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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 4, 2000 on GL
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Monday, December 4, 2000

At Olivia's:

Sam and Olivia are arguing about the legal charges. Olivia wants him to plead guilty so he won't get deported. (He isn't a citizen). Olivia tells Sam that she has an encryption program and net babysitter to install on the computer once they get it back. Sam starts preaching about censorship and arguing the legalities of his case. He wants to take it to the Supreme Court. Olivia yells, "Why can't you be like a normal person for once?" Sam is hurt by her words and she tries to apologize but he tells her that he knows he has made trouble for her and her fiancÚ. He storms out.

At the LeMays':

Jim is yelling at Susan about the CD scam. Harley, Phillip and Beth are there as well. Harley tells Susan how disappointed she is with her. Phillip tells her that she is lucky, she will be charged as a juvenile. Spaulding, however, wont be that lucky. He tells her that she single handedly put his entire company in jeopardy. He tells her that his legal team is going to take care of this, if they can and she is to plead "not guilty." Jim tells Phillip that he can't come in his home and boss his daughter around. Phillip tells Jim and Harley that the charges against Susan are severe. He tells them that Susan is going to have to separate herself from the other defendants and hope for the best. Her defense will be that none of this was her idea; she just went along with her pals. Beth, Harley, and Jim finally agree to let Phil handle it. Phil leaves to talk to the legal dept. Susan apologizes to Jim, but he is angry. He tells Susan it is hard for him to take advice from Phil, especially when he is right and he wouldn't have to if not for her. Jim goes upstairs as Beth confronts Susan about hurting Jim. Susan says Beth should know all about hurting him.

The doorbell rings and it is Max. Max is angry and tells Susan not to ever do that to him again. He tells her he was grilled by all the parents for over an hour and then by the FBI. She starts to get smart about how he told on them but he lets her know he was surrounded by federal agents. He tells her he can't win with her or her dad. He reminds her that he warned her against the CD scam but she wouldn't listen. He is the only one that stayed out of it and still gets blamed. Susan offers to intercede with Jim, but Max says it doesn't matter anymore. He is upset that he hardly sees Susan anyway. He could be with Drew right now in NY clubbing and meeting people, but he loves her so he stayed in Springfield. The problem is, he tells her, she doesn't love him anymore. Susan tells him that isn't true but he tells her their spark is gone. He goes to leave and tells her that she will get over him very quickly, he is sure of it. He opens the door to leave and sees Sam at the door. He tells Susan that it will be quicker than she thinks and walks out. Susan runs out crying.

Later, Susan is on the couch, still crying and Sam offers her a tissue. He tells Susan that Max is ticked off, but doesn't think he will leave town. Sam tells Susan that Olivia has been on his case all day. He asks how it was with her family. Susan says Harley wants her to be more responsible. Susan wonders why NuGround is doing this. Sam says that the band probably doesn't even know what is going on. Susan wants to go see the band and plead with them to drop the charges. Sam is impressed but thinks she will get into trouble with her parents for leaving town. Susan says she will leave a note. Sam wants to go with her but Susan wants to go alone. Sam insists on going and Susan suggests meeting at the lighthouse tomorrow at 10 AM. When he leaves, she says to herself that she has to go alone. She sits down and writes a letter to Harley telling her that she is going to Chicago to see NuGround.

At the Lewises':

Josh and Reva are discussing the situation in front of the kids. Reva wonders if the adults will be charged too. Marah starts mouthing off and wonders what the big deal is. Reva says copying CDs is stealing, Marah doesn't agree. Reva wants to discuss punishment for the kids. They take away the phones, CD players, TV's, car keys and credit cards. They let Shayne continue with Hockey after he gets on his knees and begs his parents. They tell Marah that she will have no more mobster boyfriends. On top of those things they tell them that are to do community service starting at home. He tells them to get out to the garage and clean it out. Marah tells Reva she hates her and goes outside with Shayne. Marah sees Tony out by the gate and tells him she is not supposed to see him. Tony understands and says that everyone thinks they are bad for each other. He touches Marah's face and notices she is cold. He takes off her jacket and puts it on her. He asks her to invite him inside but her parents are there. He wants to know when she turns 18 and is upset that they have to wait three whole months! But tells her that after that no one can tell them what to do. Marah smiles.

