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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, September 4, 2000

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, As The World Turns did not air today.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Jack and Julia are finally getting their wedding on the way. Just as the Reverend/Elvis impersonator gets started, Carly pops in and stops the wedding cold. Barbara starts yelling for Hal to get her out of there. Hal tells Barbara to mind her own business. She looks at him and tells him to forget renewing their vows, the words would stick in her throat. Julia tells Carly to go away, no one wants to hear what she has to say. Jack tells Julia to trust him, he will go and see what she has to say and then they can get back to their wedding. Julia looks at Jack with pleading eyes and Jack asks her if he has ever broken a promise to her. Jack walks out into the hall with Carly. He tells her to get on with what she has to say. She asks him why is he rushing into this marriage with Julia? She accuses him of doing it to forget her. Jack says that he forgot about her the day she left him at the altar. He reminds her that she, once again, had lied to him when she knew she was married to another man. Now, they go back and forth until Jack has had it. He tells her to stay and watch if she wants to, because his marriage to Julia is going to happen, no matter what she says. He starts to walk away and Carly yells out that it won't last, because he is still in love with her. Jack looks back and then turns to Julia and Carly walks out. Jack looks back and Carly is gone. He looks at Julia, then walks over to her. He pulls her to the front of the chapel and the Reverend tells them to take their time. Barbara and Hal take their place and then the ceremony begins. The Reverend performs the ceremony "Vegas style" and then he says, "OK mister and misses, here come the kisses." He asks for a round of applause and the three clap their hands as Jack gives Julia a small peck on the lips. Lucinda has found Rose's father and pays him a visit. When she tells him that she is there to ask him questions about his daughter Rose, he closes the door and says from the other side that she has the wrong place, he doesn't have a daughter named Rose. Lucinda bangs on the door and says that he can talk to her or he can talk to the police in about ten minutes. He opens the door and says that he doesn't want any trouble. Lucinda walks into his house and she holds the Calienta poster up and asks if that is Rose? Mr. D'Angelo says that it is. Lucinda tells him that Rose is in a lot of trouble. He says that he knew it would come back on them. Lucinda shows him a picture of Lily and says that this is her daughter and she wants to know how much they were expecting to extort from her. Mr. D'Angelo doesn't understand what she is talking about. He starts to tell Lucinda about how they came about getting Rose. He tells her about he and his wife having a hard time getting pregnant and when his wife finally became pregnant, they were elated. When it was time for their child to be born, he took his wife to a convent, because that is all they could afford. He goes on to say that there were complications and their baby didn't make it. His wife was so heartbroken that the doctor gave her a shot and put her to sleep. The next morning, his wife didn't remember that their daughter had died and she was asking for the baby. He was so upset that he went to one of the nuns and told her what was happening. The nun took him to the orphanage and there was a baby girl with a head full of blond curls. He took the baby to his wife and they adopted her as their own. Lucinda asks if there is more to the story. Mr. D'Angelo says that they didn't speak of it again. Rose had brought more joy to their life than they ever imagined. Lucinda says that there must be more? Mr. D'Angelo gets a smile on his face and says that Rose always insisted that she had a sister, but he and his wife just took it as a child with an imaginary friend. He looks at Lucinda and asks if she thinks that her daughter and his daughter could be sisters? And then he adds, "They couldn't be, could they?"Lily and Simon are about to make love and Holden walks into the cave. He says "Lily" and she pushes Simon away from her. She looks at Holden in misbelief, as if she can't believe her eyes. She jumps up and runs to Holden and puts her arms around him. Holden pushes her away from him. Lily says that it isn't what it looked like. Simon jumps to Lily's defense. Holden starts to go after Simon and Lily gets between them. She tells Holden that they need to go down to the beach so they can talk. She tells him that it meant nothing. Simon gets a hurt look on his face. Lily looks back at him and she and Holden leave. When they get to the beach, Holden starts in on her and says that he can't believe that Lily had given up on them. She says that she never gave up and she still loves him with all her heart. She says that she and Simon would not have gotten that far, but they had been drinking. Holden is looking around like he is looking for something. Lily asks what is he looking for? He says that he is looking for that scoundrel that flew him there, Cooley. Lily can't believe that Cooley had flown Holden to the island. She asks if Cooley had told him about trying to make her his island princess and he is the reason that she is running around the island in the clothes that she has on? Holden says that he hadn't heard about any of that. She says that he would believe someone like Cooley, but he won't believe his own wife? Holden says that if they can't find Cooley, then they can't get off the island. Simon has walked up and says that he can fly them off the island. He adds that they should get started because a storm is brewing. Holden says, "Oh, really?" And then he goes after Simon and starts punching him in the face. Lily yells at Holden to stop it. Holden stops hitting him, but then he takes out the gun that Cooley had given him. He points it at Simon and Lily begs him not to shoot him. Holden tells her to give him one reason why he shouldn't. She says that if he shoots Simon, then they can't get off the island. Holden throws the gun away and says that she is right. Lily says that once they get back on the mainland, they will get everything straightened out. Holden looks at Simon and asks if he is sure he can fly the plane? Simon shakes his head yes and Holden says that they should get going.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Henry tells a worried Katie he has an ace in the hole against Molly. When Holden lashes out at Lily for finding her kissing Simon, Lily counters by asking him about his life with Rose. Holden insists he knew from the beginning that something was wrong with his wife, but Rose played Lily too well for him to detect she was an impostor. Lily is hurt when she wonders aloud if Holden slept with Rose and he doesn't bother to deny it.

