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Ryan learned that Gillian had slept with David in order to obtain Ryan's bail money. Jack arrested Ryan and Gillian, who realized that David had told the cops where to find them. Gillian confronted David with a gun after her release from jail.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 25, 1999 on AMC
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Monday January 25, 1999

With Lily safely on the mend in Ohio, Jack returned to his home in Pine Valley. The first stop on his return tour was Wildwind. There, Jack was more interested in whether or not he'd gotten any calls than in catching up with his sister, Kit. Kit correctly assumed that Jack was anticipating a call about the search for Ryan. Kit was concerned that Jack might somehow jeopardize his career by pursuing Ryan so relentlessly. Jack smiled and assured Kit that he would not get into trouble for doing his job. Something she'd heard Hayley mentioned weighed heavily on Kit's mind. "What if you're going after the wrong man?" Kit asked nervously. Jack looked at his sister and asked her if she'd realized that Ryan had not attacked her. Kit shook her head signaling that she was still certain that Ryan had raped her. She was concerned that the DNA evidence may have been "compromised." Jack was aware of what his sister was hinting: Had he somehow rigged the DNA test? Kit was ashamed of her assertion and told Jack that he didn't have to answer her. Jack wanted to answer his sister's question. He swore that he was in no way involved in a genetic over-up and was certain that no one had altered the results to gain his favor. When he learned that Hayley had gotten Kit thinking about a possible conspiracy, Jack became quite angry. Discouraged, Jack admitted that others in town might think the same thing. Kit wondered how she'd stray so far off the path from which she'd been raised. Kit criticized the way in which she'd taken shortcuts to get what she wanted. Jack did not blame Kit for any of her past mistakes. He told her that Kit Fisher had made those mistakes---and that the woman before him now was Christine Montgomery.

Dixie and Braden returned to Cortlandt Manor. Making the videotape released a great deal of weight from Dixie's shoulders, but she now seemed more convinced that her death was imminent. Braden scolded her for speaking in the past tense and did his best to convince Dixie that she could still make a full recovery. Opal wandered into the room and asked if either Braden or Dixie had seen Tad---or Adrian or Palmer for that matter. Dixie and Braden both shook their heads. Braden offered to take a quick trip to Palmer's favorite haunts to see if he could locate his multi-millionaire boss. Opal was heartbroken over her sons' disappearance. Dixie comforted Opal, saying that Tad and Adrian were still in shock over her big announcement. In time, she said confidently, both Tad and Adrian would understand why Opal had made the decisions she'd made. Opal was surprised that Dixie understood her reasons so well. "It took courage," Dixie smiled. A good mother, Dixie said, should have both courage and love in her heart. Speaking of love, Opal asked Dixie why she and Tad were not yet back together. Dixie took a deep breath and told Opal that she believed that the fates were against a reunion with Tad. Opal sensed that something was bothering Dixie, but Dixie wouldn't open up. Opal smiled and thanked Dixie for being there to listen to her rambling. Before leaving, she reminded Dixie that she was only a holler away should she need a heart-to-heart talk.

David was mildly amused by Gillian's costume. The princess sternly informed David that her disguise was not to be taken lightly. Gillian skipped her usual banter, immediately telling the doctor that she needed money---a lot of money. David rolled his eyes and quipped that he was "not an ATM machine." Gillian turned to pleading to get what she wanted. She told David that she needed at least one hundred thousand dollars to plan an escape with Ryan. By now, David had gotten good at playing the part of a scorned lover. He told Gillian that he could not possibly help fund her escape with the man she'd chosen over him. Gillian told David that their relationship would never have lasted and swore that she did not mean to hurt him. "Soon, some lucky woman will catch you," she said softly. David rewound to the last time Gillian needed money. He said that he's experienced the "most meaningful moment" of his life when making love to Gillian. Gillian sighed and bowed her head. She asked David if he would give her the money if she slept with him. David smiled slightly and told Gillian that he did not want her to feel obligated to sleep with him. Gillian lifted her head and proudly said that she would sleep with David if it meant that she would be able to save the life of the man she loved. David, who had turned his back to Gillian so that he could hide his laughter, turned to face Gillian and announced that he would give her the cash---and she wouldn't even have to sleep with him. David claimed that he felt good to know that true love still existed in the universe. He easily duped Gillian into telling him where she and Ryan were hiding. Gillian asked David to deposit the money in a hollow tree by the lake. That way, she explained, she could observe the drop off from the shack in which she and Ryan were hiding. Gillian thanked David for his assistance and gave him a peck on the cheek to show her sincerity. After Gillian left, David picked up his phone and mulled the idea of calling the police. He decided against the idea, commenting that he'd allow Gillian to have one more night with the man she loved.

