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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on GL
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Monday, October 24, 2005

On the roof of the hospital, Jonathan reels from the news that Ava's married to Sandy. Meanwhile, thinking Fallon has taken care of getting Ava to agree to a divorce, Sandy asks Tammy to marry him. Thrilled and determined to end her conflict over Jonathan, she accepts.

Tammy and Sandy go to Company where they run into Cassie. They are unaware she's completely pre-occupied and worried about losing Hope. Cassie is considering going after Danny's record to try to hold on to the child. As mother and daughter celebrate the big engagement news, Ava admits to Jonathan that she still has feelings for Sandy.

Ava wants to remain married. She gets Jonathan to promise to keep her secret for the time being. But when Jonathan hears about the proposal, he seems poised to tell Tammy the truth Sandy and Ava.

Following Beth and Alan's failed attempts to undermine her, Harley starts her day in disguise. She is determined to get her hands on financial information for an important shareholder meeting. Gus gets wind of what she's doing and races to the offices, nearly ruining her efforts. Working together, they bluff the accountant and get what they need, unaware Beth has seen them. Beth calls Alan. He realizes their plan to sink Harley at the meeting has hit a snag, so he puts Plan B into action. Later, at Alan's request, Beth brings him a video he's hidden at the house for just such an occasion. Beth is stunned when she realizes it's a security camera view of Harley and Mallet kissing passionately in his office at the prison.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Jonathan is about to tell Tammy what he knows about Ava and Sandy being married. But when she declares there's nothing he can say to make her change her mind about Sandy, he surprisingly pulls back, and says she's right. Tammy didn't expect this and when he leaves, there's a part of her that wishes he had fought for her.

Jonathan returns to Ava. She has told Sandy she doesn't want to give him up, despite his protests about being in love with Tammy. Getting Ava alone, Jonathan urges her to walk away because it's the right thing to do. He gives her a business card for a lawyer. He insists he is tired of chasing after Tammy. Now he's going to wait for her to realize she can't live without him.

Josh catches Billy with a bottle of liquor and lashes out at him for not being strong enough to stop drinking. He washes his hands of Billy for the night and leaves. He runs into Reva. She has just come from an intense encounter with Olivia, who she thinks is to blame for Billy's drinking. There's a tentative connection between Josh and Reva. But when Reva gets a panicked call from Billy, ready to get drunk, she makes an excuse to Josh and leaves. Olivia sees this and fills the void a little for Josh, leading to a vulnerable moment when she recalls a time when they could count on each other for anything. Josh pulls away and it's unclear whether a lonely Olivia might be looking to take Reva's place in Josh's life. Meanwhile, Reva sticks close to Billy, helping him through the night, but mindful of her missed opportunity with Josh.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dinah has picked up Edmund on the side of the road. She leads him to believe she wants to team up with him again. But she lets her true intentions show when she pulls a gun on him and declares that his time has come. At the last second, Mallet arrives, having had her tailed. He eventually gets her to lower her weapon. Edmund demands Dinah's arrest, but Mallet informs him the gun is a fake and that no charges can be filed. After Edmund manages to escape, Mallet puts Dinah in the car to take her back to town. Dinah realizes Mallet covered for her so she wouldn't face jail time.

Michelle and Danny are in the Bauer cabin, trying to deal with the enormity of being parents again and what it means for all involved. Michelle's overcome by it all and as Danny comforts her, Marina arrives. The moment is full of tension with no one quite able to articulate how much things have changed between them all. With the spare tire Marina's brought, Danny's able to repair his car. The three of them head out, back to Springfield and Cassie and Hope, to find out what the future holds for them.

Alan encourages Beth to go to the Spaulding shareholders' meeting and switch the promotional video with the video he has of Mallet and Harley kissing in the warden's office. She starts to get cold feet, but Gus comes and unknowingly gives her what she needs to go through with it when he patronizingly suggests she let him help her get an annulment. Later, Harley's ready to go on stage and shine as CEO, unaware Beth has switched the videos and has set her up for a huge downfall.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harley's presentation DVD has been replaced by Beth with a one showing Harley kissing Mallet in prison. Beth disagrees with Harley's decision to bring Zack and Jude, who are in their Halloween costumes, to the Spaulding meeting. Gus is suspicious when he sees Beth lurking near Harley's computer. He warns Beth that she doesn't know what she's in for with Alan. Beth looks on smugly as a devastated Gus watches the DVD. He doesn't let on to Harley that he knows the truth. Beth makes Gus wonder what else is true in Blake's book. Mallet looks on proudly as Harley makes her Spaulding presentation a success.

Olivia unsuccessfully tries to connect with Bill. Things go from bad to worse when she loses her ring down the drain. Buzz fishes it out of the pipe and realizes it is Olivia's. She takes it as an omen that her marriage has gone down the drain. Alexandra looks on as Olivia and Buzz discuss her failed relationships. Olivia sets her sights on another Lewis.

Marina gives Danny and Michelle a chance to spend some time together but confesses to Mallet that she's not happy about it. Michelle feels guilty about taking Hope from Cassie. She wants Danny to stay with her and Hope at the Bauer home, but he still has feelings for Marina.

Jeffrey worries as Cassie grows closer to Hope. She dreads the day when Michelle and Danny come for the baby. But it's Cassie, Hope and Jeffrey who come to Michelle and Danny when a trick-or-treating RJ knocks on Danny's door. Cassie balks at giving the baby to Michelle but relents when Michelle assures her that she will not rush the process. Danny and Michelle decide to keep Hope's name, given the circumstances. They don't want her to forget her time with Cassie. Michelle, Danny and Jeffrey look on as Cassie says a tearful goodbye to Hope.

Friday, October 28, 2005

It's Halloween and Dinah wants to cut loose and have fun. Mallet, however, won't let her out of his sight until she appears at her probation hearing. She bristles at what she sees as another man trying to control her, unable to see the good guy who has her best interest at heart. Meanwhile, Edmund finds a way to use Halloween to mask his appearance so that he can sneak into the jail to see Alan. Both men need the other in order to put their own desperate plans into motion. Edmund narrowly dodges discovery when Dinah and Mallet appear at the jail but later, he and Alan have forged an alliance. Cassie throws herself into the holiday spirit, not just for RJ's sake but to keep her own mind off the loss of Hope. Reva is there to help her, and tries to get her to confront her feelings. But, Cassie ultimately admits that she needs a kind of help she can't get from her sister or even from Jeffrey. Later, she calls upon an unlikely source for comfort - Dinah. Knowing what her mother is going through, Tammy is all the more eager to marry Sandy and create a stable, happy life for herself and her family. Which would be great for Sandy, if only Ava would agree to the divorce. A divorce is just what Jonathan urges Ava to go for, telling her that by setting Sandy free, she will have a fighting chance of winning him back. What he doesn't tell her is that he is setting up Sandy for a fall so that a heartbroken Tammy will turn to Jonathan for support. Later, when Ava signs the divorce papers, Jonathan tells Tammy and Sandy he wants to throw them an engagement party.

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