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Nina saw Paul and Christine kissing. The judge decided that there was not enough evidence to send Adam to trial. Shaw attacked Meggie, and Nikki saved her. Lily and Cane took their twins home from the hospital.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 9, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, August 9, 2010

At Phyllis' penthouse, Nick arrived while Phyllis was busy packing for her trip. Summer was excited to see her daddy. Nick told Summer that he had to work instead of accompanying her and Phyllis to the beach. Phyllis sent Summer to her room and instructed her to pack her favorite toy, Mr. Ears. After Summer left the room, Nick apologized for having said things he shouldn't have. Phyllis agreed with Nick that their relationship hadn't been all bad, though they'd sometimes had explosive arguments. Nick said that he never imagined their relationship would have ended as it had. Fighting back tears, Phyllis responded, "I never imagined it at all."

Later, Phyllis sent Summer downstairs, so her sitter could help her get into the car. As Phyllis prepared to lock up and leave, she spotted the keepsake box adorned with three monkeys that Nick had given to her. She knelt down, picked up the box and held it in her hand. Phyllis was lost in thought as she manipulated the box's separated lid. Phyllis shook her head as if to bring herself back to reality and decisively tossed the trinket into a wastebasket before she turned off the lights and left.

In their room at a quaint bed and breakfast, Phyllis encouraged Summer to take a nap because they had a big day planned. After Summer drifted off, Phyllis sat at a desk and perused an online version of Restless Style. Phyllis gagged jokingly as she read the opening paragraph about leaving heartbreak behind. Phyllis thoughtfully considered advice offered for taking the first step in reclaiming one's life after heartbreak. Phyllis read that she should record her thoughts and emotions in words. Phyllis began typing and said aloud, "Okay, put my thoughts down in words." Phyllis wrote that she hated Sharon, Nick, and Victor. Phyllis erased the words of her false start and typed, "A Woman Scorned," as the title of her thoughts.

In her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon flashed back to the evening of Gloworm's opening, when Adam stepped outside, took her in his arms, and kissed her on the lips. Nick stopped by, and when Sharon opened the door, he held up the society page of the newspaper that featured a photo of Sharon and Adam standing together at the nightclub. The caption above the picture read, "Is all Forgiven?" Nick said, "Not exactly what we want the judge to see on the day of Adam's preliminary hearing." Sharon insisted she didn't know the picture had been taken.

Nick warned Sharon to be careful. Sharon said she was tired of being careful and couldn't seem to avoid Adam. Sharon cried that Victor had made her go to Brazil to help catch Adam, and then she nearly killed Adam when he went to the cabin. Sharon insisted she just couldn't testify against Adam after all she'd been through with him. Nick replied, "If you don't, he wins."

Nick named his family members, including Faith, who had been hurt by Adam. Sharon mentioned that Adam had let her get away with shooting him. Nick maintained that Adam's actions were cruel and intentional. Sharon cried that she couldn't crucify Adam on the stand. Nick replied, "Wow, he is still working you, and now you feel guilty and don't want to testify against him." Sharon again said she felt bad about shooting Adam. Nick declared that Adam had deserved it.

Nick reminded Sharon that Faith would someday learn that Adam had almost prevented her from knowing her real parents. Nick added, "Wouldn't you like to tell her you did everything you could to put him away?" Sharon lessened her resolve and said she wanted to be a good role model to her daughter. Nick suggested that Sharon's feelings for Adam were stopping her from taking a stand against him. Sharon disagreed. Nick added that as long as Sharon was involved with Adam, she didn't have to think about wanting to be with Nick. Sharon said there was no point wanting what she couldn't have.

Nick mentioned his impending divorce. Sharon glared at him. Nick added that if Sharon testified against Adam and severed all ties to him, she and Nick would both be free. Sharon said she couldn't imagine herself with Nick again. Nick said he certainly could. Faith cried out, and Nick said he'd see after their daughter. Before Nick, holding Faith, stepped into the bathroom, he begged Sharon to consider what he'd said.

At the club's dining room, Skye and Adam met with Adam's attorney, Vance Abrams. Adam told Vance that he'd been through a preliminary hearing before. Skye noted that Vance was a pro, and Adam replied, "That's what it's going to take to discredit all of the witnesses the D.A. has lined up against me." Skye warned that the Abbotts and the Newmans would have their guns blazing, but Vance insisted he'd make them look like bitter, vindictive liars. Vance held up a copy of the newspaper's society page featuring Adam and Sharon's photo and said it was the perfect way for Adam to damage his wife's credibility. Adam maintained that he wasn't using Sharon.

Vance shuffled a thick file of papers and asked Adam if he knew of a witness who could hurt him. Adam flashed back to the day he told Sharon that Ashley had lost her baby after he scared her. Adam explained how he'd covered it up by blackmailing Dr. Taylor into stealing Sharon's baby to replace the baby Ashley thought she had due to her hysterical pregnancy. Adam privately recalled Sharon's anger when he admitted that he stole the ashes he presented to her as the remains of her supposedly dead baby. Before Vance left, Adam suddenly admitted that he'd confessed everything to Sharon the night of the ball. Skye was livid and asked Adam why he had confessed to Sharon. Adam insisted that he had his reasons.

Vance asked Adam why he'd waited so long to tell them about confessing to Sharon. Skye screeched, "Because he thought that nauseating wimp would forgive him for stealing her brat and take him back." Adam told Skye that she would never understand the feelings he and Sharon had for each other. Skye responded, "Please don't tell me you are still holding out hope that she's going to come back to you." Adam turned his face away, seemingly lost in thought.

Vance said he planned to impeach Sharon's credibility. As Vance read from a report, he explained that Sharon had been charged with shoplifting, spent time in a sanitarium, and had tried to cover up evidence in a murder investigation. Vance noted that Sharon had lied, stolen, and was emotionally unstable. Skye agreed that Sharon wasn't a reliable witness.

Vance declared that Sharon might even lose custody of her child after he was through with her in court. Adam balked and said he refused to have Sharon attacked on the stand. Vance warned that Sharon would come at him with everything she had, but Adam said he didn't care because he'd hurt Sharon enough. Vance explained that he couldn't help if Adam wouldn't let him. Adam said that Vance could take Nick, Victor, and Jack down to their knees and destroy them, but he couldn't touch Sharon. Skye shook her head disgustedly.

After Vance left, Skye pinched Adam's injured arm and reminded him that Sharon had done that to him. Adam explained that he didn't have to justify his position. Skye accused Adam of protecting Sharon because he thought she'd run back to him. Adam told Skye that she was jealous. Skye laughed haughtily and told Adam that she wasn't about to watch her investment go down the drain. Adam replied, "You bet big; you lose big."

While Nick was in bathroom in Sharon's suite at the club tending to Faith, Adam knocked on the door. Sharon stepped out to talk to Adam after warning him that Nick was in her room. Sharon told Adam that she had to tell the truth on the stand. Sharon was surprised when Adam said he was okay with her decision to tell the truth. Adam gave his word to Sharon that no one would go after her for saying whatever she had to say on the stand. Inside the suite,

Nick, cradling Faith, stepped out of the bathroom. Nick called out to Sharon and wondered aloud where she was. Downstairs, Skye met with Vance at the club bar. Vance laughed when Skye directed him to go after the bitch with everything he had.

In the lounge area of the club, a reporter interviewed District Attorney Owen Pomerantz and asked if he was nervous about questioning Vance Abrams. Owen scoffed and spouted off about his judicial duty. The reporter asked Owen if he planned to run for governor and noted that exposure from the high-profile trial would give him statewide recognition. Owen insisted that he just wanted Adam Newman to pay for his crimes.

Owen excused himself from the reporter's clutches just as Heather, Ronan, and Sid entered. They approached Owen, and Heather told him that Chance had pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. Heather implored Owen to drop the charges against Chance because it was in everyone's best interest. Sid added that it was especially important because they were so close to discovering which cops were corrupt. Owen refused, saying it would make him look bad. After Owen left, Ronan announced that he had a plan that might work.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told Christine that Patty had phoned him from South America, but he didn't know her exact location because he wasn't able to trace the call. Paul added that he'd phoned the authorities to let them know. Christine was touched that Paul had remembered her favorites when a server set before her a preordered chocolate-filled croissant and a cup of café au lait. Paul and Christine talked about remembering their anniversary, and Christine said that their trips down memory lane were sometimes a little too real. Christine agreed that their kiss was nice, but that Paul had Nina in his life. Christine added that she would soon have to return to Washington, D.C.

