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Monday, August 9, 2010

At the Yacht Club, David suggested to Greenlee that they spend the day at the lake. Greenlee explained that she couldn't leave, so David proposed staying closer to home to watch the sunset later that evening. David accused Greenlee of having Ryan on her mind when she turned down David's invitation. Greenlee denied it, but David didn't believe her. Frustrated, Greenlee admitted that she wasn't sure what David wanted from her. David insisted that he just wanted Greenlee to be honest about what she was feeling.

Greenlee hesitated a moment and then confessed that she had been thinking about Ryan, but only because she wanted him to get better. She promised that her thoughts didn't go beyond that. Before David could question her further, Greenlee announced that she had to go to work and then dashed out of the club. Later, David called Fusion to check on Greenlee. He was surprised to learn that Greenlee wasn't at work. David opted not to leave a message for Greenlee. Instead, he called someone else to give them an assignment.

At the hospital, Ryan admitted to Jake that he was eager to go home. Jake appreciated Ryan's eagerness to get out of the hospital; however, he curious if Ryan had suffered any memory problems. Ryan denied that he had, but Madison reminded Ryan of the incident when Ryan had forgotten the nurses' name. Ryan brushed it off as insignificant, but Jake wanted Ryan to stay in the hospital for another day. Shortly after Madison left, Greenlee stopped by the hospital to find out how Ryan was doing. Greenlee was reading Ryan's chart when a nurse approached her.

Greenlee set the file down and then explained that she had been looking for an update on Ryan. The nurse explained that they couldn't give out that information, but she invited Greenlee to see how Ryan was doing for herself. The nurse led Greenlee to Ryan's room, dropped off his lunch, and then left Greenlee and Ryan alone. Greenlee claimed that she had been in the neighborhood, but then confessed that she had read Ryan's chart. Greenlee pleaded with Ryan to follow the doctors' advice.

Ryan suspected that the real reason Greenlee was there was because David was holding an ax over her head. Ryan was confident that Greenlee realized that Ryan could help her. Greenlee accused Ryan of having a huge ego, but he reminded her about the big show that she had put on the previous day, to prove that she and David were in love. Greenlee grew concerned; she pointed out that the incident had happened two days earlier. Greenlee was curious how long Ryan had been having memory lapses.

Ryan refused to let her change the subject, but he assured her that the doctors were tracking his memory issues. Greenlee wasn't satisfied. She was worried because it had happened before, so she wanted Ryan to focus on his recovery. Ryan remained determined to find out what was really going on, but Greenlee refused to tell him. After she left, Greenlee found Jake in the hallway. Greenlee begged Jake to keep Ryan in the hospital until Ryan was fully recovered.

Later, Jake entered Ryan's room to find that Madison fussing over Ryan. Madison decided to call Emma to update her on Ryan's recovery and to let her know that Ryan would be home the following day. However, Ryan didn't want her to mention his impending discharge from the hospital. After Madison left, Jake wondered what Ryan was up. Ryan told Jake about Greenlee's visit and then revealed that he wanted to fake a relapse. Ryan was certain that Greenlee would be concerned, which in turn would make her vulnerable. Ryan was hopeful that she might open up to him about what was really going on with David.

Ryan realized that it might be a long-shot, but he had to try. Jake warned Ryan that David had spies everywhere, so it might not be easy for Ryan to pretend that he had taken a turn for the worse. However, Jake agreed to help Ryan in any way that he could. Jake quickly arranged to hook Ryan up to some monitors and then placed an oxygen tube under Ryan's nose. Afterwards, Jake ordered the nurse not to allow any visitors to see Ryan without Jake's approval.

A short time later, Madison returned to Ryan's room only to discover that she couldn't enter. Madison was immediately concerned, so she tracked down Jake to demand some answers. Jake was intentionally vague, but made it clear that Ryan couldn't see anyone. In his hospital room, Ryan assumed the role of gravely ill patient when he heard someone trying to gain entrance. As Ryan closed his eyes, Kendall barged into the room. Kendall was deeply worried as she told him, "Oh my God Ryan, you have to be okay."

Greenlee arrived home to find David waiting for her. David wondered how things had gone at Fusion. Greenlee assured him that everything was fine. Her smile disappeared when David questioned if there had been anything going on at the hospital that he should know about. Greenlee defiantly confessed that she had gone to see Ryan, but she claimed that her purpose had been to encourage Ryan to back-off. She admitted that she was furious with David, but she didn't hate him

David wanted to trust Greenlee. Greenlee found it ironic given the circumstances of their marriage. However, she clarified that Ryan would be the last person that she would go to for help with her situation. David realized that Greenlee meant it because she was worried that David would hurt Ryan. David insisted that he would never hurt Ryan because it would push Greenlee away.

David promised that he had never loved anyone the way that he loved Greenlee. He wanted her to remember how strong and good they had been in the beginning. According to David, he went to sleep every night hoping that the next day he would be able to burn all of the evidence against her because it would mean that their love had prevailed. Greenlee wondered if David thought that day would ever happen. David explained that he had to believe that it would. He desperately wanted to be the man that he had been when things had been good between them.

David hoped that Greenlee finally had some insight into what it was like for him to be so in love with someone that he couldn't let go. Moments later, the phone rang. After David ended the call, he explained that it had been the hospital notifying him that there had been a change in Ryan's condition.

At the Chandler mansion, Marissa told Scott about her argument with Krystal. Marissa explained that Krystal had objected to Marissa and JR having a child because it would make it more difficult for Marissa to leave JR. Scott was surprised to learn about JR's desire to have more children. Marissa welled up as she admitted that she had worked very hard on her marriage because she had believed that her and JR's love had been worth it. However, she wondered if it had all been for nothing.

