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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stephanie watched as Ridge caressed Taylor's face. But then she noticed the bottle of pills on the table and got a worried look on her face. Stephanie called Taylor aside and showed her the bottle of pills. Taylor explained those were her anti-anxiety pills that the doctor gave her after Phoebe died. Taylor explained that she shared one with Ridge when they went to Big Bear. Stephanie warned Taylor that she had seen Ridge take another pill earlier.

Taylor counted the pills and said Ridge couldn't have taken too many, as she thought most of the pills were still there. Stephanie asked if the pills were only for anxiety and Taylor said that was their intended purpose. Taylor asked if Stephanie was implying something and if Taylor should back off and detach from Ridge. Stephanie said definitely not, and proclaimed that Taylor was Ridge's lifeline.

Taylor went into the bedroom to talk to Ridge and asked how many pills he had taken. Ridge didn't answer, but mentioned that he didn't think Taylor would mind. Taylor said she didn't mind, per say, but just was curious about how many pills he had taken. Ridge evaded answering again and asked Taylor if he was acting funny. Taylor said he wasn't, but she still would like to know how many pills Ridge took. Ridge avoided a number again and said he was certain Taylor would never give him a pill that would be harmful to him.

Taylor said she should never have given Ridge pills; she was a doctor and was supposed to know better. Ridge said it was no big deal. Taylor asked again how many pills Ridge took and he finally admitted he took two. Taylor said if Ridge was still feeling edgy in a few days, she would write him a prescription of his own. Ridge said Taylor was the doctor and he trusted her judgment.

As Taylor talked to Ridge, his vision blurred and Taylor was out of focus. His speech was slightly slurred when he spoke. Taylor mentioned that she hadn't seen Ridge so happy in a long time. He admitted he did feel happy and attributed it to being with her. Taylor said she wanted to make Ridge happy again and she kissed him. Ridge was sleepy and dozy, and was about to drift off. Taylor said goodnight and left the room, and Ridge was out cold by the time she reached the door.

Nick plastered Bridget with kisses and she asked Nick who shot him out of a cannon. Nick expressed delight that Owen had been fired. Nick popped the cork on champagne and poured a glass for the two of them. Bridget refused to drink to "poor Owen" being fired. Bridget didn't believe Owen meant anyone any harm.

Nick said Owen should be harmless someplace else. Nick said once Jackie saw Owen waxing his surfboard day after day while she worked, she would see he was a loser and break up with him. Bridget chuckled and the two went back to kissing.

Nick asked Bridget what he could do to hurt her that he hadn't already done. Bridget replied he hadn't chopped her into pieces in her sleep yet or forged her name on checks. Bridget asked if he was leading up to a confession or apology for his past mistakes. Instead he pulled a large diamond out of his pocket and proposed. Nick said he had done all the stupid things he could think of, and he was finally ready to keep the promise he made to Bridget in the past, "til death do us part."

Bridget explained that when they first got married, she was a child and she grew up with Nick, lost a baby with him, and then lost him. But somewhere in the midst of all that, she found herself and her boundaries of what she would and would not put up with. Nick asked her if that was a "yes." Bridget smiled at him and said in all fairness, their wedding invitations should say "No gifts, please" this time around. Nick thanked her for saying yes and expressed his love for Bridget. Bridget told him that was his best proposal yet.

Bridget suggested that they skip the wedding and just start telling people they were married to avoid the embarrassment. Nick said no way, and said he wanted it all good and legal so Bridget couldn't leave him when his body started growing hairs in weird places and his "butt shriveled up." They laughed, and Bridget said her eyesight would probably be gone by then, anyway.

Nick predicted that Brooke would want to have Bridget deprogrammed, and mentioned that Brooke always warned Nick to stay away from Bridget. Bridget said Nick shouldn't worry because Brooke didn't remember 80% of what she said, anyway.

Owen showed up at Jackie's office with a diamond ring and assured her that he didn't charge it to her credit card. She shied away, and Owen asked why she didn't want it. Jackie explained that she could read Owen's mind, and believed that he only proposed to her to assure himself a place to live. Owen appeared crushed by her words.

