All My Children Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on AMC

Edmund and Alex talked about their kiss. Rae and Myrtle had a joyous reunion, but it made Erica feel jealous. Arlene hid the fact that she was still drinking. Colby's custody battle began. Erica was arrested. An infomercial at the Glamorama went haywire.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, February 28, 2000

"Get up, du Pres!" Scott said tauntingly. Leo looked up from the ground, placing his hand over his bleeding lip. Becca raced into the studio and demanded to know what was going on. Scott blamed Leo for plotting to destroy his father's marriage. Becca lectured Scott for jumping to conclusions about Leo's part in the plot. She said that she was sure that Leo had never ordered Marian to be drugged. Scott didn't buy it. He blasted Becca for having picked the wrong kind of guy to defend. Leo asked that Scott not be nasty to Becca because he wasn't mad at her. Scott got a call from a production assistant to advise him that he'd be manning one of the cameras for the nightly newscast. Scott looked to Becca and asked if she'd be joining him. Becca angrily replied that she would be staying behind. After Scott left, Leo thanked Becca for defending him. Becca told him not to be too overjoyed, because he wasn't exactly "squeaky clean." Becca remarked that Leo was basically a decent guy. "Decency is overrated," Leo squawked. Becca tossed her first aid kit at Leo and blasted him for being "glib." She asked him why he can't be "real" for more than a few minutes at a time. Leo put his hands behind Becca's head and pulled her closer --- as though he was going to kiss her. "Is this real enough?" he asked.

Mateo dropped by the Dillon house for a routine visit, but the visit turned out to be anything but routine. Hayley raced to the door and quickly ushered Mateo inside the house. "We're not exactly alone," she whispered. Mateo's eyes lit up. He thought that Hayley was trying to tell him that Trevor had managed to sneak home for a visit. Hayley shook her head. "No, Trevor's twisted sister," she replied with a groan. "The mother of all mothers." Almost on cue, Arlene swished down the stairs wearing nothing more than a silk nightgown. "Well slap me naked and call me momma!" she chirped upon seeing her soon-to-be son-in-law. Without any kind of warning, Arlene wrapped her arms around a helpless Mateo and squeezed for dear life. Mateo was eventually able to pry himself free from Arlene's grasp. Immediately, he asked Arlene how long she planned to stay in town. Arlene said that she'd just arrived and planned to stick around. Along the same line, Arlene stated that she had some ideas for her daughter's wedding. Arlene suggested that since Trevor was unavailable, she might walk Hayley down the aisle. She envisioned having matching dresses, but Hayley quickly nixed the idea. Mateo was about to erupt. He asked Arlene was she was drinking, a veiled reference to her alcoholism. Arlene pursed her lips and insisted that she was drinking a diet soda. She proudly boasted that she'd been sober for about a year. "And your affinity for married men?" Mateo snapped. On that note, Hayley asked to speak to her husband in private. As Arlene swaggered upstairs, she asked her daughter not to be "too hard" on Mateo because he didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Once the coast was clear, Mateo demanded that Hayley pack her things and spend the night with him. Hayley explained that she'd promised Brooke that she'd keep an eye on Janet. Mateo was not at all pleased that Hayley was going to be around two loose cannons. Surprisingly, Hayley wanted to believe what her mother was saying. "You wanna know what I think?" Mateo remarked sassily. "Don't waste a lifeline on that one!" Hayley quipped. Hayley told Mateo that her day had gone from bad to worse. She flashed her subpoena and told Mateo that she had to testify against her mother. Arlene appeared at the top of the steps wearing a very skimpy dress. She listened as Hayley downplayed Adam's part in ruining her life. A drunken mother, she said, had done that. In Adam's defense, Hayley noted that he'd had the agony of inheriting a "screwed up" 16 year-old. Arlene wandered down the steps and immediately was confronted with a question. Mateo cocked his head to one side and asked Arlene why she'd never made any attempt to sue Adam for child support. Arlene confessed that she was worried Adam would wage a custody battle and that she'd lose Hayley. Arlene looked like she was going to cry. She shook it off and announced that she was headed to the convenience store for a candy bar. Mateo doubted that that was where she was really going. Hayley, though, seemed to believe her mother's story. Mateo became quiet. He told Hayley that he realized that he was a lot like Arlene. He remembered how he'd poured her a glass of vodka and dared her to drink it. That was something Arlene would have done. Hayley gave Mateo a big hug and assured him that he was nothing like her mother.

