The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on B&B

A birthday bash for Adam ended in an explosion, and Adam decided that, to keep his family safe, he had to leave town. When Ridge saw Morgan and Clarke kissing, Ridge grew worried that she'd lure Clarke into her trap. Rick tried to figure out how to keep Little Eric in Los Angeles.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, February 28, 2000

Spectra Fashions
Macy is on the phone talking to a reporter from Eye On Fashion. She tells Sally that he wanted a quote on the new designer that was hired at Forrester's. Sally didn't realize that they had hired someone. Clarke tells them that Brooke hired Morgan, who was a former model at Forrester's. Sally can't believe that Brooke would hire someone without Eric's consent because that had always been his job. Clarke tells them that Morgan is an intelligent, but mischievous woman. He tells them that she is nobody's patsy. C.J. tells Clarke that he seems to have it bad for Morgan. Macy thinks that Brooke may have hired Morgan to get back at Thorne for marrying her.

Forrester Creations
Ridge and Eric are discussing Brooke when Morgan comes up to them. She wants to know what is going on between them and Brooke, but Eric tells her that it is personal. Morgan tells them that she is the right person for the job. She said that another designer might not have the affinity for the company or for the family. She said that she was sure that she could help them work through their problems with Brooke. Rick interrupts to discuss a problem with his dad. After Eric leaves, Morgan and Ridge discuss the old days. She looks at a design of Ridge's and tells him that his designs lack the passion and the sensuality that they used to have. She asks him what has happened to him. She says that he has become conservative. He shows her another sketch that he was working on, and she tells him that was more his style. They discuss how Morgan wore the first gown that he ever designed and how they snuck it on the runway without Eric's approval, but it worked out because he got great reviews from the critics. He tells Morgan that she helped to launch his career. She tells him that she was young and in love, so she did foolish things. They are still reminiscing about the past when Taylor comes in. Morgan asks Taylor if she can help her, but Taylor says that Ridge can. Taylor then kisses Ridge. Ridge introduces the two women. Morgan said that she was hired to bust Ridge's chops. Ridge gives Morgan some more of his designs to look at and tells her that they were for her eyes only. Taylor wanted to know why Ridge wanted to see her, and he said that he just wanted to see his wife. Morgan is outside the door watching them as they kiss. She then flashes back in time to a fashion show from years ago. Ridge is dressed kind of like a hippie and the song " Call Me" by Blondie is playing. Morgan is telling him how brilliant he is and that his dad will probably let him design. He tells her that it is all because of her. She jumps into his arms and they kiss. Morgan has a wistful look on her face as she comes back to the present and continues to watch Taylor and Ridge. Eric and Rick are discussing Little Eric. Rick says that he doesn't know if he can stand not seeing the baby. Eric tells him that he had spoken with a lawyer and that Rick didn't have any legal rights to the baby. Rick said that they had to do something to stop Becky from taking the baby back to Paris. Meanwhile Becky and Amber are discussing the baby. Amber said that she would really miss the baby. Becky tells her that she wishes that she could stay in LA, but her job was in Paris. Eric calls Becky and tells her that he wants to see her at his office. He tells her that she would not be going back to Paris. He tells her that he had spoken with her boss, and that they had hired another girl to take her place. Becky wants to know how she is supposed to support the baby without a job. Eric tells her that she would be working in LA. He tells her that they still consider Little Eric to be a part of their family. Rick tells her that he stills wants to see the baby as often as he can. Becky tells them that Amber was right about them, when she said that they wouldn't turn their backs on the baby. Eric said that this was the one time that Amber was right.

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

Morgan's Office: Giovanni arrives at Morgan's office with roses and a note. He leaves the office saying outloud, "Tonight, Morgan, Tonight."

Ridge's Office: This is a scene left from Monday where Ridge and Taylor were in his office smooching. Morgan is watching them at the door. Megan walks up and ask her could she help her with anything? Morgan mumbles that she was waiting on Ridge but he appears to be busy. Megan peaks in and see Ridge and Taylor and remarks that it appears that he is. Morgan does not walk away without stating. "When it comes to beautiful woman, he may be in there all day."

Taylor is teasing Ridge about all the beautiful woman that is always around him all the time. He presents her with a nice dress.

Clarke & Gio are in the studio: Clarke is asking Gio about how Morgan is working out there at Forester. Gio states that she is fine and that he plans on taking her out to dinner. He is waiting for her to call him.

Gio begins to discuss that there is something about her. They both are wondering why she stopped modeling. Gio states that he will find tonight. Clarke, "You will tell?" Gio says something cute about how it all stops at the bedroom. Clarke doesn't believe that he will get that far with Morgan and tells him to call him if his plans fall through. Confident Gio tells him not to count on it. Clarke leaves with a plan gleaming in his eyes.

Ridge's office: Ridge is telling her how sexy she is even though she is a mother of three kids. He says how lucky he is to have her. Taylor tells him that the typical stereotype is that a mother of three isn't sexy. Ridge smooches with her some more and she goes and puts the dress on for him.

Morgan: Is back at her office after watching Ridge and Taylor smooch in his office. She finds the note that is left by Gio asking her to call him so they can go to dinner together. She thinks aloud how long it has been and that Gio would be a fine little specimen to go out with.