Heather, Sid, and Ronan arrived at the coffeehouse and approached Paul and Christine. Ronan reported that Chance's union representative had entered a "not guilty" plea on Chance's behalf. Christine noted that Chance was fully aware that he would have been freed had he allowed his attorney to arrange a deal. Ronan added that incarceration was exactly what the stubborn Chance had wanted.

Paul noted that it was odd timing for the by-the-book ex-military man to go rogue. Heather explained that Chance would do whatever necessary in order to identify those responsible for dealing drugs to inmates at the prison. Ronan explained that Chance was brazenly exposing himself to retaliation. Heather said she was worried about Chance's safety, but Paul explained that there wasn't much they could do to protect him.

Paul was surprised to learn that Nina had been at the hearing but hadn't contacted him afterward. Sid's phone rang, and he left the table. Ronan worried that someone might shank Chance. Heather pleaded with Christine to tell Chance that she was heading a federal sting aimed at rooting out the dirty cops. Christine maintained that telling Chance would make him more of a target than he was already.

Heather said she had another plan to get Chance out of jail, and she asked Ronan to go along to help. Paul, concerned about Nina, phoned her. Nina answered, and when she heard Paul's voice, she recalled seeing Paul and Christine kissing outside Gloworm. Paul asked Nina about the arraignment. Nina insisted she was fine and abruptly ended the call.

Christine and Paul stopped by the Chancellor mansion to see Nina. Paul said they were there to offer support. Nina was clearly miffed and told Paul and Christine that she saw them kissing outside Gloworm. Paul apologized and said that if Nina had let them know she was there, they would have explained. Christine insisted that she and Paul began talking about the anniversary of their wedding when they got carried away and shared a kiss. Christine added that she and Paul ended their evening at that point as a farewell to the past.

Nina's anger seemed to lessen somewhat when Paul said that he cared about Christine, but nothing more had happened. Paul insisted that his feelings for Nina hadn't changed. Christine declared that she was happy for Nina and Paul. Nina shrugged and said she wanted to concentrate on getting Chance out of jail.

At the jail, an officer led Chance into a day room at the facility and quipped to fellow prisoners that they should play nice with their new roommate. Two other inmates were seated at a table playing cards. Chance approached the scowling men and asked their names. One man said he was Batman and that the other was Robin. Chance replied that he didn't recognize them without their capes, but Batman replied that they recognized Chance with or without his badge.

Chance joined his fellow inmates at the table and said that without his badge, he was a regular guy who couldn't easily get what he really needed. Chance leaned closer to the two inmates and said, "I'm hurting here. Can you guys hook me up with something?"

The talkative inmate told Chance that they didn't trust him after he initiated a search for drugs. Chance insisted that the search had been a ruse intended to make fellow officers think he was clean. Chance noticed an Army-themed tattoo on the other inmate's arm and announced that he'd completed three tours of duty in Iraq. Chance told the men that he started using drugs in Iraq to wipe his memory clean after watching several of his buddies die.

Chance pleaded with the former soldier and fellow inmate to hook him up, so he could tolerate the stress of imprisonment. The man with the tattoo said he would see what he could do. As the other two inmates watched and listened, Heather, Sid, and Ronan came to talk to Chance. Chance shuffled the deck of cards and said, "I've got nothing to say to you." Heather told Chance that the warden had agreed to segregate him from the rest of the prisoners. Chance turned down the offer and insisted he wanted to stay put. He told Heather not to do him any more favors. The two other prisoners followed Chance with their eyes as he indignantly walked away from his visitors.

Ronan called Chance over to finish their conversation and warned him that he was hampering the investigation by refusing isolation. Heather added that other prisoners wanted nothing more than to see Chance dead. Heather pleaded for Chance to post bail, but he said he couldn't. Before Sid, Ronan, and Heather left, she asked what she should say to Nina. Chance replied, "Tell her I'm good." After they stepped out, Ronan said that Chance was going to get himself killed, and it served him right. Before Heather and Ronan walked away, Heather berated Ronan for saying such a thing.

Sid received a phone call and told the caller that Chance had refused isolation. Sid paused, looked through the security glass, and witnessed one of the prisoners in the day room discretely deliver a small bag of white powder to Chance. The prisoner told Chance they were scoring one for the bad guys. Sid continued his conversation on the phone and added, "Chancellor's on the inside whether we like it or not."

Nina stopped by the jail and begged Chance to let her post bail. Nina told Chance that she understood why he was doing what he was doing, though she didn't like it. Chance promised that everything would be okay. Just outside the day room, the tattooed prisoner who delivered the packet of drugs to Chance told Sid that Chance had hit him up minutes after he was jailed. The prisoner shook his head in agreement when Sid replied, "So when he's accidentally killed with all of those drugs on him, he'll just look like another dirty cop."

Christine and Paul met Heather and Ronan at Crimson Lights. Heather insisted that they'd done everything except hitting Chance over the head and dragging him out of jail. Paul explained that Nina was stopping by the jail to bust some heads. Heather replied, "Nothing like a pissed-off mama lion to get things done!" Christine warned that they couldn't count on Nina to protect Chance. Grim-faced, Christine warned that they had to find a way to get Chance out of jail before he got hurt.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

At the hospital, Malcolm, Devon, Cane, and Lily heard the good news from the doctor that the twins had passed their final checkup and were well enough to go home. Cane was excited but unsure. The doctor offered a list of instructions. Lily left to fill out the exit forms and Cane went to prepare the twins. Malcolm called Neil and told him to meet the family at Lily and Cane's apartment.

Neil was on time for a business meeting with Sofia at the club, but she waltzed in a few minutes late. On the phone, Neil listened as Ashley thanked him for his support. Neil was confident that Ashley would be fine at Adam's hearing later that day. When Neil saw Sofia arriving at the table, he ended his call with Ashley.

Sofia admired Neil's promptness. Neil suggested she try to be punctual the next time, but Sofia refused to apologize for a few minutes and suggested they had gotten their signals crossed. Neil brought up business, the biodiesel initiative, which Sofia wanted to base in Australia. Sofia declared that Tucker had approved her decision. Neil was miffed that he was not consulted. Neil asked Sofia why she passed on the Iceland location. Sofia began to explain, but Neil cut her off, saying he had to speak with Katherine about Australia.

Neil's phone rang, and he took a call from Malcolm about the twins. Neil cut the meeting short and left Sofia without telling her about the family gathering.

Malcolm, Devon, Lily, and Cane arrived at the apartment with Charlie and Matilda. Lily and Cane told the babies all about their new home and the nursery. Devon and Malcolm got to hold the babies. Lily was overwhelmed with emotions and shared her feelings with Cane.

The door opened and Neil walked in. He sanitized his hands and took Matilda and Charlie in his arms. Neil was moved, and he told Lily about how it had been when he held Lily in his arms for the first time. Neil said Lily had been the most beautiful baby he'd ever seen until that moment. Neil thanked Lily for Matilda and Charlie.

There was a knock in the door, and Malcolm let Sofia into the apartment. Sofia was surprised to learn that Neil was called away from their meeting but didn't bother to tell her about the babies going home. While Sofia went to see the babies, Malcolm asked Neil why he had been so petty.

Lily was grateful to Sofia for a gift for the babies. Cane and Lily were glad that Sofia was in town and making Malcolm so happy. Tucker showed up with a gift for the twins. Cane was grateful to Tucker for arranging the job in Cambria so that Cane wouldn't be deported.

Neil asked Tucker if that was the reason he chose Australia for the biodiesel business. Sofia said she would have told Neil if he had given her the chance. Everyone but Neil and Malcolm walked into the kitchen for lemonade.

Malcolm confronted Neil about his attitude toward Sofia. Malcolm told Neil to knock it off immediately. Neil felt that things would be different if Sofia hadn't undermined him at Chancellor. Cane interrupted and asked the brothers to take the fight to the hallway. Neil blew off the fight and kissed Lily before asking if he could look at the babies while they slept.

Tucker asked Sofia to handle the business while he was in court to support Ashley. Sofia agreed to take charge. Neil stopped Tucker before he left to explain that Ashley was being forced to relive the worst year of her life in court. Neil hoped Tucker wouldn't let her down. Tucker said he had no intention of doing that.

