy apologized for making Bill come to the cabin. Bill said they needed to talk it out. Bill was satisfied that they would be able to put the kiss behind them. Bill was ready to leave, but Steffy was stopped him. Steffy felt things had not been settled between them. Steffy felt guilty and was appalled by her behavior. Steffy believed that she had made this mistake before by pursuing an unavailable man. Bill had no idea what Steffy was talking about.

Bill explained that he went to the cabin because Steffy was upset and he wanted to allay her concerns. Steffy thought there was more to it than that. Steffy asked Bill to promise that he would never reveal to anyone that they had kissed. Bill said he would never say a word about the kiss.

Bill said that Steffy should believe him when he said there wasn't anything to be worried about. Steffy wondered why she kissed her boss. Steffy believed that she had acted like a screwed up. Bill told Steffy to stop worrying.

At the hospital, Bridget teased Nick when he acted uncomfortable about providing a sperm sample for the fertilization process. Bridget offered to help him get in the mood. Bridget kissed Nick's neck seductively. Nick rushed over to lock the door to the room.

The doctor entered a short time later, after Nick had produced a sample with Bridget's help. The doctor said that they would be ready to begin the procedure in a little while. Nick hoped the doctor would be doing the process and not another technician. The doctor assured Nick and Bridget that she would do the procedure personally.

After the doctor walked out, Carl, the technician who had a hand in mucking up Taylor's insemination, entered and greeted Bridget warmly. He congratulated her about being Madame X and switching to a career in fashion.

Carl offered to help with the lab work for the insemination, but Nick and Bridget said "no thanks." Carl wasn't sure why they didn't want his help, but he wished them well and said goodbye. Carl also told Bridget to double-check the labels on the vials. Carl walked out.

The doctor returned and told Nick and Bridget the details of the procedure. The invitro process had once been strictly experimental, but that was no longer the case. The doctor explained it was relatively routine these days. She told Nick and Bridget what was going to be done with their samples.

At her apartment, Sandy was doing research about Nick and Bridget by surfing the Internet. Sandy was impressed with Nick and Bridget. Sandy thought the couple had everything, except a baby of their own.

The phone rang. It was Bridget calling Sandy to let her know that they had started the fertilization process. Bridget explained to Sandy that it was possible that they might be able to do the implantation procedure with Sandy in just a couple of days. Sandy was surprised, but she didn't let on to Bridget. Bridget said goodbye.

Nick and Bridget watched as the doctor did the fertilization procedure. Nick and Bridget kissed happily, hoping for the best. Bridget was confident that this would be a new beginning for the two of them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

by Pam

At Bill's office, Bill called Katie to greet her on the morning of their wedding. He asked her one last time to change the location of the ceremony, but she insisted that the wedding in the park across from the old Logan home would be perfect and romantic. The Logan girls primped and prepared for the wedding, with Brooke and Donna in beautiful strapless pink gowns with their hair styled in lovely chignons. Katie said that she was hoping their mother remembered the old neighborhood. She said that she had restored their mother's old convertible and had a driver to transport them.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric was stressed as caterers and decorators raced around the house trying to prepare for the reception following the wedding. Stephanie entered and Eric said the he was glad to see her. He told her that Donna was with Katie and the caterers and florist were driving him crazy.

Donna called Eric and interrupted his conversation with Stephanie. Donna wondered why he hadn't arrived at the wedding yet, but Eric said that he couldn't support Bill Spencer's wedding. Donna was upset that Eric was going to miss her sister's wedding, but he stated that he would not attend, and he hung up.

Eric and Stephanie were sipping martinis, and they dug into the caviar that was prepared for the wedding guests. Eric said the party was on Bill, so they should enjoy themselves and eat everything. Stephanie made a snarky comment that the Logans never paid for anything, Eric told her to stop, and she admitted that Donna loved him.

Eric told Stephanie that she looked like she was regaining her strength. She shook her head and said that Thorne must have told Eric about her stroke. Eric admitted that Thorne told him everything. Eric told Stephanie that she shouldn't try to hide things from him. They had been together for too long, and he was concerned about her. He said that he knew she was a proud woman, and that she never wanted anyone to see her vulnerable side. He recalled that he had seen her vulnerable side in Chicago when he met her mother.

