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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 25, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, January 25, 1999

Camille and Sara Ruth have a consultation with a new doctor. Before they come into the office, the doctor gets a call from Ben. He tells the doctor to go easy on Camille, she has had a rough time. The doctor calls Camille and Sara Ruth into her office. Camille tells her that she has had lost a breast to cancer and was interested in reconstructive surgery. Camille goes on to tell the doctor that she has heard all the arguments about breast reconstruction, but she is healthy and is ready to have it done. She also says that she is not just doing it for her self esteem. The doctor says that she has looked at Camille's medical file and she needs to examine her first, but she doesn't see a problem with her having the surgery. The doctor tells Camille that she had lost a breast to cancer and she had the same surgery. After the doctor examines Camille, she tells her that she has healed nicely and she sees no reason why she shouldn't have the surgery. They discuss the different options and the doctor gives Camille some literature to read and tells her to call her when she is ready for the surgery. Camille and Sara Ruth head back to the hospital. As they round the corner, Ben is sitting at a table doing paper work. He asks them why they are so happy and Camille tells him about the visit to the doctor and that it was very promising. Camille says that the good Lord is looking out for her and Sara Ruth says somebody is, that's for sure, as she is looking at Ben.

Brad and Carly are at the hospital and they are talking and laughing. Molly comes around the corner and sees that they are enjoying being together. This does not make her happy. She approaches them and says "Hi", then she tells them that they give a whole new meaning to "In your face." Brad says that he needs to make a phone call. After he is gone, Molly accuses Carly of going after Brad. Carly tells her that if she wants him, tell him. Molly tells her that she always has to play games. Carly says that she just likes to have fun, and she likes to flirt, what is the harm? Brad walks back up to them and asked them if they are still squabbling and what are they squabbling about. Carly says that they are arguing over him. Molly throws her a look. Molly asks Brad to give her a lift back to her apartment. Brad says that he will and then he has to go to Jack's house, they are having a going-away party for their mother tonight. Molly says that maybe they can hook up later and Carly interrupts and tells Molly that she should come over tonight and pick out her room at Fairwinds and get away from that rotten stepson of hers. Molly remembers that she was supposed to be at Andy's apartment for the intervention and she tells Brad that they have to go. Brad tells Carly to stay out of trouble. She says, "Moi? If I do find trouble, I'll just pick up the phone and dial 1-800-good-man. Brad says that it is time to leave.

At Andy's apartment, he walks in to see Kim, Bob, John, and Margo standing in his living room. They have gathered to confront him about his drinking. He realizes what everyone is there for and makes a comment about them all ganging up on him. John says they are not there to gang up on him, but to try to talk some sense into him. They ask him if he is drinking again and he admits to having some drinks. Kim wants to know why. Andy says that he is not perfect and he tries to leave. John stops him and says that they can't stop him from taking a drink but they can keep him there to listen to what they have to say. Kim tells Andy a story about one time they were on vacation and he was fidgeting in the car and as soon as they got to where they were going he jumped out of the car and started running toward a cliff. Kim yelled at him and he stopped. She tells him that if he didn't stop he could have killed himself falling over the cliff. Andy says that if he had fallen over the cliff, then they could all be at the movie instead of holding this intervention. Kim get mad and swats at him and tells him not to do that. Margo admits to Andy that she has to apologize about yelling at him when he withheld the truth about Emily, because he heard the story in an AA meeting. Andy tells them that he has had some disappointments lately and he had taken a few drinks just like anyone else in the room would have. Molly has come in and she says that he is wrong. Everyone else is not an alcoholic like he is and they can handle a few drinks, but he can't. Andy walks up to her and he tells her that he can't believe that she would join in with them. He reminds her that he found her eating out of a trash can. He tells her that they don't like her and they are just using her. Kim says to Andy that he has it wrong, Molly had called them and told them that he was drinking again. Andy turns to Molly, he can't believe that she had done that to him. She tries to explain to him that she didn't know what else to do. She saw him destroying himself and so she called Kim. Andy gives her a very mean look and walks out the door. Kim, Bob, John and Margo leave and tell Molly to get some rest. After they are gone, she can't rest, she is worried about Andy and starts to call some of the local bars to see if he is there. Then she realizes that he left in his car. She starts to dial the phone again and Andy walks in. She tells him that he shouldn't drink and drive. He tells her that he has heard that somewhere before. She tells him not to be a smart ass. She tells him that she is going to move out because she can't stand to watch him destroy himself. He tells her that he went to a meeting today and got back on the program. Molly is crying and she hugs him and tells him that she is happy.

