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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 8, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Molly went to Faith's boarding school and introduced herself to the headmistress as "Faith Snyder's mother." Miss Gibson, however, recognized Molly as "that TV reporter from Oakdale." Molly confessed, but she told Miss Gibson that Sage's father was in jail on "trumped-up charges," and then she asked to whom the woman had released an underage student. Molly hinted that bad publicity was very different from good, and she asked Miss Gibson to describe the man who had taken Sage. "Tall, thin, very convincing, and with an Italian accent," said Miss Gibson, and Molly uttered, "Oh, my God! Damian."

Faith talked with Damian on the phone, and he again threatened that Lily was in danger from the people who were after him. Faith said she wasn't so sure she believed that, but Damian ordered her to get Lily to a house in Forest Hills within the next two hours. Faith hung up. Lily entered the room and asked who had called her daughter. Faith said that she had decided to go back to school right away, and Lily had to drive her. Lily was pleased at the choice her daughter had made, but she said she couldn't take her that day.

Faith improvised by saying that her friend Deanna was home with a broken leg, and her parents were driving her back to school, so Faith could catch a ride with her. All Lily had to do was take her to Forest Hills as soon as possible. The girl did ask to make one stop first, however. That stop was the police station, because Faith wanted to say goodbye to her dad.

At the station, Holden was in handcuffs in preparation for his move to the county jail. He was frustrated at being moved further from his family, but he didn't mention it when Lily and Faith arrived. Lily explained that she was driving their daughter to Forest Hills to get a ride back to school, and Faith kissed her father goodbye and told him that she knew he hadn't done what the police said he had. After the family left, an officer entered to take Holden to his transport, but Holden struggled physically. Just then, Molly ran in and asked the cop for five minutes with the man she loved, and he agreed.

Molly said she had gone to the school and learned that Damian had removed Faith from the grounds. Holden was frantic when he realized that Damian was probably manipulating Faith to lead Lily into a trap. He spoke to the policeman who was insisting that it was time for Holden to go to the county lockup. On the way out of the jail, Holden faked a medical emergency and slumped to the ground. When the cop bent over to check him, Holden was able to put his handcuffs around the officer's neck until the man passed out. Then Holden got the key and unlocked the cuffs and took off. Molly picked him up in her car at a designated spot and asked where they were going.

Lily decided to stop for snacks on their way to Forest Hills, but Faith was stressed and unhappy that a stop would delay them. Lily questioned the girl about being so rattled, but Faith assured her mother that everything was all right. Faith's phone dinged with a text message, and she claimed that the message was from her friend, asking where they were. Lily was suspicious, so she grabbed Faith's phone from her and read the message: "Hope you are doing your part. Max." Faith lied further, but Lily knew something was very wrong. She insisted that her daughter tell her the truth, so Faith tearfully told Lily that "Max" was really Damian, and he wanted to see Lily.

Lily was furious until Faith explained how Damian had snatched her from school with horror stories of people who were after him and not above hurting Lily, as well. Lily explained how Damian had lied to her and faked his own death. Then she demanded to know what the text meant, and it dawned on Lily that they were going to Forest Hills to meet Damian. Lily screamed that Damian was a pathological liar, and no one could believe a word that flew out of his mouth. "You used to," cried Faith, as Lily took the phone and called the police. Her connection was poor, but she repeated Damian's name and the Forest Hills address several times.

Lily began driving and declared that she was tired of all the lies, and she was going to confront Damian. They arrived at the address in Forest Hills, and Lily told Faith to wait in the car for the police. She walked to the house and opened the front door. She called to Damian, but he did not answer. She walked around a bit until Damian appeared behind her, saying "Cara!" He appeared pleased that she was there.

Meanwhile in the car, a very nervous Faith removed a medicine bottle from her purse and swallowed a pill.

In Memorial, Janet was stunned at the news that she was pregnant. The doctor, not realizing that Dusty was not Janet's husband, said that he would give her and "Mr. Snyder" a private moment. When the doctor left, Dusty asked Janet if she was 100 percent sure that the baby was Jack's and not his. Janet was horrified at Dusty's suggestion, but he reminded her that they had slept together on New Year's Eve, and the doctor had not mentioned how far advanced the pregnancy was. Janet was sure there was no possibility that the baby was Dusty's, but he said they had to consider it. Janet said the baby had to be Jack's because it would be a match for Liberty's bone marrow. She picked up her phone to call Jack.

Jack and Carly went upstairs in her house and collapsed on the bed. They laughed with joy at being together again, and Jack told her that she was more precious to him than he ever thought possible. They made love and vowed never to let go of each other again. Jack swore that he was Carly's forever, just as his phone rang. He answered it, and appeared surprised that Janet was still in the hospital. "We did it!" Janet cried joyously. She gave him the news that she was pregnant.

Jack and Carly got dressed, and Carly was obviously upset. She had thought that Jack and Janet were no longer having marital relations, but she declared what was done was done. Jack said he had to go see Janet, but nothing had changed for them. Carly looked at him sadly and said, "Everything has changed." She asked Jack to go see his wife, but Jack was torn. He was almost out the door when he turned back, ran up the stairs, and kissed Carly again.

