All My Children Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on AMC

Adam reunited with Stuart and apologized for hurting Hayley and Junior. Erica was thrilled that Dimitri was still alive, but she was less pleased to learn that he still loved Alex. Brooke was upset to learn that Arlene had been intoxicated when she had hit Stuart with her car.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 11, 2000

Dimitri came into the mansion with Brooke and Hayley on his arms. Mateo is behind them. They were so glad to see him and wanted to know what happened. Dimitri told them that everything would be explained later. He just wanted to celebrate now. Alex and the Duchess were in the room waiting. Dimitri and Alex told Hayley, Mateo and Brooke that they are back together and have been given another chance at life. Alex said that it is difficult for Edmund and they don't know where he has gone.

Alex was trying to explain to everyone about how Edmund walked into the hunting lodge and found her and Dimitri together. She assumed that Edmund needed some time alone and that is why he left. She doesn't want Edmund to suffer and has asked everyone to give him support when he does come home. Hayley and Mateo said that they would do anything for him. Hayley and Mateo assured Dimitri that everything would be OK. Mateo said that he is in shock about Edmund. He said that Edmund had never gotten over Maria and now this is happening. Hayley said that she feels thrilled for Dimitri and devastated for Edmund. Brooke talked with Dimitri but wondered how Edmund would cope with this. Dimitri said that he and Edmund are brothers and he will realize that it was meant to be. Brooke reminded Dimitri that Alex was the first person that he has let into his life since Maria died. Alex said that Edmund is a man of love and wisdom and they should have faith in him. The dutchess offered a toast to love and miracles. Just as they finish the toast, Edmund walked in.

Brooke was the first to speak and told Edmund that they are celebrating Dimitri's extraordinary recovery. Edmund commented that his brother never ceases to amaze him. Alex asked Edmund where he had been and Edmund told her that he took a drive and then took a walk on the beach. Dimitri told him that they were worried. Edmund asked to see Alex alone. Edmund asked her for a favor. He told her that he doesn't want her pity. He asked her to join him when he tells Sam and Maddie about what has happened. They both agreed that it has to be done carefully. Alex said that she doesn't want them to be hurt. Alex and Edmund came back into the room. Alex told Dimitri that she and Edmund were going to tell Sam and Maddie that she and Edmund were not getting married and Dimitri agreed that it would be best. Brooke said that she had to leave and hugged Dimitri. Brooke told Dimitri and Alex that she was happy for them. Edmund offered to walk her out. While outside, Brooke told Edmund that he seemed so calm. He told her that he was not calm when he found Dimitri and Alex together. He felt that whatever he had with Alex seemed like it didn't even exist. Brooke assured him that it was special and she didn't know where he found the strength. Brooke told Edmund that he doesn't have to go through this alone and for him to call her anytime.

Arlene is awaken from her sleep by some noises in the attic. She starts yelling at "the help" to keep quiet. She awakens abruptly and remembers that Stuart is still in the attic and goes running up the stairs. Stuart and Marian are dropping books on the floor hoping someone will hear them. Stuart tells Marian that he will never leave her alone again. Arlene got to the attic door just in time to hear Marian talk about her and how she can't wait until she can get her hands on her. Arlene realized that it was Marian in the attic with Stuart and then left. Stuart said that Adam had done some really strange things in the past but he can't believe he married Arlene. Stuart told Marian that Adam loves Liza and always will love her. Arlene goes downstairs and pours a glass of alcohol. Just then, the doorbell rang and it was Liza looking for her mother.

Adam is at the Col Mar Tower sleeping it off. He stumbles into another room and Frank finds him there. Adam tells him how he planned to destroy the tower by himself. Adam told him how he took care of the electrical panel. The foreman told him that they now have an electrical problem and the place could catch on fire any time. The building could come down by itself any time because of it. Frank told Adam that the building will have to be closed until he can get an electrician into the building and check the wiring. He tried to get Adam to leave but Adam refused to go. He wanted to stay and see what would happen.

Scott told Liza that her mother never came home last night. Arlene told Liza that she had no idea where her mother was. Liza told Arlene that she thought she might have come to Adam's home because she was looking for something personal belonging to Stuart. She told her that a physic had told Marian to get something of Stuart's and then he could try again to reach Stuart in the great beyond. Liza heard the noise from the attic and asked Arlene what was the noise. Arlene told her that it was Stuart trying to contact them from the great beyond. Arlene then told Liza that she forgot that her mother was there yesterday. She didn't remember when but she did say that she mentioned something about going to Pidgeon Hollow. Arlene told Liza that it must be true love if Marian is trying to contact Stuart from the great beyond. Arlene told Liza that it was nothing compared to the wrestling match of the marriage of her and Adam. Liza retaliated to Arlene that the only thing she and Adam have in common is booze and Arlene added that they have great sex also. Liza then told her that she and Adam are just using each other. Liza said that she doesn't need a lecture from someone who slept with her son-in-law on his wedding night. Arlene then told Liza that she and Adam heard Tad and her getting it on last night in New York. Arlene then asked Liza what kind of women she was. Arlene told her that poor Dixie was there believing in true love while Liza was getting it on with Dixie's husband. Liza then asked Arlene where Adam was and she told her that he went ballistic last night and left. Arlene told Liza not to think that Adam was jealous because he doesn't love her, he just wants to destroy her and Col Mar Tower. Liza got a phone call from Frank and has to leave to meet him at the Valley Inn bar about something that has come up at the Col Mar Tower. As Liza walked out the door, Arlene called her a "slut".