Abigail is stunned when Molly confesses she faked her amnesia, then reveals Katie was behind the incriminating photos of Molly and Chris that led to Molly's coma. Chris fails to talk Emily out of her planned story on Lily and Rose, accusing her of doing it just to spite Jake. You don't know me, Lily cries to Holden.

Lily tries to explain to a dour Holden that she kissed Simon because they had just seen Celia drown, feeling little joy when Simon announces they're about to land in Oakdale. Molly and Abigail embrace as Jake gets a call from Chris alerting him to Emily's plans to interview Rose. Emily visits Rose in jail and invites her to talk--"off the record." As they part ways at the airport, Simon tells Lily he doesn't regret telling her he loves her, and insists he would've known Rose wasn't Lily. The two share an emotional farewell, with Lily vowing to Simon never to forget him.

Jake chases Emily away from Rose's cell after discovering she had hidden a tape recorder in her purse. Jake then tells Rose he has a plan to get her out of jail, if she'll do a favor for him. Abigail is disgusted to learn that Katie lusts after Holden and listens in disbelief as an over-confident Katie tells Molly she knows about the faked amnesia and threatens to confront Abigail with that fact if Molly shows the videotape to Holden. Molly pretends to be cowed and promises not to show the tape to Holden.

Lily's homecoming is painful, as she sees things have been rearranged in her house without Holden even realizing it. When Emma brings the kids home, Lily has a tearful reunion with a puzzled Luc and Faith, who welcome her back from her "business trip." As he's trying to get a flight back to Sydney, Simon is arrested by the Oakdale police for an outstanding warrant he has in Canada.

Abigail and Molly plot their revenge against Katie. Emily is furious when she learns Rose is out on bail, but exults when she sees Simon being led to a nearby cell. Lily is upset when Luc asks her to sign him his favorite song and later tells Holden that Rose's ghost is everywhere.

Thursday, September 7, 2000

Margo approaches Craig about showing his support for Katie by attending the Endicott Awards ceremony which Tom is hosting.
Craig runs into a recently bailed Rose and, thinking that she is Lily, agrees to lend her five hundred dollars. A pleased, Rose makes plans to leave town.

Katie turns on the pity act when she pleads with Holden to go to the awards ceremony with her. Lily is peeved when Holden considers attending but he's tired of her attitude. She hints that he's always willing to do anything for Katie but he reminds her that she hired him to run WOAK and Katie is the station's big star. Lily tries to rid the house of everything that reminds her of Rose. After a not-so-warm reunion with Lucinda, Lily decides to confront Rose. However, when she arrives at the jail, she's mistaken for Rose and put in the cell right next to Simon. Lucinda learns about Craig's encounter with Rose and heads to the jail where she arrives just in time to see Lily and Simon kissing.
Chris is surprised to see Abigail at his place of work and agrees to help her when Abigail lets Chris know that it was Katie who took the photos of Molly kissing him. As the awards ceremony begins, Abigail, Chris, Molly and Jake enlist Rose's help to bring Katie down.

Friday, September 8, 2000

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, As The World Turns did not air today.



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