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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 26, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, April 26, 2004

Henry and Katie meet at the Metro, where she shows him all the electrical surveillance equipment she has bought for spying on Pilar, hoping that she can record Pilar once again admitting that she plans to kill Mike. Henry tells Katie that Pilar has moved out of Mike's house into the Wagon Wheel motel, so Katie immediately hatches a plan to bug her at the motel, ignoring Henry's pleas that they stop pursuing Pilar, since he can see that Katie's obsession is heading her for serious trouble. While Henry and Katie talk, Mike finds Pilar there, at the same motel where Russ Terry had stayed, dressed as a maid, making a bed. The manager, Lyle, comes in and suggestively suggests that Pilar come "dust my office." Pilar tells Mike that she is going to attend Russ' hearing that evening, and walks away from Mike with a sly smile on her face when he warns her to be careful of Lyle. Soon Mike's cell phone rings and Henry asks him to come to the metro to meet him to talk about Katie. There Henry tells Mike that Katie is still in love with him and urges Mike to give Katie another chance. Meanwhile, Katie sneaks into Pilar's room at the motel with her equipment. Lyle finds Katie, whom he recognizes from the baseball bat incident, and is totally unconvinced when Katie spins a story about putting Pilar in a television show, "The Maid and the Millionaire." After he ushers Katie out, he tells Pilar that Katie was there to bug her room, and Pilar surprises him by telling him to go ahead and let Katie bug the room. Katie goes from the motel to the metro, where Mike greets her warmly, to her surprise.

This evening, the Ryan family keeps the halls of the hotel busy. At his penthouse apartment, Paul confronts Barbara about her relationship with Dr. Walker Daniels. Barbara admits that Dr. Daniels arranged for her to watch Will, but Paul goes on to question Barbara about why she has authorized Jordan Sinclair to make purchases for B.R.O. Paul accuses Barbara of trying to take the business away from him, but Barbara insists that she has been trying to save time getting ready for the big Las Vegas fashion show. While Paul and Barbara talk, Jennifer kisses Jordan passionately in Barbara's suite. To her dismay, Jordan tells her that trying to mix business and a personal relationship would be "doomed from the start." Jennifer reacts badly, accusing him of being involved with Rosanna Cabot. Although Jordan insists that Rosanna is not an issue, Jennifer becomes hostile at what she sees as his rejection. Jordan politely thanks her for the evening and leaves Barbara's suite. At the same time, in Rosanna's suite, Rosanna tells Carly that she has arranged for Cabot Motors to sponsor the B.R.O. fashion show in Las Vegas. The best part of the arrangement is that Cabot's publicity director has a crush on Jennifer, and insists of working only with Jennifer. Rosanna asks Carly to help persuade Barbara to send Jennifer to Detroit to work with the publicist, leaving the field in Oakdale open for Rosanna to move in on Jordan. Although Carly cannot understand how Rosanna's plan to marry Jordan would enable her to get Cabot back, Carly agrees to talk to Barbara about the Cabot sponsorship. After Carly leaves, Rosanna dresses up and goes down to the hotel bar, where she finds Jordan and flirts with him. Jordan, annoyed, demands that Rosanna tell him the real reason she called him earlier that evening. After Rosanna tremulously tells Jordan that he has been the one bright spot in a very bad year for her, Jordan softens and agrees to have dinner with Rosanna. Carly goes from Rosanna's suite to Paul's suite, interrupting his talk with Barbara. Carly tells them that Rosanna wants to sponsor the show, and that Rosanna has promised her love-struck publicist that she would try to get Jennifer to come to Detroit to work with him. Barbara is thrilled with the whole idea and leaves, promising to talk to Jennifer about going to Detroit. Carly starts to follow Barbara out of Paul's suite, but he stops her. He tells Carly that he is very suspicious. First Rosanna would not let Carly work with Paul, now Carly is working for B.R.O. with Rosanna's blessing, and now Rosanna is sponsoring the fashion show. To Paul, this all appears to be a plot to bring him down. Carly rushes out of Paul's room to get away from his shouting. Barbara goes back to her suite, where Jennifer tells her that she threw herself at Jordan and Jordan turned her down. Jennifer confides that she is afraid that Jordan is becoming interested in Rosanna, and she is so mortified by her behavior that evening that she hates the thought of facing Jordan at work the next day. Barbara urges Jennifer to go to Detroit, because it might make Jordan jealous, and Barbara predicts that the absence will rekindle the romance. After dinner, Rosanna brings Jordan back to her room for a drink, and Carly interrupts them to tell Rosanna about her successful meeting with Barbara, and Jordan hears about the Cabot sponsorship and about Jennifer's planned trip to Detroit. Carly leaves, and Jordan tells Rosanna goodnight, saying that he sees her softer side. He starts to kiss her, but she gently pushes him away and closes the door with a happy smile. Barbara ends the evening by telling Jennifer that everything is going to be all right for their family, even as her eyes blur again. However, in Paul's apartment, he sits in the dark and has a vision of everyone turning against him at the Las Vegas show. In his rage, he hurls his glass at the wall.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Walker appears at Barbara's door. He wants her to have her examination and the sooner the better. He tells her that Ben is downstairs and rather than wait till the next day, Ben can come up and do it now. Ben arrives at the door and finds that his mystery patient is Barbara. She is however, concerned, that Jennifer who is in the next room sleeping will find out. Walker wants her to go in for a second MRI and start radiation treatments immediately. She wants to wait until the Las Vegas showing is over. Walker threatens to wake up Jennifer himself and tell her everything if Barbara doesn't agree to do what the Dr. says. Walker tells her that even though she is afraid, he will be there with her every step of the way.

