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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 3, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, June 3, 2002

by Andy

At the castle in Scotland, Isaac storms the wedding and demands that the vicar un-pronounce Bonnie and Ian man and wife. He says he has proof that the Duke isn't who he says he is, and that the real royalty in the room is the Duchess Bonnie. Bonnie is slow to accept the new facts. Paddington comes into the room with a dusty Billy and Ben and confirms everything Isaac said. He also says he kept original documents and a secret proving Bonnie is the real heir. He asks Bonnie if she knows anything about a crescent moon. She lifts up her dress revealing a crescent moon birthmark on her thigh. Ian and his associate try to leave, and Isaac and Ben try to stop them. A sword fight ensues, and Ian gets in position to stab Bonnie in the throat. Isaac rescues Bonnie and castle guards come in and restrain Ian. Bonnie confesses that she had her own doubts and asked the Vicar to perform the wedding in a language that only sounded Latin so it wouldn't be a real ceremony. The police arrive and haul Ian and his cohort away. Bonnie breaks down and runs upstairs. Isaac chases after her and he gives her the crown back saying she deserves it after all.

At the cottage, Katie realizes she's shot Simon inadvertently. Dahlia gets up from under Simon's weight and pours more lies into Katie's head about how she and Simon were in on duping Katie from the very beginning, and how he was in the middle of raping her when Katie walked in. Katie doesn't buy it and points the gun at Dahlia, but Dahlia grabs her wrist and they struggle for control of the gun while Simon seethes in pain. Dahlia gains control of the gun until Simon wrestles her to the ground. Margo bursts in and places Dahlia under arrest as the crazy woman screams, "He murdered my sister! I have the right to kill him!" Margo hauls Dahlia down to the station as Katie tends to her injured husband.

All hell is about to break loose at Rose and Paul's engagement party at Java. Aaron walks in and looks around for Lucy who isn't that far behind him. She arrives and walks to another part of the room, and Aaron follows. Next up at the door, Rosanna arrives on Craig's arm. When the attendant asks for his name, he says, "Rosanna Cabot and guest." This gets him past the security at the gate. Rosanna starts to get second thoughts about bringing Craig along for the ride and he quickly grabs her arm and snaps, "Shall we?" They saunter down the stairs into the main room. Carly sees the two of them and wants to vomit. "I was so looking forward to enjoying myself tonight." Rose, Paul, and Emily all see Craig and decide not to confront him, but Rose says, "The next uninvited guest gets the Hoboken heave-ho." Next up outside the Java door? Freshly sprung jailbird Barbara with her new viper of a lawyer Marshall. She whimpers, "I'm not sure I can do this." He presses her to make an appearance for her own sake since it might help her in court.

Aaron and Lucy are making eyes at each other from across the room when he throws a peanut up in the air to try to catch it in his mouth. Alison intercepts the nut and gobbles it saying, "Betcha never knew how fast I was." Lucy joins the duo and says hello. Aaron takes Lucy away to show her something, leaving Alison in the dust. He ends up showing her a fire extinguisher to get away from Alison. Aaron asks her to dance as Alison watches.

Carly can't take her eyes off Craig and Rosanna. Before long she walks over to them and makes some small talk. She wishes them well, then returns to Jack. Craig thinks Carly is 'on to them.' Rosanna scoffs and walks over to Carly to attempt a fresh start with her old sis.

Lucinda taps her glass to make a toast. "Now that Paul has his Rosie, nothing must interfere with their lifelong happiness-" Her toast is cut short when she spies Babs dressed in white walk through the door with her Marshall. Lucinda gasps, "Are you stark raving mad?!" As Barbara walks down the staircase, and Paul and Rose's jaws drop to the floor in disgust, Lucinda continues, "What in the name of God makes you believe that you would be welcome here?! Why are you plaguing us with your presence?" Barbara raises her hand and says, "Forgive me Lucinda. I have to greet the happy couple." Paul is sickened. Carly snaps, "'d you get in here?!" Emily chimes in right behind her, "And how soon can you get out!?" Hal comes over and tells them to get out. Marshall says not before they have a drink first. Paul apologizes to Rose for what his mother has done. Rose wonders where her Pop is.

