Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 3, 2014 on DAYS

Daniel and Jennifer made love. Rafe was shocked and confused at Jordan's decision to leave Salem. Brady and Marlena both had strained meetings with John. Hope received bad news from Bo. Jennifer ended things with Liam, but he was out for revenge. Abigail panicked when she thought that she might be pregnant. Things heated up between Eric and Nicole.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 3, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, March 3, 2014

by Mike

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel and Jennifer had an awkward start to their date, prompting them to eventually conclude that they were only nervous because it had been such a long time since they had last been together. Jennifer declined Daniel's offer to pour her a glass of wine, choosing to kiss him instead, and things quickly progressed to his bedroom.

Later, while Jennifer and Daniel were lying in bed together after making love, they talked about the various things that they wanted to do together in the future. Jennifer acknowledged that it had been nice of Nicole to let Daniel and Jennifer have the apartment to themselves for the night, and she observed that he and Nicole clearly cared about each other a lot. Daniel teased that jealousy looked cute on Jennifer, who clarified that she wasn't jealous and that she respected the fact that he and Nicole always seemed to have each other's backs.

Daniel said that Nicole had Jennifer's back, too, and he proceeded to inform her that Nicole had kept J.J.'s secret for quite a while herself. Jennifer seemed touched, and she hoped that things would work out for Nicole and Eric. Jennifer laughed as she realized that she was lying in bed with the man she loved and they were talking about other people. Jennifer wondered what was wrong with that picture, and after Daniel replied that there was nothing wrong with it at all, they started to make love again.

Theresa unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt and dimmed the lights before opening her apartment door to greet Brady. As Brady entered the apartment, Theresa curiously observed the Basic Black gift bag that he was carrying, and he confirmed that it contained a gift for her. Theresa optimistically guessed that the gift was the expensive designer purse that Brady had recently seen her admiring. "I did go back and look at that -- I did -- but I was disappointed because the bag was -- it was empty. There's nothing in it. This, on the other hand -- this is full," Brady said as he retrieved an unopened bottle of his favorite brand of whiskey from the gift bag.

"Hmm. Not for long," Theresa said with a smile as she took the bottle from Brady. As Theresa and Brady enjoyed their drinks, he checked his cell phone and suggested that they could toast to the fact that it had been six whole hours since Maggie had last tried to check on him. Theresa believed that her day had been worse than Brady's, since her sponsor had called four times that day to try to get her to reconsider her decision to leave Narcotics Anonymous, and she had also had unpleasant encounters with the two "jerks" who had driven her to drink in the first place. Not to be outdone, Brady countered that he had nearly married the same "bitch" twice -- someone his father had tried to sleep with and his brother had slept with. Agreeing that trips down memory lane weren't particularly fun, Brady and Theresa decided to get out of the apartment for a while instead.

At Club TBD, Eric handed Nicole a single long-stemmed rose and told her that, as always, she looked beautiful. Nicole thanked Eric and started to return the sentiment before clarifying that she meant that he looked handsome, not beautiful. Eric laughed as he took a seat across from Nicole, admitting that he hadn't expected the situation to feel quite as awkward as it did. "Yeah, I think it was easier when we had the collar between us," Nicole mused. Eric said that he was glad that was no longer the case, and Nicole agreed.

In response to Nicole's inquiry, Eric assured her that he had no regrets about his decision to leave the priesthood and pursue a relationship with her. Eric excused himself so that he could get some refills at the bar, and after he left, Nicole watched as a nearby club patron started to move to a different table. Nicole stopped the man and wondered if she and Eric were somehow offending him. After conceding that Eric and Nicole were just as welcome to enjoy themselves at the club as anyone else was, the man disapprovingly added that he was also allowed to have his own opinion about the matter.

Nicole insisted that if the patron wanted to judge anyone, it needed to be her, not Eric. Meanwhile, Eric returned and calmly stressed that no one was going to be doing any judging that night, since they were all just there to have a good time. The man nodded and walked away, and Nicole apologized to Eric for her outburst as they returned to their seats, explaining that she had simply gotten upset when she had noticed the way that the man had been glaring at Eric earlier. Eric appreciated Nicole's passionate defense of his character, but he assured her that he didn't care about how other people felt about him -- he only cared about her and their night together.

As Nicole smiled in response to Eric's kind words, raucous laughter filled the club, announcing the arrival of Theresa and Brady, who were obviously intoxicated. The group stared at each other for a moment, and Theresa quietly assured Brady that she would understand if he wanted to go elsewhere, but he insisted that he wanted to stay right where he was. "Ew. Did you know he was seeing that -- that -- cousin of yours?" Nicole asked Eric, choosing her words carefully. Eric advised Nicole to forget about Theresa and Brady, and she agreed to do so, but Eric soon caught her stealing another glance of Brady and Theresa at the bar. Eric offered to take Nicole somewhere else, but she insisted that she was having the best night of her life and wasn't going to let "two idiots" ruin it.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Brady pointedly stared at Nicole and Eric as he proposed that he and Theresa could toast to hypocrites. Nicole wasn't happy that Theresa and Brady were staring at her and Eric, so she decided to confront them, and Eric reluctantly followed her to the bar. Nicole told Brady that she hadn't realized that he had moved on to a new terrorista, prompting Theresa to laugh and ask him to repeat what he had just said about hypocrites. Nicole objected to the comment and insisted that not even Brady could be desperate enough to be seriously interested in Theresa, of all people. Brady wondered if people had once said similar things about him and Nicole, and he added that people had since moved on to saying that Nicole had clearly always wanted to "bag the man with the vows."

After defending Nicole, Eric started to say that he had been under the impression that Theresa was in Narcotics Anonymous, but she dismissively replied that she had decided that there were too many steps to the program. Brady laughed at the joke, which worked on several levels, and he pointed out that Eric no longer had any room to act like the captain of morality. Brady warned Eric to lose the condescending look, and Eric wondered what Brady planned to do if Eric didn't comply with the request. Before the situation could get any more heated, Theresa stepped in and once again suggested that she and Brady could go somewhere else so that their night wouldn't be ruined, and Brady agreed, urging Eric and Nicole to enjoy their date and remember to say their prayers before bedtime.

After Brady and Theresa left, Nicole admitted that she didn't understand how Eric could remain calm and collected while Brady was self-destructing right in front of their faces. Eric started to point out that things might not be as bad as they seemed, but Nicole insisted that, while she was aware that he always strived to see the good in everyone, she was certain that Theresa was the Lindsay Lohan of Salem. Nicole conceded that people had probably said the same thing about her at one point, prompting Eric to suggest that Theresa might just need a bit of love in her life. Nicole hugged Eric as she agreed that love certainly did have a way of making everything better. Later, Eric walked Nicole back to her apartment, and as they talked in the hallway, he leaned in to kiss her gently.

When Brady and Theresa returned to her apartment, he headed straight toward the bottle of whiskey that he had given her earlier, suggesting that it would make their night much better. Theresa declared that she knew a better way for her and Brady to make their night better, and she proceeded to kiss him. As things progressed, Theresa stopped the action for a moment so that she could retrieve something from her bedroom, and when she returned a short time later, she found Brady passed out on the couch. Theresa gently removed Brady's wallet from his back pocket and proceeded to inspect its contents, which included a large stack of fifty-dollar bills. "Don't show your hand yet -- you're in it for the big payoff," Theresa quietly reminded herself as she returned the money to the wallet.

After finishing his first night of community service, J.J. took Bev back to the Horton house, knowing that they would have some privacy there because Jennifer and Daniel were on a date that night. Bev suggested that she could contact Rory so that he could join her and J.J. at the house, prompting J.J. to reply that he hoped that she was kidding. Bev urged J.J. not to be upset with Rory for the earlier comments about J.J.'s "jerk of a boss" that Rory had made without realizing that the boss was standing within earshot.

J.J. wasn't interested in talking about his "miserable afternoon doing community service," so Bev eyed his nearby guitar and suggested that he could play something for her instead. "Or...I could do...this," J.J. replied as he leaned in to kiss Bev. J.J. and Bev continued to kiss as they fell onto the couch, knocking over her purse in the process. Various things spilled out of the purse, including a joint, and when J.J. spotted the item, he demanded to know why Bev had entered the house with it. "It was in my purse. Excuse me for trying to cheer you up," Bev defensively replied.

J.J. informed Bev that trying to tempt him into smoking marijuana with her wasn't a good way to try to cheer him up, since he was no longer doing drugs. Countering that inviting her over to the house might have been a bad idea, Bev grabbed her purse from J.J. and insisted that he had no right to judge her for being herself. J.J. tried to clarify that he wasn't judging Bev, but she ignored his protests and stormed out of the house, dismissively promising to call him the next time that she wanted to have a boring time with someone.

After Bev left, J.J. started to play his guitar in an effort to get his mind off of the horrible day that he'd had, but he quickly abandoned that idea, grabbed his jacket, and exited the house. J.J. went to the town square, where he ran into Rory, who couldn't resist the urge to tease him about what had happened during their last encounter. J.J. wasn't amused, insisting that the possibility of getting kicked out of community service and sent to prison wasn't a laughing matter at all. "Whoa. Dude. I mean, would you just lay off the prison thing? Look, J.J., you beat the rap, man. Are you gonna be like this the rest of your life?" Rory wondered.

Before J.J. could respond, Rory received a phone call and abruptly excused himself. Meanwhile, J.J. groaned with frustration as he realized that he had misplaced his own cell phone. "Damn it! Could this day be any worse?" J.J. wondered -- just as an attractive young woman approached with his phone. The girl, who appeared to be J.J.'s age, said that she had seen him drop the phone earlier. J.J. smiled and thanked the young woman for returning his phone, but before he could say anything else to her, Rory returned with a peace offering for J.J. in the form of a smoothie. After accepting the drink from Rory, J.J. turned his attention back to the girl, but she was already gone.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Gabi gasped as she woke up from the nightmare that she had been having about a slightly older Arianna, who didn't want to hang out with Gabi because Will and Sonny were more fun.