While she was waiting for Jack to arrive, Janet told Dusty that women knew "about these things," and the baby was Jack's. Jack showed up and correctly guessed that he had walked in on something between Janet and Dusty. "You did," said Dusty. He left to give the Snyders some privacy, and Janet told Jack that she would be eternally grateful for the gift he had given to her and Liberty. She also said she knew Jack loved Carly, and she was willing to continue their plans to end their marriage.

Sage arrived home from school and saw Jack's sweater on a chair. She teased Carly that she knew her dad had been there to see her mother, and she asked if her parents were back together. Carly grinned and said, "Yes," and Sage shrieked with joy and hugged her. She asked when her dad was moving back with them, but Carly said it was "complicated." Sage kept badgering her for answers and remarked that it sounded simple enough to her. Jack walked in, and Sage overwhelmed him with excitement about her parents' reunion and the fact that they were going to be a family again. Sage ran to post the good news on her profile page, but Jack was leery.

Jack reminded Carly that he was still married, but Carly told him that Sage had asked if he and Janet were getting a divorce. Jack could not believe what was happening with the baby, but he swore to Carly that he would always return to her.

Dusty sat on a bench in Old Town, and Teri walked by. She joined him and asked why he wasn't with Janet, and Dusty said her sister was with Jack. He said Janet was pregnant, and Teri felt sorry for him until Dusty mentioned the possibility that the baby might be his. Teri thought that was unlikely, but the more Dusty talked about it, the more he thought they needed to definitely determine the baby's paternity. Dusty got up and left, and drove to the farm.

Janet was surprised to see Dusty, bearing flowers, at the door, and she asked him to stop pushing her. Dusty suggested that Janet might have been pregnant the previous two months, and he asked if it would be bad if it were true. Janet said she needed the baby to be Jack's, but Dusty repeated how much he loved her. He said they needed to find out about the baby for sure.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jack held Carly and thanked her for being so understanding about Janet and the baby. Carly assured him that she realized that they were "part of the package deal." Carly also said that they just needed to get back to being a family, which would include the new baby and Liberty. Carly's only question was what Jack was going to do about Janet. He said he was definitely returning to Carly and their kids, so Carly asked him to handle things with Janet. Then she went upstairs to make a business call to her fabric suppliers.

At the Lakeview, Craig met with Ellis, his financial advisor, who advised Craig that "borrowing" from Parker's trust fund constituted grand larceny. "Only if we do it badly," quipped Craig, who also swore that Carly would never know what he had to do to make Monte Carlo "a raging success." Craig warned Ellis that Carly never needed to know that Parker was her anonymous investor, and neither did Parker.

At the farm, Dusty told Janet that he would be a good father, but she insisted that her baby was not his. Janet offered to call her doctor and schedule a sonogram to settle the question once and for all. She went upstairs to finish packing her parcel for Liberty, and Dusty prepared to leave. Janet's cell phone was on the counter, and it rang, as Dusty headed for the door. He saw that the caller was Jack, so he answered. Dusty said there were some "questions" about Janet's baby, and he told Jack that he thought that he was the baby's father. Dusty also said that Janet was having an ultrasound, which would tell the truth. Jack asked to speak to his wife, but Dusty said she had "stepped out," and he hung up.

When Carly returned downstairs, she was excited about how well things were going for Monte Carlo. The fabric wholesaler had met her price, so she was delighted. Jack told her that Dusty had just told him about the possibility that Janet's baby was Dusty's, and Carly was not unhappy about that. She hugged Jack and said that she would never let him go again. Carly urged Jack to go see Janet, and they kissed. Jack walked out to head to the farm, and Craig showed up at Carly's door soon afterward.

Craig announced that he had a "surprise" for Carly, and he was carrying a garment bag. He took some sample dresses that he had instructed a tailor to make with the fabric Carly had chosen, and Carly was stunned and excited to think of beginning a local campaign. Then she decided that a national campaign would reap even greater profits, so she asked what Craig thought about that. He said that would take a lot more capital, but Carly said they would just get more from their investor, Maurice. She was positive she wanted to take the bigger risk for the larger reward, and she ran upstairs to get her sketchbook to show Craig some new designs.

Craig followed Carly upstairs to her bedroom and looked at her mussed-up bed. Carly made an excuse for not making her bed that morning, but Craig asked if Jack had been there. Carly admitted that he had, but she said he had left earlier. Craig asked if she and Jack were back together, but Carly said that she didn't really know. Craig questioned that, so Carly told him that Janet was pregnant, but the baby might actually be Dusty's. Then Carly asked Craig to go to Maurice for the additional money, and he reluctantly agreed. He also warned her that she needed to spend a lot more time on the business and not let her personal life get in the way. Carly promised all that.

Janet returned downstairs to Emma's kitchen, but Dusty was gone. She called Liberty, but Parker answered and said that Liberty was having a rough day and was asleep. Janet sat at the table and cried, as Jack let himself in. Janet said she was just upset that she wasn't with her daughter, but Jack consoled her. Then he told her that Dusty had told him that there was a strong possibility that Janet's baby was Dusty's, but Janet said no. She was a bit frantic at that thought, but she did admit that she was two months late with her period. She cried that she might have ruined everything, but Jack hugged her. Then Janet said she had to get to work at Metro, and she promised Jack that she would arrange for a sonogram and let him know the results.