Cane and Lily were enjoying the babies and appreciating how fortunate they were to have the little ones in their lives. Sofia said Cane and Lily would be wonderful parents.

At the Newman ranch, Meggie was dressed up and arranging for the driver to take her to Fenmore's. Nikki was surprised, but Meggie said she just wanted to get out of Victor and Nikki's way, since they were going to Adam's trial.

Victor walked into the living room and asked Nikki about Meggie. Nikki told him that Meggie claimed to be in danger, but from Nikki's point of view, Meggie was living the high life. Nikki believed that Meggie was taking advantage of Victor while he was distracted. Nikki said she would speak with Meggie if Victor did not. Victor appreciated Nikki standing up for him.

Victor suggested that if Meggie were a problem, he would talk with her. Nikki reminded Victor that he had enough to worry about without Meggie, too. Nikki feared that Meggie was playing them. Victor thought Meggie was just having some fun in the department store. Victor told Nikki he would attend to Meggie if necessary after Adam had received his punishment in court.

Nikki was relieved and said she would watch Meggie until Victor was able to. Victor was anxious for the Adam business to be closed. Victor said it had been weighing heavily on his mind.

Nick joined his parents at the ranch, and Victor was relieved that Victoria had broken up with Billy. Nick said Victoria was very upset, and he doubted that she would show up in court. Nick thought Victoria might feel better if she saw Adam get beaten down at the trial. Nick said he was going to ask his sister to be there after all.

As Nick left, Meggie arrived back with packages in hand. Meggie wished Nikki and Victor good luck in court. Victor whispered to Nikki to talk with Meggie while he went ahead to the courthouse.

Nikki noticed Meggie's haul from Fenmore's. Nikki wondered why Meggie was spending on non-essential, impractical items. Nikki accused Meggie of taking advantage of Victor's generosity. Nikki also questioned if Meggie was telling them the truth.

Nikki asked if Meggie was truly in danger. Meggie explained that Shawn Roberts was a vicious man, and Meggie had become his enemy when she saved Victor's life. Meggie was curious about why Nikki was confronting her if Victor shared the same feelings, too, as Nikki claimed.

Nikki said Victor had other matters to deal with, and so did Nikki. Meggie stuck with her story. Nikki warned that if Meggie were scamming them, she'd be in trouble.

A short time later, Nikki announced that she was leaving. Nikki found a note from Meggie in which she apologized for disturbing their home. It was a goodbye note. Nikki called Meggie.

At Crimson Lights, Meggie answered the phone and told Nikki that she wasn't going to stay where she wasn't welcomed. Nikki asked where Meggie was going next. Meggie had no clue. Nikki said that Victor would never forgive her if anything happened to Meggie. Nikki said to stay at the coffeehouse and she would pick Meggie up.

Just as Meggie was taking her seat at Crimson Lights, Shaw Roberts appeared and grabbed her. Shaw pulled her toward him and said he was taking her with him. Nikki appeared at the door. Nikki used a water pitcher to hit Shaw over the head. Meggie socked him with her purse. Nikki asked if Meggie was okay, then she called out for someone to call 9-1-1.

A short time later, Shaw was being taken away in handcuffs. Nikki apologized to Meggie for doubting that her life had been in danger as she claimed. Meggie said she had gotten caught up in the material things because it kept her from worrying about Roberts wanting her dead. Nikki took Meggie's hand and said it was time to return to the ranch.

At the Abbott house, Billy, Jack, and Ashley were having lunch. Ashley told Jack she was sorry his relationship with Emily had failed. Jack felt they had gotten off in a bad way. Billy confided that Victoria had broken up with him. Ashley asked what had happened, and Billy blamed Victor's interference.

Without knocking, Tucker called to the Abbotts and let himself in through the unlocked door. Tucker said he had a surprise for them. Traci walked through the front door stepped. Ashley, Jack, and Billy were thrilled to see their sister.

Traci explained that the flights from New York were all booked, but Tucker had retrieved Traci on his private jet and flown her to Genoa City. Tucker volunteered that he didn't want Ashley to face Adam in court without the whole family to support her.

While Ashley thanked Tucker and everyone greeted each other, Abby approached the front door. Abby saw the family gathering and was happy to see Aunt Traci, but she backed away from the entrance.

Traci stepped out and saw Abby. Traci greeted her niece with a hug. Traci wondered why Abby hadn't gone into the house. Abby said she wasn't sure how welcomed she'd be.

Abby was surprised that Traci knew about Abby's antics. Abby asked if Traci hated her for suing her parents and getting arrested. Traci said that Colleen had pulled some winners when she was young, too. Traci offered to escort Abby into the house to smooth the waters.

Ashley thanked Tucker, but he was sorry he couldn't be in court because of business. Ashley understood and felt secure with her family beside her. Tucker gave her a supportive hug and kiss before leaving.

Traci led Abby into the house, but Billy, Jack, and Ashley were skeptical about Abby joining them in court. Abby opened her purse and showed them she had no cameras or tape recorders. Abby admitted that while practicing her testimony about how creepy it had been living at the ranch with Adam, she was unnerved and wanted to go to the courthouse with her family.

Alone with Abby, Ashley asked if Abby's plan was to continue being hostile with Ashley and Victor. Abby said she has not tried to hurt her parents. Ashley told Abby how much she loved her daughter. Ashley hugged her, but Abby was overcome with tears and departed, saying she'd left her sunglasses in the car.

Traci approached Ashley and reminded her that Abby was still just a little girl and very vulnerable. Ashley equated Abby wanting to hide her vulnerable side to Ashley wanting to keep Tucker from knowing how unraveled Ashley had been during her nervous breakdown. Traci understood that Ashley didn't want him to know how bad it had been for Ashley.

Jack was with Billy and asked why Billy was dodging questions about the breakup with Victoria. Jack sympathized with Billy's pain at losing the woman he loved.

In the hallway outside of Sharon's hotel room, Adam assured Sharon that if his lawyer attacked her testimony in court, Adam would fire Vance. Nick walked out of the room and asked Adam why he was there. Adam said he didn't want to fight. Adam departed, having said what he wanted to say. Nick told Sharon she could not trust Adam.

Sharon walked into her hotel room, telling Nick that this time she believed Adam. Nick told Sharon that Adam was a liar. Nick accused Adam of conning Sharon. Sharon resented Nick treating her like she was too dumb to think for herself. Sharon also resented Nick trying to protect her. Sharon opened the door and asked Nick to leave.

Nick asked Sharon why she was angry with him. Sharon said she was mad at both Adam and Nick. Sharon felt Nick treated her like she was too stupid to think for herself, and Adam refused to respect her wishes not to speak with him anymore. Sharon was also mad at herself for letting her guard down with both Nick and Adam. She closed the door in Nick's face.

In Skye and Adam's room, Skye entered with Vance. Skye told the attorney that no matter what Adam said, Skye was paying Vance's bill and Skye wanted Vance to destroy Sharon on the stand. Adam walked in, having overheard them. Adam accused them of going behind his back. Adam warned them both to leave Sharon alone.

Skye reminded Adam that Sharon had shot him. Adam told Skye to knock it off. Skye asked Vance to talk some sense into Adam, then she left to get some air. Vance had a problem with Adam's plan, explaining that if Adam had his way, he was going to wind up in prison. Adam understood Vance's concerns, but Adam insisted they would not go after Sharon. Adam made it an order. Vance said he understood.

At the courthouse, Owen told Sharon that she would be the first one called to testify. Sharon assured the D.A. that she would tell the judge everything that Adam had done. Adam, Vance, and Skye walked into the courtroom.

Sharon told Victor that she was prepared to testify. Victor told her that he was proud of her. Jack agreed with Victor.

Traci told Ashley that she had met Vance Abrams at a party in New York and characterized him as "intense." Traci told Ashley not to let Vance intimidate her. Ashley warned Sharon that Abrams was a force to be reckoned with, but Sharon responded that she didn't think he would be a problem. Sharon asserted that they had the truth on their side.

Abby said hello to her father and Victor was happy to see her there for Ashley's sake. Abby wanted to see Adam get nailed for what he had done. Victor approved of Abby's attitude.

Skye wanted to know why the press was barred from the courtroom. Vance said he had filed the motion and the judge agreed. Vance didn't want a potentially tainted jury pool if the case went to trial.