Back in the attic, Marian told Stuart that she was starving, her head hurt, and her foot hurt from the book that she dropped on it when they were trying to alert someone downstairs. Stuart remembered some candy bars that he had in his fishing jacket. He and Marian enjoyed them. Stuart was going through an old chest in the attic and found an old scrapbook of pictures he drew. He told Marian that his mom would throw them away because they were cluttering up the place and Adam would pull them out of the trash and said they were his private gallery. Stuart was surprised that Adam saved all of his pictures. Stuart said that he has to get out of the attic and find Adam and tell him that he believes in him.

Arlene tried to call Adam but got no answer on his phone. He then walked in the door and she asked him where he was. He told her "not now!". She wanted an apology and he asked her what for? Arlene said that he almost strangled her last night. Adam told her to be grateful that he didn't kill her. Arlene offered to pour him a bubble bath and give him a foot massage and Adam pushed her away and told her to quit fussing. She reminded him that she is his wife and Adam told Arlene that he feels she is his curse. She told him that she would do anything for him and that she is a lot better than Liza. She told Adam that Liza is a slut. He grabbed him and said that if she valued her life, she would never mention Liza's name again.

Adam told Arlene that he was leaving and he has fixed it so Col Mar Tower would never open. He then told Arlene that if she needs him, he would be in the attic getting the biggest suitcase he could find. She grabbed his arm and pulled him back and told him that he couldn't do that. Adam told her to let go of his arm. He told her he is leaving. He had just "used" her like everyone else and she would be well compensated. He tried to tell her that it was over for them. Adam told her that she would believe anything after he poured some alcohol down her throat and gave her a "couple of rolls in the hay". Adam told her that he doesn't need her anymore. Arlene wanted to know about their future. Adam said that she was just a prop. She started to cry and Adam told her to stop blubbering.

Liza met Frank in the Valley Inn bar. Frank told her that the electrical system has been damaged and it would set them back days or weeks until they can get an electrician's report. Liza was very upset and stated that this Tower had been doomed since the beginning. Hayley and Mateo came into the Valley Inn and saw Liza talking to a man and they commented to each other that this was the same man that Arlene was talking to last night. They wondered why Liza was with him. After Frank left, Hayley asked Liza who the man was and she told her that he was the contractor for the Col Mar Building. Hayley said that it was a small world because Arlene was putting her "mo jo" on him last night. Liza told Hayley and Mateo that she and Tad thought the building was cursed but now it could be Adam and "Lady McBooze" hatching some sort of a plan with Frank to sabotage the building.

Liza said that she just left Arlene and she had said something about Adam wanting to destroy the Tower. Liza decided to go to the Tower and see if Adam was there. Hayley and Mateo then left to go and see Arlene.

Hayley and Mateo came storming into Adam's home and found Arlene and Adam in a discussion. Arlene excused herself and went upstairs. Hayley asked her dad if he and Arlene were sabotaging Col Mar Tower. Adam assured Hayley that Arlene and he were too busy running the tavern. Mateo then told Adam that apparently Arlene was getting in thick with the contractor. Adam said that Arlene "gets in thick" with every man she meets. Hayley told her dad that Liza felt he and Arlene were in it together to sabotage Col Mar Tower. Mateo told Adam that Liza had gone to the Col Mar Tower to look for him. Adam then yells "O my God" and storms out the door yelling that the building is going to collapse. Mateo and Hayley run behind him.

Liza went to the construction site and she found Adam's coat. She wondered where he was and what he was up to. In the background, the electrical box is smoking but Liza did not notice it. She started to walk up the stairs calling out Adam's name.

Alex and Dimitri were cuddling next to each other on the sofa discussing what had happened that day. Alex said that she wished she could just jump forward and put all of this behind them. Alex said that she was feeling better now that they knew Edmund was back. Dimitri told her that everything would be OK. He just wished he could have handled it a different way. Dimitri assured Alex that if they trusted in their love, they would get through this. They decide to go for a ride on the horses. Alex left to attend to the horses and Dimitri walked into the hallway. Just then, Edmund grabbed him with a chokehold.