Back at the Lakeview, Dusty played with Johnny, who said he wished he had a yard with a swing set in it instead of living in a hotel. He suggested that Dusty buy a house with a yard and then build him a tree fort. Dusty said that the boy had just given him a great idea, and when his time with Johnny was over, Dusty took off for Metro. He walked in, grabbed Janet by the hand, and rushed her out.

Dusty drove Janet to a neighborhood, and to a specific red brick house with a "For Sale" sign on the front lawn. He told Janet that it could be their home together. Janet was speechless as Dusty pointed out which room would be their nursery and which was Liberty's. Janet smiled and declared that it was a beautiful house, but she said she could not give him an answer because everything was so unsettled. Dusty gave her his engagement ring, still in the box, and said that after the sonogram and after Janet was convinced that he was the father of her baby, she could reconsider his proposal. Dusty said he would wait as long as it took, and they kissed.

Craig and Carly went to Al's and continued their business discussion. Carly asked for a huge launch party for her new designs, if they could afford it. Craig was happy to see Carly so excited again, and she declared him "a good guy." Jack walked in the diner, but after Craig shot some barbs at him, he turned around to go back out. Carly ran after him and asked Craig to go call their investor and wheedle some more bucks from him while she talked with Jack.

Craig was hesitant, but he left the diner, and Carly expected Jack to lecture her on doing business with the likes of Craig. Jack, however, said that he was in no position to tell Carly with whom she could do business. The two walked around Old Town and talked about how they had found their way back to one another. They settled on a bench and then talked about Janet's baby. Jack said an ultrasound would definitely tell them how far along Janet was, and Carly was very accepting. Jack said he loved her very much, and he was so glad they had each other forever.

In the house in Forest Hills, Lily blamed Damian for frightening Faith and using her daughter, but Damian claimed that he had to do whatever it took so that he and Lily could be together. Lily said that he had gotten a second chance with her and Luke, but while she acknowledged that Damian had acted out of love, things had gone terribly wrong, and people had gotten hurt. Lilly begged Damian to make things right by turning himself in to the police.

In Molly's car, Holden argued about how they should track down Damian. Molly suggested that he call Jack, but Holden said that Jack had done enough trying to help his family. He said he really only trusted Molly, but then he called a text tracking system he had on Faith's phone and learned the address of the house in Forest Hills. Molly agreed to drive Holden there if he would promise to call the police once they had determined that Damian was there.

In Lily's car, Faith waited, as it began to snow. Finally, she got out and ran to the front door. Inside, Lily reminded Damian that she had believed in him and married him twice, but just then they both heard someone at the front door. Damian jerked the door open and snatched Faith roughly and pulled her inside. The girl called him "a creep," and she ran to her mother. Damian talked disparagingly about Holden, as Lily tried to sweet-talk him. She asked Damian to let Faith go, and in return, she promised to go with him to talk. Damian pulled a rope from his pocket, and he told Faith that she had given him no choice.

Molly and Holden pulled up in front of the house, and Holden recognized Lily's car. He got out, telling Molly to stay in the car, and he ran around the side of the house. Holden spotted Faith through the back door, and she was bound to a chair and gagged. Damian dragged Lily up behind Holden and smacked him hard on the head with a large piece of firewood. Holden collapsed, as Damian pulled a protesting Lily away.

In the car, Molly called the cops and watched the house. When she couldn't stand it any longer, she left the car and got into the house, where she found Faith and freed her. Molly got very worried when Faith said that she hadn't see Holden, and Molly ran out the back door, screaming for him. She found Holden unconscious on the ground, but he opened his eyes and called out for Lily. Molly identified herself, as Faith asked if her father was all right. Holden wondered where Damian had taken Lily, but Faith said he had mentioned something about "sailing away" because Lily could not flee if they were at sea. Molly told the girl to keep Holden awake and alert, and she took off. Holden eventually was able to stand with Faith's help, but his daughter was sobbing that Damian might have already hurt Lily.

Damian dragged Lily to the engine room of a large boat, and Lily said that she would never abandon Holden. They argued, but Lily said she would never be happy living without her children. Damian prattled on about how the two of them could live an idyllic life until death parted them, but Lily shrank away and demanded that Damian never touch her again. Damian assured Lily that he loved her, but Lily said it was not love but an obsession.

Lily yelled that she had lied about caring for him, and letting Damian back into her life had been a terrible mistake. Damian was crushed, but then he got angry. He gritted his teeth as Lily spewed out how much she hated him. He claimed that a few months a sea alone with him would change her attitude, or else it would mean her death. Damian dragged Lily towards the door just as Molly flung it open and said, "Hope I'm not interrupting."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Emma visited Meg at Deerbrook and delivered Meg's favorite cookies. She also showed her a recent photo of Eliza, who had "helped" Sage build a snowman. Meg was grateful for the gifts, but she reminded her mom that nothing changed who and where she was. Emma gave Meg a pep talk, but Meg said that she did not need reminders of everything she had lost. Emma claimed that her daughter had not "lost" anything; all her family was still around and loved her. Emma was sure Meg would get better, but Meg was very discouraged.

