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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 26, 2004 on GL
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Monday, April 26, 2004

At the Beacon, Cassie asks Tony if Danny is okay, mentioning he hadn't returned any of her calls. She also tells him Jeffrey had implied to her that Danny is guilty. When Tony asks her if she believes in Danny, Cassie wholeheartedly says she does and it is up to the people closest to Danny to make sure he rises above the latest setback. Before walking off, Tony tells Cassie he's not sure he even knows what Danny wants anymore. Lizzie comes to see Tammy, and Cassie says that maybe Tammy is still asleep, but Lizzie and she will soon go upstairs to check on her.

Upstairs, after Tammy writes another entry in her diary, reminiscing about kissing Edmund the night before, he arrives to talk with her. She begins to get affectionate with him when he tells her that she'd been all pumped-up with adrenaline because of the play's success, and explains the kiss was a "mistake." Shattered, Tammy withdraws from him and begins to cry. When he persists, wanting to talk things over with her, Tammy flees from the suite. Out in the hallway, Cassie and Lizzie are approaching. When Lizzie goes to follow Tammy, Edmund holds Cassie back. When she asks what happened, Edmund tells her that Tammy kissed him the night before! He explains how everything happened and how she had reacted to their talk just now. He asks Cassie what if Tammy is beginning to have feelings for him. Cassie tries to make light of the situation, but Edmund says even though Tammy's a teenager, it doesn't make her feelings any less important. Cassie says she'll have a talk with her, and Edmund says he thinks it is best that he keep his distance from Tammy until things are resolved.

At the Bauer house, after waking, Michelle joins Rick and Ed in the kitchen. She proceeds to criticize herself for how she's handling things---by running back to the house in which she was raised, but both Ed and Rick try to tell her it is her "comfort zone." As she rails about the state of her marriage, Ed and Rick, trying to present an unbiased front, try not to voice their own opinions on Danny.

Back at the Santos house, Danny plays with Robbie, who is missing his mommy. Jeffrey comes by and presents Danny with a plane ticket to New York City, telling him that he's to have a meeting with Salerno the day after next. Jeffrey expresses concern over the way Danny should handle the meeting, but he abruptly tells him not to worry. Tony arrives as Jeffrey is leaving, and is surprised he is there. Danny tells him Jeffrey and he were going over details of the "deal" they'd cut. When Tony learns Michelle had spent the night elsewhere, he is livid at Danny for letting Michelle slip through his fingers. When Danny seems unconcerned about the whole scenario, Tony gets angrier. But all Danny says is how foolish he'd been for thinking he could forget he was a Santos....Back at the Bauers, Michelle paces in her bedroom when she spots a framed wedding photo of Danny and her. She walks over, picks it up and throws it against a wall, smashing it. Cutting her finger on the glass, she picks it up, stares at the photo and cries, "Oh, Danny ...look what you've done."

Out in the Beacon courtyard, Tammy writes more in her diary and gets frustrated and hurt, then shoves her diary in a garbage pail---as Lizzie looks on from a doorway. Later, Lizzie tries to reach out to a distant Tammy, but all she will say is she recently did something stupid. After she leaves for a run, Lizzie recovers Tammy's diary from the garbage pail.

Elsewhere, Joey confides in Sandy, saying he is worried Tammy may be interested in someone else. Sandy advises Joey to fight for her and to maybe get assistance from a third party, someone who knows Tammy well. He suggests perhaps Joey surprise Tammy in a nice way. This sounds like a plan to Joey.

In her suite, Cassie tries to console herself over the knowledge of Tammy's infatuation with Edmund. She speaks aloud to Richard, telling him if he were here, this wouldn't be happening.

Lizzie, in the corridor outside the suite, finishes reading the latest entries in Tammy's diary. Approaching the door to Cassie's suite, she notices a cleaning cart stationed there. She grabs a piece of paper and jots down the words, "Tammy dropped this" and places the diary and the accompanying note on the floor outside the door and knocks. As she hides behind the cleaning cart, Lizzie grins as she watches Cassie open the door, read the note, pick up the diary and re-enter the suite...

Back at the Bauers, Rick tells Ed that he's sick of watching Danny disillusion Michelle time and again, and adds he's never going to change. Ed remarks that Danny is Michelle's husband and Robbie's father and they don't have a right not to give a damn about him, but Rick is firm in his opinion. Ed tells him it's up to Michelle to decide what's best for her. Upstairs in her room, Michelle has the radio on, and when she hears a newscaster give a scathing commentary on Danny, she knocks the radio to the floor. Later, after noticing Michelle has left the house, Rick tells his father one of them should've spoken up and told her what they thought, but Ed says it wouldn't have made a difference. When Ed says Michelle and he did okay without a father for years, Rick says if they'd had him around, maybe they wouldn't have made some bad decisions over the years and maybe she would never have married Danny.

At the Santos house, a stressed-out Danny sits back on the couch, lost in thought. The front door opens and Michelle enters. Slowly walking into the living room, she looks down at Danny...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Michelle returns home to Danny. He urges her to leave him for her own protection, but she refuses. He is stunned and deeply grateful to find her willing to stand beside him as he returns to his life of crime. Danny vows that even as he risks his life to bring down the mob, he will do anything to redeem himself in Michelle's eyes.