Adrian hauled Palmer to a cabin in the middle of nowhere where he tied him to a wooden chair. Palmer was noticeably frightened, but he turned to making sarcastic remarks to hide his terror. He told Adrian that they should team up against Opal. After all, "the old hag" had deserted Adrian. Adrian crouched down in front of Palmer and angrily told him never to speak badly about his mother. "The only thing she's done is give birth to you," snapped Palmer. Adrian told Palmer that he would be leaving town soon---but not before he got Palmer to sign divorce papers giving Opal half of everything he owned. "Horse feather!" Palmer snarled. He then commented that people would be "ice skating in Hades" before he signed over his assets to Opal. Adrian was interrupted by a phone call from his superior. The conversation became very tense with Adrian shouting, "That is not acceptable." Adrian smashed his phone against the floor and began destroying everything in his path. Adrian sat down in front of Palmer and told him that he'd lost his job because of the National Intruder story Palmer had submitted. Palmer cringed in his seat and begged Adrian not to kill him. Adrian promised that no harm would come to the man if he signed the divorce papers. Palmer wasn't happy at all, but if it meant that he wouldn't be hurt... well, signing the papers wasn't such a bad thing. In the back of his mind he had to figure that he could somehow fight the divorce agreement. Once he'd signed on the dotted line, Palmer asked that he be untied. Adrian smiled and told Palmer that he'd do no such thing. Palmer was fearful that a bear would come along and eat him. "You're too scrawny and sour," sassed Adrian. Palmer wiggled and shook trying desperately to free himself, but he had no success.

Adam watched Dixie's videotape in fixated horror. "You're too young!" he yelled. "This can't happen to you." Adam was forced to scramble to hit the stop button as Junior entered the room. The young boy was having trouble sleeping, but he wasn't quite sure why. Nothing at school troubled the boy. Something about his mother's behavior, however, was causing him some concern. "She's sad lately," Junior said softly. Adam nodded his head and told his son that he was very observant to notice the change in his mother's attitude. Junior wondered if his mother was sick. Rather than hide the truth from Junior, Adam came right out and admitted that Dixie was having health problems. "She may not get well," Adam said almost coldly. Adam did, however, vow to get the top physicians in the country working to nurse Dixie back to health. He hugged his now sobbing son and promised him that he'd be there for him every step along the way.

The sound of barking dogs sounded in the distance. Slowly but surely, the barking got louder. Ryan knew that the police were closing in on his location. He saw only one way to escape---the hole in the ice. Ryan took a deep breath and jumped into the icy water. Seconds later, two police officers entered the shack and searched for signs of the fugitive. They saw nothing and heard nothing---and no one would have thought to peer into the ice fishing hole. They left within minutes, but that was minutes too long for the submerged Ryan. Ryan somehow managed to remain conscious and crawled out of the hole. Hypothermia had begun to set in and Ryan collapsed to the ground. Gillian returned and found her husband laying on the floor, his teeth chattering furiously. She immediately went into action, stripping Ryan of his wet clothing and wrapping him in a blanket. Gillian hysterically pleaded with her husband to hang on. In the morning, she sniffled, they would be on their way to freedom.

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Alone in his office, David carefully counted the money he planned to deliver to Ryan and Gillian. He secretly hoped that the fugitive couple would never get a chance to spend the cash. Liza appeared in the doorway and asked David if he had a few minutes to talk. Liza wasted no time in getting the reason behind her appearance---she wanted to talk more about "Jane Doe's" medical file. David listened as Liza went on and on about how she knew Dixie had to be Jane Doe. David shook his head and insisted that Dixie was not one of his patients. Liza countered by letting David know that she'd seen Dixie coming out of David's office with an unhappy look on her face. David cited doctor-patient confidentiality as his reason for not being able to say anything, but that only served to bolster Liza's assumption that something was seriously wrong with Dixie. Only half-jokingly, David warned Liza not to poke around someone else's medical files. "It might turn around and bite you," he said. David went on to claim that the sting Allie, Jake, and Liza had pulled on him had taught him a "valuable lesson." In short, he was not about to compromise his medical career again. Liza walked David out of his office and went on his way to drop off the money for Ryan and Gillian. Liza waited until the coast was clear before scurrying back into David's office. She went immediately to David's filing cabinet and searched for the yellow file folder that supposedly contained "Jane Doe's" medical records. Liza managed to locate the file, but before she could read it Jake appeared and snatched it from her hands. Liza begged Jake to let her read the file, but Jake insisted that he couldn't violate hospital guidelines. What if the file belonged to someone other than Dixie? "Then I won't read it," Liza replied lamely. Jake smiled slightly and filed the documents back in the cabinet. Liza mused that he had known Jake was so stubborn, she might not have chosen him to father her child.

Still in her cell, Hayley received an unwanted visit from the District Attorney. Hayley pleaded with Jack to let her out of jail so that she could go to the hospital and check on Mateo. "There's nothing I can do," Jack replied coldly. He took an almost sadistic pleasure in reminding Hayley that she was unable to do anything to help Mateo---at least while she was behind bars. Hayley implied that the DNA evidence linking Ryan to the rape might have been compromised. Jack was only slightly offended by the charge. He did, however, insist that the results of the DNA analysis were accurate. Hayley warned Jack that he might end up eating his words if the rapist struck again. Jack was confident that once Ryan was apprehended, the rapist would not strike again. Hayley asked to make a phone call to check on Mateo's condition. Her request was denied. Janet unwittingly walked in on the interrogation, thereby infuriating Jack. Jack had hoped to commandeer Hayley's attention and wear her down into a confession. When Janet appeared, Hayley shouted out for her step aunt to go to the hospital and check on Mateo---and to have Trevor drop by as soon as possible. Trevordid eventually make his way to the prison. Trevor badmouthed Ryan and Gillian for getting his niece wrapped up in their flight from justice. He was stunned when Hayley confessed that she'd been the mastermind behind the exodus. Trevor scolded Hayley for not thinking before acting and implied that Hayley's irrational behavior was a response to Raquel's appearance in Mateo's life. Hayley shook her head, tears welling in her eyes. She claimed that it was not important to know why she'd made the choices she had. She wanted to know what her uncle would do if he were in the same situation. "Honestly, I think what you're doing is a big mistake," he replied. But he admitted that if he were in the same situation, he would "never rat on a friend."