At Fairwinds, Paul played with Eliza, while Emily kibitzed. He was showing the baby some of the applications on his cell phone when he received a local news bulletin. Emily took the phone and read aloud that Holden Snyder had escaped from the Oakdale jail, and then she continued to read that there was new information that shipping magnate, Damian Grimaldi, might still be alive. Paul stood up immediately and said he was taking Eliza to see her grandmother, Emma. He wanted to make sure that Emma didn't share the news about Damian with Meg and spook her. He kissed Emily goodbye and took off.

Emma was delighted to see Eliza, and she fussed over her, as Paul asked when she had last seen Meg. Emma answered that she had seen Meg earlier that day, and then Paul broke the news that Damian was probably still alive and perhaps back in Oakdale. Paul expressed concern over Meg's well-being, but Emma thought that was ironic. She said that Paul was just as responsible for what had happened to Meg as Damian was. Paul said he was trying to make amends for being such a lousy husband to Meg, but Emma said that was hard to do when kidnapping was on your rap sheet. Emma said that Paul was the last person Meg needed on her side, and she begged him to leave her daughter alone.

Back home, Emily received a phone call from Meg, who asked to see her right away. Emily complied and drove to visit Meg, who told her that she felt that she was making no progress at Deerbrook. Meg said she worried all the time that Damian was still alive and just biding his time. She reminded Emily how obsessed she had been with him, and she realized that she was nowhere close to being the mother that Eliza needed and deserved. Meg asked Emily to "step in" for her and be Eliza's mother. Emily was surprised, but Meg said she was the most logical choice. Emily said she was honored, and she accepted.

When Paul and Emily reunited at Fairwinds, they discussed Meg's situation. Emily explained that Meg had asked her to look after Eliza, but Paul was not pleased. He was confused as to why Meg had made that request of his wife, and he told Emily that it was all about how he had only shown Meg the worst parts of himself, and he could make up for that by being a very good father to Eliza. They decided to take the baby to see her mother together and drove to Deerbrook.

Paul asked for a moment alone with his ex-wife to get her ready to see her daughter. He went inside and told Meg that he only wanted what was best for her. He suggested that he get Eliza from the anteroom, but Meg refused to see her. She was very upset that the baby was so close, and she insisted that she didn't want her daughter to see her fall apart. Finally Meg shrieked, "No!" at Paul, and he asked her not to give up, and he walked out.

At the house in Forest Hills, Faith and Holden comforted one another, and Holden told his daughter to stay there with her cell phone on to wait for the police. He was determined to rescue Lily, so he ran off. Faith was nervous, and she swallowed another pill from her hidden stash.

At Lily's house, the police showed up with a search warrant for Holden. Luke let the officer in and told him that Holden was already locked up in the Oakdale jail. The cop informed Luke that Holden had escaped, so Luke immediately drove to the station. He found Faith there, courtesy of the Oakdale PD, and he noticed that she appeared sluggish and slow in her responses. Luke demanded to know everything from the beginning, but Faith began to cry and said it was all her fault. She continued to tell Luke all the lies that Damian had fed her and how frightened she had been. No one knew where Lily and Damian or Molly and Holden were.

Faith was lethargic, so Luke looked at her closely and asked if she was okay. He also noted how cold her skin was, and he pressed her to tell him what was going on. Luke took his sister into the interrogation room for privacy, and he asked if Damian had given her "something." Faith acted insulted, but Luke said she was acting as if she had taken a drug. He asked to examine her purse, but Faith refused. Luke said he knew she was high, and he cajoled her into telling him the truth. Faith cried that Damian had made her lie to their mom and dad and had forced her into tricking Lily into the meeting in Forest Hills.

Faith finally admitted that she had taken "a couple of pills to calm down," but Luke insisted on seeing them. Faith handed over the bottle and asked if he was satisfied. When Luke asked where Faith had gotten the meds, she answered that her roommate had given them to her when she had sprained her ankle in basketball. Luke warned the girl that those pills were very addictive, but Faith steered her brother back to the subject of finding her mom and dad.

In the engine room of a boat, Molly interrupted Damian and Lily, and she assured an anxious Lily that Holden and Faith were all right. She took a photo of the two of them with her cell phone and told Damian that all she had to do was push the "send" button, and the rest of the world would know that he was still alive. Damian threatened Molly, but she reminded him that she was holding his future in her hands. Lily argued with Molly, and a look passed between them. The two women got into a shouting and shoving match, and Damian was forced to separate them. He stood between them, facing Lily, and Molly was able to surprise Damian and throw him down on some heavy machinery.

Lily grabbed a rope to tie him up, but Damian rose to his feet and grabbed her. He told her she wasn't thinking clearly, but Lily called him a "monster." She refused to go anywhere with him, but Damian promised he would do things "the hard way," if necessary. He pulled a gun and pointed it at Molly, while also grabbing Lily and pulling her close to him. Molly pretended that Holden was close by and screamed for him, but Damian refused to be fooled. Damian made a move to the exit, but suddenly Holden threw open the door from the outside.

Holden demanded that Damian release Lily because there was no way out. The two women ran to Holden, as Damian trained his gun on all three of them. Damian ordered Molly to move, and he pushed her into a closet and shut the door. He turned to Holden and said he had been waiting a long time for such a moment. Holden begged Damian to let Lily go, but Damian said she had to go with him because it was time for a "new beginning." He tried to persuade Lily to walk quietly with him to the door and declared that he would do "anything" to hold on to her. Lily spoke to Damian about Luke, but nothing would dissuade him.