At Infierno:

Ray is yelling at Tony in front of Danny. Danny tells Tony the situation is serious, but Tony says the other kids were involved. He was a fool for love and was just trying to help Marah. Danny wants to know why unlabeled CDs were stashed at his house. Tony said that he bought the CDs to impress Marah. The truth is that the money was his. Tony says he borrowed it from the club. Danny grabs Tony by the collar and tells him he is busted. Danny lets go of Tony. Tony tells Danny he left him an I.O.U. on the desk, but Danny can't find it. It is a tiny scrap of paper under a pile of papers. Tony says he earned the money in one night and says he made $45,000 in loans. Tony tells Danny about the Rourke/Richard thing with the diamonds; Tony lent Rourke $10,000 in chips with Cassie's diamonds as collateral. Tony gave the diamonds back to Richard so he wouldn't get him angry. He says that Edmund bought Jim's debt with $45,000 in interest for one night. Ray and Danny try to explain that $35,000 was principal. Tony lost $10,000 and then made $10,000, so the profit was $0. Tony still owes the money and Danny is out of patience with him. Ray tells Tony he loves him, but he needs to use his head. Danny starts yelling at Tony again. Tony says that Danny is so involved with Michelle; he doesn't use good judgment either. Danny tells Tony he is in charge and Tony better know whose boss or Danny will throw him to the feds. He warns Tony to avoid Marah. Tony leaves. Ray tells Danny he can't keep Abuela under house arrest forever. He has to forgive her or he will explode. Danny says it is God's job to forgive, not his.

At Company:

May walks up to Frank at the counter in Company and says she is in love. She says she is in love with the room and it reminds her of her room at home in Cooperstown. Frank talks baseball with her a bit and is very impressed with her knowledge. He goes to get her something to eat. He thinks she will fit in at the boarding house. Rick and Michelle are waiting for a table and Rick wonders if Michelle wants to go elsewhere when he notice May is there. Michelle says no and they sit down to eat. Michelle notices Rick looking at May and suggests Rick talk to her. Rick doesn't want to so Michelle goes over to talk to her. Michelle tells May that Rick has a mad crush on her and May is surprised. Michelle asks May to say hi to Rick. They walk back to the table and she says hi. Rick starts to ask how she is doing at the club and the conversation gets awkward. Michelle says she hopes May will still be Danny's friend. May tells Michelle Danny needs her back. Michelle cries.

Michelle is crying and Rick tells her it is hormone overload. Michelle says she is pregnant and wants to be with Danny. Rick tells her that his beeper is vibrating and he has to leave. Frank comes over with some milk for Michelle. He tells her that he is there to keep an eye on her. Michelle smiles at him. She wonders what law she broke to get that kind of treatment and he tells her that Rick is just worried about her and asked him to make sure his sister got home safely. Frank asks if Michelle needs anything. She said she didn't. He tells her that he will go grabs some movies and she and Rick and him can chow down and watch flicks. She thinks she must be pathetic for him to feel that sorry for her. He tells her that he knows what it is like to be alone.

Back at Infierno:

Rick goes to see Danny and says that not seeing him is killing Michelle. Danny wants to know how many times Rick has told him he is bad news for Michelle. Danny tells him that he finally got the message and will stay away from her. Rick wants to know if Danny is in trouble. Danny tells him he is always in trouble and asked Rick to keep Michelle away from him. Danny storms out of the office. May walks in and asks Rick what is wrong. Rick says Danny is in trouble and he doesn't know how to help him.