Owen said he always landed on his feet and wasn't worried about having a roof over his head. He confessed that he loved Jackie and wanted to marry her because he wanted to spend his life with her. Owen realized he was the financial lightweight in the relationship, and that Jackie had money to take care of herself.

But Owen promised he wanted to take care of her and love her as best he could. He expressed a desire to have a right to be with her, he wanted to stake his claim by being Jackie's husband so Nick couldn't bully him out of her life. Owen said he loved Jackie exactly as she was and would never try to change her. She opened her fingers and let Owen slide the engagement ring onto her hand.

Katie went by to console Brooke and explained that Rick called and asked Katie to check on Brooke. Brooke explained that Ridge left because Rick and Steffy had reunited, and Ridge blamed Brooke for not being able to stop them. Katie assured Brooke that Ridge was just angry and that he would calm down eventually. Katie reminded Brooke that Ridge was really mad at Rick, and not at her. Brooke disagreed and said, "No, he's mad at me."

Katie predicted that Ridge would return home soon, because Ridge didn't do well being alone. Brooke sadly explained that she did not think Ridge would be alone.

Brooke called Ridge's cell phone and confessed that she missed him and wished he would return home. Ridge said he couldn't go home to her, since he knew Rick could walk in at any moment. Brooke apologetically explained that she didn't mean to start an argument, she merely wanted to say goodnight to Ridge. He coldly thanked her.

Brooke assured Ridge of her love and predicted they would work through their problems and get back together soon. Ridge said goodnight to her and hung up the phone. Katie was behind her and overheard the call. She asked where Ridge was, and Brooke said Ridge was at the guesthouse and that she was relieved.

Katie asked where Brooke thought Ridge would be. Brooke explained that Ridge spent the night with Taylor earlier in the week. Brooke cautioned Katie not to jump to conclusions, and explained Taylor was only helping Ridge through a hard time.

Brooke said she ought to be grateful to Taylor for being there for Ridge. Katie said that would be asking an awful lot of Brooke. Brooke said it didn't hurt that Ridge went to Taylor, but it did hurt when he explained how happy he was to be away from Brooke and to have Taylor to talk to.

After Katie left, Brooke went upstairs to her bed and reminisced about the wedding she and Ridge had at Point Dume, then broke down and cried into her pillow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

by Pam

Bridget and Nick woke up engaged and happy. Bridget said they must have overslept, and she decided Nick didn't need to rush off to work, so she pulled him back into bed. Later, Nick got dressed, but Bridget said she was tired after all the sex and celebration of their engagement. Nick said he had to get to work to make sure Owen didn't return to the building. Nick said he wanted to make sure Owen was out of the company and Jackie's life, as well.

At Jackie's, another engaged couple celebrated with a morning sex romp. Owen remarked that Nick would not be happy when Jackie laid the news on him that they were engaged. Jackie told Owen that she would tell her son about the engagement when the time was right, and she would worry about it later. She wanted some time for them to enjoy each other before she went to work. Owen said that if she was that exciting with a diamond, he couldn't wait until the honeymoon when she had a wedding band.

Later, Owen helped dress Jackie for work. Jackie worried that Nick was going to be angry with Owen because Nick would think Owen was using the engagement to his advantage. Jackie said that she wanted Owen back at work at Jackie M, but she had to soften Nick up first. Jackie seemed worried about what people would think about their engagement, but Owen told her not to worry.

At Forrester, Pam watched The Price is Right on her laptop computer and she was yelling at the contestants about their bids. Donna and Katie walked by and wondered what she was watching as they entered Eric's office to meet Felicia and Thorne. Pam told them it was her favorite show, and that she always wanted to be a contestant.

In Eric's office, Felicia had a huge graph that illustrated how badly the company was doing. Donna said she agreed the company was doing poorly compared to Jackie M. They all wondered what they could do to get the Forrester name out in the public. Pam overheard the meeting as the group brainstormed on how to reach a mainstream audience. Pam was talking to herself as she said she had an idea. She picked up the phone and asked for a phone number to the producers of The Price is Right.

