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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 7, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, December 7, 2009

At Jake's, Tad insisted that David was pulling a scam. Jake wanted to believe his brother, but everything had pointed to David being terminally ill. Tad warned Jake not to let his guard down with David. Jake made it clear that he would never trust David.

At ConFusion, Bailey announced that she had decided to keep Stuart. Liza promised that she would not stand in Bailey's way. Bailey was stunned; she wondered why Liza wasn't even mad. Liza explained that she had intended to honor the deal that she had made with Bailey. From the beginning, Liza had sensed that Bailey would decide to keep the baby. Liza couldn't fault Bailey for wanting to raise Stuart.

Bailey was moved by Liza's generosity; it made her feel selfish. Liza reminded Bailey that the law guaranteed a mother the right to change her mind about adoption. Liza didn't think that Bailey had any reason to feel ashamed for following her heart. Bailey wondered what the next step would be. Liza explained that some legal papers had to be drawn up and then signed, in order to make the custody arrangement permanent. Liza valiantly hid her pain until Bailey left.

When Tad called Liza, she asked him to meet her at Jake's place. Tad explained that he was calling from Jake's, so he would wait for her. Liza arrived a short time later, to ask Tad for help with a legal document. When Tad realized that Liza was formally transferring custody of Stuart to Bailey, he urged her to reconsider. Liza refused to put Stuart through an ugly custody battle. She had seen the damage that it had done to Jamie, Colby, and JR.

At the apartment, Bailey realized that she and Stuart would have to move out of Liza's place. Bailey decided to call Damon. A short time later, Liza stopped by with the custody papers for Bailey to sign. Bailey wanted to repay Liza for her understanding and kindness. Liza asked Bailey to promise to always love Stuart completely and unconditionally. When Stuart woke up crying, Bailey invited Liza to check on the baby.

Liza declined; she thought it would be too difficult. Tad was waiting when Liza stepped into the hallway. Liza dissolved into tears as she collapsed into Tad's outstretched arms.

At Wildwind, David continued to manipulate Amanda by pretending that his days were numbered. David feigned weakness and then announced that he was going to take a nap, in order to conserve his strength. As David left the living room, Amanda checked her messages. Jake had called to ask her to meet him in the stables. Amanda smiled as she dashed out of the front door.

Amanda was unaware that David lurked on the top of the staircase, spying on her. A short time later, as Trevor looked on, David prepared to inject himself with a substance. The medication was designed to exhibit temporary symptoms of the illness that David claimed he suffered from.

Amanda was delighted when she entered the stables to find Jake waiting for her. Almost immediately they talked about David. Jake questioned David's motives for making a DVD for Trevor. He suspected that it was an attempt for David to beguile Amanda.

Amanda's phone rang, which cut their discussion short. As Trevor cried in the background, David claimed that he was too weak to take care of Trevor. Amanda rushed to the house with Jake close on her heels. When they arrived in the living room, Amanda swept Trevor up into her arms while Jake checked on David. As Amanda whisked Trevor off to his room, Jake noted that David appeared to be in bad shape.

David sat on the sofa weak, in pain, and sweating. While Jake dug through his medical bag for medication to treat the symptoms, David asked Jake for a favor. David claimed that was resigned to the idea that Jake would be Trevor's father after David had passed away. David simply asked that Jake not say anything unkind about him to Trevor. Jake assured David that he had nothing to worry about; Jake didn't intend to ever mention David's name. Jake confessed that he looked forward to watching David die. David glanced up to see Amanda standing in the doorway. Jake turned to look at Amanda moments later.

Bound and gagged, Kendall was trapped in the back of a truck while Aidan and Kat argued in the truck's cab. Kendall heard every word of their argument. Kat was upset because Tad had gone to the boarding house looking for Kendall. Kat had not appreciated Tad seizing her gun and then pointing it at her. Aidan suggested that Kat calm down.

Kat warned Aidan that his plan would not work. Kat didn't think that Kendall would ever fall in love with a man who had kidnapped her. Aidan vowed that Kendall would never go anywhere. Aidan was equally determined that Kat remain where she was. Kendall was stunned when she heard two gun shots ring out seconds later.

Erica met with a private investigator at a hotel. The private investigator told her that Aidan had reserved a room at the hotel, but he had not checked in yet.

A short time later, Aidan arrived at the hotel. After Aidan took the keycard, he headed to the elevator. Aidan was unaware that Erica stood in the lobby watching to see which floor the elevator stopped at. When she noted that the elevator has stopped on the sixth floor, Erica went to the front desk to find out which room Aidan was staying in.

The hotel clerk refused to provide Erica with the confidential information. Erica raised a fuss, threatening to let her friend, Barbara Walters, know about the hotel's inconsiderate treatment. Eventually, the clerk offered to call Aidan's room for Erica.

Kat caught up with Aidan in one of the hotel's hallways. She warned Aidan that he was crazy if he thought that pretending to have executed Kat would endear him to Kendall. Aidan insisted that he knew Kendall; he was confident that he could eventually gain her trust. Aidan entered his hotel room moments later. Kendall was already in the room, immobilized.