Upstairs, Joe and Nancy are chatting over coffee. Joe shows Nancy a framed picture of Rose's grandparents he's going to give her as an engagement gift, while a shady onlooker listens in on the conversation. Once Nancy gets up to 'powder her nose,' the guy comes over and tells Joe to get up "or your little Rose is going to lose all its little petals." Joe reluctantly gets up and leaves with the guy.

Craig rolls over to the bar where Barbara is enjoying a beverage. "Exciting entrance Barbara." "I'm here for my son, not to trade insults with you." He sizes her up then says, "Call me sometime. I'll hang up on you."

Around the corner, Rosanna offers to help her sister with her aspirations of being a designer. Carly laughs and says, "I wouldn't let Barbara use me, why would I let you? Do you think the smell of your money would cloud my better judgment? The answer is no." Carly brushes past Rosanna, but Rosanna stops her and says, "It's no wonder you've never made anything out of yourself. You're obviously the same ungrateful, mean, little no-class piece of trash you've always been! The only reason you have any respectability in this town is because of me!" Jack comes over to try to break it up. Then Craig puts his foot in also. Carly tells Rosanna that the only reason she's offering to help is because she herself hasn't made anything of her own life. Carly says, "Get your thrills someplace else. My life is taken." Carly and Jack leave, then Rosanna walks away from Craig. Barbara approaches her and tries to soothe Rosanna with advice on how to handle Carly, but she doesn't bite.

Nancy comes downstairs, finds Rose, and tells her that the waitress upstairs said she saw Joe leave with some strange looking man. Rose begins to cry and rushes for the door.

Paul finds his mother downing another glass of champagne and tells her it's time for her to go. "I have a surprise planned and I don't want you to be here." Marshall and Barbara head for the door.

Holden sits with Lily and he tells her of his decision to not tell Craig about Aaron's recent arrest in Seattle. Lily agrees that it's a private matter and if Aaron wants to share that info, he should be the one to come forward. Alison hears the whole conversation and smiles.

Rose catches up with Henry at the police station and demands to know where her father has been taken. He smiles and tells her that as the kidnapper, she must do as he says, not the other way around. First, she must bail him out, then give him the providence for the diamond, then he'll take her to her pop.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Margo calls Katie and Simon as they make love and lets them know that Dahlia has been shipped back to Sacramento where she's being charged with first degree murder. Simon convinces Katie to strip and go "streaking" with him to the highway to rid themselves of any memory of Dahlia. Warning that Joe will be held captive until he's freed and has his grimy hands on her letter of authenticity, Henry asks Rose to bail him out. Margo is outraged when Rose does just that. Rose advises Mitzi to keep her trip with Henry to Mexico a secret. Worried, Mitzi refuses and urges her to tell Paul. Just then, Rose gets a call from Paul who wonders why she left their engagement party.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Barbara and her lawyer, T. Marshall Travers discuss how to proceed with her case. He feels that she should play the victim, that her friends and family are to blame. Barbara doesn't agree and tries to defend her family and friends but he insists that the blame should be put on them, claiming that no one cared for Barbara. He asks her if she wants to be free or be popular. Rosanna overhears this conversation and when T. Marshall leaves, Rosanna joins Barbara at her table. Rosanna asks Barbara if she has any ill feelings toward her since she went to the party with Craig. Barbara laughs at this; Craig was only a costly mistake - nothing else. Rosanna says she knows how Craig is and she can handle him. The two women begin to enjoy one another's company. Barbara tells Rosanna how at one time she wanted to run from her "uncomplicated" life - the life with Hal and the kids. Rosanna says she's spent a long time looking for an "uncomplicated" life. They enjoy a drink and toast to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Emily talks to Hal about Alison. She is worried about her because she knows she is up to trouble. Every time she tries to help her sister, Alison gets mad and turns away from her. Hal reminds Emily to give the relationship some time. Emily says Alison is just like her and she wants to save her from herself.