Donna left the meeting and saw Pam yelling at her computer while watching the show. Donna said she didn't get why people got so excited. Pam quickly explained the show and shared that she had a crush on Drew Carey, the host. Donna said Pam's excitement about the show was to blame for a big error. Pam had typed the winning bid on Brooke and Ridge's marriage certificate instead of Brooke's social security number. Pam apologized.

Pam was back to watching, and said she had been watching her entire life. She wanted to meet Drew Carey. Donna said Forrester needed to build sales and she added that unless Drew Carey could help, Pam didn't need to be watching the show during work hours. Pam disagreed and said she had the perfect solution to their problems. Pam said The Price is Right had a huge following with a loyal audience of 5 million people five times a week.

Pam told Donna that the show was all about advertising luxurious things and vacations. She added that young people in the audience might remember the Forrester name if they saw a Forrester design on the show and needed something for a special event. Pam took a call from the show's producers and ran out for a meeting at CBS studios, with Donna in hot pursuit.

Donna and Pam arrived at CBS studios, but arrived late and missed the appointment because Donna got them stuck in traffic. Pam blamed Donna. Pam tried to sweet-talk the security guard into letting them in.

At Jackie M, Nick was checking a design when Jackie walked into the office. She wondered why he was approving the designs, and he said he was multi-tasking, looking over designs, making coffee, and other things. She noted his good mood and she turned her diamond ring so that Nick wouldn't notice it. Nick told Jackie that he and Bridget were engaged.

Nick said he got Bridget to agree to a June wedding, and he was hoping that this time he wasn't going to blow it. He blabbered on about how he worried about what her family might think, and then he said he didn't care. Nick wondered why Jackie had not congratulated him. Jackie was delighted, but her happiness quickly turned to anger when Nick started picking on Owen.

Nick said that Owen was out of the company and out of her life. She disagreed, and said Owen would be sticking around. Jackie defended Owen and told Nick that Owen had done nothing to hurt anyone. He hadn't stolen from the company or hurt Jackie in any way. Nick believed Owen would hurt Jackie, but Jackie stopped Nick in mid-sentence. She told him that she and Owen were committed to each other and that Owen wanted to be with her for the rest of their lives.

Jackie told Nick that he had been wrong all along. She knew that Nick expected Owen to leave once he had no job, but she said Owen was committed to her. Jackie blurted out her news that she and Owen were engaged. Nick freaked out, and threw things around his office inquiring where Owen was.

Bridget arrived at the office, and was surprised to find Owen was there. They shared news about engagements, and Bridget was shocked that he and Jackie were engaged.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bridget was horrified that Owen proposed to Jackie. Bridget chided Owen and noted his proposal made him look like a gold digger. Owen didn't care how it looked, he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Jackie and didn't care about her money.

Bridget pointed out that even if that was true, that wasn't how it would look to Nick. Bridget predicted that Nick would see it as Owen's way to hang on to his job at Jackie M, or worse, to get his hooks in Jackie's money. Owen promised Bridget that he was not a gold digger and added that he didn't care what other people thought.

After hearing the news of his mother's engagement, Nick demanded to know where Owen was. Jackie swore that she didn't know. Nick asked his mom if she was serious about the engagement to Owen. She insisted that she was. Nick could not believe Jackie would be engaged to "that kid." Jackie reminded Nick that he was quite a bit older than Bridget, too. She wondered if Bridget realized what a stickler Nick was about age differences.

Nick replied that the difference was that Bridget wasn't a con artist. Nick was certain that Owen was merely using Jackie. Nick lost his temper and swept his arm across his desk knocking everything to the floor. He admitted that he fired Owen to get him out of Jackie's life. Nick was not pleased that his mom and Owen were engaged.