The phone rang moments later. It was Erica. She demanded to speak to Kendall. Aidan claimed that Kendall was busy, but Erica refused to be brushed off. She insisted on talking to her daughter. Erica threatened to create a scene if Kendall didn't meet her in the lobby. After Aidan ended the call, he warned Kendall that Erica better go away quietly or he would have to take matters into his own hands.

Kendall's eyes rounded at the unspoken threat.

A few minutes later, Aidan joined Erica in the lobby. Erica was annoyed to see Aidan rather than Kendall. Aidan explained that Kendall wasn't ready to face anyone. As Aidan spun his story, Erica appeared to grow more skeptical. She told him that Zach had been devastated by what Kendall had done. Aidan appeared almost bored with the conversation.

Erica couldn't believe that Kendall would abandon her children; it didn't make sense to her. Aidan realized that he had to do some damage control. He told Erica that Kendall just needed some time to work things out. He promised that Kendall would be in contact with her family soon. Erica realized that she didn't have much choice but to accept what Aidan had said. As Erica turned to leave, Aidan entered the elevator. As soon as the door closed, Erica again turned to watch which floor the elevator stopped on.

When the elevator once again stopped on the sixth floor, Erica knew for certain that Aidan's room was on that floor. Luckily for Erica, two hotel staffers passed by. They were talking about Erica's outburst at the front desk. One of the hotel employees wondered what was so important about "the guy in room 601" that someone like Erica would want to see him.

Aidan returned to the hotel room. He offered to remove the gag if Kendall promised not to scream. Kendall agreed. As soon as the gag was pulled away from her mouth, Kendall demanded to know if her mother was dead. Aidan told her, "Not yet." However, he made it clear that the situation could change if Kendall didn't continue to cooperate.

Aidan grew irritated when Erica began pounding on the door moments later. Erica demanded to see Kendall. Kendall called out that she didn't want to see her mother, but Erica refused to be dismissed. Eventually, Aidan was forced to open the door for Erica. As soon Erica saw her daughter, she rushed to Kendall's arms.

While Kendall hugged her mother, Aidan stood behind Erica. He showed Kendall his gun and then mouthed a warning for her to tread carefully. As Erica pulled away from Kendall, she insisted on taking her daughter home. Kendall refused to budge. When Erica mentioned Zach, Kendall pointed out that he was unlikely to forgive her for what had happened.

Erica reminded Kendall that there had been many people who had fought to help Kendall. Kendall appreciated their support, but she insisted that she wasn't ready to return home. Kendall claimed that she was too much of a mess after spending so much time on the run. According to Kendall, she couldn't trust anyone. Kendall's defenses crumbled when Erica mentioned the children.

Kendall welled up with tears as Erica spoke about how much the boys had missed their mother. Kendall admitted that she thought about Ian and Spike all of the time, but she insisted that they were better off without her. Kendall explained that she wasn't emotionally ready to be around her children. Erica realized that she would not be able to persuade Kendall to change her mind, so she agreed to leave. However, Erica promised that she would never give up on Kendall.

After Erica left, Kendall called Aidan a "son of a bitch." She warned him that he would never get away with his crimes. Kendall tearfully asked Aidan why he had kidnapped her. Aidan leaned in close to Kendall's face to tell her, "You know why."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Outside Annie's hospital room on Adam's trial day, Ryan eavesdropped as Adam urged Scott to take the plea deal. Scott worried about testifying against Annie, but Adam insisted that Annie wouldn't get prison time. Adam entered Annie's room to tell her that Scott would take a plea deal; however, Adam didn't explain what the deal was. Adam said that the three of them would get off, as long as she did exactly as he'd later instruct her to do. "It's a dirty little plan, isn't it?" Annie asked, grinning.

Adam left, and Annie watched pre-trial coverage on television. Ryan slipped into her room, announcing that he was there to ensure that she didn't use the trial as a distraction for her escape. Annie scoffed that he'd been a con man for too long. As they bickered, Annie warned that Adam would go after Ryan, if he tried anything. Annie reasoned that Ryan couldn't stand it that she'd found a man to love her the way he never could.

Ryan claimed that her whole scheme would tumble around her, and insinuated that Adam might be setting her up. Ryan remarked upon Adam's cool demeanor on the television screen, stating, "I think the old Adam Chandler's back, and you are his first victim." An undaunted Annie insisted that Adam would stop at nothing to save her. Annie ordered Ryan to leave, and upon doing so, he vowed that she would have to kill him to get custody of Emma.

Later, Ryan tracked Zach down at the casino, looking for help to keep Annie away from Emma. Ryan was certain that Annie had something up her sleeve, possibly an escape plan. Zach thought it was Ryan's problem, not Zach's.

Francesca told Zach that Erica had left him some urgent messages. Zach said to lose them, but turned to see Erica standing behind him. Erica said she'd seen Kendall. "Yeah? What was she doing? Banging Aidan?" Zach quipped. Erica warned him against disrespecting her. Zach changed his tone, but said he couldn't help Kendall, who'd freely taken up with Aidan.

Erica remarked that it had hurt to see Kendall isolate herself from her mother. Zach stated that Erica and he were experiencing the same pain. Erica said she didn't know how to walk away from Kendall. Zach replied that Erica didn't have to walk away, because Kendall already had. Zach and Erica hugged. Just then, a deputy arrived to subpoena Zach to testify at Adam's trial.

