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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, June 12, 2000

Katie goes over to Lily and Holden's house to confront Rose. She tells Rose that she is not Lily and she can prove it. Rose denies this until Katie pulls out the flyer from Atlantic City with Rose's picture on it. Finally, she confesses that she is not Lily. Katie wants to know where Lily is? Rose tells her that she does not know. Katie takes out her cell phone to call the cops and report Rose for impersonating Lily. Rose stops her and tells her that Lily ran off with Simon. Katie doesn't believe her. Rose plays the answering machine tape with Lily on it saying that she is with Simon. Katie starts to believe that Lily is somewhere with Simon. Rose tells Katie that she can help her in her plan to get Holden. The doorbell rings and the two freeze. Emma is at the door and no one answers so she lets herself in. She sees "Lily" and Katie standing in the living room and asks why they didn't answer the door. They make up a lame excuse that they didn't hear it until just now. Katie tells Emma that she and "Lily" are making plans for Holden's birthday party....tomorrow. Emma says that this is the first that she has heard about a party? "Lily" says that Holden has been so busy that they just found out that he has a free day tomorrow. Emma offers to help but Rose tells her that all the plans are being taken care of, she and Katie were putting the final touches on the party. As Emma leaves, she tells the two to let her know if she can be of any assistance. When she is gone, Rose jumps on Katie about "inventing" a party that she has to get ready for. Katie doesn't care, she wants to hear what Rose is going to do to help her get Holden. Rose tells her that she will steer Holden in her direction and in a few weeks, when she can get her hands on Lily's money, she will tell Holden that she is bored and she is leaving him. Katie asks about Lily coming back? Rose tells her that she will be there for Holden to cry on her shoulder and if Lily comes back and she hasn't worked her magic by then.....oh well!! Katie says that she could go to Holden today and tell him everything she knows. Rose says that Tigerlily already trashed her marriage and she is just finishing it off. She adds that Katie can be the one to pick up the pieces. Katie gets a smile on her face.

Chris shows Emily all the stuff he found on Isaac. Emily is not impressed because he has found no dirt on him. She tells him that the stuff that he has dug up will make him look like a saint. He says that he imagined several ways she would react to this article, but he never imagined she would act like this. He asks her if she gets off making fun of his articles. She tells him that his article is not an expose`. He reminds her that she bought "The Intruder" to make a difference in the world. He tells her that she wants a better world for Daniel. She tells him that this is a tall order and he says that she can do it. She takes another look at his article and they start talking about how they can punch it up to make it more interesting. Chris suggest that she could use it as her editorial. She looks at her computer and says that she has been working on something else for her editorial. Chris starts to leave and she asks him if he would like to have some lunch with her. They decide to go to "Yo's". As they are leaving, a delivery man walks in with a package for Emily. She signs for it and they start to leave. Chris asks her if she wants to look at the package before they leave. She says that it can wait until after lunch and they leave.

At "Yo's", Abigail is playing pool with a guy, but she is more interested in Bryant. Bryant is more interested in the game. Isaac is watching them. Emily and Chris walk in and see the whole scene. Emily sees Isaac and says, "Speak of the devil..." Abigail wins her game and the guy pays Bryant the money. Isaac walks over to Bryant and sets up a game for himself. Isaac asks Bryant if five hundred dollars is too much for him. Bryant accepts the bet. Isaac gives Abigail a chance to go first, but Bryant tells Isaac to go first. Isaac goes first and second and third...he runs the table and Abigail has no chance for one shot. After the game, Isaac walks over to Bryant to collect his money. Bryant tells him that he is going to owe him a hundred and he is good for it. Isaac tells him to remember that nothing is a game and he walks away. Abigail walks over to him and apologizes for losing the game. She looks past Bryant and sees Chris and Emily. Bryant looks over and sees Chris and tells her that they should leave. As they walk by, Abigail nods a hello at Chris. After they are gone, Emily asks if he is OK? Chris wonders what this is? Emily Stewart asking a human question? She hits him in the arm and they sit at the bar. Emily opens her package and takes the contents half way out, looks at them and them shoves them back into the envelope.

At Molly's apartment, Jake is trying to tell Molly that he cares for her and he wants her to give up this idea of revenge. Molly refuses and she tells him that Katie got her fired once when she didn't have evidence toward her and she will get the evidence before she confronts Holden about what Katie and Henry have been up to. Jake gets mad that she won't let this go and he starts to storm out. When he opens the door, Bryant and Abigail are standing outside the door in an embrace. Jake storms by them and Bryant says goodbye to Abigail and leaves the two women alone. Abigail tells Molly all about Bryant wanting to be her boyfriend and how excited she is about it. She tells Molly about this guy hassling her and Bryant jumped in and protected her. Molly thinks about Jake and says that it is rare when a guy wants to be your protector. She adds that she thinks that Abigail should hang on to him.