Jackie said she only agreed to Nick firing Owen because Nick had acted like a petulant child. Jackie reminded Nick that over the years she had made enormous sacrifices for him and his happiness, but she was unwilling to do that anymore. Jackie said it was unfair of Nick to ask her to sacrifice her own happiness for him. Nick said he could not stand by and watch Jackie get hurt emotionally and financially. He demanded that she call off her "joke of an engagement."

Jackie stated that she was going to marry Owen and Nick had better get used to the idea. Jackie admitted that Owen might not have noticed her if she had been pumping his gas instead of being a wealthy fashion designer. Nick asked if that was an admission that Owen was using her for her money.

Jackie said of course not, instead she was trying to point out that she and Owen both liked the good life. Jackie said her money got Owen to notice her, but what kept him around was that he actually enjoyed her company. Nick looked exasperated and rolled his eyes.

Nick asked if he had to call Owen "Daddy." Jackie said Owen was her fiancÚ, not Nick's dad, and Nick could call him whatever he wanted as long as it was respectful. Jackie also explained that Owen had been "unfired" and would continue his job at Jackie M as her assistant.

Bridget and Owen walked in on Nick and Jackie's argument. Bridget tried to break the tension in the room and offered Jackie her congratulations. It didn't work; Nick shouted at Owen and informed him that he would not allow Owen to marry his mom. Owen said that was up to Jackie, not to Nick. Owen said perhaps one day Nick would realize that Owen was sincere in his feelings for Jackie.

Nick replied that he didn't want to hear anything Owen had to say and reminded Owen he had fired him the day before. Nick asked Owen why he was still in the building. Jackie reminded Nick that she was still in control of Jackie M and she wanted Owen to stay. Nick issued an ultimatum and said it was either him or Owen, but Jackie could not have both. Jackie coldly looked at her son and said she'd miss having him there.

Bridget was the voice of reason and said there was no reason anyone had to leave the company; they could all just try to get along and work together. Owen agreed and said he was sure they could all get along if they tried. Nick dug his heels in and said Jackie had made her choice. He picked up his things to leave.

Jackie stopped him before he left and listed Nick's two big fears. The first was that Owen might hurt her. Jackie said yes, that could happen, people hurt one another in relationships all the time. Second, Nick was afraid Owen would "steal all Jackie's money and run off to Bora Bora with a model on each arm." Jackie assured Nick she would shoot Owen before she let that happen. Jackie reminded Nick that Owen made her happy, and asked her son if he thought she deserved happiness.

Nick said of course he thought Jackie had the right to be happy; he was simply not convinced that Owen was the man to make her happy. Nick said it was clear Owen had lit a fire in Jackie when he made her his lover. Nick condescendingly remarked that "young Mr. Six Pack" had shown up and turned Jackie's head. Owen jumped in and said Jackie was a beautiful woman and he was with her because he wanted to be, not for her money.

Nick told Owen to shut up and informed Owen he knew what his own mother looked like. Nick said he realized that she was beautiful. Nick warned Owen that Jackie had a pattern; she prowled around for younger men when she was in the dumps.

Nick asked Jackie if the name Deacon Sharp rang a bell. Jackie looked at Nick with daggers in her eyes. Nick suggested that Jackie was probably glad she hadn't married Deacon when the two of them were involved. Nick cautioned Jackie that as soon as Owen got what he had come for, he would leave her just like her boy toys of the past. Owen tried to jump in and defend himself, but Nick cut him off.

Jackie assured Nick that Owen was not Deacon. Nick agreed and added that Owen was much more subtle and cunning than Deacon had been. Jackie assured Nick that no one would take advantage of her again and he needn't worry about Owen.

Bridget suggested that she and Nick take a walk to get a breath of fresh air. After they left, Owen noticed the worried look in Jackie's eyes. Owen assured Jackie that what Nick said about him wasn't true. He promised Jackie that the two of them would have a great life together.

After Jackie left the office, Nick returned to talk to Owen. Nick assured Owen that his engagement to Jackie would end soon, and told Owen there would be no wedding.