When Colby arrived at JR's house, she saw him dressed for court, and worried that he'd testify against Adam. JR replied that he planned to attend the trial to support Marissa. He realized that he hadn't been there for Colby, but vowed to be better, even if she moved in with Adam after the trial. Colby stated that even though her life was unsettled, Adam needed her, and she intended to meet her responsibilities in the family. JR commended her, and she joked with him about his bald head. As they left for court, JR solemnly glanced at himself in the mirror.

Marissa strode past reporters into the empty courtroom. Upon noticing that Liza hadn't arrived, Marissa left Liza a message, asking her to get there quickly for the big trial that day.

Tad pounded on Jake's door, startling Liza out of her sleep. She staggered to the door, and answered it in the street clothes she'd slept in all night. She sobbed about Bailey taking Stuart, and Tad reminded her that she was due in court at any moment. Pushing her toward the bathroom, he gave the sniveling Liza fifteen minutes to make herself presentable.

Later, Liza emerged from the bathroom, ready to go, but unsure that she could hold herself together through the trial. Tad gave her a pep talk, and as they left the house, Liza said that she had three wishes: not guilty for Adam, not guilty for Scott, and guilty as hell for Annie.

At the courthouse, Scott approached the district attorney. to accept the plea deal, which granted Scott immunity in exchange for his testimony against Annie. Scott ventured into the corridor, where Marissa, Colby, and JR greeted Liza. Scott said that he'd testify in Adam's defense, because the killing had really been an accident. JR hoped the jury would believe that.

Back in the courtroom, Jesse gave D.A. Willis files containing Zach's prior interviews. Willis felt the information would help in the case against Annie, and Jesse reminded Willis that Jesse was a scheduled witness. Willis asked about Kendall, and Jesse replied that Kendall was still out of town for personal reasons, not legal ones.

Just then, Adam arrived, flanked by inquisitive reporters. As Liza pried him away, Erica arrived. Adam hoped she was there to wish him luck; however, Erica grinned, saying she was there to see him do the right thing. Inside the courtroom later, Liza sat beside a confident Adam, and warned him that he'd better not have anything up his sleeve.

The trial commenced with Scott as the first witness. Scott testified that Stuart and Adam had loved each other deeply. Scott loved Adam, and realized that he hadn't been in his right mind when he'd killed Stuart. Scott said that he'd forgiven Adam. The D.A. accused Scott of being in Adam's corner, because Scott felt guilty for having an affair with Annie.

Liza objected, to no avail, and Scott revealed that Adam had wrongly suspected Annie and Scott of being together. Scott continued that Adam had finally realized that they hadn't cheated, and that had given Adam the strength to fight for his freedom. Scott testified that Adam had destroyed himself over what he'd done, and JR abruptly left the courtroom.

Tad followed JR into the hall, where JR pretended that Scott's testimony had been hard to hear. Tad sensed that the cancer was what really bothered JR, and JR insisted that he wouldn't tell Marissa about it. JR returned to the courtroom, and Tad saw a disgruntled Zach approach. Zach admonished Tad for telling Erica where Kendall and Aidan had gone, but Tad replied that he'd warned Erica against following them. Zach ordered Tad to stay out of his business.

Back in the courtroom, Angie testified that Nurse Gayle had drugged Adam to "impress" her boss, David Hayward. Liza admitted Gayle's confession into evidence. Next, Jesse took the stand to review the events that had led to Kendall's confession, suspicions about Annie, and Adam's eventual confession. The D.A. asked if Jesse had worked alone, and as Jesse stammered for an answer, Zach entered the courtroom, stating that everyone knew that Zach had been "all over" it. D.A. Willis decided to call Zach, the only prosecution witness, to the stand.

Zach testified that he'd doggedly searched for the truth to free his wrongfully convicted wife. Zach had figured that Annie, Adam, and Scott had been hiding something. Willis read an excerpt from one of Zach's interrogations done a few weeks after the murder. In it, Zach had stated that he'd overheard Adam saying that he'd pulled the trigger on his own brother. Willis asked if Zach felt that Adam had known his role in the murder the entire time. Zach believed that Adam had spoken figuratively, but reasoned that Adam could have been talking literally.

Liza cross-examined Zach, employing a line of questioning that made Zach look as if he were seeking revenge on Adam for destroying Zach's family. Zach said he blamed himself for his misfortunes. "We're done here," Zach decided, and left the courtroom. The judge recessed court, saying that they'd hear closing arguments when they reconvened.

Liza followed Zach into the corridor, and apologized for making him uncomfortable on the stand. Erica and Tad approached, and Zach ordered the three of them to stay out of his life. Zach stormed off, and Erica expressed her outrage that Liza was working to free Adam. Erica insisted that Adam had a scheme to get Annie off, and said that Liza would feel like a fool once she realized that Adam had been using her as he'd used everyone else.

At the hospital, Annie listened to Liza's closing argument. Liza painted Adam as a man tormented and hated by the entire town. In a self-hating and drug induced haze, Adam had shot his twin brother, thinking that he was killing himself. Liza continued that Adam had tried to kill himself again when the horror of what he'd done had finally pierced his consciousness. Liza sat down, patting a morose Adam.