In a moment of brutal honestly, Marissa confessed that she might have gotten together with JR for all the wrong reasons. She reminded Scott that she had been dealing with the revelation that Krystal and David were her parents. She conceded that she had been in desperate need to belong to someone. Marissa also acknowledged that JR's illness might have influenced her decision to marry him. Scott tried to offer Marissa words of encouragement and support.

Scott insisted that JR wanted to save the marriage; however, Scott was curious if Marissa still loved JR. Marissa quietly nodded as she explained that she loved JR, which was why she was so deeply hurt. She was curious how Scott dealt with what had happened between Annie and JR. Scott credited love. He realized that there was an attraction between Annie and JR, but it was nothing compared to what Scott had with Annie and what Marissa had with JR. Scott explained that if he didn't believe that, then he wouldn't be able to marry Annie. Marissa decided to go to the beach cottage to spend some time with JR. She thanked Scott for giving her some clarity and then hugged him.

At the beach cottage, JR showed Annie the notes that Palmer had left behind as well as the schematics for the nanotechnology that predated what Scott had. JR was furious that the future of Chandler Enterprises was in jeopardy because of Scott's deception. Annie begged JR not to say anything, but JR ignored her. According to JR, Scott had succeeded where Palmer had failed; Scott found a way to tear down Chandler Enterprises.

Annie insisted that she had persuaded Scott to take credit for the nanotechnology, but JR didn't seem to believe her. He grilled her about what had transpired and then threatened to verify her claims with Scott to see if their stories matched. JR explained that he needed to know exactly what had happened, in order to minimize the damage. Annie explained that Scott had taken several meetings with Palmer about the nanotechnology, but after Palmer had died, Annie had urged Scott to take full credit for the discovery because no one else had known about it. JR accused Annie of wanting a Chandler with power, so she had settled for Scott because she couldn't have JR.

Annie wondered why JR made everything about the two of them. JR insisted that he didn't give a damn about their affair, but he was pissed because Scott and Annie had put Chandler Enterprises at risk. Annie argued that JR was just mad because he hadn't thought of it first. She reminded him that the nanotechnology had the potential to earn them billions of dollars. JR pointed out that they could only make money off of the discovery if they legally owned the rights to the nanotechnology.

Annie was certain that JR could put a lid on the situation because no one knew that it had been Palmer's idea. JR warned Annie that secrets always had a way slipping out, but he couldn't lose the company. Annie assured JR that they could have it all if they worked together. JR and Annie were unaware that Marissa had arrived. Marissa lurked on the porch, staring through the window, as she watched Annie reach up to gently touch JR's face, not realizing that Annie was begging JR to keep Scott's secret.

Marissa's eyes filled with tears as she turned away and then left. Inside the cottage, JR suddenly glanced toward the window when he thought that he had heard something. JR decided to investigate while Annie took the opportunity to call Scott. Annie left Scott a frantic message that she was at the cottage with JR because JR had learned the truth about the nanotechnology. JR returned to the cabin in time to wrench the phone away from Annie and then end the call.

JR explained that it would be dangerous to leave such revealing message if they hoped to contain the truth about the nanotechnology. Annie relaxed when JR let her know that he intended to get rid of all evidence that the nanotechnology had been Palmer's idea. Annie changed to subject by asking if JR had found anything outside. JR confessed that he had used the noise as an excuse to put some distance between him and Annie. Annie acknowledged that even when they were fighting there was a strong pull between them. Later, Annie and JR stood on the porch. Annie was pleased that they had worked things out.

Scott was about to check his phone for messages when he heard the front door slam shut. Scott spotted Marissa as she raced up the staircase. He called out to her, but she ignored him, so he decided to follow her. He entered her bedroom in time to see her packing her things. Scott could tell that Marissa was upset, but she refused to tell him what was wrong. Scott tried to question her, but Marissa would only tell him that she needed some time to think. Scott was curious if she had gone to the beach cottage.

Marissa admitted that she had gone to see JR, but she refused to tell Scott what had happened. Scott continued to push for answers until Marissa finally confessed that she and Scott deserved better. Scott was stunned when Marissa explained that she had found Annie and JR together at the cottage.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Due to a special presentation of "Brenda Barrett's Men," All My Children did not air today. This scheduling change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, August 11 and pick up where Monday, August 9's episode concluded.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outside JR's cottage, Annie thanked JR for covering for Scott. JR replied that he wasn't doing it for Scott. "He doesn't deserve you. He never did," JR uttered and went inside. Annie followed him into the house, where he said that, even with his marriage and his company in jeopardy, all he could think about was throwing Annie onto the bed.

Annie urged him to remember that they'd put the affair behind them, and she was getting married. "If I wanted to, I could drive Scott right out of your life," JR replied. Annie countered that doing so would leave them both with nothing. JR asked her to leave, and she asked what she should tell Scott. "Tell him that he's a lucky man," JR uttered. Annie hugged JR and left.

At Krystal's restaurant, Krystal berated Caleb for using Marissa to exact revenge on JR. "What are the specials?" Caleb asked, and she glared at him. Claiming that he wouldn't hurt Marissa, he said he needed her help reemerging as a lawyer, and he'd help her pass the bar. Krystal apologized, saying that she was riled up because she owed Marissa her protection.