Simon has found Lily in the cabin. The mystery lady is not there and he starts to untie Lily. He says that they have to get out of there before she returns or they are both dead. Just as he gets Lily untied, the woman walks back in with her gun. She says, "Hello, darling Simon." Lily asks if she is his girlfriend? Simon says no and he introduces Lily to Celia Frazier. Lily asks if this is his wife? Simon says no, she is my sister. Celia tells Simon to tie Lily up again. Lily asks if this is a joke? Simon says that his sister doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Celia says that she is the sanest one in the family, though. She points the gun at Lily and asks her again about the diamond. Lily tells her that she doesn't know where the diamond is and that is the truth. Celia points the gun at Lily and says that if she doesn't know where the diamond is, then she is not useful to her and she is going to have to kill the both of them. Lily begs her not to kill her. She tells Celia that she is the mother of two small children. Celia starts to cry (pretending) and then gets a sober face and says that Lily is going to die. Simon steps in front of her and tells her not to kill her because he is in love with her. Celia tells Simon that love has never gotten anyone in there family anywhere. She says that there great-grandfather gave away the diamond for love and then turned into a drunken fool. She points the gun again and Simon begs her. Lily says that she has not told Celia everything, she can still help her. Celia looks at Lily and says that she is listening. Lily tells her that she doesn't have the diamond, but she was the last one who saw it and she can tell her what happened to the diamond.

Back in Emily's office she is looking through the file that she received before lunch. The package was from David and he has sent her a file of stuff to write an article about him. He tells her in a cover letter to make this the cover story. She laughs and throws the file in the trash. She starts to read Chris's article about Isaac and then she looks back at the file in the trash. She suddenly isn't smiling.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Katie and Rose are making their plan for Lily and Holden breaking up. Rose tells Katie that it won't be easy because Holden is very much in love with his wife. She tells her how she has had to fight off his advances in the bedroom. Katie asks if she has slept with Holden. Rose says that she isn't that kind of a girl and she has put on some good acts to keep him away. Holden comes in and says, "Honey, I'm home." Rose looks at Katie and says that he called for honey and that would be her. Rose walks over to Holden and hugs and kisses him. Holden sees Katie and asks if there is some trouble at the station. Katie comments that just because she is there, he automatically thinks there is trouble. Holden asks why she is there if there is no trouble. Rose jumps in and says that Katie is there for her. Holden questions again and Rose tells him that he shouldn't be so nosy. Katie adds especially not around his birthday. Holden tells them that he doesn't want anything elaborate for his birthday party and he leaves to call the station. After he is gone, Katie jumps on Rose for smooching Holden when he came in the room. Rose asks her what she should have done, slap him? Rose reassures Katie that after she is gone, she will put there plan into action and start putting up a wall between them. Katie and Rose plan to meet the next day and Katie leaves. Holden comes in and sees that they are alone and he puts his arms around Rose and tells her that he has missed her. She tells him that the kids are not going to be back for awhile. He immediately thinks of something to do, he wants to make love to his wife. Rose gets upset with Holden and tells him that all he ever thinks about is sex. He says that he misses her and he is getting upset, too. She tells him that she needs some time alone. He tells her to take all the time she needs and then when it is time for him to show her how much he loves her, she can let him know. Rose looks passed Holden and sees Abigail standing at the door. Holden looks around and sees Abigail also. Abigail asks if everything is all right? Holden tells her that everything is OK, they are just having a disagreement. Rose asks her how her day was? Abigail says fine and asks if they can talk about this later and can she go and see Jennifer? They tell her that she can and she leaves. Holden tells "Lily" that Abigail doesn't need this. He says that she has been upset enough this last year and he doesn't want to do anything to upset her more. He storms out of the house. Rose says, "Poor guy, Lily has broken his heart."