The bailiff called the court to order. Owen gave his opening remarks, accusing Adam of having victimized many people. As Owen spoke, Ashley flashed back to meeting with Adam in the hospital when she tried to get him to tell her what had happened to her baby and he refused to tell her the truth.

Jack recalled in flashback how Ashley was deteriorating before his eyes while living at the ranch with Adam nearby. Owen declared that Adam had committed fraud, conspiracy, and kidnapping, and was possibly an accessory in the Hightower murder.

Nick flashed to telling Adam about Richard Hightower's little boy. Nick asked Adam how he could accept a grateful hug from that child for saving his father's life with a bone marrow transplant only to set Hightower up to die. Nick believed that betrayal would land Adam in hell.

Vance followed with his opening remarks. Vance suggested that everyone in the gallery had a vendetta against Adam. When Victor was pointed out, Victor recalled telling Adam that he had been disowned, and Victor had tried to erase Adam's history from the ranch and the Newman offices.

Vance said the case hinged on the testimony of one witness, Sharon Newman. Vance doubted there was any proof that she had heard Adam's confession.

Sharon's flashback was from the cabin, when Adam had asked Sharon to save him, but instead she was part of the group that would abduct him and put him on "trial." Sharon then remembered their kiss at Gloworm.

Owen called Sharon as the first witness. Sharon walked to the stand as everyone watched her. Sharon testified that her relationship with Adam had become romantic in October of the previous year. She explained that they had eloped to Lake Tahoe before New Year's Eve.

Sharon agreed it had been a whirlwind romance. The flight back from Nevada had crashed, but before the impact, Adam scribbled a note to Sharon, saying that her baby was alive. Sharon admitted that Adam had watched her grieve over the baby, and allowed her to believe that the infant had died at birth.

Sharon testified that she had suffered a concussion and hadn't recalled the note until later, the night of the masked ball. Sharon said that Adam had escaped custody and confronted her in a suite at the Athletic Club, where he reminded her about the note. Sharon said it triggered her memory.

Sharon said that Adam had been desperate to prove his love for Sharon and offered her his confession. Adam had said he caused Ashley to lose her baby, and Adam had kidnapped Faith seconds after she was born to cover his tracks. Sharon told the judge that Adam had confessed his crimes against Ashley and Sharon to her that night.

Owen thanked Sharon for her testimony. Before questioning Sharon, Vance asked to consult with his client.

Ashley was worried about having to testify, but Traci assured her she would be fine. Ashley walked out of the courtroom to get some air. She was surprised when Tucker appeared, saying he'd gotten Sofia to take his conference call. Tucker asked if his being there was a problem for Ashley.

Vance asked Adam to let him discredit Sharon's testimony. Adam said absolutely not. Skye asked Adam to listen to Vance. Vance said Adam would wind up going to trial if Sharon's testimony went unchallenged. Vance said it was Adam's choice. Adam said he'd made up his mind.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In court, Adam reminded Vance that he was not to cross-examine Sharon. Vance warned Adam that backing off could result in Adam going to trial. Skye urged Adam to let Abrams do his job.

The judge called the session back to order. Vance warned Adam that Sharon's testimony had to be torn apart. Adam told Vance to figure out another way to keep Adam from going to trial. Skye taunted Adam that he was going to wind up back in prison.

Vance wanted to use Sharon's sketchy history against her, but Adam threatened to fire Vance. Vance told the judge that Sharon's testimony was prejudicial. Vance then said he had no questions for Sharon.

Sharon stepped down from the witness stand, sharing a look with Adam. Victor told Nick that he had expected Vance to attack Sharon. Nick said that Adam had arranged for Vance to leave Sharon alone so Adam could win his way back into Sharon's good graces. Nick was concerned about Sharon, but Victor believed Sharon would never trust Adam again.

Outside the courtroom, Victor told Sharon he was proud of her. Victor wanted to celebrate when Adam was put on trial. Sharon didn't feel like celebrating because testifying had stirred up a lot of bad memories. Sharon said what she'd had with Adam wasn't real.

Victor confessed that when Adam arrived in Genoa City, as a father, Victor had all the hope in the world for his son. Victor declared that Adam had been nothing but a destructive influence. Victor wasn't happy about testifying against Adam, but he had to do it.

Victor reminded Sharon that Adam had been vicious to everyone around him. Victor believed Ashley would gain strength to testify because of Sharon's testimony. Victor felt Sharon had thrown down the gauntlet.

Abby, Billy, Jack, and Traci were confused by Vance's tactics. Traci thought that Sharon was the key witness. Billy compared Sharon and Adam to Beauty and the Beast. Jack speculated that Sharon would be the only person getting off easy on the stand.

In the foyer, Tucker asked Ashley if she had been called to testify yet. Ashley said no and told Tucker that he didn't need to be there. Tucker was there to be supportive, but Ashley felt that her family -- including Traci, whom Tucker had flown in on his private jet -- was all the support that she needed.

Ashley urged Tucker to return to work. Despite her best efforts, Tucker wasn't leaving. Ashley was called to the stand. Tucker kissed her, and she entered the courtroom.

On the stand, Ashley explained that Adam had pretended to be her friend while terrorizing her. Ashley said that Adam had convinced her the house was haunted and that Ashley was obsessed with Sabrina, Victor's dead wife. Ashley testified that Adam had created a scrapbook about Sabrina and convinced Ashley that she had made it.

Owen asked why Ashley hadn't told anyone about Adam's actions. Ashley said she did, but Adam insinuated that Victor, then Ashley's husband, would leave Ashley or have Ashley committed. At that moment, Sharon and Victor re-entered the courtroom and took their seats.

Ashley recounted the night that Adam disguised himself as Sabrina to frighten Ashley. Victor had been away on business and Adam had dismissed the staff so only Ashley and Adam were in the house. There was a storm and the electricity was out. Ashley fell asleep in her room but was awakened by a voice calling to her.

Ashley said she had investigated and found Adam disguised as Sabrina. Adam had a veil over his face. Ashley heard Sabrina's voice on a doctored tape recording saying that "death is coming."

Owen asked how Ashley knew it was Adam, and Ashley said she'd pulled off the veil. Ashley had been shocked and stepped back in horror. That was when Ashley had fallen down the stairs and miscarried her baby.

Owen had no more questions, so Vance began the cross-examination. Vance asked Ashley about her history of mental illness, mostly related to children and pregnancy. Vance brought up Ashley's institutionalization after an abortion.

Vance told of another incarceration after a baby's death, asking Ashley to name that child. She responded that his name had been Robert.

Owen tried to object, but the judge allowed the questions to continue. Ashley was forced to confess that she could not accept Robert's death and had used an empty blanket as a symbol of her son. When asked how many times she'd been committed, Ashley admitted to four.

Ashley testified that she had not told anyone about Adam dressing like Sabrina because Adam had convinced her it had been a dream. Vance asked if it was true that after the fall, Ashley created a hysterical pregnancy. Ashley said yes, adding that she had been very confused.

Vance accused Ashley of pointing the finger at Adam only after he had become ostracized from the family. Ashley declared that she knew the truth. Vance threw it in Ashley's face that she had called Adam her only friend, and that Ashley had believed she'd killed Nikki Newman.

Owen objected and the judge told Vance to dial it back. Vance concluded by saying that Ashley had no evidence to support her allegations against Adam. Vance was finished with Ashley.

Ashley stepped down and saw Tucker's shocked expression as he stood in the back of the room. Ashley's family surrounded her. Billy said she had done well, and Jack said everything was fine.

Ashley was upset that Vance had gone after her with every dark episode from her past. Ashley wished she had not cried. Jack said it was understandable. Victor and Abby joined the family, and Abby embraced her mother and sympathized with her. Jack declared that Adam was not going to get away with his crimes.

Ashley wanted to get some air. Billy suggested she leave, but Ashley wanted to stay for Abby's testimony. Abby told her mother it was all right and that Ashley should get away from the courthouse. Victor assured Ashley he would be there for Abby. Abby hugged her mother and sent her away.

Traci walked Ashley out, and Ashley asked her sister if she had seen Tucker leave. Traci understood when Ashley said she hadn't wanted Tucker to hear her testimony.

Sharon told Billy that she had wanted to say something to Ashley before she left, but thought better of it. Billy agreed because Vane had skewered Ashley, while Sharon had gotten off scot-free. Billy told Sharon that she was lucky to have a psychopath in love with her.