At Caleb's prodding, Krystal shamefully explained that when she'd been poor, she'd sold Marissa, one of her twin daughters. Krystal praised Marissa's good qualities, and an empathetic Caleb reasoned that Marissa could do well on the bar exam, if she'd get her mind off JR. Krystal said Caleb would be good for Marissa-as long as he didn't convince her to run for the hills.

Just then, Caleb heard JR talking on the phone as he entered the establishment. JR requested to see the specs for the nano project and told the caller that Scott's involvement in it was about to change. After the call, Caleb told "Junior" that the party was over.

Ignoring Caleb, JR went to the bar to pick up an order for his private meeting with Scott. The tension was thick between JR and Krystal as she wondered if Marissa had gone to the cottage. JR revealed that Marissa hadn't, but he was sure Krystal knew why. Krystal admitted to giving Marissa advice about JR's baby-making fantasy, as well as his obvious attraction to Annie. JR claimed that he'd reached some helpful conclusions about his marriage. He stated that he loved his wife, but Krystal replied that she wasn't the one who needed convincing.

Caleb offered to buy JR a drink, but recalled that JR couldn't have one. JR assumed that Caleb was brooding about losing Cortlandt, but JR insisted that the Cortlandt sale had been clean. "'Clean?' The very word gets dirty coming out of your mouth," Caleb retorted. He said it'd taken less than five minutes with Marissa to see that the Chandlers were unraveling. JR warned Caleb not to hurt Marissa, but Caleb quipped that he'd go at JR face-to-face. "As for Marissa, I wouldn't hurt her, and I wouldn't use her. I'll give you that," Caleb stated.

At the mansion, Marissa told Scott about the chemistry between JR and Annie at the cottage. Marissa wanted to return to the cottage to confront the infidels, but Scott stopped her. He asked her to describe what she'd seen. Moving in on Scott, she stated, "They were close, like this." She said the two had looked at each other as if they were the last man and woman alive. JR had never looked at Marissa that way, and Scott admitted that Annie hadn't looked at him like that, either. Marissa said Scott didn't deserve it. Hugging her, he replied that she didn't, either.

Marissa wondered how Scott had grown to trust and love Annie after witnessing her with Adam and JR. Scott said he'd been lonely, and he'd convinced himself that he'd be "that guy" for Annie. Scott wondered if Marissa had ever wished they could return to the time prior to their relationships, and Marissa said that if it weren't for AJ, she'd do it in a heartbeat. As the disillusioned Marissa and Scott consoled each other about their relationships, Marissa kissed Scott. He looked surprised, but then he kissed her back.

In the foyer, Annie headed upstairs. She talked on her phone to the nanny, who told her about Ryan's condition. Upset, Annie swiveled on her heel and headed back out the front door.

After Marissa and Scott had sex, they redressed. A frazzled Marissa stated that it shouldn't have happened, and Scott agreed. As she resumed packing, he asked where she'd go. She didn't know where she'd go, but she was definitely leaving JR.

Later, Scott checked his messages and heard the voicemail from Annie. In it, she explained that she'd gone to the cottage to convince JR to keep quiet about the nano project. Upstairs, JR arrived in his bedroom, which had been disheveled in Marissa's haste to pack. He saw a picture of him and Marissa on the floor.

Marissa went to Krystal's restaurant, and the moment she entered, Krystal noted that something was wrong. Krystal hugged her daughter as Caleb looked on.

In the Hayward's hotel room, David told Greenlee that Ryan had suffered a relapse, which could be due to another bleed. After he made some calls, he assured her that Ryan would be well taken care of. Greenlee told David not to pretend that he cared about Ryan's life, but David insisted that he wouldn't hurt Ryan, because it would hurt her. David still hoped she'd forgive him for the blackmail, but in the meantime, he wanted her to be upfront about her whereabouts. Having no problem with that, she asserted that she was going to see Ryan. "Perfect timing. I was just on my way to the hospital," David replied, opening the door for her.

At Ryan's bedside, Kendall pleaded with Ryan to be okay. He opened his eyes and said that he was fine. He explained that it was all a ruse, and he needed her help getting to the truth about Greenlee's marriage. Once he updated Kendall on the situation, she wondered why she should help after what Greenlee had done to Erica and Fusion. Ryan claimed that David had been behind the underhanded tactics to regain the business, but Kendall was still leery because Greenlee wanted nothing to do with her.

Though Kendall loved Greenlee, Kendall wasn't sure that their relationship was salvageable. Ryan assured Kendall that Greenlee would remember that Kendall was her best friend. "Put me to work," Kendall decided. They heard Jake coughing to signal that someone was nearby. Ryan slipped his nose tubes back in and pretended to sleep.

In the corridor, Jake lied to Greenlee about Ryan's deteriorating condition. Jake claimed that Ryan's hospital escape had precipitated it, and Ryan's body had started to shut down. She asked to see Ryan, but Jake said that Ryan had another visitor at the time. Just then, Greenlee was stunned to see Kendall exiting Ryan's room.

The estranged friends went to the lounge, where Kendall explained that her family had been docked in New York when Bianca had called with the news about Ryan, who'd been in and out of consciousness during Kendall's hospital visit. She claimed that while she'd been encouraging Ryan to wake up, his monitors had gone off at the mention of Greenlee's name.

Kendall thanked Greenlee for dropping the charges, but Greenlee said Ryan had negotiated it in return for his help. Greenlee broached the Fusion scandal, but Kendall didn't think it was the time to get into it. Kendall guessed that it had been very important for Ryan to speak to Greenlee, since he'd risked his life to see her before his relapse. Kendall said it was obvious that his agitation involved Greenlee, so Greenlee should make every effort to ease his mind. "This could be your last chance to talk to him. You never know," Kendall warned.