Raquel (now being played by Ara Celi) took Mateo back to Wildwind. She coddled Mateo every step of the way, telling him that she was "so scared" when she found him sprawled out on the floor. Mateo brushed off Raquel's concern, asking only that she not tell Max that he'd been in the hospital. Raquel headed off to make some food. While she was gone, Janet arrived and told Mateo that she was relieved to see that he was out of the hospital. Raquel returned a few minutes later and told Janet that Mateo was not allowed to have any visitors. Mateo flashed Raquel a peculiar glance and told her that he was fine. Raquel reluctantly left the room. Janet told Mateo that Hayley had been worried sick by the news of his hospitalization. "She'd love to see you," Janet smiled. Janet searched for Mateo's coat, but Mateo didn't budge from his spot on the sofa. Janet was perplexed by Mateo's reaction, asking him why he wasn't concerned about the way Hayley was feeling. Mateo explained that he didn't want to vent his frustration with Ryan and Gillian on Hayley. Mateo also explained that Gillian was the one who'd put him in the hospital. Mateo filled Janet in on the details of how he managed to track down The Laverys. Janet thought deeply for several minutes. She realized that if Hayley still believed that Ryan and Gillian were hiding out at Linden, she could tell the police what she knew without compromising her friends' safety. Mateo was overjoyed and realized that Hayley might be let out of jail. Janet and Mateo scurried off to the police station.

Dixie returned to Chandler Mansion to take Junior to school. Adam had been on the phone trying to consult with a doctor from Johns Hopkins when she arrived. He abruptly ended the call and asked Dixie for a few moments of her time. Dixie sensed that something was amiss when Adam asked her if she was allowed to have coffee. "I know," Adam said cryptically. "You of all people... I'm so sorry." Dixie flashed a strange glance at Adam and told him that she had to be on her way before Junior was late for school. Adam blocked her path and clarified what he'd just said. "I know you may be dying," he said softly. He wrapped his arms around Dixie and pulled her close. Dixie was extremely nervous, but decided to play it cool. She told Adam that his concern was "just wishful thinking," and that he'd probably heard a rumor from someone who'd seen her faint at the hospital. Dixie was outraged when Adam confessed that he'd stolen her videotape. Dixie tried to remain calm, knowing that she could compromise her health if she got upset. Dixie asked Adam to stay mum about her condition. Adam nodded his head and assured his former wife that he would not spread the bad news. He thought nothing of it when he mentioned that he'd already told Junior. "How could you!?" Dixie shouted. Adam explained that he hadn't volunteered the information to their son. Junior, Adam said, had come to him because he was concerned that something was wrong with his mother. This didn't get Adam off the hook; Dixie was still furious. Adam offered to get the top physicians in the country on Dixie's case, but Dixie was happy with the medical advice she has been getting. Adam accused Dixie of robbing Junior of a chance to say goodbye to his mother. Dixie, however, felt that the videotape was a thoughtful way to help her son remember her after she'd passed away. Adam explained that he was speaking from experience. One day, he and his mother had gotten into a terrible fight. Adam apparently had refused to spend the day with Stuart. Adam went about his day fishing with his buddies. When he returned home, he found that his mother had died. She'd been ill for quite some time, but didn't want her sons to know of her ailment. Dixie, however, had experienced just the opposite. Her mother had lingered on for years with a serious illness. Dixie wanted to spare her son the agony of watching her die. Dixie suffered a dizzy spell. She headed to her purse to get one of her pills. Adam felt it was necessary to walk Dixie downstairs to get a glass of water. While they were gone, Junior, who had been eavesdropping from the doorway, entered the room. He slowly walked over to the VCR and picked up his mother's videotaped message. He struggled---mentally, not physically---to put the tape into the VCR. He ultimately did view the tape and paid close attention to his mother's request to turn to Tad for help after she died. The young boy her his parents' voices returning. He ejected the tape and scurried out of the room. Adam told Dixie that even if her dizzy spells were not serious, she could still lose her balance and hurt herself. Dixie headed off to find her son---only to discover that he'd run off.

