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Monday, December 7, 2009

At Bill's office, Bill was staring at his necklace when Katie entered, jokingly berating him for ditching her at Forrester. She noticed his necklace on the desk, and offered to fix the clasp; however, Bill said he probably wouldn't wear it anymore. He stated that she needed to know where it had been found. Bill explained that the matter regarded Steffy, who had a crush on him. "Of course she does. Everybody has a crush on Dollar Bill," Katie playfully replied. Bill stated that it was more serious than that.

Bill explained to his wife what had transpired between him and Steffy after the promotion and up at the cabin. Katie said that Bill had hidden it well, because he'd behaved as if nothing had bothered him on his wedding day. Bill assured her that it was because nothing had been bothering him. Even though the incident with Steffy wasn't a big deal to Bill, he didn't want keep secrets from Katie. He figured that he'd be open about it because he had nothing to hide.

Katie wished that Bill hadn't met Steffy at Big Bear, and he realized that he hadn't used his best judgment. Katie believed that he'd had honorable intentions; however, she said that he'd unwittingly encouraged Steffy by meeting her at the cabin. Katie advised him to tell the next damsel in distress to call a shrink, not him. "Or better yet, just hang up," Katie decided. She thanked him for his honesty, and said that he'd never regret being truthful with her.

At Forrester, Steffy pretended not to know what Brooke was talking about, but Brooke persisted that she knew all about how Steffy had made a move on Bill. Steffy admitted to kissing Bill after getting her promotion. Brooke replied that it had gone further than that up at Big Bear, where Steffy had kissed Bill again on the eve of his wedding.

Steffy revealed everything that had happened between Bill and her, hopelessly saying that she didn't know what had gotten into her. Steffy regretted her actions, and wondered if Brooke would tell Ridge or Katie. Brooke lectured Steffy for making such a foolish mistake when everyone had just settled down from the takeover. Brooke wouldn't promise to hide the information from Ridge, unless Steffy gave Brooke some kind of guarantee.

Steffy swore that she'd learned her lesson. Brooke mentioned that her own painful mistakes had taught her things about searching for love, and Brooke said she trusted that Steffy really had learned from her mistake. Brooke advised her stepdaughter to be on guard, so that things like that never happened again. Steffy hugged Brooke, and thanked her.

When Katie strode into Eric's old office later, a grinning Steffy handed her a file. Katie unceremoniously plopped the file on the desk as Steffy chattered about sales figures. "I know what happened," Katie pointedly said, sitting down. Steffy looked confused, asking what Katie meant. "I know what happened with you and Bill," Katie ominously replied.

At Jackie M, Taylor told Bridget that Nick was probably overreacting about Sandy. Whip entered, and Taylor and Bridget asked for his impression of Sandy. Whip figured that Sandy had just been a little uncomfortable at the bustling photo shoot, and Taylor reasoned that a pregnant Sandy could have been ill. Whip suggested that Bridget not read too much into it, adding, "She's your new surrogate; she not your new BFF."

Taylor agreed with Whip, saying that Sandy probably just needed some space. Bridget doubted that space was what Sandy needed, and asserted that Nick didn't think so, either. Whip logged onto his computer, looking troubled.

At Sandy's place, Nick realized that Sandy seemed frightened of men in general, and wondered what she'd been through. "I just don't like men," Sandy responded, hugging her stuffed animals. Nick didn't believe that, but Sandy preferred not to talk about it. Nick said that Sandy's pregnancy had made her become his responsibility, and she could trust him.

Sandy confided that her surrogate profile matched Bridget, who was just like the person that Sandy had once been and wanted to be again. Nick said that Sandy needed to find a way to get beyond what had happened her. Sandy stated that the surrogacy was her way beyond it; she figured that her desire to have a child for Nick and Bridget should be enough to do it.

Nick said that he could see in Sandy's eyes that she was hiding something, and he implored her to tell him what it was. Sandy asked why he was pressuring her, and Nick said that he needed to know who she was, Sandy Summers or Agnes Jones. When Nick stepped toward her, he noted that she took a defensive step back. He asked if she were afraid of him. Sandy replied that she wasn't, and a frustrated Nick persisted that he needed answers.

Nick blurted out questions, one of which regarded Sandy's employment. She replied that she'd lost her job, because she'd been a mess. Nick quickly asked why, and a weary Sandy replied that he couldn't help her. She stated that giving them a baby was all she was living for, so he never needed to question her commitment. Sandy vowed to give Bridget and him a beautiful, happy baby. "I'm not all men, okay? I'm me," Nick said.

