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Paige Larson
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Actor History
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Salem U Dorms - Building Z Room 202

Formerly Apt. 46 in Salem

Formerly in Miami

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Eduardo Hernandez(father) Eve Larson(mother)

Rafe Hernandez (paternal half-brother)

Arianna Hernandez (paternal half-sister; deceased)

Dario Hernandez (paternal half-brother)

Gabi Hernandez (paternal half-sister)

Shane Donovan (maternal grandfather)

Gabrielle Pascal (maternal grandmother)

Andrew Donovan II (maternal great grandfather)

Margaret Donovan (maternal great grandmother)

Andrew Donovan III (maternal great uncle)

Andrew Donovan IV (maternal uncle)

Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (maternal aunt)

Arianna Horton (paternal niece)

Joan (cousin)

Tate Black (maternal cousin)



Flings & Affairs

J.J. Deveraux (dated/kissed/lovers)

Crimes and Misdeeds


Brief Character History

In spring of 2013, J.J. Deveraux was assigned to pick up trash on Horton Square as part of his community service, a condition of his probation for vandalism. On his first day there, he saw Paige - a pretty girl who was volunteering to help pick up trash as a way to give back to the community. Paige was a straight-A student who spent most of her free time studying.

J.J. and Paige started a flirtation, despite warnings from both of their friends that neither was right for the other one. But the two grew closer, J.J. even confessing to Paige about the dark times he'd been through with drugs and crime in the past. Paige told him that she believed that he was a good guy. They bonded over heartaches surrounding

Paige was thrilled when her mom Eve returned to Salem in June 2014. Paige had been living with her cousin Joan, but Eve assured Paige that the two of them were going to get their own place and start their life together. Paige was also excited for Eve to meet J.J., but neither J.J. nor Paige knew that their mothers were old enemies.

When they learned of their mother's past, both J.J. and Paige were adamant that it would not effect their relationship. Since they were growing closer, Paige decided to defer her admission to Stanford for a year and attend Salem U in the fall. Eve was not happy about this decision. She blamed J.J.

So Eve schemed to break up Paige and J.J -- enlisted the help of Paige's best friend, Marybeth, and a petty criminal, Jill. Jill got herself invited to the big Salem U party. J.J. and Paige were there. While at the party, Marybeth faked an injury and asked Paige to take her to the emergency room. After they left, Jill drugged J.J.'s drink. When he passed out, she took his shirt off and posed with him on a park bench. Then, she sent the image to Eve and Paige. However, when Paige confronted J.J. with the picture, he said that he had been drugged. Paige believed him. Eve tried to tell her that J.J. was obviously a bad guy, but Paige wouldn't believe her.

Just as things were looking clear for J.J. and Paige, he began to have problems dealing with his dad's past -- mainly, when Paige learned that J.J.'s aunt Kayla had been raped. J.J. felt that he had to tell Paige that his father was the one who raped his aunt. But, Eve beat J.J. to it when Paige overheard Kayla and Eve arguing about Jack. Paige wanted to talk to J.J. immediately. But, when she received a text with photos of J.J. drinking and talking to other girls at a part, Paige became furious with J.J. She confronted him with everything at once and told him that they needed to take a break.

That same night, Eve when she learned that the vocal surgery she'd moved to Salem to get in the first place could not happen. Eve was crushed and drowned her sorrows in multiple glasses of wine. J.J. went over to Paige's house to settle things with her, but he found a drunk Eve there instead. She had been crying and told him that she'd never be able to sing again. He sympathized with her. And the two ended up in bed together. They both immediately regretted it. But, J.J. couldn't leave because Paige had gotten home. She saw a man's jacked on one of the kitchen chairs but did not know whose it was.

Eve told J.J. that he had to break up with Paige. J.J. was reluctant at first, but Eve gave him no choice. She told him that she would tell Paige the truth, and while Paige would be furious with both of them at first, Paige would have to eventually forgive Eve. But, J.J. would be out of her life forever. J.J. didn't want Paige to go through the pain, so he agreed to break up with her.

J.J. told Paige that while she was off visiting her grandfather in California, he'd slept with someone else. Paige demanded to know who. So, J.J. recruited one of his old friends, Roxanne, to pose as his new girlfriend. Finally, Paige was convinced and told J.J. she never wanted to see him again.

Miserable with his decision, J.J. found himself in bed with Eve again and again. Finally, Jennifer caught the two of them together. She was horrified. But, she used the knowledge to blackmail Eve into allowing a reconciliation between J.J. and Paige. Jennifer promised never to tell Paige, as long as Eve didn't interfere with J.J. and Paige.

Happy that he'd get another chance, J.J. went to Paige and begged her to take him back. He said things were over with Roxanne. Eventually, Paige believed him and the two reconciled. They soon took their relationship to the next level and slept together. Paige was very happy, especially when J.J. made plans to attend San Jose State so that he could be close to Paige when she went to Stanford.

But Eve was still determined to break them up. She conspired with one of J.J.'s enemies to plant drugs on him. When J.J. found out, he confronted her once and for all. Eve argued back with him. Little did either of them know that Paige was in the other room. She overheard them admit to sleeping together. She disowned Eve and broke up with J.J.

To punish J.J., she started looking for someone new to date. She settled on Kyle Southern, a known drug dealer. Desperate to keep her away from Kyle, J.J. agreed to go undercover with the Salem P.D. to pose as an associate of Kyle's get the name of Kyle's boss.

But, Eve was still determined to get J.J. away from Paige. So, she planted a bug in J.J.'s living room. When she overheard him discussing his mission with Jennifer, Eve went to Kyle and told him all about it. Kyle told his boss, Clyde Weston.

Clyde told Kyle to summon J.J. Clyde asked J.J. if he was working for the cops. J.J. denied it. Clyde told J.J. that if he was lying, Clyde would attack the people J.J. loved, starting with Paige.

A few days later, J.J. found Paige strangled to death with a neck tie in her dorm room closet. J.J. suspected Clyde. However, the real killer was Clyde's son, Ben, who killed Paige as part of an attempt to frame Chad as a serial killer.

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