The night's sleep greatly improved Ryan's condition. By morning, he was thanking Gillian for saving his life and contemplating a getaway. Gillian was forced to admit that she had not secured the money to fund their escape. When it came time to explain why she hadn't gotten the money, Gillian concocted an elaborate tale of near misses. She first claimed that she was unable to get into Wildwind because a security guard had been patrolling the main entrance. She then said that she'd tried to climb a tree and swing in her old bedroom, but before she could scale the arbor, Eugenia showed up. The story grew more and more fantastic, this time Gillian claimed that she'd given the combination to the safe to Eugenia---and that Eugenia would hide the money in a hollow tree by the boat landing. A knock at the door sounded, leading Ryan to believed that Eugenia was arriving with the money. Of course, Eugenia was not about to make an appearance outside the fishing shack. It was David. David entered the shack---and the dominoes began tumbling one after the other. David didn't know that Gillian had concocted a tale about how she was going to secure the cash. Gillian tried to shush David, but David rattled on without listening to what Gillian was trying to tell him. David explained that Gillian had tracked him down at the hospital and begged him for one hundred thousand dollars. This was not the first time she asked him for cash. David smiled and said that Gillian had offered to sleep with him in order to raise Ryan's bail money a few weeks back. Gillian claimed that David was lying and Ryan appeared to believe her. "She's over you," Ryan snapped, arguing that Gillian was in love with him. David nodded in agreement. He said that he knew that Gillian loved Ryan---and that that was why he was willing to give them one hundred thousand dollars without asking Gillian to sleep with him. But that wasn't the case with the bail money. "She was so desperate to help you," David grinned. "That she offered to sleep with me. And she did."

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Special thanks to LisaJ for helping fill in the gaps left by the latest Impeachment hearing special report.

Ryan had a fit when he realized that Gillian slept with David for money. In anger, Ryan gabbed David and threatened to throw him into the water (through the ice fishing hole). Gillian begged Ryan to stop and eventually convinced him to unhand the doctor. David brushed himself off and pompously told Gillian not to worry because her "husband is a rapist, not a murderer." David handed the cash to Gillian and told her to keep it because she was "worth every penny." After David left, Ryan and Gillian continued to argue. Gillian insisted that she'd only slept with David because she'd been desperate to help Ryan---but Ryan didn't want to hear Gillian's explanation. He told her that their relationship was over.

Mateo and Janet made good on their plan to get Hayley released from jail. Mateo told Jack that Ryan and Gillian had been hiding at Linden House. Hayley was escorted into the room and she saw first-hand that Mateo was okay. She decided to confess that she was supposed to deliver a sizeable chunk of cash to the boathouse to help Ryan and Gillian flee the country. Trevor told Jack that he was legally required to release Hayley since she'd told him everything she knew. Mateo also informed Jack that the fugitive couple was no longer hiding at Linden. Jack's eyes showed that he didn't want to release Hayley, but he knew he had no other choice. Hayley thanked Mateo for helping gain her release, but the couple's reunion was very awkward. They both admitted that their relationship was in trouble, but neither was willing to throw in the towel. Mateo asked Hayley to remember the good times they'd shared and to hold on to those memories when things looked their bleakest. "It's hard sometimes," Hayley sobbed. Mateo took Hayley's hand and told her that if they cannot hold on to the good times, they might lose each other. In the station area, Edmund eavesdropped as a police officer fielded a tip on a Ryan Lavery spotting. The anonymous caller told the officer that he believed he spotted Ryan and Gillian near the pond. The officer told the caller that they had already searched the ice shacks, but that didn't stop Edmund from running out of the station.

As Adam and Dixie searched for their missing son, Liza dropped by Chandler Mansion. Liza and Dixie ended up in the uncomfortable position of being alone with one another. Liza offered her sympathies to Dixie and assured her that she would find Junior. Dixie forced a smile and thanked Liza for her concern. "Does [Junior's disappearance] have anything to do with you being sick?" Liza asked softly. Dixie's eyes opened wide and her lower lip twitched ever so slightly. Dixie laughed nervously and asked Liza where she'd gotten the idea that she might be sick. Liza explained that she'd observed Dixie coming out of David's office on several occasions. On none of those occasions had Dixie looked anything but morose. Dixie tried to pass David off as a friend, but Liza knew better. Dixie was surprised that Liza was concerned about her health. Liza quickly noted that she really wasn't concerned about her personal affairs---but she was, however, concerned about Tad. Liza pointedly asked Dixie if she was trying to be a martyr by shielding Tad from the truth about her health. If that was the case, Liza felt that Dixie should come forward and tell Tad the truth. Dixie angrily ordered Liza to keep her nose out of her personal life. Shortly after Dixie stormed out of the room, Liza got on the phone and placed an urgent call to Tad.

With the signed divorce agreement in his hands, Adrian dropped by Belinda's apartment to ask the attorney to file the agreement in court. Adrian also informed Belinda that he'd been given an "indefinite leave of absence" from the spy business. Belinda told Adrian that she was sorry to hear that he'd lost his job. She couldn't help but wonder if Adrian might be able to make lemonade out of the lemons he'd been handed. Perhaps during his off time---Adrian was adamantly opposed to accepting a desk job within the agency---Adrian might be able to patch things up with Opal. Belinda was critical of Adrian's plan to simple walk away without trying to work things out. Adrian said nothing. Instead, he turned and walked out of Belinda's apartment. Belinda called Opal and told her that she was sending a court clerk over with papers for her to sign. The attorney also told Opal where Palmer was and how he got there.