As Will escorted Caroline into the Brady Pub, she thanked him for driving her to and from her quilting class that night. Caroline recalled that Will had mentioned earlier that he had some news to share with her. Before Will could respond, Sami cheerfully greeted him and Caroline, prompting Caroline to observe that the situation had suddenly started to look a bit like an ambush. Will assured Caroline that he hadn't expected Sami to be at the pub, but Caroline was still worried that she might need to brace herself for bad news. "I...hope...not. Um, Grandma, um -- I'm getting married to Sonny," Will announced with a mixture of pride and nervousness.

"Well. It's about time!" Caroline happily declared, mischievously pausing between sentences to toy with Will and Sami. Caroline hugged Will, who wondered if her seemingly enthusiastic response meant that she approved. "You don't need my approval -- or anybody else's. You just need to be in love," Caroline matter-of-factly replied, and Will confirmed that he and Sonny easily met that requirement.

Caroline jokingly insisted on being seated at the "fun table" at the wedding reception, and Will happily agreed to comply with her request. Recalling that Sami and E.J. were also planning to get married in the near future, Caroline suggested that Sami and E.J. and Will and Sonny could have a double wedding. Sami and Will both quickly shot down the idea, but he did so a bit more adamantly, prompting her to wonder why he was making it seem like a particularly horrible proposal. Caroline pointed out that it was hard to blame Will for objecting to the idea, given Sami's history with weddings, and Sami gasped with mock indignation as Will agreed with Caroline.

After Caroline left, Will told Sami that he was relieved that Caroline was supportive of his and Sonny's engagement. Sami admitted that she was still worried about how Gabi was going to react, so Will proceeded to explain what had happened when he and Sonny had shared the news with Gabi earlier. Will hoped that Gabi truly understood that nothing needed to change after he and Sonny got married, but Sami could tell that he wasn't completely confident that he, Sonny, and Gabi were all on the same page. Sami mused that everything had been going really well until Nick had resurfaced, and she wondered why Gabi was such a sucker for "that jerk."

"She feels guilty. I mean, she thought she killed the guy she was in love with. I can't imagine how that would make me feel. I guess you would know, though," Will pointedly replied. Will added that Sami had eventually gotten back together with E.J., and she revealed that Gabi had tried to make the same comparison -- a comparison that Sami maintained wasn't the least bit fair. "No, you're -- you're right; when it comes to tortured and twisted, there's no contest -- you win," Will declared, rendering Sami speechless.

Will clarified that he would fully support Sami's relationship with E.J. if that relationship made her happy, but she warned that it was too late for him to take back the things that he had just said, which had made her decide that she didn't want to have a double wedding with him and Sonny, anyway. "Oh, come on. We could sell tickets -- 'Our Big, Gay DiMera Wedding,'" Will jokingly suggested, nearly causing Sami to choke on a gulp of coffee in the process. Sami said that Will was lucky that he was her son, since she would never let anyone else get away with talking to her like that.

Gabi entered the pub with Arianna in time to hear the comment, and she nosily wondered what she had missed. Will vaguely clarified that he had simply been giving Sami a hard time about wedding dates. Meanwhile, Caroline returned, and Gabi asked if Nick had managed to talk to Caroline yet. Caroline couldn't recall seeing Nick recently, and she wondered what he wanted to talk to her about. Gabi evasively replied that it would probably be best for her to let Nick elaborate himself, and she promised that he would visit the pub again in the near future. Confused, Caroline looked at Sami and Will for an explanation, but Sami simply changed the subject, suggesting that Will and Caroline could take Arianna into the kitchen to see her aunts.

After Will and Caroline left with Arianna, Gabi preemptively warned Sami that she didn't want to talk about Nick, but Sami assured Gabi that she also had no desire to talk about Nick. Sami clarified that she actually wanted to know how Gabi really felt about Will and Sonny's engagement. After stating that she was happy for Will and Sonny, Gabi started to say something else, but Will interrupted as he returned to the front section of the pub with Arianna. Gabi suggested that it would probably be best for her and Will to take Arianna back to the apartment, but Sami protested that she and Gabi weren't finished with their conversation yet, so Gabi agreed to let Will take Arianna back to the apartment alone.

"Okay, so let's not waste each other's time. You want to know if I'm thinking of moving out when Will and Sonny get married, right?" Gabi guessed after Will left with Arianna, and Sami didn't deny the suspicion. Gabi evasively stated that she wasn't going to talk to Sami about the matter before having the same discussion with Will and Sonny. Sami said that she was simply trying to help Gabi, just as she had been doing for the past few months, but Gabi dismissively stated that, while she appreciated Sami's help, she still wasn't going to let Sami push her around. Before Sami could respond, Gabi abruptly excused herself.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Nick met with Sonny, who had arranged the meeting after learning that Nick had been hanging out with Gabi at Club TBD earlier. Nick shrugged and explained that Gabi had simply asked him to help her with her homework. "Stop with the innocent act -- I'm tired of it. I know what you're up to, and I'm not gonna let you screw around with our lives again," Sonny vowed.

After dismissively acknowledging that it was clear that Sonny's relationship with Will had gotten quite serious and that they and Gabi were having a grand old time playing house with Arianna, Nick started to offer his own perspective of the situation, but Sonny interrupted him. "Oh, you're thinking that Will's the dad, and he's got the relationship with Gabi, and you're wondering where the hell I get off telling you what to do, right?" Sonny guessed. Nick dramatically replied that it was like Sonny had somehow managed to read Nick's mind.

"You want to talk about this 'flesh and blood' [stuff]? Let's talk about it, okay? I'm not a Horton, like you and Will. I do not have a drop of Hernandez blood in my body. But I'll tell you what I am -- a Kiriakis, which means I get what I want, no matter what it takes," Sonny firmly stated. Pretending to be impressed, Nick observed that subtlety clearly wasn't a Kiriakis family trait, going to great lengths to mock Sonny's pronunciation of the surname in the process. Sonny countered that it wasn't a Fallon family trait, either, and he skeptically repeated Nick's earlier excuse about helping Gabi with her homework.

Sonny warned that he knew all of Nick's tricks. Sonny started to add that Gabi should have also figured out all of Nick's tricks at that point, but Nick interrupted and accused Sonny of implying that she was an idiot. Nick pointedly wondered if Gabi was aware that Sonny had such a low opinion of her, prompting Sonny to clarify that he had a low opinion of Nick, not Gabi. Sonny firmly reiterated that he wasn't going to sit around and give Nick another chance to hurt Sonny's family.

As Sonny started to walk away, Nick casually mused that Sonny's life had probably been much easier when Nick had been presumed dead. "That's right, Sonny Boy -- I know that you helped cover up my untimely demise. You and Will both," Nick cheerfully revealed. Nick said that it was pointless for Sonny to try to lie about the accusation -- especially since Sonny "sucked" at lying, anyway -- and he claimed that he didn't blame Sonny for agreeing to help Sami and Kate cover up what they had done to Nick, since he was certain that Sonny had seen it as a golden opportunity to get Nick out of their lives for good. Feigning sadness, Nick added that it was too bad that things hadn't worked out the way that Sonny had envisioned, and Sonny agreed.

Nick innocently suggested that it was time for everyone to start trying to get along with each other, especially since Sonny and Will were headed down the aisle soon. Sonny wondered how Nick had learned about the engagement, and Nick happily replied that Gabi had told him all about it. Nick dramatically stated that Sonny's life was falling into place beautifully, and he mused that Sonny might just be the luckiest guy in Salem -- aside from Nick, of course. Nick claimed that he was trying really hard to be a decent guy as a show of gratitude for his good fortune, and he warned Sonny not to push his own luck.

As Nick tried to walk away, Sonny grabbed Nick's arm and started to issue a warning of his own, but Nick interrupted him. "Don't threaten me. Am I making myself clear? I don't care what your last name is. You're shooting blanks, Sonny, and all I've got is bullets -- one for Kate, one for Sami, and two more for the happy couple, if I need them. You and Will are accessories after the fact -- not the same as murder, but they use the same prison cells either way. If you'd like, we can sit down, and I can describe for you in detail what happens behind bars if you don't back off," Nick snarled as he glared at Sonny.

Sonny unflinchingly replied that Nick couldn't prove anything, but Nick countered that Sonny had no idea what Nick was capable of proving. Nick warned that if Sonny wanted to marry Will and watch Arianna grow up, Sonny needed to think very, very carefully about what he did from that point forward. Sonny glared at Nick as Nick calmly walked away.

Later, Nick ran into Gabi outside the Brady Pub. Gabi revealed that she had received a good grade on her homework assignment as a result of Nick's help, and he invited her to join him for breakfast the following morning. Gabi accepted the invitation and extended one of her own, offering to let Nick walk her back to the apartment, but he declined the offer because he wanted to talk to Caroline instead, since he could see through the pub window that she was actually around for a change.

Nick entered the pub and approached Caroline and Sami. Nick said that, while he understood that he was probably the last person Caroline wanted to see, he wanted to be straight with her, since she had always been straight with him. "Good luck with that," Sami muttered. Nick said that he didn't want to upset Caroline with his decision to remain in Salem, and she replied that it was too late for him to start worrying about that. Nick innocently assured Caroline that he was working very hard to turn his life around and start being a better person. "Well, I'll have to end up being the judge of that," Caroline skeptically replied before walking away.