With Tammy's journal in hand, Cassie struggles with the decision to read it or not. In the end, she reads it. She is shocked to find that innocent moments were interpreted incorrectly by Tammy as indications of Edmund's deepening affection for her. She realizes her daughter has manufactured a powerful infatuation.

Meanwhile, Tammy is trying to forget all about the kiss she gave Edmund. Now that she realizes how great Joey is and how much he cares about her, she is embarrassed by her crush on Edmund. She wants to distance herself from him as quickly as possible. But her evening with Joey becomes complicated when he tries to include Edmund. Tammy thanks Edmund for not telling her mother about the kiss, and he doesn't reveal Cassie already knows about it.

Reva and Josh return from Paris and throw themselves in to an all-American romantic dinner for two. She tells him the experience with Maryanne has put her psychic powers on hiatus and she doesn't need them anymore. Cassie shows up seeking advice from Josh and Reva about Tammy's journal. He can't help but ask Cassie: was it all fantasy for Tammy or did Edmund encourage it?

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

At the Lewis home, Josh suggests to Cassie that maybe Edmund's been leading Tammy on, which makes her angry enough to leave, but Reva holds her back. Then Cassie tells them Tammy kissed Edmund. After telling them her daughter "gushed" about the one-sided kiss in her diary, Cassie admits she's scared. But Reva points out that Tammy is fatherless and when charming Edmund came into the picture and tried to nurture her, it would have been nearly impossible for an impressionable teenage girl to resist.

Outside Phillip's room at Ravenwood, Olivia is on her phone with her stockbroker, telling him he should've bought more Spaulding stock. It is mentioned that she now has a 25% controlling interest, but someone else is buying up stock as well. Just then, Rick walks out of Phillip's room and tells Olivia that Phillip's clear-headed and calm, reminding her not to upset him. When she sees him, she puts on the charm and concern, and the two exchange phony niceties. When Olivia drops a copy of the Springfield Journal, Phillip wants to read it. But she suggests he read magazines instead. When Phillip begins to read the paper, he discovers Spaulding stock has plummeted and asks Olivia why. She ends up informing him of the federal investigation into Spaulding Enterprises, and he hits the roof!

In his suite at the Beacon, Jeffrey envisions Marah sitting on the side of his bed. He tells her that he loves her, yet he hates her for changing him forever. He also says it is best she is in France because being close to him for the next while would probably be dangerous for her. Later, in the lobby, he runs into Rick and congratulates him on his daughter Leah's birth. Jeffrey fishes around; asking him about Michelle and Danny, but Rick is closed-mouthed.

Alan and Alexandra come along and congratulate Rick as well. He tells them Phillip is doing well today. When they learn Olivia is visiting Phillip at the moment, the two rush to Ravenwood. When they enter Phillip's room, he is livid with them for keeping the current state of Spaulding Enterprises from him. He is extremely nervous about the low value of Spaulding stock. Olivia, meanwhile, insists she was only telling her husband the truth and she didn't want to start their marriage on the wrong foot by keeping secrets from him. After sending Alex and Olivia out of the room, Alan warns Phillip about Olivia, explaining the longer Phillip's laid-up at Ravenwood, the longer she can wield her power at Spaulding. When Phillip asks what Alan means, he is flabbergasted to learn he'd inadvertently signed his voting proxy over to Olivia!

At the crisis center, Harley is busy manning the phones when Eden arrives. Harley explains she can't leave because Marina's late and someone has to be around to answer the phones. Eden suggests she help out. Stuck for words, Harley diplomatically tries to tell her she doesn't exactly have the knack for such things when a call comes in. Eden grabs the phone and takes the call. Before too long, she is shouting into the phone at some man who'd cheated on his girlfriend! Marina arrives and handles the call. Later, Eden comments on how lucky the three of them are that they each have a good man who loves them. After she leaves, Marina tells Harley that Frank wants her to move back home. She wants to make her father happy, but Harley tells her to focus on her own happiness first. Marina says she wishes she were more like Harley, who gets a bit embarrassed. Marina says she envies Harley because she is independent, can do what she wants and STILL has a great guy who loves her.

Back at the Lewis home, Cassie tells Reva how rotten she felt for reading Tammy's diary, but Reva insists it was the right thing to do. Edmund arrives shortly, and tells Cassie he'd been trying to reach her. Before too long, the four of them are discussing the situation concerning Tammy. Reva and Josh are cautiously cordial to Edmund and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jeffrey arrives unexpectedly and Reva takes him outside to learn why he came over. He gives Reva a book on France which he'd assumed was packed with Marah's things on the plane. He begins to leave, but Reva says he probably wanted to hear about Marah, which he does. Reva tells him Marah is fine, but lonely and missing Jeffrey, even angry at him, but she was meeting with designers. When she tries to offer him Marah's phone number, Jeffrey declines, saying it's much better if Marah keeps her distance at the moment, because it could be dangerous. He suggests to Reva that she dissuade Marah from returning to Springfield for the next while. Reva says she will.