Outside Ryan's room, Jake barred David from entering; however, David, the owner of the hospital, claimed that he wanted to check on the patient. Jake reasoned that David would upset Ryan, who'd then have another relapse, and the hospital would face a lawsuit. David looked unconvinced. "Stay the hell out of this room!" Jake exclaimed.

Jake visited Ryan to update him on the status of their plan. Jake said David wouldn't be able to prove that they were up to anything, because there weren't tests for Ryan's condition. Annie pounded on the door, and Jake let her in. She panicked upon seeing Ryan in a "coma." When Jake tried to usher her out, she refused to go. She said that Ryan was Emma's father, and she had things to say to him-if he could hear her.

Jake left, and Annie said that Ryan's death would be "really, really hard on me." She claimed that she'd make it through because of Scott's selfless love. She insisted that she was done with JR, even though there would probably always be something between them. She admitted to seeing JR at the cottage, but swore that nothing had happened. "It could have, but it didn't. Nothing happened," she nervously insisted. She assured him that she'd take care of Emma no matter what. She rested her head against Ryan's hand, and he rolled his eyes.

When Annie exited, she wasn't surprised to see Kendall and Greenlee, Ryan's fan club members, hovering about. Annie asked them to tell Ryan that she'd taken Emma home. Annie left, and Greenlee went in to see Ryan. Kendall encountered David in the corridor, and she called him a "bastard" for sabotaging Erica's plane. David caught a glimpse of Greenlee in Ryan's room just before Jake closed the privacy curtains. "My conscience is clear," David told Kendall.

In Ryan's room, Jake left Greenlee alone with the "comatose" Ryan. Taking his hand, she asked him to tell her what to do. "Whatever it is, whatever it takes, just name it. It's yours. Just tell me what to do," she uttered.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Over the phone at Fusion, Madison checked for news about Ryan while Randi and Bianca tried to reassure her that Ryan would be okay. Madison informed Bianca that Reese had called several times and wanted to talk to Bianca, and even offered to get Reese on the line. Bianca snapped that she was handling it.

Across the office, Randi remarked that Bianca had gotten tense when she received Reese's messages, and Madison added that it must be hard for the couple to be spending so much time apart. Randi took offense and told Madison that couples needed space from each other, and that she had felt reenergized by going to Italy. Randi looked annoyed.

Madison read over a busy schedule and asked whose it was, and Randi said that it was hers. Madison hoped that Randi would be spending more time at home when she was done with her busy schedule, because, when she was in Italy, Frankie has missed her more than he admitted.

Madison walked to a desk to answer a ringing phone, and it was Reese calling for Bianca. Bianca picked up her extension and reminded Reese that she had told her the night before that she wasn't ready.

Jesse followed Angie into the hospital, uncomfortable with the idea of leaving her. Angie reminded him that she didn't want David to catch on to the fact that she was losing her sight. Jesse complained that Angie was losing more of her sight daily and doing nothing to save it, but Angie countered that she was saving their baby.

Jesse wanted his wife to be realistic, and felt that sacrificing her sight was too much. Angie told him that the only thing she would lose was her sight, and that she would live her life with a healthy baby. As she urged Jesse to trust her that she had made the right choice and to go back to his normal life, Frankie walked up.

Angie assured Jesse that Jake and Frankie were there to help her if she needed it, and wanted her husband to meet with the mayor about getting his suspension lifted. Angie told her family she loved them and walked away.

After she was gone, Jesse asked Frankie to keep an eye on Angie. Frankie didn't want to upset Angie by hovering, but Jesse insisted. Jesse then asked about alternative treatment, but Frankie replied that there were no viable options for Angie when she was pregnant. Jesse instructed Frankie to keep looking.

In the hallway, Jake stopped Angie from examining Ryan by telling her that he'd already checked Ryan, and Ryan was fine. Angie asked why she had not been told that Ryan had suffered a setback, and added that she didn't want to be treated like a fragile flower.

When Angie still wanted to go into Ryan's room, Jake stopped her again by telling her that Greenlee was in there with Ryan already. Angie grew suspicious, but Jake insisted that nothing was going on. He changed the subject by asking Angie how she had been feeling.

Angie answered that she felt sick in more than just the mornings, and continued that her vision loss was increasing. When she added that to the fact that Jesse was fighting her about her decision to refuse medication, she was exhausted.

Jake advised his friend to take care of herself and her baby. Just then Frankie walked up, and Angie knew he would ask her how she was feeling. Before he could ask, she replied that she felt fine and that Frankie could tell that to Jesse. Jake asked Frankie to take Angie home to get some rest, and she agreed to go.

Jake stopped Madison from going into Ryan's room by telling her that someone was in there, and she asked if the "someone" was Greenlee. Jake said that there was a perfectly good explanation, but Madison walked away.

At the police station, Jesse walked up to Natalia. As they talked about Angie, Natalia offered to say something on Jesse's behalf about Angie's refusal to take the medication that could save her sight. Jesse relented and said that Angie had made her decision.

Natalia felt that Jesse had a choice in the matter as well. Jesse worried that Angie didn't fully realize how losing her sight would affect her in the future. Natalia remembered how Angie had been there for Natalia's mother when she had been terminally ill, and offered to be there for Angie and Jesse in the same way.

As Natalia walked away, May or Blanco walked up and asked what Jesse was doing there. Jesse answered that he was asking to have his job back. Mayor Blanco forced Jesse to admit that he had used department resources to pursue his personal vendetta against David. She wanted Jesse's word that he would not continually go after David, and said that she would think about reinstating Jesse.