After Caroline left, Sami wondered if Nick ever tired of putting on his little show for everyone. Ignoring the question, Nick replied that he had encountered Gabi outside the pub earlier, and he pointedly mused that she had been positively glowing -- just like someone who deserved to be on the cover of magazines. Nick recalled that Sami had offered to give Gabi a modeling job a few months earlier, and he warned that Sami might want to follow through with that offer, especially since he knew that Sami was getting ready to start a new fashion line at Countess Wilhelmina. Nick innocently suggested that Sami might otherwise lose Gabi -- or worse, the whole fashion line.

In Will and Sonny's apartment, Sonny told Will about his earlier encounter with Nick. Sonny admitted that in his effort to make things better, he had probably only managed to make things worse instead. "If he wasn't set on getting Gabi back before, he definitely is now," Sonny added. Sonny and Will agreed that they couldn't tell Gabi about Nick's blatant threats, since she would never believe them, and Will wondered what he and Sonny were supposed to do next. "We hope and pray that Gabi wakes up to who this guy is. I don't -- I don't -- I don't know what else to do," Sonny replied.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Theresa's apartment, she looked at the content of Brady's wallet while he cleaned up in the bathroom. When Brady returned to the living room, he apologized for passing out. Theresa smiled and told Brady that she had fun with him. Brady checked his messages then he invited Theresa to join him for breakfast. Before leaving, Brady poured a drink to help his hangover. Theresa pulled out a vial of cocaine and offered it to Brady. Brady shook his head no.

"I love some booze once in a while, but with the coke, I can't fall back into that so if we're gonna hang out, I can't be near that, okay?" Brady said. Theresa nodded, and she dumped the vial of cocaine into the kitchen sink. Theresa said that she did not really like cocaine, but she'd had the leftover vial sitting around. When Brady apologized for causing her to dump her cocaine in the sink, Theresa smiled and said it was fine. Theresa noted that Brady could make it up to her later.

At Club TBD, Abigail thought about her breakup conversation with E.J., and startled by T, she knocked over the cup of coffee he had placed in front of her. While Abigail was cleaning off the coffee stain on her dress in the bathroom, Ben walked into the club. T informed Ben that he had been hired. Excited, Ben thanked T for the opportunity.

After Ben left, Abigail returned from the bathroom. When T apologized for spilling Abigail's coffee, she stressed that the spill had been her fault. Abigail smiled at T and left.

In the DiMera living room, Sami told E.J. that Hope was upset with her for buying Ciara ten pairs of expensive earrings. When E.J. asked about Nick, Sami admitted that Nick had threatened her. Sami explained that Nick had threatened to reveal the Countess W summer line to Kate if Sami did not hire Gabi as a model. As Sami talked about Nick's technical genius, she wondered aloud if they could get Nick to sell out Kate's secrets.

"You cannot be serious!" E.J. objected. Sami agreed. When Sami asked about hiring Gabi, E.J. admitted that it could be a good idea. Sami worried aloud that Nick had wormed his way into Gabi's life again. Grinning, E.J. suggested that they find a plan to stop Nick. Sami worried aloud that Nick's request to hire Gabi as a model was the first in a long line of requests from Nick.

E.J. urged Sami not to act against Nick until there was a good opportunity or else she might provoke Nick. E.J. suggested that they let Nick feel like he was in control. When Sami bristled at the idea, E.J. promised to take care of Nick if he grew out of hand.

Johnny ran into the living room as E.J. left. When Sami noted that they needed to return the cupcake pan to Abigail, Johnny asked when Abigail and Rafe could visit. Confused, Sami asked Johnny why he had mentioned Rafe. Johnny explained that he had heard Abigail and E.J. talk about Rafe and how much Abigail liked him.

In the park, Kate saw Nick smiling at a text message from Gabi, and she asked him if he was up to no good. Nick asked Kate about his project proposals. Kate grudgingly admitted that the proposals looked good. With a smile, Nick said he had made plans, and he left.

In the pub, Rafe said hello to Gabi, who was waiting to see Nick. When Gabi asked about Jordan, Rafe explained that Jordan had abruptly cancelled plans with him. Gabi suggested that Jordan might feel pressured and that Rafe should talk to her. As Rafe nodded, Nick entered the pub and said hello. When Nick commented on Rafe's health, Rafe noted that Nick should think twice about arguing with him about Gabi, since he had his strength back. Nick apologized and walked away.

Gabi defended Nick to Rafe. When Rafe said he hoped Gabi was not stupid enough to fall for Nick's tricks, she left the pub, offended. Rafe approached Nick at the bar and warned Nick to stay away from Gabi.

In Jordan's bedroom, she rifled through her collection of fake IDs and thought about her run-in with Ben. Jordan put the IDs back in the box and looked at the "coach" shirt that Rafe had given her. Fighting tears, Jordan opened her notebook computer and booked a plane ticket to Atlanta.

"Goodbye, Jordan Ridgeway. It was nice while it lasted," Jordan said as she looked in the mirror. After purchasing her ticket, Jordan went in to work at the hospital. When Jordan walked into a private waiting room, she found Ben waiting for her. Ben shared that he had been hired at a club in Salem. Frustrated, Jordan said that she would have to quit her job if Ben decided to stay in town.

When Ben said that he had moved to Salem to be with Jordan, she countered that she had to leave because he had moved to Salem. Ben asked Jordan if she was pushing him away because of Rafe. Frustrated, Jordan stressed that she was leaving because of Ben. Angry, Ben wished Jordan luck with her running away.

Kate met with Lucas in the town square, and they discussed Nick's proposals. Lucas grudgingly admitted that Nick's proposals were good. When Lucas mentioned that Sheryl had ideas about selling Nick's proposals, Kate asked Lucas if he was interested in Sheryl. Lucas said that Sheryl was an asset to the company and the only silver lining in Kate's failed plot to take down Jordan. Kate swore that she had not failed yet.

Lucas cautioned Kate to let go of her vendetta against Jordan. Lucas noted that he saw Rafe with Jordan and he recognized the signs that Rafe was in love with Jordan. As Lucas spotted Sheryl across the way, he excitedly called out to her. Sheryl waved as she finished her phone call. Kate joked that she also knew the signs of love as she looked pointedly at Lucas. Lucas shook his head.

In her apartment, Gabi stared at a text message from Sami and wondered aloud what she wanted. There was a knock at the front door, and Gabi opened it and found a shivering Nick. When Nick asked if it was okay to meet at the apartment, Gabi assured him that they would be alone. Gabi apologized for Rafe's behavior at the pub, but Nick stressed to Gabi that Rafe was acting appropriately as a big brother. Gabi thanked Nick for understanding.

When Gabi asked what Nick wanted to say, Nick explained that Sami had decided to hire Gabi as a model after Nick had suggested it to her. Nick urged Gabi to think about Sami's offer. Nick added that Gabi should not mention that Nick had helped Gabi with the job, as it might upset Kate. As Nick started to leave, Gabi asked Nick why he was helping her. Nick noted that after all he had done, it was the least he could do to make her happy.

At Club TBD, Brady and Theresa talked over breakfast. Theresa talked about her childhood among rich kids and joked that they would seethe with jealousy if they could see her with Brady, who had more money than all of the kids combined. Narrowing his eyes, Brady asked Theresa if she was only hanging out with him because of his money. Theresa noted that she had never hidden the fact that she loved money but that she was not hanging out with him because of money.

"Despite the fact that when I first met you, I thought you were an incredibly boring specimen of eye candy, you turned out to be pretty kind, and fun, and kind of charming. And like I said, I'm not immune to eye candy," Theresa said. Brady joked that Theresa was after him for his body. With a raised eyebrow, Theresa noted that if Brady had not passed out then he would have seen how interested she was in him. Brady leaned forward and asked her when she needed to be at work.

Brady and Theresa returned to her apartment and ripped one another's clothes off. Theresa pulled Brady on top of her on the couch, but they were interrupted when Theresa's grandmother called her phone. Laughing, Theresa asked Brady to wait a minute and not to leave. There was a knock on the door, and Theresa asked Brady to get rid of whoever was there. When Brady opened the door, he was shocked to see John Black.

In the park, E.J. ran into Rafe. E.J. noted that since Rafe had recovered, he could focus on his own life rather than E.J.'s. Rafe explained that he still cared about Sami and that he felt obligated to warn her that he would arrest E.J. and Stefano in time.

At the Horton house, Sami stopped by to drop off the cupcake pan. Sami told Abigail that Johnny had overheard Abigail talking to E.J. in the living room. When Sami asked for details about Abigail's crush on Rafe, Abigail gasped in surprise. Abigail remarked that she hardly knew Rafe. Sami agreed then explained that Johnny had mentioned what he had heard.

Realizing what had happened, Abigail noted that she had spoken to E.J. about the painter Raphael. Embarrassed, Sami laughed. Sami joked that she was happy that E.J. had someone to talk to about art, since she had no clue. Sami asked Abigail to teach her about art so that she could talk to E.J. and impress him. With a nervous smile, Abigail suggested that Sami could take a class or Google the information.

When Sami commented that Abigail knew the kinds of things that caught E.J.'s eye, Abigail thought about having sex with E.J. in the shower. Shaking off the memory, Abigail agreed to tutor Sami about art. Elated, Sami hugged Abigail and thanked her for the help. Sami asked Abigail to keep the tutoring a secret from E.J. After Sami left, Abigail thought about E.J. then she growled that her relationship with him was over.