Jake demanded to know why he'd been summoned to Chandler Mansion. Adam looked on in amusement. He offered drinks, one to Tad for a courage boost and another to Jake. "I think you may need one," he chuckled. Liza tried to get everyone to leave by claiming that she had work to do. Adam scolded Liza for being rude. Tad stepped forward and told Jake that he needed to talk to him. "I've got something to tell you and this is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life," Tad said softly. Before Tad could spill the beans, he was hit by a wave of doubt. He abruptly changed his course and asked Jake to consider dropping the custody suit. Jake was furious with his brother, but more furious with Adam, who he felt had somehow strong-armed his brother to turn against him. "I want you to make peace with Liza," Tad added. Tad explained that a custody battle wasn't good for anyone --- least of all Colby. "Colby deserves two parents," Tad concluded. Jake argued that Colby would have two parents --- Gillian and himself. Tad corrected his brother, saying that Liza was Colby's mother. Jake turned and looked at Adam, who Colby in his arms. He angrily told Adam to enjoy his time with Colby because it would be one of the last times he ever got to hold Colby. Jake stormed out of the house. Tad looked at Adam and asked him to give him one good reason why he shouldn't "tear [his] head off." Adam smiled, "I'm her father." Dixie's mouth fell open. "You're nothing more than a sperm donor," Tad snapped. "Even sperm donors have rights," replied Adam wittily in reference to the arrangement Jake and Liza had once shared. "How did you pull this off?" Dixie asked in disbelief. As Adam smiled at his accomplishment, Tad brought Dixie up to speed. "You have really reached an all-time low," Dixie grumbled. Adam, though, was not the least bit ashamed of his antics. Tad mulled the idea of reporting Adam to the authorities. Again, Adam encouraged Tad to come forward. That way, he explained, Jake's life would be torn apart. Tad asked to speak to Liza in private. Adam grudgingly agreed to leave the room. "This is a total violation" Dixie said to Liza. Liza nodded. She informed Tad and Dixie that she had not come forward because she wanted Jake to be a part of Colby's life. Now, Liza said, she feared that her silence might land her in jail as an accomplice in Adam's plot. Tad Dixie asked Liza to spend the night at their house, but Liza knew that she could not leave. If she did, she was certain that Jake would use it against her. Tad could offer no assurance that Jake would back off of the custody fight --- even if Liza left Adam. There was also another reason why Liza was fearful of leaving. She explained that Adam threatened to turn them all in to the police for their illegal activities during his time in the "safe room." Liza was on the verge of tears, worried that she was caught between a rock and a hard place. Liza looked at Colby and then back at Tad and Dixie. "Goodnight," she said softly. Tad knew that Adam was skulking in the background and called out to him. "Yours is coming soon!" he shouted. "And I'm gonna sell tickets." After Tad and Dixie left, Liza told Adam that he could come out of hiding. Liza knew that it was only a matter of time before Jake learned the truth. "Everyone in town knows except Doctor Vacuum," Adam quacked. Liza advised Adam not to be too glib. She admitted that she would do whatever she had to in order to win custody of Colby --- but after that she and Colby were both going to be out of Adam's life forever.

"Pardon me for staring," Ryan said with a smile. Ryan mused that he didn't recognize Gillian in her "conservative," brown pantsuit. Gillian laughed aloud and explained that she was "a doctor's wife now" and needed to dress more conservatively. Eugenia strolled over and told her granddaughter that she wanted to change her drink order. She spun an elaborate tale of how she and her late husband went to Mexico and shared a drink called "Adios, Amigo." The tale was bogus, but it was a nice way of telling Ryan to get lost. Ryan got the hint and bid them farewell. Unknown to Ryan, Greenlee was hidden in a corner of the bar observing the conversation. "Way to go, duchess," she said under her breath. Ryan left the bar and Greenlee followed after him. Gillian thanked her grandmother for shooing Ryan away. For some reason, she shrugged, she was still captivated by Ryan. Eugenia has a surefire way to solve that problem. She instructed Gillian to think of how Ryan had slept with Greenlee on the night before he'd professed his love to her. A frustrated Jake appeared at the table and told Gillian and Eugenia about Tad's request for him to drop the custody suit. Gillian flashed a look of concern to her grandmother. Later, while Jake was away paying the bill, Gillian realized that Tad and Dixie must know the truth about Colby. Eugenia urged Gillian to tell Jake the truth before it was too late. Gillian shook her head and refused to part with the truth. She remained sure that Jake would understand why she kept the truth from him.

At BJ's, Greenlee spotted Ryan sitting at a table by himself. She fantasized about walking up to him and having Ryan gush endlessly about how much he loved her. Greenlee took a deep breath and moved in. She sat down at the table and Ryan greeted her with a smile. The topic quickly turned to something neutral --- basketball. Greenlee impressed Ryan with her knowledge of the game. She informed Ryan that she had courtside seats for a game --- but asked if those were good seats. Ryan smiled and asked Greenlee how she could know stats and figures yet not know about courtside seats. Greenlee puckered her lips and admitted that she'd gotten her stats from the Internet. Ryan laughed and told Greenlee that she didn't have to try so hard to impress him. The pair decided to go to the game together --- but as friends and nothing more. Tad and Dixie strolled into the restaurant. Tad realized that Ryan must know the truth about Colby's paternity and that that was more than likely the reason he'd burst into the wedding ceremony. Dixie racked her brain for a way to turn the tables on Adam. Finally, she came up with an idea. She said that she wanted to testify against Adam at the hearing.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Liza had already turned in for the night when the doorbell sounded. Adam called out for Winifred, but the housekeeper was nowhere to be found. Adam grumbled that one day he'd hire help that actually helped! Adam opened the door and moaned in displeasure upon seeing his late-night guest. Arlene smiled broadly and told Adam that she had a reason for dropping by. "It's a mission of mercy," Arlene explained. "I'm here to save your sorry butt."