A tearful Sandy asked him not to share his concerns with Bridget, who was Sandy's only friend, because Bridget didn't need to feel insecure about Sandy during the pregnancy. Giving no reply, Nick wordlessly left the trailer. Sandy rushed to the door, locked it, and breathed deeply to calm herself.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

by Pam

At home, Bill confided in Justin about Steffy kissing him not once, but twice. Justin doubted that Bill was as innocent as he made it sound, but Bill seemed sincere as he defended himself. Bill reminded Justin that they had known one another for a long time and that he had never felt about anyone the way he felt about Katie. Bill promised Justin that he was never going to let anything come between himself and Katie.

Justin looked skeptical, and asked what Katie had done about Bill and Steffy. Bill said that Katie was hurt, but he was glad that he had told her. He added that Katie was probably talking to Steffy. Justin said that he figured Katie was protecting her man from Steffy, and he guessed that it wouldn't be pretty. Justin shook his head as he lamented that things were going really well for the company, and that Steffy had shown a lot of promise. Justin figured that the balance and harmony wouldn't last long after Katie shared what she knew with Steffy. Justin left and Bill looked pensive as he stared at a framed photo from his wedding day with Katie.

At Forrester, Katie confronted Steffy about kissing Bill. Steffy apologized for the first kiss and then admitted to luring Bill up to the Big Bear cabin and kissing him again. Katie remarked that Steffy seemed surprised that Bill had told Katie about the kisses. Steffy said that her actions were insignificant, and she wasn't interested in Bill.

Katie doubted that Steffy had no interested in Katie's powerful and sexy husband. Steffy admitted that Bill was powerful and sexy, but said she was over it. Katie guessed that Steffy was embarrassed by her behavior and Steffy agreed. Katie demanded an explanation, but Steffy said that she didn't have one. Steffy said that she had lost control.

Katie worried that it might happen again, but Steffy assured Katie that it would never happen again. Steffy said that she had no interest in Bill, and had no idea what had come over her. She wanted to forget about it because nothing had happened and she had made a mistake. As she talked, Steffy turned away from Katie and appeared smug, haughty, and insincere, but she turned innocently back to Katie and appeared remorseful.

Katie said that she was disappointed in Steffy because she felt that they'd had a good working relationship, but she wasn't confident that she could trust Steffy again. Katie admitted that she had made her own mistakes in life. Katie said that she knew exactly what Steffy was doing. Steffy was acting out of revenge. Steffy argued, but Katie said that Steffy had lured Bill up to the cabin the night before he was going to marry Katie to use him as a means to an end. Katie said that Steffy was trying to steal Bill from Katie to hurt her.

Steffy objected, but Katie continued. Katie assumed Steffy was out for revenge because she didn't like the fact that Katie and Bill were running Forrester. Katie was convinced that Steffy had seen an opportunity to hurt Katie and Bill -- the people who Steffy felt had taken the company away from the Forrester family.

Katie said that she needed to trust her employees. A worried Steffy seemed suddenly remorseful as she asked Katie to forget all about her mistakes and move on. Katie said that she couldn't do that. Steffy insisted that nothing had happened, but Katie disagreed. Katie told Steffy that she was no longer trustworthy, and Katie fired her. Steffy was incredulous.

At Jackie M, Taylor was looking for a new dress and Bridget obliged with a lovely little black-and-white number that fit her beautifully. Taylor told Stephanie that she had been trying out Internet dating, and had a date. She wanted a dress that got her out of her usual buttoned-down appearance. Whip was in the room and asked Taylor where she was going. Taylor said that she didn't want to talk about it. He smugly wondered why she was trying Internet dating, and Taylor said that she had promised Steffy that she would try it. Stephanie asked Whip if he had ever tried Internet dating, but he commented that "the Whipster" didn't need any help meeting women. Whip left.

Nick and Bridget entered and talked about how well things were going with Sandy, their surrogate. Taylor wondered if they were telling everyone the news that Sandy was pregnant. They had shared the news with family and friends, and Jackie was ecstatic. They told Taylor that they planned to wait a little longer to tell Jack that he would have a new brother or sister. Taylor looked concerned, but smiled and said that it would be a wonderful bonding experience for him to have a sibling.