At the hospital, Rafe talked to Jordan at the nurses' station. When Jordan asked why Rafe was at the hospital, he noted that he was there to talk to a suspect. Jordan started to walk away, and a hurt Rafe stopped her and asked to talk in private. Rafe and Jordan walked to a private waiting room, and he asked her why she had blown him off. Jordan apologized. "I have really enjoyed our time together," Jordan said. Jordan added that she was leaving Salem.

In the town square, Kate and Lucas talked to Sheryl about business. When Lucas recommended that Sheryl should accompany him on a business trip to the Ozarks, Sheryl happily accepted. Sheryl made an offhanded comment about Jordan refusing to visit the Ozarks, and Kate asked why. Sheryl shrugged and said that Jordan had not given her a reason why she did not want to go. Kate excused herself and left.

Sheryl noted that Kate seemed happy. With a grimace, Lucas agreed. In the park, Kate called her private investigator and told him to narrow his investigation to the Ozarks. As Kate hung up the phone, she saw Lucas staring at her from the entrance to the park.

Sami went to visit Gabi at her apartment, and she offered Gabi a job as a model for Countess W's cosmetics line. Gabi eagerly accepted. Gabi admitted that she needed work and that she wanted to stay close to home. With a confused grin, Sami asked Gabi if Nick had already told Gabi about the job. Gabi admitted that she had heard about the job from Nick. Gabi noted that the modeling job was a win for everyone. Annoyed, Sami pursed her lips and left.

In Club TBD, Nick walked over to E.J., who was sitting in the corner. When Nick asked E.J. about the job for Gabi, E.J. said he was fine with the idea. "I'm a little bit surprised that you're being so blatant about going after Gabi again," E.J. said.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In the waiting room at the hospital, Jordan informed Rafe that she was leaving Salem -- for good. She explained that she'd gotten a great job offer on the West Coast. A bemused Rafe pointed out that Jordan already had a good job that she liked a lot in Salem. Jordan feebly maintained that the new place really needed her. "I really need you," Rafe said. Jordan explained that she had struggled with the decision.

"I care about you so much, but I realized that staying here wouldn't be right for either of us," Jordan said. Rafe wished that Jordan had discussed it with him before making her decision. Reminding Jordan that she'd said she was tired of moving around, he begged her to stay in Salem with him. He pulled her close and stroked her hair, but Jordan pulled away.

"I know this is sudden and you're hurt, and this is probably cold comfort, but I'm hurt, too, because I do care about you so much," Jordan admitted tearfully. Rafe didn't understand why Jordan was leaving if it was hurting her, as well. She explained that she knew she would regret it if she didn't take the opportunity.

"Not just for my sake but for everyone's. You can't begin to imagine how sorry I am," Jordan added miserably. "Me, too," Rafe concurred. Not knowing what else to do, Rafe left, with a last, mystified look at Jordan, who broke down as soon as he'd closed the door.

When Ben showed up after getting Jordan's message, Jordan glumly informed him that she was leaving Salem the next day. "Wow. You are that determined to get away from me?" Ben said, hurt. Jordan insisted that it was the way it had to be because things couldn't go back to the way they had been. "Right. Because of him! [...] It wasn't supposed to be this way!" Ben complained.

Ben assured Jordan that he hadn't gone to Salem to ruin her life, but she assured him that she knew why he was there. "It's probably better this way. I was actually letting myself believe that I could have a life here, but I was just fooling myself. I probably would've ended up hurting someone even more if I stayed," Jordan admitted before leaving the waiting room.

Later, Jordan sat at her dressing table in her bedroom, remembering the first night she'd spent with Rafe. She gazed at a New Jersey ID with the name Joan Cooper that featured a picture of Jordan in a blonde wig. When Arthur meowed, Jordan told him that like him, she had thought of that place as home.

In the park outside Horton Square, Lucas overheard Kate on the phone with Ortiz, ordering the investigator to look into a possible connection between Jordan Ridgeway and the Ozarks. As soon as Kate hung up, Lucas accused her of being unable to bear the thought of Rafe and Jordan being happy because she wanted Rafe for herself. Kate insisted that she was simply trying to protect Rafe from Jordan, who was clearly hiding something, and Kate didn't want to see Rafe -- a genuinely good guy -- get his heart broken again.

When Kate said that no man had ever treated her with as much respect as Rafe had, Lucas wanted to know why she couldn't respect Rafe's relationship. Kate explained that it would be her fault if Jordan hurt Rafe because Kate had been the one who'd insisted that Kayla hire Jordan. Kate promised to back off Jordan if Ortiz turned up a legitimate reason behind Jordan's fake IDs -- and to keep Lucas and Sheryl out of it if Ortiz found a lead with the Ozarks association. "I really hope you know what you're doing," Lucas warned his mom before walking away.

At Club TBD, E.J. warned Nick, "Your blatant pursuit of Gabi, under the circumstances, is unseemly, if not downright reprehensible." Nick claimed that he was simply trying to do something nice for Gabi after all the mistakes he'd made -- and the two of them were getting closer with no manipulation on his part. E.J. didn't buy that for a second. Nick asserted that he and E.J. were actually a lot alike.

Although E.J. took offense at that idea, Nick explained that E.J. had fought to win Sami, just as Nick would do everything he could to get the life he wanted. E.J. guessed that Gabi was a big part of the life Nick wanted. Nick admitted that he wouldn't object if Gabi wanted to give their relationship another shot, because they'd once had a very happy life together. E.J. pointed out that Nick and Gabi's relationship had blown up because Nick had lied to her repeatedly.

Nick insisted that he was being completely upfront with Gabi because he wanted her to be happy. When E.J. alluded to Gabi's past actions, Nick remarked, "I guess she's lucky that she has me in her corner a hundred percent, because I can get whatever I want now that I'm in a position of power -- and I think you know better than anyone what a great position that is to be in."

When Kate arrived, E.J. cautioned her that Nick Fallon was a "loose cannon" who shouldn't be provoked. Unruffled, Kate reminded E.J. that she'd been forced to hire Nick and his "odd-duck assistant." E.J. warned her against underestimating Nick.

A forlorn Rafe wandered through town, remembering how Jordan had told him that she was the happiest she'd ever been. "This doesn't make any sense," Rafe said to himself. Rafe meandered into Club TBD, where Ben was tending bar, and sat at a table by himself. When Kate spotted Rafe and said hello, Ben began to clean a nearby table so he could eavesdrop. "I'm glad that I ran into you. I thought we should talk about Jordan," Kate said.

Nick met with Lucas at the Brady Pub to review Nick's product proposals. Lucas said that although the company was excited about Nick's lipstick prototype, they would have to change the formula to make it more affordable. Nick calmly insisted that the formula couldn't be changed because lipstick had to remain completely organic. Lucas argued that he had the final say, but Nick countered that as CEO, Kate would have the final say -- and Nick was certain that Kate would be on his side.

As Nick rose to leave, Lucas demanded, "What the hell is your deal? Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?" Nick replied nonchalantly, "Your mother's most valued employee."

Brady answered the door at Theresa's and was stunned to see his father on the doorstep. Quickly deducing that John was the one who had been following him, Brady demanded, "What are you doing back in town? What the hell do you want?" As John ambled into the apartment, Brady maintained that it wasn't a good time.

Theresa emerged from the bedroom after changing into a skimpy nighty, but as soon as she spotted John, she grabbed Brady's jacket and covered herself with it. "Who the hell is this?" Theresa asked, nervously ducking behind Brady. The two men explained that John was Brady's father. When Theresa introduced herself, John smiled and shook her hand as he told her that he was good friends with her parents.

John wanted to speak to Brady in private, so the men went into the hallway. "I'm worried about you, son. I want to help," John began. Brady insisted that he was fine. John knew about Brady's cocaine use and recent drinking binges. "You spent the better part of yesterday going in and out of bars," John noted. Brady maintained that he hadn't touched cocaine since New Year's -- and he did not have a drinking problem. Brady wanted to know why John had been tailing him.

John explained that he'd been trying to find the right time to approach Brady, but Brady had been drunk or angry or both ever since John had gotten back. John asked why Brady hadn't been responding to phone calls or emails. Incredulous, Brady said that he hadn't wanted to hear John say, "I told you so," about Kristen.

Meanwhile, Theresa had gotten dressed and returned to the living room, where she eavesdropped on John and Brady's conversation in the hallway. Brady urged John to get on with the lecture about how he'd warned Brady about Kristen. John gently stated that he'd wanted to reach out as soon as he'd heard what had happened to Brady, but John hadn't wanted to make matters worse -- but perhaps he should have returned sooner. Insisting that he didn't need John's help, Brady ordered John to go back to Europe.

"Don't push me away; we're family," John pleaded. "Not anymore, Dad," Brady said coldly before going back inside the apartment and slamming the door in John's face. Inside, Brady apologized to Theresa and complained that his father had a hero complex. Theresa admitted that one of the best things about living in Salem was not having to deal with her irritating parents on a daily basis. Brady suggested that he and Theresa do something before she had to go to work, so they headed out.

Sami arrived at St. Luke's Academy and presented a container filled with cupcakes to Hope, who was setting up the table for the school bake sale. Hope lashed out at Sami about the expensive earrings that Sami had bought for Ciara. Sami tried to apologize, but Hope wondered whether living at the DiMera mansion had warped Sami's values. Sami apologized if she had gone overboard, but Ciara had insisted on going to Baron's. Hope pointed out that Sami was the adult in the equation.

"I was trying to be nice. I mean, I was just trying to get her to cheer the hell up!" Sami insisted, noting that Ciara had been scowling a lot. "My daughter does not scowl," Hope argued. Sami pointed out that Hope had grown up with expensive things, but Hope maintained that she was not raising her daughter that way. She implored Sami, "If you are going to spend time with my daughter then please respect the values that I, her mother, am so desperately trying to instill in her." Her irritation boiling over, Sami suggested that Hope should take some responsibility for her daughter's behavior and greediness.