Meanwhile, Alison goes over to Craig's apartment to tell him that Aaron has a police record. Craig asks why Alison didn't go to Lucy directly. Alison says she just couldn't face Lucy but she wanted Craig to know the type of person that Aaron is. She says she is only looking out for her friend. She asks Craig not to tell Lucy about their conversation. She wants it to be their secret. Craig can tell exactly what kind of a friend Alison is to his daughter. As she leaves, Craig tells her that she is just like her sister Emily.

Aaron takes Lucy back to Holden and Lily's house. He says he has something upstairs "stashed" in Luke's room. Lucy gets nervous about his "stash" and says she doesn't do drugs. Aaron is upset by her assumption. He is not stashing drugs, but a present for her. He says he doesn't do drugs or drink alcohol. Lucy is excited about her present. Aaron brings it to her and instructs her to rip open the package. It is a motorcycle helmet just for her. She really likes it but tells Aaron she cannot accept it. Aaron says it is because of her overprotective father and that she always has to follow his orders. Lucy says her father is just looking out for her. Aaron asks her to go for just one ride on his motorcycle. Lucy doesn't want to but he convinces her to go for one last ride, as long as her father does not find out.

When Lucy gets home, Craig is concerned because she missed her curfew. He questions her about Aaron. She says he is a good friend. Craig asks if Alison is a good friend too. Lucy says she doesn't know yet but she'll let Craig know when she finds out more. Craig jokingly asks Lucy if she would mind not seeing Aaron for a few days so he can have him checked out. Lucy is appalled and tells Craig she doesn't want a private eye snooping around. Craig tells her it is just a joke but after she goes to bed, he vows to find out more information on Aaron.

Rose calls Paul but doesn't want to tell him where she is. Paul tells her to trust him and finally Rose gives in and tells him she is at Java. Henry says she shouldn't have done that. Then, a messenger walks in and hands Rose an envelope - inside it is her Pop's Saint Christopher medal, which he never takes off. Paul rushes out of the police station to go to Rose. When he gets there, Mitzi tells him that Rose and Henry already left and she couldn't stop them. She tells him about the Saint Christopher medal and that there were two airplane tickets to Mexico. Paul tells Mitzi to go to the police station and tell Margo and Lucinda what is going on. In the meantime, he is going after Rose.

On the airplane, Rose and Henry sit down. Henry has a look on his face and Rose asks if he'd like the window seat. He quickly replies yes, that he would feel much better with the window seat. Rose says, "You took my Pop, you took my diamond, you might as well take my seat too." She ends up in the middle seat and soon feels someone plop down next to her. Oh great, she says aloud, I'm squished in the middle. She turns her head and sees Paul sitting next to her. They look at each other and smile.

Thursday, June 6, 2002

by MJ

While on the plane flying to meet Cooley, Henry convinces Rose to drug Paul to keep him from getting off the plane with them, explaining to Rose that Cooley would kill Paul if he arrives with them. Henry and Rose exit the plane leaving a drugged Paul.

Nancy brings Lily the picture Joe was going to give Rose at her engagement party of the Carpenters. Lily, Lucinda and Margo look over the picture and conclude that Rose is headed to Avanya with Henry.

Lucy confides in a disgruntled Alison that Aaron gave her a motorcycle helmet as a present and that she rode his motorcycle even though her father would kill her if he knew.

Rosanna visits Craig to inform him of her plan to avenge Carly. Although Craig doesn't want to be in the mix with Rosanna and Barbara, he agrees not to tell Carly.