Taylor left, and Bridget and Nick discussed that the surrogacy talk might have made Taylor uncomfortable, since she had experienced the in vitro fertilization procedures. Nick said that what had happened with Taylor's IVF was a mistake, and not anyone's fault. Bridget said that she hoped Taylor could meet someone who would treat her well. Nick guessed that she would not meet "Mr. Right" on the Internet, but Bridget hoped that Taylor would meet "Mr. Nice." Bridget and Nick agreed that Taylor needed someone in her life.

Taylor sat down in Insomnia and waited for her date. Whip showed up and she asked him to leave since she was waiting for her date. He smiled and informed her that her date had promised to be drinking a cup of coffee and carrying a newspaper, and Whip was carrying the newspaper and coffee. Taylor was embarrassed and said that she knew the Internet was no place to meet men. Every time she set up a date, she wound up with someone she already knew.

Whip laughed and said that there was nothing wrong with the two of them sharing some coffee and conversation. He added that the scenario was funny. Taylor smiled and teased that it would be very funny once everyone at Jackie M heard about it. Whip's smile faded as he begged her not to tell his coworkers. Taylor smiled and said that she might keep quiet about it as long as he never again called himself "the Whipster."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In Katie's office, Steffy balked at her firing, but Katie refused to tolerate Steffy's insubordination, citing that Steffy had no respect for Katie's authority or marriage. Steffy stammered that she'd just made a mistake, but Katie replied that she wouldn't stand for Steffy using Katie's loved one as ammunition. Katie gave Steffy a day to clean out her office.

Katie went to the beach house to find Bill preparing a romantic evening. He asked how things had gone with Steffy, but Katie preferred kissing to talking. Bill fed her food, saying that he felt fortunate to have an amazing wife. Katie wanted to hear all of his wife's qualities, and Bill listed Katie's attributes, stating that it was a miracle that she loved him. "You're not that hard to love," she uttered, and they began making love.

Later, the couple cuddled naked on the sofa, recalling making love on the beach during their honeymoon. Bill pulled a leather box out, and Katie opened it to reveal a stunning diamond encrusted necklace. She wanted to find the perfect Forrester gown for it, but Bill liked her wearing it with no dress at all.

Katie decided to discuss her talk with Steffy. Bill and Katie agreed that Steffy had made an impetuous mistake. Katie said that Steffy had seemed sorry for it. Bill figured that Steffy could put it behind her and get on with work. "Oh, she won't be working for us anymore. I fired her," Katie said, cuddling against Bill's chest. Bill looked shocked.

Sitting by the fire later, Bill wondered if Katie's decision had been a little rash, but Katie said that he couldn't expect her to keep working with Steffy. Bill asked why Katie hadn't told him of her intentions, and she replied that she hadn't known that she'd do it until that moment had arrived. Katie had sensed that Steffy sought revenge for the takeover, and Katie had fired Steffy before she caused any trouble. Bill looked unconvinced.

Back at Forrester, Thomas asked Steffy to sign some papers, but Steffy said she'd been fired. He joked that he'd just seen a pig fly by. Steffy replied that she was serious; Katie had just fired her. An outraged Thomas wanted to tell Ridge, but Steffy said that Katie had a good reason for it. Thomas asked what Steffy had done, and she replied that she'd kissed Bill Spencer.

Thomas assumed that Bill had made a move on Steffy, but she revealed that she'd been the aggressor. Thomas tried to understand why Steffy would be attracted to the jerk who'd appropriated their family legacy. Steffy said that Katie had been correct in assuming that Steffy had sought revenge. "I despise Katie for what she's done, what she took from us! I want to take something from her in return, okay? I want her to hurt like we hurt!" Steffy seethed.

Thomas didn't think Steffy's feelings were healthy, but Steffy couldn't bear watching Katie lord over them as if she'd earned her position, a position that rightfully belonged to Ridge. Steffy loathed the idea that Forrester was a division of Spencer Publications. Thomas worried that the place would blow sky high once Ridge learned what had happened. Steffy thought it was time that things did exactly that, because the family needed to fight for what was theirs. She said that somehow, they needed to get Forrester Creations back.

At Insomnia, Taylor and Whip sat down for coffee, and Taylor was surprised that Whip would surf the Internet for a date. She guessed that his "lair of ladies" had been busy that night. Whip joked that exaggerating things was what he did for a living. He said there were plenty of nice looking women in L.A., but they didn't have a lot going on upstairs.

