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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, September 11, 2000


Lily has been mistaken for Rose and she has been put in jail. She is in a cell next to Simon and they are kissing. Lucinda comes marching in and interrupts the two. She thinks that Lily is Rose and asks what is going on? Lily asks how long has she been there? Lucinda says that she has been there long enough. She asks if the infatuation with Holden is over and is she on to someone new? Lily asks, "Infatuation?" Lily realizes that Lucinda thinks that she is Rose. Lucinda says that this is why she needed the money from Craig, to get a plane ticket for the two of them to leave town. Lily says that she can't believe this, her own mother can't tell her apart from Rose. Lucinda asks why her daughter would be incarcerated? Lily tells her mother that it was a mistake, they took her for Rose. She says for her mother to look her in the eyes, the same eyes that have looked at her for years. Finally, Lucinda decides that Lily is telling the truth and then she wants to know why she was kissing that man? Lily says that there is a lot that she doesn't know. Finally, Lucinda gets Lily released from her cell and as they are leaving, Lily stops by Simon's cell and tells Lucinda to go ahead and she will catch up. Lucinda asks if she is going to start up where she left off. Lily reminds her mother that she is an adult and she doesn't need her to tell her anything. Lucinda reluctantly leaves. Simon tells Lily that he wishes he could help her through what she has to go through now. She says that she has been through hurricanes, attempts on her life and an outfit that would make Adam and Eve jealous and she can handle a show girl from Atlantic City. Simon tells her that he knows she can, but he has to say goodbye to her again and he had a hard time the first time. He says that this is funny, they are missing the good old days on the island, isn't this nuts? She says that they aren't nuts, it is the rest of the world that is. Lily leaves to catch up with Lucinda.

