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Eve Donovan
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Actor History
Charlotte Ross
1987 to 1991
June 18, 2014to present
Other Names

Eve Baron (originally known as)

Eve Larson (married name used when she returned to salem in 2014)


Sales associate

Former Singer

Former prostitute


430 Lakeside Dr. Apt #46 Salem, USA 06649

Formerly in Miami

Formerly in Africa

Formerly in Salem

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Jack Deveraux (annulled)

Frankie Brady (During a 2014 conversation with her daughter, Eve mentioned that she and Frankie were once married outside of Salem. However, that was never confirmed by any other character.)

Eduardo Hernandez (Married and divorced off screen, circa 1997)


Shane Donovan (father)

Gabrielle Pascal (mother)

Andrew Donovan II (grandfather)

Margaret Donovan (grandmother)

Andrew Donovan III (uncle)

Andrew Donovan IV (paternal half-brother)

Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (paternal half-sister)

Tate Black (paternal half-nephew)


Paige Larson (daughter; with Eduardo; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Harris Michaels

Nick Corelli

Scotty Banning

Frankie Brady

J.J. Deveraux (lovers)

Justin Kiriakis (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Hit Sarah Horton with a stolen car

Former prostitute

Paid Jill to get pictures of J.J. in a compromising situation (September 2014)

Conspired with Cole to plant drugs on J.J. (May 2015)

Druged Jennifer's drink (July 2015)

Planted a bug in the Deveraux living room (August 2015)

Brief Character History

Eve arrived Salem under the alias of Eve Baron. She was a troubled young girl who became a prostitute under Nick Corelli. Kimberly Brady quickly befriended her and eventually hired her to babysit for Andrew. Little did Kimberly know, Eve was Shane's daughter, and she was out to sabotage Kimberly and Shane's marriage. Eve believed Kimberly had broken up her parents.

Eventually Eve got into trouble with the law after stealing a car and hitting Sarah Horton, and she revealed Shane was her father. Shane took Eve in as his daughter, though she continued to cause problems for Kimberly.

Kimberly wasn't the only one Eve caused problems for. Eve had a crush on Frankie Brady, but his heart belonged to Jennifer Horton. While Jennifer and Frankie were apart, Frankie had an affair with Paula Carson, the women who ran the Teen Crisis Hotline that Frankie worked on. Eve learned about the affair and exposed it after Jennifer and Frankie had reconciled, causing more trouble between Frankie and Jennifer. Eve's plan backfired when Frankie eventually left Salem in 1988.

Shane adopted Eve, but her old pimp, Nick Corelli, soon forced her back into prostitution. Eve called Kimberly for help, and as a result, Kimberly was attacked and lost her baby. Eve was also assaulted, and a slash to her face from a knife left her with a permanent scar. Shane soon learned that Eve's mother was Gabriel Pascal, not Emma Donovan. An upset Kimberly left Salem to sort through her life.

Later that year, the Riverfront Knifer, Harper Deveraux, attacked Eve. Eve survived the attack, but as a result was left with a knife scar across her cheek.

In 1988, Nick decided to help Eve gain back her self-confidence. Nick arranged for Eve to pose on the cover of a teen fashion magazine. Eve was thrilled, and she was even more thrilled when a group of boys from her school showed an interest in her. What Eve didn't know was that Harris, the boy she liked, had made a bet with his friend Jake to see how long it would take to score with a hooker. When Eve learned the truth, she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills.

Eve lived, but wanted revenge. Eve and Nick set the boys up at a party with drugs and alcohol then turned them in to the police. Later, Jake and his friends kidnapped Eve and left Nick a note to meet them out of town. Outside town, Nick and Jake played a game of chicken, and Nick's car went over a cliff and exploded.

Eve grieved over Nick, but when Nick left everything in his will to her, suspicion fell upon her. Eve ran away but crashed her car. She was rescued and taken to an old deserted mansion by a man named Eddie. Eddie knew the mansion had belonged to Nick Corelli, and he was searching for some old money Nick had hidden there. When Eve happened to find an old key, Eddie took Eve to the bank, where they attempted to open a safe deposit box. Eve managed to drop a note as to where she was being held captive.