Adam came running into the construction site and found Liza. He told her that she has to leave and Liza told him that this was her building and she doesn't have to do anything he said. Adam admitted that he was sabotaging her Tower and they had to get out of there. As they started to walk away, they saw the smoke. They tried to get through the door but it was jammed. Adam finally got the door open and then the building started to collapse trapping both of them. As one of the pilings fell and landed on Adam, Stuart woke up from a sleep and sensed something wrong.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

In a German hospital, Gillian obsessively fluffed and re-fluffed the pillows on Jake's bed. Jake remained in surgery with Joe, who had been flown in from Pine Valley, observing in the operating room. Ryan slowly approached the princess and urged her to get some rest. He also informed her that all of the orphaned children had been safely relocated out of Chechnya. The news, while comforting, did little to ease Gillian's worries. Gillian wondered if Jake would be able to survive the heartbreak when she tells him that she wants a divorce. Ryan assured Gillian that Jake is a fighter and that she should wait until the right time before telling Jake of her desire. After making sure that the curtain surrounding the bed was drawn, Ryan gave Gillian a kiss on the lips. Only a matter of seconds after their lips parted, the curtain was abruptly pulled back. Joe stood outside the room with a look of disbelief on his face. Before questioning why Ryan was there, Joe offered a brief update on Jake's condition. He explained that the surgery was over and that the bullet had been successfully removed. The prognosis, Joe stated while still trying to remain upbeat, was uncertain. Joe turned towards Ryan and thanked him for whatever part he'd played in rescuing Jake. The senior Martin did not go into any more details. He asked Ryan if he'd mind giving him a few moments alone with Gillian. Ryan nodded and headed on his way. Gillian sensed that something was wrong and asked Joe to tell her what was going on. Joe informed Gillian that the bullet had been lodged against Jake's spinal cord. The doctors were nearly certain that there had been some sort of damage. The degree of damage, however, had yet to be determined. Joe took Gillian's hand and told her that Jake would need her help to get back to back to full health. Citing her love for her husband, Gillian pledged that she would do whatever she could to help Jake. A team of doctors returned a slumbering Jake to his room. Later, Gillian stood vigil by his bed, gently holding and caressing his hand. Ryan peeked into the room, his face twisting painfully as he watched the display. Joe passed by in the hall and put his arm around Ryan. He asked Ryan to join him elsewhere in the hospital so that Gillian and Jake could have some time alone.

Tad and Dixie sat on their bed, playfully tossing popcorn into the air to see if they could catch it in their mouths. Tad was actually pretty good, catching at least three or four pieces in mid-air. Into the fun, Dixie interjected a question about Tad's future at Colmar now that he'd learned that Liza was using him. Tad admitted that he was not pleased with Liza's shenanigans, but said that he couldn't quit his job. Tad explained that he wanted to see the projects he'd started through to complete. As for Liza, he claimed that Liza was jealous of the type of relationship that he and Dixie share. "She know she'll never have [one like] it," Tad remarked. Dixie added that Liza would not definitely not find a lasting relationship if she continued to involve herself with Adam. Junior burst into the room, causing the couple to make sure that they were appropriately dressed. Junior bashfully bowed his head and offered to leave. Both Tad and Dixie asked that he stay. Junior broke the news that he'd been selected to start on his soccer team. Dixie was overjoyed and told Junior that he'd have to call Brooke, Jamie and his father to ask them to attend the first game of the season. "If you're talking about Adam Chandler, he's not my father any more," Junior replied glumly. Dixie was taken aback by her son's words. She gently scolded him, asking that he not be so hard on his father. Junior expressed frustration with his father's attitude since Stuart's death. Junior burst of the room. Dixie wanted to chase after her son, but Tad suggested that she let Junior have some time alone to deal with his feelings.

His hands still tightly gripping Dimitri's throat, Edmund angrily snarled, "Why did you have to come back?" Dimitri gasped for air as his brother's vise-like grip slowly squeezed the life from him. Suddenly, Edmund released his brother and took several steps backward. As his back hit the wall, a look of horror and disbelief swept over Edmund's face. Dimitri, still trying to get air into his lungs, questioned whether Edmund really wanted him dead. Alex called out to her husband from the other room. Dimitri slowly wandered into the parlor to greet her. Dimitri continued coughing, causing Alex to fear that he might be having more heart troubles. Dimitri covered for his brother, saying that he was having a coughing fit similar to the ones he'd had as a child. Alex noticed that Edmund was unusually quiet. She sensed that she wasn't being told the truth, but she wisely decided not to dig any deeper. Edmund left the room to fetch Dimitri some more water. Alex then seized the opportunity to ask Dimitri what was going on. Dimitri still did not tell Alex that Edmund had strangled him. Alex told Dimitri that she was mulling a decision to move out of Wildwind. Edmund returned to the room and the conversation abruptly halted. Edmund knew that the pair had been talking about him and asked that they not feel as though they have to be quiet whenever he's around. Dimitri rose from the sofa and told Edmund that he and Alex were going to move off of the property. Edmund asked them to stay for the children's sake. Alex walked towards Edmund and placed her hand on his arm. She asked him not to feel pressured into a decision. Edmund felt awkward having Alex touch him and he stepped away. He insisted that he was not being pressured into anything, explaining that Sam and Maddie had already lost a lot in their short lives. Edmund excused himself to take a walk. Alex and Dimitri, meanwhile, resumed talks about moving out. Dimitri sidestepped the issue and focused on something else. He told Alex that when the time was right he wanted to renew their wedding vows in front of their family and friends. Alex appeared uneasy, saying that she wasn't sure how Edmund would handle it. Dimitri swore that they would wait until Edmund had come to terms with everything that had happened.