Finally Lily promised to go quietly with Damian if he would let Holden and Molly live. When Damian refused, Lily said then he would have to kill her, too. Holden began talking about his love for Lily, but his words saddened Molly, who was listening from the closet. Molly suddenly surged out of the closet and distracted Damian just long enough for Holden to jump him. The two men struggled for control of the gun, and it fired once. Damian then punched Holden, who went down, but Molly picked up a substantial piece of pipe and bashed Damian over the head. Damian dropped the gun when he fell, and Lily grabbed it.

Damian got to his feet and found Lily pointing the gun at him. He continued to work on her to go with him, but her answer was, "Not a chance." Holden stepped up and took the revolver from Lily and told Damian to give him "one good reason to pull the trigger." The police arrived and took the gun from Holden, while Lily explained that it was Damian they needed to confine. The cops cuffed Damian and dragged him out, as Holden grabbed Lily and hugged her. An officer then put cuffs on Holden, who told Lily to find Faith and to meet him at the police station.

Molly had slipped out the door in the confusion with the police, but she returned. She called herself a "glutton for punishment." Holden thanked her for playing superhero, but he also scolded her for putting herself in danger. Molly asked Holden how "exactly" he was planning on moving on with his life, so Holden pulled her close, but Molly stopped him. She wanted to know where they stood, so Holden said that he and Lily had built a life, but even before Damian was back in the picture, what he and Lily had was "broken." Damian's arrest changed none of that, and Holden kissed Molly before the officer took him away.

As Luke and Faith were exiting the interrogation room, an officer was leading Damian into the station. Luke just stared at his father, and then Lily ran in and hugged Faith. She commented on how cold the girl was, but Faith said she was just stressed. Lily asked how long Damian had been texting her as "Max," and Faith told her it had not been long. She also told her mother to face the fact that Lily was the one who had let Damian back into their lives. Lily said that she knew that, as Luke walked out. Faith slipped herself another pill, but Luke saw her. The officer led Damian by again on his way to the interrogation room, and Lily slipped off her wedding ring and handed it to Damian.

Luke went in to see Damian, and he asked how his father could have done what he did. Damian tried to say that everything he had done had been to protect Luke and the family, and especially the family name. "To hell with the Grimaldi name!" cried Luke, but Damian reminded him that the Grimaldi empire was Luke's legacy. Luke said he wanted nothing to do with Damian and declared that Holden Snyder was his father. He renounced Damian and all that he stood for.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Barbara and Henry discussed his new expensive suit and plans for a fabulous sports car. Henry was sorry, however, that Katie would not allow him to use any of the Stenbeck fortune for baby Jacob. Barbara flattered Henry shamelessly, and she dropped her robe to tempt him into bed with her again. Later, the two went to Fashions, and Henry picked out a bright red dress that Barbara thought was "a little too much" for a woman of her age. Henry, however, wanted her to have it, as they flirted among the racks of clothes. Henry tried to kiss Barbara, as Kim walked through the door and saw them.

Henry quickly claimed that he and Barbara had just run into each other, and he lied that he was looking at a birthday present for his sister, Maddie. Kim looked at the red dress Henry was holding and commented that a thousand dollar designer dress was perfect to "wear around campus." Henry finally looked Kim in the eye and said he was buying the dress for Barbara as a token of his affection. Barbara was flabbergasted and pulled Henry aside to scold him, but Henry said that he was not ashamed to date an older woman. He handed her his credit card and told her to buy the dress. Then he kissed Barbara on the cheek and said he wanted to go make sure that Katie heard it from him.

Kim and Barbara went outside and sat on one of the benches in Old Town. Kim said that Henry was "an original," who did not fit into the category of most men. Barbara giggled, and Kim left to take lunch to Bob at the hospital.

Katie called Vienna and left another message that Henry was much more mature, and besides that, he was loaded. She explained about the Stenbeck fortune and said that Henry was looking for something good to do with the money, but he needed some guidance. Katie hung up and went to pick up Jacob, but she noticed that the baby's teddy bear was missing one of its button eyes. She panicked that Jacob might have swallowed the button, so she quickly bundled up the baby and put him in his car seat, but her car would not start. Katie got out of the car and began to run across the street, but a gray car appeared and knocked her down.

The driver jumped out of the car and ran to Katie. He looked at her and said her name in surprise, as Katie opened her eyes and said, "Chris Hughes?" Katie got up, unhurt, and she asked what Chris was doing in town. He replied that he had just gotten off a plane, and he thought it was time he visited home. Katie said that she had to get her baby to the hospital, and she showed Jacob to Chris. Chris offered to check the baby out, and he got his medical bag from his car. They went inside where Chris examined Jacob and pronounced the boy fine. He also found the missing button on the floor, and Katie was relieved.

At the hospital, Dr. Bob and Reid Oliver discussed a delicate procedure that Reid had successfully performed on a patient at Memorial. Bob had to admit that Oliver had enhanced the prestige of the hospital, but he said it was still difficult for him to deal with the doctor's ego. Bob hinted how important it would be to the facility if Reid stayed on board, but Dr. Oliver said that was not going to happen.