"I should be grateful, you know? I mean, I could've ended up at Tiffany's, for God's sake!" Sami complained as she whirled around to storm out -- and she ran right into an entering Aiden, knocking over the tray of cookies he'd been carrying. Sami apologized to Aiden, adding, "I'd offer to cover it, but it would give her another reason to yell at me." After Sami had gone, Aiden remarked that Hope certainly seemed to have a way with people.

As Hope helped Aiden pick up the cookies, she offered to make a donation to cover the loss. Aiden insisted that he would pay the difference if they didn't reach their goal. Hope expressed her sympathy for the death of Aiden's wife, noting that it had to be very hard on Chase. Aiden said that his son was doing all right -- especially since certain kids at school had stopped bullying him. Hope became indignant at Aiden's perceived criticism of her parenting skills.

Father Louis arrived just then and asked how things were going with Aiden and Hope. Hope cheerfully informed the priest that everything was going fine. After Father Louis left again, Hope informed Aiden that they would price every item at four dollars. Aiden protested that there were entire cakes for sale, but Hope said that she'd learned from experience that some of the parents would be offended if their items sold for less than the others.

Hope got a text message just then and explained to Aiden that an old friend had returned to town and urgently needed to meet with her. Aiden grudgingly agreed that he could handle things while Hope was gone. Promising to return shortly -- and reminding Aiden of the pricing -- Hope hurried out.

As the children entered the lobby on their snack break, they crowded around the bake sale tables, shouting excitedly. Although flustered, Aiden patiently instructed everyone to line up single-file. The kids obeyed, but Aiden scowled when he overheard Ciara complaining that it was taking too long. Father Louis asked if Aiden needed any help, but Aiden assured the priest that he had things under control.

When it was Ciara's turn to order something, she insisted that Aiden had given her the wrong flavor cupcake. "You said vanilla," Aiden reminded her. "I would never ask for vanilla," Ciara maintained. When Aiden handed over the correct flavor, Ciara grumbled, "I hope you're a better lawyer than you are a salesman." Father Louis returned to check on Aiden, who admitted that things would have gone more smoothly if Hope hadn't bailed on him. Father Louis said that in time, Aiden would see what a kindhearted person Hope was. The priest took a cookie and wandered away without paying for it.

Sami was walking through Horton Square when she ran into Theresa and Brady. Taken aback, Sami admitted that she hadn't been aware that the two of them knew each other. Theresa explained that they'd met in A.A. Sami asked to speak to Brady in private, so a petulant Theresa headed for the movie theater to check the show times. Sami warned Brady that her cousin was "trouble with a capital T."

Brady told Sami that he'd already had his fill of lectures that morning from his dad. Immediately recognizing that John was the reason for Brady's foul mood, Sami apologized for overreacting about Theresa. Sami admitted that having both of her brothers involved with the wrong women at the same time made her crazy. She asked for Brady's help in nipping Eric's relationship with Nicole in the bud.

"If Nicole's gonna break Eric's heart -- which she probably will -- I basically don't give a damn," Brady declared. Sami reminded Brady that they were family -- and what had happened with Kristen hadn't been Eric's fault. Brady quietly but firmly warned Sami that he didn't want to discuss it any further.

After Sami had gone, Theresa returned with a couple of Bloody Marys for the two of them. "I didn't see a movie I wanted to see at the theater, so I found a better way to pass the time," she explained as she handed a glass to Brady. They toasted to not running into any more family members.

E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion and found an obviously irked Sami working furiously on the couch. When he asked about his fiancée's mood, she complained that people were stubborn and judgmental. E.J. took the work from Sami's hands and put his arms around her, guessing that she'd seen Hope. Sami admitted that she'd also run into Brady. E.J. said that he had run into Nick earlier and cautioned Sami, "I daresay he may be more trouble than even you and I bargained for."

Hope met John in the park outside Horton Square and happily threw her arms around him. He explained that he'd just gotten back to town, and he would appreciate it if Hope didn't tell Marlena that he had returned. John added that he had a message for Hope from Bo, whom John had seen briefly in Europe. John said that Bo had been lonely for his family, although Hope was skeptical. John explained that Bo's undercover work had initially been aimed at the DiMeras, but it had turned into a case involving an even larger international crime syndicate.

John advised Hope that Bo's case could take another year or longer. Hope became upset, especially when John warned her that she might not hear from Bo at all during that time -- and if she did, it probably wouldn't be directly from Bo. "How am I even going to know if he's alive or dead?" Hope fretted. "Well, you won't," John cautioned.

Hope worried about how she would break the news to Ciara, who already missed her daddy a great deal. John tried to reassure Hope that Bo felt very confident about the case. He produced a letter from Bo and instructed Hope to destroy it after she'd read it. John kissed Hope on the forehead and left.

Sniffling, Hope opened the letter and read aloud, "'Dear Fancy Face, I know you must be pretty upset right now, but please try to understand. I have no choice; I have to see this to the end.' No, Brady, there is always a choice! 'I am so sorry to put you, Shawn-Douglas, and Ciara through this. I miss you all terribly. I'll be thinking of you every second of every day until I return. I love you and the kids more than anything in this world, and I promise I will do everything in my power to come back to you as soon as possible. Love you always, Bo.'"

Later, Hope paused to compose herself before going back into the deserted lobby of the school, where Aiden was straightening up. Hope apologized to Aiden but noted that he'd handled things well. When Aiden stepped outside to take a phone call, Hope sat down behind the table to reread Bo's letter. She began to weep. She ripped up the note and envelope, walked over to the trash can, and hurled the torn paper in. "Damn you! Damn you," a hurt and angry Hope cried, just as Aiden returned.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

by Mike

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel and Jennifer were lying in bed together, discussing Parker, who was supposed to return home later that day. Daniel was certain that Parker would be thrilled to learn that Jennifer was going to be a part of their lives again, but he wanted Parker to have stability, and he also didn't want Parker to get hurt at some point in the future, so he asked Jennifer to let him know if she had any lingering doubts about their future. Jennifer assured Daniel that she loved him with all of her heart, was committed to a future with him, and wasn't going anywhere, and he returned the sentiments.

At the hospital, Maxine informed Jordan that the hospital rumor mill -- otherwise known as Anne Milbauer -- was once again working overtime and that Jordan was the latest target. Jordan regretfully clarified that the rumor was actually true -- she was indeed quitting her job and leaving Salem. Maxine was certain that everyone was going to miss Jordan -- even the patients who complained about Jordan's methods, since Maxine believed that, deep down, they each respected Jordan because she got results.

Maxine cited Rafe as a prime example of the effectiveness of Jordan's methods, arguing that he probably wouldn't have regained the ability to walk if he had been under the care of any other physical therapist, but Jordan insisted that his recovery had been the result of his own determination. Jordan admitted that her decision to leave Salem had blindsided Rafe, but she predicted that he would eventually realize that it was for the best.

Elsewhere, Liam entered Jennifer's office and gifted Jennifer with a box of chocolates that he had picked up during his latest business trip, which he had just returned from. Liam said that the highlight of the otherwise horrible trip had been receiving a message from her on his way home from the airport -- a message that he had taken as a sign that his luck was finally changing. Liam invited Jennifer to go on a date with him later that night, but she ignored the offer and instead informed him that they needed to talk about something.

Jennifer gently stated that, while Liam was a great guy and she had enjoyed getting to know him better, she couldn't continue to see him because she and Daniel had recently reconciled. Liam incredulously reminded Jennifer that she had just told him a few nights earlier that she was completely done with Daniel. Jennifer explained that what she had told Liam had been true at the time that she had said it. Jennifer vaguely added that the situation was complicated, and Liam dismissively countered that most relationships were.

Liam started to insult Daniel, recalling that the doctor had slept with someone who had once been Jennifer's assistant, completely humiliating Jennifer in the process. Jennifer defended Daniel, insisting that he was a great guy and that she loved him. Jennifer added that she also believed that Liam was a great guy, and as he sarcastically thanked her for the compliment, she informed him that she hoped that they could still be friends. "Why would I want to be friends with a bitch like you?" Liam bluntly asked.

Liam immediately started to apologize for his outburst, and when Jennifer asked him to leave, he ignored her request and begged her to hear him out first. Liam blamed his inexcusable behavior on exhaustion and the fact that he had been under a lot of stress lately. Liam added that, while he was aware that he and Jennifer had only been on a few dates, he had been under the impression that they had been having a good time together. Jennifer confirmed the suspicion but added that she had never given Liam any indication that she was interested in having a committed relationship with him.

Liam conceded the point and admitted that he had probably made the relationship into something that it had never truly been because Jennifer was the first person he had felt right spending time with since his divorce. Liam apologized again for overreacting, adding that he had a lot of respect for Jennifer and hoped that she could find a way to forgive him. Jennifer said that she understood that Liam was upset, and he thanked her for being generous enough to say that, summarizing that it was indicative of who she was -- a kind, forgiving person.

Liam said that he would like to accept Jennifer's earlier offer to remain friends if it was still on the table, and she somewhat cautiously agreed. Liam started to excuse himself, but he stopped when he spotted the box of chocolates on Jennifer's desk, and he took them with him after she confirmed that she didn't want them. Later, Liam scowled as he tossed the gift in a trashcan outside the pub.

At St. Luke's Academy, Hope received a phone call as Aiden was apologizing for inadvertently intruding on her private moment of sadness, so he excused himself and went outside to collect some boxes so that she could have some space. After Aiden left, Hope answered the call and greeted John, who wondered if she was all right. "How could I be okay, John? Bo's been gone for so long, and -- what, now he sends a message through you that he's going undercover for -- what, another year?" Hope incredulously replied.