Jesse complained to Natalia about what a hypocrite Mayor Blanco was. However, Natalia assured Jesse that he had done the right thing. The two hugged.

Frankie walked with Angie into her home, and instructed her to relax and put her feet up while he made her lunch. Angie told Frankie how worried Jesse was, but that she was not so worried. She explained that as a doctor, she saw people defy the odds every day. Angie believed that faith could take a person very far.

Frankie remembered back to when he had injured his hands in Iraq, and how Angie was there for him. He wanted to return the favor, but Angie told her son that the best way to help her was to go back to his own life.

After Frankie left, Angie went into the kitchen to make herself something to eat. While she was standing on a stepladder and looking in a cabinet, her vision began to leave her again. Angie made a deal with the baby that she would always protect it as she very carefully stepped down the stepladder onto the floor. She knew that they could do anything together, and that the baby would help her to appreciate all of the gifts in her life even more.

At Krystal's, Frankie and Randi were at a table and Randi was telling Frankie about her career plans, but Frankie stopped her to tell her that Angie was pregnant, and also sick. Frankie explained about the infection in Angie's eyes and that no one outside the family could know. Frankie said the hard part would be getting Angie to let everyone help, since she didn't think she needed any help.

Jesse and Natalia walked in, and Jesse asked Frankie why he wasn't keeping an eye on Angie. Frankie told Jesse that he had taken his mother home because she was nauseous. Jesse asked if anyone was with her, and left in a hurry when he realized that Angie was home alone.

Jesse rushed into the apartment, and asked Angie if she was okay. Angie told Jesse about the incident with the stepladder, and how she felt that she had not gotten through it alone as she placed his hand over her stomach.

Liza arrived at David's room at the Yacht Club. David reminded Liza that, because she was his attorney, anything he said to her was confidential. He then revealed his fake evidence against Greenlee. Liza noted that David was trying to control Greenlee so that she couldn't escape. David answered that Greenlee belonged with him and that Ryan could never make her happy or accept her. Liza asked David why he needed to blackmail Greenlee if that really was true.

As a friend, Liza advised David to never let Greenlee find out that he had evidence against her. By the look on David's face, Liza figured out that Greenlee already knew about David's evidence. Liza told David he should stop messing with people's lives, and David countered with the fact that Liza had recently switched Damon's ADHD medication. Liza told David that she had lost everything because of that, and David would face the same result with Greenlee.

Liza said Greenlee would hate David the same way Tad and Colby hated her. David answered that Tad was an imbecile and that Colby was a teenager, while Greenlee was a mature, intelligent woman who would come to her senses. Liza admitted that she thought everyone else would come to their senses as well, and that what she was doing was okay because she was protecting them. But, she hadn't seen clearly then, and David certainly wasn't seeing clearly. David said he saw very clearly, and that he and Greenlee had a long and happy future.

Lisa told David that his desperation would drive Greenlee away, but he maintained that she would come around. Liza pointed out that she'd wanted Colby to come around, but she never had. Liza knew that you could love someone, but you couldn't make him or her love you back.

David answered that he could make Greenlee love him. He said he didn't enjoy threatening Greenlee, but that he was forced to do it. He swore he wouldn't lose his wife, but Liza said he already had. There was no going back from what he had done to Greenlee.

David relived his account of how he'd found Greenlee in the river and saved her life. He asked Liza if she knew what it was like to save a life. Liza answered that marriages weren't built on gratitude, but David insisted that his and Greenlee's marriage was much more than that. David said that Greenlee knew what she was getting into when she married him, and that she wasn't getting away.

Liza told David that she admired him, because when he loved somebody, he didn't mess around. She said that she would make sure that the evidence against Greenlee was locked away. David reminded her to keep everything confidential. Liza told him that he needed to worry about making sure that he never had to use the evidence because if he did, Greenlee would never forgive him. David said that things would not get that far. He felt that Greenlee would realize that she belonged with him.

Outside Ryan's room at the hospital, Kendall asked Jake if he thought Greenlee could have been responsible for the Fusion accounting scandal as well as sabotaging her mother's plane. Jake felt that being married to David made anything possible for Greenlee. Kendall said that she hadn't been successful in getting Greenlee to open up, and they hoped that Ryan's plan would be the key to getting Greenlee to tell them what was going on between her and David.

Jake thought it was cool that after everything, Kendall still cared about Ryan and Greenlee. Kendal replied that she didn't have much of a choice, and that it seemed that she, Ryan, and Greenlee were stuck together. She asked Jake to call her with any news and left.

Inside Ryan's room, Greenlee watched him with concern. She felt responsible for Ryan's turn for the worse and apologized. She admitted that he was right and that David was doing something bad to her. Greenlee remembered seeing Ryan on the ground in the park and how David was standing over him and not helping him. She wondered if David would have let Ryan die if she hadn't been there.

She went on to admit that she had asked David for a separation, and he seemed to be fine with it, and he'd even asked her to have dinner. Greenlee relayed to Ryan how David had been sweet at first, right before he threatened to send her to prison. She confessed that David was blackmailing her to stay with him.

Greenlee continued that she had trusted David, and really believed that he wouldn't hurt her. Then, she regretted unloading on Ryan and realized he needed to rest and get better. As she began to leave, Ryan tightened his grip on her hand and let her know that he was awake. Greenlee asked him how he was feeling, and Ryan told her that he had heard what she said.