Carly meets with Lisa to discuss a possible business relationship. When Carly leaves Lisa seems interested in looking over her designs and a possible business affiliation. After Lisa meets with Carly, Lisa phones Barbara asking to meet with her. While Lisa converses with Barbara, Rosanna overhears the conversation.

Friday, June 7, 2002

Emily meets Susan at Java and they have a discussion about clearing the slate and starting over. After they both feel good about starting new, Emily asks her mother about telling Alison the truth about who her real mother is. Susan has a fit and tells Emily that she will not tell Alison the truth. Emily asks her mother how will she feel if someone at school tells Alison the truth. Susan says that no one knows except her colleagues and close friends and Emily is the only one threatening to tell Alison. Emily tells her mother that she came to her first instead of going to Alison. Susan tries to explain that she feels like she has corrected some of the mistakes that she had made with Emily. Emily says that Alison has still turned out lazy, spoiled and lonely and whose fault is that. Susan says that since she is Emily's daughter, it must be in the genes. Emily starts to laugh. She looks at her mother and says, "Can't you just laugh?" Emily tells her mother that she would never say anything to Alison without Susan's consent. She adds that she is so worried about how Alison will react if she finds out on her own. Finally, Susan has had all she can take and she tells Emily, point blank, that she is not going to tell Alison anytime soon and she is not going to give her blessing for Emily to tell her, either. Susan says that she is sorry and she gets up and leaves.

Alison goes out to the Snyder farm and to the barn. She realizes that Aaron is not there and it is a perfect opportunity for her to catch Lucy on Aaron's motorcycle and get pictures to incriminate her. She finds a hiding place and waits for Lucy and Aaron to show up. When Lucy and Aaron come in, they are just finishing up a lesson. Aaron asks Lucy to go to the pond to celebrate. He adds that he will even ride one of the horses. She suggests that they take the motorcycle. Aaron reminds her that her father had said that it was not allowed. She says that it isn't so much not allowed, but that her father had asked as a favor. She says that if they stay off the road and wear their helmets that everything will be ok. They both get on the bike and as they ride out of the barn, Alison is snapping pictures with her camera. Alison leaves and gets the film developed. She takes the best picture and slides it under Craig's penthouse door. With a sly smile on her face, she prances away.

Craig walks into the squad room at the police station and it is deserted. Jack and Carly are in the interrogation room making out. Craig says out loud, "Where is everyone?" Then Craig notices that the blinds are moving in the interrogation room. He sees that someone is leaning up against the blinds. In the interrogation room, Jack gets a call that they need him downstairs. He tells Carly that he will be back. After he leaves, Craig walks in. Carly asks, "What do you want?" Craig says that he was just remembering the smell of her hair. They look at each other and then Carly says, "No." Carly turns her back on Craig. Craig tells her that it is still there. He says that he knows that she can feel it, too. Jack walks back in and asks Craig what is he doing there. Craig says that he was looking for his sister. Craig leaves and Jack asks if she is ok. Carly says that she is and Jack starts to go after Craig. Carly stops him and Jack says that he is going to throw Craig out of the building. Carly tells him that he can't do that. She stops him from leaving by starting the make out session again. Craig is outside watching the blinds move again when Margo comes running in, asking, "What is the emergency?" She starts to explain to Craig that she was on an investigation when he called. Craig tells her that he wants to find out about Aaron's criminal background. Margo tells him that she can't believe that he interrupted her for this. She tells him to ask Holden about his son. Craig tells her that he tried that and he didn't get anywhere with him. Margo tells him that Aaron is a minor and his records are sealed. Craig implores her to find out some information on the lad. Finally, to get him out of her hair, she says that she will see what she can find out. Margo notices that the blinds in the interrogation room are moving and Craig tells her that some patrolmen brought in some drunks and he thinks they are redecorating the place. Margo says that she has told them to put the drunks in the tank and she barges into the room. Craig can hear her yell, "Jack! What is going on? This is not a motel!" Craig smiles to himself and walks out.