In the mausoleum, Edmund angrily lashed out at Hugo Marick. Edmund yelled that his only purpose in life was to provide constant amusement for his late father. Edmund then turned an angry glare at Dimitri's vault. He picked up an object from nearby and used it to forcibly remove the plaque on Dimitri's fault.

"What have you done?" Liza asked as smoke filtered into the room. Adam and Liza barely managed to take a few steps before a loud explosion rocked the tower. Adam and Liza were thrown forward from the blast. Debris rained down atop them as another series of explosions shook the tower. Mateo and Hayley arrived just moments later and raced into the building to see if everyone was okay. They first found Adam lying on the concrete with an I-beam resting on his back. Adam called out to Liza, but there was no response. Rather than be rescued, Adam urged Mateo and Hayley to find Liza first; he sensed that her silence meant that something bad had happened to her. Mateo and Hayley were able to locate Liza rather easily. They helped her to her feet and walked her out of the building. Once Liza got her wits about her, she realized that Adam was still inside the building. Liza wanted to race inside and save Adam, but Mateo wouldn't let her move. Hayley reached for her cell phone and called the paramedics as Mateo prepared to reenter the building. Before he could get inside, however, another explosion erupted. This time the entranceway was blocked and Adam's body was virtually buried in the rubble. When the paramedics and police arrived, Derek pressed Mateo, Liza and Hayley for details about the explosion. Liza didn't want to talk --- she wanted to go inside and rescue Adam. Derek warned her not to go near the building and threatened to handcuff her if that was the only way to keep her in check. Arlene arrived on the scene and was stunned when she learned that Adam was trapped inside the building. Mateo grabbed her arm and accused her of being responsible for the explosion. If anything happened to Adam, Mateo growled, it was on Arlene's shoulders. Liza started to sob as she realized that Adam had been there to save her. Hayley wrapped her arms about Liza and said that it was obvious that her dad still loved her. After composing herself, Liza called Tad and Dixie to break the news to them. Dixie rolled her eyes when she heard Liza's voice on the other end of the line. She passed the phone to Tad, who asked Liza if her so-called urgent news could wait until the morning. Liza told Tad that Adam was trapped inside the Colmar building and that it was unclear if he was going to survive. Tad hung up the phone and told Dixie about the accident. Neither Tad nor Dixie was aware that Junior was standing in the doorway. By the time they did see him, Tad had already informed Dixie that Adam might die.

Back at the accident scene, the rescue squad successfully extricated Adam from the wreckage. They wheeled the semi-conscious billionaire out of the building on a gurney. Adam muttered that he wanted his wife. Arlene's face lit up and she ecstatic let it be known that Adam wanted her. Adam continued mumbling, saying that he really wanted Liza by his side. Derek told the two women that only one other person could ride in the ambulance with Adam. Liza and Arlene bickered back and forth about who should accompany Adam. "He's my husband," Arlene snapped. "Not tonight, he's not," Liza replied. Hayley and Mateo told Liza that they would meet her at the hospital. Left behind, a tear streamed down Arlene's cheek as she sorrowfully announced how she didn't want anything to happen to Adam.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 13, 2000

Adam lied unconscious in the hospital bed while Dr. David Hayward treated him and gave orders to the nearby nurse. When he left the room, he found Reverend Eliot and told him to stay close by as his services may be needed. Family and friends waited anxiously outside Adam's hospital room for updates on his prognosis. David told Hayley that while the operation had gone fine, there were other complications. Liza tried to comfort Hayley, telling her that Adam was fighter and would pull through. Hayley replied that while her father had always been a fighter before Stuart's death, she didn't know if he would have the will to fight for his life because half of him was already dead.

Still trapped in the attic, Stuart told Marian that he knew Adam was in terrible trouble because of the physic connection he had to him. He frantically tried to free himself and Marian but was unable to get the door open. Stuart was very frustrated and fearful for Adam. Marian suggested that since he was able to receive a message of distress from Adam, he could probably send a message to Adam. She reminded him that he had been able to reach out to her. Stuart thought the idea was worth a try to began to look around for something belonging to Adam to help him focus. Marian found an old baseball and asked Stuart if it had any significance. Stuart held the ball and recounted the memory of the last time he and Adam were in Pigeon Hollow. He recalled Adam hitting the ball over the harvest moon and telling Stuart that he was headed over the moon as well and was going to take Stuart with him. Marian told Stuart that Adam had no heart and Stuart told Marian that the core of Adam was a tiny piece of gold. Then Stuart had another memory of a time when Adam was in jail and Stuart was visiting him. Stuart remembered promising Adam that he would never stop loving him and never give up on him. He then thought back to the angry confrontation he had with Adam about setting Marian up with Palo and trying to ruin Stuart and Marian's marriage. Adam had begged for forgiveness but Stuart had told him he was dead to him. Stuart tearfully told Marian that he had broken his promise to Adam.