Annie listened on as D.A. Willis took the floor, saying that even though Adam wept for Stuart, there was nothing innocent about Adam. Willis brought up Annie, saying that she'd concocted a plan to snag the richest man in town, get off for her own crimes, and get custody of her daughter. Willis accused Adam of covering up his crime with lies and pretense, so that he could win a much younger woman. Annie trembled as Willis implored the jury not to let Adam get away with murder.

In the courthouse corridor during recess, Adam told Erica that he was sorry about Kendall. Erica replied that Annie could have prevented Kendall's fate. Erica hoped to have a front row seat to Annie's conviction and possible execution. The bailiff called everyone back into the courtroom to hear the verdict.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the courtroom, the judge asked Adam to rise for the verdict. The jury found Adam not guilty on all counts due to diminished capacity. Adam stated to the court that he wasn't a good man, but Stuart had been the finest human being on earth. Adam felt that even though he wouldn't go to prison, justice had been served, because he'd live in purgatory every day of his life. Overwrought with emotion, Adam sat down, and the judge dismissed court.

Adam and Colby congratulated Liza and Marissa on their work. Adam asserted that Liza would do the same for Annie, and Colby led him out. Marissa stated that Adam seemed confident in Liza's abilities. Liza murmured that he was confident, but not about her abilities.

Marissa strode out, and Colby returned to find out why Liza looked sad. Tad suggested that Colby join Adam's celebration; however, Colby sensed that Liza worried about Bailey and stated that Bailey would make the right choice. "She already has-for her," Liza responded.

Liza explained that Bailey intended to leave town with Stuart, and Colby couldn't believe that Liza wouldn't fight for him. Liza figured that she could fight, but the law was on Bailey's side. Liza felt that she had no choice because Stuart needed a mother, not two women fighting over him. Colby retorted that Liza did have a choice; she was just making the wrong one.

Colby left, and Liza imagined that returning her apartment would be like walking into a tomb. Tad offered to take her to Jake's apartment, but she said that she couldn't keep leaning on Tad. "Sure you can," he replied with a smile.

In the lobby, Colby expressed her disapproval of Liza's decision about Stuart to Marissa and JR. Colby asked Marissa to file an injunction to stop Bailey from leaving town, but Marissa said that Colby had no legal grounds. JR remarked that Colby might not agree with Liza, but it was still Liza's decision. Colby strode off, intent upon remedying the situation.

At the casino, Damon watched the conclusion of the trial until Francesca approached, scolding him for not tending to his job. Damon said he'd just clocked out, and she sneered that Zach didn't like underage employees hanging out at the bar after work.

Damon went to Liza's to find Bailey disappointedly ending a call with her parents, who'd refused to let her move into to their house with Stuart. Damon said that it wasn't easy lugging bags for his "hard-ass" boss, but he'd do it, if Bailey would stay in town. Bailey felt that she would hurt Liza by remaining in Pine Valley with Stuart, and Damon decided that he'd head wherever she wanted to go. "You don't really need your parents, Bailey. You got me," he assured her.

Later, Colby entered and lit into Bailey for leaving with Stuart. Damon retorted that they could take their child anywhere they pleased. Colby implored Bailey let Colby and Liza see Stuart grow up, but Damon figured that they just wanted to keep an eye on Bailey. Colby cited that Bailey had changed her mind once, but Bailey insisted that it wouldn't happen again. Colby said that she refused to let Bailey hurt Liza again by calling in a few months give the baby back.

Damon asserted that they wouldn't go back to Liza, because they were making a life for themselves in a new place. Colby wondered what had happened to Bailey living with her parents. Bailey explained that her parents didn't want her in their home with a baby, and Colby begged Bailey and Damon to stay in Pine Valley.

At Jake's later, Tad fixed Liza some leftover Chinese food, swearing that it was still good. Liza felt that Tad should go home to his kids, while she went home to face her own life. Tad joked that he'd give her a lift, since it was on his way downstairs.

When Liza and Tad arrived at Liza's apartment, Liza was surprised to see Damon and Bailey still there. Liza offered Bailey more time to pack, but Colby entered, carrying Stuart. Colby said that Stuart would be sticking around.

At the casino, Ryan worried to Zach that Annie was still a danger to Emma. Zach felt that Ryan ought to concentrate on Cambias, which Ryan had run into the ground. Ryan assumed Zach believed that Ryan had stolen Cambias, just as Aidan had stolen Kendall. Zach warned that Ryan wouldn't like how their exchange was about to end.

Ryan stated that Zach bullying his way back into Cambias wouldn't change the fact that Kendall had run off with a man who accepted her and her flaws. Zach retorted that he didn't want Kendall anymore. Instead, Zach wanted was his company back, and he said that Ryan could either help or get eliminated. Ryan bid Zach to do his worst.

Later, Ryan met Erica at ConFusion. While Erica fumed over Annie and Adam, Ryan stated that Zach was trying to destroy everything that Kendall had ever touched. Erica understood that Zach wanted control of something, so he'd chosen Cambias; however, she didn't know what that had to do with destroying Kendall. Ryan reasoned that Zach wanted to prevent Kendall from returning home. Ryan doubted that Zach would hurt Ian or Spike, but Ryan suspected that Zach might go after Fusion.