Nick spoke with Owen and learned that Ashley's testimony had not been helpful. Jack joined Nick and asked about Ashley. Nick asked if Jack was as surprised as Nick that Adam was still pursuing Sharon. Jack told Nick that Adam could have fantasies about winning Sharon back, but it would never happen. Jack advised Nick to stop obsessing about Adam and Sharon.

Skye complimented Vance about Ashley's cross-examination. Vance said he wished he could have gone after Sharon. Adam said even if the case went to trial, Sharon would remain off-limits. Adam told Vance everyone else was expendable.

Abby was on the stand, and Vance accused her of being a publicity hound. Vance believed her testimony was another publicity stunt, and he unfurled a poster of Abby on the horse like Lady Godiva to punctuate his point.

Next on the stand was Jack who blamed Adam for hurting Ashley. Vance asked Jack about his collaborating on a fake diary with Adam to discredit Victor. Vance accused Jack of selling Adam down the river by letting him rot in prison for the diary, while Jack lived in a mansion.

When Victor was on the stand, Vance said that Victor had watched Ashley slip into madness while Victor did nothing. Victor countered that Olivia had examined Ashley, and both he and Olivia had urged her to see a therapist. Vance said the Abbotts had pleaded in vain with Victor to get Ashley professional help.

Vance added that Victor's relationship with Adam was only amiable when Adam was shackled to an ankle monitor. Vance suggested that Victor rejected Adam when Adam showed his independence from his father.

Nick testified that Adam never wanted to be part of the family. Vance excoriated Nick by suggesting that Nick and Adam were rivals for a part of the family business, trust funds, and Sharon's affection. Vance pointed out that Nick had never gotten over Adam marrying Sharon.

Owen objected, but Vance announced that what all the witnesses proved was a family feud, that everyone who'd testified had an axe to grind with Adam. Vance accused them all of subverting justice with their claims against Adam.

Abby asked her father how Vance could get away with saying such things about them. Victor said Vance was as despicable as Adam.

Owen gave his closing remarks, saying all the testimony had been from reputable witnesses and that the case against Adam was solid. Owen said that the death of Hightower was reason enough for the case to go to trial.

Vance responded that he agreed with the D.A. Hightower deserved justice, but Vance said that would not happen with Adam on trial. Vance declared that there was no evidence against Adam, only prejudicial testimony. Vance Abrams said that Adam was the victim, not Ashley or the others.

The judge said she would take the case under advisement and decide in a few days. The court was adjourned.

Billy and Jack were shocked by Abram's claim. Billy said he was leaving to type up his notes for Restless Style. Jack asked Billy to go to the house later to band around Ashley. Billy agreed.

Victor told Nick he hoped the judge would see Adam for what he truly was. Nick excused himself and followed Sharon out of the courtroom.

Adam confronted Victor to say he was happy about how the hearing had gone. Victor told Adam that all the smoke screens would not hide what Adam had done.

In the foyer, Nick asked Sharon if she had made promises to Adam to get Vance not to go after her on the stand. Sharon was shocked by Nick's suggestion. Sharon declared she had told the truth just like she said she would.

Adam asked Vance if the case was going to go to trial. Vance wasn't sure. Skye asked for odds and Vance said it was 50-50. Vance brought up Sharon's testimony again. Adam said he had no regrets. Abrams left the courtroom.

Jack and Victor spoke with Owen. The D.A. said the ruling could go either way. Jack said Abrams had done what he had been paid to do. Owen agreed that the hearing was just a sample of what Abrams would do in a trial. Owen exited, passing Sharon and Nick.

Nick told Sharon that Adam never did anything without a reason, and Nick's words offended Sharon. Victor and Jack joined them, and Sharon told Victor that Nick accused Sharon of striking a deal with Adam to get off easy on the stand. Jack and Victor defended Sharon to Nick.

Nick said he was concerned that Sharon had inadvertently done something to give Adam hope. Nick pointed out that Sharon had shot Adam and was then photographed kissing him. Nick thought the media would be reading into Sharon's actions. Victor told Nick to stop borrowing trouble.

Nick wondered what they would do if Adam walked away a free man.

Skye told Adam that if he lost in court, she would leave him and take the hedge fund with her. Adam said he'd had no choice in doing what he did. Sharon intervened and said that Adam had indeed had a choice. Sharon admired that Adam hadn't changed his mind when he heard her on the stand. Sharon said that Adam had kept his word. Sharon thanked Adam and walked away.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria was finishing a business meeting. When Victoria was alone, Jill approached her. Jill was surprised that Victoria wasn't in court, but Victoria said she had not been called to testify and was handling some business for her father and brother.

Victoria asked why Jill wasn't at court for Billy's sake. Jill said that Jack was there. Victoria hoped that Jill would refrain from any more pro-Adam interviews.

Jill mentioned that Billy had fired her from Restless Style. When Victoria asked why, Jill told Victoria that Jill had been the one who gave Tucker the information about the antique gun.

Victoria feigned ignorance about the gun and bribing the Japanese official. Jill accepted Victoria's dodge and went on to exonerate Billy. Jill explained that Billy had refused to tell Jill anything and Billy protected Victoria's reputation. Jill told Victoria that she had broken into Billy's laptop and found the information on her own.

Victoria asked Jill what Tucker had offered her in exchange for the information. Jill didn't reveal anything about her deal with Tucker, but Jill did admit that Billy was furious with Jill.

Jill was confident that in time, Billy would forgive her. Victoria asked why Jill had told her about the situation with Billy. Jill said that Billy truly cared for Victoria and Jill didn't want Victoria to blame Billy for Jill's sin.

Victoria entered Restless Style and asked if Billy was there. A secretary said that Billy was at Adam's trial. Victoria said that she would wait.

Billy arrived at the magazine and was informed that a woman was waiting for him. When Billy saw Victoria, he asked why she was there. Victoria said they had unfinished business.

Billy assumed that Victoria was there to chew him out again, but Victoria asked him about court. Billy said Victoria could read about it online as soon as he posted it. Billy defended himself against Victoria's insinuation that he was exploiting the story.

Billy told Victoria she hadn't seen Adam's lawyer rip Ashley apart. Billy said that Vance had made Adam the victim of the Abbotts and the Newmans, and Billy's job was to print the truth, not Abrams' twisted version of it. Victoria thought more publicity would make things worse. Victoria said Billy needed to sell his little magazine.

Billy told Victoria to leave if she disapproved. Victoria said that was not why she was there. Victoria brought up the McCall situation. Billy reminded her that he had not given Tucker the information. Victoria responded that she knew Billy had told Victoria the truth because Jill had confessed to Victoria.

Billy told Victoria that she was rusty at apologizing. Victoria apologized for doubting him. Billy expected more, but Victoria asked him why he had left a bookmark on his computer, after they had been burned before when Abby found the wedding video on his laptop.

Billy defended himself and reminded Victoria that she had let Victor claim that Billy had sold her out and she believed her father. Billy realized how it had looked, but Billy was hurt that Victoria had not believed Billy when he said he loved Victoria.

Victoria admitted that she was never sure when Billy was playing around or being serious. Billy said that he had meant every word about loving Victoria and never wanting to hurt her. Victoria said she should probably go. Billy agreed. Victoria took the elevator and left.

Tucker opened the door to his apartment to find Jill on his doorstep. Jill demanded that Tucker keep his end of their bargain by giving Jill the name of his hotshot investigator.

Tucker said it was on his list of things to do. Jill demanded action because she had gotten the gun info for Tucker in hours and it had cost her Billy's trust. Jill said she was desperate for Fenmore information. Tucker said he would follow through, but Jill warned Tucker not to screw her over.

Tucker picked up the phone and placed the call. Tucker told Dennis to help out Jill Fenmore when she called with anything Jill needed. Tucker added that he would pay for the services.

Ashley called from outside Tucker's door to see if he was home. Tucker hurried to let her in. Jill said she was leaving, but asked Ashley how it had gone in court. Jill told Ashley that she'd seen Vance in action and Ashley had lived to tell the tale, which was a good thing.

Tucker gave Jill the phone number for the investigator and sent her on her way. Jill thanked Tucker and told Ashley she hoped that Adam would be punished for what he had done to Ashley. Jill walked out.

Ashley told Tucker she hadn't wanted him to see her in court because she feared Tucker's reaction. Tucker said Vance had been rough on her. Tucker didn't agree with Ashley's assessment that she came off like a "wacko."