While Holden sleeps on the couch, Lily prepares to take off once again. She looks at Holden and quietly says that it will be for the very last time. Lily goes to Molly once again asking for her help. This time Molly wants Lily to stop what she is doing and to go home. She will not lie for her anymore. Lily however, talks Molly into covering for her one last time. Holden awakes and not finding Lily, runs to Molly. Molly won't tell Holden where Lily is, but will show him.

Pilar answers the hotel manager's questions while playing innocent and charming him at the same time. She decides she wants to let Katie put a camera in her room, bugging it, as she thinks it just might work to her advantage. In the meantime, Russ phones Pilar and says he has been offered a deal, and that, maybe he should just take it. She tells him to shut his mouth and keep it that way. She vows to get even if he doesn't. Later, at the police station, Mike and Pilar talk. She plays up to Mike by pretending to be optimistic about her future and forgiving Russ so she can be at peace with herself and go on. While there, she receives a call from the hotel manager that "Frick and Frack" (Katie and Henry) have arrived and are entering Pilar's room with the camera.

Jessica is not impressed with Doc. She tells Margo he needs to show less gusto and more polish. Jessica tells Margo that she and Ben may have a difficult time conceiving a child. Jessica feels it is her fault for perhaps waiting too long. Margo tells her friend that it "ain't over till it's over" and if it's meant to be, it will be. The two catch up on news about Sara and Bonnie. Isaac's new place is doing fine. At that point, Margo is asked for her assistance with an unruly guest. Doc is confronted and handcuffed by Margo. (Seems like he broke a lock on a door, so he could get into the swimming pool area.) At the police station Doc is trying to find a lawyer and suggests to Margo that Jessica is called. When Doc calls her, he tells that Margo and he have a wager that she will not allow a small comment that she overheard interfere with her job as attorney. Jessica, who was hurt by the comment, abruptly hangs up on him. Margo laughs and hands him the phone book for a list of attorney's. He says "No thanks", he will wait till she (Jessica) changes her mind.

Mike and Katie meet and talk. She tells him people want her to come clean and tell him that she still cares about him. She can't offer him anything more in the future because nothing of her situation has changed, but she cares about him so much. Mike questions how things could get so messed up. Katie responds that people who care so much about each other should not have so much trouble communicating. Katie says she can't promise Mike a future, but, she knows they are not done yet and nothing is really resolved between them. She tells Mike that Pilar has a very serious agenda with him and he could be killed. This loses the moment of any type of closeness and the two of them are at odds again.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Paul grills Carly about what he thinks is going on. Carly says he is getting paranoid again. She tells him there is no conspiracy.