Everyone is starting to gather at the Lakeview for the Endicott Awards. Rose is in the back with Jake and she is very nervous. Jake reminds her that she is there to make a wrong, right. She says that she understands and she wants to help. Out front, Molly, Chris and Abigail are standing together and making sure they know the plan. They decide that it is time to set the plan into motion. Molly leaves and Abigail goes over to the technician behind all the equipment and starts to talk to him. He is delighted to talk to Abigail, but he informs her that no one is allowed behind the equipment except the technicians. She says that she understands, but she has lost her contact lens and asks him to help her find it. He tells her that he is not allowed to leave the equipment. She convinces him that it will only take a second and he decides to help her. After Abigail and the technician leave, Chris walks up and looks at the equipment. He sees that there is a tape sticking half out of the tape machine and is ready to be played. He takes out the tape of Katie's confession and starts to switch the tapes. Emily walks up and says that she can't believe that Chris is there? Emily keeps talking to Chris and he tries to get rid of her, but she won't go. Finally, Chris looks across the room and says, "Who is that beautiful woman with Jake?" Emily turns and says, "Where?" She takes off across the room to find Jake. Chris goes back to changing the tape and Katie walks up. She tells Chris that she didn't think he was the technical type. Chris tries to act like he isn't up to anything and Molly comes running over and takes Katie away and asks about her dress. Chris, finally changes the tape and the award show begins. The technician that has been helping Abigail tells her that he has to go and gets to his post in time to start the tape. Emily and Tom start the program by introducing Katie and her accomplishments at such a young age. Tom tells the technician to start the tape. The tape begins and it is the tape that Katie made the night the stalker had her held hostage at the station. A few minutes into the tape, Katie jumps up and says that this is the wrong tape, stop the tape. Holden tells her to sit down, he wants to hear it. The tape goes on and Katie explains that she has been a bad person, she had fixed it so Molly would lose her job and she could take it over. She adds that she made up the stalker bit to get a story and to get attention. Tom yells out to stop the tape. He says that someone is playing a bad joke on Katie. The technician stops the tape and Holden looks at Katie and asks if any of the tape was true? She starts to deny it and Craig and Margo come over to console her. Margo says that she can't believe that someone would play this joke on her. Craig says that whoever did this, will answer to him and he looks around the room. Molly backs up a little. As everyone is milling around the room, Rose walks out and asks for everyone's attention. Jake is standing beside her. Holden looks up and he can't believe that Rose is standing at the microphone. Rose asks everyone to please sit down, she has something to say. Everyone finds their seat and Rose starts telling the story about how she and Lily Snyder came to know each other. She goes on by telling everyone that she and Lily had switched their identities and then their fate had changed their lives. She tells everyone that she didn't mean to take Lily's identity, it just happened that way. She says that a lot of people had been hurt and she had to make this wrong, right. As she is talking, Lily and Lucinda show up. When Lily sees Rose at the front of the room, talking to everyone, she starts to go after her. Lucinda pulls her back and reminds her that the room is full of reporters. Lily stays and listens to Rose. Rose goes on to say that Katie had found out that she was not Lily, but Rose D'Angelo, a show girl from Atlantic City. She tells everyone that Katie made her go along with Katie's plan to get Holden. Rose says that she had to go along with it, because Katie had the goods on her. Holden looks at Katie and Katie hangs her head. Rose tells them the table turned when she got the goods on Katie. She knew that Katie was after Holden and she wouldn't let that happen. The cameras start to flash and Rose tells Holden that she is so sorry to tell him this way, but he had to know. Holden stands up and tells reporters to stop taking pictures. Rose and Jake leave the stage. Holden grabs Katie and takes her to the other side of the room. He confronts her about knowing that Rose was not Lily. She starts to deny it and Holden tells her that she had better not lie to him. She confesses and tries to explain. She tells Holden that she has been in love with him and Lily had been treating him so bad. She says that Lily ran off with Simon and she wanted him. Holden tells her that he can't believe that she held the truth about Lily. Katie asks if he can ever forgive her. He says that he never wants to see her again. When Holden leaves, Molly comes over to gloat. She tells Katie that she underestimated her and that was her biggest mistake. Molly pushes the Endicott Award into Katie's hand. Molly tells her that this is what she plotted to get and she hopes she will be very happy with it. Molly walks away and Margo comes over. Margo tells Katie that she stood up with her when she accused Chris of stalking her and she stood up to her husband taking Katie's side. Katie tells Margo that she has been so good to her. Margo says, "Yes." Margo goes on to says that she deserves to know the truth, did she make up the stalking story? Katie says, "Well, at first..." Margo tells Katie that she doesn't know her anymore and she doesn't want to know her. Margo leaves Katie crying.

After Rose's speech, Lucinda makes Lily leave for a bit to calm down. When Lily is calmer, they make their way back stage to find Rose. She is gone. Lily tells her mother if she hadn't insisted that Lily leave they could have confronted Rose and now she is gone.

Jake finds Molly and congratulates her on a job well done. Molly says that they all did it. Jake tells her that the best part of the whole night is that she is there, in his arms and that is the way he wants it to be for as long as possible. Jake kisses Molly.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000


The Endicott Awards have ended abruptly and people are leaving. The media rush to interview Molly. As she is talking to the press, Craig and Katie come walking out. Molly stops talking as they walk by. After they are by, Abigail walks out and Molly tells the press that she will continue this later and she walks over to her daughter. As they are congratulating each other, Rose walks out. The press go after her and she hides behind Jake. Jake gets rid of the media and Rose is thankful to him for all he has done for her. Holden makes his way through the crowd and over to Rose. He asks her how she got out of jail? Had she sold some of his wife's jewelry? Jake steps up and says that he bailed her out of jail. Rose tries to apologize to Holden again. He tells her that he will find some way to put her back in jail. Molly pipes up and asks Holden that after everything Rose has done, he would put her back in jail? Holden says that he will hunt her down and do it. Jake tells Holden that he doesn't have to hunt, Rose will be staying with him. Molly flashes Jake a look. Holden walks away and Molly steps in front of Jake and says that they need to back it up a bit. Did she hear him right? Is Rose staying at his apartment? Rose says that she is not staying at his apartment, he only said that so Holden would leave her alone. She adds, "Right, Jake?" Jake informs her that she has to stay with him since he posted her bail. This does not make Molly happy. Jake tries to get Molly to come back to his apartment with him and Rose and bring Abigail and they will have a celebration there. Molly declines and Jake says that he will call her later. Rose and Jake leave. Abigail questions Molly's decision about letting Rose be alone with Jake. Molly starts to question Abigail about Rose. Abigail tells her that Rose was a lot of fun. Molly wants to know, "Fun? How fun?"