Back at WOAK, Henry is working his evil. He has altered the confession tape that the stalker made Katie do, to look like she was the only one that conspired to get Molly fired. Katie walks in and he shuts off the tape. He tells her that he has something to show her, but she says that she doesn't have the time right now, she is busy. He tells her to make the time. He starts the tape and when she sees what it is, she tells him to shut it off. He says that she doesn't have to worry, the feed is not going out in the station, this is a private showing. When Katie sees what he has done to the tape, she tells him that he will never get away with this. She says that any tech will be able to see that it has been altered. Henry says, "Oh yeah, Miss Perky, and how are they going to know that?" She threatens to come out with the truth and tell everything before he has a chance to show the tape. Henry laughs at her and says that he will expect her for dinner tonight and they will start with drinks at Yo's. He informs her that he owns her and she can't do anything about it. When Henry walks away, Katie goes to the phone and calls Rose. She asks Rose how things are going. Rose informs her that the plan is set in motion. Katie reminds her about their meeting tomorrow. Rose says that she will be there. Katie says that she has a favor to ask her and she is the only one that can do this.

Jennifer is at her house and she is sad. Barbara asks her if she needs to talk about something? Jennifer says no and Barbara promises to only listen. Jennifer gives in and tells her about Bryant seeing her and Abigail and she had given him an ultimatum to break up with Abigail or they would have to break up. Jennifer tells her mother that he would not break up with Abigail, so she told him that they could no longer see each other. Barbara tries to console Jennifer, but Jennifer does not want to hear her consoling words. Barbara leaves to check on Parker and the phone rings. Jennifer answers the phone and Bryant is on the other end. He tells her that he has been missing her and is there anyway they could see each other? Jennifer says that she has to study for her final exams at school. He tells her that he just moved into the pool house at Lucinda's and he really wants to see her. She finally gives in and says that she will come over, but only for a little while. She hangs up the phone and Barbara walks back into the kitchen. She asks who was on the phone and Jennifer says, with a big smile on her face, that it was for her. Barbara says, "Ah, Bryant." Jennifer tells her that he said that he did what he was supposed to with Abigail and he wants to see her. She asks her mother if she can take a break from studying and go and see him. Barbara tells her to go ahead and Jennifer promises to be back early.

When Jennifer arrives at Bryant's pool house, he has set up snacks for them along with some champagne. They have a nice chat and then they start to make out. Bryant tries to slip his hand under her blouse and that is when Jennifer says it is time for her to go home. Bryant tells her to just go with it, but she tells him that she promised her mother that she wouldn't be long and she has more studying to do. He tells her to run along and ace all her exams so he can have her all to himself the whole summer. She smiles at him and then she leaves.

Jennifer gets home and she is very happy about her afternoon with Bryant. Someone knocks on the door and she sees Abigail standing there. Jennifer opens the door and lets her in. She can see that her friend is not happy. Jennifer asks what is wrong and Abigail tells her about Holden and Lily fighting. Abigail says that she can get through this, though, with Jennifer as her best friend and Bryant as her boyfriend. Jennifer is stunned. She asks about Bryant being her boyfriend? Abigail tells her about being at Yo's and a guy was bothering her and Bryant step in and said that he was her boyfriend. Jennifer says that he was probably just trying to get rid of the guy. Abigail says that he could have said that he was her brother or cousin or something, but he didn't, he said that he was her boyfriend. Abigail sees that Jennifer is not happy and she tells Jennifer that she shouldn't be sad, it will happen for her one day, the right guy is going to come along for her, too. Abigail says that she can see that Jennifer is studying and she will leave her alone and she leaves. Jennifer has tears in her eyes.

Lily is trying to convince Celia that she has to take her along with her to find the diamond. Simon is between the women, trying to convince Celia to just let Lily go and the two of them can go and find the diamond together. Celia laughs at Simon, because they have never done anything together. Simon asks Celia to talk with him outside. Lily is tied up in the chair, so the two go outside to talk. As soon as they are gone, Lily scoots her chair over and tips over to get a piece of broken glass off the floor and she starts to cut the rope she is tied up with. Outside, Simon is telling Celia that she should not underestimate Lily. He tells her that she is cunning and she has outsmarted him a couple of times. Celia informs him that he is not as smart as she is and she will handle Lily. She says that she is going to go back inside and ask Lily questions and every time she lies she is going to file off a fingernail the hard way and she waves her gun in the air. Simon and Celia start yelling at each other and Simon gets in front of the door. Celia pushes him back in side and as he comes through the door, Lily whacks him over the head with a candle holder. Lily knocks out Simon by mistake. Celia grabs Lily and says that if she doesn't start telling her the truth, she is going to shoot off her fingers. Lily tells Celia that she didn't hide the diamond in the fuse box, she only told Simon that to throw him off track. She tells her that Rose still has the diamond. Celia points the gun at Lily and says that she will have to go and find this Rose. Lily tells her that she has to take her with because Rose only trust Lily. Lily says that she will never talk to Celia if she isn't along. Celia finally decides to take Lily with her. Lily goes over to Simon and says that he can't travel. Celia comes over and points her gun at Simon's head and says that he is only dead weight.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Jack tries to send a fax to Carly's number. John is dismayed when Andy tells him he's asked Ben to perform the surgery. Denise confesses to Ben that she never told Andy she wanted an annulment. A frantic Lily persuades Celia not to shoot the unconscious Simon. When his fax won't go through, Jack tries to trace Carly's fax number.