Opal later traveled to the cabin and took great pleasure in seeing Palmer tied to a chair. Palmer ordered Opal to free him, but Opal commented that her husband wasn't really in the position to bark orders. "Our marriage is finished," Palmer observed, as he asked Opal to free him for their son's sake. Opal's soft spot has always been her children, and this time was no different. Opal bowed her head and agreed to try to untie Palmer. She searched around in an old desk and managed to find a pair of scissors. Palmer's eyes were full of rage as Opal cut the straps that bound his arms. As soon as he arms were free, Palmer reached out and tried to snatch the scissors away from Opal. Opal's reflexes were too quick for Palmer. She pulled away and taunted Palmer with the scissors. Palmer repeatedly called Opal a "harpie" and demanded that she finishing freeing him. Opal wasn't about to do any such thing. Opal told Palmer that he would have to free himself---and then find his way back to town on his own. If and when he did return to Pine Valley, Palmer was told that he would find that the locks had been changed at Cortlandt Manor. If that wasn't enough, Opal had even had Palmer's Dobermans "traded in." Palmer was furious that his precious pups had been removed. He bounced up in down in his chair and struggled to free himself. Opal tossed the scissors across the room and smiled evilly as she filed out of the cabin.

Opal returned to Cortlandt Manor and found that someone was waiting for her: Adrian.

Mateo and Hayley were on their way out of the cell area when they noticed that David was having a discussion with Kit and Jack. The doctor had dropped by to see if the police had nabbed Ryan yet. Jack brushed David off, simply saying that Ryan had not been apprehended. David was stunned. He told Jack that he'd phoned in a tip nearly half an hour earlier. Jack was stunned by the news that David had spotted Gillian going into an ice fishing shack. Jack dashed off as David smiled proudly.

Gillian pleaded for forgiveness from Ryan, but Ryan didn't want to hear anything that Gillian had to say. Gillian tried her best to convince Ryan that she'd only slept with David because she had been desperate to free him from jail. The sentiment may have been nice, but Ryan was not about to forgive Gillian's sexual indiscretion. Gillian went on to claim that David was only trying to cause trouble because he was jealous of their relationship. "I can't take it any more," Ryan snapped. "We're over." Gillian sobbed hysterically as she tried to prevent Ryan from walking out on her. She begged him to take the money and make a run for his freedom. Ryan grabbed the money from his wife and through it through the hole that had been drilled into the ice. Gillian grabbed on to Ryan's arm and again begged him to stay. As she did this, the door to the shack swung open. Edmund stood in the doorway with a determined look on his face.

Thursday, January 28, 1999

Edmund proved a formidable presence as he loomed in the doorway. Gillian begged Edmund not to detain Ryan. Ryan was more forceful, ordering Edmund to move out of his way. Edmund refused to comply. He told Ryan that it was time for him to make a "decent decision" and turn himself in. Edmund calmly offered to drive Ryan to the police station so that he could turn himself in to the authorities. Gillian proclaimed her husband's innocence, but Edmund argued that it was up to a jury to determine Ryan's innocence. "I opened my life to you," Edmund snarled. "You betrayed by trust." Ryan insisted that Kit was lying, but that only infuriated Edmund more. Ryan tried to pass Edmund, but Edmund stepped into Ryan's path. Gillian screamed in horror as the two men came to blows. Ryan managed to land a punch, but Edmund quickly gained the upper-hand. Edmund knocked Ryan to the ground and pummeled him with a barrage of punches. Derek, Jack, and a gaggle of police officers stormed the shack and placed Ryan under arrest. Gillian demanded that her husband be released. Her pleas were met by an icy reaction from Jack, who ordered that Gillian also be arrested.

Opal sighed and silently thanked God for protecting her son. She then thanked Adrian for getting Palmer to sign the divorce papers. Opal apologized to Adrian for having deserted him as a child and she begged him not to hate her. "I'm so proud of you," she cooed. "[And] I'll understand if you can't forgive me." Adrian looked down at the floor and took a few steps towards Opal. "I don't hate you," he said softly. In fact, Adrian said that Tad helped him realize that he might have been better off being raised away from the tyrannical Ray Gardner. "Everything is so scrambled," said Adrian as he tried to sort out everything that he'd learned over the past few days. Adrian was upset by Opal's assertion that she "knew" him. Opal had only known Adrian as an infant---and then again as a grown-up. There were years and years of Adrian's life that she hadn't experienced. Opal told Adrian that she wanted to get to know him. Adrian commented that his "methodical and precise" life had been shattered when he learned that Opal was really his mother. "What the hell do I get out of this?" he snapped. Frank slowly walked into the room. He demanded that his son give Opal "the respect she deserves." He concluded by explaining to his son that he would either have to try to deal with the truth---or he'd or be angry for the rest of his life. Opal told Frank that Adrian needed time to absorb the news, but Frank didn't see it that way. He again asked his son whether or not he'd accept things. "I'm glad to see you," Adrian said, hinting that he might be responding negatively. It turned out that that was going to be the case. Adrian hugged his father and told him that they had a lot to talk about.