When Erica strode into the casino later, Zach said she was wasting her time; Ryan had something of Zach's, and Zach wanted it back. "Does that include Fusion, too?" Erica asked. Zach asserted that he had Cambias blood in his veins, and he'd get justice. "I'm going to destroy and erase the last four years, so Kendall has nothing to come home to," he vowed.

Back in the courthouse lobby, Adam spoke briefly with reporters. Marissa approached with JR. Adam complimented Marissa's legal skills, saying that benevolence from a Hayward was refreshing. JR replied that Marissa wasn't like her father. Adam realized that JR wasn't like his, either. JR said that despite their differences, he'd never wanted Adam to go to prison.

Adam expressed the desire to reunite the family, and JR seemed receptive until Scott interrupted with a phone call from Annie. Adam took the call and promised Annie that he'd be at the hospital right away. At the call's end, Adam asked what JR had been about to say, but JR dismissively replied that it had been nothing.

Scott and Adam took off, and Marissa cautioned JR not to let Annie ruin the day. "Why should this day be any different?" JR bitterly replied. Marissa thought that Adam sincerely wanted his family back, but JR didn't want to be a part of any family that included Annie. JR felt that Adam's kids finished a distant second to his diabolical wife.

At the hospital, Scott asked Angie if Annie would really be well enough to testify the following week. Jesse said that Scott could forget a trial postponement, and Angie stated that she knew of no reason to prevent Annie from making a court appearance.

In Annie's room, Annie worried that Ryan would ruin their plans. Adam assured her that it would be fine, if she just did what he'd told her to do. Scott entered, and Adam said that he was on his way to celebrate with Colby and JR. Annie didn't realize that Adam's kids had become so accepting of the marriage. Adam stated that the verdict was changing things.

Adam left, and Annie worried that Adam couldn't get out of her room fast enough. She fretted that Adam could ruin everything for her, if he hadn't forgiven her for the indiscretion with Scott. A suspicious Scott suggested that Annie fill him in on Adam's plan.

After Annie explained the plan, she said that Adam controlled everything, which meant that he could send her straight to jail if he still harbored doubts about Scott and her. Scott insisted that nothing had happened between them, but she said the video didn't look so innocent. Scott called her paranoid, saying that he had no doubt that Adam would follow through on the plan.

After Scott left, Annie dreamed that Adam took the stand to testify against her, because he still believed that she'd had an affair with Scott. She awakened, gasping, "No!"

Later, Scott arrived at the mansion to see only Marissa there. Marissa said that while Colby had family matters to attend to, Marissa had arrived, hoping that JR would change his mind and follow her there. "No one in this family changes, not for long at least," Scott replied.

In the cemetery, Adam placed a wreath on Stuart's grave, stating that Adam had been freed due to "diminished capacity." Adam found the phrase an appropriate way to describe his life. He said that picking out a Christmas tree had been difficult without Stuart. Adam recalled a Christmas when JR had talked Stuart into stringing enormous bulbs outside the house.

"It was because I didn't want Santa Claus to miss our house," JR said, approaching. JR stated that he wanted to put their family back together, but Little Adam and he couldn't be around as long as Annie was in Adam's life.

Ryan arrived, saying that it was a good decision, because no child was safe around Annie. Adam and JR asked Ryan to walk away, but Ryan insisted upon talking to the Adam Chandler who'd stood up in court that day to show everyone that he still had a heart.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

At Liza's house, Bailey announced her decision to live in Pine Valley with Stuart. Colby explained that Bailey's parents had refused to help, but Bailey could rely on her Pine Valley support system. Damon interjected that they didn't need Liza's financial support. Colby urged Liza to say she wanted it. Liza replied that it wasn't about what she wanted; it was about what was best for Bailey and Stuart. Colby replied that Stuart being close by was best for everyone.

Bailey and Damon left with Stuart, and Colby sobbed that she couldn't let Stuart go as easily as Liza had. Liza replied that she wanted to snatch Stuart away from Bailey, but Liza had no legal rights. Colby said that was why she'd convinced Bailey to stay. Liza said she'd rather Stuart be gone than to run into him all over town. Colby stormed out, yelling that Liza had lost it.

Tad said that Colby would eventually understand. He sympathized with Liza, because he'd been through something similar. Liza asserted that she wanted motherhood to be all or nothing. Tad understood how she felt, and he assured her that she had a friend in him.

Opal dusted the Martin living room, eavesdropping on Krystal's meeting with Rob, her architect. Rob invited Krystal to dinner and a tour at a restaurant he'd constructed. Krystal said that she'd see when Tad was free. "Right," Rob disappointedly replied. After Rob left, Opal advised that when a man with "buns of steel" asked a lady out, the answer was a head-bobbing yes. "And you sure as heck don't go inviting your ex to come along!" Opal exclaimed.

Krystal dismissively replied that Rob hadn't asked her out, but Opal responded that Krystal had been too busy talking about Tad to notice. Opal asked if living together, raising children, and possibly collaborating in business were enough for Tad and Krystal. Krystal seemed doubtful that Tad and she would reconcile again, and Opal urged Krystal to get a life, starting with accepting Rob's date. Krystal admitted that she was afraid to fail again at love.