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Leo bent over and passionately kissed Becca. To Leo's surprise --- and to her own --- Becca kissed him back. It took several moments, but Becca eventually pulled away. "I can't believe I just did that!" she gasped. Leo didn't see anything wrong with the kiss. According to him, Becca was free to kiss whomever she wanted because she and Scott were not married. Though he also admitted that it wouldn't have made a difference to him if Becca and Scott were marred --- he still would have kissed her. Becca turned and walked away. At about the same time, David wandered into the studio with a smile on his face. David was less interested in the kiss than he was in trying to find out why Leo had been poking around the halls of The Valley Inn. Leo offered a blanket description, saying that he was "blackmailed" into the situation. David first thought that Leo had been a participant in seducing the married woman in question. Leo quickly clarified that he'd only "set up the principles." David and Leo bickered back and forth until Becca stepped between them and asked that they try to be civil. She suggested that they go out to dinner and try to work past their differences. David sighed and extended the invitation. Becca had been asked to accompany them, but she felt it was best to let them dine in private.
Across the studio, Opal chatted with a production assistant about The Glamorama's upcoming infomercial. Opal wanted to do a "before and after" photo spread, but the gentleman she was talking to thought that it might backfire. No one, he explained, would want to be labeled an ugly duckling. He recommended that they focus more on customer testimonials. By a stroke of coincidence, Rae happened to be passing by. Opal grabbed hold of Rae and asked if she'd mind doing a testimonial for the infomercial. Rae appeared very distracted. She told Opal that she was leaving town. Opal cocked her head to the side and asked the therapist if her sudden desire to leave town had anything to do with the seance she'd inadvertently crashed. Rae said nothing. Opal wondered if Rae had finally found her daughter. "No," she replied softly. "I found my mother. I just found out I'm adopted. My real mother is Myrtle." Opal sat silent, unable to say anything for quite some time. It caught her off guard because Myrtle had never made any mention to having a child. Opal asked Rae why she wanted to pack it in when she'd just found the mother she never knew she had. Rae said that the revelation made her "feel like the sky" was falling down on her. Opal countered that by asking Rae if she'd ever considered how Myrtle might be feeling. Rae swore that she never meant to hurt Myrtle. Opal shared her own experience with Adrian. Sure she and Adrian were close now, but that wasn't the case when she revealed to him that she was his birthmother. Opal urged Rae to unpack her bags and talk to Myrtle --- before she regretted it for the rest of her life. Opal, though, was not done dispensing advice. After Rae left, she strolled over to Becca and tossed some infomercial ideas to Becca. Becca, though, was off in another world. Becca snapped out of her daze and confessed to Opal that she'd done something she shouldn't have done. It pained her to do so, but Becca admitted that she had kissed Leo. "And you're upset?" Opal asked in surprise. Becca explained that she and Scott were an item for several months and that she felt as though she'd cheated on him. Opal said that it was natural for Becca to be attracted to Leo. He wasn't a bad looking guy and his bad boy image was rather alluring. "He has no qualities I like," Becca said throwing her hands into the air. "[Leo is] the kind of guy my mom warned me about!" Opal said that she, too, had been tempted by a "bad boy." In Opal's case, it hadn't worked out, as the bad boy in question was Ray Gardner. Becca claimed that she'd never be in a similar situation because kissing Leo was a one-time thing that she'd never do again.

Arlene didn't wait for Adam to invite her into his home. As she breezed past him, Arlene said that she knew all about Adam's pending custody battle. Adam laughed at Arlene's suggestion that he needed her help. Arlene said that she would take the stand and dispel the myth that Adam had abandoned Hayley as a child. Adam said that he hadn't abandoned Hayley because he never knew that she existed until she was sixteen. Arlene nodded and said that by the time she finished her testimony, the judge and lawyers would be in tears. Adam rolled his eyes and told Arlene that it was time for her to go. Arlene wasn't ready to leave, so Adam picked up her purse and headed towards the door. He tossed it outside and Arlene had no choice but to leave. Before she left, though, Arlene told Adam that without her help, all Adam would have to remember Colby was a photograph.

Janet returned home from Amanda's science fair and learned from Hayley that Arlene had stepped out on a junk food run. Janet told Hayley that Amanda had been distracted all night because of Arlene's presence. It wasn't, as Hayley believed, a bad thing. Arlene was a link to Trevor, Janet explained, and that was something of great importance to Amanda at this point in time. Hayley feared that Amanda's hopes and expectations would be shattered. "That woman is trouble," Hayley grumbled. Janet lashed out at Hayley for not being able to give her mother a second chance. Hayley felt that her mother had already had too many second chances. She said that she worried that Amanda would come home from school one day and find Arlene passed out from a drinking spree. "Why is it you can embrace AA, but your mother doesn't get the same shot?" Janet snapped. Hayley bowed her head and explained that she'd misspoken. She said that she hopes that her mother finds her sobriety. On another note, Hayley said that she was not ready to forgive her mother's transgressions. Janet argued that Trevor would want Arlene to stay with them. Hayley laughed at the comment, noting that Trevor hated being anywhere near Arlene. Janet said that she couldn't think of tossing Arlene out of the house and expressed her willingness to give Arlene a second chance. The conversation abruptly ended when a knock sounded on the door. Janet opened the door and found Adam smiling back at her. Hayley agreed to speak to her father and Janet stepped out to give them some space.

At BJ's, David asked Leo how long he and Becca had been dating. Leo stated that he and Becca were "just friends." Leo turned the tables and asked his brother about his relationship with Erica. Before long, Leo remarked, David and Erica would be walking down the aisle. David sensed that Leo didn't like Erica and figured that Vanessa had poisoned him against her. The check arrived and David offered to pay the bill if Leo picked up the tip. Leo pulled out a $20 bill and plopped it on the table. David's eyes widened. He couldn't believe that Leo would put down a tip that was greater than the total of their dinner check. David explained that a twenty-percent tip was customary. David watched carefully and sensed that Leo might not have a handle on math. He challenged him to multiply 12 and 6. Leo rose from the table and blasted his brother for treating him like an idiot. David asked his question again, but again Leo refused to answer. Finally, Leo took off.