When Greenlee wanted to get a doctor to make sure Ryan was okay, he answered that she was the one who was not okay. Ryan assured Greenlee that they would stop David together and promised her that she was safe. Greenlee realized that Ryan had been faking his setback, but he said that it was worth it because he had learned how he could help her.

Greenlee was mad that Ryan had lied, but he told her that he had no choice if he was going to get her to tell him what David was doing to her. Greenlee didn't see how she could have asked Ryan to help her since he had been opposed to her marrying David in the first place, but Ryan answered that he would help Greenlee no matter what. Greenlee admitted that she'd almost told Ryan everything, but she was afraid of what David might have done to him. Ryan asked Greenlee to tell him what David was using to blackmail her with, but she wouldn't. Ryan knew that Greenlee was looking for someone to trust, and he told her that he was that person.

Greenlee finally opened up to Ryan and explained how David had manufactured evidence against her to make it look like she had sabotaged Erica's plane, and that David was going to frame her for attempted murder if she tried to leave him. Ryan told her that what David was doing to her was not her fault, but Greenlee disagreed. She said that she thought that she and David were real partners in every way, and once she had seen the truth, it was too late. Ryan assured Greenlee that she would not go to prison.

Greenlee asked Ryan why he would help her, but Jake walked in before Ryan could answer. Jake pretended to be surprised to see Ryan awake, but Greenlee admitted that Ryan had told her everything. She was mad at Jake for lying, but Ryan said that Jake was trying to help. Ryan didn't want Jake to get involved any further because of his history with David, and said that it was just him and Greenlee against David.

Greenlee was concerned about Ryan leaving the hospital to deal with David, but Ryan insisted that he was going to help. Greenlee felt that she was the one who should have gotten herself out of the mess, since she had gotten herself into it.

Ryan told Greenlee that he had made a huge mistake the night of their wedding when he allowed Greenlee to get on the motorcycle, and that he would never forgive himself for everything Greenlee had been forced to go through as a result of the accident. Because he had been unable to save her that night, Ryan wanted Greenlee to let him save her this time, from David.

Alone in the Fusion office, Bianca looked distraught. Kendall walked in, and they were very happy to see each other. They hugged, and it was clear that Bianca needed her sister. Kendall asked her if Bianca was okay, and Bianca noted that Kendall always knew the right time to show up.

They talked about Ryan, and Kendall said she had a feeling that Ryan would wake up soon. Kendall admitted that she has missed Fusion and Bianca. The sisters caught up and talked about how their kids were doing. Bianca told Kendall that she was renting Wildwind and that she and the girls were living there with Caleb Cooney.

The conversation turned to Reese, and when Kendall asked if Reese was going to be joining Bianca in Pine Valley, Bianca confessed that Reese was still in Paris and would be staying there. Bianca told Kendall that her marriage to Reese was in trouble.

Bianca didn't want to get into it, but she did admit that she and Reese had been having trouble for a while. Bianca told Kendall she and Reese had tried everything, but nothing seemed to help. Bianca said she'd asked Reese for a separation, and that she had not told anyone except Kendall.

Kendall sympathized and said that she and Zach had been in that place, but were making their way back. Zach didn't like how wrapped up Kendall got in the drama of Pine Valley, and he was not crazy about her going back. But, he knew she needed to be there.

Kendall was impressed that Bianca, Erica, and Greenlee had managed to keep Fusion going. Bianca wondered if Greenlee was responsible for Erica's plane crash, but Kendall doubted it and instead blamed David. Bianca noted that Greenlee had protected David, and wondered why Greenlee would have married him. Kendall said that Greenlee was very unhappy.

After returning to the hospital from Fusion, Kendall asked Jake how Ryan was, and Jake revealed that Greenlee had finally told Ryan what she was hiding. Kendall wondered why Greenlee hadn't told her anything, but Jake answered that she was not Ryan. Kendall walked away to answer a call from Zach. She told him that Ryan was better, but that she needed to stay in Pine Valley for a few more days.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Over lunch at the Yacht Club, Tad admitted how happy he was that Damon had decided to stay in Pine Valley. Tad also said that he'd found another tutor to help Damon study for his GED. Damon said that everything that happened recently had caused him to be less focused on studying. Tad felt that things were starting to settle. Tad suspected that with Damon back on his medication, Damon would be able to refocus on finishing school. Damon broke the news to Tad that he wanted to stop taking his medication for a while.

Tad was taken aback. Tad told Damon that part of being a family meant that Damon had a whole bunch of people that would worry about him. Damon felt that the reason he needed the meds in the first place was to get him back on track. Damon said that because life had settled down and his relationship with Colby was solid, he could safely take a break from medicating himself. Damon promised that he would continue with therapy and asked Tad to trust him.

Tad said that agreeing not to push Damon about the medication would be difficult because Tad knew the medication had worked. Damon admitted that he had been able to tell Colby that he loved her while taking the placebos. Damon said that he wanted to know what his relationship with Colby was like without the meds.

Tad didn't think that Damon's relationship would change if Damon went back to taking the pills as prescribed. Damon said that Tad didn't understand because Tad wasn't in love. Damon offered to sign Tad up on computer dating sites. Tad seemed uncomfortable with the idea, but Damon was sure Tad would find someone. Damon said he just wanted Tad to be happy, and Tad mirrored the sentiment back to his son.

Colby stopped briefly in the Chandler living room to make sure the basket she was carrying was fastened tightly. Unbeknownst to her, a young man watched her through the patio door.