Donna and Pam were turned away at the offices of The Price is Right, as their names did not appear on the official list of cleared visitors. Pam insisted she had an appointment with the producers.

The security guard said whether she did or didn't have an appointment was of no consequence to him. He only knew her name was not on his list. He turned them away. Pam was frustrated because she was certain the producers would want to give away Forrester Designs for prizes on The Price is Right. Pam said even though the producer didn't want to see her that day, she wanted to see him and was determined to find a way inside.

Pam got in line hoping to be chosen as an audience member. She believed if she just got inside the building, she would grab the producer and pitch her idea during a commercial break. Donna reminded Pam that some people would call that stalking.

Pam said at least it would be fun. Donna admitted it would be fun, but it wouldn't be professional or businesslike to be screaming out prices in the audience. Donna explained to Pam that no one would take her seriously that way. Pam assured Donna if she got in, she would behave in a dignified manner.

Donna reminded Pam that she had seen the way Pam watched the show on television, and there was nothing dignified about it. By that time, they had arrived at the ticket window. Pam asked for two tickets to The Price is Right and got them. Pam convinced Donna it would be fun and exciting and the two got in line to enter the studio.

A female staffer delivered name tags to Donna and Pam. Donna took her name tag and the staffer asked where Donna's sister was. Donna informed her that Pam was not her sister. The staffer mentioned that Pam looked too young to be Donna's mom.

Before Donna was able to explain that she was not related to Pam, Pam burst back into the line wearing a new outfit. Pam had changed out of her business attire and into a shirt bearing a giant photo of Drew Carey's face across her chest.

Some men with clipboards were going through the line interviewing potential contestants. When they got to Donna and Pam, Donna was clearly horrified by Pam's over-the-top behavior. Pam made sure to point out that she hand-crocheted the Drew Carey shirt she was wearing. When the men moved on to other contestants, Pam kept talking until they had to tell her it wasn't her turn any longer.

As they were seated, Pam spied the The Price is Right announcer and whispered her name "Pamela Douglas, Pamela Douglas, Pamela Douglas" in his direction repeatedly, along with hand gestures. Donna asked what she was doing, and Pam replied she was employing a positive thinking technique and imagining hearing her name called.

Donna rolled her eyes. Donna suggested that if they were looking for crazy contestants, Pam should get ready to run right up there. Pam got very excited by the suggestion; she didn't realize Donna was mocking her. Pam said Donna would never be picked to be a contestant because she acted like a dead fish when the interviewers spoke to them. Donna said it was just as well because if she did get called she wouldn't go up anyway, she would tell them to pick someone else.

As the show opened, the first four contestants were called and Pam waited for her name to be called with great anticipation-only Pam's name was not called, Donna's was. Donna did not refuse her slot as she stated earlier, she bounced and squealed her way up to "Contestant's Row" with the other players. Pam was heartbroken. As Drew Carey was announced and walked onto the stage, Pam moped in her seat, with her head in her hands.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

by Pam

Brooke called Ridge at work and asked him to return home, but he said he couldn't do it. He told her that he loved her, and he wanted to work it out, but he wasn't ready. He admitted that he needed space and didn't want to see her. Later, Brooke applied lipstick and walked out her front door, but Stephanie walked in and told Brooke to stay away from Ridge. Brooke argued that Stephanie couldn't keep Brooke away from her husband. Stephanie scoffed that Ridge wasn't her husband. Stephanie reminded Brooke that Ridge told her he didn't want to see her. Stephanie rubbed it in that Ridge needed someone who understood what he was going through, and that person was Taylor.

Stephanie continued blabbering that Ridge would be happier with Taylor because he was so upset about Brooke's decision to side with Rick, no matter what happened. Stephanie said she understood Brooke's dilemma because she was a mother, also. Stephanie added that Brooke couldn't make Ridge and Rick happy, and she would always have to side with one against the other. Brooke disagreed, and maintained that she would make Ridge happy.