When Tad arrived home, he assisted Krystal in building a gingerbread house. As they worked, she remarked that they were existing, not living. Tad wondered if she wanted to try their relationship again, but she doubted it would work out. He asked if she wanted to date other people, but Krystal worried that she didn't have what it took to date anymore. Tad said that he'd get back out there if she would. They shook on it, and the gingerbread house collapsed.

Later, Tad went upstairs briefly and returned downstairs to find that Krystal had gone. Liza arrived, saying that she missed her friend. He made a joke, and she said she'd forgotten to give him something. Liza gave Tad two long kisses on his cheek and smiled. Meanwhile, Krystal walked around outside, staring at Rob's card. "Here goes nothing," she said, dialing his number.

At Stuart's grave, Adam was tired of hearing that he'd married a psychopath, and JR wondered when it would finally sink in. Ryan stated that he only wanted to help Adam see the truth. Adam asserted that the truth was that Stuart had to die that night, so that Adam could "come to life." JR wondered if Adam were actually serious.

Adam desperately wanted something good to result from that night. Ryan assumed that Adam referred to his marriage to Annie, and Ryan said that Stuart would roll over in his grave if Adam stayed with her. Ryan stated that Adam didn't need Annie, but Adam asserted that he wanted her. "At the expense of your own kids? That is incredibly sad," Ryan said, walking away.

JR stated that if Adam really wanted to reunite the family, he could. Adam said it wasn't fair to do it at Annie's expense. JR retorted that it wasn't fair that Stuart was dead, or that Little Adam would grow up without a father. "You mean a grandfather," Adam corrected, but then he wondered if JR were okay. JR revealed that he was in remission from lymphoma.

A stunned Adam asked why JR hadn't told him about it before. JR replied that only Marissa and the doctors knew about it, and he didn't want to spend his last days fighting over Annie. JR challenged Adam to choose which was more important, his family or his wife.

At the Chandler mansion, Marissa assured Scott that JR was a sober and changed man. Scott remarked that Adam had tried to change, but only time would tell if he really had. Marissa thought that Scott sounded as skeptical as Adam had when he'd suspected that something had happened between Scott and Annie.

Scott explained that he'd been attracted to Annie, but he'd only kissed her. He stated that he'd wanted to go to Chicago to distance himself from her. A conflicted Scott hadn't gone because he'd figured that Annie would go to prison; however, it looked like she might actually beat the charges. Marissa remarked that Liza was good, but no one was good enough to clear Annie. Marissa was certain that Annie wouldn't return to the mansion any time soon.

From Scott's skeptical attitude, Marissa guessed that he knew something that she didn't. She urged him to tell her about any secret plan to get Annie off. Scott replied that Marissa should ask Adam. "There's no time like the present," Adam said, entering the room.

Marissa grabbed a pad, asking Adam to review his testimony for Annie's trial. Marissa wanted to prepare Adam for any discrediting questions that the prosecution might throw at him. Pretending to be the opposing counsel, Marissa painted Annie as a self-absorbed fugitive, who used her own daughter, Adam, and an innocent mother to get what she wanted. Marissa's statements offended Adam, but she said they were nothing compared to what the prosecution would say. She suggested that they devise a plan, but Adam replied that he already had one.

Adam said he planned to speak from his heart and tell the court what kind of woman his wife really was. Marissa doubted that would be enough, but Adam said they'd have to wait and see. Adam left, and Marissa said that Scott needed to prepare Adam for Annie's inevitable conviction. "My uncle doesn't do rose-colored glasses," Scott replied. Marissa asked if Scott would leave town upon a miraculous acquittal. "I guess we'll have to wait and see," he uttered.

In the foyer, Adam saw Colby enter with a suitcase. She said that she'd been thinking of moving back there. "As if you had to ask!" Adam replied, half-laughing. He hugged her, saying that it could be a brand new start for them. Colby wished JR would be included, but she doubted he'd ever let go of his hatred for Annie. Adam asked how Colby would feel if he said that he had an entirely new plan to reunite the family. "The power lies with me," he said.

Later, Scott went to Adam, astonished that Colby had moved back in. Adam said that Colby wanted a relationship with her father, and she'd accepted Annie as part of the equation. Scott asked if Adam were still committed to freeing Annie. "Of course I am!" Adam snapped. Scott said he'd meant no offense; he'd just assumed that Adam might be hoping that JR would fall in line with Colby. Adam replied that he wasn't delusional about JR.

Adam went to the hospital, but Annie's guard said that she was sleeping. Adam sat in the corridor, remembering what JR had said to him at the grave. Adam thought about Colby moving back in and recalled JR's ultimatum to choose between the family and Annie.

Later, Marissa met JR at ConFusion and said that Adam might have a plan up his sleeve to save Annie. "Or sell her out," JR replied. He said that he'd just upped the stakes by revealing the cancer to Adam and pressing him to choose between the family and Annie.

Erica met with Val at ConFusion to get up to speed on Fusion. In the discussion, Val suggested that they call Kendall; however, Erica snapped that Kendall couldn't be bothered to check on her own children, let alone her floundering company. Erica quickly apologized for snapping at Val and stated that Kendall just hadn't been herself lately. Erica instructed Val on the Valentine's Day line and asked him to find her a realtor, because she should have been out of the Yacht Club months before.