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

At the LeMays':

Harley and Phillip are looking over the note Susan left for her with Beth and Jim. Harley is fuming. She said Susan's leaving for Chicago alone is only going to make matters worse and she for one think they should let her see how it feels for them not to run after her. Beth tells her that she is worried about Susan being all alone in a big city. They are all obviously worried but Harley is fuming. She thinks they should let her learn her lesson. She tells Jim that Susan keeps running away because she thinks she knows everything. Harley says they should let her deal with the consequences of her actions. Beth thinks Harley is being cold and asks her how she can consider herself a mother. Harley is very offended and is ready to kill Beth. She tells her that she has no right at all to even be in this conversation. Beth tells her that she isn't Susan's mother but Susan does live with her, which makes her part her responsibility and that she does cares for her very much. Beth argues with her about the consequences of Susan's actions. Harley tells her that she has no room to talk about consequences and reminds her of the baby sleeping upstairs and how he came about. Harley is very angry and before she throws Edmund up in Beth's face she storms out. Phillip asks Jim not to do anything until everyone calms down and then they will go from there. Jim refuses to promise anything and Phillip leaves. He goes out and he and Harley both walk off angry.

Jim hugs Beth and she says she made things worse and asks Jim how he can be so calm about it. Jim kisses her and says it will all work out.

At Phillip and Harley's:

Harley takes her coat off and throws it down. She is still angry. She tells Phillip she had the perfect excuse to gouge Beth's eyes and he stopped her. Phillip says it wasn't the right time and not in their house. Harley says that Phillip always agrees with Beth and should agree with her. He asks her if he is allowed to have his own opinion. She tells him that he is twisting things again. Phillip tells Harley she is paranoid and she makes it so that he is walking on eggshells afraid of offending her. Harley shoves him twice. Phillip pushes her down on the couch and they start kissing and eventually end up making love.

Phillip and Harley are wrapped in a blanket on the couch curled up together. She tells him she hates how they fight and end up making love. Phillip tells her that he loves her and wishes that she trusted him enough to believe it. But that if she didn't feel it in her heart he cant do anything to make it clear to her. Harley tells him that she is trying but just can't get over that he slept with Beth. She tells him that he always seems to be defending Beth or taking her side and it upsets her. He tells Harley that he will always take her side even when she is wrong but if she keeps bring Beth up she (Harley) will be the one keeping them (Phillip and Harley) apart. Phillip tells her that he is with her, he is right there with her. Harley tells him that she is there also. Phillip tells her that it seems like she is halfway to the door and it scares him. She agrees and tells him that it scares her as well.

Harley and Phillip are getting dressed. She asks if they resolved anything. He hopes so but doesn't know either. She wants to know if her idea about leaving Susan to fend for herself in Chicago was a good idea. Phillip says in theory it is fine, but there are some practical concerns. She is only 14. Phillip says if they have not heard from her by dinnertime, they will reconsider. Harley says maybe Susan will call them and ask them to come and get her. Phillip tells her that anything is possible. Harley says, "Besides, she will never get in to see NuGround."

In Chicago:

A crowd is surrounding the doors around where the band enters and exits the club. Susan goes up and asks the security guard for access to the band and tries to explain about the problems she is having with the FBI. The guard tells her that he has heard a lot of hard luck stories but that tops them all. He tells her that she can see NuGround on stage just like everyone else. Susan leaves.

Susan comes back dressed in a heavy sweatshirt, ball cap and carrying a pizza. She tells the guard that she has a delivery for Andrew somebody and needs to go in to collect for the pizza. The guard looks at the pizza and tells her that Andrew doesn't eat pepperoni. Susan leaves again, upset and tosses the pizza to some other fans to enjoy.

All the fans have left and Susan is sitting outside on the pavement. She is upset and looks lost. One of the band members come up behind her and asks her if she is okay. She is enthralled and asks if it is really him.

In San Cristobel:

Richard and Dax are discussing their plans to investigate Rourke. Cassie walks in and apologizes for interrupting. Richard says he missed her last night and at breakfast this morning. Cassie says she and Jenny have finished the inventory of the royal toys and needs background on them for the museum. Richard offers to help her now and she leaves to get the toys. Richard discusses the chill in the air with Dax and says it is his own fault. He wants to spend time with Cassie. Dax reminds him he will meet with Dr. Weymouth in an hour.

Meanwhile, Edmund arrives at Dr. Weymouth's and tells him Richard will be calling soon and that he should figure out an explanation for Richard about the wrong diagnosis. Dr. Weymouth wants Edmund to leave him alone and Edmund threatens him again. He gives the Dr. an envelope full of cash and leaves telling him that one way or another this whole thing will be over after today. Dr. Weymouth phones his wife and tells her to drop everything and come to the office.