At Fairwinds, Carly is looking at some new clothes that she has bought. She holds up a negligee and says that it is perfect, if it was July. Then she gets an idea. She goes over to the heat control and jams something down into it. She says that while her Parker Joe is nice and cool upstairs, mommy will be hotter than hell downstairs. She says that her Jack of all trades is going to be making a house call.

Back at Jack's house, they are celebrating Dolores' last night in Oakdale. She gives the boys gifts. The boys tell her that she is the one to be getting a gift not them. She tells them that she got these gifts over 30 years ago. Jack opens his gift and finds his junior deputy badge and Brad got his dump truck. They can't believe that she still had these toys. Brad tells her that her present is outside and he goes to get it. Dolores tells Jack and Julia that if Brad gets involved with Carly that they are to call her collect right away. Jack tells her not to worry, he doesn't think that anything will happen between Brad and Carly and she says, "Don't be so sure." Brad comes in with a puppy, just like the one that they had when they were younger. They are all making over the puppy and the phone rings. Jack tells them to let the machine get it. It is Carly on the phone and she is telling Jack that there is something wrong with the heating and she needs him to come over. Then she adds, "Please, for Parker."

Carly is in her negligee and waiting for Jack. The door bell rings and she tells Kevin to get the door. She has her back to the door and Brad walks in. She says, "it is so nice of you to come over, Ja---", she turns around and sees Brad standing there and she says, "Oh, its you." Brad says that the hotline must have been busy. She tells him to just fix the heat. He goes to the control and says that some idiot jammed something down in it. He gets it out and tells her that he knows what she is up to. He tells her that Jack is with Julia and she better forget about him. She tells him that if she wants to take Jack away from Julia, it is not any of his business.

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

The mystery man has a gun in a plastic bag. He hears the nanny coming and he puts the gun in a box and covers it up. The nanny tells the mystery man that the baby is sick again and needs to go to the doctor. He tells her not to take her to Oakdale and the nanny says that she understands. After she is gone, he takes out a piece of paper and opens it up and on the paper it says: DAVID IS DEAD, HOLDEN KILLED HIM.

Tom and Susan go to the clinic in Groverton. Since they traced Emily's call to Groverton, they are thinking that she may have come to the clinic if she wasn't feeling well. The go to the nurse at the desk and Susan tells her who she is and that she is looking for her daughter who is pregnant. The nurse gives her a look and Susan says that she isn't looking for any medical information, all she wants to know is if the nurse had seen her daughter around. Susan describes Emily to the nurse and the nurse thinks that she might have seen her. They show her a picture of Emily and she tells them that is not the person she was thinking of. Holden come in with Hope, she has another doctor's appointment. Tom and Susan tell him about Emily and that David maybe stalking her. Holden tells them that David had told him that he was never coming back to Oakdale. James has followed Holden and he is listening around the corner.

Andy takes Molly out for dinner for an apology for almost killing her the night before. He tells her that he feels like he had ruined things between her and Brad. As they are talking, Molly sees Brad over Andy's shoulder. He is sitting at a table with Carly. Brad sees Molly and says hi to her and Carly turns around and asks her to join them. Molly and Andy go over to the table and Molly says to Carly that she thought that she would be home taking care of her baby. Carly says that she needs to call home and check on him. Andy leaves to go get their food. Brad says to Molly that Andy looks sober and Molly tells him that he is and he has gone back to AA and is really trying to get straight. When Carly comes back, she asks Molly to join them and Molly just gets up and goes back to their table. Brad tells Carly about Andy getting drunk and leaving the gas on and almost killing himself and Molly. Carly gets up and stomps over to Molly and says that Brad had just told her about what happened the night before. She says that Molly should not spend one more night under the same roof with an alcoholic, she should come and live with her. Andy tells Carly that Molly is perfectly safe living with him, he is not drinking any more. Molly tells her that she is staying with Andy and she can go back to Brad now. Carly goes back and sits down with Brad and she is telling him what she told Molly about living with an alcoholic and he can't believe that she called Andy an alcoholic to his face. Carly sees Jack walk in the restaurant and Brad looks to see who she is looking at. Jack walks over to them and asks about the baby. Molly has seen all that she wishes to and she asks Andy to take her home. Carly asks Jack to join them and he says that he can't, he is meeting Julia. Jack walks away and Brad says to Carly, "told ya." He tries to once again explain to her that Jack is in love with Julia. He says that she is with him tonight and she says that is going to drive Jack crazy. He warns her again about using him to get to his brother. Jack calls Julia and she says that she can't join him for dinner. Brad is watching Carly watch Jack. He asks her why she didn't just marry Jack and have his baby. She tells him the story about them being trapped together in a cabin and almost freezing to death. She goes on to tell him that after they were found, Jack had a stab would and they couldn't be together for six weeks. Brad sees the light and says to Carly that they have never slept together and Carly tells him that is none of his business. He says that just proves his theory, she has never been with him and she wants what she can't have. He tells her that she needs a real man to love her and to kiss her and to want her so much it hurts. As he is saying this, he is getting closer and closer like he is going to kiss her and then he jumps back into reality and says that he will get them more coffee.