Nick, who was also living at his old mansion, helped Shane rescue Eve. Eddie, however, escaped then returned to the mansion to try to find the rest of the money. Eve had returned in hopes of finding the man who had helped her before, not knowing it was Nick. Steve, Kayla, and Nick were waiting for Eddie at the mansion, but he managed to elude them once again. Nick, Steve, and Kayla were charged with conspiring to hide Harper's money but were later let off.

Eve eventually learned the man in the mask was Nick. Nick wanted Eve to have the scar on her cheek removed, but she only agreed to have the operation if Nick had his badly burned face repaired as well. Both agreed, but in the operating room, Eddie showed up and threatened to kill Eve if Nick didn't turn over Harper's money to him. Shane shot and killed Eddie. Both Nick and Eve underwent surgery, and their painful scars were removed.

Afterwards, Nick gave Eve a job singing at Wings, the nightclub he had bought. Eve was in love with Nick, and to discourage her, he married April Ramirez.

In 1990, a vicious storm hit Salem and left Faith paralyzed. Eve Donovan, who was in love with Faith's boyfriend, Scott, plotted to keep the two of them apart. Eve shared Scott's shadowy record producing scams and secrets with Faith in hopes that it would cause problems. Eve's plan failed miserably. Faith walked again, and when Scott was accepted to medical school, Faith and Scott left Salem.

Nick Corelli had left a fortune to Eve, but she could not claim any of the money until she married. Eve asked Frankie to marry her, but when he rejected her, she turned to Jack. Jack needed the money to save the Spectator and agreed to marry Eve in 1991. Later, Eve and Jack's marriage was annulled. When Eve was wanted as a suspect in Nick's murder, she fled Salem. It was Frankie who went after her and convinced her to return to Salem because she had been exonerated of any crime.

In 1991, Brian Scofield found himself investigating Nick Corelli's murder as well. Brian and Melissa, Eve and Frankie, and Jack and Jennifer boarded a theme train on which Johnny Corelli had stashed the weapon that had been used to kill his brother Nick. When they found the weapon, Johnny Corelli detached the car they were in, and it rolled down a mountain pass and derailed into a cold forest. The couples split up, and all tried to find their way out of the valley they found themselves trapped in.

Eve eventually split away from Frankie and met up with a young woman named Molly Brinker. Molly drew Eve a map, and Eve led the party to a safe location and took the credit on her own. A helicopter retrieved the stranded Salemites, but Eve was seriously injured when she fell from the helicopter ladder. She lived and was treated like a star in Salem until Molly showed up and pushed Eve off of her heroine pedestal. Frankie had told Eve he loved her, but after he learned that Eve had taken the credit for saving them, he once again distanced himself from her.

Eventually, Frankie was called to work for a charity organization in Africa, helping the sick and hungry. Eve, who was madly in love with Frankie, gave up all the pleasures of society and departed Salem with Frankie.

A single Eve returned to Salem in the summer of 2014. Eve was determined to revive her singing career. She met with Dr. Daniel Jonas for a consultation about an elective surgery that would remove some obstructions from her vocal cords, allowing her to sing again. Daniel was optimistic about her chances.

But surgery wasn't the only reason she was back in town. Eve's daughter Paige was a senior at Salem High, set to graduate and attend Stanford in the fall. Paige was also dating J.J. Deveraux. Little did Paige or J.J. know that their moms were old enemies.

Eve's next order of business was to meet with her half-sister Theresa, who was living in Salem as well. Eve had warned Paige to stay away from Theresa and the bad influence Theresa would leave. But, Eve needed to talk to her little sister for herself. Eve and Theresa had a rocky relationship, but they bonded over one thing -- their dislike of Jennifer Horton.