Ashley knew that Tucker had investigated her before hiring her to run Jabot. Tucker said everyone had a past. Still, Ashley was worried that her testimony would reflect badly on Jabot, and she offered Tucker her resignation.

While Ashley waited, Tucker finished a call with Sofia. Tucker returned to Ashley and said he didn't want to hear any more about her stepping down. Tucker admitted he'd known of Ashley's past, but as a boss, he thought she'd done a great job as CEO.

Ashley appreciated the compliment. Tucker said as a friend, nothing in the courtroom had changed Tucker's opinion of Ashley. Tucker rethought it and said he respected Ashley more than he had before.

Ashley asked why Tucker had left the courtroom without speaking to her. Tucker recalled Ashley confiding in him once after their first real conversation at the airport, when Ashley said her family could make her feel claustrophobic.

Tucker saw that same family crowding her after her testimony, and Tucker wanted to give Ashley space. Tucker said he had planned to call her later, but he was happy she showed up instead. Ashley was happy, too.

Tucker and Ashley cuddled on the couch. Ashley was relieved that Tucker understood what had happened to her. Tucker admired the courage it took for Ashley to return to his place after what had happened in court. Tucker was glad Ashley was feeling like herself again. The two kissed and got romantic.

At the Abbotts', Abby told Traci that Ashley wasn't upstairs. Traci said that Ashley needed some time alone to work things out. Abby had been surprised that Ashley mentioned Robert. Traci said she admired Ashley for how she had handled her testimony.

Abby said that Traci was the only person in the family who could chill everybody out. Traci asked if she could give Abby some advice. Traci told Abby that if she wanted to help Ashley, Abby should remember that even while she was fighting for her trust fund and TV show, Abby should tell her parents how much she still loved them.

Jill contacted Tucker's investigator on the phone and asked him to find her birth parents.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paul visited Nina at the Chancellor mansion, asking her out to dinner or a movie. Nina was too worried about Chance being in prison with cop-haters to think about anything else. Paul assured Nina she had done all she could for Chance. Nina was scared for her son, even though Nina knew that Heather and Chris were working to protect Chance.

Nina was impressed that Paul remembered that it was the birthday of her kidnapped son. Nina felt if Chance's brother had not been abducted, things would be different for Chance. Nina wished that she had done more to find her kidnapped son.

Paul recalled that Nina had done as much as she could. Paul's father had been the lead detective on the case and they had all done their best. Paul said there had been no trace of a trail to follow after Rose sold the baby.

Nina remembered how she had tracked down Rose and had to pay her $20,000 to find her son. Paul knew that Nina had gone to the house where her child was supposedly held, but when Nina saw the baby it turned out to be a girl. It wasn't Nina's child. Nina castigated herself for trusting Rose. Paul said he was tracking down the girl's mother for information.

Nina worried that her lost son had had an awful life because his parents had bought him on the black market. Paul said he might have had a wonderful life. Paul pointed out that Heather was a great kid and he wasn't there for her as a child. Paul was sure that Nina's son was a smart and resilient man because he had Nina's genes. Nina was grateful for Paul's support.

At Crimson Lights, Chris told Ronan that she knew it was his birthday. Ronan asked her to not to mention it to anyone. Ronan thought the case was already compromised. Chris wondered if Nina would suspect Ronan if she knew it was his birthday.

Heather entered and asked Chris about Chance's situation. Heather hoped the feds would intervene for Chance. Ronan criticized Chance's attempt to weed out crooked cops in the department. Heather told Ronan to get off of Chance's back.

Heather admitted that she was frightened for Chance and it was getting to her. Ronan agreed that Chance's life was at risk. Ronan thought that if the feds didn't get Chance out of prison, Chance would not survive the ordeal.

Heather asked Ronan to tell Chance that Ronan was working undercover with the federal prosecution. Ronan said that wasn't possible. Heather believed that Chance would cooperate with Ronan.

Ronan felt they were too close to cracking the case to risk telling Chance. Chris said they would have to reconsider if the feds didn't spring Chance. Ronan declared that they could not trust Chance because of this volatility. Chris agreed to wait for now. Heather said she was going to try and convince Chance to let them bond him out on bail.

Ronan said he was leaving and wondered to Chris if Heather could be trusted. Chris believed Heather was not going to speak out of turn. Chris understood Heather's feelings because Chris was keeping the truth about Ronan from Nina and it was killing Chris. Ronan said Nina had never been a mother to him. Chris doubted Ronan was really as heartless as he acted.

Ronan met with Meeks in a surveillance van. Ronan questioned Sid about how Heather managed to sneak away from him the night she was attacked. Sid said he had had his nose in a book. Sid hadn't expected Heather to bolt. Sid also wondered how Chance knew to be there to save her. Ronan said that Chance was dirty. Sid wondered if his 'clean up the department' crusade was a front.

Sid had a memory of telling a prisoner to kill Chance as a dirty cop. Meeks told Ronan to keep a close eye on Chance. Ronan and Meeks each answered their cells, not revealing to each other what the calls were about.

Chance was surprised that Chloe was visiting him in prison. Chloe admitted she was still angry with Chance, but she didn't want him in jail. Chance said he did the crime, but Chloe knew he didn't do drugs or sell them. Chloe asked Chance to tell the truth and get himself out of prison.

Chloe suggested Chance get into solitary for his own protection, but Chance said he had to be in general population to score drugs. Chloe didn't believe Chance was a druggie, so Chance reached into his shoe and showed her a stash of heroin he had been hiding.

Chloe couldn't believe that Chance was using the drugs. Chance admitted that he was in jail to find answers and the drugs were for show. Chloe didn't think it was worth Chance's life to be with criminals who wanted to kill him.

Chance asked Chloe to take the drugs and hide it because it was the evidence he needed for the case. Chloe refused because she would not contribute to getting Chance killed.

A while later, Chance was back in his cell. A guard retrieved Chance to see another visitor. Chance was walked out of the cell as two prisoners hurried in and changed the light bulb in the lamp with a gasoline filled bulb that would start an electrical fire and kill Chance. The prisoners finished their task and left.

Ronan met with Chloe at Crimson Lights after her visit with Chance. Ronan was upset that she had not convinced Chance to get out on bail. Chloe wondered why Ronan cared about Chance. Ronan said it was one cop protecting another and he was sure Chance wouldn't find anything behind bars.

Chloe told Ronan about Chance getting the drugs and asking her to smuggle the packet out as evidence. Ronan thought Chance was in over his head. Ronan asked Chloe to go back and get the narcotics from Chance. Ronan tried to convince her.

At the prison, Heather was with Chance in the visitor's room and trying to pass her the drugs. Heather said no because it would destroy her career if she were caught with the contraband. Heather contemplated telling Chance about Ronan being undercover. Heather decided not to out Ronan, and insead took the packet from Chance.

Back in his cell, Chance noticed the lamp was out. Chance went to fix it, but a guard arrived to tell him that he had been sprung. Chance couldn't figure out how. Chance refused to leave so the guard called for back up.

In the hallway, Chloe ran into Heather and the squabbled about Chance. An explosion was heard and they both flinched. Chance came rushing out and Heather embraced him. Chloe turned away in disappointment.

Paul told Nina he stopped by because he knew it would be a tough day for her. Paul told Nina that she meant a lot to him. Paul apologized for kissing Chris. Paul hoped Nina would understand that what he had with Chris was in the past. Paul said he was in the present with Nina.

The doorbell rang and Nina let Chris into the Chancellor mansion. Chris told Nina and Paul the feds had authorized Chance's release. However, Chris also reported the explosion in Chance's cell block. Nina feared that Chance had been hurt.

Nina was anxious to leave for the prison. Chance burst into the house a moment later and called to Nina. Chance assured his mother he was okay. Chance asked Chris about her appealing to the feds to get him released. Chance said the explosion had been meant for him.

Chance believed that he was shaking things up. Chris urged Chance to leave it alone. Nina said she couldn't stand it if anything happened to Chance. Chance walked out to take care of something, and Nina told Chris and Paul that she nearly lost Chance on the anniversary of her first son's kidnapping.

Chris sympathized with Nina about the past and how foolish they had been. Heather asked how the search was going and Paul said it was a difficult case. Paul said he read Chris' book about the kidnapping. Nina figured that Paul was saying that finding anything was a long shot. Chris asked them not to go anywhere, then she walked out of the room.