Whip said he would have asked Taylor out before, but he'd thought he'd get shot down. Taylor joked that she'd intimidated him, and he bid her to look at herself. He found her to be beautiful and intelligent, with a lot going for her. Taylor replied that she could say the same things about him. "I'm not beautiful," Whip quipped.

Whip said he was single because he'd been waiting for the right woman. He'd thought he'd had her once, and Taylor asked who the woman was. Whip didn't want to say, but after Taylor plied him enough, he swore her to secrecy, and said, "Jackie."

Taylor was surprised, citing that Jackie was Whip's married boss. He stated that his "cougar infatuation" had been cut short by Jackie's devotion to Owen. Whip wondered why no guy had snatched Taylor up. He couldn't help but be glad that things hadn't worked out between Ridge and her. She assured Whip that the Ridge ship had sailed.

Taylor said she was ready to sign off on the Internet dating, but Whip decided that there was one woman from cyberspace that he'd like to keep dating. Taylor wondered about the woman, and Whip described her as a beautifully intimidating psychiatrist. Taylor said she knew that woman, and he wondered if Taylor thought that the woman would go on a date with him. Taylor said he'd have to ask her. Whip cleared his throat, and asked Taylor out to dinner. "Sure," she shyly responded.

Whip said he'd admired Taylor from afar, but he'd never thought he'd date her. Taylor coyly told him to stop going on like that; however, he persisted that she was a woman of stature, who'd never been fully appreciated. He called her an exceptional woman, and Taylor said she liked hearing that. Whip replied that he liked saying it. "To you," he toasted, raising his mug.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

by Pam

At Jackie M, Bridget told Brooke and Nick that they were the selection committee for a scholarship that Jackie M and Forrester had agreed to award. Nick balked and teased that he thought that was a job for Stephanie and Brooke, but Bridget and Brooke said that Stephanie wasn't available. Nick wondered why Bridget couldn't participate, but she said that she was on her way to a yoga class with Sandy. Brooke noticed that Bridget was looking online, researching how to befriend her surrogate. Brooke wondered why Bridget was looking at the site. Bridget said that she wanted to find out if it was appropriate. Nick wondered if Bridget wasn't getting a little too personal and pushy with Sandy. Bridget told him not to worry, and she left.

Pam entered with a cart of scholarship entries and portfolios. Brooke and Nick were surprised that so many entries were involved, and they realized the process was going to take a lot more time than they thought. As they looked through the portfolios, Nick told Brooke that it was interesting that his life was going so well, but he was keeping a secret from Bridget and he wanted some advice. Nick admitted that he was convinced that Sandy wasn't who they thought she was. Brooke immediately assumed that Sandy wanted more money to be a surrogate, but Nick told her that Sandy had some problems. He told her that Sandy was not her real name, and he said that he knew some of the profile information was fabricated, and he was worried. Brooke wondered if Nick thought that it was all lies.

Nick said that Sandy had seemed like a granola and organic food kind of gal who liked meditation and a healthy lifestyle, but when he visited her home, she was clearly nothing like that. He said he asked her a lot of questions, but she didn't answer him. Brooke suggested a lawyer, but Nick didn't want to get involved with a lawsuit. He said that he knew Sandy was a good person who'd had something really bad happen to her. She was afraid of men, and he believed that she sincerely wanted to help him and Bridget have a baby. He admitted that he really had no right to barge into her home asking a bunch of personal questions. All he really wanted was a healthy baby.

At Sandy's trailer, Whip showed up and teased her about changing her name. He wondered if she was in the witness protection program, and Sandy asked him to respect her privacy and the fact that she lived alone and had to worry about safety issues. He reminded her that they were relatives, and Sandy countered by remembering when he dressed like a hustler and lived with his mother. Whip smiled, and presented her with a gift. Sandy opened the box and found that it contained stretch mark oil.

Sandy seemed surprised at first, but realized that Whip was being thoughtful. He said that it was a pregnancy survival kit that a salesperson said was a good idea for a gift. He wanted Sandy to know that he supported her if having Nick and Bridget's baby was something that she really wanted to do. She said that she wanted to have their baby and help them. Whip said that he had stopped by the previous day, but noticed that Nick's car was in front of the trailer. Whip warned Sandy not to lie to Nick because he would find out the truth.