Arlene arrived at the hospital with a bag for Adam. She was her usual ditzy, chipper self, telling David that she had brought some things for Adam's stay in the hospital including some books he had been reading. Liza stood behind her seething. "Curling up with a good book isn't an option for Adam, he's unconscious" she told Arlene in a disgusted tone. Arlene said that she believed in staying positive and told Liza that Adam had everything to live for. Liza told her that was no longer true now that Adam was married to Arlene. Arlene's comeback was that Adam loved her and she loved him. Liza informed Arlene that the only reason Adam married her in the first place was to punish himself for his brother's death. When Arlene could take no more of Liza's comments, she raised a hand to slap Liza. Liza grabbed Arlene's wrist and threatened to put her in ICU if she went anywhere near Adam's room. Eliot tried to break the tension by asking Arlene to take a walk with him, but she told him to get away from her. Vanessa managed to lure Vanessa away from the confrontation with Liza.

At the same time that Stuart was having his memory flashbacks, Adam began having the same memories. Adam remembered repenting to Stuart about his plot against Marian. The painful scene replayed in Adam's mind; Adam remembered how he had begged for Stuart's forgiveness.

The nurse called David into Adam's room. Brooke and Mateo left Hayley and Reverend Eliot for a few moments so they could talk privately. Hayley said she didn't understand how God could be so cruel as to take her wonderful stepfather, Harry and Stuart who was such an angel and now her Father. She wondered if God was listening to her prayers. Eliot told her that yes, God was listening and tried to offer her comfort. Liza asked Mateo if he would help her find her mother. She told him that Arlene told her that Marian had gone to Pigeon Hollow to look for something of Stuart's. Mateo assured her that he would make some calls and try to find Marian.

Dixie asked Junior if he wanted to go home and get some rest, but Adam Junior said that he wasn't tired. He wanted to see his father. Hayley took Junior's hand and said that she too wanted to see Adam. She led him into Adam's hospital room and told Dr. Hayward that Adam Junior wanted to see his father. David said he could accommodate that wish, but that they should keep the visit short as Adam needed his rest. Hayley left the room so that Junior could have some privacy. Junior tearfully begged Adam not to die and apologized for all the mean things he had said to him. He pleaded with Adam to come back to him and buried his head in Adam's chest sobbing. Dixie came in and hugged her son. Tad tried to comfort junior. Junior said that it was his fault that Stuart was dying because he had been so angry with his father. Junior said that Adam thought he didn't love his dad; he thought nobody loved him. Tad had to leave to talk to reporters at Liza's station. David shared a tender moment with Junior. He told him of a similar situation he had with his father. David confided to Junior that he too had been very angry at his father for shutting him out and had behaved very coldly to him. Junior asked what happened. "Nothing, my father saw right through me and knew that I loved him." David assured Junior that Adam knew he loved him.

Arlene and Vanessa talked in the hospital chapel. Vanessa told Arlene that she would benefit financially from Adam's death. Arlene told Vanessa that she loved Adam and didn't marry him for the money. Arlene said that she was going to bring Stuart to Adam in hopes of saving him. Arlene ran out but Vanessa caught up with her in the hallway and stopped her from leaving. Arlene said that she had the power to save Adam and she planned to use it. Vanessa reminded Arlene that she would just end up in the carpet mill in Georgia with a town full of losers. "I guess I could wait and see if Adam pulls through on his own" Arlene said in a small sad voice. After the women left the hall, Mateo, who had overheard their conversation walked around the corner with a puzzled look on his face.

Dixie commended David for sharing a private part with her son that he shows to very few people. David tried to make light of his kindness, but Dixie told him to shut-up and let her thank him as she hugged him warmly.

Vanessa asked David about Adam's chances for survival. David questioned her concern and Vanessa said she was just there to offer support to her friend Arlene. David said that Vanessa and Arlene were like two vultures circling prey. He told her to stay away from Adam and his family.

Adam's mind traveled back to the memory of Stuart angrily lashing out at him for hurting Marian. Stuart had told Adam that he was selfish, and wanted Stuart to love only him. Stuart told Adam that he was a stranger to him and that he hated him. Adam told Stuart that he was his safety-net and that Stuart was his heart. Stuart told Adam that the only person who ever really hurt him, who he ever needed protection from was Adam. Stuart, furious and deeply saddened, told Adam that he was no longer his brother. At that point in the memories, Adam's condition took a turn for the worse. Dr. Hayward, the nurses and family all rushed in the room as alarms sounded on the monitoring equipment. "Oh my God, what's happening?" Arlene asked.