Across the restaurant, Arlene flirted shamelessly with her waiter. He brought her a cup of coffee, but otherwise ignored her flirtation. When no one was looking, Arlene plucked a small bottle from her purse and poured its contents into her cup. A shirt while later, Janet arrived at BJ's. She smiled broadly upon seeing Arlene and joined her at the table. Arlene asked Janet if she'd heard from Trevor since he'd left town. From out of nowhere, Derek appeared by the side of the table and said that he wanted to know the same thing. He re-introduced himself to Arlene, saying, "You probably don't remember me but I sure remember you." Both women claimed that they had not heard from Trevor since he'd left. Derek could see that he wasn't going to get anywhere and promptly left. Arlene excused herself to use the ladies' room. While she was gone, Janet accidentally took a sip from Arlene's coffee cup. She spit out the coffee as soon as she tasted it; it was clear that it had been spiked with vodka. When Arlene returned to the table, Janet confronted her about the spiked drink. "Booze is not a problem for me," Arlene replied with a smile. Janet stroked her chin and said that she always thought that alcohol was an "all or nothing" thing for AA members. Arlene shook her head and correct Janet's misconception. "It is for hardcore cases like Hayley," Arlene lied. However, Arlene asked that Janet not tell anyone about her drinking. Arlene suggested that she and Janet team up. With her in town, Arlene said that Janet would no longer have to wear the "Pine Valley's biggest screw-up" crown.

Myrtle sat on the sofa at the boarding house clutching a baby's hat in her hand. Suddenly, Erica burst into the house telling Myrtle how her relationship with David was causing her grief. Erica was oblivious to the fact that Myrtle was having troubles of her own. On several occasions Myrtle tried to express her pain to Erica, but Erica wasn't listening. Finally, Erica realized that Myrtle had turned her back to her --- and only then did she figure out that something was wrong. The two women sat down and Myrtle revealed that she was troubled over her daughter. Erica almost brushed off her concerns. "I didn't realize you were still upset about that," Erica remarked. Myrtle confessed that there was one other person who knew about her child --- someone who knew for a long time: Mona. Erica was irked that Myrtle hadn't told her. "I'm the daughter you never had!" she chirped. Myrtle looked to Erica and reminded her that she does have a daughter. Only then was it revealed to Erica that Myrtle had met her daughter. Upon hearing that Myrtle's daughter had taken off rather than stay and get to know her, Erica became enraged. "What kind of a creature is she?" she snapped. Rae appeared from behind and said that she was the woman in question. To say that Erica was shocked would be an understatement. Erica was asked to get some water from the kitchen while Myrtle and Rae sat down to talk. Rae apologized for running out on Myrtle and said that she'd never meant to hurt her. Erica was sure that Myrtle was playing a joke on her. She suggested that the two women get a DNA test to prove their genetic bond. While Erica stepped into the kitchen, Rae said that she had fantasized about what her life might have been like if she'd been raised by Myrtle instead of her cousins. Myrtle said that she had never stopped loving her daughter. Erica returned to the room and listening uncomfortably as the two women bonded. Myrtle asked Rae if she had any photos of herself as a child. Erica cleared her throat and announced that she'd be leaving. "You have found your long-lost daughter. You don't need me here under foot," Erica snapped jealously.

Back at the Dillon home, Hayley knew that Adam had stopped by to ask her about what she'd say on the witness stand a the custody hearing. Hayley remained true to her story that she planned to get on the stand and tell the truth. Adam nodded. He said that he's tried to keep his promise to Liza, but that he needed to be truthful as well. Adam told Hayley that he did not want to lose his daughter to Jake. "Jake's daughter," Hayley responded. "No!" Adam yelled. "My daughter! She's mine dammit!" Hayley froze in a confused state for several moments. "How?" she asked. Adam said that the details were "complicated" and did not go into much detail. Adam used Hayley and Colby's blood bond to try to convince Hayley to help him out. Hayley feared that Jake's life would fall apart once he learned the truth. Adam stated that his heart broke every time he watched Jake take Colby away from him. "Jake must not get custody," Adam snarled. "It's all up to you, Hayley."

Wednesday, March1, 2000

Alone in his office, David sat behind his desk reviewing a patient's x-rays. Erica straggled into his office and proclaimed that she needed a doctor. She assured David that she never would have bothered him if Joe had been around. Erica clutched her chest and slowly sat down in a chair. She claimed to have an irregular heartbeat. David reached for his stethoscope and sat before his lover. He listened carefully to her heartbeat and asked her when she'd first noticed the symptoms. Before Erica could respond, Joe burst into the office to ask David if he could consult on a case. After Joe left, Erica lamely offered that Joe must have been with a patient when she sought him out. Nevertheless, David continued the examination. He mused that Erica was clutching the wrong side --- the right side --- of her chest. Erica thought that David was mocking her and said that she'd find someone else to examine her. David apologized and asked Erica what why she was so troubled. "Myrtle is the only one that makes me see what's real," Erica replied softly. Without explaining what had made her upset, Erica went on a tirade and blasted Rae for having interrupted her private time with Myrtle. Joe reappeared in the room and told David that he was needed for emergency surgery. Erica was furious that David was planning to desert her in the middle of a crisis. "What about my life?" she squawked. David promised that he'd listen to Erica's problems, but said that a patient near death was much more important. David raced out of the room and Erica was left to brood over being put second.