Cassie is going through the boxes of toys with Richard. One box is Edmund's and the other is Richard's. Richard is holding his favorite truck. Cassie is holding his teddy bear, Marmalade. Cassie asks him about a silver cup. It was a gift from his mother when he was christened. There is an angel engraved on the bottom, but she is crying. Richard always found it disturbing and wouldn't drink all the milk because he didn't want to see her. The angel is holding a broken crown. Cassie asks the significance of the angel but he didn't know. Richard said he had made up his own story about the angels watching over the monarchy and crying if something went wrong. He tells Cassie if she listens she can hear the angels crying now. Cassie starts to walk away. Richard asks Cassie what he can do to make things right. Cassie says she wishes she knew, but it is not that simple. It hurts her that he could doubt the baby wasn't his. Richard said it hurt him as well. He tells her that this moment, looking at his toys, that their child will play with someday, should be special. He said he would keep trying. Just then, Edmund walks in and asks if Richard was looking for him. Richard turns to Cassie and says he guesses they were finished and that he is seeing Dr. Weymouth shortly. He tells Cassie he won't be long and leaves. Cassie tells Edmund she is cataloguing his toys for the museum. Edmund looks at his slingshot. Edmund finds a toy giraffe but can't find his mate. He had pairs of toy animals from a Noah's ark set someone made them. Edmund says the female camel was destroyed and he suspects Richard broke it. He tried to fix it but couldn't. He tells her that the magic of the set was gone and says that somehow, after things get broken and you try to repair them they are never the same.

Richard enters Dr. Weymouth's office as his wife is running out of the office, crying. He mentions it to Dr. Weymouth and he tells Richard it is personal problems. Richard says there is a lot of that going around. Richard tells the doc what he found out and asks hi how he could have made a wrong diagnosis for him and Cassie. The doctor tells Richard that maybe the pregnancy tests were done too early. Richard says that the doctor seems nervous and starts accusing Dr. Weymouth of treason and wants to know the truth. Richard tells Dr. Weymouth about the fake Dr. Holt and wants him to shed light on the subject. Dr. Weymouth doesn't know. Richard is shouting and says that someone is blackmailing the doctor and he wants to know what they have on him. Richard offers to help him. Dr. Weymouth is sweating, rubbing his neck and temples. He asks for water. Richard ignores him and asks him if this has anything to do with why his wife is upset as well. Richard said whoever set him up has done a good job. He tells the doc that he is about to lose Cassie, the one person who was been true and loyal to him. His only hope is to show her what someone has done. He begs Dr. Weymouth for an answer and goes around to where he is sitting and realizes the doctor is unconscious. Richard calls for an ambulance.

At Company:

Holly arrives and is pumping Buzz for info about the FBI raid. She heard rumors but Buzz won't tell. Holly tells him the truth will come out and she wants to tell their side of it. She wants Buzz to let her have it, the whole story. He says he will let her have it, all right. He tells her that she is the pushiest woman he has ever met. Olivia comes in and defends Holly and tells Buzz to back off. Holly says she annoys Buzz and he is upset about her questions concerning the FBI raid and his family. Olivia says more than Buzz's family was involved. Holly asks her questions and they sit down. Olivia says she will tell Holly the story but only off the record. She tells Holly about Sam's idea of freedom of speech and the Internet. Holly wants to use Sam's viewpoint in the Sunday supplement of the newspaper. Olivia is skeptical, but Holly wants him to vent to someone sympathetic. Olivia will discuss it with Ross. Holly wants to see Olivia's ring. Buzz walks over and says the ring is a ball and chain. The part about better or worse, the worse will comes soon.

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

At Infierno:

May notices how sad Danny looks and tells him that she'll come back in and check on him when she is finished arranging the flowers. May returns and Danny tells her that she has to stop tiptoeing around him. She says that she doesn't know how to be friends and he tells her that it is not her responsibility to make him feel better. He tells her that he has a plan for her future and he asks her if she would like to be a bartender. He thinks she would be a good listener but she says that she doesn't know the first thing about mixing drinks. He says that he will send her to school to learn and she says that she'll do it. Later, Danny calls Carlos and arranges a meeting for all the heads of the families and May overhears him.