David filed a report with a police officer as Trevor listened from nearby. After David was done giving his statement, Trevor walked up to the doctor and asked him how he'd come to find Ryan and Gillian. David tried to dodge the question, arrogantly pointing out that he was not required to answer any of the attorney's questions. He did, however, say that he'd just happened to be walking by the lake when he saw Gillian scurry into one of the ice fishing shacks. Trevor didn't buy it. He felt that there was some personal connection between David and The Laveries. When that failed to cause David to crack, Trevor brought up another interesting tidbit---the reward that David would no doubt be receiving for giving the tip that led to Ryan's capture. The reward amount, put up by Edmund, was never announced. In the interrogation room, Hayley and Mateo continued their private talk. Mateo asked Hayley to return home with him for a night of romance, but Hayley felt that she couldn't leave until she learned more about Ryan's whereabouts. She asked Matt to understand why she had to see if Ryan had been arrested. Mateo wasn't thrilled, but he agreed not to ask Hayley to leave the station. Mateo slowly walked out of the room, perhaps hoping that Hayley would change her mind. Hayley buried her head in her arms and tried not to cry. The sound of footsteps grew louder and a hand rested softly on Hayley's shoulder. Hayley looked up and saw Kit staring back at her. "I'm sorry," Kit said softly. Hayley flew off the handle, demanding to know what Kit was supposedly sorry about---perhaps wrongly accusing Ryan of rape? Kit went on the defensive as she tried to explain to Hayley that she was sorry that Mateo had walked out on her. Jack overheard the arguing and plucked his sister from the room. The district attorney informed his sister that Ryan had been located and that he was en route to the station. He also told Kit that it would be better if she was not around when Ryan arrived. Edmund staggered into the station, his lip caked with dried blood. Kit raced to his side and asked him if Ryan had been the one to inflict the injury. Edmund nodded slightly and told Kit not to worry about his injury. Kit pursed her lips together and told Edmund that he should go home an rest. Trevor and Janet stood by Hayley and told her that she should call it a day and head back to Wildwind. A few seconds later, a bruised and bloodied Ryan was escorted into the station. A short time later, Gillian was led in kicking and screaming. She called the police department a disgrace and again professed Ryan's innocence. Gillian was uncuffed in preparation of her "booking." David walked by and smiled smugly. Gillian cast a piercing glance at the doctor, instantly realizing that David had been the one who'd called the police. Gillian angrily yelled that she would never forgive David for what he'd done. Gillian never mentioned anything overtly incriminating about David and his role in their apprehension, primarily because she didn't want to broadcast her infidelity. Again, Trevor knew that something about David's involvement in the situation just wasn't right. Palmer entered the station and shuffled over to Jack. He told Jack that he wanted to press charges against his "wench" of a wife and "her bastard son." Jack was puzzled by Palmer's irritability and asked him what he was babbling about. Palmer explained that Adrian had kidnapped him, tied him to a chair, and then forced him to sign a divorce agreement that ceded have of his assets to Opal. Jack was an unsympathetic ear, telling Palmer that it sounded like he'd gotten what he deserved. Palmer had, after all, stolen artwork, cheated on Opal, locked Opal in a secret room, faked his own death, and blabbed her personal business to a national tabloid magazine. Palmer flashed his teeth as he warned Jack that he would go all the way to the governor to get what he wanted.
Ryan was processed as Gillian looked on. She begged her husband to speak to her, but Ryan said nothing. Gillian was next in line for fingerprinting. When she was done, Hayley was allowed a few minutes to talk to the princess. Gillian was fearful for her husband's welfare. She told Hayley that she worried that Ryan's spirit had been broken. She didn't go into the detail of why she and Ryan had hit rock bottom again, but she asked Hayley to do what she could to make Ryan want to keep fighting. Hayley snuck into the call area and had a brief chat with Ryan. She told him that she still believed in his innocence and urged him not to give up. She reminded him that Gillian loved him dearly and asked him to hold on to the love he felt for Gillian. A guard entered the picture and told Hayley that she wasn't supposed to be in the cellblock. Hayley broke into tears in a surprisingly tender exchange, as she again implored Ryan not to give up.

Back at Wildwind, Kit gently tended to Edmund's wounded lip. She thanked Edmund for standing up for her, but at the same time scolded him on the dangers of confronting fugitives. Edmund smiled warmly and told Kit that it felt "nice" to have her taking care of him for a change.

Mateo returned to Wildwind and found Raquel cleaning up Max's toys. Raquel was puzzled when she learned that Hayley had been released from jail but had opted not to return home. Max scurried into the room and asked his father if he could take him skating. Raquel gently asserted herself into the father-son moment. She asked Mateo if he would help her learn how to ice skate, too. Mateo might have turned her down, but Max pleaded with him to let his mother tag along too. Max was apparently "a natural" at skating. After the skating session was done, Max wanted to run right back outside and take another lap around the pond. There would be another lesson, one which Raquel also nosed herself into. The father, mother, and son trio sat on the sofa laughing about the fun they had while contemplating heading to the kitchen for some hot chocolate. Hayley returned home and watched uncomfortably from the foyer.

Back in his cell, Ryan laid motionless on his cot. He moved only when he heard the sound of a heavy cell door clanging shut. He looked up and saw that Gillian had been put in a nearby cell.

Friday, January 29, 1999

After her icy conversation with Dixie, Liza headed directly to David's office to find out exactly what was wrong with Dixie. Liza did a little heavy thinking and determined that Junior's disappearance must be somehow related to Dixie's illness. David became very concerned when Liza informed him that Junior was missing. "She shouldn't get upset," mumbled David. Liza blocked the door and told David that he could not leave until he told her what was wrong with Dixie. David was aghast that Liza would block much needed medical attention just so that she could get the latest gossip on Dixie's health. David did unwitting offer up some information to Liza. "I have a patient waiting," he growled. This was the first time that he acknowledged that he was treating Dixie. Liza was booted out of the office---and David locked the office door so that Liza couldn't poke around after he was gone. Liza was hurt by the way she'd been shunned and sulked in a waiting area just outside the cardiologist's office. Jake happened by and scolded his friend for lurking outside David's office. Liza told Jake that Junior was missing and asked him if he could round-up some volunteers to scour the area for the missing boy. Jake was more than willing to help and Liza made no attempt to elicit more information about Dixie's health.

