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'Terrible Tom' held Lauren's necklace as leverage against 'Brenda.' Sheila made plans to get even on Lauren's wedding day. Sharon became the new spokesmodel for Newman Enterprises. Michael postponed the wedding. Scotty discovered a picture of Sheila.
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Monday, October 24, 2005

An agitated Sheila was in her motel room and conversed with a "phantom" Sheila who appeared in the mirror. "Real" Sheila said that the necklace should have taken care of Lauren -- "phantom" Sheila reminded "real" Sheila that if the poison is discovered on the necklace it could be traced back to her since she had possession of the necklace at one time. "Real" Sheila realized she had to get the necklace back but wasn't sure how. "Phantom" Sheila taunted "real" Sheila about Lauren and Michael's approaching nuptials -- what if Lauren started hallucinating in front of all the guests? "Phantom" Sheila told "real" Sheila to act fast or Scott, Michael and Lauren would become one happy family. Tom came into the room and told Sheila that the front desk clerk didn't see anyone messing around with his motorcycle the night he was busted. Sheila then told Tom she had a way for him to get back at Michael -- that Sheila (as Jennifer) was friendly with Gloria. Tom asked what he had to do.

Gloria visited Lauren in her hospital room. Lauren told Gloria that she felt much better and that test results showed that there was a toxic agent in her blood, but that she would be released from the hospital tomorrow. Gloria was happy that the wedding was still on. Michael entered with a hospital employee wearing a face mask -- Michael wanted everything that Lauren was in contact with to be tested (although Lauren was still wearing the toxic necklace.) The employee left with the contents of Lauren's closet. Gloria didn't understand why Michael wasn't sick if a toxic agent was involved. Michael surmised that perhaps Lauren had an allergic reaction, but he was going to make sure that it never happened again. Lauren changed the subject to the upcoming wedding. Michael thought that maybe Scott was right -- that the wedding should be postponed due to Lauren's illness. Lauren and Gloria disagreed. Gloria reminded Michael that it was too late to back out -- out of town guests were arriving and the Forresters were flying in tonight. Gloria left. Michael bent to kiss Lauren and Tom was staring at them through the hospital room door. Tom hid as Michael left Lauren's room. Tom entered the sleeping Lauren's room, and thought to himself that he had to quickly grab the necklace and get out. Tom saw that Lauren was wearing the necklace, and as he tried to take it off she woke up and was terrified seeing Tom standing over her.

In the conference room where the spokesmodel auditions were held, Victor was extremely happy that Nick wanted to take an active role in Newman Enterprises again. Nick told Victor that he had sorted things out, and that even though Cassie's death still hurt, he realized he can't hold onto the pain and had to move on with his life. Nick informed Victor that the spokesmodel audition was Brad's idea -- that Brad was starting to act like the CEO. Nick was upset that he hadn't been informed that Brad was given Newman stock and that Newman Enterprises needed him back in charge. Victor told Nick that he couldn't demote Victoria because Nick decided to come back. Nick didn't want Victor to fire Victoria: he wants to work with her. Victor said he would be thrilled to see Nick and Victoria working together. Nick hoped that Victoria would feel the same way. After Victor left, Nick thought that there was one person who wouldn't think it particularly wonderful that he was back.

In Victor's office, an excited Victoria put on the earrings that Brad bought for her. She was dazzled by them, but wanted to know why Brad had picked tonight to give them to her. According to Brad, the earrings were in honor of their mutual accomplishments and hoped he hadn't overstepped by giving her such a lavish gift. Victoria assured him that she was overwhelmed and surprised -- not only by the earrings but by the news that Brad and Ashley had begun divorce proceedings. Victoria wondered if she and Brad had a future together. They agreed that they have a lot of chemistry: both business and personal. As Victoria asked Brad if he was her boyfriend a waiter with a fancy looking tray knocked on the office door. Brad and Victoria enjoyed a romantic style dinner -- Brad ordered all of Victoria's favorites. As they danced Victoria asked Brad if he and Ashley were able to leave their work conflicts at work. Brad said they usually had no problem with that, and wanted to go on the record that he had no problem with Victoria being his boss. Outside the office door, Victor heard music and voices, entered the office, and saw Victoria and Brad dancing.

In the Chancellor living room Brittany told J.T. that she was still having problems accepting Bobby's death. They discussed what a stand-up guy Bobby was, and Brittany was going to tell that to Joshua when he was old enough. J.T. suggested taking a drive but Brittany didn't want to go because she had lost everything. J.T. assured her that she still had friends, Joshua -- and him. Brittany looked at the picture of her, Bobby, and Joshua and realized that it was the only one of the three of them that she had. Brittany felt like she was in a bad dream -- a widow with a child. She wondered how she would make it and that if not for Joshua she wouldn't want to live. Brittany reminded J.T. of how much he and Bobby used to hate each other and how glad she was that they got past that. Brittany started crying as she remembered that she didn't even have a chance to kiss Bobby goodbye. J.T. consoles her.