Val left, and Ryan sat down. Erica remarked that she'd become as testy as Zach, who really was out to destroy Kendall. Ryan said they'd protect Fusion, Kendall's baby. Erica didn't see why, since Kendall didn't even care about her human babies. Erica acknowledged the time she'd already poured into the business but wondered, "What if I don't want to do it anymore?"

Ryan said Erica had done wonders with the company, but she felt that she ought to be doing something else. Erica mentioned the children in Africa, and Ryan said she'd proven that running Fusion and helping people weren't mutually exclusive. "Don't give up on Fusion just yet," he said. Erica stated that she never gave up, and she suddenly apologized for discussing "all things me," when Ryan had issues, too. Ryan said he liked talking about "all things you." A slow song played, and he took her to the dance floor.

In the car later, Ryan told Erica that he'd meant what he'd said before; when their lives settled back down, he wanted to concentrate on their relationship. He took his eyes off the road and kissed her hand. "Ryan, watch out!" Erica screamed.

Ryan slammed on the brakes, and the pair hopped out of the car to pursue a blonde woman that they'd almost hit. When they cornered her in an alley, she turned around, and Erica gasped to see a badly beaten Madison trembling before them. Erica offered to take Madison to the hospital, but she refused. Erica coaxed Madison into letting them to take her someplace safe.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Erica paid a visit to the Miranda Montgomery Center for Women and Children to check on the status of the woman that she and Ryan had encountered the night before. The director of the center said that she had no updates for Erica. In fact, no one even knew the woman's identity. Erica asked if it would be okay to talk to the woman. The director nodded and led her to the woman's room. Erica stepped inside and found Madison staring out the window. Madison said nothing and didn't immediately acknowledge that Erica had entered the room. Erica reached out to Madison, asking for a few moments of her time so that the clinic could get her the help she needed.

Madison turned around to face Erica and softly stated that Erica wouldn't want to help her once she'd learned her identity. Erica looked on quizzically, unsure of why the woman would make that type of remark. Madison told Erica that they had met previously at social functions. Erica apologized, but said that she still had no idea who the woman was. Madison then explained that she was the widow of Henry North, the man that had tried to put Erica's daughter in prison.

Erica commiserated with Madison, noting that both of their families had been forced to endure a period of unhappiness. Erica assured Madison that she didn't hate her or hold her responsible for anything that Henry had done. With the ice broken, Erica gingerly touched Madison's bruises. When asked who'd done that to her, Madison replied only that "some guy" had hit her. Erica pressed for details, but Madison remained evasive. Remembering that she'd once chaired a charity function with Madison's dad, James Beardsley, Erica offered to contact him on Madison's behalf. The very idea of contacting James panicked Madison and she made Erica promise that she'd not call James. Erica gave Madison her word, but something in the way that Madison reacted prompted Erica to recall her own night of terror -- the night she'd been raped by Richard Fields.

Later, Frankie Hubbard arrived at the clinic for an unscheduled day of volunteerism. The center's director told Frankie about the newly admitted patient. Still unaware of who the patient was, Frankie walked into Madison's room to see if he'd be able to get the woman to open up. Both Frankie and Madison were equally surprised to see each other.

With a lucky bamboo plant under his arm, Tad did a quick check of his breath before knocking on the door to Liza's apartment. Tad was surprised to see that Jake was there visiting Liza. Tad handed over the plant to Liza, something he referred to as a "welcome back home plant." Liza mused that she was not someone who should have plants in her apartment because her home was "where plants go to die." Unimpressed by the plant, Liza sort of rolled her eyes and said that she had to head off to have a meeting with Marissa.

Alone in Liza's apartment, Jake teased Tad about his apparent interest in Liza. Tad denied that he had any designs on romance with Liza. Jake didn't believe Tad and joked that he'd be there to officiate at Liza and Tad's wedding. Tad quickly changed the topic, asking Jake how things were going between him and Amanda. Jake told Tad of his latest frustration with Amanda and David. Tad chuckled slightly and explained that Jake was doing exactly what David wanted him to do. Tad told Jake to do the opposite of what David wanted. Instead of reacting and fighting back, Tad instructed Jake to kill David with kindness. Jake didn't think Tad's idea would work, but he reluctantly agreed to give the plan a try.

At Wildwind, Amanda was busy decking the halls when David dragged himself into the room. Amanda worried that David was too weak to go to work, and asked him to consider calling out or taking a temporary leave of absence from the hospital. David didn't want anyone to know that he was dying, and feared that taking a leave would really amount to a final farewell. After listening to Amanda's pleas, David agreed to take some time off -- but only on one condition. Amanda somehow sensed that there'd be a "but," and braced herself to hear what David had in mind. David talked up the idea of a "family adventure" in which he and Amanda spent as much time with their son as possible. It wasn't the worst idea that Amanda had heard David come up with . She quickly replied that Jake was still her first priority.

Almost on cue, Jake showed up at Wildwind toting the very same bamboo plant that Tad and given to Liza. Amanda had since left to change little Trevor, which allowed David and Jake to have some one-on-one time. Jake offered the plant to David as an olive branch. David seemed caught off guard by the gesture. When Amanda returned, David seized the opportunity to apologize to both Amanda and Jake for the trouble he'd caused them. David recounted how he'd wanted to have an "instant family" the minute he'd learned that Trevor was his son. That, he acknowledged, wasn't realistic, and he'd caused all sorts of problems for Jake and Amanda's marriage in the process.