Locked up in cells directly across from each other, Gillian begged Ryan to give her some sign that he was okay. Dried blood remained caked on Ryan's face. Jack entered the cell area with a smug smile on his face and informed the Laveries that they were scheduled for arraignment in a few hours. Jack took particular pleasure in telling Gillian that Inspector Pinkteron (of Immigration) had phoned to learn more about Gillian's mischief. Gillian accused Jack of trying to scare her, a charge Jack didn't deny. Before leaving, Jack warned Gillian that she should be more careful about who she trusts. Gillian looked across the cellblock to her husband and told him that Jack was right. Gillian said that she should never have trusted David to help them. Gillian sniffled as she realized that, indirectly, David was the reason they were in their current predicament. Sure, David had been the one to tell the police about their secret hiding place on the lake. But had Gillian never had an affair with David, Ryan never would have walked in on them---and never ended up in a bar where he could later be accused of rape. "When I look at you and see how much pain I've caused you, I just want to die," Gillian said softly. Ryan rose from his cot and walked towards the front of his cell. He turned his back so that Gillian could not see the tears that were flowing down his cheek. It was obviously painful for him to hear his wife address the multitude of problems in their relationship. Trevor and Dimitri slowly filed into the cell area and told the couple that they were headed to the courtroom for their arraignment hearings.
The hearings were a mixed bag. Ryan, as expected, was denied bail. Gillian, however, was given bail and Dimitri promptly served up enough cash to gain her release. Dimitri was stunned when Gillian refused to leave her cell. She proclaimed that her place was with her husband---and if Ryan was forced to stay in jail, then she would stay in jail as well. Jack was irked by Gillian's display of devotion. "This is not a bed and breakfast," he sneered. He coldly informed her that the taxpayers would not spend money so that she could "hold hands with a rapist." Trevor chimed in that Ryan was an alleged rapist. Ryan had remained quiet during the entire exchange. Now, however, he was ready to break his silence. "I don't want you here," he uttered. Gillian was stunned. "You're not helping me," continued Ryan, adding a cutting remark about Gillian's inability to know how to help him. The remark was a direct reference to Gillian's one-night stand with David to help raise Ryan's bail money. Dimitri escorted a devastated Gillian out of the cellblock. Trevor told his client that he'd help him anyway he could---starting with a thorough investigation of the team that had analyzed Ryan's DNA. Ryan sniffled and coughed several times. He was still showing signs of his ill advised swim in the icy lake. Jack returned and loomed by Ryan's cell. He offered to find Ryan a doctor to help nurse him back to health. Jack wasn't being polite. He informed Ryan that he wanted him to be perfectly healthy when he went to trial. If the jury saw a young, strong man, they would be more likely to convict Ryan on all charges. Jack went about his business after Ryan turned down his offer for medical attention. Trevor returned and Ryan was still coughing. "I need to talk to you about your defense---or lack thereof."

Hayley stood in the foyer unobserved as Raquel, Max, and Mateo discussed their ice skating session. Raquel was unusually determined in her attempts to win back Mateo. She demonstrated one of his missed double axels and flew across the room---until she plopped down on the sofa and into Mateo's lap. Max finally saw Hayley and called out her name as he scampered across the room to give her a hug. Raquel lamely told Hayley that it was nice to see her "out of jail." Hayley forced a smile and sarcastically thanked Raquel for having sent her the note about Mateo's hospitalization. "I knew you'd want to know that [Mateo was being] taken care of," grinned the other Mrs. Santos. Hayley asked for a word alone with Mateo and Raquel reluctantly obliged. Mateo turned his attention to Hayley and told her that it was nice to have her home. Hayley told Mateo about Ryan's capture and the apparently beaten he'd taken from Edmund. As Hayley mentioned Edmund's name, Edmund and Kit strolled into the parlor-setting up a very uneasy situation. Edmund told Hayley that it was "a relief" to have her back home. Hayley snapped that she would never have been arrested in the first place had it not been for Kit's bogus allegations. While she was on a roll, she also told Edmund that the way he'd beaten up Ryan "also sucked." Edmund's eyes rose as he proclaimed that he was only trying to prevent Ryan from escaping. Edmund asked Hayley not to speak poorly of Kit since she was a guest in his house. "Or what?" Hayley growled. "Are you going to beat me up too?" Edmund took a deep breath and explained that he would have to ask Hayley to leave Wildwind if she did not ease up on her hostility. Mateo stepped in and asked Edmund to cut Hayley some slack because she'd been "through a lot." That set Edmund off on another tirade. He was upset by the implication that Kit had not suffered through her own ordeal. Hayley cast an angry glance at Mateo and informed him that she could---and would---speak for herself. She was furious with Edmund for taking Kit's word over that of someone he knew and cared about. Kit claimed that the fighting was upsetting her and offered to leave Wildwind since it was not her home. Hayley quickly noted that Wildwind was not her home either, adding that she and Mateo had long since outstayed their welcome. Edmund told Hayley that there was no reason for her to leave Wildwind. She was extended family and the sprawling castle was bigger enough for all of them (and then some). Hayley announced that she could not stay under the same roof as Kit. Mateo urged his wife to think things over before she flew off the handle. Edmund and Kit left so that Mateo and Hayley could speak in private. Hayley told Mateo that Kit had "dead eyes that [lead] to a dead soul." That was not the type of environment that Hayley wanted to be in. Hayley notified Mateo of her plans to move out of Wildwind immediately---whether it be to a place of their own, The Valley Inn, or a room at Chandler Mansion. Mateo was concerned that moving out of Wildwind would adversely effect Max---and don't forget about Raquel. "How could I forget about her?" Hayley sighed. Hayley was so angry that her thought process was starting to fall apart. She angrily told Mateo that Max would have to make do with her as his mother while he was staying with them. Mateo was shocked by Hayley's remark and quickly noted that Raquel was---and would always be---Max's mom. Hayley never meant to imply that she could assume Raquel's role. What she meant was that divorce was a common occurrence in American society and Max would simple have to deal with it. Of course that sounded insensitive as well. Mateo accused Hayley of allowing Raquel and Kit to drive them out of Wildwind. It was hard for Raquel to forget the past, Mateo said softly. "And it's impossible for me to swallow the present," pearled Hayley. "I can't blame her," said Hayley of Raquel's continued attempts to win back Mateo. "I'd try to bag you too." Mateo didn't want to "yank" Max from his mother's arms, but Hayley didn't want to stay in the same house with Raquel and Kit. The two had reached an apparent stalemate. Hayley, however, was determined to move out. She headed for the door and asked Mateo if he would be going with her.