In Chicago:

Susan is shocked and speechless to meet Andrew from NuGround. She tells him that NuGround is ruining her life and he is confused. She explains what happened with the CDs and that they just wanted to get to the concert. She tells him how incredible the concert was and that the FBI came to all their homes while they were gone. She apologizes and Andrew tells her that what she did was steal from them. He tells her all the expenses they pay and hard work they do and she begs his forgiveness. She asks if there is anything she can do for the band and he tells her that she has to repeat everything she just said to the guys. He says that he'll give her a chance to try to talk them out of making an example of her. He introduces her to the other guys and she apologizes to them. She tells them her story and she begs them to leave her parents and her friends out of it and just make her the example. They ask for a minute to discuss it and then they tell her that they will let her off under a few conditions. They tell her that they have to pay the money back and write a story for the school paper explaining what they did and why it was wrong. They have some pizza and say that they would give anything for a home cooked meal. Susan tells them that her step-mom is a good cook and invites them over for dinner. They agree and she gives them the address. They all hug her.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Alan sits in the hot tub under the stars and Claire arrives in her fur coat. They joke about what they are going to do now and she says that she never thought of him as the outdoors type. She says that she is not dressed for the hot tub and drops her coat to expose her slip. He suggests that champagne will make the chill more tolerable and she notices that he had brought an extra champagne glass already. She takes off her slip and gets into the hot with him. They begin to get romantic and Phillip arrives. He says that he has some news for Alan but Alan tries to get rid of him. Phillip tells Alan that the FBI seizes some of their computer and Alan asks him how he could have allowed this to happen. Phillip tells him to relax because it is just a copyright issue and not about Spaulding. Alan asks Phillip if he has lost his mind when he hears that he is the one that gave Susan the password. Alan says that he won't see the company be brought to its knees by the child of Phillip's trailer-park wife and Phillip leaves angry. Claire offers to make Alan forget the last half hour and Phillip comes back in. He tells them that the lawyers and the accountants are there because he called an emergency meeting. Alan apologizes to Claire and she offers him a rain check. Phillip tells Claire that he may have done her a favor by prolonging Alan's anticipation because that is the only part of a relationship that Alan invests much in.

At the Bauers':

Rick tells Michelle what a beautiful night it is outside and admits to her that he went to see Danny. He begs her to tell him what is going on but she says that she can't because it is too horrible. She tells him that Danny has a powerful darkness around him that he can't escape and Rick tells her that is just superstitious. She makes him swear that he won't tell and then she tells him that Danny killed his mother. Rick says that isn't possible because Carmen died on the patio months ago and Michelle explains how Claire helped Carmen set it up. She tells him how Carmen drugged and kidnapped her and that Danny came and shot her. Rick thinks it is all over but Michelle explains that Danny doesn't feel like he deserves her and the baby now. Meta comes in and they all embrace. Meta says that three minds are better than two and Rick promises to take care of her and the baby. Meta says that she is worried about Danny and his guilt and suggests that Michelle shares this with Father Ray. Michelle agrees to go see Ray tomorrow.