Stuart continued to fight to get out of the attic and save Stuart. He clutched his chest at the time Adam's heart began to fail him. Marian was afraid and begged Stuart to break the connection. Stuart pleaded with God to give him one more miracle and save his brother.

Arlene asked Dr. Hayward if Adam was dying. David told her that the antibiotic he had given Adam was not working. She told him to give Adam something stronger. David said there was nothing else he could do; Adam's system was shutting down. "We've done everything possible" he told her. Arlene said that Adam needed a reason to live - something to come back for, then ran from the room. A devastated Hayley sobbed and pleaded with her father not to die. She told Adam that she knew he missed Stuart, but that he couldn't go to him, not now. Liza held Hayley and they both cried.

Vanessa caught Arlene in the hallway. Arlene told her that she couldn't let Adam die, not when she had the power to save him. Mateo walked up on the women and asked Arlene what she was up to and told her that if she could help Adam, she better do it now. Arlene left in a hurry.

Dr. Hayward told Reverend Eliot, "This is where my job ends and yours begins." Eliot kindly told the family that it was time to say their goodbyes to Adam. Hayley was so grief-stricken, she appeared to need assistance to remain standing. Liza begged Adam to come back to Colby, Hayley, and Junior. She told him that Stuart would not have wanted him to die like this. Finally, she told him to fight for his life because she loved and needed him.

Brooke was in the chapel with Eliot. She told him how she was so tired of always having to say goodbye. Brooke recalled how wonderful Adam had been when she lost Laura. Eliot took her hand. Mateo told Tad about overhearing Arlene say that she could save Adam. Tad blew it off, saying that Arlene was "half in the bag" and no angel of mercy. Mateo, however, was convinced that there was some truth to what he had heard.

Back at the Chandler home, Vanessa tried to no avail to keep Arlene from going upstairs. "For once in my miserable life I'm going to do the right thing!" Arlene screamed at her, then practically threw Vanessa over the couch to rush upstairs. Vanessa straightened her clothes and hair remarking that some people just didn't know when they had it made. Then Vanessa hoped a loud that the shock of seeing Stuart would kill Adam.

Arlene threw open the door to the attic and grabbed Stuart's hand, not even seeming to notice Marian. She told them to hurry, that they didn't have much time. Stuart and Marian ran out with her, Stuart asking where Adam was.

The family remained at Adam's side. Junior asked David if his father was in any pain. David sweetly told him that Adam was not suffering. Just as David said "We're loosing him", Adam was enveloped in a white light. He heard Stuart call out to him. Adam told Stuart that he was coming to join him. Stuart told Adam to turn around and go back because he was still here. One second Adam was listening to Stuart's voice in his head the next, he was opening his eyes and looking at Stuart. Stuart was actually standing right at his side smiling. Adam's eyes were open and he was smiling as he said, "Stuart, you're here, you're really here!" Everybody looked on in shocked silence. Hayley's eyes were wide as she stared in disbelief with her jaw dropped and her hand over her mouth. Stuart apologized for all the mean things he had said to Adam. He told Adam that he would always be his safety-net and that he would always be Adam's heart "You're my brother, and I love you, and I won't ever, ever leave you again" Stuart told Adam. Adam, though incredibly worn out, smiled happily upon seeing his brother.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 14, 2000

Adam had a hard time believing his eyes, that Stuart was really alive. Stuart told him that everything that had happened before was forgotten; the most important thing is that they are brothers and they love each other. He also told Adam to stop pushing away everyone who loves him. Thrilled by Stuart's forgiveness, Adam appears to take his words to heart. He apologizes to Junior for being a terrible father and promises to do better in the future and tells Junior that he loves him. He also apologizes to Hayley for not being there for her wedding to Mateo and not walking her down the aisle. Then he asks to speak to Liza. Marian finds her in the hospital chapel, praying for God to help her stop loving Adam. But when Marian tells her that Adam's asking for her, she goes to him and takes the hand he reaches out to her.

Outside Adam's hospital room, things are not nearly so peaceful. When Arlene tries to claim that she found Stuart and brought him to see Adam, Marian blasts her with the truth; she ran over Stuart with her car when she was drunk and left him there to die. And if that wasn't enough, she found him out in the diner in Nevada, but left him there. Marian asks Mateo for his cell phone so she can call the police, but Stuart stops her. In a way, Arlene helped him, he tries to explain. After he had found out what Adam did, setting up Marian with Paolo, he was so furious with Adam that he didn't have any feelings left inside him at all. But losing his memory and having to find himself again has brought his feelings back again. He thanks Arlene for bringing him to the hospital in time to save Adam and gives her a hug, much to the amazement of those watching.