Molly is asleep on her couch in her apartment after drinking a bottle of wine. The doorbell rings and wakes her up. She stumbles to the door and the doorman is there with a package that was delivered to her. She gives him a tip and takes the box and closes the door. She goes back to the couch and sits down and opens the box. When she sees the contents, she gasps for air. Abigail comes in and sees Molly crying over a box. She tries to cheer her mother up by telling her about her summer classes that she has signed up for. The she sees Molly looking into the box. She asks about the box. Molly tells her that the box was delivered and it has Jake's remains in it. Abigail tells her that she can't believe that they just sent the ashes over. Molly tells her daughter that it was her fault because she did not go and pick it up. Abigail asks if she is going to scatter the ashes and Molly says that she can't do that because she's afraid that she won't see Jake anymore. Molly and Abigail sit on the couch and talk about Jake and then Molly asks Abigail about the party. Abigail tells Molly about the fight between Carly and Rosanna and the two end up having a great laugh about the whole thing. Molly tells her daughter to go to her orientation and she will clean out Jake's closet. Abigail says that she will only go if Molly will be ok. Molly says that she is fine and Abigail leaves. Molly walks over to the urn and asks Jake, "How about two martini's, very dry?" She skips off to get dressed.

Barbara and Lisa meet at the Lakeview. Lisa tells Barbara that she has heard that she is finished in the fashion world. Barbara tells her that it is true. She explains that Paul has left her corporation and all the money that she has left is going to her lawyer. Lisa asks about hiring Carly and Barbara tells her that she tried that and Carly said that she would rather be hit by a bus. Barbara tells her that they have to admit it; it is time to dissolve their partnership. Lisa is broken up about it, but she tells Barbara that she understands and she will be there for her friend anytime that she needs her. Lisa gets up to leave and they hug each other. Barbara sits back down at the table and starts to cry. Rosanna has been listening the whole time and she brings Barbara a tissue. Rosanna sits down with Barbara and reminds Barbara that she has a lot of money and she can invest wherever she wants to. She adds that she wants to invest in Barbara because she is betting that Barbara is headed straight back for the top. Barbara tells her that she knows the history between Rosanna and her sister and she would not want to come between the two. Rosanna tells Barbara that she and her sister would cross paths from time to time but that would be it. Barbara tells her that if she backed BRO, she and her sister would be in direct competition with each other. As the two women are talking, Molly walks in and orders two Martini's, very, very dry. She walks over and sits at a table. Molly looks around and sees Rosanna and Barbara sitting together. Molly reaches into her tote bag and takes out the urn that contains Jake's ashes. The Martini's are delivered to her table and she pushes one toward the urn and picks up the other and makes a toast to Jake. She downs the Martini and Jake's ghost shows up. Molly tells him that she knew he would appear. He tells her to get rid of the ashes or people will think that she is the next Julia in the making. She puts them back into her tote bag. He asks her to stop talking to thin air also or they will put her in the psyche ward. She picks up the second Martini and says, "Whatever you say, handsome." She closes her eyes and downs the drink. She looks over at Rosanna and Barbara and asks, "What do you say, Jake, should I settle a score for Carly?" She looks back at Jake and he is gone. She looks under the table and he is not there. She says, "I'll take that as a yes." Molly leans over and says, "Hey Rosanna!" Rosanna looks at Barbara and says that it is best to ignore cousin Molly when she is upset. Barbara says, "Is that what you call it?" Barbara passes on the offer that Rosanna has made to back BRO and starts to make a hasty retreat when Molly comes over to their table. Rosanna tells Molly that she would love to talk to her but she has another appointment. Rosanna gets up to leave and Molly pushes her back down in her chair. Molly tells Rosanna to write her a promissory note that reads, "I, Rosanna Cabot, will leave my sister, Carly Tenney, alone. Or else!"



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