Stephanie said that her mother was fine and often asked about Eric. Eric was distraught about Forrester Creations and said that after Spencer took over, Eric wanted to take Donna away, but she was busy with Justin and her television show. He added that Justin was Marcus' father. Stephanie insulted Donna, but Eric asked her to stop.

In the Logan's' old neighborhood, Stephen walked Beth up to their former home, and he hoped that it would spark some memories. Beth seemed confused at first, but then she remembered where the girls hung their bathing suits and where she parked her Impala convertible. Beth smiled and asked Stephen if they could ring the doorbell just to see if they could take a peek at their old home. As they excitedly headed up the front walk, neighbors stopped them, and Beth remembered them asking about all the girls.

Stephen introduced the neighbors to Bill, who had just arrived. The neighbors told Bill what a lucky man he was and that everyone in the entire neighborhood loved Katie. Everyone wanted her as a babysitter, and they all kept track of her as she grew up. Bill was quiet as the neighbors told him how wonderful Katie was.

Ridge and Karen, Bill's sister, chatted about the wedding. Bill thanked Ridge for making Katie's wedding dress. Ridge was very clear that he had made the dress in order to make Katie happy. Bill thanked him again, but Ridge was unfriendly and he left. Karen talked to Bill and said that she was amazed that her media mogul brother was saying his vows in a little park. Bill said that it was what his bride wanted, and he wanted to make her happy.

Justin showed up and Stephen and Beth remembered Justin dating Donna. Justin said that he had just found his family, and Beth pointed out that it was never too late to become closer to your family. Stephen regretted that he missed a lot of years with his family, but he was making up for it. Justin agreed that he was, too, as Marcus and Donna stopped by.

Jarrett found Bill and said that he was surprised at the wedding site. Jarrett said that he was looking for a park, but the setting appeared to be a backyard. Bill said that he and Katie should be saying their vows on his yacht with the wind blowing through Katie's hair. Bill said that instead he was in Mayberry. He simply wanted to make Katie happy.

Stephen talked to Bill alone and reminded him that the Logans were a close-knit family. Stephen welcomed Bill to the family. Bill seemed choked up and said that he was honored to be a member of the family. Stephen told Bill that he expected Bill to take care of his little girl. Bill promised to take care of Katie for the rest of his life. Bill put out his hand to shake Stephen's hand. Stephen hugged Bill, and Bill looked emotional.

Justin spent time with Donna remembering days that they had spent on the porch of the former Logan home. They stopped in front of a tree where they had carved their initials. Donna reminded Justin that she was married to Eric and that they were happy. There was no room in her life for another relationship. She loved Eric and he loved her. Justin said he understood, but he never gave up the persistence he had learned both on and off the basketball court as a kid. Donna said that nothing would ever happen to her relationship with Eric. She told Justin that he would always have a special place in her heart and that he was the first man who ever made her feel loved.

Bill warned that Jarrett had better have some wonderful vows prepared for him or he would send Jarrett to work in Alaska at the Moosehead Gazette. Jarrett slipped a piece of paper to Bill, and Justin chastised Bill for not writing his own vows. Justin warned Bill that his vows should be something from the heart. Bill nervously said that he had no heart and was incapable of sharing his emotions openly. Justin shook his head. Bill said that everyone in the entire neighborhood loved Katie, and they were expecting him to be some kind of poet. He wanted his words to be noteworthy and deserving of Katie.

The wedding began with Donna and Brooke walking down the grassy lawn with a path of white rose petals acting as the aisle. Katie appeared in a calf-length strapless white gown that was simple and elegant. Her hair curled around her face, and she smiled happily as she walked along with her father. Bill looked on adoringly and awaited his bride.