Reid left to get the final okay from the Oakdale Police for his leaving town, as Kim joined her husband for lunch. She referred to Dr. Oliver as "a constant headache," but Bob was still a big supporter. He said he had always hoped to train his replacement at Memorial before he retired, and for a while, he had thought that might be their son, Christopher. But Chris had left, and Dr. Oliver was the best doctor Bob had seen in a long time. Kim was opposed because of the doctor's lack of "people skills," and she said she wouldn't miss him when he got on a plane to Texas.

At the police station, Luke explained again to an officer that he did not want to see Damian before he was transferred to another penal facility. Luke walked out and literally ran into Reid Oliver, who called Luke "Richie Rich" and made a crack about his father. Luke was furious, and he grabbed Oliver by the collar and got right in his face. He said he was sick of the sound of Reid's voice, and said that the doctor did not care at all that his father was going to jail for the rest of his life. Oliver interrupted and quipped, "It's a good thing you have a spare." Luke said that Dr. Oliver might be the world's best neurosurgeon, but as a human being, he was rock bottom.

Their conversation switched to Noah and his impending departure to Dallas. Oliver told Luke to stop acting like a spoiled brat, and he continued into the police station. When he had gotten his clearance from the cops, Oliver went home to Katie's, where he walked in on Chris Hughes and Katie conversing. Katie introduced the doctors, but Chris said he remembered Dr. Oliver well and had hoped never to see his face again. Oliver looked surprised, and Katie explained that Reid had been her housemate for a couple of months while he was working at Memorial with Chris's dad.

Reid told Katie that he wanted to know what "the clown" had against him, so Chris reminded him that they had gone to medical school together. He also said that Oliver had "stolen" an important fellowship from Chris and a woman doctor from Stanford. He accused Reid of cheating by reporting lab work he had not actually done, and he said he couldn't wait to clue in Dr. Bob about Oliver's medical ethics. Reid looked at Katie and said he would be back when "Doogie" Hughes was gone, as Chris told him to "go to hell." Reid decided to stay and have something to eat, and Katie began to wonder if she was wrong to trust Dr. Oliver since everyone else in town hated him.

Henry arrived at Katie's, but Reid opened the door. Reid went back to eating his snack in the kitchen, as Henry announced to Katie that he was not going to interfere in her life any longer. If she wanted to make "Dr. Nightmare" her next big mistake, it was her business. Katie said Reid was just a housemate, but over her protests, Henry said it was only a matter of time before Katie fell for Reid, who was yet another "wrong guy."

Chris Hughes walked into the room, and Henry greeted him. Chris asked who the "wrong guy" was whom Henry was referring to, and Katie said it was Reid Oliver. Chris began to laugh and said that Henry was right about one thing: Reid Oliver was the "wrong guy" for Katie, all right. Chris then turned to Reid and said, "Do you want to tell him?" Reid paused and then said between bites of his snack, "I'm the wrong guy for Katie."

Henry asked how that could be, so Reid continued by saying, "I happen to be gay." Henry looked stupefied, and he walked over and looked very closely at the doctor. Chris said his goodbyes and promised to contact Katie again before he left town. Henry accused Reid of buttering up Katie to get Henry to build him a "surgery palace" at Memorial. Reid said he had never hidden the fact that he was gay, and Katie said she had known almost from the beginning. Henry demanded to know why she hadn't told him, and Katie said because if was none of Henry's business. Reid left for work to wrap up a few more details before he left town, and Henry kept on with his rant at Katie.

Katie finally asked Henry what had happened to his promise that he would not interfere in her life any longer, and she announced that their conversation was over. She pushed Henry out the door, and he only remembered outside that he had forgotten to tell her that he was sleeping with Barbara.

Noah visited Luke at home, and he said that he had heard about Damian. Noah said he had stopped by to "take care of a few things," and he handed Luke a legal document that nullified Noah's adoption by Lily and Damian. He said that he felt he could never be truly independent if he was connected like that to Luke's family. He also said that his surgery with Dr. Oliver wouldn't cost him anything because he was part of a research project, and he would also have a part in the research. Luke asked what was in it for the doctor, but Noah didn't care. Luke was concerned to know if Noah wanted his independence from his parents or from him. Noah asked Luke to drive him to his final appointment with Dr. Oliver before they left town.

Luke helped Noah to an exam room at Memorial, and the boys began to say goodbye. Luke told Noah that he loved him, and the boys kissed, as Reid watched through a window. When Luke left the room, Reid said that in spite of what he had done, Damian was still Luke's father. Luke realized that was as close to an apology as he was going to get, and he asked if he could go to Dallas some time during Noah's recovery, just to encourage him. Oliver said he would get Noah a playgroup instead, but Luke said that he was in love with Noah, and it was a feeling Dr. Oliver should try some time. Then Luke said he was thinking that Oliver's whole bedside manner was an act. Reid turned to go in to Noah, and Luke said, "See you in Dallas," and Oliver answered, "Hope not."

Kim and Bob ate their lunch in the on call room, and Bob had locked the door. Someone knocked persistently, so finally Bob got up to open it. He was amazed to find his son on the other side, and he called out, "Christopher!" Kim jumped up to hug her boy, and they both asked their son if everything was all right. Chris said yes, and he had just wanted to see his folks again. He chided them about not telling him any of their adventures, such as being held hostage at Casey and Alison's non-wedding. He also said he was not sure that he would return to practice in Africa, and then he asked his father "why the hell" he had hired a person like Reid Oliver.