Mateo arrived in the morning at the Dillon home. Hayley fidgeted nervously, dreading having to testify at the custody hearing. Mateo instructed Hayley to look in his direction if things got too bad. If things weren't crazy enough, Hayley whispered that she'd learned something "unbelievable" that could change the dynamics of the hearing. Before she could reveal the secret, Arlene breezed into the room toting a tray of blueberry pancakes. Arlene bragged about her cooking skills, saying that she'd labored in the kitchen for hours trying to make breakfast. "You had Amanda make them," Hayley snapped. Arlene smiled even in the face of being caught in a lie. "It was a very nice bonding experience," she chirped. Mateo again asked Arlene when she planned to leave town. Arlene shrugged and said that she couldn't leave because Janet and Amanda needed her. Arlene started to reflect upon Hayley's childhood, but Mateo abruptly canceled the trip down memory land. He told Arlene that she couldn't possibly remember anything about Hayley's childhood because she'd been too drunk. Arlene admitted that she hadn't been the best mother and pleaded for a chance to "make it up" to her daughter. Hayley explained that she did not want or need repayment Arlene took a deep breath and headed out to the store. On the front porch, Arlene took a swig of vodka "just to get through the grocery shopping." Back inside, Hayley finally had a chance to tell Mateo that Adam was really Colby's biological father. Neither one knew how Adam could pull off such a stunt, but both realized that he was capable of just about anything. "The poor thing is a Chandler," Hayley said of her new sister. "A whole new generation of the walking wounded." Mateo claimed to know what Hayley needed to make herself feel better. "New parents?" she quipped. Mateo shook his head. Hayley's face suddenly lit up and she sassily told Mateo that they couldn't do that because she was already dressed for her court appearance. Mateo laughed and explained that he'd been talking about an AA meeting.

At Wildwind, Gillian studied some notes she made to prepare for her court testimony. Edmund wandered into the room and asked the princess if she'd seen Alex. Edmund was a bit worried because Alex's bed hadn't been slept in and some of her luggage was missing. Gillian was concerned, but her mind was focused only on the upcoming hearing. She asked Edmund where on the body one would find "a booster." Gillian had read over her notes and saw a reference to a "booster shot." Edmund grinned and explained that a booster wasn't part of the body, but rather a type of vaccination. Gillian worried that her bungling of the English language could jeopardize Jake's chances in the courtroom. Edmund put his arm around Gillian and assured her that her English was fine. Gillian asked him why a judge would opt to place Colby with her rather than Liza. Edmund claimed that anyone could see that Gillian has a "heart bursting with love for that child." Jake entered the room with news that he'd found a house he wanted to buy. Edmund stepped out of the room so that the couple could talk in private. Gillian thought that it was a bit premature to be looking for a new home. She asked Jake what would happen if the judge did not grant them custody of Colby. Jake explained that that would not happened --- they were almost assured of winning in court. The doorbell sounded and the pair strolled over to the front door. Marian couldn't hide the frown on her face as she was greeted by the couple. She'd received a message that someone at Wildwind wanted to see one of the houses she had listed for sale. Gillian suggested that they recruit another realtor, but Marian explained that the listing was exclusive to her --- and she was the only person who was able to show the house. Marian promised to put her feelings aside and help them with the house. Marian handed over a binder full of photos from the house and Jake was instantly won over. He cooed endlessly about the nursery. Marian finally broke her silence. She warned Jake that there was no way he was ever going to win custody of her granddaughter. Jake asked Marian if he could tour the house, but Marian said that there wasn't enough time to see the house before the hearing. Jake left the room to retrieve some financial information for Marian. While he was gone, Marian demanded that Gillian tell Jake the truth about Colby before it was too late. Gillian shook her head and said that she couldn't bear to break Jake's heart. Jake returned to the room, gave Marian the information she needed, and promptly sent her on her way. Jake received a phone call on his cellular phone and told Gillian that something had come up and he'd need to meet up with her at his parents' house.

Axel greeted Hayley at the AA meeting and immediately sensed that she was "in trouble." Hayley nodded her head and said that he'd hear all about it when she took to the podium. The meeting got underway and Hayley was the first to speak. She told the gathering that her life had been going so well until her mother showed up and started pushing her buttons. To make things worse, her father was making impossible demands of her. Hayley stopped mid-sentence and stared at the back of the room. With a broad smile on her face, Arlene swished into the room and introduced herself. Hayley said nothing more and returned to her seat. At this point it was not clear if Axel realized that Arlene was Hayley's mother. Arlene stepped to the front of the room and offered an update on her life. She again claimed to have been sober for about a year. She said that she has "a lot of deep issues" to address in her life --- mostly with her daughter. Arlene painted herself as a woman desperately seeking a second chance. It was too much for Hayley to take and she stormed out of the room. She bumped into Mateo in the hallway and told him that Arlene had followed her to the meeting. Mateo waited until after the meeting concluded before confronting his soon-to-be mother-in-law. He ordered her to go back to Georgia and "stay away" from Hayley.

David returned to his office and found that Erica had already left. The office, however, was not empty. Edmund asked David if he'd seen Alex. David shook his head and muttered that he hadn't seen her since she'd tried to paralyze him. Edmund grabbed the doctor by the collar of his shirt and lambasted him for the harassment his forced Alex to endure. David plead innocent, claiming that Alex was her own undoing. Edmund warned David that he'd hold him responsible if anything bad happened to Alex. David shook his head in disbelief and walked out of the room. Edmund reflected upon the kiss he and Alex had shared at the hunting lodge. All of a sudden, he figured out where Alex had gone.