Phyllis and Jack were in the Abbott living room looking at prototypes for Jabot's website. Phyllis said that she doesn't regret leaving Newman and loved working for Jabot. They checked out the Newman website and saw that not many changes had been made since Phyllis left. Jack was baffled by the fact that they fired Phyllis, hired Brad, and gave Brad a piece of the company. Jack swore he would get even with Brad. Phyllis didn't want to be a part of Jack's plans for revenge as she had just mended fences with Nick. Jack wondered why Phyllis was so conciliatory after the way she was treated by the Newmans. Phyllis reminded Jack that a little girl had died, and that everything had worked out fine -- Daniel was free and clear. Phyllis told a grateful Jack she would be up all night working on the Jabot website. Phyllis told Jack that sometimes you have to believe that "seeds that you plant will grow on their own, without having to water them."

At Crimson Lights, Mac remembered seeing Brittany being consoled by J.T. Kevin came in and Mac gave him material she picked up at the conference. Dillon told Mac and Kevin that Devon was quickly learning the ropes at Crimson Lights. Devon told Mac and Kevin that he wants to work a lot of hours and make a lot of money. Mac told Kevin that she went home first but saw J.T. and Brittany together. They both thought that Brittany would have left town by now. Kevin said there had to be a logical explanation, but Mac wondered what it was.

Kevin told Mac that Nick called and was going to stop by to go over some problem with the transfer of the insurance policy. Phyllis came in to order some coffee for her long night's work and was surprised to see Devon working there. Nick came into the coffeehouse and was very friendly towards Phyllis -- informing her that he was returning to Newman Enterprises. Phyllis wondered how much their previous conversation had to do with Nick's decision, and how Victoria would take the news. Nick thought that Victoria would be fine -- and implied that any problems he encountered would be with Brad.

On the Crimson Lights terrace, Neil and Dru discussed how happy they were to see Nick at Newman Enterprises. Neil asked Dru if she tried to reach Devon; Dru thought he was at the library. Both Neil and Dru were worried about Yolanda's release from rehab tomorrow and worried that Devon might have gone to see her. Neil and Dru realized that Yolanda would need a support system. Neil suggested that they might be Yolanda's support system. An upset Dru said that would be too much for them. They both were concerned that Yolanda could cause Devon to backslide. Neil and Dru entered the main room of the coffeehouse and were shocked to see Devon working there.

Sheila (as Jennifer) went to the Abbott house. Gloria was unhappily surprised to see her. Sheila/Jennifer said she thought they were friends -- especially since she had saved Gloria's life. Gloria told Sheila/Jennifer that she was deeply grateful for that, and had already thanked her. Sheila/Jennifer told Gloria that she had also done her the favor of bailing out Tom, and now wanted Gloria to come through for her. Gloria thought Sheila/Jennifer wants money and told her she can't help her. Sheila/Jennifer told Gloria she didn't want her money -- that she wanted to be at Michael and Lauren's wedding!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Jennifer"/Sheila reminds Gloria that she owes her for posting bail for Tom. "Jennifer" says that it's always been her dream to attend a society wedding, and Gloria relents, saying that her name will be on the guest list tomorrow. In Victoria's office, Victoria and Brad kiss just as Ashley barges in, declaring that her lawyer has sent Brad his divorce papers. Ashley and Brad leave to discuss their divorce papers, and Nikki enters, fully refreshed from her vacation. Victoria asks Nikki for advice on how to go about starting a relationship with Brad. Nikki tells her to be very careful because people at Newman will gossip about the CEO dating another executive. At the coffeehouse, Ashley demands that Brad put in writing that Abby will never have to spend time with any woman he decides to date. Brad won't do that, seeing as he knows that Abby will continue to see Victor, no matter how opposed he is to that interaction. Devon tells Dru and Neil that he took this job to make extra money, just like they said he could. Kevin tells Mac that he overheard Devon tell his parents that he is working part-time and is worried that the Winters' will be angry with him for hiring him full-time. Kevin brings Devon over to Dru and explains the situation to her, telling Devon that he is only going to work part-time for him. Devon says that he is going to work full-time anyway, and walks away from Dru. Jill, J.T, and Brittany make dinner plans, but when J.T. cancels them to see Mac, Brittany is disappointed and decides not to go either. Michael rushes to Lauren's rescue at the hospital, and Tom and Michael get into a physical fight. Tom crushes Michael on the head with a metal pitcher and he passes out. Tom grabs Lauren's necklace and rushes out of the room. Lauren screams, but when the nurse enters she says that Michael went home a while ago, and that Lauren must have been hallucinating. When J.T. arrives at the coffeehouse he tells Mac that Bobby died. She apologizes for not trusting J.T. with Brittany. Nick tells Neil that he's coming back to work at Newman Enterprises, and wants Neil to fill him in on all of his observations about Brad. Neil says that doing so would put him in an awkward position, but agrees to prepare a comprehensive report on the launch of the new line.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mac and J.T. went back to the Chancellor house to check on Brittany. At first Brittany was happy to see J.T., but when she realized that Mac was with him, her face fell. Mac hugged her and expressed her sympathy over Bobby's death. When they heard Joshua crying on the monitor, Mac said she'd check on him. While she was gone, Brittany admitted that she hadn't gone out to dinner with Jill. She hadn't been hungry. She suggested that J.T. take a walk with her on the grounds. Overhearing them as she returned with Joshua, Mac said she'd bundle him up so they could all go for a walk. Brittany suddenly lost interest, nor did she want Mac to rent a movie to take their minds off things. Feeling helpless, Mac said she needed to go back to the coffee shop and talk to Kevin. After she was gone, Brittany ate something at J.T.'s urging. She liked seeing J.T. hold Joshua and reminded him that he'd been part of Joshua's life since the night her baby was born.