Eve was back in town with more news for Jennifer. According to Eve, part of her annulment agreement with Jack was that Eve got part of the rights to all of his earnings for long form projects. This included Jack's book. Jennifer was furious with the news because she had been donating all of the proceeds from the book to a veterans charity. Eve insisted that Jennifer could do what ever she wanted with her half of the money, but the other half belonged to Eve. Just wanting the situation to go away, Jennifer offered Eve a settlement of half of everything from here on out. But, Eve didn't want the settlement. She wanted to be able to negotiate for more money from the studios who wanted the screen rights to Jack's book. So, Eve took Jennifer to court.

The lawsuit was hard on Paige. She was worried about how this would affect her relationship with J.J. She also worried that her mom wouldn't be able to afford Stanford without winning the lawsuit. So, to solve both problems, Paige decided to defer her admission to Stanford for a year and attend Salem U. Even though Eve had bonded with J.J. over their mutual love of music, Eve was not happy.

Eve's problems got worse when she learned that her case against Jennifer was not as strong as she thought and reluctantly took a low settlement from Jennifer -- which included the provision that Eve not speak publicly about the case or Jack.

Determined to take her revenge on Jennifer out another way, Eve decided that J.J. should not be allowed to date Paige. One day, she saw a petty thief named Jill try to steal a wallet at Club TBD. Eve filmed the act and then confronted Jill. But Eve was willing to make Jill a deal -- get a photo of J.J. cheating on Paige and Eve won't turn the video over to the cops. Eve also offered to pay Jill. Jill agreed. Eve also enlisted the help of Paige's best friend, Marybeth, to help with the plan.

Jill got herself invited to the big Salem U party. J.J. and Paige were there. While at the party, Marybeth faked an injury and asked Paige to take her to the emergency room. After they left, Jill drugged J.J.'s drink. When he passed out, she took his shirt off and posed with him on a park bench. Then, she sent the image to Eve and Paige. However, when Paige confronted J.J. with the picture, he said that he had been drugged. Paige believed him. Eve tried to tell her that J.J. was obviously a bad guy, but Paige wouldn't believe her.

The news got worse for Eve when she learned that the vocal surgery she'd moved to Salem to get in the first place could not happen. The surgery ran to high a risk of permanent nerve damage. Eve was crushed and drowned her sorrows in multiple glasses of wine.

That same night, J.J. and Paige had a huge fight. J.J. had been drinking and then went over to Paige's house to settle things with her. He found a drunk Eve there instead. She had been crying and told him that she'd never be able to sing again. He sympathized with her. And the two ended up in bed together. They both immediately regretted it. But, J.J. couldn't leave because Paige had gotten home. Paige saw his jacket (one he borrowed from Daniel) on one of the kitchen chairs, but didn't know whose it was.

Eve told J.J. that he had to break up with Paige. J.J. was reluctant at first, but Eve gave him no choice. She told him that she would tell Paige the truth, and while Paige would be furious with both of them at first, Paige would have to eventually forgive Eve. But, J.J. would be out of her life forever. J.J. didn't want Paige to go through the pain, so he agreed to break up with her.

J.J. told Paige that while she was off visiting her grandfather in California, he'd slept with someone else. Paige demanded to know who. So, J.J. recruited one of his old friends, Roxanne, to pose as his new girlfriend. Finally, Paige was convinced and told J.J. she never wanted to see him again.

Miserable with his decision, J.J. found himself in bed with Eve again and again. Finally, Jennifer caught the two of them together. She was horrified. But, she used the knowledge to blackmail Eve into allowing a reconciliation between J.J. and Paige. Jennifer promised never to tell Paige, as long as Eve didn't interfere with J.J. and Paige.

Happy that he'd get another chance, J.J. went to Paige and begged her to take him back. He said things were over with Roxanne. Eventually, Paige believed him and the two reconciled. They soon took their relationship to the next level and slept together. Paige was very happy, especially when J.J. made plans to attend San Jose State so that he could be close to Paige when she went to Stanford.

But Eve continued to stew about Paige and J.J.'s reconciliation. Worse, she couldn't stop thinking about J.J. She even took the jacket that J.J. wore the first night they were together from a clothing drive after Daniel had donated it. When Jennifer saw the jacket, she started to worry that Eve was having actual feelings for J.J.

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