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Monday, June 3, 2002

At school, Mimi happily announces to everyone that she is officially done with her punishment of scrubbing the schools washrooms. She meets up with Chloe and they discuss their plans to expose the truth about Jan and get Belle and Shawn back together. Meanwhile, in a classroom down the hall, Philip and Cynthia finish their exam. She pulls him into a kiss. He pulls away and tries to start a conversation about Jan, but Cynthia has her mind on other things. Chloe sees the two kissing and it is obvious that it bothers her. Philip tells Cynthia to cool it because he doesn't want to get too hot and heavy at school. She agrees and makes it clear she has big plans for him after the dance. He brings up Jan again, and Cynthia mentions that Jan has been plotting to keep Shawn and Belle apart. He presses for more details, but Cynthia will not reveal any more. He gives her an excuse about having to meet his dad for lunch and leaves in a hurry. He meets up with Chloe and Mimi and tells them what Cynthia has revealed to him. The trio knows that it isn't much to go on, but decide to go ahead and tell Shawn anyway.

Lexie runs to the altar screaming. She shoves the priest's hand away from Zack and knocks over the baptismal font. Everyone is stunned. Roman restrains Lexie before anything else can happen. John questions her motives, but she starts raving that thr priest was trying to kill the baby. John tells her he doesn't believe her because he saw the fear in her eyes when she was approaching the altar. Colin injects Lexie with a sedative as the crowd looks on. John is very suspicious as to whom Lexie is covering for and why. Lexie is taken to the church entrance on a stretcher. Colin asks Abe if he's willing to sign commitment papers, but Marlena suggests that Lexie be taken to the hospital and given a complete "workup" before making such a drastic decision. As the ceremony resumes Lexie comes to and begins to scream hysterically for her baby. This upsets everyone including Zack.

The reception at the pub is a somber one. Shawn Sr. makes a toast in order to lift the mood in the room. He does ask that everyone keep Lexie and Abe in their prayers. Colin arrives and announces that Marlena has taken over Lexie's care. He speaks briefly to Jennifer and Melissa and makes an Irish toast that is obviously aimed at Jennifer.

John confides to Kim that he believes that Lexie's outburst at the church prevented something big from taking place.

Sami tries to pump Colin for information on his weekend away but he blows her off. She reports back to Jack that she's having no luck; he decides to give it a shot. He overhears Colin telling someone that they'll "regret botching the job." The two men spar verbally, and Colin attempts to make it seem like he was angry with a jeweler for botching an engraving. Jack isn't buying it.

Jennifer and Melissa discuss the toast Colin made. When Brandon joins them, Melissa covers by saying it was just girl talk. Sami tries to talk with Brandon but it doesn't go well.When Brandon and Jennifer leave Jack and Sami quickly follow them.

Colin and Nicole talk about their upcoming weekend trip. She wonders aloud if he's trying to hide their "relationship." He turns on the charm and makes some suggestive comments in order to placate her.

Melissa and Kim say their goodbyes to the family.

Belle and Shawn talk. It seems to be going well until a call from Jan interrupts them. Belle walks off. Before he can go after her Philip,Chloe and Mimi arrive wanting to talk to Shawn.

Bo and Hope sit in the pub wondering about the future as a stranger watches them through the window...

Lexie is very upset and Abe tries to calm her. Outside her room the doctor asks if Abe is ready to have her committed. Marlena promises that she will have a direct involvement in Lexie's care and treatment. Abe feels horribly guilty, but agrees to sign the papers. Abe goes to Lexie and gently tells her that she will not be going home with him. As he is leaving the hospital Lexie stands at the door to her room and screams for him to help her...

In the lab Bart informs Rolf what is happening to Lexie. It turns out that Rolf has already come up with another scheme to bring down the Brady's once and for all...