Neil came back to Crimson Lights looking for his cell phone, and Dru told him about Devon's plan to work there full time so he could get an apartment for his mother. They wondered how to convince Devon that he needed to focus on his schoolwork, and Dru said she had a plan. Neil told her that Nick was coming back to work at Newman. Dru was glad because she hoped that Nick would keep Brad and Victoria from running over Neil.

Devon went to see Yolanda and tell her that he was going to find her a place to live. Yolanda told him that she intended to take care of herself; she wasn't his responsibility. Dru came in and asked to speak to Yolanda alone. After Devon left, Dru told his mother about how Devon had lied to him and was neglecting school to make money for her. Yolanda said that Dru and Neil needed to find a way to control Devon. Yolanda had to focus on her own recovery, but she agreed that Devon shouldn't be worried about her. Drucilla gave Yolanda some money to find her own place and left, telling Yolanda she would pray for her.

Victor came home as Nikki and Nick were having their reunion. Nick was glad to see his mother looking so well after her cruise with Victor. When Nikki went to pour a cup of tea for Victor, she looked at the pills in her purse with a worried expression. Nick said he had to go to the office to see Victoria. After he left, Nikki expressed her concern to Victor about Victoria's relationship with Brad. She was alarmed that Brad was becoming so entrenched at Newman. Victor was disturbed to hear that Brad had given Victoria a pair of diamond earrings. He agreed that she was risking her professional credibility by becoming personally involved with Brad. Although Nikki was glad to hear that Nick intended to go back to Newman, she warned Victor that he, not Nick, should have told Victoria. Victoria had just begun to feel like Nick's equal in her father's eyes. Nikki warned Victor that there were troubled times ahead.

Brad came back to Victoria's office to finish their date and was surprised when Victoria gave back the earrings. She said she wasn't comfortable accepting the gift, and she was curious about his motives for getting so close to her. Brad wondered if her reaction was because of Ashley's visit, but Victoria said no. As he was trying to tell her why he was attracted to her, Nick arrived and asked to speak to his sister alone. Victoria tried to put Nick off, but Brad said they were done and left.

Victoria was shocked to hear that Nick planned to come back to work, especially when she realized that his decision was immediate. She asked if she was just supposed to step aside as CEO, and Nick said no. He wanted the two of them to share the position, working side by side for the good of the company. Victoria had her reservations, and Nick told her to sleep on it and they'd talk in the morning. When Victoria found out that her father already knew Nick's decision, she wondered why he hadn't told her. Nick said that he'd asked Victor to let him tell her. He left, and Victoria looked upset.

Michael and Kevin were stunned to see Tom out of jail, and Michael asked who'd posted his bail. Tom didn't tell them, but he did warn Michael that he intended to prove that Michael had set him up. Michael told him that he wasn't bothered by his threats, and Tom said that it wasn't only Michael who was vulnerable, but also Kevin, Gloria, and Lauren. Michael warned Tom that if he hurt any of them, he was a dead man. Kevin told Tom that Crimson Lights was his now, and he had the right to refuse service to anyone. He asked Tom to leave, and Tom did, with a final warning look at Michael. While Kevin and Michael were talking about Tom, Michael got a call from the hospital with news that Lauren had suffered a relapse. He left Kevin alone on the patio.