John advised Hope to remain optimistic, but she didn't think that would be possible. "I don't know how I'm gonna be able to explain this to Shawn-D...and Ciara. I mean, how -- how am I gonna tell my little girl that her daddy's not coming home?" Hope painfully wondered.

Aiden returned a short time after Hope ended the call. Hope apologized for the interruption, and Aiden assured her that he understood that she had needed some privacy. "It's none of my business -- after all, it's not like we're friends or anything," Aiden added. Later, Daniel arrived to purchase some cookies to support the school, and as Hope was placing them in a container for him, he thanked her for never giving up on the possibility that he and Jennifer would eventually reconcile, knowing that she had learned of that reconciliation via a text message from Jennifer the previous night. Hope hugged Daniel and said that she was happy for him and Jennifer.

Meanwhile, Aiden returned with the last stack of boxes that had needed to be carried into the building, and Hope introduced him to Daniel, who recalled that Aiden was the lawyer who had represented J.J. during the sentencing hearing. Daniel vaguely explained that Jennifer and J.J. were really good friends of his, and he thanked Aiden for stepping in at the last minute and saving the day for them. Aiden humbly stated that the case had been pretty straightforward, and he abruptly changed the subject, wondering if Daniel had a child who was enrolled at St. Luke's Academy. The question led to a spirited conversation between the two fathers about their sons, and Hope watched with a mixture of amusement and puzzlement as the men effortlessly bonded with each other.

Daniel explained that he and Jennifer were hoping to host a casual dinner party the following week, and he invited Aiden to attend, reasoning that it wouldn't feel completely awkward for Aiden to be the new guy at the party, since he already seemed to know Hope -- who was likely to be in attendance because she was Jennifer's cousin -- fairly well. Aiden reluctantly accepted the offer, and Hope just as reluctantly confirmed that she would also be there. Oblivious, Daniel exited the school after promising to provide Aiden with more details later. "I'll cancel!" Hope and Aiden simultaneously volunteered as soon as Daniel was out of earshot.

After a brief discussion about the matter, Hope and Aiden decided that neither of them would cancel, reasoning that they could surely manage to tolerate each other for a few hours. Hope optimistically added that the dinner party might even end up being fun. Meanwhile, a woman entered the school to relieve Hope of the bake sale duties, apologizing for being thirty minutes late. Confused, Aiden said that he had been under the impression that he and Hope would be working the afternoon shift together, but the new arrival explained that Hope had been desperate to leave early. The woman eyed Aiden as she flirtatiously added that she had no idea why Hope had been desperate to leave early, prompting him to respond that he was pretty sure that he knew the answer to that question.

The woman excused herself so that she could grab something from her car, and after she left, Hope informed Aiden that she had gotten called in to work earlier and hadn't had a chance to tell him because of Daniel's earlier visit. Aiden made a dismissive comment, prompting Hope to guess that he didn't believe her. "No. Look, I believe you, okay? I do. And for what it's worth...whatever was bothering you before, I hope it works out," Aiden sincerely stated. Hope thanked Aiden and exited the school.

At Club TBD, Ben busied himself with the task of cleaning nearby tables so that he could discreetly eavesdrop on Rafe and Kate's conversation about Jordan. Rafe guessed that Kate had heard from Sheryl that Jordan was planning to leave Salem, and Kate played along with that assumption, claiming that she had wanted to check on him because she knew that he and Jordan had been getting closer lately. Acknowledging that Rafe had never liked talking about his feelings, Kate changed the subject without waiting for him to tell her how he was doing, instead wondering why Jordan had suddenly decided to leave Salem.

Rafe shrugged and explained that Jordan had supposedly received a job offer that had been too enticing to refuse. "Do you believe that?" Kate asked before realizing that she sounded skeptical herself. Kate apologized and claimed that she hadn't intended to cast doubt on the story, adding that she was simply puzzled because Rafe and Jordan had seemed quite happy when Kate had seen them together at the pub earlier. Kate recalled that she had mentioned to Jordan that Rafe had seemed happier than he had been in a long time. Rafe nodded and reminded Kate that she had also warned Jordan not to hurt him.

Kate innocently stated that she had simply been looking out for a friend, and she hoped that Rafe didn't believe that she had been trying to scare Jordan off. Rafe assured Kate that he didn't blame her for Jordan's sudden decision to leave Salem, although he added that he wished that he knew what had prompted that decision. Ben, who had never stopped eavesdropping on the conversation, interrupted to ask if he could get anything for Rafe or Kate, but when they each declined the offer, he walked away without saying anything else, although he remained within earshot so that he could continue to eavesdrop.

Rafe sadly concluded that Jordan had clearly made up her mind about leaving Salem and that there was nothing that he could do to stop her. Kate sincerely stated that she was sorry and had never wanted to see Rafe get hurt. Kate urged Rafe to call her if he ever needed to talk about anything, and he promised to do so. After Kate left, Rafe went to the bar to pay his bill, and he asked if Ben was a new addition to the club. Ben confirmed that he had just started working there earlier that day. Rafe said that Ben had picked a good place to work and a great guy to work for, and Ben agreed that Sonny seemed to be exactly that. "Not so sure about you," Ben quietly added after Rafe exited the club.

Later, Rafe ran into Maxine in the town square. Maxine was pleasantly surprised to see that Rafe was no longer using a cane, and he confirmed that he was getting stronger every day. Maxine wondered if Rafe felt like he was strong enough to prevent Jordan from leaving Salem. Maxine acknowledged that the situation was none of her business, but she added that she was already one-for-one in the matchmaking department for that week. Maxine declared that Rafe and Jordan seemed perfect for each other, and she bragged that she was never wrong about such things.

Rafe agreed with Maxine's assessment of his compatibility with Jordan, but he sighed with defeat as he summarized that Jordan had already made up her mind about leaving Salem. Maxine skeptically replied that, while Jordan had said similar things during their earlier conversation, she had looked awfully sad when she had said them. "I saw what Jordan did for you -- and what you did for her -- and I thought sure I knew how this story was gonna end, didn't you?" Maxine asked, and Rafe quietly confirmed her suspicion. Maxine wished Rafe luck with everything and walked away.

Kate went to the hospital, ostensibly to say farewell to Jordan and thank her once again for helping Rafe with his recovery. Jordan suspected that Kate was really just interested in gloating, but Kate innocently denied the accusation, pointing out that there was no need for her to gloat because she wasn't the reason that Jordan was leaving Salem. Kate mused that she had always known that Jordan was the restless type, and when Jordan questioned the meaning of the statement, Kate clarified that Rafe and Sheryl had each mentioned that Jordan had moved around a lot in the past.

Kate conceded that fresh starts could sometimes be beneficial, although she added that she thought that the timing of Jordan's decision to leave town was a bit odd, since Jordan and Rafe had seemed really happy when Kate had encountered them at the pub the previous day. Declining to talk to Kate about Rafe, Jordan excused herself so that she could get back to tying up loose ends in preparation for her departure. As Jordan started to walk away, Kate mused that Jordan was quite dedicated and was always willing to go the extra mile -- or, in some cases, thousands of extra miles -- for her patients.

Jordan impatiently encouraged Kate to be less cryptic. "Well, obviously, Rafe is a bit stung by your sudden departure, but I think you're actually doing him a favor by leaving before he gets too attached. It's kind of nice to know that, contrary to popular belief, you're not quite as heartless as people think you are," Kate clarified before walking away. Later, Jordan received a visit from Rafe, who asked to see her one last time before she left town. Jordan started to object, but Rafe assured her that he wasn't going to try to convince her to stay in Salem. Rafe argued that he and Jordan simply owed each other a proper farewell, and she agreed with his logic.

Nicole was composing a text message to send to Eric when Chyka entered her hotel room -- which she had rented the previous night to give Daniel and Jennifer some privacy at Daniel's apartment -- and advanced toward her as she nervously backed away from him. "I'm not your worst nightmare, Nicole -- you are. And when Eric realizes that you've been lying to him and that you destroyed the proof of his innocence, your tawdry little love affair will be over, and Eric will hate you for all eternity," Chyka predicted as Nicole screamed protests at him.

Nicole gasped as she woke up and realized that she had been having a nightmare. Nicole assured herself that there was nothing to worry about, especially since Chyka had no way of knowing that she had found his evidence and subsequently shredded it instead of showing it to Eric.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was having a phone conversation with Chyka, who hoped that the information that he had just revealed would prove to be useful to Stefano. "Oh, no, no. Yes, it was very helpful...for once. Very helpful indeed," Stefano replied. Stefano ended the call after warning that he might need to contact Chyka again in the very near future.

Marlena entered the Brady Pub and was pleasantly surprised to find Eric sitting at one of the tables, cleaning his camera equipment. As Marlena took a seat across from Eric, he told her about the photo essay that he was going to be working on later that day. After congratulating Eric, Marlena wondered if he had time to chat with her for a few minutes before starting his assignment. Eric was happy to talk to Marlena, but he assured her that his life was pretty boring. "Funny, that's just not what I heard. I heard you had a date with Nicole," Marlena revealed.

Eric confirmed the news and guessed that Marlena didn't approve of the development. Marlena reasoned that having her approval wasn't an issue, since Eric was a grown man, and she didn't get to decide who he could and could not date, but he took that as validation of his suspicion that she didn't approve. "Honey, I think you realize that you have lost your -- your job, your home, and your -- your sense of purpose, so it's natural to...want to make contact with something familiar," Marlena tactfully stated.