Lucinda has taken Lily out the back way at the Lakeview to avoid the press and they go back to Lily's house. Lily tells Lucinda that everyday on the island, all she ever dreamed about was getting back home to her family. She goes on to say that little did she know, no one was missing her. Lucinda tells her to go easy on them. They had no idea that someone that looked just like her had existed on this earth. Holden walks in and sees Lucinda and Lily and says, "Oh great, now what has happened?" Lily says that he can only guess and she leaves to go check on the children. Lucinda tells Holden that she is just the mother and she doesn't like to interfere....Holden interrupts and tells her that she shouldn't interfere. Lucinda tells Holden about Lily being mistaken for Rose and put back into jail. He says that she must have been very upset about that. Lucinda says that she wasn't that upset because in the cell next to her was Simon. Holden tells Lucinda about Jake bailing Rose out of jail. Lucinda says that she doesn't know what is wrong with that guy and she leaves to confront Jake. Lily comes back to the living room and Holden confronts her with Simon and the jail cell. She tells him that he should stop obsessing over Simon and what he did was worst because he slept with someone that wasn't her. She tells him that at least Simon knows her.

Craig takes Katie back to his hotel suite where he gives her a drink. She starts to tell him how this whole mess came about. She starts to cry when she realizes that Holden will no longer want her working at WOAK. Craig tells her to leave it to her big brother, he will have a talk with Holden and he is sure that they will find something for her to do at the station. She says that she isn't so sure, she thinks that Holden would rather see her dead.

Back at the Lakeview, Molly and Abigail are discussing Molly's relationship with Jake. Molly decides that she just won't worry about Jake and Rose. If it is meant to be, it will be. Molly's cell phone rings and it is Jake. She pretends to be cold to him. He tells her how beautiful she is and how much he is missing her. She warms up to him. He tells her that he is calling from his bedroom. She asks him what he is wearing? While they are talking, Rose is in the living room making sure she has her money from Craig and her belongings. She speaks toward Jake's room in a soft voice, "Thanks for everything, Jake." Rose leaves his apartment.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Margo shows up at Craig's with Katie's belongings and tells Katie she's not welcome in her home anymore. Lily is upset to realize Rose read her diary and nicknamed Luc "Lucky Luciano." Lucinda takes Iva to Jake's to meet Rose but Jake soon discovers that Rose has fled. At the airport Rose learns her flight to Atlantic City has been delayed.

Lily confesses to Emma that she feels like everyone is comparing her to Rose. Margo and Craig clash over Katie, with Margo telling Katie she can't trust her around Adam and Casey anymore. After Holden informs him he's fired, Henry tries to plead innocence of Katie's misdeeds, but to no avail. Katie arrives at the station with Craig in tow and reasons with Holden to give her another chance, but he's unmoved. Craig then steps in and urges him to reconsider.

Lily visits Simon in jail and tells him she feels invisible--he's the only one who can see her. Simon then comforts her when she says she fears meeting Rose because she's so angry with her. While hiding from Lucinda and Jake at the airport, Rose runs into Iva--literally.

Lucinda introduces a distressed Iva to Rose. When the Canadian agent arrives to extradite Simon, Lily offers to pay whatever money necessary to keep Simon from facing charges. Craig counsels Holden not to let his feelings about Rose's deception influence him regarding Katie. When Henry delivers his letter of resignation to Holden, he also tips him off that Lily is visiting Simon in jail.