Eddie is at Margo's house to pick Katie up for their date. They are going to the freshman dance. Eddie is talking with Margo and he notices that she is drying a dry pot. He tells her that the pot is dry and she says that she is out of sorts tonight. He asks where Tom is and she says that Tom doesn't live here anymore. They start talking about everything that had happened with Tom and Emily and Eddie asks Margo if she thinks it would have done any good if he had told Tom about Emily sooner. Margo says that it wouldn't because Tom didn't like Eddie. Eddie tells Margo that she did him a lot of good, everything that she had done for him. She tells him that she is glad. Katie come in and she is dressed in a short black dress and Eddie says, "Wow, you look great." Margo goes upstairs to help the boys with their homework. Eddie says to Katie that he thinks the party is going to be lame and she thinks the same thing. They decide to do something different than go to the party. Eddie asks Katie if she would like to go sledding and she thinks that is a great idea. Later, they return and tell Margo about changing their plans and going sledding and how much fun they had. Margo offers to make them some hot cocoa. As she is making the cocoa, they are talking about sledding when they were children and Margo is watching them from the corner of the kitchen. When it is time for Eddie to leave, he and Katie are saying good-bye at the door and Margo is hanging around. After Eddie is gone, Katie says to Margo that she is feeling some strong vibes from Margo and does she have a problem with her dating Eddie. Margo says, "Yes, I do."

I was interrupted for a bit for a news break about the Pope, so I am filling in here at what I think happened.

Lucinda followed James and caught him eavesdropping on Holden, Susan and Tom. She warns him about interfering with her family. She leaves and goes back home and James chases after her. Back at home, Lucinda tells James that if he doesn't stop spying on Holden, she will leave him. He says that he can't live without her and he will try to mend fences with Holden. Holden comes in with the baby and tells Lily that she is going to be OK. Lucinda joins them in the foyer and leaves James in the living room. James opens the package that was delivered to him. He pulls out the gun and the note that says: DAVID IS DEAD, HOLDEN KILLED HIM.

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Margo admits to Katie that she's uneasy about her half-sister dating Eddie. She'll always have a connection to him, Margo realizes. Molly is touched when Andy affirms he'd miss her if she left. James reads the anonymous note that says Holden killed David as Holden and Lily watch Hope in the next room. Lucinda drags the couple in to see James, who parrots what he told Lucinda--he's giving up the search for his son.

Camille and Brad share an awkward moment when they run into each other at Java. Camille and Sara Ruth discuss her upcoming reconstructive surgery. Carly asks Brad about the vibe she senses between him and Camille. Margo is flippant when Tom returns to the house to gather clothes in the midst of his search for Emily. James arranges to have the gun tested for fingerprints. Sara Ruth promises her daughter that she'll support her for the surgery and beyond. Andy challenges Molly's assertion that she's always alone.

James tries to gauge Holden's reaction when he asks him what he thinks of his idea to give up on David. Holden refuses to comment and declines to drink the brandy James presents him. James is pleased about the set of fingerprints Holden leaves behind on the glass.

Carly asks Brad to dish the dirt on his romantic past, including how he met Camille, but he declines and storms out. Andy sings Molly's praises and then kisses her. Molly is flustered and wonders aloud if they're breaking their "deal," then allows him to kiss her a second time. Brad interrupts to ask Molly to go to the movies with him.

Margo tells Katie how she saw herself in Eddie--the wild child lashing out to hide the hurt. Katie is proud of the fact that Eddie is not like all the college boys she knows. Margo spies Tom coming downstairs and deliberately continues to praise Eddie. Margo surmises that Tom has fallen for Emily's tricks again, just as she predicted.

An exuberant Lucinda gathers Lily and Holden for a champagne toast to Hope. James declares that he hopes they all get what they deserve. A furious Margo warns Tom not to try to equate her relationship with Eddie to what Tom and Emily did. Lily urges a worried Holden not to read too much into James' words.