Eric insisted that he wasn't clinging to Nicole because he was lost, adding that he wished that Marlena could see that Nicole had changed. "Oh, my. You're beginning to sound like Brady," Marlena pointed out. Eric protested that Nicole truly had changed, and he questioned why Marlena, who was supposed to be able to read people really well, couldn't recognize that.

Eric wondered if Marlena had forgotten about what had happened with Brady when she had expressed similar concerns about Kristen and had refused to let that matter go. Marlena confirmed that she remembered, and she pointedly reminded Eric that she had been right about that particular situation -- and that Kristen had managed to fool him, too. Eric asked if Marlena trusted his judgment, prompting her to reply that she didn't trust Nicole, whose story about Chyka seemed suspicious. Eric wondered what Marlena was trying to say, and as she started to respond, Nicole entered the pub. Eric assured Nicole that she wasn't interrupting anything, but Marlena's silence told a different story, leaving Nicole skeptical.

Meanwhile, Marlena received a text message from Stefano -- "I have decided to grant your request" -- and abruptly excused herself after stating that Nicole's timing had actually been perfect. After Marlena left, Nicole took the newly available seat across from Eric. "Let's not pretend that wasn't awkward. So, I'm assuming your mother was trying to convince you that I'm the worst thing that's ever happened to you since...oh, you were born Sami's twin? And Mommie Dearest isn't gonna give up until you believe her. So let me guess -- she said I'm a bloodsucking vampire-zombie," Nicole dryly stated.

Eric laughed and assured Nicole that the conversation hadn't been that bad, clarifying that Marlena had simply expressed concerns about Nicole's trustworthiness. Eric insisted that he knew that Marlena was wrong and that he could trust Nicole completely. Nicole stressed that she just wanted Eric to be happy, and he returned the sentiment, adding that their date the previous night had been amazing. Nicole jokingly wondered if Eric was forgetting about the two bar fights that she had nearly started on the night in question, and he replied that she was simply a passionate person, which was one of the many things he loved about her.

Changing the subject, Eric wondered if Daniel was aware that Nicole was planning to move out of Daniel's apartment. Nicole reported that she had called Daniel earlier to give him the news. Nicole said that, while Daniel had tried to change her mind, she was still convinced that moving out was the best thing that she could do for everyone involved. Eric cautioned that living in a hotel was costly, but Nicole was unfazed, reasoning that she could afford to do so -- not only because she was being paid well, but also because she only intended for it to be a temporary solution, anyway. Nicole added that the privacy was worth the cost, although she playfully admitted that there was a possibility that she might get lonely living alone in a hotel room.

Eric excused himself so that he could get started on his photo essay, and Nicole groaned as she watched him exit the pub. "Oh, God -- I love him so much. Please tell me I did the right thing," Nicole quietly muttered. Later, in Daniel's apartment, Nicole packed her things as she chastised herself for being a horrible person who always screwed things up. Meanwhile, Daniel entered the apartment and wondered what was wrong. Nicole claimed that she simply hated packing, but when Daniel pointed out that she didn't have to move out of the apartment, she clarified that moving out wasn't the real issue.

Daniel assumed that Nicole's date with Eric hadn't gone very well, but she reported that it had actually been quite wonderful. Confused, Daniel urged Nicole to tell him what was bothering her, reminding her that they had been through a lot together and that he might be able to somehow help her. Conceding the point, Nicole explained that she had something weighing on her that she really needed to share with someone. Nicole prefaced that what she was thinking of telling Daniel could cause him to judge her, but he insisted that he would never do that.

Daniel recalled that Nicole had been about to tell him something the previous night, and she confirmed that she was once again trying to talk to him about the same issue. Nicole warned that it was a complicated issue, but that failed to faze Daniel, who simply joked that he liked complicated matters. Daniel urged Nicole to continue, but she wanted him to first assure her that he would never repeat what she was about to reveal to anyone -- including Jennifer.

At the hospital, Eric entered Jennifer's office and admitted that he was nervous about starting his new job. Jennifer assured Eric that he was going to do a great job, although she added that she understood why he was nervous, since he had gone through a really big transition recently. Jennifer wondered if Eric had any regrets about leaving the priesthood. Eric explained that, while he was at peace with his decision, the church had been a part of his life for a very long time, and until recently, he had never thought about leaving that life behind. Eric reasoned that God would have found a way for Eric's name to be cleared if that were what God had truly wanted; since that had not yet happened, Eric had accepted that it probably never would.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena thanked Stefano for agreeing to let her speak with Chyka. Marlena assured Stefano that she understood that she would have to adhere to certain ground rules -- namely, that she would not be able to ask Chyka any questions about his connection to Kristen or Stefano -- and she agreed to let Stefano observe the conversation to ensure that she stuck to that promise. Marlena noticed an open laptop that had been placed on the living room desk, and she wondered if it meant that they were going to be doing a videoconference with Chyka. Marlena explained that she would like to be certain that she was actually communicating with Chyka. "You will have no doubt at all of what you hear. You're gonna hear the truth right from the horse's mouth," Stefano guaranteed. Satisfied, Marlena asked if Stefano was ready to begin.

Stefano chuckled and informed Marlena that she had misunderstood. Stefano clarified that he and Marlena weren't going to talk to Chyka that day. "We'll talk to him soon...if I -- if I don't change my mind...which I will do if you tell anyone about this situation...including Samantha," Stefano warned. Marlena promised that she wouldn't tell a soul, and she took Stefano's silent nod as her cue to leave. As Marlena grabbed her purse and jacket and started to walk away, Stefano stated, seemingly sincerely, that he hoped that she received what she was looking for. "I won't stop until I do. I've hurt my son; I will not let Nicole destroy him," Marlena vowed before exchanging farewells with Stefano and exiting the mansion.

Later, Stefano took a seat at his chess table. After using one of his pawns to capture the other side's queen, Stefano placed a phone call to Chyka, who expressed a bit of apprehension when he learned that he was going to have to converse with Marlena at some point in the near future. "Yes, but you listen to me first -- very carefully," Stefano instructed Chyka.

"Hey, Doc," John said when he spotted Marlena standing in the town square later that day.

Friday, March 7, 2014

In Horton Square, John told Marlena that he'd just returned to Salem the day before because he'd needed to see Brady. After a cruelly long pause, John added, "And you." An incredulous Marlena reminded John that he'd left town without even saying goodbye. "In the last year, I've gotten one email from you and three from your attorney," she pointed out. John said that, with the divorce looming, he'd thought that was how Marlena wanted it.

"When it comes to you, nothing that happened between us was what I wanted -- not for a very long time," Marlena said. When Marlena asked if John knew about Sami's trial or what had happened at Brady's wedding, she quickly realized that someone had been keeping John apprised of what was happening to the family. Marlena couldn't believe that John hadn't tried to contact her during all of that.

"What was I supposed to say about Brady's wedding? What did you expect me to think about what you had done?" John growled before walking away. Marlena followed John to the park outside the square and declared that even though he obviously blamed her for what had happened, she would not justify her actions to him. John pointed out that Marlena had destroyed Eric and humiliated Brady.

Marlena deduced that someone -- probably Victor -- had to have told John about her part in what had happened, because it hadn't been on the news. John admitted that he and Victor had stayed in touch. Marlena was glad that John was back for Brady's sake. She offered to recommend a facility if Brady agreed to get treatment, but John cut her off before she could finish. "Okay, so that's the way it is. We care about our children but we have nothing to say to each other," Marlena concluded.

John asserted that they hadn't even scratched the surface of what the two of them needed to deal with. "If Brady were fine, would you be here in Salem?" Marlena asked. John's silence was all the answer she needed. "It's better this way. Really, it is, because now we know there's nothing for us to discuss -- ever," Marlena stated, turning away. Before she could leave, John warned her, "I think you should know I'm not leaving Salem. So if you want to forget about me and push me out of your heart, that's up to you. But I'll be here."

At the hospital, Jennifer and Eric were excitedly discussing his ideas for the photo essay he was doing for the hospital magazine. Theresa overheard Jennifer advising Eric that he needed to go to H.R. for orientation and to fill out some paperwork. "You lucky, lucky guy," Theresa pronounced snidely when she learned that Eric was about to start working for Jennifer, although her sarcasm was lost on Eric.

After Eric headed for H.R., Theresa tried to needle Jennifer about Daniel. Jennifer refused to take the bait, although she admitted she didn't understand why Theresa wasn't more grateful to Daniel for saving her life. Reminding Theresa of what the stakes were if Theresa tried to hurt any of them, Jennifer urged Theresa to try to live with things the way they were.

Jennifer was alone a little later when Liam startled her by asking if they could speak in private. Jennifer reluctantly led Liam into her office but kept the door open. Liam apologized again for the way he'd acted. He explained that he'd had a bad run-in with his ex-wife and had taken out his anger on Jennifer instead of admitting that he'd been hurt. Jennifer reminded him that she'd made it clear that she hadn't been ready for a relationship.

Liam said that he didn't want things to be tense between him, Jennifer, and Daniel at the hospital. Jennifer agreed that she didn't want things to be awkward, either. "Thank you. You're one of the good ones, Jennifer Horton," Liam said. After he apologized again, Liam hinted about what Jennifer might have mentioned to Daniel. "He doesn't even know, so it's fine. We'll just move on," Jennifer assured Liam. Liam thanked Jennifer and left. In the hallway, he grimaced.

At Daniel's, Daniel assured Nicole that he would keep her confidence about whatever she told him. Without getting into specifics, Nicole confessed that she'd destroyed some important information. "It could have helped someone -- and maybe it still can," Nicole added. Daniel asked if Nicole wanted his help to try to fix it. Nicole admitted that she wasn't sure that was possible, but she wanted to do the right thing.