Steffy visited Ridge, and wondered if his problems with Brooke had to do with Steffy and Rick. He told her it was all about Rick. Ridge said he couldn't handle dealing with Rick or Brooke, and needed some time away from both of them. He reiterated that he couldn't understand why Steffy would want a relationship with Rick, but Steffy insisted that Rick had changed. Ridge told her that Rick would hurt her again. Steffy interrupted their conversation to read a text message from Rick. Steffy insisted that her "eyes were wide open" this time.

Steffy visited Rick, and told him that she had decided to slow their relationship down. She said she forgave him for all the terrible things he said about her, but she couldn't forget them. She told him that he had to earn back her trust and could not make even one mistake if they were to stay together.

At The Price is Right, Donna was a contestant bidding on a prize package that was perfect-for Pam, who sat in the audience. Pam watched in disbelief as the announcer described an incredible range with six burners, baking supplies, and pans that Pam would have loved to have. While the other contestants bid $2,000 and more, Donna utilized Pam's strategy of bidding $1. She won because the other contestants had bids that were too high and they lost.

Pam frowned as she watched Donna onstage. Donna played a grocery store game to win a new car. The three items were all things Pam would have known. A bag of dog food had a photo of a dog that looked exactly like Pam's late dog, Tiny. Pam mumbled that it was Tiny's favorite. The next item was a lemon bar mix, and the third was a honey bear bottle. Donna smiled as she saw the honey bear bottle. As Drew Carey disclosed the price of the dog food, he asked Donna if the lemon bars were more or less than the dog food. She correctly guessed that the price was less, and then she said she knew exactly how much the honey was because she bought it every day.

She was correct when she said it was less than the lemon bars. Then, she played a dice rolling game for a car, and she won that, too. Pam was in shock. Donna got to spin the wheel. She said hello to her parents and her honey bear. Then she thanked Pam for bringing her to the show. Pam smiled and clapped.

Donna looked to Pam for help in bidding on the final showcase trip to Hawaii, and Pam signaled to her from the audience with the bid that won Donna the trip to Hawaii and a trip to Las Vegas. Pam ran on stage to celebrate with Donna. Pam wanted Donna to take her on the Hawaiian trip, but Donna agreed to the baking pans and lemon bar mix. Then, they hugged and laughed.

At the guesthouse, Taylor was hard at work preparing a romantic evening for Ridge. She lit candles and had dinner cooking when Ridge walked in. He was surprised to see her. Ridge was happy, but admitted that he missed Brooke. He told Taylor that he just couldn't be with Brooke, and needed time away from her. Ridge told Taylor that Steffy was with Rick and it sickened him. He nervously paced and drummed his hands on the table as Taylor tried to calm him down. Ridge had a glass of wine, and asked for more.

Taylor told him that they had to trust that Steffy would make the right decision about her future. Taylor said she knew that Steffy was blinded by love, and they couldn't change her mind. Steffy would have to discover Rick's shortcomings on her own. Ridge tried to relax while Taylor checked on dinner.

Ridge opened Taylor's purse and grabbed the anti-anxiety pills. He took one and slipped the bottle into his pocket. Taylor returned with dinner and Ridge thanked her for being so understanding. After dinner, Taylor cleaned up and Ridge had flashbacks of Steffy with Rick, Phoebe's death, and other sad incidents. He took a handful of pills and washed them down with a glass of water.

Friday, June 19, 2009

At the Forrester guesthouse, Taylor had prepared a romantic dinner for herself and Ridge. When Taylor left the living room for a moment, Ridge took four of Taylor's anti-anxiety pills. Taylor returned to the living room and handed Ridge a glass of wine. He told Taylor that he couldn't get his hatred for Rick out of his mind. Taylor said that Ridge needed a distraction. He said that Taylor was a great distraction, and she said that was what she was there for.