Bill Spencer and Katie Logan are married

Bill Spencer and Katie Logan are married

Friday, November 13, 2009

At the Forrester mansion, Thorne stopped by while Stephanie and Eric continued to enjoy caviar and champagne. Thorne said that it looked like Eric was hosting a wedding reception for Katie and Bill. Eric said that he wasn't that it was Donna who was hosting the reception. Stephanie said that, if she and Eric were still together, she would never have allowed a wedding reception to be held at the mansion. Eric made the point that if he and Stephanie were still together, he doubted that they would have been asked to host the reception.

Stephanie told Eric that Donna should be supporting Eric, instead of the "son of a bitch" who stole Forrester Creations. Thorne agreed with Stephanie, and told Eric that it didn't look like Donna was showing Eric any respect or concern.

Eric, Stephanie, and Thorne continued to eat, drink, and be merry. Thorne said that he was happy to see Eric and Stephanie getting along. Thorne asked why they weren't at the wedding. Stephanie said that she hadn't been invited. Eric said that he decided he didn't want to make the trek over to the San Fernando Valley. Stephanie was surprised to hear that the wedding was being held in the Valley, and wondered why they weren't having the reception in the Valley, as well.

Eric told Stephanie that the wedding was being held in a public park, which wasn't suitable for a reception. Stephanie was shocked that Bill was getting married in a public park. Eric said that the park was down the street from the old Logan house, and was very special to Katie. As Thorne refilled his parents' martini glasses, Stephanie quipped that with all of Bill's money, he was getting married in the San Fernando Valley at a public park.

After Thorne remarked that Katie deserved better than a wedding in a public park, Stephanie said that perhaps Katie wanted to hold the wedding there as a way of paying tribute to her childhood and to Beth. Stephanie told Eric and Thorne that she had never said nice things about Brooke and Donna, but that she had always admired Katie, who was a very special girl.

Stephanie told Thorne that he had let the opportunity for a romance with Katie slip away. When Stephanie said that Katie was a good girl, Eric quipped, "Yeah, when she's not stealing somebody else's job." Stephanie asked Eric to give Katie the benefit of the doubt. She told Eric to assume that Bill had led Katie astray. Stephanie hoped that Katie's wedding day turned out to be a wonderful day for her and her family. Thorne, Eric, and Stephanie toasted.

In a park in the San Fernando Valley, guitar players strummed Here Comes the Bride, as Stephen led Katie down the aisle to stand by Bill, her groom. Bill told Katie that she took his breath away.

The minister began the wedding ceremony. He told the guests that they stood just a few yards away from the house where Katie had spent her childhood feeling isolated, alone, and sad. Continuing, the minister said that because of her love for Bill, Katie was turning her sadness into joy.

After the minister finished his introduction, Karen, Bill's sister, spoke. She expressed her happiness for the couple, and read a Sanskrit love poem. Karen said that Katie had done something that she had never seen another woman do put a smile on Bill's face.

Next, Stephen, accompanied by Beth, addressed the crowd. Stephen reminisced about Katie's childhood, and how Katie had never complained about getting Brooke and Donna's hand-me-downs. Stephen said that, in Bill, Katie had something that was truly hers. He added that Bill would treasure Katie as she deserved to be treasured.

Stephen lamented the fact that he had left his family many years earlier, but said that he was grateful that they had been able to forgive him. He told Katie how much he loved her. Father and daughter hugged. The minister began the ceremony. Katie and Bill exchanged rings and promised each other a joyous life together.

The bride and groom exchanged their vows. Katie said that Bill had shown her all the possibilities that life offered. She told Bill that her family would give him the same love and support that they gave to her. Katie said that she never could have imagined that a "tough guy" like Bill could add so much love to her life. She told Bill that she loved him as much for his flaws as she did for his honesty, loyalty, and strength.

Bill said that he wasn't a man who had ever let himself be overwhelmed by anyone until he met Katie. He continued that, there in the park, he saw Katie for the complete woman that she was. He told Katie that she was strong, complex, and dynamic. Bill thanked Katie for having added so much to his life particularly making him want to be a part of a family. He promised to love her each and every day, until the day he died.

The minister pronounced Katie and Bill husband and wife. The guests cheered and applauded. After tears and celebration, the newly married couple drove off in Beth's restored convertible.

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