Later, back inside, Cassie tells her sister she doesn't feel prepared to handle the situation with Tammy, but Reva convinces her to grab the bull by the horns and face it dead-on. She even convinces her to reveal to Tammy that she'd read her diary, which leaves Cassie's mind spinning. After Edmund and Cassie leave, she tells Edmund he is a part of her life and her family and she's determined not to lose him over this. The two pledge their love for one another.

Back at Ravenwood, Phillip explains to Alan that he was doped-up on medication when Olivia asked him to sign something, something that she'd said "wasn't important." Meanwhile, out in the corridor, Olivia wants to go back into Phillip's room, but Alexandra stops her, asking her what she could possibly be worried about...Back inside the room, Alan tells Phillip that because Olivia didn't tell him what he was signing, the proxy is null and void. As a result they can get her thrown out of Spaulding. After some thought, Phillip says he doesn't want to do that---he wants Olivia left where she is so he can keep a close eye on her. Alan admits she is sharp, and Phillip agrees, adding Olivia's so sharp, eventually she's going to get cut!

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Jeffrey is outraged when he learns that Danny told Michelle about his plans to root out the mob and declares that she has put herself in the line of fire. Michelle insists on standing by her man. Jeffrey scares her when he reveals that he knew someone else like her someone that the mob tortured and killed to get information about Jeffrey. He instructs her to give Danny up immediately if caught and Michelle reluctantly agrees.

Gus is nearly busted by Eden while making another drug buy. Eden is stunned when Salerno makes an unannounced visit and says he has a job for her.

Meanwhile, Harley gets a surprise when she meets up with Marie Green, who admits that she suspects Eden of having an affair with Brad when Eden visited France with her mobster boyfriend. Harley realizes there may have been a connection between Salerno and Brad in Europe and the missing link might explain how Spaulding drugs are being diverted to street use.

Convinced he's compromised Lewis Construction by being a part of Danny's corrupt campaign, Bill offers to resign. Josh refuses, insisting he won't desert Bill during this difficult time. A moved Bill asks Josh to stand up for him along with Billy when he marries Eden.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Cassie and Edmund are in Tammy's room waiting for her to arrive. Seeing that Cassie is very nervous, Edmund tries to reassure her they'll work it out. When Tammy finally returns home, Cassie tells her that she knows what happened the night of the party. Tammy doesn't seem to know what her mother is talking about, so Cassie tells her she knows about the kiss. Realizing Edmund told Cassie after she'd asked him not to, she lashes out at him. She tells him what a horrible man he is and she hates him. Tammy then tries to get out of the situation by lying, saying she'd tried to kiss Edmund on the cheek and missed. But Cassie tells her she knows she's lying and admits to reading Tammy's diary. Angry, Tammy accuses Cassie of spying on her and believes Edmund dug her diary out of the trash for Cassie to find. Cassie tries to explain she was simply worried about Tammy, who feels she was wrong to ever trust Edmund. After Tammy locks herself in her room, Edmund suggests to Cassie perhaps they should give her time to calm down.

Olivia is on the phone, using Phillip's proxy to transfer his Spaulding stock into her personal account. Later, she learns someone else bought a lot of Spaulding stock and wants to know who it was.

At the Beacon, Harley tells Jeffrey about her meeting with Marie Green. Marie wants her to investigate Brad since she thinks he's having an affair with someone in San Cristobel. She also tells him that while he was working in Paris, Brad knew Eden and Vinnie Salerno. Harley and Jeffrey both suspect Brad of working with Salerno. This could be the connection to Antimonius being sold on the black market. Although Harley believes Eden was just there as Salerno's companion and nothing more, Jeffrey isn't so sure and tells her to investigate. After Jeffrey leaves, Gus, Eden and Bill arrive at the Beacon to meet Harley to make wedding plans. Suddenly Eden gets a message from the front desk. She returns upset about the message and tosses it away, saying it's from the caterer. Later, Harley retrieves Eden's message; it's from Salerno!

Danny is at home, preparing to go to New York City. Michelle is very worried and wants him to give a realistic answer as to what his chances of coming back are. Danny guarantees he will be back tonight. Later, at the Hotline, Michelle gets a visit from Ed, who's worried about her. When he tells her he wants to help her, she tells him he can help her study; she's thinking of going back to medical school to become a doctor. Later, at home, Michelle gets a visit from Jeffrey. He hands her some plane tickets, giving her the option to get out before things get ugly.

In New York City, Danny is outside waiting to see Salerno. Suddenly, he comes across Tony and realizes he's been working for the mob. Angry that Tony's gone back to the life, Danny berates him. But Tony says he'd rather work for upfront guys like Salerno than a hypocrite like Danny. The cousins have a fight and Tony suddenly realizes Danny is there to meet with Salerno, to go back to the mob. He tries to talk Danny out of going back to the mob, since he has a family to think about. When Danny tells Tony he can't stop him, Tony pulls out a gun!

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