When the police arrive to arrest Rose for jumping bail, Lucinda takes her aside and tells her she'll get her out of jail if she promises to stay in town afterward. Iva is indignant when Lucinda suggests that she could've given birth to twins and not known it--there's no way "that woman" could be her daughter, Iva insists. Holden arrives at the police station and orders Lily to put her checkbook away.

Craig offers Katie a job as his personal assistant and rents a room for her--family should stick together, he tells her. Lily ignores Holden and Holden and Simon nearly get into a shoving match. Lily is then surprised to see Iva and Lucinda. A startled Lucinda warns Lily to brace herself, and a moment later Rose walks in, sarcastically greeting Lily.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Lily check got Simon out of jail but not before she and Rose have a few words. Rose tells Lily how Holden like her better and how she felt abandoned since Lily left the 5 word message. Then she figured Lily left everyone behind to live a life with the Australian. Rose then finds out that the diamond is gone for good and admits to have fallen for Holden. Meanwhile Lucinda finds out that Iva passed out while giving birth and figures that Iva could have had 2 children but not remembered it. Lucinda then makes Rose an offer to stay with her as a guest so she can find out more about her.

Holden and Simon have words also seeing as Holden slept with a woman he thought was his wife while Simon told him about Lily wanting nothing more than to get home to her husband and kids. He tried to convinced Holden that what he saw on the island was nothing more than two people who had had too much to drink and it was something that they both needed after being alone on the island. Holden then took out a wallet of money and tried to give it to him and told him to leave on his on or he was going to make him leave. Simon left the money and took off. When Lily found out she went after him only to find him at the airport.

Back in Vegas...Hal, Barbara, Jack and Julia bored the plane to leave however they are all in for one surprise...Carly has a plane ticket for the same plane in the seat next to Jack. Hal gets up and offers his seat and then Barbara decides to make everyone safe and she took the seat closest to all the men while Carly was sitting between Barbara and another woman. Barb and Carly have words and Barbara gets up and walks away. Hal and Jack go after her while leaving Carly and Julia. Julia goes to tell her how she has Jack and Carly can't Carly said that when he gets a certain look in his eye he is thinking of her not Julia. When the plane lands and Carly says bye...she tells Hal how Barb told her she couldn't see Parker anymore and Hal buys it. When Hal and Barbara get ho...Barbara asks if the problem is with them and not Carly or Jen or anyone else leaving Hal wondering what she is saying.

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Friday, September 15, 2000

by Cheryl Salter

Carly asked Craig Montgomery for assistance in obtaining custody of Parker. He agreed to help her if she consented to have dinner with him. A suspicious Carly asked him why he wanted her to have dinner with him when she had basically tried to scam him from day one. Craig laughingly informed her that she was "honestly dishonest" but that he liked it. He offered to let Carly move into his extra bedroom and loan her money (with interest) until she got a job. He told her that once she became an upstanding member of society, he would help her get Parker back.

Hal blew a gasket upon his and Barbara's arrival home when he learned that Jen let Bryant in the house while her parents were away in Las Vegas. Hal threatened to send Jen to boarding school to get her mind off of Bryant once and for all. Barbara accused Hal of being unreasonable where Bryant was concerned but Hal countered that she was being unreasonable about Carly. Barbara feared that because she initially lied to Hal all those years ago about Jen's paternity, he was taking it out on Jen now. On the spur of the moment, Barbara decided to go to a designer show in New York to give her and Hal time to think things through.

Lily arrived at the airport as Simon was boarding his plane and begged him to stay in Oakdale. Simon argued with her but Lily was adamant about not wanting him to leave. Simon reluctantly agreed to stay in Oakdale for one more night. Lily came to see him in his hotel room. When pressed by Simon for her reasons for wanting him to stay, Lily admitted that she was angry at Holden and her family for accepting Rose so easily. After confessing his love for her, Simon told Lily she needed to make a choice between him and her family. Lily told him she couldn't make such an important decision so quickly and rushed out of the hotel room. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door and Lily was back. Simon let her in and when he asked why she came back, Lily said she didn't want to talk anymore and started kissing him. They fell to the bed together in a passionate embrace.

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