Erica walked into BJ's and asked Jack if she could join him at his table. Jack smiled and told Erica that he'd "forgotten how [her] eyes sparkle in the morning." Erica was flattered, but it didn't change the nature of her visit. She told Jack that she needed his help. "Why me?" Jack asked in surprise. "Because not so long ago, you were in love with me," Erica replied. Erica briefed Jack on Myrtle and Rae's connection. Jack said that he was glad the pair had found each other. "You're missing the point," Erica sighed. "Myrtle doesn't need me any more." She noted that her relationship with David had also started to sour. "What is it about me? Why is it that everyone I love stops loving me?" Erica sniffled. "Every person that has Erica Kane in their life has a very precious gift," Jack replied with a smile. Erica claimed that she was a "faithful" companion --- a remark Jack called into question with an unamused glare. "Maybe you expect too much," he offered. Erica shook her head and said that she doesn't demand any more from her partners than she does of herself. Then came an observation that was painfully honest. Jack claimed that Erica's suitors were hypnotized by her beauty and her status --- but that when the charm wore off that just wasn't enough to keep them happy. Jack assured Erica that she and Myrtle would patch things up. As for her relationship with David, well, Jack told her that she'd have to decide whether David was really the man for her. The attorney rose from the table and bid farewell to Erica. "It was real nice seeing you," he said.

Thursday, March2, 2000

Today's recap was written by Susan Richmond.

David runs into Erica at B.J.'s and finds that she's still upset about his leaving their conversation to perform surgery. "A man was dying," he tries to explain, but Erica appears to feel she should still have been his top priority. David gives in and apologizes for minimizing her feelings and tells her that wants to hear what she has to say to him. I'm not sure we were meant to be together, she informs him, and asks him to give her three good reasons what they should continue their relationship. They're both so involved in their own lives, she says. They'd be bored with 'normal' people, David tries to convince her, then is interrupted as his beeper goes off. With great difficulty he ignores it, trying to show her that she's more important to him, but she tells him to go make the call. Leo comes over and makes some snide comments about the lonely life of a doctor's wife, but then again, he doesn't think they'll actually make it to the altar. Erica informs him that her personal life is none of his business and asks him to leave. He does so when David returns and David asks what they were talking about. Instead of answering, Erica begins to kiss him.

In the park, Hayley is still upset that Arlene had the nerve to show up at her AA meeting. Mateo reminds her that she can lean on him when she needs to. She's still not sure what she's going to say at the trial. Mateo encourages her to let Adam take responsibility for his own actions, she's not being disloyal to her father by telling the truth. Junior, who was playing soccer, runs into them while he's chasing a ball. He asks if it's true what he heard, that she's going to "trash" Adam in court. Hayley tries to put the best face on things, saying that Adam means well and wants the best for them. But Junior says that he understands the truth about Adam, and sometimes he wishes Tad were his father instead of Adam. Hayley tells Junior that Adam loves them and they have to accept him as he is, faults and all. "We love him, even though he doesn't always make us proud," says Junior. That's right, Hayley agrees. Junior leaves and Hayley realizes what she'll do at the trial, she'll answer the questions put to her honestly, but won't offer any additional information that will make Adam look bad.

Gillian goes over to the Martin house, ready to go to the custody hearing with the family. She's very nervous, but Ruth reassures her that she'll be fine, she has the whole Martin clan backing her up. Joe comes downstairs and Adrian arrives. A short while later, Tad and Dixie stand outside the front door, discussing what they should do. Tad wonders if maybe they should tell Jake the truth, so many people know the truth that it's going to come out sooner or later. If it hasn't come out by now, maybe it won't, Dixie says hopefully. For everyone's sake they have to keep the truth to themselves. They go inside and Joe is wondering where Jake is. He got a call to meet someone, Gillian offers, but she doesn't know who it was.

At the Chandler mansion, Jackson is warning Adam that he will have to keep his cool in court today or they could lose the case. Jackson asks to talk to Liza, but she's not there, Adam hasn't seen her in hours and doesn't know where she is. Marian arrives to see Colby before the hearing and Adam is shocked to find out that Marian and Stuart are still together. When Marian takes Colby upstairs, Adam rushes for the phone to blast Leo for screwing things up. Leo insists that Scott saw Paolo and Marian together and was very upset, and he has the bloodied lip to prove it. He knows you were involved, Adam asks, worried. Yes, Leo admits, but assures Adam that Scott doesn't know anything about Adam's involvement. Leo asks for Palmer's business plan back, but Adam hangs up on him.

Liza's at the courthouse, nervously waiting for Jake to arrive. Once he does, she tries to convince him one last time that they can work things out without a court case. He's willing to try, on one condition, "if you can honestly tell me that Adam will never be a part of Colby's life." Of course, Liza can't promise that, and Jake goes ahead with the lawsuit.

Tad pulls Gillian aside and suggests that the first thing she and Jake should do after they get custody is take a long vacation far away from Pine Valley. She realizes that he knows the truth about Colby, too. She worries that he's upset with her that she kept the secret from Jake, but he quickly reassures her that it's fine and he knows what she's going through, Adam is pressuring him and Dixie to tell Jake the truth. He tells her that what she should concentrate on right now is helping Jake get custody of Colby and to remember that they're all behind her. The phone rings, it's Jake telling them he's already at the courthouse and they should meet him there.

The Martin clan arrives at the courthouse and takes their seats behind Jake. Adam and Liza, on the other hand, are late and are not even in the courtroom when the hearing begins. The judge refuses Jackson's request for a short delay and begins the hearing by asking Jake why he wants to take Colby away from Liza. Jake begins a long speech, explaining how much he loves Colby and that he's not taking her away from Liza because she's a bad mother. The reason he wants custody is to keep Colby away from Adam. While Jake is speaking, Gillian has a coughing fit and leaves the courtroom to get a drink of water. Out in the hall, she runs into Ryan, who came there to give her support. He tells her that he loves her, but respects that she's made her decision and only wants her to be happy. Gillian thanks him for his support and heads back into the courtroom.