Upstairs, Gillian headed to the office area and rummaged through Dimitri's desk. She found something of interest just as Edmund and Kit entered the room. In one of the most bizarre exchanges in recent memory, Gillian chirped that she had dropped by to write Dimitri a note. She quickly grabbed a pen, scrawled something on a piece of paper, and dashed towards the door. Edmund tried to tell Gillian that she didn't have to leave. In effect, he was inviting her back to Wildwind. Gillian's hand settled awkwardly by her side, hinting that she might have something hidden in her coat. Kit and Edmund exchanged confused glances as the princess whooshed by them.

Braden arrived at Chandler Mansion after having searched all of Junior's familiar haunts. Derek had been phoned and dropped by the mansion to file an official report. Derek asked the usual questions surrounding the boy's disappearance. One of the questions hit a particular nerve. "Was he upset about something?" Derek asked. Dixie and Adam exchanged nervous glances. Dixie finally broke the uneasy silence, saying that she and Adam had had an argument shortly before Junior vanished. She was quick to note that Junior didn't just wander off. That had been a results of his abduction by crazed Lee Hawkins. Derek knew it would be impossible for the boy's parents to adhere to his request, but he still asked Adam and Dixie to remain calm. Dixie accused Adam of being the reason Junior had dashed off. Had Adam not poked his nose into somewhere it didn't belong, Junior would never have known that Dixie was ill. The doorbell rang and Adam stormed to answer it. David stood outside the door with an intent look on his face. Adam promptly dismissed David, saying that his presence was not needed. Braden called out from the parlor. Dixie was having another of her attacks. Adam refused to let David treat his former wife, but Braden insisted that David be allowed to care for Dixie. Adam reluctantly agreed, but he pulled Braden aside and demanded to know how much he knew about Dixie's condition. Through his chat with Palmer's crony, Adam learned that David had been treating Dixie for some time. Braden said that the latest tests showed that Dixie's health was on the upswing. Adam refused to believe that "goodness [would] win out." He believed that Dixie was dying and that her days were numbered. David managed to work his magic on Dixie. As he was leaving, Braden asked David for a few words. He was stunned---imagine the greatest degree of shock possible---to learn that Dixie was not getting better. Braden believed that David had lied about Dixie's health as part of the proposal he'd made to get a new cardiac wing built. David smiled arrogantly and told Braden that he'd been mistaken. Braden now had to figure out how he'd explain things to Palmer. David told Braden to thank Palmer for the "much needed" cardiac wing and went on his way. Braden returned to the parlor just as Dixie and Adam resumed their tit for tat arguing. Dixie regretted having made her farewell tape. Her eyes lit up and she scurried off to Adam's office. She returned moments later and told the two men that her tape was missing. Junior must have seen the tape---and must still have it in his possession.

Junior lurked around in the dark at Tad's house. He tried to hide when he heard the front door open. He didn't manage to scatter in time. Tad called out to the boy and asked him why he was sitting by himself in the dark.

David returned to his office and toiled away on a patient. Footsteps sounded outside his office and the door slowly creaked open. David was so involved in his work that he didn't even look up immediately. When he did, he found Gillian standing in the doorway with an angry look on her face. David told Gillian that he had nothing to say to her and went back to his work. The door closed, but Gillian hadn't left. David looked up a few seconds later and his jaw dropped. Gillian stood only a few feet away from the doctor, a small pistol in her hand. The gun was cocked and pointed directly at David.



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