For Brooke, what has happened has stirred up all of her memories about Laura's death and she retreats to the hospital chapel, where she is joined by Eliot. Brooke tells him she still feels so much anger about what happened, even after all this time. He asks if talking to the person who killed her daughter would help her. No, she tells him, but talking to him about it has helped her a great deal, she feels as if a little of the weight has been lifted. Brooke again asks Eliot to reconsider and stay in Pine Valley, but he cannot do that, he tells her.

Tad notices that David seems overly concerned for Dixie and reminds him that Dixie has a family to take care of her. Scott arrives and asks Tad why Adam is in the waiting room, he thought Adam was in intensive care. But then "Adam" turns and Scott and realizes that it is Stuart, and the two of them share a happy reunion hug. Hayley returns from a walk and tells Arlene that her bringing Stuart to the hospital to save Adam proves she really does have a heart, Hayley wishes she will use it more often.

Earlier, Erica had just happened to walk by and learned that Stuart was alive. For some reason, she felt the need to rush to David's office and burst in asking "Guess who's alive?." But she gets the shock of her life when the person in the office turns around and it's not David, but Dimitri. Erica faints in his arms. When she wakes up, she hugs him and starts saying things like she doesn't know how she managed to survive without him, making it quiet clear she expects to get back together with Dimitri. But her dreams are dashed when Alex arrives and makes it quite clear that she and Dimitri are together. Erica verbally attacks Alex and then asks Dimitri how he can choose Alex over his own brother. Doesn't he know what Alex has done to Edmund? Dimitri doesn't want to hear it and warns her to stop attacking Alex or he won't speak to her again.

After Alex and Dimitri leave, Erica is in a rage, throwing Alex's things all over the office. David comes back to his office, figures out what has happened and has the nerve to laugh at Erica for her temper-tantrum. "It's a good thing we broke up," he tells her. He says it's obvious that Erica still loves Dimitri. Offended by his making fun of her, Erica fights back and tells David he couldn't possible compete with Dimitri, especially as a lover. Apparently taking this as a challenge, David grabs Erica and kisses her. She doesn't fight him and David sweeps everything off Alex's desk and lays her onto it, still kissing her.

Bianca and Leo are enjoying the thought of Greenlee having to sleep in the laundry room when they hear a scream and Greenlee races into the living room, clutching a sheet around her, followed by a man. The man was just there to pick up the dry cleaning, Bianca explains, he didn't mean to catch Greenlee in the laundry room in the nude. Bianca tells the man its fine and goes with him to escort him out. Greenlee turns to Leo and tells him how scared she was, she thought the guy was one of Wade's men coming to get her. Leo hugs Greenlee and she somehow "manages" to drop her sheet. Leo hears Bianca coming and manages to almost get the sheet around Greenlee before she returns, but Bianca notices what's going on. While Greenlee goes to get dressed, Bianca questions Leo about whether he loves Greenlee. He changes the subject and tells her a little about Greenlee's problems with Wade. When Greenlee returns, she's wearing the outfit from the night before, but it's way too small because she put it in the dryer. Bianca and Leo leave to do some party errands, leaving Greenlee to put on some of Bianca's clothes. But of course Greenlee goes upstairs and puts one of Erica's outfits on instead. Greenlee heads downstairs, pleased with her new outfit, but is terrified to find Wade Randall sitting in Erica's living room.

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Thursday, SEPTEMBER 15, 2000


Erica and David embraced on the couch in his office after making love. "That was something," he growled. Passion had never been a problem between them, they agreed. Erica rebuffed David's suggestion that give their relationship another try. Erica responded that she wouldn't have a relationship "built on animal lust." David tried to argue that they shared more than just sex, but Erica refused to comment. Aroused once again, they kissed. Just then, there was a knock at the office door. The two jumped up and started throwing on clothes just as Dixie barged in.

"What do you want?" Greenlee asked Wade after she found him sitting in Erica's living room. He said he knew the police had been there. Greenlee denied telling the police anything. He told Greenlee never to cross him again. Just as Bianca and Leo came into the house, Wade left unseen by them through the French doors. Bianca yelled at Greenlee for wearing Erica's clothes, but Greenlee was too terrified to reply.

Ryan and Gillian waited outside Jake's hospital room. She was worried; Jake was still in a lot of pain. She decided that she must tell Jake the truth soon. Ryan kissed her and she entered Jake's room.

"How are you feeling?" Gillian asked Jake. He admitted to being in pain, but he told her he was going to be all right. Jake asked about Ryan and asked Gillian to thank him for saving her life. He grimaced; Gillian wanted to run and get a nurse. "I want you to stay right here. Stay with me for a while. Just like this." He grabbed her hand.

Outside the hospital room, a worried Ryan paced.

"Nothing happened." Greenlee lied and said she was worried about her grandfather without explaining why she was wearing Erica's clothes. Leo and Bianca prepared to get dressed for the party. Greenlee said there was no way she could stay at Erica's alone. Bianca guessed that Wade Randall had been there and had frightened Greenlee. Greenlee admitted it. "Did he threaten you?" Leo asked. "Yes. He knows exactly what we're doing."