Adam and Liza finally arrive just as Jake is finishing. Leslie Coulson explains to the judge that they plan to prove that Adam Chandler is a "potentially harmful presence in Colby's life" and that Jake should be given custody to keep Colby out of a "toxic environment." She continues that Jackson will try to show Adam and Liza have a stable marriage, but it is anything but that, "their marriages have be fraught with volatility and distrust," she claims. Adam becomes more agitated as Leslie continues, leaning forward to whisper to Jackson that they need to come up with witnesses of their own. Adam thinks a minute, then remembers his conversation with Erica a few weeks ago in David's office and realizes that she can tell the truth about Colby's paternity. He rushes out of the courtroom and calls Erica and eventually manages to convince her to come down to the courthouse and testify. In the meantime, Leslie has called Hayley to the stand. "As Adam Chandler's daughter, can you honestly say that Mr. Chandler is a good father?" Leslie asks Hayley.

Friday, March3, 2000

Across the pond in England, Edmund sat patiently at a table in a London restaurant. He neither drank nor ate as he stared across the room towards the restaurant's front door. In what can only be assumed to be quite some time later, Alex entered the restaurant. She froze upon seeing Edmund, but nevertheless joined her brother-in-law at his table. Edmund said that he knew he'd find Alex at the restaurant. "This is where you come when you want to be with Dimitri," he smiled understandingly. Alex apologized for bolting from Pine Valley. Edmund nodded slightly. He told Alex that he suspected that their kiss had made her uncomfortable. "I couldn't talk to you about it," Alex admitted. To lessen the tension a bit, Edmund told Alex that he would not be offended if the kiss "meant nothing" to her. "It did," Alex replied. "That's why I left." As they talked, a man dressed in all black slowly walked past the table. Alex told Edmund that she wasn't sure if she'd ever return to Pine Valley --- and her reasons had nothing to do with the kiss she and Edmund had shared. Pine Valley was supposed to have been the place where she and Dimitri started their new life together. Now, there was nothing but sad memories and constant reminders of what could have been. Edmund told Alex that there were two reasons why she should return to Pine Valley --- Sam and Maddie. Alex smiled and said that she'd never want to hurt the children by pulling a disappearing act. The pair rose from their seats and headed off to go back home to Pine Valley. At an adjacent table, the unknown man took off one of his black leathers. He carefully opened a laptop computer that was placed on the tabletop. At the command prompt, he entered "A. Devane."

All systems were go for the live broadcast of The Glamorama's infomercial. It was Opal's decision to go live and no one seemed to have any objections. A repairman had been called in to plaster and paint the walls so that everything would look better on television. With Rae by her side, Myrtle arrived at the salon with just fifteen minutes left until showtime. Unaware that the cameras were already rolling, Leo sat down next to Becca and asked her why she'd been avoiding him. Becca shook her head and said that she'd been doing no such thing. The kiss, said Becca, "was so unimportant" that she'd already forgotten about it. Across the room, Opal's face wrinkled up upon seeing the simple orange dress that Myrtle had selected for her to wear. There were no sequins, no bobbles, and no beads --- perhaps the very reason the outfit had been chosen. Opal confessed that she was a bit jealous of Rae and Myrtle's relationship. "Adrian and I will never be gal pals," she smiled. Myrtle laughed along, but as she did she was hit by a dizzy spell. Understandably, Rae ordered her mother to sit down and rest. With the broadcast now just minutes away, Opal had to dash to get dressed. In the foyer, the repairman mixed another batch of plaster in one of the salon's metal bowls. Rae continued to fuss over Myrtle's dizziness. Myrtle, though, insisted that she'd be fine. "I once did my knife-throwing act with a temperature of 104!" she sassed. Scott and Becca got into another bicker session over Becca's decision to defend Leo. Opal returned to the parlor area to find that a problem had cropped up --- the "miracle mask girl" hadn't shown up. Without missing a beat, Greenlee rose her hand and announced that she'd be glad to substitute for the no show. The countdown to broadcast began. Talking to herself, Opal recalled that Tad had once mentioned that he has to keep his chin down when on the air so that the audience is unable to see up his nostrils! Opal asked someone to retrieve her miracle mask solution. Leo nodded his head and headed to the foyer. There, he picked up a metal mixing bowl and returned to the salon where handed it to Opal. The cameras started beaming a live transmission, but Opal was far from ready to begin. She fumbled for her lines and had no idea what to say. Luckily, Greenlee breezed into room to save the day. She announced that she'd be the model for the miracle mask --- even though she didn't really need any beauty treatments. Opal, said Greenlee, always advises her clients to start young to avoid the pains of getting old. Opal gently applied the white goo to Greenlee's face. After a few moments, Greenlee's arms started flailing violently in the air. Opal asked her to remain calm while the mask set. On the other side of the camera, Rae sensed that something had gone terribly wrong. It wasn't until Opal looked down at her mixing bowl and realized that the compound had solidified that she knew disaster had struck. Someone had accidentally mixed up the miracle mask and the repairman's plaster! The plaster had congealed to Greenlee's face and the only way to remove it was with a hammer and chisel. Ryan called WRCW and asked that a past installment of "Wave" be aired in place of the bemired infomercial. Leo, the person who'd mixed up the plaster and mask compounds, quietly slipped out of the mansion. Opal began to sob as she feared that her salon's future had been ruined. When she realized that Leo had been responsible for the mix-up, she took off after him screaming his name. Greenlee's face as finally extricated from the plaster, but she had another problem; she had an allergic reaction to the plaster. Her face red and swollen, Greenlee feared going home to her grandmother's house. Ryan reminded her that she still had tickets to the basketball game. Greenlee didn't want to be courtside with a blotchy complexion, but she decided that anything was better than facing Millicent. She smiled at Ryan and they headed off to the arena. Scott sat down behind the cameras and other equipment. He curiously poked around the videotapes. He pushed the play button and watched as Becca and Leo's discussion about their kiss played before him.