Lisa chides Julia for not destroying all evidence of Carly's fax. Andy roasts his father for trying to dissuade him from having the surgery. Ben is furious that Denise lied to him on the day they were "married". Celia splashes water on Simon to rouse him and tells he and Lily they're going on a trip. Kim informs John that Andy is pushing for the surgery so he can be a real husband to Denise. Denise begs Ben to forgive her.

John walks in as Ben demands Denise tell Andy the truth once the surgery is over. Jack calls Julia and asks her to come home. Celia takes off their blindfolds and Lily and Simon discover they're on a plane over the ocean. John accuses Ben of pushing the idea of surgery so he can be with Denise. Julia confesses to Jack that she's been avoiding coming home lately and Jack reveals he's investigating Carly's fax.

Celia is unmoved by Simon's plea to spare Lily's life because she is a mother and tells Lily to prepare to swim. Jack tells Julia that part of him believes Carly left Oakdale against her will, but insists Julia is the only one he loves. Andy breaks up John and Ben's war of words. Simon and Lily don parachutes as Celia teases them that there's an island nearby. When she sees another fax from Carly, Julia crumples it into a ball.

John keeps mum about Ben and Denise's relationship and Andy admits himself to the hospital for the surgery. Celia puts the gun to Simon's head and forces him and Lily to jump from the plane.

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Lily(Rose) and Holden have a fight and Abigal overhears and thinks they are breaking up.. She runs out and goes to Molly reassures her it isn't because of her. Later Holden sees Abigal and Molly talking and asks Abigal to go with him for Brunch. She agrees.

Denise and Andy have lunch and Andy gives her a "promise" ring and Denise brings up Ben. Andy gives her his will and wants her to look it over and to her and Hope's best interest in mind.

Katie wins the Endicot and gets more Bossy. She runs up to Holden to tell him she won the award and then calls Rose. She meets with Rose to talk about the plan of Katie getting Holden and Rose taking all of Lily's money and then leaving town.

Jake accepts Molly's apology and later finds out from Abigail how Molly really feels about him. Jake later tells Lucinda he has bought an apartment and is moving out of the Lakeview.

John tires to get Lucinda to get the board to reconsider Andy's surgery. Bob doesn't like what John is doing and won't let the board vote. Bob sees Ben and Ben said he could perform surgery and not let his personal feelings interfere with his job. John goes to the Lakeview and tries to convince Andy to reconsider but Andy said it is his decision and said he will follow his heart because when he listened to John it didn't work out.

Friday, June 16, 2000

When Bryant sneaks up on her and kisses her, Jen slaps him. Holden seeks Jack's advice about Lily--he doesn't know her anymore, he laments. When Molly sneaks up on Katie and Rose and asks them what they're plotting, Katie quickly recovers and says they're planning Holden's surprise party. Alone, Molly warns "Lily" not to trust Katie.

Molly voices her concerns to "Lily" about Abigail's having overheard her and Holden arguing. Later, Molly compares Katie to a termite and warns "Lily" that Katie's no angel. Holden confides in Jack that Lily is avoiding having sex with him, though Jack quashes his speculation that Lily and Simon may have been involved in Atlantic City. Bryant convinces Jen that Abigail was just exaggerating about his having rescued her and kissed her.

Molly tells "Lily" that Henry saw Katie in Holden's arms in New York. Katie hires an artist to alter the portrait of Lily. Jen agrees to drop her studying and take a dip in the Walsh pool with Bryant. Molly tells "Lily" that Katie is plotting to get Holden into her bed and is later surprised when "Lily" invites her to Holden's party--they never were that "chummy."

When Rose calls Mitzi for help, Mitzi confesses she told Katie about her but insists she hasn't seen Lily or Simon. Katie enlists Henry's help in distracting Holden. Barbara is furious to learn from Jen's school that Jen missed her chemistry final. Rose tells Mitzi she's been impersonating Lily and begs her to come to Oakdale, promising her a job at WOAK. Barbara finds Bryant kissing Abigail at the poolhouse and orders him away from her daughter.

Rose momentarily succumbs to Holden's charms and kisses him, then runs off. When Holden chases after her, the guests pop out and yell "surprise," stunning him.



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