Thursday, December 7, 2000

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is on the phone when Edmund comes in and asks where Richard is. Cassie said Richard stayed away all night on a medical emergency with Dr Weymouth. Edmund wonders why Richard was with Dr. Weymouth but Cassie isn't giving him any information. She leaves to do some work for the Museum, leaving Edmund alone. Edmund realizes that if Dr. Weymouth spilled his guts to Richard, he will be the first to know. He calls Rourke to find out if everything is going well. Rourke doesn't like being contacted. He talks about how he went through all these things in order to get away with no paper trail. Edmund tells him that he feels their plan is unraveling. He tells him that Richard is with Dr. Weymouth now and he is worried. He thinks Richard is staying away biding his time, plotting his next move. Edmund tells Rourke not to worry about being found out, he can cover his own tracks. He tells Rourke he will keep in touch. Richard walks in and asks Edmund if he is going somewhere. Edmund says he was talking about the harbor project with Jim Lemay. Richard says that is how Edmund's mind works, keep secrets and always be at least two moves ahead. Richard calls Dax and asks him to bring Cassie in with him. Edmund wants to leave, but Richard asks him to stay. Edmund offers Richard a drink. Cassie rushes in and asks Richard what happened with Dr. Weymouth. Richard says he was at the coroner's office all night; Dr. Weymouth is dead. Edmund can't believe it and repeats what Richard said. Cassie is saying how terrible it is. Edmund asks Richard if the Doc said anything before he died. Richard tells them what happened with his visit and about the Doc's wife being upset when he got there. He tells everyone that Weymouth had a headache; he sat down and lost consciousness. Richard said he called an ambulance but the Doc never came to. Everyone wonders what happened and Richard said that he wondered the same thing so he waited for the autopsy results. He tells them Dr. Weymouth died from an aneurysm. The coroner said he probably had it for a long time and the stress of his guilty conscious caused it to burst. Cassie is upset and Dax doesn't understand. He asks her about it and tells her that Weymouth caused them many problems. She says she still didn't wish him any harm. Cassie asks Richard if there is anything she can do. She leaves to meet the architect for the Museum. Edmund offers to help Richard and tells him he knows how desperate Richard was to clear up the mess. Richard tells Edmund he hates what this is doing to him. He watched Weymouth die and all he could think about was getting more information. Edmund asks if he got anything but Richard says no. Edmund says it looks bleak now but they will survive this. Richard says he is not giving up. Edmund tells Richard to get some rest. Edmund pours himself a drink and looks up towards Heaven saying "And I thought you had forgotten me."

At the Bauer's:

Rick is talking to Michelle. He is still having trouble with the revelation about Carmen. Ray arrives and Michelle hugs him. She wants his help with Danny. Michelle tells Ray she doesn't want to put her burden on him but he is the only one who can help. Michelle says Carmen is gone and she and Danny should be free. Ray thinks Carmen has a bigger hold on Danny now than ever. He says Danny acts like it is his penance to keep his mother alive by doing her work. Michelle gets an awful feeling and wonders if it may be her that Danny can't forgive. Ray tells her that Danny doesn't blame her. He is just having a hard time dealing with killing someone in his family. Michelle thought Danny was going to kill himself after he shot Carmen, but instead, he is killing himself slowly by going back to the business. Michelle wants to know how she can get Danny back. Ray tells her that God will help Danny, but Danny has to want to be helped. He promises her if she continues to love him, he will see the light, but it won't be easy.

At Infierno:

The table is set for a meeting. Danny calls Tony in. He goes over the arrangements for the meeting with him. Tony is worried because Carlos is coming. Danny tells him not to worry about it. Tony wants to know if something big is going down. Danny says he is meeting with the heads of all the families to go over future plans. Danny invites Tony to the meeting as an observer. Tony promises not to let Danny down. Danny says he should pay attention and take it seriously if he wants to be part of the family. This meeting will define their future. Tony tells Danny he will be on his best behavior and asks who will be at the meeting. Danny gives a list of men, and then Tony asks if Abuela is coming. Danny says no, and Tony says Danny is not being fair to her. Danny says that Abuela was running a shadow operation that was bad for the family. They are moving in a new direction and there is only one head of the family, him. Danny wants to move into business and computers. He tells Tony that times have changed and you can either adapt or be killed off. Tony tells Danny this is big time; like being part of history. Carlos arrives and shakes Danny's hand. Danny sends Carlos' bodyguard upstairs. Carlos wonders why Tony is staying. Danny takes up for Tony, saying he is a Santos and any insult to him is taken as an insult to all Santos'. Carlos apologizes and tells Danny that he has been worried since he isn't able to get Maria on the phone. Danny says she needed a rest. She was doing things better left to him and mentions the cover up for Carmen's death. Carlos tells Danny he was a loose cannon and they had to give him much needed closure. Danny asks Carlos if he thinks he (Danny) still can't handle his problems and Carlos says no, not now. The other men show up and Danny thanks them for coming. He gets down to business and tells them that the old way of business is out, the cost is too high and many of their extended families in the east are being locked up. He suggests they go into business and quite the bloody mess they are accustomed too. Danny says Biotech is the next wave of development and they should get in now. One guy tells Danny that they are not scientists. Danny says they will buy scientists, buy stock and form dummy corporations, raising the prices. They may even keep some of it legitimate. Danny says it is time for a change but he wants them to think about it. He will be in touch with them later to discuss the details.