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Will Belle and Shawn ever get back together? Things are starting to improve between them, if nothing else. At Zack's christening party, the two former sweethearts attempted an awkward conversation. As Shawn tried to leave the party, Philip, Mimi, and Chloe confronted him about Jan's lies. Philip explained to Shawn that Jan had been playing him from the start. He told her that Belle didn't cause Jan's miscarriage, and revealed the fact that Jan had changed clothes and showered after her confrontation with Belle. Shawn didn't seem to know what to think, and stormed out to head home.

Nancy received a letter for Chloe that said to open immediately, so she called Chloe and told her to come home right away. Chloe wanted to stay and talk to Belle, but she was forced to leave.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Colin Murphy shared some bad news about Chloe's latest blood test results with Craig. After some initial disbelief, Craig looked at the slide himself and reached the same conclusion as Colin. Whatever it was, it seemed to upset Craig very deeply. He rushed home to talk to Chloe. Later, Colin got a call from someone who didn't seem to mind being tied up, but didn't take it as an excuse from Colin. (Nicole, no doubt.) Unable to resist, Colin left his responsibilities at the hospital to pursue some fun.

Rolf was busy plotting the latest way to get Isaac away from the Brady's. He wrapped up a present, and had Bart sign the card, since he writes like he throws, which is "like a girl." Bart signed the card from "Grandma." The present was delivered at the party as Roman discussed the fact that, "it's only a matter of time before the phoenix rises again," and Stefano makes his next move. They opened the smaller present from Rolf, which had no card. It contained a small silver rattle, which seemed like an odd gift to everyone, since Isaac was too old for such a gift. Then, Hope looked at it closely and saw the DiMera phoenix flapping within the rattle. They bagged it up and kept it for analysis, but it served its purpose in throwing them off track. When they opened the other present, presumably from "Grandma," they weren't suspicious at all, despite the extremely creepy Jack-in-the-box that was in the present. The toy allowed Rolf to spy on the Brady's with a hidden mike, and he hinted at other devious surprises. Outside, a mysterious figure was shown cracking his knuckles. Has Stefano finally returned to Salem?

Chloe arrived at home and Nancy showed her the urgent letter. Chloe opened it, and found out that she had been named valedictorian of her graduating class. She and Nancy were thrilled. Chloe told Nancy she couldn't believe how much better her life was now compared to when she first arrived in Salem. Suddenly, Craig came in looking very solemn. Nancy told him they had wonderful news, but he replied that he had the results of Chloe's latest blood test, and that it wasn't good news at all.

Back at the christening party, Abe said goodbye to Isaac. Hope reminded him he could visit whenever he wanted, and they all hoped Lexie would get the help she needed. Belle questioned the strange behavior of Mimi and Philip, then got mad at Mimi after she kept bringing up Jan and Shawn. Belle told Mimi that sometimes she thought Mimi was trying to hurt her feelings on purpose. Mimi apologized for her chronic foot-in-the-mouth problems, and assured Belle she didn't want to hurt her. Philip was forced to keep quiet about his plans to take Cynthia to the big dance. He did insist to Belle that everything would be worked out by then, and that everyone would be happy again. Belle remained skeptical.

At the Brady home, Jan's Mom showed up and apologized for the way she treated Jan during her pregnancy and before. She admitted that she blamed Jan for her failed marriage, when really the problem was with herself. They continue their talk in the kitchen. Shawn happened to come home as Jan's Mom questioned her about the day of the miscarriage. He heard Jan say that she felt fine until she fell down the stairs. Suddenly, it all finally clicked for Shawn, and he was pissed, to say the least. He burst into the kitchen and began yelling at a shocked Jan. Shawn asked her to admit that it had all been lies, that she had manipulated him the whole time. Forced into a corner, Jan had to admit that she'd lied, especially about Belle causing the miscarriage. Shawn was disgusted with himself, asking out loud how he could have believed Jan over Belle. "How could I be so stupid?" he asked.

But wait, it gets better. Shawn continued his tirade in the living room. He kept yelling at Jan, telling her that he had lied for her. He said he went as far as to tell everyone that he was the father of her baby. Right at that moment, Bo and Hope stepped into the room and heard it all. That's right, the truth finally came out, and both Bo and Hope looked shocked, yet relieved. Can you blame them?