A short time later, Colby arrived at the park and started to set up a picnic. The young man had followed her and watched Colby from behind a nearby tree. The young man spotted a flyer for a lost dog, and decided to use that to talk to Colby. He took the flyer off of the tree and walked over to ask Colby if she'd spotted the dog. Colby hadn't, so the young man pretended that he wanted to help a little girl, in hopes that he would score points with Colby. Colby saw through his lies, but was amused at the attempt.

Colby said that she would keep an eye out for the dog, and would give the young man credit if she were successful. The young man eyed all of the food that Colby had laid out, and noted that it was a lot for one person. Colby pointed out that her boyfriend was a big eater. The young man realized that he no longer had a shot with Colby. He said that he wanted to keep looking for the dog and left quickly.

Damon met up with Colby at the park and apologized for being late. He told Colby that he'd had a long talk with his dad. Colby said that she really liked it when Damon called Tad his dad. Colby then shared that she had been thinking about going back to college at PVU, and Damon was very supportive. They started to settle into their time at the park when someone started a leaf blower. They each tried to talk loudly enough to be heard, to no avail. Finally, they decided to leave.

Colby took Damon to a rooftop, and Damon was impressed with the view. Colby told Damon that Adam had taken her to the roof when she'd arrived back in Pine Valley. Adam had said that looking out over the city made him feel like a king. Damon stood on a raised ledge and professed his love for Colby. Colby, fearful that Damon would fall, pulled him back down. Damon said that he felt like a king when he was with Colby. As he kissed her, Colby started to shiver. Damon offered to get her sweater from the car.

Colby decided to get up on the ledge she'd pulled Damon from moments before. After a few moments soaking in the night winds, Colby began to speak. She spoke of her love for Damon softly at first and then got louder. Just as she shouted her love for Damon, the railing gave way. Colby almost toppled over the edge, but the young man from the park caught her hand.

Annie found Scott in their bedroom. She asked if he'd gotten her message and wondered why he hadn't called back. Scott demanded to know where Annie had been. Annie explained that she'd gone to the cottage to meet JR. Scott thought that they had agreed not to lie to each other anymore. He asked why Annie hadn't told him where she was going. Annie said that JR told her he had damaging evidence against Scott. Annie said that she'd met JR alone to try to do damage control. Scott asked Annie exactly what she had done to stop JR from going public.

Annie explained how she'd reasoned with JR. She said that eventually, JR realized that going public with Scott's recklessness would hurt the company. Annie said that because she'd been able to work things out with JR, she and Scott had nothing else to worry about, save their elopement.

Scott got angrier with each word Annie spoke, and asked how Annie could be okay with what she'd done. Annie was confused, so Scott told her that Marissa had seen Annie with JR. Unfazed, Annie said that Marissa should have made her presence known. Scott said that Marissa didn't want to interrupt the intimate moment Annie and JR were sharing. Annie realized that Scott thought she'd had sex with JR again. She told Scott that nothing inappropriate happened. Annie was angry that Scott had believed she would hurt him in that way again.

Annie said that she'd kept her promise to Scott not to lie or sleep around any longer. Scott refused to believe that Marissa was the liar, but Annie swore that Marissa fabricated any impropriety between Annie and JR. Annie said that if Marissa had stopped feeling sorry for herself long enough to go into the cottage, she would have realized that the intensity was Annie's effort to cover up Scott's crime.

Annie said that she was protecting the Chandler family and her future with Scott. In that moment, Scott realized that Annie was telling the truth. Annie asked how Scott could marry her when he couldn't trust her. Scott said that he needed some time to process what Annie had told him. Annie said that the only thing Scott needed to understand was that she had told him the truth.

Scott said that things were more complicated than Annie knew. Scott tried to tell Annie something about Marissa, but Annie didn't want to hear it. She said that the only thing they should have been focused on was each other and their life together. Annie thought she shared something special with Scott, but realized how quickly Scott could be dissuaded. Annie said that she believed in her relationship with Scott when he couldn't.

Krystal flipped the sign to "Closed" on the front door of the restaurant. She went back to the bar where Marissa was sitting. Krystal asked what JR had done. Marissa told her that she'd gone to the cottage and found JR with Annie. Marissa admitted that she hadn't caught JR and Annie in bed, but what she saw was worse. Marissa said that Annie and JR had locked gazes as if they were the last two people on earth.

Marissa said that she went back to the Chandler house and found Scott. Marissa said that she'd told Scott what she'd seen. Krystal said that both Marissa and Scott deserved better treatment in their relationships. After an extended pause, Marissa confessed that she and Scott had slept with each other.

Marissa tried to justify her behavior when she said that she hadn't planned to sleep with Scott. Before she could explain further, the door clicked open. Marissa turned sharply and saw JR. JR remarked that Krystal had closed the restaurant early. Krystal said that she wanted alone time with Marissa. JR said he'd wanted the same thing, but Krystal refused to grant him another chance.

Marissa pleaded with Krystal to let her talk to JR alone. Krystal finally caved in, and told Marissa to call her later. After Krystal left, JR sharply asked why Marissa hadn't gone out to the cottage. The question elicited a caustic look from Marissa. JR explained that he'd looked all over for Marissa when he got back and saw that all of her things were gone. Marissa was sure that the only person on JR's mind was Annie.

Marissa asked if Annie had enjoyed her time at the cottage. JR realized that Marissa had caused the noise he'd heard outside the cottage. JR was shocked when he realized Marissa had the wrong idea about what happened between him and Annie. Marissa thought that JR was lying to her again, but JR was determined to make Marissa see the truth.