At Phillip and Harley's:

Harley tells Phillip she had a message from Susan on her cell phone. Just then, Susan walks in and tells them she listened to what they said, and is much more mature today than she was yesterday. Harley tells Susan to sit; she wants to hear everything. Susan says she fixed everything. Harley wants details. Susan says she had a meeting with NuGround. She says she explained everything to the band and they were cool. The band is dropping the lawsuits. Harley wonders about the FBI, but Susan says if the band drops the suit, the FBI will back off. Susan tells Phillip that she told them Spaulding was not involved. Harley starts yelling at Susan for going to Chicago alone. Susan says she told the truth and it worked. Susan says she is going to leave now. Harley tells her that is not her idea of making amends. Susan tells Harley that there is punishment and tells her that the kids have to write a paper on what happened and what they learned and give the money back to NuGround, who will give it to charity. Phillip offers to loan Susan the money and let her work it off. He tells her he will give her a year to pay it back. Susan leaves to go home. Harley is worn out already and Phillip tells her he respects what Susan did. She admits she does too but thinks he shouldn't have let her off the hook with the money. Phillip thought he was helping Susan thus helping Harley as well. She says, "think again" and walks off

At the LeMay's:

Susan tells Beth about her plan and Beth is impressed. Susan tells Beth she invited NuGround for dinner. Beth agrees to help and tells Susan that she can invite her co-conspirators as well. Beth suggests she call Jim to tell him the good news since he has had such a tough time lately. Susan thinks this is a sign that things will be better for all of them.

Sam comes over with the other kids and tells Susan that he is impressed with how she handled things. The doorbell rings and NuGround comes in. They introduce themselves to everyone and sit down to eat. Later, the band thanks Beth for the hospitality and the sing a song for them.

Friday, December 8, 2000

At the Bauers':

Harley and Frank come in with pizza. They sit down with Rick and Michelle for a little party. The guys talk about being dumped and Michelle talks about being pregnant. The guys aren't in to the emotional stuff so they decide to watch football. Harley tells them that they are there sisters and are meant to help them. Michelle teases Rick about his crush on May. Frank says Rick can't have a crush on May because he does. The guys start talking about her how great she is and Harley and Michelle tells them to go out and get dates if they want them. Harley serves some tea and asks Michelle who she wants Rick to wind up with. Michelle says someone like Abby. Frank wants to wind up with someone who says "Cigars, cigarettes, cigarillos". Rick and Frank go back and forth on who is more interested in May. Harley wonders why neither one of them is doing anything about it. Rick admits that he and Frank are losers in love. Meanwhile, Phil comes up outside and is looking into the kitchen window. He sees his wife and friends smiling and laughing. He looks sad.

Back inside, everyone is cleaning up and Frank is taking out the trash. Harley and Michelle talk about Danny and Michelle says she is not giving up on him. Michelle feels the baby kick. Harley comes over and feels it as well. Harley tells Michelle she will always have family and friends to help her. Frank takes the trash out and comes upon Phil. He asks how long he has been out there and tells him to go on in. Phil helps Frank with the trash.

Rick is in the kitchen and asks Harley how she is doing. Harley says she loves Phillip. Harley says she has been spending too much time in Beth's orbit due to the Susan situation. She tries to ignore Beth, because she is the living, breathing symbol of all that is wrong with her marriage. Things are strained between her and Phil. Rick asks if this is about Beth or Phil. He wonders if it isn't enough just to love Phil. Phil enters and asks if he is interrupting something. Later, Phil and Harley leave. Outside, Phillip holds up some mistletoe and tries to kiss Harley. She rebuffs him and tells him not to grab her like that. He tells her next time he will warn her when he tries to be spontaneously affectionate. Harley apologizes. Phil asks her why she got so quiet when he came in to the kitchen. Harley tells him they were discussing them slugging it out. Phil asks her if she thinks they can work it out. She says she is trying. Harley walks away and Phil, sadly, follows after.