A call from Chloe, confirming when Daniel would pick up Parker, briefly interrupted Daniel and Nicole's conversation. When Daniel hung up, he presumed that Nicole had accidentally destroyed the information. Dodging the question, Nicole said that she had simply made a mistake at work, but she could handle Miles. Daniel assured Nicole that Eric could also handle it if she ended up losing her job.

Daniel reiterated that Nicole didn't have to move out, but she had already packed -- and she knew that he needed his space. They wished one another well then Daniel headed out. Nicole tried to convince herself that everything would be all right and that she was supposed to be with Eric.

When Nicole met Eric at the Brady Pub a little later, he could tell that she was ready to finish moving out of Daniel's. Caroline stopped Nicole and Eric before they could leave and addressed Nicole: "Roman told me what you did to help Eric, and that counts with me. So I want you to know that you will always be welcome here." A touched Nicole squeezed Caroline's hands.

Later, Eric carried a suitcase into Nicole's hotel room and remarked about its heft. As if he should have known, Nicole said that it was full of shoes. Eric asked if Nicole wanted to unpack or get something to eat. "Maybe both can wait," Nicole suggested. She moved closer to Eric to demonstrate, and he responded by stroking her hair and kissing her tenderly, then more passionately. "I am so glad we made it to this place... I love you so much," Nicole said. They kissed some more and moved toward the bed. "I can't wait to make love to you," Nicole murmured.

Brady stormed into the Kiriakis mansion and accused Victor and Maggie of getting John to return to Salem. Victor admitted, "Of course, I did." Maggie said that although she hadn't known that John was returning, she wouldn't have tried to stop him even if she had. Brady complained about how he didn't need his father hovering around him like everyone else. Victor asked if that meant Brady intended to quit his job and leave town.

Brady maintained that he would keep doing his job, which included a call to Shanghai in a few minutes about changes to a shipyard there. Victor declined Brady's offer to participate in the call, then Victor and Maggie left.

Daniel arrived a little later, looking for Victor and Maggie, but Brady advised him that they weren't home. Daniel explained that he wanted to tell Maggie and Victor that he and Jennifer were back together and Parker was returning home. Brady had to take a call from Mr. Chang just then, so Daniel headed for the door -- where Theresa was just about to ring the bell.

Theresa smugly explained that she was there to see her friend Brady -- with whom she'd bonded during a night at Daniel's place. Finished with his phone call, Brady went to the foyer and greeted Theresa, who reminded him that she was there to pick up her skirt. She headed off to find Henderson. "What in the hell are you thinking?" Daniel demanded as soon as he and Brady were alone.

Brady apologetically explained that the corporate suites had been booked, and he'd needed a place to escape to, so he had stayed at Daniel's apartment for a night while Daniel and Nicole had been out of town. Daniel only objected because Theresa was "toxic" and a "hot mess." Brady maintained that Theresa was the least judgmental person he'd met in a long time. Daniel agreed that Theresa had no judgment -- or any scruples, morals, or common sense. He urged Brady to watch his back.

As Daniel was leaving, he ran into Victor and Maggie outside. He invited the two of them over for Parker's return -- and Jennifer would be joining them. An elated Maggie hugged her son, and Victor grinned as he gave Daniel a high five.

Theresa found Brady in the living room and wondered aloud what Daniel had said about her. "I make up my own mind about people," Brady assured her. Theresa suggested that the two of them go out. Brady thought that was a great idea and promised to text Theresa as soon as he'd finished what he was working on.

Outside, Theresa muttered to herself, "Nice try, Daniel. You and your simpy girlfriend will not blow up my life -- and I'll make her sorry that you tried."

Daniel arrived back at the apartment with Parker, Maggie, and Victor. Parker spied a new toy on the table and ran over to check it out. After a moment of teasing Parker, Maggie and Daniel informed the boy that it was his. As they were opening the toy, Jennifer sneaked in the open door. Maggie rushed over to welcome Jennifer with a hug.

At an empty workstation at the hospital, a figure sat at the computer terminal and clicked on a link marked "comments/suggestions here." In the subject line of the comment box that popped up, the person typed, "RE: Jennifer Horton."

Sami sat in E.J.'s lap at the DiMera mansion, and they smooched as they dreamily discussed their plans to honeymoon in Italy. On the desk, Sami spotted Gabi's modeling contract, which E.J. said he'd drawn up himself because he had no idea how Nick might react to it. Nuzzling E.J.'s neck, Sami expressed her relief that they could plan something fun with no clouds hanging over them.

As she gathered up her things to leave, Sami asked what E.J. and Johnny had planned, since they would have the house to themselves. E.J. joked that they were going to binge on sugar and play soccer in the living room. Sami quipped that she hoped the guys broke everything in that room. On her way out, Sami grabbed a couple of books that she'd hidden under her coat in the foyer. "He's gonna be so surprised," she whispered happily to herself.

Once he was alone, E.J. found himself reminiscing about his near-tryst with Abigail in the hospital supply closet. "It's going to be fine, okay? It's over," he told himself. E.J. was looking at some brochures on Italy when Johnny arrived home from school. "That building is messed up!" Johnny said when he saw a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Chuckling, E.J. explained that he and Johnny's mother were planning to go to Italy for their honeymoon because they were getting married in May.

Johnny freaked out and threw a bit of a tantrum, insisting that weddings ruined everything. "Uncle Brady and Aunt Kristen had a wedding, and then -- boom!" Johnny explained. E.J. assured Johnny that if he had any questions about Brady and Kristen, he could ask his parents. Johnny wanted to know what had happened.

E.J. explained that Brady and Kristen had found out things -- secret things -- about one another, but the two of them were very different from Johnny's mom and dad. "You and Mommy don't have secret things," Johnny summed up. E.J. sent Johnny into the kitchen to get a piece of fruit and promised that they would play a quick game of football when Johnny returned.

On the phone later, E.J. advised, "I've put in all the riders myself. It's all ready for Miss Hernandez's signature. No, there's no need for a messenger; I'll take it over myself." As E.J. slipped the contract into an envelope, he guiltily recalled what Johnny had said about secret things.

Abigail was on the phone at the Horton house, explaining that she was going to work from home because she wasn't feeling well and didn't want to get anyone else sick. After Abigail hung up, she took a bite of her sandwich, then gagged and ran out of the room.

Abigail was surprised when Sami showed up a little later. Sami explained that she'd called the hospital and learned that Abigail was working at home. "I brought art-history books, lunch... Can you take a break?" Sami asked hopefully. Abigail agreed but admitted that she was a little tired. Sami said that she was excited to be able to surprise E.J. by talking to him about art.

Sami asked what art E.J. might like to see while they were in Rome. Abigail said that E.J. liked Raphael, and she was impressed that Sami already knew there were entire rooms of Raphael's works in the Vatican. Sami confided that she wanted to understand more about art, the way that Abigail and E.J. did. Sami asked how E.J. and Abigail had started talking about art. Abigail explained that E.J. had returned an angel wing that her dad had given to her and she had given to Chad after he'd been shot.

Abigail found a picture of the "Cherubini" from Raphael's Sistine Madonna in one of the books and showed it to Sami, along with the angel wing charm, which was in a decorative box on the coffee table. Sami was amazed that E.J. had recognized the charm as being from a painting. As she studied the detail of the painting, Sami remarked that the Cherubini looked like "street kids," and their expressions reminded her of Johnny's face when he knew he had to wait for the rest of the table to finish dinner before he could have dessert.

Impressed with Sami's insight, Abigail revealed that one of the stories about the painting was that Raphael had based the Cherubini on two children he'd seen staring into the window of a bakery. Grinning but still unsure of herself, Sami wondered, "So I wouldn't sound like a fool if said that to E.J.?" Abigail reassured Sami, "No, you could never sound like a fool to E.J., Sami. He's madly in love with you."

Sami wanted to know what E.J. had said, but she quickly acknowledged with a giggle that she was acting like a teenager or one of Abigail's friends. "I'm not a teenager," Abigail pointed out. Sami assured Abigail that wasn't what she'd meant -- but she had always wondered what he would say about her to other people, since he didn't have a lot of friends. Remembering E.J.'s words about how he loved Sami more than his own life, Abigail's voice got shaky as she assured Sami, "He loves you very much."

Sami realized that something was bothering Abigail. Concerned, she asked what was going on and urged Abigail to let her help. Abigail stammered, "It's just -- he loves you so much. I just, um, I can't imagine what that must feel like." Sami confided that it was still hard for her to believe that she and E.J. were together after everything they'd been through. "It's a miracle we didn't kill each other before we realized that we completely belong to each other," Sami said.

Abigail fought back tears and turned her back so Sami wouldn't see, but Sami caught it and asked what was wrong. Abigail said that she didn't think she would ever have that with anyone. Sami reassured Abigail that she was young, beautiful, smart, and sweet. Abigail stopped Sami and admitted that she was feeling inexplicably emotional, as well as tired and hungry. Sami suddenly remembered the lobster salad she'd brought for their lunch. Abigail took one look at it and ran out of the room with her hand covering her mouth.

Abigail returned a few minutes later and apologized. She guessed that she was coming down with a stomach bug and offered to make some chamomile tea for the two of them. As Abigail headed toward the kitchen, Sami agreed that it might be the perfect thing for a queasy stomach. Sami had begun talking about her bouts of morning sickness when Abigail disappeared around the corner. Furrowing her brow thoughtfully, Sami said, "She couldn't be."

A moment later, Abigail carried in a tray with two mugs of tea and handed one to Sami. Sami inquired: "Abigail, I was thinking about how you said you were feeling today, and I have to ask: could you be pregnant?" The cup fell out of Abigail's hand and shattered on the floor.

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