At Jackie M, Taylor was looking for Whip. Obviously flattered, Whip said that he knew their surprise date had gone well, but he thought she was being kind when she said that she actually wanted to see him again. He was thrilled that she wanted to see him so soon. He was chatting away, and Taylor interrupted him to say that she had changed her mind about dating him. She liked him and he was attractive and fun, but she didn't want to start anything.

Whip guessed that someone had told her not to date him, but she wondered what anyone would tell her. He admitted that he had a huge ego and was vain. But, he joked that his ego and vanity really weren't that bad anymore because he wasn't as good-looking as he used to be. He added that some people might call him dishonest. Taylor seemed surprised. Whip admitted that he didn't deal with rejection very well. He put his arm around her and tried to convince her to try a dinner date, but Taylor stood firm in her decision that a relationship with Whip could not go anywhere.

Taylor babbled about trying Internet dating only because Steffy had pushed her to try it. Then, she used the excuse of Whip working for her ex-husband, but Whip didn't believe that was an issue. Taylor added that her children and their father were competitors of Jackie M, but Whip dismissed that as a friendly rivalry. Taylor finally came clean and said that she had made a promise to herself that she would never again become involved with one of Brooke's men. Whip said that his marriage to Brooke had been a mistake. Taylor said that nearly everyone said that about their marriages to Brooke. Whip made light of his time with Brooke, but Taylor said she didn't want to get involved, and left.

After the yoga class, Sandy said that she had no idea that prenatal yoga classes existed, and she admitted that it was the first yoga class that she had ever attended. She didn't want Bridget to think that she was untrustworthy, but she said that she was trying to be someone that she wasn't. Bridget told Sandy that she didn't want to pry into Sandy's life, but she wanted to be friends. Sandy told Bridget that she used to have friends, but her life had changed and she couldn't be the same person that she was. She was afraid to befriend Bridget, because she knew that she would disappoint Bridget.

Bridget disagreed, but Sandy noted that they were very different people from different backgrounds. Bridget reminded Sandy that she was going to do one thing that Bridget couldn't do, and that was to have a healthy baby. Later, Bridget and Sandy stopped in at Jackie M, and Bridget introduced Sandy to Brooke. Sandy seemed very uneasy around Nick, and as Sandy and Bridget left, they agreed to have dinner together. Sandy commented that Nick really loved Bridget, and they seemed to have a great relationship. Bridget agreed and said that she and Nick trusted each other.

Back in the office, Brooke told Nick that Sandy clearly had a fear of men. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable around Nick.

Friday, December 11, 2009

At her office, Taylor deleted her online dating account. Taylor's secretary entered to tell Taylor that her new patient was in the waiting room. Taylor asked the secretary to send the patient in. Taylor was shocked when Whip entered her office and told her that he was the new patient. When Taylor looked at her calendar, Whip admitted to having used an alias when he made the appointment.

Taylor said that she and Whip had agreed not to pursue a relationship. Whip said that Taylor had made that decision unilaterally. When Taylor said that she couldn't date Whip, Whip insisted that he was in dire need of psychiatric help. Taylor disagreed, saying that Whip was the most confident man she had ever met.

Whip said that he had received a "sucker punch" to his self-esteem. Referring to Taylor, he admitted that he had worked up the nerve to ask out a beautiful woman, but the woman had turned him down. Whip felt that it would take all of Taylor's talents as a psychiatrist to help him recover.

Taylor said that no one had ever died from being turned down for a date. Whip said that he couldn't stand it when anyone said "no" to him. He asked Taylor if she had a good time when they had met at Insomnia. Taylor said that it wasn't terrible, but asked Whip why he couldn't let her go. Whip said that nothing should stop what might be the best second date in history.

Whip felt that the therapy seemed to be going well, and that he and Taylor should continue talking later, over drinks. Taylor told Whip that a therapist couldn't socialize with her patients. Whip told Taylor that she was an exciting, vibrant woman. Taylor said that perhaps she wasn't ready for dating. She reminded Whip that not much time had elapsed since her broken engagement to Ridge. Whip said that Ridge was a fool to have let Taylor go.

Whip stood extremely close to Taylor, and looked her in the eye. When he asked Taylor what she was thinking, Taylor responded that if Whip was going to stand close to her then Whip needed to find another psychiatrist. Whip said that he was feeling a lot better. As he left the office, he told Taylor that he would call her.

Brooke and Nick met at Insomnia to discuss the fashion design scholarship, but Brooke realized that the scholarship was the furthest thing from Nick's mind. Nick told Brooke that he was worried about Sandy. Brooke wanted to know if Nick thought that Sandy was hiding something. Nick said that Bridget was getting attached to Sandy, and that he didn't want his wife to get hurt. Nick said that he needed to find out everything he could about Sandy.