Molly brings Holden to the place where Lily is singing. Lily is seen telling the audience that music is like magic. It brings you places and keeps you safe. She mentions her sister and the love she has for her husband. Molly is seen leaving Holden to listen to Lily sing her song. After she is finished, Holden and Lily talk. Holden asks Lily why she is there. Lily explains that she feels alive and close to Rose and how she feels about singing again. Holden says he understands why she needs to be doing what she is doing. Holden tells her to finish her song and they leave together.

Emily sees Alison working at Metro. Alison gives Emily one excuse after another. Emily tells her she understands why she is doing it, but, Ally doesn't want Chris to know. She's trying to help him out but she wants to feel useful also. She is trying to make and save money for the two of them. In the meantime, customers walk off with Metro money leaving Alison to freak out. When she is forced to tell Molly what happened, Molly is understanding but says she will have to repay what was taken, and that she hopes she has learned a very valuable lesson. Emily in the meantime, has gone to speak with Chris. Emily makes a point at the hospital to tell Chris that Alison wants to help him and what is wrong with that. Just let her.

Jessica takes Doc's case because of Margo. She tells him that she prays she will not live to regret it. Jessica tells Doc that this could be the most expensive evening of his life. He scoffs at her thinking that it was just a minor kind of a prank. She tells him the number of charges that could be brought against him. He finds it ridiculous. Lisa enters and is charmed by the likes of Doc. She offers a solution to his problems, which he immediately goes along with. So, with a little luck, he is once again off the so called proverbial hook. The case has been settled. Jessica tells him that he has used his get out of jail free, card, and if he finds he needs another attorney, and he will, to look elsewhere. Doc asks if she will answer a question about Margo. He asks about her marriage and how strong is it, to which Jessica replies, how would you like to get slapped. Slapped, says Doc, it would depend on where and just how hard.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Paul dreams that he walks in on a meeting at BRO at which Barbara hands him a press release saying that he is being replaced in the company by Jordan Sinclair. Barbara wakes him from the nightmare, accompanied by Jordan, and Paul and Jordan argue. Paul storms off, and Barbara warns Jordan that when Jennifer gets back from the fashion show in Detroit, he had better keep his distance from Rosanna.

Hal gets a call from Will's caseworker informing him that Barbara was allowed into the mental facility to observe Will. Dr. Walker Daniels was the one who arranged the visitation, and Hal is steamed! Hal calls Dr. Daniels and demands a meeting at the Lakeview where he and Emily are having lunch.

Carly tells Rosanna that Paul is convinced that Rosanna is sponsoring the BRO fashion show just to get revenge on him. Paul is getting paranoid and combative. Carly warns that he is dangerous and she is worried about Rosanna's safety. Rosanna still will not tell her sister why she is so eager to marry Jordan Sinclair, and she is excited about her lunch date with him.

At the Lakeview, Hal accuses Dr. Daniels of helping Barbara see Will in violation of the court order. Daniels argues that strictly speaking, there was no contact between Barbara and her son, so the order was not violated. Hal warns him to stay away from Barbara, but Daniels refuses to be intimidated.

Lily comes to Metro very excited about so many large donations to the Rose Foundation. She tells Dusty that she no longer feels the need to sing in Chicago. Two thugs named Rocco and Kenny come into Metro, and Dusty turns nasty to Lily in order to get her to leave. When she does, the goons try to convince Dusty to pay back a favor he owes them. They have made a large donation to the Rose Foundation and Dusty is expected to transfer the money into an account in the Cayman Islands. Dusty tells them they cannot use this fund to launder money and the thugs beat him up.

Barbara tells Jordan that she had her first radiation treatment for her tumor last night and will have another today. Jordan is very supportive of her decision to seek treatment. Meanwhile, Paul arrives to take Jen to the airport so that she can fly to Detroit for the show, and he informs her that Cabot Motors is sponsoring the show. He thinks Rosanna is trying to force them out of the business, but Jen suspects that it is Jordan that Barbara wants.