When Jake failed to react, David decided to turn up the heat a bit. He then talked about how he'd "manipulated the situation" to convince Amanda to have sex with him. Again, Jake said nothing. Amanda worried that David was overdoing it and urged him to go rest. Before David left, Jake said that he'd do what he could to get all of David's shifts covered. David thanked Jake and headed to his bedroom. Amanda thanked Jake for being nice to David, but she admitted that she wasn't sure that Jake was being sincere. Later, after Jake left, David returned downstairs and told Amanda that he'd wished he could have given Jake something more than a "lame" apology. Amanda told David that Jake appreciated the apology and that it hadn't come across as lame. David then announced that he needed to prove to everyone that he'd changed his ways.

At ConFusion, JR greeted an obviously tired Marissa with a kiss. She apologized for not having returned home the night before, explaining that she'd spent the night at the library studying and working on Annie's case. JR recounted a Chandler Christmas tradition, one that included him and Adam fighting over who drove the Seaside Comet train. He chuckled as he also forewarned Marissa that she'd have to hear Adam tell his version of A Christmas Carol, in which Scrooge is a hero and is haunted by the Ghosts of Christmas because the ghosts are jealous of Scrooge's success. Marissa was surprised that JR was speaking positively about Adam. JR replied that he always reevaluated life and what was important to him every year around the holidays.

JR left Marissa to finish up and get ready for a meeting with Liza. Once Liza showed up, she immediately informed Marissa that she wanted off of Annie's case. Marissa was stunned and urged Liza not to back away from the trial. She went on to say that if Liza put Adam on the stand and then proceeded to "work him" over, Liza could make sure that Annie got sent away for a long time. Liza reminded Marissa that they were hired to keep Annie out of prison. Liza added that she was stunned that by-the-book Marissa was even implying that they "play dirty." Marissa suggested that her "Hayward side" was finally shining through, a remark that Liza did not find amusing. Liza agreed to stay on the case and sent Marissa to get all of Annie's files so that they could meet their client in her hospital room.

Tad showed up at the restaurant a little while later and bumped into Liza. He denied that he was stalking her, and offered an explanation that he and Krystal had challenged each other to wade back into the dating pool. Tad mourned the death of "Tad the Cad" and said that he felt more like "Tad the Dad." Liza refused to believe that Tad the Cad was dead and said that it was a good idea for Tad to try dating again. Before walking off, Liza informed Tad that it might be a better idea to give a woman flowers instead of a plant if he really wanted to make a good impression. Liza was already gone when Tad realized that Liza might have just been giving him more than just a piece of advice.

At the hospital, Scott visited Annie and tried to assuage her fears that Adam was going to turn on her and send her to jail. Scott stated that Adam was resting so that he'd be in peak condition for the trial. Scott convinced Annie that it was time for her to get out of bed and take a stroll around the hospital corridor. As they walked, Annie started to get weak and lost her balance. She fell into Scott's arms just as JR walked up to them. "You're in the hospital and still you find time to have make-out sessions with Scott," JR snapped. Annie righted herself and called JR's insinuation "disgusting." Scott summoned a nurse to take Annie back to her room. Scott defended what had transpired with Annie, but JR didn't want to hear any explanations. JR warned Scott that the "real Adam Chandler" was back and that he'd no doubt be out to make life miserable for anyone who'd wronged him.

Scott headed back to Annie's room and JR headed off for an appointment with his oncologist. Dr. Kahn told JR that he'd need to undergo a much more aggressive treatment for his cancer. Against the doctor's advice, JR said that he wanted to wait until after Christmas to start his new treatment. As JR was leaving the doctor's office, he bumped into Marissa in the hallway. Marissa worried that her husband might not be feeling well, but JR concocted a lie to keep Marissa from worrying. JR said that he'd dropped by the hospital to try to talk Marissa into going Christmas shopping with him. Marissa stated that she'd need to take a rain check on the shopping because she had to meet with Liza.

Liza met with Annie and tried to calm her client's jittery nerves. Annie wanted a word-for-word account of what Adam was going to say when he was called to the witness stand. Liza couldn't give Annie the answer that she wanted, but assured Annie that Adam was confident that he could "sway the jury" in Annie's direction. Dissatisfied, Annie announced that Liza was fired as her attorney. "I'm going to represent myself!" she proclaimed.

At the police station, a man staggered in and announced that he wanted to report a murder. Natalia and a few other officers rolled their eyes and paid the man little attention. Cadet Monroe, however, thought that the man's story needed to be heard. Natalia pulled Brot aside and explained to him that the purported witness was, in fact, a homeless man who dropped by the station at least once a month looking for doughnuts and coffee. The homeless man, named Fred, explained that he'd witnessed "a fancy lady" get mowed down by a car being driven by a man and a woman. Brot had Natalia contact local hospitals for any recent admissions that were consistent with a hit-and-run. Fred then realized he knew the woman riding in the car -- it was Madonna. Natalia made no attempt to hide her smirk as Brot realized that Fred was just making up a story. Erica wandered into the police station and suddenly Fred's face lit up. "That's her!" he yelled. "She's the lady driving the killer car!"



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