Paul promised Nina he would stay on the case for her. Chris returned to them with three cupcakes, lit with a candle for Nina's missing son. Nina said Chris was a great friend. Nina said a wish for her son.

Chloe was at Jimmy's when Chance called her and asked to meet. Chloe said to come to the bar, but Chance asked her to come to the house because he couldn't leave Nina so distraught. Chloe refused and hung up on him.

Heather tried to reach out to Chance, but he didn't want to talk. Heather agreed. Heather said she hid the drugs in her office. Chance said he was going after the prisoners, but Heather said that Chance was being watched. Heather suggested taking the evidence to Owen and setting up a sting operation.

In the van, Meeks met with Owen and said there was a problem. Sid said that Chance had been released. Owen said Meeks was to finish Chance, just as Owen had ordered.

Ronan met Chloe at the bar and she said she hadn't gotten the drugs from Chance. Chloe told Ronan about the explosion. Chloe thought she had been a fool for standing by and letting Heather embrace Chance at the prison.

Chloe rejected Ronan's advice about Chance. When Ronan paid for his beer, Chloe saw Ronan's license and admired the photo. Chloe noticed that it was Ronan's birthday. Chloe said his birthday was close to hers. Chloe suggested that they celebrate.

In their Athletic Club suite, Sofia and Malcolm were talking about getting their first home, and while Malcolm felt they had seen everything, Sofia was anxious to explore more properties to find something perfect.

Sofia wanted a luxury condo with a doorman, while Malcolm wanted a house with a backyard and a garage that he could turn into dark room. Sofia didn't care for the suburbs, so Malcolm reminded her of a townhouse they'd seen. Sofia rejected the place for a variety of reasons.

Sofia wanted the condo and Malcolm didn't and their disagreement escalated. Malcolm accused Sofia of not compromising. Malcolm questioned whether they should move in together at all. Sofia refused to get into that discussion. Sofia's phone rang with text messages from Tucker. Sofia told Malcolm they would finish their talk later and left.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Neil pointed out to Tucker that Sofia was habitually late. Tucker understood Sofia's habits and accepted her flaws. Neil brought up the latest cosmetic trades and the projections that Beauty of Nature would have a big fourth quarter. Tucker was doubtful about that, prompting Neil to ask why.

Tucker told Neil about how he and Ashley had the information about Victor's bribe. Neil wasn't surprised by Victor's audacity. Sofia appeared and apologized for being late. Neil asked about the bribe and what high stakes Tucker was waging. Sofia cautioned Tucker, but Neil continued, saying that the rumors had been true and Tucker was trying to take Beauty of Nature from Victor.

Neil projected that if Tucker succeeded in getting Beauty of Nature and combined it with Jabot, Tucker would have the biggest cosmetic company in the world. Neil said that they were underestimating Victor, but Sofia thought Neil was underestimating Tucker.

Neil pointed out that Beauty of Nature was Victoria's pet project, but Tucker wasn't frightened off by that information. Neil said he knew Victor and the last company he'd ever give up was Beauty of Nature, just out of spite. Neil declared that if Tucker was serious, this act would lead to all out war.

Neil tried to impress Tucker and Sofia with his inside knowledge of how Victor works. Sofia thought that Neil's knowledge could help McCall, but Neil said he was out. Neil pointed out that he worked for Chancellor. Sofia tried to intimidate Neil about collateral damage, but Neil thought they were taking on a battle on two fronts.

At the ranch, Michael told Victor he wasn't sure when the judge would rule on Adam's trial. Victor asked Michael to set up the appointment with the Department of Justice about Tucker's accusation of a bribe. Michael wasn't sure about the direct approach, but Victor insisted that he make the appointment immediately.

Nikki and Meggie entered and were very chummy. Victor noticed and asked why. Meggie explained that she had been attacked and Nikki had saved her life. Nikki and Meggie recounted the story for Victor from the encounter at Crimson Lights with Shaw Roberts.

Victor was gobsmacked by the story. Meggie apologized for putting Nikki in that position. Victor didn't blame Meggie. Meggie appreciated all their help and hospitality and wished she hadn't been a problem. Meggie said she was going to get a job back in Ottawa and repay them for all the Fenmore goodies.

Victor was concerned that Roberts' friends in Ottawa might come after Meggie. Nikki agreed that Meggie should stay in Genoa City and get a job there. Meggie said she'd do anything. Meggie walked out and Victor told Nikki it was an incredible story. Nikki said she acted instinctively.

Victor asked Nikki if she was sure about Meggie working at the ranch. Nikki said she was and would ask Meggie to be her assistant. Victor approved.

Michael intervened to tell Victor that they could meet with the DOJ representative if they went to the club immediately. Victor agree. Victor asked Nikki to become his bodyguard. Nikki agreed and they kissed goodbye.

Malcolm walked into the Athletic Club dining room and asked Neil to stop harassing his fiancé. Sofia and Malcolm stepped aside to talk. Neil and Tucker saw Michael and Victor walk in. Neil revealed the man with them was the Department of Justice representative. Neil suspected that Victor was trying to end the war before it began.

Malcolm pointed out to Sofia that they were fighting like an old married couple. Sofia urged him to give in to her to end the argument. Malcolm told Sofia to return to her business meeting.

Malcolm returned to the suite and called about the condo for rent. Malcolm learned it was still available and said he would go to the office to sign the lease.

Victor told the Department of Justice officer that the gift to the Japanese official should not be construed as influence peddling. Michael offered a written explanation. Victor said it had been a gift to a friend and Victor assumed responsibility for the action. Tucker watched from across the room.

Back at the business meeting, Sofia questioned why Neil wasn't cooperating with the new cosmetics company. Tucker said Jabot would be combined with Beauty of Nature, but Neil was skeptical. Sofia told Neil he should help them. Neil refused because of his indebtedness to Victor.

Tucker said it was just business. Neil -- and Sofia -- both answered that nothing is just business. It was something they both agreed upon.

Victor and Michael walked up to Tucker's table. Victor said the Department of Justice officer was very understanding about the gun mix up in Japan. Tucker said that whether the Department of Justice acted or not, McCall was taking Beauty of Nature. Michael assumed that McCall would try.

Meggie brought the shopping bags from Fenmore's downstairs and told Nikki she was going to return the items. Nikki told her to keep them because she was going to need to dress nicely to work for Nikki.

Meggie was thrilled to work for Nikki. Nikki gave Meggie a list of her projects and charities. Nikki asked Meggie to organize Nikki's personal calendar for the events coming up. Meggie was grateful and said she could handle the responsibility.

A while later, Meggie had finished the assignment for Nikki. Nikki was impressed by Meggie's secretarial skills. Nikki thought that Meggie would work out fine as Nikki's assistant.

Friday, August 13, 2010

At the Newman ranch, Nikki realized that Victor was concerned about the resolution in Adam's court case. Victor was unhappy. Nikki reminded Victor that he and Hope, Adam's mother, had always been worried about Adam, even before his birth. Victor said Hope feared that Adam would be born blind, the way Hope had been.

In a flashback, Hope told Victor that giving birth to a child with such a disadvantage was unfair. Victor believed that Hope had overcome her obstacles. Hope was satisfied with her life, but she wanted more for her children.

Victor explained to Nikki that once Adam was born, Hope's fears were put to rest. Victor recalled holding Adam as an infant. Hope had encouraged Victor to bond with the boy. Victor had enthusiastically held his child in his arms. Victor said he could never have imagined then what kind of man Adam would become.

Nikki speculated that Adam might have turned out differently if Victor and Hope had raised him together. Victor said they had been divorced by the time of Adam's birth. Hope had never been able to adjust to life in Genoa City, preferring to live on her Kansas farm.

Victor had been stunned that Hope decided to take Adam and return to the farm without consulting him. Hope had feared Victor's power, but he said he would never have taken Adam from her. Hope was confused and felt she didn't fit into Victor's world. Hope wanted her son away from Victor's world.

Nikki said she thought it was extreme that Hope hadn't wanted Adam to know his father. Victor said he had never resented Hope for that. Victor had good memories of the few times he'd met Adam as a boy.

Victor wondered if he had made a mistake by doing things Hope's way. When Hope was dying of cancer, she admitted that she regretted keeping Victor from Adam. Hope apologized to Victor and got him to agree that they should tell Adam that he was Victor's son. Victor told Nikki that decision had changed their lives.