As they began eating, Taylor told Ridge that one of the basic tenets of psychology was that worrying didn't stop problems. Taylor suggested some coping mechanisms to help him stop thinking about Steffy dating Rick. As Taylor continued speaking, the anti-anxiety medication started affecting Ridge. The room began to spin, and Taylor's words sounded distorted. After hearing, but not really paying attention to, Taylor's coping suggestions, Ridge told her that she always made sense. Taylor said that the phrase "always make sense" made her sound too clinical. Ridge said that he didn't see a clinician-he saw a compelling, beautiful woman.

At Brooke's, Stephanie continued to try to dissuade Brooke from trying to see Ridge. Stephanie told Brooke that Taylor was the best person to get Ridge through his crisis. Brooke said that Taylor's motives couldn't be trusted, since she was in love with Ridge. Stephanie suspected that Brooke was worried that Ridge would respond to Taylor. Brooke replied that if Ridge responded to Taylor, it would only be because he was vulnerable. Stephanie said that Ridge had always felt more at peace with Taylor than with Brooke.

Brooke accused Stephanie of telling Ridge about Brooke and Ridge's invalid marriage license as a way of pushing Ridge towards Taylor. Stephanie defended her motives, saying that she wanted Ridge with the woman who provided him with stability-and Stephanie thought that Taylor was that woman.

While Brooke was out of the room, Stephanie called Taylor to find out how things were going at the guesthouse. Taylor told Stephanie that Ridge had been a little tense at first, but had started to relax, adding that Ridge had been saying "the most amazing things" to her. Stephanie told Taylor that Brooke had been on her way over to see Ridge, but that Stephanie had stopped her. Taylor emphatically said that she didn't want Brooke interrupting her evening.

Stephanie thought it would be a good idea for Taylor to spend the night with Ridge, and Taylor agreed. Stephanie suggested that Taylor turn off Ridge's cell phone, and said that she would continue to run inference with Brooke in order to prevent her from seeing Ridge.

After Stephanie hung up, Brooke rejoined her in the living room, and correctly surmised that Stephanie had been speaking with Taylor. Stephanie didn't deny it. Brooke tried to call Ridge, but reached his voicemail. Stephanie was glad that Brooke didn't leave a message-she thought that a message from Brooke would aggravate Ridge. Brooke insisted that she was going to see Ridge that evening. Stephanie wondered why Brooke would bother, since nothing had changed-Brooke still wouldn't tell Rick to stay away from Steffy.

Stephanie asked Brooke if she was prepared to take Ridge's side and walk away from Rick. Brooke insisted that Rick was really in love with Steffy. Stephanie told Brooke that Ridge didn't want to think about Rick and all the pain that he had caused. She reminded Brooke that she would see Ridge at work the next day, and that perhaps Ridge would have a different perspective on the situation. She begged Brooke to leave Ridge alone for that evening. Brooke, who had been heading out the door, acquiesced, and re-entered the house. She reminded Stephanie that Ridge had said that their marriage wasn't over-and that Brooke and Ridge would find a way to get through the crisis.

After she finished her conversation with Stephanie, Taylor turned off Ridge's cell phone. Ridge returned to the living room and, acting increasingly spaced out, told Taylor what a great night it was. Taylor told Ridge that they were "simpatico." She said that she and Ridge had gone through life's greatest joys and greatest disappointments together, but that things always ended up okay, since they shared a special bond. Ridge said he thought it was time they went to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Ridge and Taylor continued to act seductively towards each other. They walked out on the patio, and Taylor pointed out the North Star. She said that she liked to think of the North Star as Phoebe. They discussed how much they missed their daughter, but Taylor said that, as a guardian angel, Phoebe had a much bigger job to do. Ridge began slurring his speech, and told Taylor how much easier she made it for him to think about Phoebe. Taylor reminisced about Phoebe and Steffy's birth. Ridge remembered that Taylor had nearly died during childbirth. Taylor said that she would have never left Thomas or her daughters.

Ridge suggested that he and Taylor go back into the bedroom. Ridge lay down on the bed, while the medication's effects became even more pronounced. Although barely awake, he was still able to say a few words to Taylor. The couple engaged in a passionate kiss, and Taylor began undressing the barely conscious Ridge.

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