Brooke returned home and entered her and Ridge's bedroom. She found Ridge sitting on the bed amid a sea of Christmas gifts that he had purchased. Brooke and Ridge discussed how much they loved Christmas. Brooke kissed Ridge and told him what a wonderful husband and father he was. When Ridge said that they were lucky, Brooke said that she hoped that Bridget and Nick would "catch" some of their luck, and that the experience with their surrogate would be everything the Marones wanted it to be.

Brooke said that her visit with Bridget was good, and that Brooke had met Sandy, Bridget and Nick's surrogate mother. Brooke told Ridge that Sandy was a bit of a mystery. Ridge asked Brooke if she was worried about Sandy. Brooke said that there was something guarded about Sandy. Ridge reminded Brooke that Sandy had a business arrangement with the Marones, and that perhaps it was good that Sandy kept some distance between her and the Marones. Brooke said that Sandy and Bridget's lives were entwined, for better or for worse. Ridge said that some people were more open than others, and that Sandy just needed some time -- he assured Brooke that everything was going to be fine.

Bridget and Sandy returned to the Jackie M office to eat their take-out dinner -- a vegetarian pizza. Bridget wondered what miracle had led Sandy into Bridget's life. Bridget said that she couldn't believe that she was able to persuade Sandy to join her for dinner, adding that Sandy probably had a very full life outside of being the Marones' surrogate.

Bridget asked Sandy if she had a boyfriend. Sandy didn't respond. Nick entered the office and Bridget invited him to join them for dinner. A suddenly nervous Sandy said that Nick could take her place so that the Marones could have some time alone. Nick asked Sandy not to leave on his account. Bridget, noticing Sandy's mood change, asked her if something was wrong. Sandy said that there wasn't. Nick told Sandy to sit down so that he and Bridget could talk with her and get to know each other a little better.

Nick asked Sandy if she was excited about carrying the Marones' child. Sandy said that she was. Sandy showed Bridget a book that she had been given, What to Expect When You're Expecting. Bridget said that she had heard about the book, which contained a chapter espousing the theory that men should be more involved in women's pregnancies. Sandy said that if men could get pregnant, there would be a cure for stretch marks. Bridget was shocked that Sandy had made a joke. Bridget and Sandy laughed.

Sandy said that she wanted to do everything right during her pregnancy, and wondered what would happen if she got unhealthy cravings and was standing outside a doughnut shop at one in the morning waiting for the first batch fresh from the oven. Bridget laughed and told Sandy to call her if that ever happened. Bridget said that she and Sandy should set up a buddy system, and that Sandy could contact her at any time if she needed Bridget's help.

Sandy said that she didn't know that she would find a friend when she signed up to be the Marones' surrogate, and she asked if she could call Bridget her friend. Bridget insisted that Sandy call her that. Nick asked Sandy how she viewed him. Sandy nervously answered, "As a friend, too." Nick told Sandy that she could talk with him about anything.

After dinner, Sandy told Nick that she was heading home. Bridget was on the phone with the nanny, and learned that Jack was running a slight fever. Bridget told Nick that Jack probably just had a cold, but that she wanted to get home as soon as possible. Bridget asked Nick to take Sandy home. Sandy said that she would take a cab, but Bridget insisted that Nick drive her. Sandy acquiesced, and said what a great time she had having dinner with the Marones.

Nick and Sandy were in Nick's car, driving to Sandy's trailer. The tension between them was palpable. Nick told Sandy that he didn't know her whole story, and wondered if she would fill him in on some details. Sandy didn't say a word. Nick said that it might make Sandy feel better if she got things off her chest. Sandy suddenly turned the radio on, impeding any conversation.

Nick pulled up to Sandy's trailer. Nick wanted to walk Sandy to the door, but Sandy said that she was perfectly capable of walking to the door on her own. Nick tried to ask Sandy some questions, but she said that she was carrying his child -- and that was all she had signed on for. She told Nick to stop questioning her. Sandy exited the car and Nick drove away.

Approaching her trailer, Sandy noticed that the front door was ajar. She cautiously walked in and flicked the light switch, but there was no electrical power. Sandy got a baseball bat and a candle. When Sandy lit the candle, she saw the shadow of a man against the wall and screamed.

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