At the Carriage House:

Holly comes in and Blake hurriedly tells her how happy she is to see her. She tells her a lot of last minute things and leaves, after thanking her for babysitting at the last minute. Holly doesn't get a word in until after Blake has left. Holly says to herself she thought Blake was going to say "Happy Birthday". Holly is trying to straighten the living room and starts daydreaming. She is at a birthday party for her thrown by Ross and Blake. They were fussing over her and wishing her a happy birthday, giving her gifts. Blake toasts to Holly and so does Ross. Then she has two men bring in a huge box. Blake tells Holly it is the perfect man for her and that she has 12 days to take it back for an exchange. Holly looks into the box and it's empty. Holly awakens from her fantasy and thinks she is a coward even in her dreams.

At a hotel room:

A bellhop shows Ross to a hotel room. He goes in and thinks he is in the wrong place. Blake comes out from the bathroom in a black teddy. She is snapping her gum and talking like a hooker. She says her name is Bambi and for a 20, he has her and the room for a limited amount of time. She asks about his wife and then reminds him that he doesn't have a wife, he only has a girlfriend. Ross gets the point and plays her game with her, telling her that they are on his dime so he wants less talk and more action. They fall back into the bed and make love.

Ross and Blake are in bed, exhausted, Ross thinks they went overtime. Bambi says she double booked just in case. Ross asks if she has taken care of the children. Blake says her mother is babysitting and Ross says that was nice of her to do on her birthday. Blake jumps out of bed and says time is up. She forgot about her mom's birthday. Ross teases her about feeling cheap and used.

Back at the Carriage House:

Blake and Ross come back into the house with a bottle of sparkling cider and wish her a happy birthday. Blake says the babysitting thing was a ruse. Holly sees through it and Blake apologizes. Holly says Blake is busy with her life and a birthday is no big deal. Blake tells her that it looks like she has been crying. She asks if it was because she forgot her birthday. Holly says no, it is one of those things that seems worse on your birthday. Holly asks Blake if she is "engaged with life" and tells her what Buzz said about her being a voyeur at life. Blake says that Buzz should talk; he has no life. Holly asks if she really believes that. Blake tells her it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. She wants her to have a happy birthday.

At the LeMay's:

Phil is on his phone outside. He says he will fill in Beth on the details of the legal case against Susan and then will be leaving. Beth is walking up the steps with the baby, and Phil observes them. Beth offers to let Phil hold James. Phil says he looks more like Beth every day. Beth says he has the Spaulding determination and wants his own way. Phil asks if he gets what he wants and Beth says usually. Phil says his son may have something to teach his father. Beth asks Phil if he was talking about something specific and asks how things are with Harley. He says about the same and they are both trying hard. Beth says that is good. She thinks they will get there. Phil says he thinks he owes Beth an apology. He says he was worried about her having another baby, but she is handling things beautifully. He thinks she is handling Susan well. They talk about last evening with Susan entertaining NuGround and are laughing. Jim arrives and says they sound like they are having a good time. Jim thanks Phil for the good legal news. Jim kisses Beth and then offers to take James from Phil. Beth invites Phil in, but he declines. Jim thanks Phil again for all he has done. They go inside as Phil leaves, looking a bit sad. He is looking through the window at the happy family.

Back inside, Jim is getting ready to go to SC and Beth talks about how she will miss him. Jim hates to go. He is thinking about asking Susan to come down on Christmas break. Jim laughs that Beth wants to get Susan out of her hair. Beth says they are getting along better and is praising Susan to Jim as Susan walks down the stairs. Susan thinks she should eavesdrop more often. Jim wants to know if they can all eat popcorn and hang out tonight. Beth kisses Jim and they are happy that Susan wants to spend time with them. They all sit down with Lizzie and the baby for a family evening. Jim asks Susan if she would like to go to SC for her Christmas break. She says she would. Lizzie wants to go as well. Beth tries to distract Lizzie with activities to make her want to stay home with her. Jim promises to bring Susan home for Christmas. The kids go about their business and Jim and Beth snuggle on the couch. They kiss and Beth tells him that she knows he doesn't want to work for Edmund. He tells her he would do anything for her and besides he will have a lot to come home to.

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