Victor recalled the day that Hope had died. Victor had been helpless to save her, and he was concerned about Adam having to watch his mother die. Before she passed away, Hope told Adam that she had married Victor a long time before, and Victor was his father.

Adam had believed Cliff Wilson was his father, but Hope told Adam that Cliff was the man who had raised him, but not his biological father. Adam didn't believe her, but Hope insisted that she was telling the truth. Hope was leaving Adam all her love forever -- and the truth.

Nikki and Victor agreed that Adam had never accepted the truth. Adam had been in shock, listening as Hope said the decision had been hers. Hope claimed that Victor could have taken Adam from her with his power and wealth. Adam had assumed that Victor hadn't wanted him. Victor had said that wasn't true.

Hope had told Adam her final wish was to have father and son reunited. Hope had asked them both to take care of each other. Victor had taken Hope's hand, but Adam held back.

Victor remembered that Adam had gone through a hard time dealing with Hope's death. At the graveside, Adam had spoken to his mother and asked how she could have left him. Victor had gone to Adam's side. Adam had declared that Hope had been his mother, but Victor was nothing to him. Victor had offered to be a father to Adam.

Victor told Nikki he had hoped that Adam would come around eventually. Nikki remembered that Victor had offered Adam a job after Hope's funeral. Adam hadn't been looking for a father, just a career move.

Adam had declared that he would use the name Adam Wilson. Victor had hoped he would someday be a proud Newman. Victor realized that Adam had been bluntly rejecting his true family.

Nikki said that Victoria and Nick had seen from the start that Adam wasn't interested in being part of the family. Victor suspected that Adam resented how Nick and Victoria had been brought up. Nikki said that when everyone thought Victor had died in Mexico, that was when Adam had shown his true colors.

Victor remembered returning from Mexico and seeing Adam romantically involved with Heather, and having run roughshod over the Newman business. Victor recalled Michael telling him that Adam had inherited the company and fired Neil and Victoria almost immediately.

Nikki was grateful that when Victor realized his mistake, he had taken action. Victor had confronted Adam about the way he'd treated Victoria, Neil, Nick, and even Zappato. Victor had told Adam he was ashamed of Adam. Victor had thrown Adam out of the business and off the ranch.

Nikki asked if that was when Adam had collaborated with Jack. Victor said the two had conspired to forge Victor's diary. Victor said Adam had been the perfect patsy because of his arrogance and anger.

Adam had visited Victor in jail and accused his father of ruining his life. Adam had believed that Victor had taken away Adam's life.

Victor recalled that Adam had enjoyed Victor's suffering. When the tables were turned, as Nikki recalled, Adam had been arrested, and Victor had told Adam he would have to do his penance.

Victor had no idea that the punishment for Adam would include his losing his sight like Hope. Victor had been sincerely sorry for Adam. Adam had asked Victor to help survive in prison.

Victor said that he hadn't been able to turn his back on Adam. Victor had hoped Adam would appreciate that Victor had gotten him house arrest. Victor realized that his kindness had been a fatal error.

Nikki said that Victor wasn't to blame because Adam had fooled many people.

Victor remembered that things had been going to hell, including Nick and Adam getting into a fistfight in the office.

Nikki was grateful that they had been able to put the pieces together in time. Nikki still couldn't get over all the deceitful things Adam had done, starting with what Adam did to Ashley.

Victor had given Adam a chance to redeem himself. Adam had stonewalled Victor, claiming he had been telling the truth and challenging anyone to come up with proof against him. Victor realized that Adam was a consummate liar.

In a flashback, Victor recounted how Adam had been abducted to the cabin and confronted with the truth. Victor said that Adam had denied everything. Nikki said he had even denied it when Phyllis showed up with the final piece of the puzzle.

Victor recalled that he had read the deathbed letter from Dr. Taylor about Ashley's hysterical pregnancy and how Adam had blackmailed Taylor to remain silent. Everyone in the cabin had been stunned. Victor had put Adam in a headlock and demanded the truth from him.

Victor said it had been unreal to learn that the baby he'd thought was his and Ashley's had been Nick and Sharon's. Victor said only a man without a soul could have allowed that deceit to go on.

Victor recalled going to see Adam in the hospital and saying that he had believed that Hope raising him on the farm would have been a better life for Adam than growing up the son of a rich man. Victor didn't understand how Adam had gone wrong. Victor wondered if Adam had been born evil.

Back at the ranch, the phone rang and Victor answered it. Victor told Nikki that court was reconvening because the judge had made her decision about Adam's trial.

In the courtroom, the judge explained that her task was to determine if there was enough evidence to hold Adam Newman over for trial. The charges include accessory in the murder of Richard Hightower.

Hightower's son, Justin, was in the court with his aunt, along with Abbott and Newman family members. Rafe and Heather were there, too.

The judge said the testimony had been tainted, and D.A. Pomerantz's office had conflicts of interest. The judge said the case boiled down to witness testimony. Ashley's history of mental troubles cast doubt on her testimony, said the judge.

The judge had found Victor's statements uncorroborated. She ruled that his testimony was shaded. The judge said there was no forensic evidence to link Adam to the listening devices in the house.

Jack's testimony was deemed tainted as well because of his collaboration with Adam in the forged diary case. Nick and Victoria's testimony was questioned because of the judge's belief that they were in competition with Adam as a sibling.

Sharon's testimony might have carried great weight, said the judge, but it might have been acrimony over a failed marriage. The judge said the true victim in the case was Richard Hightower's son. The court had no justice for the boy.

Finally, the judge declared that the D.A. had not made his case against Adam. The entire case against Adam Newman was dismissed without prejudice. Adam shook Vance's hand, and Skye kissed him.

The Abbotts and Newmans looked shell-shocked. Jack and Victor confronted Owen about the ruling. Jack called Owen incompetent, but the D.A. said he had done his best. Victor asked Jack to have everybody go to the ranch later for a meeting.

Skye thanked Vance for his legal help and said he was worth every cent. Hightower's son, Justin, approached Adam and asked why Adam had killed Justin's father.

In the foyer, Jack told his family they could not let Adam get away with what he had done to Ashley. Jack told Ashley, Abby, and Billy about the meeting at the ranch. Billy was surprised that Jack wanted to be there.

Nick walked over to Sharon, and she assumed he wanted to criticize her. Nick said he appreciated that Sharon had testified.

Nick and Nikki walked over to Justin. Victor sympathized with Justin having lost his father. Victor had grown up without his father, too, and knew it could be lonely. Victor gave Justin's aunt his business card and told her to call to handle any financial worries the Hightowers might have. Justin's aunt thanked the Newmans and admired their generosity and kindness. Victor told Justin that he was not alone. Justin thanked Mr. Newman and shook his hand.

Victor and Nikki walked into the foyer. Victor asked Ashley how she was feeling. Ashley felt she had relived the worst chapter of her life for naught.

Skye and Adam walked into the group, and Adam asked for any of them to step forward and tell Adam what they thought of him. Adam said he could take it. Victor glared at Adam, then led the group away without uttering a word.

At the ranch, the Abbotts and Newmans, Rafe and Heather listened as Victor addressed them. Victor said they all had reasons for vengeance and wanting to lash out. Victor asked them all to do the opposite. Ashley wondered if Victor expected them to just let it go.

Victor contended that if they let Adam continue to vex them, Adam would win. Jack and Billy were skeptical as Victor advised them all not to retaliate on Adam. Victor said they should all ignore Adam and treat him as though he had never existed. Victor said that it was the way that they could win.

Back in their suite, Adam was in a lousy mood, and Skye couldn't understand why. Adam asked Skye if they should reconsider things. Skye refused to give up on their arranged marriage. Skye said she was celebrating with champagne, and Adam would be drinking with her.

In a flashback, Adam was leaving for New York and his first big job on Wall Street. Hope wished they had more time together. Hope said Adam had a talent for business. Hope reminded Adam to never lose track of his priorities.

Hope touched Adam's face and admired that he had college and grad school behind him. Hope realized that he was anxious to go. Adam embraced her and promised to call.

Before he left, Hope told Adam that he was a good man and she was sure that Adam would make her proud. Back in the present, Adam was in tears, remembering her words.

Victor told the group that Adam would pay for his crimes at his own hands, not theirs. Victor said the crimes he had committed against them would rest on Adam's shoulders, and he would never escape those sins or be a free man.

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