When Mac came back to the coffee shop, Kevin told her about Lauren's relapse and Tom's visit. Mac was proud of Kevin for making Tom leave Crimson Lights. Kevin was stunned to hear about Bobby's death, and Mac said that was why Brittany had been in J.T.'s arms earlier. J.T. was comforting her. Kevin was a little surprised that Mac would leave Brittany and J.T. alone, and Mac sounded like she was trying to convince herself, as well as Kevin, that right now, Brittany just needed her friends around her.

Michael arrived at the hospital to find the staff putting a hysterical Lauren into restraints. He made them leave, then he freed Lauren's hands and held her. Lauren admitted that she'd had another hallucination. When he asked if it was Sheila, Lauren said it was Tom. She thought that Tom had killed Michael. Seeing Michael alive and okay was her reassurance not only that it had been her imagination, but that her rooftop encounter with Sheila hadn't been real either. As Michael watched over her, Lauren drifted off to sleep because of the sedative she'd been given, murmuring how glad she was that Sheila was locked up thousands of miles away.

Sheila was brooding about how she could ruin Lauren's wedding and kill her. While she paced, Scott arrived. He told her that he was worried about his mother. He even wanted her to postpone the wedding. Sheila told him that might be more stressful for Lauren than actually having the wedding. Somewhat persuaded by her arguments, Scott left, promising to call her the day after the wedding so they could get back to work on their book.

Sheila disguised herself as Jennifer, but before she could leave, Tom arrived. Sheila told him that she was on her way out, but Tom reminded her that he had some leverage now. Sheila laughed and told him that he could keep the necklace. But if he planned to hock it, he might want to do it somewhere other than Genoa City, since he was already in enough trouble. Tom realized that Sheila had another plan and asked what it was, but Sheila wouldn't tell him. She finally got rid of Tom, then she went to the Founders' Room at the athletic club, which was where Lauren would be getting ready for her wedding the next day. Sheila had a fantasy of being dressed in her Jennifer disguise and giving Lauren a wedding present. When Lauren opened the box, she was bitten by a snake. As Lauren collapsed to the floor, asking why, Jennifer removed her wig and exposed herself as Sheila. When the vision faded, Sheila smiled, deciding that she'd found the perfect way to destroy Lauren.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sheila puts the finishing touches on her gift to Lauren—a live poisonous snake. Tom enters and she reveals that she's going to Michael and Lauren's wedding. Tom hopes that whatever "Brenda"/Sheila has planned, that Michael will forever suffer from it for putting Tom away in jail. "Brenda" declares to Tom that Michael probably had an accomplice to do his dirty work for him. Lauren tells Michael that she's ready for their wedding today, but flips out when she discovers that her necklace isn't there. Michael says that they will track it down, and goes to speak with the doctors. The toxin team tells him that his condo and her clothes are free of toxins, and Michael wonders what else could have made Lauren sick. Lauren won't hear of postponing the wedding, but Michael tells her that he's not going through with it until she's made a full recovery. Michael calls Gloria, telling her the wedding is off. At the G.C.A.C. dining room, Gloria is horrified that Michael wants to postpone the wedding, and tells "Jennifer"/Sheila the bad news. Knowing that she herself caused Lauren to be sick, and therefore caused the wedding to be canceled, Sheila is furious. After Gloria leaves, Sheila attacks the wedding cake with a knife, destroying it. At the office, Victoria asks Brad if he can still function as a dependable member of her team at Newman Enterprises, to which Brad replies that he can. Brad says that Candi and Sharon are the only candidates worth considering for the spokesperson job, but thinks that choosing Sharon would send a good message to the women that identify with their products. At Nick and Sharon's home, Brad stops by to inform Sharon that she got the job as the Beauty of Nature spokesperson. They are ecstatic, but when Sharon tells Nick, they don't share the same type of joy. Devon stuns Neil and Dru when he reveals that he's leaving them and going to live with his mother. Neil reminds him that he is still under their care, and if he does that they will call the social worker and he'll go right back to a group home. Devon understands, but says that right now his mom's success in beating her addiction is what matters the most to him. At the park, Yolanda runs into Isaac, her old dealer. He offers her some free drugs but Yolanda states that she's through with that lifestyle. Dru watches from afar, impressed that Yolanda seems determined to stay clean.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Victor went to see Victoria before Michael's wedding because his daughter had called him. Victoria warned him that any discussion of her personal life was not on the table. She wanted to talk business. Although she'd been surprised by Nick's announcement that they would be sharing the CEO position, she assured her father that she would do her best to work with Nick for the good of the company. To that end, she'd chosen Sharon as the most deserving spokesperson for the new cosmetics line. Victor thought she'd made the right choice and commended her for her attitude toward Nick and their business relationship.