Hayley asked Leslie Coulson to repeat her question. The attorney did, thereby buying Hayley a little time to think about her response. In response to Leslie's question about whether or not Adam was a good father, Hayley replied, "He thinks so." Leslie nodded slightly. "And you don't," she extrapolated. Hayley explained that Adam had missed out on sixteen years of her life. Leslie asked Hayley if she's ever wished that Adam were not her father. Hayley dodged the question without offering a reply. In a shift of direction, Leslie asked Hayley if her father had ever engaged in any "illegalities" on her behalf. Hayley said she had no idea what the attorney meant. "Did he ever bribe a judge?" Leslie snapped angrily. Jack jumped up and objected to the question. Adam, meanwhile, noticed that Erica had arrived and quickly stepped out in the hallway to talk to her. Erica was surprised that Adam was ready to go public with the news that he is Colby's father. Adam explained that while he wanted everyone to know, he was unable to spill the beans. That's where Erica came in. Erica didn't want to become embroiled in the controversy, but Adam reminded her that he'd helped her when she was in trouble. Back when Erica had kidnapped Maddie, he had provided her with bail money and a safe place to stay. "Alright," Erica sighed. "What do you want me to say?" Adam instructed Erica to burst into the courtroom and, as an objective observer, and reveal what she knew as the truth. Through the ajar courtroom door, Liza looked on to see what Adam was doing. Adam and Erica re-entered the courtroom just as Hayley's testimony resumed. Leslie explained that her questions went to prove Jake's claim of Adam's "reprehensible behavior." The judge scolded Leslie for her "oratory" and asked that she stick to the facts of the case. Hayley stated that the judge Leslie had accused Adam of bribing had been removed from the bench for "numerous improprieties." Hayley said that if her father had done anything questionable, he'd done it because he thought he was helping her. "In an unconventional way, Adam Chandler is a good father," Hayley smiled. Jake bowed his head and closed his eyes in defeat. Jack had but one question for the witness. He asked Hayley if she'd ever regretted having Adam had her father. "No, I don't," Hayley replied. Hayley made her way out of the courtroom. She stopped next to Adam and he thanked her for what she'd said. Dixie was next on the stand. It was clear from her inflection and choice of words that she was out to damage Adam's reputation. Dixie said that she was treated like "a brood mare." Adam flashed Erica a glance to tell her that it was time to step into action. "This hearing is a travesty," Erica proclaimed as she stormed the front of the courtroom. Judge Mayo ordered Erica to remain quiet, but Erica wasn't about to be told what to do. Erica claimed that she had information that could stop the hearing in its tracks. The judge asked both Leslie and Jack if they wanted to call Erica as a witness. Neither did. That said, the judge announced that she could not allow Erica to testify. Jake leaned over to his family and asked them what Erica could possibly have to say. Liza, meanwhile, pleaded with Jack to prevent Erica from speaking. Erica explained that if the court case were a murder trial and she knew the identity of the murder, she'd be invited to testify no matter what. The judge promptly noted that this was not a murder trial. The judge again asked Erica to sit down --- again Erica refused. The judge called out to Derek and asked him to take Erica to a holding cell. As she was being escorted out of the courtroom, Erica screamed that she would not be silenced.

In the holding cell area, Erica demanded that she be allowed to make her one phone call. Derek handed Erica a cellular phone. She placed a call to the hospital, but learned that David was in the middle of surgery. She hung up and placed a call to Cortlandt Electronics --- but Palmer was away in Australia. Next, Erica phoned The Glamorama to speak to Myrtle. Rae answered the phone and informed Erica that Myrtle could not make it to the phone. Erica was furious and ordered Rae to put Myrtle on the phone. Rae responded by hanging up the receiver. Erica paced her cell blabbing on and on about her need for someone to bail her out. Derek returned to the cell and informed Erica that someone had arrived to bail her out. Erica looked up and called out David's name. "No, Erica," Rae sighed. "It's only me."

Back upstairs, Gillian was the next to take the stand. Gillian referred to Jake as "the perfect husband," but under cross-examination, it was Gillian who was put on the roasting spit. Jack pointed out that this was not the first time Gillian had been married. In fact, the first time she'd gotten married it was solely for the reason of getting her green card. Leslie rose to her feet and argued that the questions were not relevant to the hearing. Jack, on the other hand, saw the questions as very relevant. Leslie had brought Liza's husband's character into question, so he was countering by doing the same to Jake's spouse. The judge agreed and allowed the questions to continue. Jack continued parading Gillian's past before the judge. He cited Gillian's affair with a "prominent local doctor" as further proof that Gillian's record wasn't spotless. By now, Gillian was in tears. Jack's voice raised and he demanded that Gillian look across courtroom at Liza and explain why the court should tear Colby away from her mother. "Do you want to tear that Child from her mother?" Jack snapped. "Of course that's not what I want!" Gillian replied.



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