The three of them went to the diner to get Chris some food, and he called Oliver "a phony." He explained about the fellowship he had lost to Oliver, and Bob said that the doctor was returning very soon to Dallas. Kim asked Chris if he would like to help out his dad at Memorial, but Chris asked his mother not to "go down that road." Then Kim asked if he had returned because Casey and Alison had broken up, but Chris said that relationships just didn't work for him. He left the diner and bumped into Katie again in Old Town. She thanked him again for looking at her baby, and he extended his sympathy again for her loss of Brad. Chris said he was focusing on work at the moment, as they watched Kim and Bob hug through the diner window.

Barbara sat in the Lakeview lounge with a drink, and Henry joined her. She asked how Katie had taken the news about their being a couple, but Henry said that "Dr. Twisted" had been there, and he and Katie had fought about him. Henry told Barbara that Reid was gay and asked if she had known, but Barbara just laughed. She said he had no way of knowing that, and then she said that she liked Henry just the way he was. They were about to kiss when Henry's phone rang. He saw that it was Katie, but he ignored it and kissed Barbara.

They left the lounge, and Barbara said that Henry needed to get over his obsession about Katie. She knew just the ticket, and she invited him to her room for some activities that would clear his mind. They got into the elevator, just as Vienna walked into the Lakeview and spoke to the desk clerk.

Friday, March 12, 2010

At the police station, Carly anxiously waited for Jack to arrive. When he did, she wondered why he hadn't spent the night at her house. Jack didn't want to confuse Sage, and he worried about Janet being comfortable staying at the farm, if the baby were Dusty's. Jack told Carly that if Janet's baby were Jack's, then it would take time to sort through things. Carly wondered how much time, and he promised that Carly and he would be together. Jack left to attend Janet's sonogram, and Carly hustled out of the station.

At the farm, Janet pulled out Dusty's ring, and Dusty arrived. She said that she couldn't wear his ring until she knew who the baby's father was. Dusty asserted that the baby was his, even if Janet didn't want it to be. He'd talked to bone marrow specialists, who'd said that Jack's baby would have only a slight advantage over Dusty's baby in matching Liberty. Dusty asked Janet to try to be happy when the doctor confirmed that he was the father. Janet said she'd be happy, and she'd wear his ring.

Later, Jack surprised Janet when he showed up for her sonogram. Jack felt that she shouldn't have to do it alone. Just then, Dusty appeared and said that she wasn't alone. Carly showed up, and Janet looked outraged. Janet and Carly bickered about Carly's right to be there until Dusty pulled Janet aside. Carly asked if Jack were glad to see her. He replied that he was glad that she'd arrived, but he was also glad that she trusted him enough to leave. Carly frowned as she watched the doctor usher Janet, Dusty, and Jack into an exam room.

Carly went to the Lakeview to work on Monte Carlo with Craig, and she literally bumped into Barbara. Barbara admired Carly's sketches, but soured upon guessing that Carly had partnered with Craig again. Barbara assumed that Craig and Carly had reunited, but Carly revealed that she was back with Jack. Barbara said that she and Carly were both high on life. Carly agreed, but murmured that it was complicated. Barbara remarked that she'd had a good man once, but she'd allowed herself to be seduced by Craig. Barbara cited that Carly was smarter than Barbara had ever been, and Barbara suggested that Carly stay that way.

During the sonogram, an anxious Janet asked the doctor how far along she was. The doctor estimated 5 weeks. "Then, I guess-uhm-" Jack said, "I'm the father?" Jack broke into a proud smile, and Dusty grimaced. Dusty left Janet and Jack to talk alone, and the Synders agreed that they wanted the best for Liberty and the baby, even if their baby turned out not to be a match. Janet murmured that she'd almost believed that the baby was Dusty's.

Jack stated that Liberty was opposed to having the baby donor, but Janet said that she'd just make sure that Liberty understood that it wasn't just a donor baby to "me," meaning Janet. "To us," Jack corrected. Janet decided to tell Liberty the news alone, since it'd just be the two of them again. Jack asked about Dusty, and Janet replied that she didn't have the right to ask Dusty for anything. She asked about Carly, and Jack responded that Carly had known that he could be the father. Janet wondered how Carly would react upon knowing that it had been confirmed.

Jack went to Carly's house, and before the words got out of his mouth, Carly guessed that the baby was his. He said that he'd felt like an interloper at the sonogram, but then he was suddenly a dad. Carly held her head down, but Jack lifted it back up. He said that the only thought he'd had at that moment had been of Carly. "And how much I need you," he uttered. He tenderly kissed her, and the two went upstairs to make love.

Cuddling later, Carly suggested that they talk to the kids. Jack said it'd soon be obvious that Janet was pregnant. Carly rolled her eyes, and Jack realized that Carly wasn't referring to the pregnancy. Instead, she wanted to tell the kids where their parents stood. Jack said he'd be there for Janet and the baby; however, he was with Carly, and that would never change.

Carly dressed to run some errands, and Jack decided to go to the police station. He said that it was the first time that he'd known from the beginning of a pregnancy that he was the father. Carly looked insulted, but she said he'd be a great father.