Walker Daniels admits to Emily that he has feelings for Barbara but says that his personal life is his own business. Emily smells a romance!

Lily comes back to Metro since she was not happy how she left things with Dusty. She notices that his lip is bleeding, and Dusty lies that he bumped into a door. He also asks her for the financial papers for the Rose Foundation.

Carly meets Emily and Parker at the pediatrician's where Parker is scheduled for a checkup. He insists on going in to see the doctor by himself, so Emily and Carly sit outside the office and wait. Emily tells Carly about her conversation with Dr. Daniels concerning Barbara, and who should walk by but the doctor himself....and Barbara! He has Barbara sign some papers, and Barbara is wearing a heavy coat and scarf and dark glasses. Carly clues in to the fact that Barbara might be seeing Dr. Daniels professionally rather than socially. Emily offers to continue watching Parker and urges Carly to talk to Barbara. Barbara has another blinding episode and walks right by Carly without acknowledging her. Carly stops her and asks why she is being ignored.

Jordan arrives for his lunch date with Rosanna, and she admits to him that she does not just want to be friends. She has other things in mind, and she kisses him.

Dusty leaves a message for his thug friends telling them that he has transferred their money to the island account, but this is the one and only time he will do that.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Alison and Nancy talk. Nancy tells Alison that she needs to tell Chris the truth. She will cover for her no more. Alison tells Nancy about the incident at Metro and Nancy offers to pay the bill so Alison will no longer have to work there. Alison refuses because she will then owe both Metro and Nancy and she can't afford to do that. Later Nancy speaks with Chris. She tells him that she doesn't see why Alison can't help him if she wants. She wants to work and she doesn't see any reason why Alison shouldn't. Chris agrees. However, he has gone one better, by getting Alison a job himself. When Chris tells Alison about this new job he has for her, she bulks and tries to think of a way out. Chris tells them they will see each other every night now because they will be working together at the clinic. Alison tells him she must turn down the job because she is taking a class at the University. Chris says that it is more important for her to do that and then asks her what class she is taking. Alison quickly comes up with some inane answer. She says it is important to her to do this class. It's working with clay!!

Nancy tells her she better get busy 'cause now she's lied to Chris again.

Barbara and Carly run into each other at the hospital. Barbara gives her some excuse as to why she is there. The benefit needed to be discussed at which Carly tells her that she can't believe she would shift her priorities at this time. The Las Vegas show is coming up and everyone's attention needs to be focused on it. Carly needs Barbara's advice and offers to take her home. Dr. Daniels tries to intercept the chat but Carly won't have any of it. Dr. Daniels is afraid if Barbara is left alone, she could possibly have another seizure and no one would be there for her. Who is going to be there in Las Vegas for her? He tells her, she can't leave town. When Barbara and Carly arrive at their destination, the two of them have a rather heated conversation. Carly needs her help and Barbara tries to get Carly to use her own resources. Barbara says she has a headache, perhaps from not eating, and Carly says she will go, but will return in 20 minutes. Immediately, when she thinks she's alone, Barbara calls Dr. Daniels. Carly overhears the conversation and feels put off by it. She storms into the room again blaming Barbara for putting a relationship with the good Dr. ahead of the designs. Barbara gives in and tries to help Carly pick out the precise fabric to be used. At that point Carly realizes that something is not quite right. She draws an abstract stick person to show Barbara, who then, tells her it is wonderful. Carly faces Barbara with the charge, that she can't see.

Jordan and Rosanna share a cozy moment. Rosanna hopes it will turn into more than that. Jordan blushes at Rosanna's advances and finally tells her that he can't see her anymore. She tells him that she is looking for a man who will stand up to her and won't be afraid to rise to the challenge of someone like her. Paul, after finding out where Jordan is, rushes over to Rosanna's. He bursts in on the two of them, flailing accusations at them both.

Later, Paul is telling Rosanna that he knows she wants the takeover of BRO to happen. Rosanna tells Paul again, that she wants nothing to do with him, his family or BRO. All she wants is Jordan.



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