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Craig explains to Chloe and Nancy that Chloe's blood tests reveal the possibility of leukemia. He pushes her to go to the hospital for a bone marrow test though she insists on attending the Last Blast Dance. Victor's not pleased to find Colin visiting with a flirtatious Nicole in her office. The two talk about their romantic getaway plans only to be interrupted by Victor. After Colin's called away, Victor warns Nicole about the kind of guy Colin is. He then surprises her with a weekend business trip but she refuses to go. Later, Victor calls Nico and orders a background check on Colin Murphy. Brady's curious to find a fortune cookie on a counter at the loft.

Thursday, June 6, 2002

Graduation day is finally here. Chloe is bright and cheery in front of Craig and Nancy. Chloe insists that she will not miss her graduation day despite the chance she may have leukemia. Nancy is very worried. At the school, graduation preparations take place. Philip runs into Chloe and tells her how much she has changed him and has made him a better person. Then they kiss!

Jan tells Shawn that she loves him and that he had to have loved her too because of all the caring things he helped her with over the past year. Shawn lets Jan know that he does NOT love her but that he does love Belle. Jan begs Shawn not to tell Belle or anyone the truth until after graduation because she is moving away to London right after the ceremony is over.

Belle over hears part of a conversation between Mimi and Philip concerning Shawn but they won't tell her what they were saying. Belle tells them that she won't be around because she is leaving for college at the end of the month to start summer courses. Shawn finally pulls Belle aside and tells her that he knows she had nothing to do with Jan losing the baby and that Jan lied about everything. He did not tell her that he wasn't the father yet. Belle is angry and says she can't just forget that he believed Jan over her. All the kids in the room are listing to them argue and Belle storms out. Mimi made sure Belle and Shawn were paired to walk together for graduation. Belle tried to switch partners but with no luck is stuck with Shawn.

Sami and Jack are still trying to find out where Jennifer and Brandon are going on their weekend getaway. Brandon comes up with an idea to send them on a trip somewhere else. Brandon makes a fake telephone call knowing Jack is listening in and writes down a bogus telephone number on a tablet. After Brandon walks away, Jack does the old pencil rub trick to get the number Brandon called off of the pad.

Friday, June 7, 2002

The Black family arrives along with Caprice for Belle's graduation ceremony. Belle is very agitated to have to sit beside Shawn during the ceremony, but isn't allowed to change the seating arrangement. Craig and Nancy are there fussing over an ill Chloe who asks them to play it cool as she doesn't want anyone knowing about her possible health crisis. Brady comes over to the family and congratulates Chloe on being class valedictorian. Things get a little tense when Philip joins them.

Jack is there to cover the event for The Spectator. Jennifer who is also there warns him to stick to his assignment and nothing more. Bo and Hope arrive to see Shawn. He sadly tells his parents that Belle refused to listen to what he had to say, and wouldn't forgive him. They tell Shawn not to give up hope and that all will be forgiven in time.

The processional begins as the proud families look on. Belle is introduced as the class salutatorian. During her speech she touches on al the learning experiences of the last four years and the fact that not everything was learned in the classroom. Next is Chloe. Her speech is very emotional and bittersweet. She urges everyone to make the most of their lives, as you never know when it will be over.

There is a musical montage (consisting mostly of Belle, Shawn, Chloe, and Philip and little in the way of Susan, Mimi and Kevin.) to the past four years of high school.

Much to the delight of everyone, it turns out that Jennifer is the keynote speaker! She speaks of the students' accomplishments over the past four years and the pressures on teens today. She encourages them to make the world a better place in any way they can.

The diplomas are handed out. After they receive their diplomas, Philip again gives Chloe the necklace that she had refused before. She becomes woozy and briefly passes out. Craig, Nancy, and Philip all see this and become alarmed, but Chloe recovers quickly.

Mr. Woods bids farewell to the Salem High class of 2002.

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