Victor was alone in Victoria's office when Brad came in. Victor warned him that the most important relationship in the company was the one between Victoria and Nick. Brad should do nothing to interfere with it, nor should he have a personal relationship with Victoria. When Brad asked if Victor had expressed those thoughts to Victoria, Victor said no, but Nikki had. Brad surmised that this was a family thing, and Victor agreed. Victoria returned, and Victor left to pick up Nikki for the wedding.

Brad told Victoria that he now understood why she'd returned the earrings to him. Obviously her parents were putting pressure on her, and he was disappointed that she was letting them run her life. Victoria argued that she was making her own decisions. She needed to focus on working with Nick, and she had her professional reputation to think of. She wasn't saying that they could never have a relationship, just that they wait until his divorce was final and things calmed down at work. Brad agreed to be supportive of her and not be another challenge that she had to deal with.

Sharon was bewildered by Nick's attitude about her new job. She wondered if he wanted her to turn the job down. Nick assured her that he was happy she'd gotten the job and was proud of her. But he was concerned about Brad's involvement. Sharon didn't think that Brad had exerted any influence over Victoria, but at least he'd been willing to speak up for Sharon, unlike Nick. Nick said that it was inappropriate for both him and Brad to try to influence Victoria's decision.

Nikki was getting ready to go to the wedding when she got a surprise visit from J.T. Considering their recent conflict, she didn't want to let him in, but he said he had some news to give her about Bobby. When Nikki first heard about Bobby's death, she denied that it was even possible. She insisted that this was probably just a ruse by the FBI to drive Bobby deeper undercover. J.T. reminded her that Bobby would never leave Brittany and Joshua behind. He also gave her the number of an FBI agent whom she could contact for the truth. Nikki was devastated by the time Victor got home and found out what was going on.

Sheila, disguised as Jennifer, hid as Scott came downstairs at the athletic club and saw that the cake had been destroyed. Before he could do anything about it, he received a call from Michael letting him know that the wedding had been postponed. Michael assured him that Lauren was okay; she just needed a few more days to recover. Ashley came in, dressed for the wedding, and Scott told her the news.

Sheila recovered the wedding gift and was trying to leave when Tom came in. When he spoke to her, Sheila just kept going, obviously upset. Tom overheard the news about the postponed wedding and came up behind Ashley, who jumped when he spoke to her. He wondered if she was disappointed to see him out of jail, and Ashley said it was just a surprise. She pretended to listen sympathetically as Tom repeated his belief that Michael had set him up. He didn't think Michael had worked alone, however, and he vowed that when he found out who was responsible, he'd make that person pay. When he asked Ashley to go out to dinner and a movie with him, Ashley said she needed to get home. Tom questioned her motives, and Ashley said she was a little disconcerted about the canceled wedding, plus she knew Gloria would be upset. She promised to go out with Tom another time.

Michael was reassuring Lauren that the wedding would still take place, just at a later date, when Gloria arrived. Gloria kept trying to get them to change their minds, and Michael questioned why she was so upset. Gloria said that she'd spent a lot of money, and John had his accountants after her. She was financially tapped out and was afraid John would be angry. Michael realized that Gloria had bailed Tom out. As Lauren watched with dismay, Michael lit into Gloria for letting Tom manipulate her. Gloria denied it, but Michael knew she was lying. He told her that she was on her own. She was just lucky that he had more pressing things on his mind than her mistake with Tom.

Later, as Lauren was sleeping, Ashley came by the hospital to check on her and talk to Michael. They went outside the room, and Ashley asked why he hadn't warned her that Tom was out of jail. She'd been taken by surprise, and now Tom was saying that Michael had an accomplice. He was threatening to get even with both of them. Although Tom didn't suspect her yet, Ashley was beginning to wonder if she and Michael had made a terrible mistake by setting Tom up.

Sheila, looking once more like Brenda, was climbing the walls in her motel room. She couldn't believe that Lauren had once again evaded her attempt to kill her. Scott arrived and told her that the wedding had been canceled and that someone had destroyed the wedding cake. He was willing to work, but he could sense that "Brenda" was not herself. Sheila said she'd been about to take a shower. Scott told her to go ahead; he'd look over their notes. As he was sitting there, he saw her wallet and opened it, taking out a picture of Sheila with a group of nurses. Sheila stepped out of the bathroom and asked why he was going through her things.

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