Margo walks away when Tom wonders aloud if she regrets not sleeping with Eddie. Sara Ruth receives a call from Ben inquiring about Camille's surgery. Camille doesn't want Ben to be so involved in her live and it is then that Sara Ruth admits that Ben was the one who recommended the reconstructive surgeon Camille is using. He still loves you, she insists to her daughter.

Molly informs Andy that she turned down Brad. Andy deems Brad a fool for taking her for granted. Lily rolls over to see that Holden is still awake. He promises her that their life will soon return to normal and they make love. James gets the results of the lab tests--the blood on the gun matches David and the fingerprints on the trigger are Holden's. James revises the note so that it says that Holden is dead.

Thursday, January 28, 1999

John tries to convince Carly, over breakfast at the hospital, to start over in the friendship department for the sake of Parker. When John asks Denise, (who is working in the cafeteria thanks to Ben), to bring Carly a glass of milk, she tells him to get it himself. Quite put off by her attitude, John begins to read her the riot act. However, Denise counters by accusing John of being one of her regular customers at the strip club. Although amused at first by John's denial, Carly quickly accuses John of being a liar and refuses to enter into any kind of truce with him. Angered that Carly is keeping his son from him, John and Carly enter into a heated discussion which is quickly broken up by Denise who pours a glass of water on John.

Camille's spirits are lifted when Ben visits her while she is waiting to go to surgery. Outside her room, Brad is nervously waiting to hear any news about Camille. Sara Ruth arrives to find him and orders him to stay away from Camille. Later, Ben arrives in the cafeteria in time to witness Denise being fired by John.

Lucinda tries to comfort James thinking he has decided to give up his search for David. Meanwhile, gathered together in the stables, Julia continues to fret to Holden and Lily about their secret and the ramifications if James were to ever find out. Holden tries to reassure Julia that James seems ready to move on where David is concerned. However, unbeknownst to the threesome, James is standing nearby and overhears their discussions about David. Livid, he begins his plans for revenge.

Friday, January 29, 1999

Eddie walks into Georgia's "rehearsal" and wonders why she's so drive. She insists she's doing it for herself, not because of her mother or Lucinda. Carly and Lisa trade barbs before Brad arrives as Carly's date. Ben pulls John aside after he sees him giving a dressing-down to an orderly, but he's interrupted by Denise asking him for help. Carly shrugs off Brad's unease in the Lakeview's restaurant--she's there to see all the "have-gots."

Molly is irked when Carly's butler informs her that godson Parker is being tended to by a nanny. Molly calls her cousin, who's surprised by Molly's irritation but agrees to give the nanny the brush-off. Carly agrees to Brad's ultimatum that they spend a half hour there before leaving. Barbara and Hal walk in and Barbara takes a swipe at Carly's dress before being led to their table. Denise apprises Ben of Gary's ransacking of her apartment--he's coming after her.

Eddie expresses interest in meeting the object of Georgia's affection--he wants to decide if the guy is deserving enough of her. Andy arrives at Carly's to share dinner with Molly. Andy wonders why his roommate doesn't move into Carly's luxurious mansion instead of having to sleep on a sofa. A belligerent Molly demands to know if he's telling her he wants her to move out.

James remembers his joy at seeing David after he was presumed drowned and vows to take Holden's life as payment for his son's. Eddie fears he'll lose Katie to another guy, because he'll always be the "outsider." Ben reluctantly decides to let Denise stay at his house while the police investigate. Andy admits he wants Molly to move out, but it's so he can pursue a relationship with her. John walks in on them kissing and demands to see Parker. After eating one of the oysters she's ordered Carly agrees to leave with Brad.

John refuses to leave when his son is being "neglected" and Molly agrees to allow him to stay, but only until Carly returns. Brad takes Carly to a rooftop and encourages her to shout her confidence to the world, instead of trying to flaunt her money. Denise finds a scarf of Camille's and Ben orders her to put it back.

Georgia makes a deal with Eddie--she'll type his papers for him if he'll teach her how to use her computer. James demands to know what Eddie is doing in the stables.

Denise vows to loosen Ben up. Carly is exuberant after having told Oakdale she's not "invisible," then she thinks of Parker and decides to go home. Molly admits to Andy that she let his dad stay because of her own experience with Abigail. When Carly arrives home, Molly starts to tell her about John's presence, but stops when she sees that Carly brought her "financial advisor" Brad home with her. Carly can't understand why Molly and Andy walk out in a huff. John appears holding Parker.

James agrees to keep quiet about "Sideburns" staying with Georgia if they stay out of the stables. Alone, he climbs the scaffolding that's in place as part of his plan to kill Holden.


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