Clarke appears at the door and she is surprised to see him. Clarke gives her a line about Gio wanting him to take her to Mannequins and keep her company while he wraps up a photo shoot. Morgan doesn't want to go. Clarke tells her that he is doing this all for the sake of good friendship on behalf of Gio.

Gio is at the studio: He receives the special delivery of roses for Morgan. Flirts with the girl that delivers the flower- just like a typical playboy.

Morgan's office: Morgan caves in and decides that she will go to the club with Clarke. She tells him to wait a moment while she changes. She goes behind the a rack of clothes and changes right in there! Clarke displays shock. He ask her would she like for him to leave. Morgan says if it bothers you, go ahead. Of course, Clarke stays.

Ridge's office: Taylor comes from behind the changing screen in the hot little number that Ridge gave her. He tells Taylor that he loves watching her with the kids and compliments her intelligence which leaves her with nothing but desire for his gorgeous wife. More smooching.

Morgan's Office: Morgan is changed and ready to go. She ask Clarke if he is sure that he wants to do this. Clarke says something stupid about how friends share. They head out the door and Clarke leaves a note on Morgan's desk for Gio to find.

The Club: Ridge and Taylor are having drinks. Ridge is telling Taylor that all the fella's are going to have their eyes on her wearing that little number she has on. Of course, Taylor brings up Morgan's name.

Morgan's office: Playboy Gio arrives to pickup Morgan and she is gone with good-ole' boy Clarke. He finds the note from Clarke; "Happy Leap Year..." He and Morgan are out celebrating.

The Club: Morgan walks in the club and sits at the bar while she is waiting on Clarke to park the car. She looks across the room and sees Ridge and Taylor.

Ridge mentions that he is going to the bathroom. They show Morgan watching Ridge walk by. Taylor spots Morgan and walks up to her while she is checking her husband out. Taylor says something about how "hot" he is. Morgan: "Do you talk to everyone that looks at Ridge?' Taylor: Save the look for someone else. Morgan: "Is this a warning?" Taylor: "No." Morgan: "I don't take warnings very well." Taylor: "Then consider this to be your first." Go, Taylor.

Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Taylor is caught off guard when she realizes that Clarke is Morgan's date. Morgan tells Clarke that she and Taylor have one thing in common. Clarke is curious when Morgan admits that what she and Ridge had together was much more than a fling. Morgan calls Clarke on his deception, mentioning that she saw him leave the note for Giovanni. She adds that she wouldn't be there with him if she didn't want to be, and Giovanni will have another chance.

Taylor admits to Ridge that she actually enjoyed sparring with Morgan. She wants to hear more about Ridge's past with her, and Ridge explains that he dated Morgan when she was a Forrester model. Taylor is surprised to hear that it was Morgan who ended the relationship. Ridge tried to get her back, but she disappeared without an explanation.

The Spectra gang throws a surprise birthday party for Adam. Rick pulls Kimberly aside and kisses her. He is so happy to be alone with her. Adam basks in the love of his family and their gratitude for all he's brought back to their lives, but he pales when he sees their last gift - a full-page newspaper ad wishing him a happy birthday. In a limo, two hit men see the ad and note that he has finally messed up.

Thursday, March 2, 2000

Adam is concerned that Sally used his real name under the picture, but Sally is sure that the men who were looking for him are long gone. Jones checks his gun. He and Jimmy get out of the limo, carrying a gift. They knock out the security guard, and head up to Adam's party. Adam sings "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" to Sally and they embrace.

Kimberly and Macy watch happily, then slip out. Darla is startled when the elevator opens to reveal Jones and Jimmy. They explain that they are Adam's cousins, and Darla agrees to let them wait for Adam to come out.

Ridge and Taylor wonder what Clarke is up to, and Ridge is surprised when Taylor seems concerned about Morgan's vulnerability. They see Morgan and Clarke dancing, and Taylor decides they have to do something. They both cut in. Ridge explains that Taylor wanted him to warn Morgan about Clarke. When Ridge starts talking about how Morgan was his first love and broke his heart, Morgan runs out in tears. Jones and Jimmy burst in on Sally and Adam. Sally reacts when she sees the gun and in the scuffle, she is shot!

Friday, March 3, 2000

As Adam cradles Sally, he finds himself staring down the barrel of Jones' gun. He refuses to leave Sally to go with Jimmy and Jones, fighting until both men are unconscious. Adam helps Sally out of the office. At the hospital, Adam stays by Sally's side. He begs the doctors to save her.

Adam tells Sally that no one can protect him now, but he can protect his family. Adam tells Sally that he has to leave. Sally doesn't want him to go, but she understands, and she forgives him. She realizes that he risked his life to come back and help his family. Sally promises to take care of Kimberly. She tells him that he should leave before the police arrive.

Ridge and Taylor make love in his office. After Ridge is gone, Taylor spots Morgan and Clarke kissing goodnight in Morgan's office. Morgan thanks Taylor for giving her the scoop about Clarke. She tells Taylor that the two of them may have gotten off on the wrong foot, but she hopes that they can be friends. Morgan and Taylor agree to meet for lunch tomorrow.

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