Marissa wasn't interested, but JR plowed ahead regardless. JR promised that he had been true to his love for Marissa. Marissa thought JR's belief stemmed from Marissa having been there after Babe died, and when JR was sick. Marissa said that what JR felt was gratitude, but JR denied it. He said he would be lost without Marissa. Marissa countered and said that the woman JR actually needed was Annie.

JR said that he'd found out some unsavory things about Scott. JR said that he needed to take action, and when he did, he wanted Marissa and AJ by his side. Marissa said that JR didn't know how messed up things were. JR admitted that he had done the wrong thing several times before. He said that this time, he'd stayed true to the vows he'd made to Marissa. Marissa asked what would happen if she was the one who had made the mistake.

Marissa said that JR loved the idea that Marissa represented. Marissa said that she wasn't the angel that JR had made her out to be. She told JR that it might be time for them to go their separate ways. JR didn't want to accept that reality, but Marissa seemed resigned. Just then, Marissa's cell phone rang. She found Scott on the other end when she answered the call. Scott asked Marissa to return home because he had to talk to her about what happened at the cottage. Marissa said she would be there shortly and ended the call.

JR tried to stop Marissa from leaving, but Marissa said that she wanted JR to leave her alone. Tad walked into the restaurant as Marissa was leaving. Tad was stunned as he watched JR knock over a chair in anger. JR immediately told Tad that he'd done nothing wrong, but his past behavior made it easy for Marissa to doubt him. Tad asked what had happened, but when JR said he was at the cottage with Annie, Tad assumed the worst as well. JR quickly pointed out that he and Annie agreed to do the right thing.

JR asked how he could fix everything if Marissa wouldn't listen. Tad said that he felt bad for JR, but pointed out that listening to JR had only hurt Marissa so far. Tad told JR that he would need to offer more than words to fix things with Marissa. Annie showed up at that moment, and started talking as soon as she opened the door. She said that she and JR needed to fix things, then she noticed Tad sitting off to the side.

Tad was fed up with JR and Annie's involvement with each other. He ordered JR and Annie to sit down and listen. Tad said that he wasn't sure how each of them would fix their relationships, together or apart. The one thing that was clear was that JR and Annie had kids that looked up to them as models of how to live their lives. Tad reminded JR and Annie that they needed to get their acts together quickly, because every poor decision they made would affect their kids. Tad's words hung in the air after Tad walked out of the restaurant.

Annie said that she didn't need to be lectured by Tad when they hadn't done anything wrong. JR, still stinging from Marissa's words, wanted to lash out. He asked if Annie had told Scott about what JR uncovered. Annie reminded JR that he'd promised not to hurt Scott. JR said that he wouldn't turn Scott in, but admitted that he wanted to talk to his cousin. Annie thought that JR needed to focus on saving his marriage first.

JR asked if Scott knew about what Marissa had seen. Annie confirmed that Marissa had told Scott everything. JR said that the four of them needed to get together and talk. Across town, an incredulous Marissa talked to Scott in the Chandler living room. Marissa was stunned that Scott believed nothing had happened between Annie and JR. Marissa said that it was Scott's choice if he wanted to live in denial. Marissa said she was past the point of accepting lies from JR and Annie. Marissa took it one step further and said she and Scott should tell JR and Annie that they'd slept together.

Scott had no idea why Marissa would want to reveal their indiscretion. Marissa said that she was tired of all the lying. Scott said that he believed Annie, and didn't want to let Annie down. Marissa didn't care about Annie's feelings. Scott asked Marissa to do him a favor and keep their secret. Before Marissa could respond, JR and Annie showed up.

Krystal ran into Caleb as she left the restaurant. Caleb told Krystal he wanted to hire her to cater a few meetings. Krystal said that she needed more information. Caleb told her that the first meeting was with the guy that had worked with JR. Caleb wanted to prove that JR and his associate had purchased Cortlandt illegally. Krystal was interested, but said that Caleb would also need a completely different image.

Krystal and Caleb went back to Wildwind. Caleb wanted to know how Krystal would change his image. Krystal offered to cut Caleb's hair and clean up his beard. Caleb asked why Krystal wanted to help him. Krystal said that she, like Caleb, wanted to teach JR a lesson. Caleb realized that Krystal's fire was born of the need to protect her child.

While she sorted her hair-cutting tools, Krystal told Caleb she was certain he would regain control of Cortlandt. When she saw him fidgeting with her tools, she told Caleb that he was acting like Babe. Krystal assured him that she'd cut hair before. Caleb asked who Babe was. Krystal told Caleb that Babe was her daughter.

Caleb asked what had happened to Babe, so Krystal told him the story of the tornado. Krystal said that she tried to focus on all of the good times she had shared with Babe instead of how Babe's life ended. Caleb noted that if Krystal could do that, she was a better person than he was.

Caleb said that if he could take anything from what Krystal had been through, it was that life shouldn't be lived by looking in the past. Krystal thought Caleb was trying to avoid the inevitable, and picked up her scissors. Caleb took a swig from his flask and announced that he agreed to the makeover to honor Palmer.

After Krystal was finished with Caleb, he left the living room and changed into a suit. When he returned, Krystal was impressed with how well Caleb cleaned up. Krystal forced Caleb to look in a mirror, and said that Palmer would have been proud of the finished product. Caleb said that he was just getting started.

Tad went home and had a heart-to-heart talk with Opal. Tad wondered if there would be a day that he wouldn't worry about his kids. Opal told him no, but was sure that Tad's kids would be better people because of Tad. Tad wasn't so sure, but Opal encouraged him to be patient.



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