Back at the hospital, Janet told Dusty that she was sorry that it wasn't the outcome that he'd hoped for. She thrust his ring at him, but he refused to accept it. Dusty took Janet to the farm, where he said that the baby's paternity didn't change his feelings. Janet worried about him accepting Liberty and the baby, but Dusty asserted that he loved Johnny like he was the boy's real father.

Dusty declared that Janet and he would get married and move into the house that he'd shown her. He dared Janet to say that she didn't want that as much as he did. Janet pondered the ring, but decidedly said that she was sorry. Dusty kissed her, and she handed the ring back to him. She started to cry as he walked out.

Moments later, Carly arrived to say that it looked like they were all in the pregnancy together. Janet asked what Carly wanted, and Carly said that she wanted what was best for Liberty and the baby. That way why Carly planned to help Janet with whatever she needed. "Get used to this face, Janet. You're going to be seeing a lot of it," Carly asserted.

Dusty went to the police station to see Jack. Dusty stated that he understood that Jack wanted to be a stand-up guy, but Dusty would be a father to Janet's baby. Dusty said that Jack was free to be with Carly. Jack's eyes widened at Dusty's audacity.

In Old Town, Luke listened in the background as Reid and Katie bid each other goodbye. Katie wished Henry would stop being selfish and donate to the hospital, so that Reid could stay. Reid gave Katie his beeper number, a number that no one but his hospital had. He said that she could call him day or night. Tilting his head to the side, Reid told Luke that Luke had been eavesdropping long enough to know that it was a private conversation.

As Luke and Reid exchanged barbs, Katie received a text message and said she had to take off. Before going, she made Reid promise not to leave without saying goodbye. Katie left, and Reid got a message saying that his plane had been delayed. Luke offered to let Reid and Noah use Luke's jet. Reid liked the offer, but hated that Luke was the one making it.

Luke followed Reid to the Lakeview bar, where Luke suspected that there was another reason that Reid had refused the jet. Luke figured that it was because Luke was gay. Reid found it hysterical that Luke thought that Reid was a homophobic, considering that Reid was also gay.

Luke didn't believe it, but Reid said that he'd been certain of his sexuality since he was 9 years old. Luke wondered why Reid had never told Luke and Noah, but Reid said he hadn't seen a point in it. Luke reasoned that it would have helped them bond, but Reid didn't want to bond with Luke. Reid said he also wasn't interested in spilling his guts to whomever was in range.

After Barbara and Henry enjoyed a romp in the bed at the Lakeview, Barbara wondered if Henry regretted not donating his money to the hospital. Henry said he didn't at all, because Katie had wanted him to do it merely to keep Reid in town. Barbara suggested that they go out to dinner before having more sex later that evening. Henry hesitated, and she quipped that it was "just a meal." He confirmed that it was "just sex," too, and Barbara concurred.

Henry took the elevator downstairs, and when the doors opened, he stood face-to-face with Vienna. Henry stammered that she looked spectacular. Vienna said she'd arrived to tell him how proud she was of him for donating the Stenbeck fortune to the hospital. He wondered who'd told her that, and Vienna replied that Katie had. Vienna smiled, saying that she'd always known that he had it in him to do the right thing.

Vienna and Henry went to Al's, where Vienna wondered if Henry had missed her. She knew that they'd parted on bad terms, but she still longed for him. Before Henry could respond, Katie arrived, overjoyed to see Vienna. Vienna asked if there would be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Henry's new hospital wing. Looking at Katie, Henry remarked that it was a good question. Vienna decided to pull out her old recipes and throw a party. "Oh, don't you just love giving away millions of dollars?" Vienna exclaimed and headed for the kitchen.

Henry seethed that Katie had pulled a dirty trick by calling Vienna. He insisted that it was his inheritance to do with as he pleased. Katie asked what he'd tell the woman that he loved. He replied that the woman he loved no longer loved him. Katie reasoned that Vienna's eyes were filled with love, and that was enough reason to save lives by donating money that he didn't need. "I suppose," Henry murmured.

Vienna returned, and Henry's phone rang. When he saw that it was Barbara calling, he ignored the call to look at Vienna's recipes. As Vienna discussed food and visiting their old haunts, Henry wandered off to make a phone call. Vienna asked Katie if Henry were happy that Vienna had returned. Katie didn't know why he wouldn't be.

In the kitchen, Henry called Barbara, who was about to take a hot bath. She had bought some chocolate flavored lotion, because Henry liked to nibble. He reluctantly said that something had occurred at the diner, and he needed to cancel their plans. Barbara asked to reschedule for the following evening, but that didn't work for him, either. Though she looked disappointed, Barbara said that the beauty of their relationship was that there were no pressures.

Later, Vienna and Henry went to the Lakeview lobby, where she admitted that she'd missed him and the diner. He wryly smiled. She acknowledged that her arrival was awkward, and Henry conveyed that he didn't want to disappoint her again. She said he was a good man, and his donation to the hospital proved it. Henry appreciated her faith in him. Vienna uttered that he meant a lot to her. She kissed him, and Barbara rounded the corner just in time to see them.

Katie found Reid in Old Town to announce that she'd talked Henry into building the wing at the hospital. Reid was sorry that she'd gone through all that trouble for nothing. He said that he didn't belong in Oakdale. He felt that his life was in Dallas, and the sooner he could get the "hell" out of Oakdale, the better.



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