An embarrassed Dixie fumbled with her files while she tried not to look at David buckling his belt and Erica buttoning her blouse. David left and Erica and Dixie talked about the resurrected Dimitri and Stuart. "I'm so glad you finally know the truth about Dimitri." Dixie said, explaining how difficult it had been to keep the secret. "Dimitri was treated here by David?" asked a disbelieving Erica. Dixie fumbled with her papers again and fled the scene. David walked back in and Erica got straight to the point. "How long have you known Dimitri was alive?"

David refused to fight with Erica about Dimitri. Erica raged on about the injustice and the cruelty of not telling her about Dimitri when she is "the most important person in his life." David told Erica that she was living in a fantasy world where Dimitri was concerned. Erica said the afternoon of lovemaking had been a mistake. Erica said she had planned to invite David to be her date for Bianca's party, but now, after what she learned, she would rather go alone. Erica stalked out. Dixie came back in. "Me and my big mouth, huh?"

Leo admitted it was a mistake to call the police because Wade was bound to find out and suggested that Greenlee leave town. When Bianca reminded the pair about the party, they decided that Leo would escort Bianca and Greenlee to the party so they could protect her. After the festivities, they planned to get Greenlee out of town. Bianca came down with a case of pre-party jitters but Leo cracked some jokes to help ease her nerves.

"Look at you, you're so beautiful," Jake told Gillian. She blushed. He admitted he was ashamed he had put her life in jeopardy to save his own and even more ashamed that pride had made him leave Pine Valley. He apologized for walking out on their marriage. "I should have loved you more Gillian," he said. She protested.

While Dimitri and Alex dressed for the party, they planned a trip to Hungary. While they cuddled, someone knocked. A dashing Edmund stood at the door and asked a surprised Alex, "Are you ready to go to Bianca's party?"

Dimitri, equally surprised, accepted a boutonniere from Edmund, who said they should go the party together in order to avoid gossip. Edmund demanded that they present a united front "even if it's a lie."

Jake begged Gillian's forgiveness. At first, she protested that he had nothing to be sorry for, but seeing the pain on his face, she accepted his apology. He promised that he would survive his injuries and he talked about their return to Pine Valley. He realized they couldn't just pick up where they left off. He asked Gillian for a second chance to prove his love.

Bianca, dressed for the party, looked nervously in the mirror. A proud Erica gushed "If I'm going to be put to shame by a younger woman, I'm glad it's you." Erica apologized for being late and ran off to get dressed. Bianca stopped her. She explained that she had invited Travis to the party. "Bianca, how could you do this to me?"

Alex asked Edmund if it was a good idea for the three of them to attend the party together. Edmund explained that people would talk about their family no matter what they did. "Poor Edmund, gained a brother, lost a fiancÚ," Edmund imagined people would say. The trio decided to get through the whole thing with as much dignity as possible.

Bianca said she invited Travis because he was traveling to Washington, not to purposely antagonize Erica. "That unbearable wife of his isn't going to be there, is she?" Erica asked. The party would be stressful enough without this, Erica whined. As they continued to argue, Leo entered. He prodded Erica to get dressed. Erica asked Leo to be on his best behavior. While they talked, Greenlee sneaked through the dining room and out the door, then rang the bell. Erica asked why Greenlee was there and Leo explained that Greenlee couldn't find a date and he would be escorting both Bianca and Greenlee. The three left for the party. "I don't believe this," Erica moaned. "What is the point of being the perfect mother when no one else cooperates."

Gillian tried to talk to Jake, but he was in so much pain, she rang for the nurse.

Edmund fastened his boutonniere in the mirror and thought about the recent turn of events -- his asking Alex to marry him, the devastation of finding Alex and Dimitri together, his fight with Dimitri and his goodbye to Alex. He looked down. The flower lay crushed in his hands. He walked out.

David and Dixie worked in his office. He compared his relationship with Erica to her relationship with Tad. He gushed that he was amazed that Tad and Dixie had fought and then reconciled in New York. He railed against Erica's arrogance and self-centeredness. "You hate most in others what you see in yourself," Dixie proposed. Dixie prepared to leave for the day "I've got to go home to Tad, she said. "I would never yell at someone like you Dixie," he said to the closed door after she walked out.

Erica opened the door for Jack, who had brought Bianca a gift. Erica explained that she had excused her date and would be attending the party alone. She asked, "that reprehensible Brooke isn't waiting in the car for you is she?" When he said no, Erica asked Jack to be her date. He settled in to wait for her to get dressed.

Bianca, Leo and Greenlee entered the party room. The two women were terrified, but for different reasons. Bianca threatened to throw up and ran from the room.

A nurse gave Jake something for the pain. Gillian met Ryan in the hall. "So what did you tell him?" he asked. Gillian looked worried.

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